Related article: Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 20:17:57 EDT From: SANIBELBOYSaol.com Subject: a lesson in time chapter 38This story is (C)Copyright 2007, by TM. All World Wide Rights Reserved. This story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission.A Lesson In Time, Chapter Thirty Eight I was beginning to think and feel as if I had no clue as to what the hell was going on anymore. Everything seemed so strange and distant now. The only thing that I could recognize in my `train of thought' was that everything seemed sexual and exciting.Some times, even the two voices seemed to meld in to one; causing me little to no concern, but it was an observation that I picked up on.The basic function of my brain was now focused on the attention my body, mainly my cock, was receiving.Another feeling of cold and wet flooded over my cock head and down the shaft; cascading once more, around the perimeter of my separated balls. It was nearly an indescribable feeling. My cock reacted but my nuts, confined as they were, could only indicate their delight by sending my brain those confused, yet wonderful, feelings of happiness.Lips, warm and moist lips, began to suckle my right nipple as tender as if they were kissing a baby. The discomfort from the recent stretching and placement of a larger ring faded like the light of sunset; as even my nipple seemed to feel as if it was becoming firmer and more erect.I felt my pee hole opening up, not voluntarily, as something had been placed inside. Instantly, without a word, the canal normally reserved for my piss and sperm was flooded with something cold and soft. A hand, against the outer flesh on my dick began squeezing my cock like it was a teat on a dairy cow. The action of the hand, caused the substance in my dick work itself even further down the shaft. By now, there was really nothing that I or my cock could do. My dick reacted by gorging itself on a rather painful existence on blood, allowing me only the thoughts of days past of what it looked like.A Sandi Model solid object touched the lips of my piss slit, working into me only a short distance; before it began to spread open. At first, the feeling was euphoric but moments later, such delight turned itself into one of pain and anguish."Breath, best you can Master Kevin", came words of encouragement from Mr. Alderton. "It is necessary for us to expand your opening so that you can accommodate your catheter and your soon to be Prince Albert. I'm anxious to see how beautiful you become once we've finished your transformation".I wasn't sure in the least what all that he was referring to, but none of it sounded good, at least from where I was laying.The stretching of my pee hole seemed to lessen, as the pain turned into a bearable discomfort. The mouth that was making sensuous love to my nipples stopped; and all was once again still for a moment."I'm stretching you slowly Master Kevin, so that you'll not have to endure what is normally inflicted on the `common' slave. You might just find that there is some, if not a great deal of feelings a man gets when his piss slit is pried open. I normally would tell the common slave that such stretching is needed, to allow me the distinct pleasure of inflicting needless pain and suffering."Mr. Alderton broke out into uncontrollable laughter, which went on for quite some time. "I knew, from the moment I first saw you, Master Kevin, that one day I'd have you where you are today. I know that this is only a `temporary' thing; but for me it is a pleasure beyond which no man can explain. If it hadn 't been for your brother, Zeb, I most likely wouldn't have given you a second look; but ever since he told me that he used to see you spying on him in the shower that I became aware of your need to be free of all your inhibitions."My mind raced back to Mr. Alderton's office when I had noticed all of his ` implements' thus causing my cock to harden. It must have been my mannerisms that alerted him to my need to explore the sado-masochistic world. I wondered if he could sense my delight, when he'd led me through the halls and down the elevator by my cock."After tomorrow, we'll most likely have to remove all of this, but until the judge sees you and how the drugs have affected you we just can't take any chances. There's just to much at stake, and your father and mother don't want any fuck ups tomorrow of all days", Mr. Alderton said in his more `refined' voice. "But, in the meantime, it allows me such pleasure to help the company that I just don't know where to start and where to stop. We'll just have to tell the judge that all of this was needed, just to keep you and your wild sexual urges under control.""What the hell!?", came a familiar voice. "I was told to bring the cart up for transportation, but I didn't expect to see all this". It was Jordan."Nothing to exciting", John Henry replied. "Mr. Alderton is just showing me how he works with some of his slaves.""Nice ass on the slave, sure wouldn't mind fucking it", Jordan remarked."WATCH YOUR TONGUE SLAVE!", shouted Mr. Alderton. "This man is NOT a slave. It is Master Kevin, who's consented on such activities in order that tomorrow' s court proceedings go without a hitch"."Sorry Master Kevin, I didn't know it was you Sir", came Jordan's somber response. "I just saw a naked and exposed hole, twitching and it looked like it needed a dick is all.""Shut the fuck up slave", Mr. Alderton barked."Sorry Sir, it's just been a crazy afternoon around the estate and I forgot my place Sir.""Forgiven this once", Mr. Alderton said in a sympathetic tone of voice. "You may help, since you're here. Why don't you just stand between Master Kevin' s legs and help him to feel a bit more at ease. He's got a few more things yet to do and I'm sure that he'll appreciate anything that just might take his mind off of the discomfort.""Sir, yes Sir", Jordan said enthusiastically.The pain refreshed itself in my pee hole, as Mr. Alderton applied more pressure to the implement he was using; but it was soon soothed by the deliberate fingering of my pucker hole by Jordan. My mind, my emotions were flooded with all sorts of feelings and expectations.All to soon, Jordan (at least I thought it must be he) was nearly sucking one of my nuts into his mouth, along with his attention to my butthole. In the time it takes to blink an eye, I felt and heard a diluted crunching sound in my left ear; followed by a rather ominous bolt of pain. "Just making the hole a bit larger for your newer rings Master Kevin".Jordan's mouth moved over to the remaining testicle and began lavishing it as he'd done before to the first one. The second stab of pain in my right ear told me that the damage was done, complete. I now felt the heavy weight of each of my new ear rings; they being much thicker and larger than the first pair.More pain followed as Mr. Alderton completed Sandi Model his stretching of my piss slit, but it didn't seem near as bad as it did initially. I could not, still, understand the need for such temporary disfigurement, but yet I knew all to well that I had to put all of my trust in him and my parents."Master Kevin will need much rest after this afternoon, so I'm expecting you two slaves to see to it that Master Kevin gets everything he needs and wants to make his evening pleasant. Is that understood?" asked Mr. Alderton.Somebody's hand began a slow and methodical massage of my throat, which seemed rather fitting at the time; seeing as how it was getting sore from all the abrasive motions of my muscles against the dildo.Both slaves slowly responded to the question in the affirmative, but there was something in each of their voices that led me to think that I hadn't been left off the hook just yet. It was as if there was some hidden agenda, behind their replies back to Mr. Alderton.Once again I felt the sudden flood of cold going down deep, into my cock and then the pain struck like no other. My cock had just been pierced on the underneath just behind the head. My entire body tensed up just as much from the shock of the act as from the pain.My brain forgot about the gentle throat massage; as the pain heightened and t hen subsided in what seemed like one single continuous flow of feelings.Things moved rather quickly from that point on. I could actually feel the hardness of the steel being forced through the new hole in my dick as even my stretched piss hole took notice as well. It's really difficult to put into words all of the feelings and sensations that my brain was reacting to.As the steel came out the end of my cock, I soon felt something going back into my cock; working its way down the shaft. I knew then that I was once more being fitted with a catheter; however, this time, it felt as if the silicone invader was much, much, larger than the first one I had experienced a few days ago. By the time it had reached that little muscle that keeps a guys piss in, I was beginning to almost think and feel as if I was beginning to like the subtleness of the whole idea of not being the one to control my own pee.I was beginning to understand why Mr. Alderton had to stretch the opening of my cock. With such a large steel ring and catheter merging together, there was just no possible way that the two of them could have fit without first being stretched.I knew from the first time, that the catheter was ready to poke through the sphincter muscle of my bladder, but I hadn't expected it to be this difficult. Apparently, this one particular muscle is much like that of ass and perhaps my piss hole. It too had to be forced open wider than it was designed to do, just to accept the thickness of my new piss tube.There was some, not much, relief when Mr. Alderton released the instrument that he'd been using to widen my pee hole; however, the two objects protruding from it, seemed to still be able to keep it wider than the `normal'."Is all that going into Master Kevin, Sir" called out John Henry."Yes every last spec of it. If I don't inflate the balloon completely he, or someone else might eventually try to extract his catheter before it is the proper time and place to do so", responded Mr. Alderton. "I find that using the larger catheters with the extra large balloon on the tip are most effective in preventing a slave to take things into his own hands.""Not even my father had me fitted with one that big Sir", retorted John Henry."Well, I'm not speaking for or against what your father did with you boy. I' m just telling and teaching you what is right in my eyes and in Sandi Model the eyes of Mr. Latimore. With slaves having to assume various positions, the slaves always discover that standing erect with such a large amount of water pushing against their one bladder muscle, they quickly learn to avoid standing upright.Nothing more was said about the plumbing that was now installed down the shaft of my dick. I felt a gentleness about what was now taking place on the tip of my cock, as Mr. Alderton said to the two slaves, "you boys will have to change out this dressing a few times each day for the first day, until all of the bleeding stops. Prince Albert rings always bleed for a day or two and we don't want Master Kevin making a mess on himself or inside the house... now do we."It was almost an eerie quietness that fell over the table for a minute or two before anyone spoke."Make sure you give this bottle of supplement to Master Kevin once you've got him settled in to his bed; after which, I feel confident that he'll be more than ready to get that rubber dick out of his mouth for a few hours so that he can rest comfortably." Mr. Alderton said in a rather plain voice.I felt my restraining chains being removed as Mr. Alderton seemed to be talking out loud to himself. Hands rubbed both of my legs, firmly yet gingerly. It was enough to make me want to get an erection but my poor cock wasn't having the same feelings as my brain.Hands now began rubbing circulation back into my arms, with my hands still covered in the padded mitts. There was a bit more commotion around my dick head, as I began to feel my own piss gushing through the tube implanted in my dick.There was a short burst of activity all over my body as words from Mr. Alderton seemed to bounce off the walls with an echo effect. I did, however, manage to understand him when he was talking rather close to my ear."There will be many changes here and in town over the next several weeks and months. I'm sure that you will want to be a part of them all; as they will have a direct effect on you and your siblings. You are a special `boy', if you hadn't noticed, and all of your sacrifices have not nor will not go unnoticed. Your parents are the kindest and most loving parents I've known and I'm proud to be employed by them. You have several more steps to take before tomorrow afternoon, but they aren't anything which you would find debasing or painful. We all just want you to be happy and to continue your learning abilities, which will come in very handy over your lifetime. Your gift, the gift of giving of yourself to your parents and family is one that can not be measured in money, time or material goods. Your gift is one from the heart and soul; to which I know your father appreciates and respects even though at times you may feel otherwise."Hands began lifting me up, as my legs were pulled to be left dangling over the side. The blood rushed so fast that my limbs tingled and my head seemed to spin. I felt myself falling backwards, but two quick hands caught my involuntary movement and prevented me from falling.My breathing had increased, as I somehow thought I was suffocating; but Mr. Alderton assured me in a calming voice that I was reacting normally, `all things considered'.Moments later, I was eased off of the table and as my padded feet hit the floor, my knees simply gave way and once more I began falling; falling forward, now simply guided to the floor by the three pairs of hands.I found myself kneeling, with my covered hands resting on the floor; as a cold sweat began to wash over me. Hands, soft as if belonging to a house slave, were gliding down my back, over and over again tracing the defined spine as if it were a road map to my pucker hole. Hands which seemed to find delight in skating over the soft, smooth flesh of my butt; sent a sensual message to my brain.I could now feel the strange, yet warm feeling of what must have been plastic against my inner right thigh. I would later come to understand that it was the `collection bag' for my piss... directly connected to the plumbing that was now implanted up my cock."Be slow and gentle with him", Mr. Alderton said to the two slaves. "I'll be down to the house just as soon as I get Shaun and his mates going with all of the work they have to do."I heard him laugh and with a less than enthusiastic voice he said, "I'd rather be with Master Kevin than have to work with these hillbillies. Lord only knows how long all of this will take, but I'm sure it will last until the wee hours of the morning."I felt a hand under my chin and the sound of metal clicking; followed by a gentle tug. "Come Master Sandi Model Kevin, let's get you home", came the not so assured voice of John Henry.Fuck! I was being led out of the barn on a leash! Being treated like a common animal was not my idea of `lending a helping hand'.I had a difficult time trying to maintain my balance, as my entire body swayed from side to side with an occasional lurch forward. The wood floor beneath my knees seemed to be unforgiving each time I failed to pick the knees up, instead of dragging them. I might have been easier for me to walk out, but one can only assume that hindsight is 20/20. For a brief second, I thought of the word that John Henry had just said, `home'. My home, isn't here, or is it now?The two slaves halted their forward progress without telling me and I blindly bumped into one of them as he said, "looks like Master Kevin is getting anxious about rimming out some ass", and then the two of them `half laughed' at the sudden, insubordinate, bit of humor.Before I could comprehend another thing, my senses had detected the smell of the human male and it was instantly having an effect on me. I unconsciously pushed my hooded head towards the odor, bringing it to rest against the smooth skin of one of the slaves. I could feel the smoothness of the slave's dick as it brushed over my plugged mouth. "Damn will you look at this", John Henry blurted out, "Master Kevin must be cock hungry too"."Shut up John!", blurted out Jordan. "It's the drugs and we both know it. Stop being such a fucking prick.""Listen to me you dumb ass", John Henry responded. "In case your little piss ant brain has suddenly forgotten... I'm the "Estate Trustee" around here and that means even slaves like you have to show me some respect. So best you get the fuck off of your high horse and remember it from now on, unless you want me to report your arrogant attitude to the Latimore's or the new Master."Regardless of the banter between the slaves, I found myself remaining against the flesh; while my hands made their way around his body. It was, at the least, reassuring just to know that I wasn't going to fall forward, flat on my face.I even had a strong urge to suck his cock, but since being gagged, it was a momentary impossibility. I could feel my sore and bound balls trying to constrict themselves but my newly installed scrotum stretcher prevented that from happening. I was fucked, royally. Wanting and needing a sexual encounter, yet unable to seize the opportunity, all I could do was to retreat back to resting myself on all fours.Both slaves finally got me down to and situated on the back seat of the electric cart; with John Henry sitting next to me, thus preventing injury. It was a mostly quiet ride back to the house until John Henry spoke, saying, "Go around to the other side Sandi Model of the house, Mr. Alderton doesn't wish Master Kevin to suffer any humiliation at the hands of some of the other employees."When the cart came to a stop, both slaves once again Sandi Model Sandi Model helped me off the cart, and Sandi Model with my legs a little better; I attempted to walk versus crawl towards the house. It wasn't the easiest thing to attempt, but attempt it I did; until my feet flew backwards and I nearly hit the ground full force."Best, Master Kevin if we either carry you inside or you could crawl; it's up to you Sir", Jordan said sympathetically.I didn't want them to carry me, for fear of dropping me; so I crawled behind them and the leash."Steps going down", John Henry said, as I instantly felt the first indentation of the concrete. The hard surface felt as if it was rubbing the flesh right off of my knees, but I continued on with having no other option available.When the basement door was opened, the two things that caught my attention were first the cold air escaping from the house and the mixed odor of sanitizer and canine.Jordan's dog was barking rather anxiously as we passed the entryway to his kennel. Voices, from the opposite end of the long hallway caught my immediate attention.Several people were conversing at the same time, in what sounded like directions for this and that. Suddenly, two distinct voices approached the three of us, as I once more bumped into one of the slaves."Why Sandi Model there you all are", blurted out my mother. "I was beginning to think that Mister Alderton was keeping you all in the barn for something more than preparing Kevin for tomorrow.""No ma'am" responded John Henry. "Mr. Alderton just had a few minor things to do and some things of importance he wanted to say to Master Kevin."Mom said something to Jordan and almost instantly his dog went quiet. "That' s much better", she said; "At least now I can hear myself think"."My goodness son, you look a mess. Perhaps I should make the time to get you all cleaned up, seeing as how I'm leaving at noon tomorrow, and won't be around for a few days."If I could have spoken I would have, but perhaps it was for the best that the feeding image was still embedded down my throat. Lord only knows what may have spewed from my mouth."Now dear", dad said, "don't you think that our new `trustee' and the other slave can clean up our boy. After all, he's been through a lot today, and I 'm sure he wouldn't want his own mother to tend to his bathing.""Nonsense", came the rapid reply. "He's OUR son and I"LL bath him whenever I so choose to do so. I'm sure Kevin would rather have the gentle touches of his own mother compared to a common slave. It's not like back home you know; where we have choices.""Yes dear I know but..." and dad was quickly silenced by mom."Tomorrow is a big day for our son, and I won't have him looking like some redneck slave going into the court room. It's bad enough, even though Kevin has agreed, to have our son decorated like this just so we can make our point and the lawyers can get their convictions.""Okay honey, no need to get all worked up. I was just trying to save us some work so that we could have some quality time alone, just the two of us for once", dad said rather submissively.I could still smell the `sex' on the two slaves; which didn't seem to help my own desires to `bust a nut'; but there was absolutely nothing left for me to do except to accept my current situation for the time being.I still felt the strong urge to fondle myself and jerk off, but that too, was impossible. I actually had hoped that my father could have convinced mom to let the slaves clean me up; thus, allowing me to `further my education'.I heard my mom give John Henry a substantial list of things that she wanted him to do upstairs, mainly in the kitchen; to search out something for Mr. Alderton and himself to eat for dinner, along with "Jordan and Kevin". The menial other tasks pertained to a few things she'd noticed as she walked through the house after the cleaning slaves had left.My father was politely asked by mom to take the remaining employees back upstairs and attempt to wrap up any work they had left for the day. Dad seemed complacent, and followed her wishes without as much as saying a single word."Now then", she began, "since it's just the three of us here, not counting the mongrel dog, let's see if we can't get you all clean and pretty, my adorable one."Mom sure sounded all lovey-dovey for a change. I hadn't heard her talk this way since I was in kindergarten."I don't think we should be using the shower room down the hall, since its way to big for what we need to do. Why don't we just use this next room over here? I'm sure that it has more than we need to get you all cleaned up. Come son."There was a tug on the leash and I dutifully followed, remembering just by previous times, what room she was taking me into. It was Doc's old examination room."Find me some towels and a wash cloth slave", mom said without sounding like the bitch I knew she could be. "I'll wash Kevin's back before we get him up on this nice table."I heard the water running in the sink, along with the sound of several cupboards opening and closing."If you would, see if you can remove the foam padding from the table. I'm sure that Kevin won't mind the short time he's on the bare metal; and it will be much easier to clean up after we've finished."Jordan seemed to work without acknowledging my mother, probably best; if you know what I mean, but it, too, could have certain consequences down the road.Comments to Sanibelboysaol.com

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