Related article: Baby Sitter's Ordeal (Mf, drugs, oral, anal, beast, nc) by Pasquale (pasqua_layyahoo.com) *** A young baby sitter is drugged and ravished orally, vaginally and anally by older man and his dog. *** Haley was beautiful, the perfect 10-cheerleader type. She was a competitive gymnast; only 5-foot tall; around 90 pounds; light auburn brunette hair; a perfectly proportioned body. She looked like a young miniature Britney Spears. Haley had small firm tits, a tight muscular ass and long legs; she had a bounce of energy when she walked and an open bubbly personality with a wide inviting smile. She had been my regular baby sitter for the past three years. She and her mom along with her two older sisters lived in the houses across the street from my apartment complex. I watched her mature and I salivated every time I saw her. I used to let her and her sisters use the apartment pool. I would watch them from behind the curtains while they horsed around the pool area. I constantly fantasized about having her or what she must look like naked. I was 50 years old with a couple of small kids. I had a five-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son. I had had a young wife but she had run off years ago and left me with the kids. What I really wanted was Haley. I was abscessed with her. I had to have her. I decided to put one of my many fantasies of Haley into action. I had worked out every detail a million times in my head. I asked Haley's mom if Haley could watch the kids all night for me because I had a job that would take me out of town. I would have to leave the evening before and return by late afternoon of the following day. She agreed and the plan was in motion. It was arranged for next Friday. That Friday, I got some Roofies from a friend of mine. He told me that four would put anyone all the way out and three would make it so that they were in and out but would not remember a thing the next day. He also gave me a Viagra. He said that I could stay as hard as a teenager all night with one of those. I couldn't wait. I had a constant hard on ever since I decided to go ahead with my plan, I couldn't imagine what kind of hard on I would get when I took the Viagra. On the way home I purchased three little cups of 31 flavors Ice Cream. I put sprinkles all over one and no toppings on the other two. Of course I also sprinkled four powdered up Roofies on the one with the sprinkles. At 6:00 PM Haley showed up on schedule, she came bouncing into the apartment. "Hi, Mr. Forster, where's the brats?" I told her that they were in Kathy's room playing. Haley darted off to Kathy's room to join in with the kids. I watched as she wiggled her small tight ass down the hall. When I got ready to leave, I went into the kid's room. Haley was sitting cross-legged on the floor with the kids. I could just barely see a hint of her white panties and crotch. I stared straight into her big blue eyes as I took a sip of coffee and swallowed the Viagra. She just smiled back at me. I told Haley that I would be home some time tomorrow afternoon. If there were any problems that she could call me on my cell phone. "There won't be any problems Mr. Forster," Haley said, "the kids and I will have a ball. Can we use the pool tomorrow, can we please, Mr. Forster?" "Sure," I said, "just don't piss off the other tenants, you know how they can be." By the way Haley, as a treat I got you and the kids some ice cream, it's in the freezer. The one with the sprinkles is for you. The kids get the sprinkles between their teeth and the dentist said not to let them have any more sprinkles. Maybe you should let them eat their ice cream first and after they are tucked in and asleep you could sit down, relax and enjoy yours." I said, "see you tomorrow." Haley said, "Thanks Mr. Forster, you're great," and gave me a big hug and pressed those pert little tits into my side, as I went out the door. At 10 PM I drove down our street. Haley's mom's house was dark and so were the windows to my apartment. Mom, Haley and the kids were all asleep. I parked my car around the corner and walked to my apartment, my heart was beating out of my chest as I entered. Haley was asleep in front of the TV set. She looked so cute and innocent She had on a little print skirt that barely covered her little white panties and ass as she sat sleeping with her legs folded underneath her in my big overstuffed easy chair. She had on a loose fitting T-shirt and no bra. She was only wearing white cotton socks now; her tennies were on the floor. I thought that I would faint as I approached her. My friend was right; I had the biggest and hardest hard-on I Illegal Nymphets had ever remembered. I ran my fingers through her auburn hair as I bent over to cup her breast, I could smell the freshness in her hair. She didn't move. She was out, completely out. I rocked her shoulders as I called her name, she didn't respond, she was out for the night. I gently cupped her right breast in my left palm. It Illegal Nymphets was so perfect. It was so firm and round. Her nipple was small but firm as it pressed into the palm of my hand. As I gently squeezed her breast, she let out a little sigh. I slowly pinched her nipple through her shirt between my index finger and thumb. She reacted with the slightest hint of a wince and a frown but she did not stir or protest. I knew that she was totally mine, to do with as I pleased. I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom and placed her up on the heavy down comforter of my high four-poster bed. I Illegal Nymphets laid her down with her legs dangling out over the side of the bed. 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I straddled her right leg so that my balls rested just above her knee. I began to ever so gently massage and kneed Haley's firm round tits. They responded to my pressured touch and pushed back as I clamped in upon them. Her nipples began to harden and enlarge as I continued to fondle her soft firm schoolgirl tits. I stepped back and admired my trophy. Her white panties were fully exposed. I lifted her skirt and lifted it over her little mound and laid it back against her flat muscular tummy. I admired her exposed panties and her protruding little mound. I rubbed her mound through her panties and detected just a hint of soft pre-pubic hair. I traced the outline of her slit with my index finger all the way down under her legs to where her ass cheeks tucked in and rested on my bed. I slipped my finger under the elastic of her panties at the point where her slit traced an outline on the material. 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I took both ankles one in each hand and spread her crotch as far apart as my arms would stretch. As I did so, her little slit parted ever so slightly to expose the pink moist glistening interior. As I forced her legs wide open, I leaned forward and kissed her open slit. I jutted out my tongue and licked it up the length of her opening until I found her little bump. As I concentrated on licking her clit with my tongue, I felt it begin to respond. I could hear her moan and sigh as I increased the pace at which I licked and caressed her clit with my flicking tongue. Her clit began to swell and ripen in my mouth as I licked and sucked on it. She began to twitch and tighten her vaginal and inner thigh muscles as I pressed on into her little cunt. Her young virgin pussy was becoming hotter as I licked. Her wetness began to flow and lubricated my tongue as her hot slick juices were now streaming out of her cunt into the crack of her ass. 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I loved to hear and see her respond as I continued to rub her in this way. She became wetter and slicker the more I persisted. I finally placed the tip of my dick against the opening to her love hole. I moved it ever so slowly up and down, exploring the opening. I very gently worked the velvety tip of my prick into the warm moist canal. As her cunt lips parted, I felt them envelope my soft cock head. I could feel the tip of my cock putting pressure against her hymen as her hot pulsing lips closed in around the entire tip of my pulsing manhood. My index finger slipped back into her warm tight virgin ass hole. I could not believe the sensation that I experienced through my dick while it was tightly clamped in this hot moist hole. The head of my cock was ready to explode. I felt the warmth and her wetness like I had never experience before. I could feel how incredibly tight her lips clenched the end of my shaft. 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She was panting and writhing in her dream state the whole time that I was hosing her with hot creamy cum. As sudden as it had happened, all things became calm and quiet. Haley seemed to have collapsed from the ordeal. I myself was week kneed and lightheaded all at the same time. I sensed an incredible awareness of my senses, I perceived an incredibly clear and unmistakable scent of the moment. The smell of her musty wet used pussy mixed with the hot salty acrid smell of my cum overpowered me. I was in heaven. I pulled her sweaty body off the bed and onto the floor. She rolled over onto her back still panting. Her chest and tits were heaving and her jutting nipples were as big as I had ever seen them. I spread her legs with my feet as wide as they would part and just stood over her. Her cunt was still twitching as she continued to expel our juices. I touched her red raw pussy with my toe. She would wince with a mixture of pain and pleasure, as her cunt would constrict like a clam on my toe. My dick was still throbbing and leaking gobs of cum. I let the remaining drops of cum drip from my pulsing cock as I stood above her. Kneeling down between her cum saturated thighs I noticed that a prominent red swollen inflamed pussy now replaced that slick narrow little girl slit that she once sported. Her mound, now held a woman's pussy with red inflamed blood engorged cunt lips on either side of what was once a tiny tight little girl's crevice. I fingered her now very wet swollen pussy and ass with both my hands. I could tell by her reaction that she was very tender and sensitive to my touch. I rubbed the hot cum from within her still warm cunt all over her stomach and tits. I pinched and Illegal Nymphets clamped her cum slick erect nipples between my fingers. I moved up and straddled her chest. I positioned my self so that her erect nipple poked at the entrance to my ass hole. 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I got down and started to wipe the melting creamy cum out of her pussy. I knew that I would be unable to clean it all out when I came up with a startling idea. I picked Buddy up and put him in position to lick her pussy clean of any evidence of our love juices. As I opened the now swollen slick slit of her pussy, the dog's tongue jutted out and began to slurp up all the cum from within her cunt and against her hymen. I held her pussy open wide while buddy's tongue darted in and out of her swollen inflamed cunt. He was cleaning every last drop of cum from every nook and cranny of her used sloppy snatch. To my amazement, Haley was responding to every flick of the dog's tongue. She was moaning and twitching in pace with Buddy's frantic licking. I could hear her whimper with faint OH's and AH's. Which was making my dick hard again. I picked Haley up and put her back on the bed. This time I placed her so that she was on her back and her head and long auburn hair hung down off the side of the bed. I spread her legs and placed the dog back on her cunt where he immediately went to task on her sloppy pussy. The more he licked the wetter Haley got Illegal Nymphets and the hotter and harder I got. I placed my dick at the entrance to Haley's mouth. Her hot breath caused my dick the throb. I ran my hardening cock back and forth across her soft parted lips. I forced her head down which opened her mouth further. I slowly pushed my dick past her parted lips up upon her warm tongue. I fucked her open mouth and tongue for a few strokes. Then I started fucking Haley's mouth until I hit the back of her throat. The scene was unreal. My hot pulsing cock deep into cute little Haley's face while this little puppy was licking the hot juices out of her cunt and making her twitch and moan. I could detect involuntary muscle spasms in Haley's inner thighs and tummy. I began fucking her face faster and faster until I felt a pop on the end of my dick. I realized then that I had pushed past Haley's tongue and that my cock head had pushed into her tight hot throat. The sensation of my cock sliding in and out of Haley's throat was more than I could take. I began to fuck Haley's face and throat faster and harder. I first held her by her tits as I fucked back and forth. I began pulling her body back and forth by her tits while I continued to fuck her mouth. I let her tits go and clamped down on her nipples with my thumbs and index finger. I began pulling her back and forth by her streached hard nipples. I was caught up in the moment and hadn't noticed that Haley was wincing at the pain in her nipples and the cock going down her throat. This only resulted in exciting me further. I was fucking her face and down her throat with an uncontrolled frenzy. Buddy couldn't keep up with my pushing and pulling of Haley's nipples. 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When I returned, I sat down and watched her twitch and cough. She pulled her knees up into her chest while she lay on her side. I could see her swollen exposed red cunt lips glisten as they protruded out the rear of her smooth tight white ass. I sat down behind her and tried to push the dog away from lapping at her dripping swollen cunt. I placed the cold bottle against her raw red pussy and watched as she first jumped back from the cold glass. She then relaxed and appeared to welcome the relief from the coolness against her tortured and abused pussy. She sighed deeply, took in a deep breath and purred like a kitten as I rolled the cool bottle back and forth along her stretched swollen cunt. I Illegal Nymphets knew Illegal Nymphets that I couldn't break her cherry and get away with it. I was so frustrated, my cock wanted so bad to be forced up into to her to the hilt. This damn Viagra wouldn't let me rest. As I sat there finished the first beer and returned with another. 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I decided that since she was loosening up, I was going to let buddy, the family mutt fuck my little Haley up the ass with his skinny greasy spear. While still stroking Buddy, I positioned his bucking hips right behind Haley's ass. Haley was still lying on her side but it was the perfect height for the dog. I was stroking buddy's cock as I moved him in closer to his mark. He was now fucking my hand with a rapid long thrusting motion. I placed his front feet on either side of our beauty and introduced the very tip of his spear to her waiting virgin ass. He hopped forward with each thrust and was now poking the very tip into the tight little hole of our little lady. Once his pecker sensed the hot moist inner canal of her ass hole he was on his way on his own. His greasy little dick was the perfect size for Haley's first butt fuck. As I backed away, the dog was fucking her full bore. He was stroking his pecker in and out of her 100 miles per hour. 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I positioned her hand between her legs so it looked like she was holding the bottle in her cunt as the dog was pounding her. I heard Haley let out a scream and the dog yelp. I looked up from the camera and realized that Buddy, in his frenzy, had pushed his huge knot past the tight opening of Haley's tight little ass hole and plunged it deep into her virgin ass. I tied to Illegal Nymphets control buddy so the he wouldn't hurt her permanently. The dog just kept on fucking and the camera just kept on rolling. Haley was now flailing around under the dog. The dog had pushed her about three feet across the floor when he finally yelped and started to buck and whimper. I knew that he was coming now by the reaction of Haley. She started cooing and purring as Buddy was shooting his load of hot sticky dogie cum into her hot ass. I video taped her facial delight and the sensual sounds that she was making while buddy was expending his final load. Buddy was panting heavily as he stepped over Haley and looked into the camera. They were now locked up resting ass to ass. It took about ten minutes before Buddy's knot plopped out of Haley's ass. I turned the video camera off and put it down. I felt that Haley's ass hole was loose enough now to take even my bid cock. I decided that I would give my cock what it wanted. A hot ride to the hilt, I would fuck my little Haley up the ass just like Buddy. I rolled my little prize over onto her back and took a throw pillow from the bed and propped her ass into the air. I picked up both Haley's strong slender legs and held them straight in the air. With my other hand I grabbed the base of my now rock hard cock and lubricated it by rubbing all over in Haley's now swollen and inflamed pussy. When my cock was slick from our juices, I placed the tip against her tight virgin shit hole. I slowly rock forward several times trying to coax the tip of my hard cock into Haley's tight ass, but it wouldn't budge. I repositioned myself, Haley's legs were now resting on either side of my neck. I worked two wet cum soaked fingers back into her ass and pried it open ever so slightly. As I removed the fingers, I slipped the tip of my cock into the entrance of her ass hole. I had gained a foothold, or a cock start for lack of a better term. I raised up on my toes and placed both my hands on the floor on either side of Haley. I was in an exaggerated push-up position. Haley's legs were pushed all the way back with her knees into her chest and her tight ass pointed up at my waiting stiff dick. I was looking straight into her face as I pushed down and forward with all my might. In one fell swoop, I crammed by dick forward. At first it began to enter her hot tight virgin ass, then it slowed to a stop. Haley was fighting as best she could, her sphincter muscles were resisting me with all their might. Her tight little athletic ass was holding me back until for just an instant her muscles relaxed to reposition themselves. At that point, all my strength and my 200 pounds drove my 10 inches of rock hard meat to its hilt up Haley's tight hot virgin ass. Haley's mouth flew wide open and she screamed for the first time all night. Haley screamed again as I pulled back slightly and re- buried that hard shaft into her virgin hole. I pulled it back slowly and rammed it to the hilt again with equal force. Haley sat up and double at the waist with the force of my cock. I sat back on my knees and tried to slowly fuck her but her ass was too tight. I couldn't penetrate her unless I forced my cock into her. I pulled by cock out and re-lubricated it in the fold of her swollen cunt. I place it back against Illegal Nymphets her ass hole and the tip slowly popped in. I reached around under her and grabbed a hold of her tiny wrists. As I sat behind her elevated ass, I pulled her toward me by her limp arms. I pulled and pushed as hard as I could, my dick slid a few more inches into Haley's newly violated ass. I would keep the pressure up until she relaxed her sphincter muscle than I would ram my cock deep into her. When her sphincter tired she couldn't keep me out, that's when I began to fuck her ass in earnest. I was building into another frenzy of unmerciful fucking. I was pulling Haley's arms out their sockets as I was cramming and ramming my hard cock up her ass. My balls were becoming sore from banging against her rock hard gymnastic little ass. Her tits were swinging and bouncing in every direction. I didn't think that I would ever cum. Haley was crying now, she was no longer moaning and sighing from sexual enjoyment, she was in pain and it made me feel superior and it excited me. As I dwelled on the savage brutal ass rape that I was inflicting on this tiny beauty I felt my ball start to stir. The warm filling sensation began way down from within my scrotum and ball. I took long slow deep thrust now. With every thrust I could see the pain in Haley's face. She looked like she was begging me to stop, I began to speak for her, I was saying over and over again, "Please Mr. Forster, don't fuck my ass, it hurts. I'll do anything for you Mr. Forster, I'll be your sex slave; your little cock sucker; I'll let you watch Buddy fuck me; but Please stop; Mr. Forster, please stop hurting me; I'll come to your house every day after school; I'll suck your hard cock dry; I'll suck Buddy's cock dry before the kids get home Mr. Forster; I'll be your slave." As I was repeating this over and over I began to swell. I could hear Haley's sweet little voice in my mind as I felt my hot creamy reward race up the shaft of my cock. I rammed my cock as hard as I could to where my thighs slammed against little Haley's firm ass. My hard rhythmic fucking had driven Haley's limp little body half way across my bedroom floor. Her head and shoulders were now wedged up against the dresser on the opposite wall. She could retreat no further as my cock spasmed, bucked and exploded into the walls of her bowels. Before I could recoil for another push, another blast saturated her inner bowels. Haley's eyes were rolling under her half open eyelids. She had an expression of utter confusion on her face. I felt my hot cum envelope my cock within her tight bowels. My cock continued to jerk and spasm. With every twitch it spurted another shot of hot creamy sap until my balls were totally drained. Haley didn't move, she just remained slumped in this contorted heap. I was exhausted. I collapsed on her twitching body. Haley felt warm and sweaty, I could feel her heart racing within her chest as her breast rose and fell as she slept. I stayed there Illegal Nymphets until my cock went soft and slowly popped out of her tight fucked ass with an audible plop. I must have remained there for a half an hour or more before I could get up. When I got up I could barely stand. I noticed that Buddy was to work again. He was so cute, as he patiently waited to lap the few drops of cum that would periodically ooze from Haley's swollen violated ass. He would alternate licking Haley's rear end and his own swollen red dick. I just sat there for a few minutes and finished my beer as I watched Buddy. I could see that Haley was beginning to stir. I got dressed, cleaned Haley up, put her clothes back on as best that I could and placed her back in the chair. I checked on the kids, they hadn't stirred. It was almost dawn when I left, I couldn't believe that I had been ravishing this little beauty for over eight hours. I returned at about 5 PM the next afternoon. When I entered the kids and Buddy ran up and greeted me. Haley was right behind them with Buddy close at her heels, he was still licking his face. She didn't have that usual energetic bounce in her walk and she sounded a little hoarse when she said, "Hi, Mr. Forster," I said, "well how did it go?" Haley said, "Just fine, I kind of came down with a little sore throat, I hope that I don't pass it on to the kids." She said that she felt that she was possible over doing it at gymnastics practice because she felt really sore today and it was probably good that she had missed today's practice. I beamed a big smile when I way paying her as she said, "Gee thanks Mr. Forster, I'm ready to do it all over again anytime you are." I said, "So am I, Haley, so am I..." END ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Babysitting Karen (MF/F-teen, beast, nc, blkmail, inc) by TheCamel (pmitchellvtown.com.au) *** My wife and I were babysitting Karen; the daughter of the wife's brother. Things were pretty normal until they went to the dogs! *** Melissa, my wife and I have been married 15 years and we have an incredible sex life and sex drive. We have tried everything, or so I thought, until my niece came to stay with us for a weekend. Melissa's brother and wife had to go away for some business seminar so asked my wife to baby-sit. Karen is 14 and very cute, but very tomboyish, the type that wears jeans and loose fitting shirts all the time and likes to play rough. She arrived on the Friday afternoon and immediately became great friends with our dog Boris. He is a shorthaired Setter and very friendly. He was all over Karen, slobbering his big tongue all over her face. We hardly heard a peep out of the both of them for the rest of the day. They spent it together running around our backyard, wrestling, and chasing each other. Our normal routine is dinner about 6pm, then shower before settling down for an evening in front of the idiotbox. Quite often it is a porno. We have a fairly extensive collection showing all types of sex. With a visitor though we had to settle for the normal boring TV viewing and we told Karen she could choose whatever she wanted. She was happy with that, and went and had her bath ready to settle for the evening. It was when she came out again that the evening turned from boring to exciting. She came out wearing just a white nightshirt with a big teddy bear on the front. But it showed all her curves, of which there did not seem to be any during the day. The shirt was just see-through enough that you could tell she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. Her tits were the size of small lemons and her nipples were sticking out, not far or big, but obvious. Mel and I were sitting on the couch when she came out. I didn't realise it but I must have been staring pretty intensely, mouth open or something, because in the next moment I copped her elbow straight in the ribs. "Are you okay honey?" she asked sweetly and with a little grin. I smiled back at her, "Never better dear." I replied. "You're hopeless, you know?" "Yes, but can you blame me?" I asked weakly. Melissa just shook her head and looked back at Karen, who hadn't even noticed us. Her attention was elsewhere because Boris had just come into the room. Karen sat on the floor in front of the telly a few feet away from us and with her back to us. Boris took this as a signal for more play time and started trying to lick her face. Karen was trying to fend him off, but without any luck. She gave in and started to wrestle with him, which he loved. Then it happened. Boris managed to knock her over and twist her around, giving me a full view straight up her nightshirt. Because she was so distracted, it was a good long look, showing everything. A beautiful little slit with a little tuft of blonde pubic patch. A nice tight little butt with a light brown bum hole. She looked so good; my cock went to full erection within seconds. My pants were like a circus tent. The show continued for ages, Karen wasn't concerned in the least with covering up or protecting her Illegal Nymphets virtue. As quick as a cat, Melissa gripped my cock and put her lips near my ear. "Don't you even think about it, you dirty old man! She's my niece, and too young." "They are never too young" I replied. I looked at Mel's face and her cheeks were red and she had a glint in her eye. "Admit it, you're enjoying the view as much as me." I knew I'd hit the nail on the head because she went back to watching Karen and Boris frolic, then slipped her hand in to my pants and started wanking on my cock. It was a beautiful show. Better than the TV. It started to get even better as the wrestling became more boisterous and we were given views of different angles. Not all long views, but lots of glimpses. On her hands and knees, in doggy style; legs splayed so that her pussy lips opened a bit. Even got a look down the front of her shirt at her titties, topped off with little pink nipples and cone-shaped aerolas. By this time I had my arm around Melissa, caressing her breast, and my other hand dancing up and down her thigh, getting closer and closer to her pussy. Karen somehow rolled Boris over onto his back for a moment, and that's when I noticed that his cock was starting to extend out of its sheath. I was about to point this out to Mel, but before I could she got up out of the couch to leave the room. "Karen would you like a hot chocolate? I'm going to make a coffee. Dave come and help?" I was a bit surprised, but I followed her out to the kitchen thinking that maybe we were going to continue the petting in private. "My God, that was so hot, Dave!" "We didn't have to move." "Of course we did you idiot. We were getting far too carried away. I'm not screwing in front of my niece!" All of a sudden we heard Karen shout, "Boris, NO. Get off you stupid bugger. Boris NO!" Melissa and I quickly walked back into the family room to find Boris trying to mount Karen. She was on her knees, with Boris's weight forcing her down onto her elbows. The angle we were at, Karen couldn't see us but we had a perfect view of everything. Boris's big 8" cock was fully extended, with the tip just entering Karen's little pussy. Karen was moving her arse around trying to avoid him, but she was exciting him more than deterring him. Melissa took a step toward them ready to intervene and rescue Karen, but I caught her arm and whispered to her. "No wait. Watch a minute." "Are you crazy. He'll kill her!" But it was too late anyway. Boris lunged again and sunk his cock full length into Karen's cunt. She screamed. "Boris, what're you doing? Oh you're hurting. Auntie Mel... Boris started fucking Karen at a steady pace. Melissa was frozen in place, biting her bottom lip, staring at the action in front of us and her nipples were sticking out like bullets. Karen's pussy started to squelch, so either Boris's pre- cum was flowing, or Karen was a little more comfortable. More like the latter because her face was more relaxed and the sounds from her had a little more excitement in them. "Boris, you've made me all wet and hot. OH! OHH! OHHH!" I got an idea, and quietly slipped away to get my two cameras, one a Polaroid. For the next couple of minutes I shot off a dozen shots. When I came back, Melissa was even more turned on. She was rubbing a breast with one hand and using the other to finger her clitoris. "Dave, I need your cock. Come on fuck me." Mel grabbed my hand to drag me into the bedroom, but I stopped her. "Sure, but only if you get on your hands and knees for some doggy style," I said. "Ok, let's go. Hurry." "No, now! Get on them now!" She looked at me stunned, then back at Boris and Karen. The timing couldn't have been better, Karen Illegal Nymphets was starting to fuck back onto Boris' cock. All of a sudden Karen's voice got some urgency into it. "Oh, Boris what are you doing? What's happening? OHHH!" She then let out a long scream in orgasmic pleasure. Her first ever maybe? Melissa still had a hold of my hand squeezing it even harder, when she pulled me to the floor. "OK, but hurry get that cock into, I need it so bad." I've never seen her move so quick, but then I've never moved so quick either. I had my 8" up in her pussy before you could blink, and it only Illegal Nymphets took a couple of strokes before Melissa started cumming. It felt like she was pissing on my balls, she was cumming so hard. I pumped her through another orgasm, when the main event stepped up a gear. Karen was going through another orgasm herself, I looked down to have a peek at her cunt, it looked soaked and shiny. Boris's cock was still pistoning in and out like a jackhammer, but I noticed that near the base of his cock, it had a big lump the size of a golf ball. Boris was trying with extra effort to push it into Karen and with another scream from Karen, he succeeded. Her pussy looked stretched to the limit. She had her mouth open and panting loudly, her eyes were shut tight. The sight was absolutely beautiful and I felt my nutsack start to tighten when the next chain of events began. Karen screamed out, "Boris are you pissing in me?" and I knew that she was getting filled with doggy cum. That sent me over the top as I pumped what seemed like a gallon into Mel. Mel then started to groan and shake through the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have. It was so intense that she fainted. As I was catching my breath I looked over to the star attraction. They were both locked together, tail to tail. Boris was facing us, Karen facing away. Boris was panting heavily but looked like he had Illegal Nymphets a huge grin on his face, the lucky bugger. I could hear Karen whimpering and moaning quietly to herself, head down between her arms. I looked back to Melissa. She was still out like a light. Her legs were still spread and pussy open slightly. I could see my cum inside and around her opening. She looked gorgeous and angelic. I came to my decision. I was taking a huge risk but... I retrieved the Polaroid's and approached Karen, still on her hands and knees and locked to Boris. "Well you really enjoyed yourself there, didn't you?" "Uncle Dave!" She looked up startled. "Get him off me, please uncle" Karen begged. "I don't think I can. There will be a lot of pain for both of you if I just pull him out. You have to just wait until it slips out by itself. The more you relax the quicker that will happen, I would imagine." "I am so ashamed, please, don't look Uncle Dave." "That's too bad, Karen, because I have some really bad news for you." "What are you talking about?" "You see Karen, from now on my little pet, you are going to do exactly as I say, when I say, no matter what it is. Understand?" She looked at me like I was crazy. But she knew exactly what I was talking about and started to resist. "No way! You keep away from me. I'll go to the cops. I'll tell mum and dad." "And exactly what will you tell them? That you fucked my dog? No I don't think so. I think you are going to be very happy with being my 'instructions'. And I am pretty sure you won't be saying anything to anyone, even your aunt Melissa. You wouldn't want to see these posted on the Internet, now would you? Or how about if I left them lying around your school somewhere?" The look on her face when she saw the photos was priceless, and I knew I'd beaten her when her shoulders slumped and head went down. She had one last effort at resistance though. "You arsehole, bastard!" I cut her off before she went too far. "Tut, tut. That's enough of that. You can show your respect for me later. It's time now to start your instructions." "What do you want? What do I have to do?" "Exactly what I tell you to do, no questions and no argument!" "Now, crawl over on your hands and knees to auntie. Go slow, so that your lover there doesn't get all excited again." "What for?" asked Karen. "That is your last chance! Next time you disobey I go straight over to the computer. I won't be saying another word to you and you won't know where you will see your picture next. Got it?" "Yes" "Right, start crawling. Right up between Mel's legs, but don't touch her." It took what seemed like ages to get there, but was only a minute or so, and it was not a moment too soon because Melissa was starting to stir and my cum was starting to dribble out. "Ok Karen, put your nose as close to Mel's pussy as you can, but don't touch. Let me hear you take a big sniff. Again. Beautiful isn't it? Now try your tongue, puppy dog." She whipped her head around at me and looked to argue, but I held my finger up and gave a stern look. That silenced her pretty quickly. I pointed down to the sloppy cunt in front of her face, then with a look of final resignation, bent down and licked Mel's labia. Just as she started, Boris slipped out of Karen and trotted off to his corner in the laundry. The licks were tentative, but after the first couple, she took to it with gusto, pushing her tongue into the hole as far as she could, sucking up all the juices. It wasn't until I noticed the small humping movements from Melissa that Karen was no longer cleaning up cum, but Melissa was juicing up again. I don't think there was any stopping Karen now, her chin and mouth were glistening, and her face was full of lust. It was difficult to get Karen's attention, but when I did, I directed her lick Mel's clit. As she touched the clit, Mel's hands took hold of the back of Karen's head, directing Karen exactly where she wanted to be licked. Her eyes were still shut, breathing fast with her mouth open. It only took another couple of licks and Melissa was off again. "Oh Dave I'm cumming. Yes keep licking Unnhhh!!!" Then she squirted a couple of times straight into Karen's mouth. I let Karen have a few more licks, then I pulled her away. "You've done well. Go have a quick shower, clean yourself up then get yourself to bed. We'll continue your education later. Remember, you're mine now, obey me when I command, or else!" As she turned and walked away, with her head bowed, she didn't see the big smile on my face, I was just so pleased with myself. But then as she turned away from me I didn't see the big grin on her face either... END ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Camping Misadventure (FFM, bi, tv, beast, dog-rp, v) by Graham F Cutler (qqqqqwertybum.free-online.co.uk) *** A couple's sexual adventures on holiday in the USA. There, they're raped by 3 guys on horseback and 2 dogs. *** For several years now, my Illegal Nymphets wife and myself had been 'taking to the hills' every summer and going camping. Both Anne and myself loved the outdoors, and when we weren't camping we'd go for a trek every weekend, setting up our tent in the peace and quiet of some desolate place before returning on the Sunday evening to face our hum- drum jobs during the week. As we'd had a really lousy winter, we decided that this summer, we'd splash out and take our camping holiday abroad. "What about trying France or Germany?" I suggested as we sat with a drink and looked at some camping brochures one wet, winter's evening, "They might be okay." "Hmmm, I thought of maybe going a bit further." Anne replied, "How does the USA sound - or even Canada? There are thousands of woods and forests there that we could explore, and if we decide on camping in a National Park, we could see what's on offer on the internet." "Hmmm, that's a good idea, my darling." I replied, "I'll have a look tonight and see if I can find somewhere that's fairy remote, but not too far from civilisation." "Oh yeah. Make sure it's remote and well off the beaten track, we don't want to be disturbed - do we?" she smiled, "Especially if we're gonna be packing our 'special suitcases' on this trip." I smiled back at her, my cock twitching just at the thought of what she meant. Our 'special suitcases' contained our sexy clothing that we frequently wore when we went on holiday. Perhaps I'd better explain? Both Anne and myself are bisexual and have a very exiting sex-life together and with others, both of us fucking with men and women. Anne encourages my extra interest of my wearing women's sexy undies when making love, and also me wearing a dress or skirt with a wig and makeup when around the house of an evening - something I'm doing more often now, at her request. She's even given me the 'missy' name of Suzy, for when I'm wearing my outfits. When we're on holiday though, I only wear my undies, both of us loving to walk through the woods whilst only wearing our sexy undies before stopping somewhere for an 'al fresco' fuck. Both of us love the feeling of freedom we get from walking through some woods or desolate place whilst only wearing our sexy undies, and get a special thrill of fucking outside in them, knowing that we might be discovered or observed. Christ knows what would happen if someone actually did catch us, I think we'd shit ourselves and run for cover. It's the feeling that someone might just catch us, that gives us a buzz. * The following June, me and Anne were checking through our equipment as we settled in at our motel in North Carolina. According to the map we got from the tourist office, the area was heavily wooded and liberally sprinkled with lakes for us to enjoy, so we decided on a 3 day trek, camping out in the woods for the 2 nights and setting off bright and early the next morning. Because Anne is only lightly built, our trek was to mainly consist of a walk through the woods, ending up no more than 10 miles from the local highways. This 'buffer zone' of 10 miles was sufficient for us to see the wild countryside and feel free to enjoy ourselves, yet still be within reach of civilisation. "I'm bushed." Anne said as we finally reached the crest of a steep ridge after 6 hours of walking through the woods and gullies, "How about finding somewhere to strike camp and settling in for the night?" "That's a good idea." I replied, "Next bit of clearing is where we stop." We set off again, along the ridge for another mile before Anne stopped and pointed... "What about down there, on that?" she asked, pointing down to a strip of sand that followed the creek, "We'd have running water and a nice flat area to set up the tent." "Perfect." I said, "After you, madam." An hour later we'd pitched the tent and were sitting outside with a cup of coffee as we watched and listened to the river as it cascaded and surged past our camp- site. "How d'you fancy us getting into our undies and going for a stroll along the riverbank before turning in for the night?" Anne asked, "We've got an hour's daylight yet." "Only if I can fuck you when we find a nice secluded place." I replied. "Mmmm, you read my mind, you horny bastard." she smiled, "But let's face it, I think you'll find that everywhere's secluded around here. We're right off the beaten track, and I bet we're the only people around here for miles." "So why d'you want to go somewhere else then? We can fuck right here." I replied. "Y'know how horny it makes me feel to go for Illegal Nymphets our walks outdoors and then for you to fuck me when we're both wearing our sexy undies." she replied, "And I know how horny it makes you feel as well. C'mon, what d'you say?" "You've talked me into it." I told her as I felt a tickling feeling running through my balls at the thought of walking outside in my undies, "Okay, let's get ready." We spent the next 10 minutes inside the tent, changing into our sexy undies before emerging to hold hands and set off down the strip of sand that followed the river through the heavily wooded gorge. I'd chosen to wear my burgundy 1/2 cup lacy bra, matching lacy suspender-belt and black lace-top nylons with flat shoes, while my wife had chosen to wear her lilac basque and white lace-top nylons and flat shoes. Back home, I'd also be wearing a wig and my makeup to complete my outfit, but out here it seemed too much trouble. "Mmmm, I love it when you're wearing your lacy 1/2 cup bra. It makes me really horny to see you in your sexy undies." she smiled as we strolled along the sand, my semi-hard cock slapping against the bare thighs above my stocking-tops, "And they really show off your firm titties." Anne was actually referring to the pair of firm, 36c tits that I'd grown since going on a course of hormones - something that always excited both her and all the guys that I fucked with regularly back home. "Mmmm, and I'm really glad that you don't wear panties any more. I love to look at your thick, black, hairy bush when we walk along like this - and also when you're flashing your cunt at someone." I replied, "Your hairy cunt really turns me on." "Suck it for me then." she said suddenly as she stopped and spread her legs, "Suck my cunt for me - right here." I swiftly squatted down in front of her and reached forward to hold her slim hips as I clamped my lips over my wife's thick bush - her large clitty already visible as it poked out from above her cunt-lipped Illegal Nymphets slit. "Oooo, yes. Suck my cunt for me, my darling." she breathed, "Can you taste my sweet and sticky cunt-juices, my darling? I'm juicing-up, especially for you." "Mmmm, I like it when I can also taste another guy's cum mixed with them." I said as I pulled away for a moment, "Especially when you squat over my face and squeeze the cum-cocktail out of you for me to drink by using your cunt-muscles." "You're just a fucking cum-slut." she laughed as I sucked her cunt again, "You're my very own, personal cum-slut and cum-filled cunt-licker." Anne loved 'talking dirty' to me - knowing that it excited me when I was fucking her, and also knowing that it guaranteed that I'd be coming deep inside her a few seconds later. "I'll see what I can do about supplying somebody's cum for you to drink from my cunt when we get back into town. I know how much you really love to do that. But for now, I think you've drunk enough of my cunt- juices, let's walk on a bit further and find somewhere to fuck." I stood up and kissed her lips, she licking mine and savouring the taste of her own cunt-juices before she took hold of my now rigid cock and led me along the sand with it. We walked about another 1/2 mile before she stopped and stood in front of me, squatting down to suck on my cock whilst stroking my nylon-clad thighs. "Here. I want you to fuck me right here." she said softly as she stood up, "Now, undo your bra. I want to be sucking your nipples as you enter me." I could feel her rubbing my knob-end up and down her oozing slit - parting her hairs and pushin
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