Related article: Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 19:14:44 EDT From: CumPANion4aol.com Subject: Albertson's PeekerThis was inspired from a true trip to Albertsons. If you like Peekers check out my Peekers4u Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Peekers4u/Comments welcomed, constructive criticism and suggestions appreciated, but flamers will be happily ignored.The following story is the copyright of the owner and should not copied in part or whole in any way without the owner/writers permission.Those persons under the age of 18 should not read any further since there are references to sexual Kds Pthc Bbs themes between males.Albertsons Peeker by Peekmaster Cliff Sunday, September 19, 2004 It was almost midnight when I was driving home and I remembered I needed bread and soft drinks. I only had a half loaf of moldy green bread left and had sucked down my last Diet Mountain Dew. I went in the near deserted store and walked right over to the bakery. Passing the magazine and paperback section I noticed a really cute guy. He was in his mid-twenties, wearing a dark blue baseball cap. I looked him over. He had a slender triangular face with a goatee. Around his neck he wore a chunky silver chain necklace which stood out brightly against his navy blue sleeveless t-shirt. He was sitting at the circular reading table flipping though a stack of magazines, judging by the stack he was planning on being there for the long haul. His head stayed bent down toward his reading as I passed but I did see his eyes glance up at me and then quickly dart back down. I made no secret of looking at him for just a moment and walked to the bread isle. Suddenly his bobbing foot action caught my attention I noticed he was wearing baggy shorts the same color as his t-shirt and even his flip flops were dark blue. I watched him through the corner of my eyes as I decided what brand of bread to buy. His hyperactive leg movements nearly hypnotized me like some snake charmer. The wide legs of his shorts yawned open lewdly, showing his pale thigh almost all the way up to his groin. I had to get a closer look. I walked towards him pretending to browse the shelves. Suddenly I got an idea and walked over a few feet to the fresh produce and grabbed one large, curved banana. Normally I grab a bunch for midnight snacks, but this trip had developed into cruising opportunity, not grocery shopping. I walked around the slanted tray Kds Pthc Bbs of fruit and picked two nice big peaches instead of my usual canned pre-sliced ones. I put the loaf of thin sliced sandwich bread back on the shelf and grabbed a pack of hamburger buns instead then walked quickly to the back of the isle and grabbed a small jar of mayonnaise then nearly sprinted back to the reading section. As I neared him I could see that he was flipping through various bodybuilder magazines. From the speed of the turning pages he was only looking at the pumped and posed beefcake pictures not really stopping long enough to read anything. I was close enough I noticed his leg was still bouncing and now I could see the tip of his mushroom head penis bobbing next to his thigh inside the cotton tunnel. His shirt had a gray Nike swish and the bold motto "JUST DO IT!" Making a big production of the items in my hands I laid down the banana on his table, the two peaches behind the banana pointing at him. Behind the plump peaches I laid the buns then hesitated a few seconds before placing the mayonnaise in front of the banana closest to him. He looked up of course and I smiled and said"Hope you don't mind, I really need to grab a basket." He wordlessly shrugged his shoulders as his eyes darted at my suggestive offering, to my face and just for a second at my expanding crotch. I could tell he was a bundle of nerves but he reached down put a hand on his thigh and ran rubbed it back and forth his leg, raising his shorts hem up his thigh and flashing a little more of his tasty cock head and the scar of his circumcision. He looked back to his magazine, He was blushing, his breathing seemed rapid and his leg still twitching like a jackhammer. I felt certain that his heart was pounding the same staccato rhythm."There is still a bit more I need to look at and get" I said with a seductive grin. He looked up at me but I didn't look at his face keeping my attention to his crotch. He reached down and grasped the head of his cock just for a second and released it. I moaned"Yeah! I really need to grab a basket" I tentatively started to reach forward but a blaring "Price check" call over the intercom made us both jump, breaking the voyeur/exhibitionism spell, reminding both of us where we were."Be right back" I said and walked over to the red plastic hand baskets not ten feet away from him, but when I turned back around he was gone.FinisComments to CumPANion4aol.com

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