Related article: Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 02:37:11 -0700 (PDT) From: Richard James Subject: A Different Kind of Feeling - Chapter 5This story may not be distributed on any pay site without the express written permission of Underage Teen Porn the author. Any comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to: Dannyboy4uame2yahoo.comThis story contains scenes of sexual interaction between an adult male and an underage boy. If this is not what you want to read please leave this page now.Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.This story may not be distributed on any pay site without the express written permission of the author. Any comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to: Dannyboy4uame2yahoo.com This story may contain descriptions of sexual contact between young boys and adult males. However, if you are looking for explicit and detailed exploitation of boys you will be disappointed. The story is more about an adults love for little boys and girls. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter do not read any further.I should appreciate receiving any comments or suggestions anyone might have regarding this fantasy story: Dannyboy4uame2yahoo.com.Chapter 5What a wonderful time I had at the movies. I was very pleased with myself as I left the theater and headed home. When I arrived home Daddy saw me and gave me a soft whistle, winked at me and told me that he had bought me a few things that he thought I might like; that he had put them in my closet for safe keepings. He also whispered to me that I really looked sexy today, especially with my black panties showing thru my shorts.I ran up stairs to my room, closed and locked the door and went straight to my closet. I found a nice bag with a few dainty boxes inside and opened them and was so very pleased with what Daddy had bought just for me. I was actually shaking with anticipation as I opened the first box and found it contained a very pretty, Underage Teen Porn sheer and sexy black camisole with matching short see-thru panties. The second box I opened held a real sexy violet colored sequined baby doll with matching short panties. The last box contained three different colored training bras and a small breast form that were actually two small and very realistic breast shaped silicone breasts forms with adhesive that could be stuffed into my new bras to help give me some shape or just pasted on so that it would appear that I actually had girl's breasts. It was obvious that Daddy was helping me to look more like a sexy little girl. I was surprised and happy to get these presents from my own Daddy and just knew that I would look so very pretty and sexy wearing them. I sure had the best Daddy in the world! I couldn't wait to try my new sexy clothes on so I quickly jumped in the shower with a nice hard cock jutting straight out.The shower felt so nice, especially cleaning off the dried cum from my fun and very sexual experiences I had in the theater with the three men. I sure loved older men's cocks and mouths and they really knew how to please me. Now I had to see if I could please Daddy again.I decided that I would try on the sexy violet colored sequined baby doll with matching short, sheer panties. I first pasted on the small breast forms and looked in the mirror. Wow, what I saw was astonishing! It appeared that I had real titties and with my feminine body I was so much like a small, young, sexy girl but with a very hard boy prick that was already leaking because of the sensuous pleasure shooting thru my body. I was making a sexual transformation to being a lady boy or boy toy however one wanted to call me. One thing I knew and that was that I certainly was a young cum slut and loved teasing and having sex with older men, especially my own Daddy.I next slipped the baby doll over my head and the sexual sensation caused by the flimsy, soft material rubbing against my little body was overwhelming. I was actually trembling at the thrill and excitement my body felt. I stepped into my short violet colored, sheer short panties and softly slipped them over my hard, seeping prick and tugged them onto my waist. The top of my uncut cock was sticking out the top so I adjusted it and pushed in down into and to the side of my panties. I stepped over to the mirror and was so very surprised at how pretty and sexy I looked with my soft long blond hair hanging down to my shoulders. I grabbed my pink lip gloss and applied some of it to my wet lips. I then remember the fake pink colored fingernails that I had purchased with the matching lip gloss so I got them out and applied them to my fingernails. Now my fingernails were long and sexy, I looked gorgeous in my sexy outfit and I was feeling so very lust and horny for my Daddy.As I twirled around looking at myself in the mirror I heard a soft rap on my door. I asked who it was and happily it was Daddy. I unlocked and opened the door and when Daddy saw me he gasped and said "You look so beautiful! So very naughty and sexy! Want to play with your Daddy little girl?" as he slipped into my room. He immediately drew me to him as his hands slipped to my panty covered ass, his tongue probed my mouth and he began to passionately kiss me as our tongues clashed in a battle of love and tongue fucking. Daddy was moaning with delight as we kissed. I loved the moment. Here I was, being held very close and passionately by my own Daddy while I was dressed as the sexy, little cum slut that I was. I could feel Daddy's cock harden immediately and just wanted to feel his big cock in my hand and in my mouth.Daddy carried me over to my bed and we laid our bodies down as Daddy worked feverously to get his shorts off so he could feel my body close to his. Very quickly Daddy was naked, his big cock already leaking his warm, clear precum as my hands searched down until I found his magnificent hard piece of slippery man flesh. God, his cock felt so wonderful in my hand, especially with my long fingernails as Daddy whispered to me how beautiful his little girlfriend was and how I made him so happy, all the while kissing and licking my face and neck with his wet, warm tongue as his hand roamed by sexily clad body, feeling the smoothness of the sexy fabric. He was quickly becoming overcome with lust for me and his passion was starting to drive him wild as he was now moaning and telling me how much he wanted me.I told Daddy how happy he made me and that my new clothes were wonderful. I added that I missed his big prick so much and needed to feel it's hardness in my mouth pussy. He crawled up and sat on my chest as my two hands wrapped around his big, jerking and leaking cock. There was a nice long drool of precum seeping out of his big open piss slit. It felt so warm and soft but hard at the same time as I slid his soft, velvety foreskin back and forth with his helmet only inches from my mouth pussy and bubbles of precum seeping from his big piss slit. It was marvelous and I knew I really loved to feel and taste cock, anybodies cock, but mostly my Daddy's. "Oh Honey, that feels so awesome! Underage Teen Porn You little cock slut, suck my cock!" Daddy uttered, as he leaned forward and pressed his dripping massive cockhead against my little lipstick covered lips. I loved the erotic joy and pleasure that I was receiving by holding Daddy's hardness in my hands. I wiped his wet, purpled colored cockhead against my lips and then slightly opened them and felt his big cockhead begin to slide in my warm, met mouth cunt. The feeling of Daddy's hard cock slipping into my mouth was awesome and I loved it as it stretched my mouth and more of his delicious fruit filled my mouth. . I forced my tongue into his open piss slit, licking his clear, slimy precum into my mouth and then felt his big uncut cock going deeper into the warmth of my hungry mouth.I finally felt Daddy's cockhead bang at the back of my throat and realized I had his entire big hard piece of man flesh in my mouth as Daddy began to buck his cock in and out of my mouth slowly, fucking my young boy mouth and face, my lips covered with my pink lip gloss. I loved every Underage Teen Porn inch of his big prick and felt so happy that I was pleasing my Daddy so much. "Bitch, suck my cock like a nice little girl! Suck your Daddy's cock you faggot!" Daddy whispered to me as he drove his hard prick deeper and deeper into my lusting mouth and his balls banged off my chin. I knew he was getting close as his cock was swelling up bigger. But Daddy also knew how close he was as he stopped and said "My little slut I want to have some more of you before I give you all my hot sperm" as he slowly pulled his nice big cock out of my mouth and wiped it across my face, coating my face with the warm, slimy mixture of his precum and my own saliva.He slid down and scrambled between my knees, spreading them wide open. He looked down at me as he slowly jacked his hard, uncut, weeping prick and told me just how pretty I was; that I was his sweet little girlfriend, his little bitch and that he wanted to make me fully a young sex girl and his bitch forever. I couldn't take my eyes off his fantastic looking cock. I again wanted to feel its velvety hardness pass over my lips again, push down my warm throat and suck it forever and ever and feel his warm sperm gush into my mouth pussy. However, Daddy had other thoughts as he started kissing his way down my girlie clad body, sucking the nipples of my breast form as if they were real and thru my frilly top. As he moved lower I knew I wanted to feel him suck my clitty and feel his warm, wet tongue rim my puckered, virgin boy pussy. I loved being his girlie boy and wanted my Daddy to fuck me, to fuck his bitch boy.Daddy had finally reached my covered crotch and as he looked down and saw my panty covered boy prick he muttered "Oh yes baby! You are mine!" as he clamped his saliva dripping, lustful mouth onto my seeping hard, juicy boy prick and slurped it all into his mouth. His mouth felt awesome as his tongue circled around my panty clad cock and his saliva soaked my sexy panties. "Suck me Daddy! Suck your little cum slut!" I pleaded as I pushed my crotch up into his face.Daddy lifted his face off my hard prick and ever so gently he bit the top of my panties with his teeth and began to slowly pull them down with his mouth, exposing my boy prick for him to tease and taste. What a trip as I felt my panties being pulled over my hard, leaking prick and finally letting my hard, uncut boy cock pop straight up into the air, shoot a big was of precum up in the air and landing on my stomach. Daddy's hungry mouth immediately clamped onto my prick as he slid his hot mouth up and down my boy shaft. As Daddy sucked my cock he pulled my panties off and spread my legs wide open. His mouth felt so fucking good and I was so happy to have my own Daddy sucking my boy cock and his loving it.Daddy slipped off my prick and lifted my slender, hairless legs up and placed them on his shoulders as he bent down low and began licking my hairless balls, lapping them and leaving his warm saliva behind and sending shivers thru my little body. He quickly slurped one of my gonads into his greedy mouth and twirled his hot tongue around it while he sucked on my small, round ball and his hand wrapped around my leaking prick, slowly jerking it up and down. I was in boy toy heaven and was loving every lick and suck from my Daddy. He then took both of my balls into his mouth and bathed them with his warm saliva as he tongue loved them. The sensation being cause by his sucking and lapping was making my entire body shake with lust as Daddy was sucking his young son's balls as he masturbated me. Awesome!Daddy let my balls slipped from his warm, moist mouth and the next feeling I had was so very strange and yet exquisite. Daddy had parted my sweet cheeks and was now licking at my pink, puckered fuck hole. "Yes Daddy!" I carried "oh yes, you feel so good!" as his tongue began probing my tight ring of love, pushing and trying to invade my virgin boy pussy. The intense sexual pleasure was fantastic as I pushed my ass onto his slurping face, wanting more of his tongue, more of his body.Daddy was breathing harder and was making animalistic groans and moans as his tongue pushed past my sphincter ring muscle and started to push into my virgin boy Underage Teen Porn pussy. The magical sensation of Daddy's tongue on my pussy was pure ecstasy and was sending waves of sexual pleasure through my little body. I wanted more. "Oh Daddy, I need you. I want to feel your big cock in my tight boy cunt. Fuck me Daddy! Make me your own little girl bitch!" I murmured.Daddy pulled his face off my puckered ring muscle and said "Oh my little bitch! I love you! I've wanted you for so long!" I then felt what must have Underage Teen Porn been his wet finger begin to probe my virginal cunt, pushing and pressing against my asshole as the probing finger slid into my chute and began gliding in and out and from side to side, stretching my boy cunt. Daddy's finger pulled out and suddenly I felt two of his fingers push at my already stretched slut hole and slide deep into the darkness of my love chute. Suddenly I felt a weird but wonderful sensation as Daddy's fuck fingers ran over a small bump deep in my ass that caused immediate and immense sexual pleasure to my whole body as his fingers continued to stretch my pussy wider, finger fucking me and allowing for his big cock to soon take my virginity. I was moaning in delight as his finger fucking felt so wonderful and was driving me to a sexual high never experienced in my short 14 years. "Oh Daddy, I love you! Your fingers feel so nice in me, so warm, so sexy. Don't stop. Don't ever stop making love to your little girl." I moaned and withered in sexual arousal.Daddy slowly pulled his damp fingers from my boy cunt and lifted both of my legs onto his shoulders, giving him and his big, leaking prick the necessary access to my puckered boy cunt. "Ok my little bitch! Time for Daddy to make you my complete girl." Daddy whispered to me as he looked down at me and added "God, Ryan you look so beautiful, especially in your sexy, feminine outfit! Your ass looks so fucking great and I'm going to enjoy taking your cherry! Daddy's going to fuck his little boy bitch!"Daddy moved up closer to me as he glared down at my sexually clad girl body and then I felt the tip of his wet prick rub against my puckered slut hole and I began to pant with the thrill and excitement of knowing I was going to get fucked by my Daddy. It was so wonderful that Daddy was treating me like a little girl -- his little girl -- as he said "You're my little bitch Ryan! And you love it, don't you?" "Yes daddy, I am your bitch. I am your little whore! Fill my tiny hole with your big cock!" I replied.Daddy spread my cheeks apart providing easy access to my tiny puckered anus and pressed his wet cockhead against my puckered tight love ring. I felt the sticky sensation of his wet cockhead as he began to push hard and spread my tight ring slightly open as his wet cockhead finally pierced my tight opening and stretched my ring as his big, wet purple cockhead invaded my asshole as he opened my ass wide for deeper penetration. The pain of his huge tool penetrating and spreading my cunt opening was whipping thru my body but Daddy stopped and waited until the pain had eased and then began to push some more of his cock deeper into my virgin hole until he had about pushed about 4 inches of his hard, throbbing man flesh in my boy cunt. The waves of pain eased and had turned into waves of pleasure. I never dreamed a cock could feel so good in my boy pussy but it was feeling amazingly good, driving me into a sexual frenzy as I wanted to feel all of it fill my tight pussy. I was now feeling like a woman must feel when she gets fuck, only better because it was my Daddy fucking his young son! Daddy pushed some more and then I felt his balls hit my ass and I knew that he had finally Underage Teen Porn managed to slide all the way into my boy pussy and I was able to take his entire 7 inches of uncut, thick and big prick into me and I was now Daddy's lover for any kind of sex he wanted."Oh fuck!" Daddy whimpered. "You're so fucking tight! I can't believe how fucking good you feel. Your cunt is so much tighter and better than Mommy's!" Daddy said as he began to slowly rock back and forth, humping my little ass. I squeezed my anal muscles as tight as I could, causing Daddy's cock to jerk and heard Daddy moan with pleasure as I pushed my ass up against Daddy's invading cock. I loved being impaled by such a beautiful cock.Daddy started to slowly fuck my tight anus with his cock sliding slowly in and out of my stuffed boy pussy and I was now feeling no pain, just happiness and joy. I was in heaven as I reached down and clasped my hand around my dripping hard, uncut boy cock and began sliding my soft foreskin back and forth to Daddy's fuck rhythm. His long, uncut prick was sliding in and out of me as he reached up with his hands, grabbed my ankles off his shoulders and spread my legs wide open so that he could fuck me deeper and with more pleasure. He looked so wonderful as he fucked me with my legs spread wide open. Wonderful sensual waves of pleasure passed thru my body each time that Daddy's cock bottomed out in my ass and rubbed across my lusting prostrate, causing wonderful, electric like sensations shooting throughout my little body and making me gasp for more.Daddy was now breathing harder and again told me how tight and hot his little girl was as he started thrusting and ramming his hard piece of beautiful man flesh into my boy pussy faster and faster with greater passion, force and speed and I started jerking my cock faster and faster to his actions. "Oh Daddy, you're so big and I love feeling you big cock in my tiny boy hole," I said. My words seemed to send Daddy into a fuck frenzy as he starts pounding and ravishing my ass, his ball sack banging off my butt as his cock plunges deeper and deeper into the darkness of my tiny rectum.I felt my Daddy's cock beginning to swell up bigger and bigger as my head became dizzy from all the erotic passion being driven and pounded into me. "I'm coming! Oh yes bitch! I'm cumming! Take it all you fucking slut!" Daddy cried out as his body began to shudder and he pounded my ass so fucking hard and deep, his ball sack bouncing off my ass. I felt his cock throbbing, jerking and pulsating deep inside my ass as his body convulsed and his warm thick, viscid semen spewed deep down in my bowels, spraying the walls of my rectum with repeated ropes of his slimy cum. "Aaaggghhhaaaaa! Oh fuck! Fuck yes! Mmmm" Daddy cried out. The feeling was awesome as I felt the warm gush of sperm entering my belly as my anal muscles began squeezing his pulsating prick and milking his twitching cock of all my Daddy's sweet man sperm as he moaned how much he loved fucking his little girl. I jerked my prick one more time, pulling my foreskin all the way back as I pushed my ass up onto Daddy's jerking prick as my hard boy prick began ejaculating my warm cum high in the air, sending ropes of creamy, white, slimy cum up over my sexy covered body. What an awesome feeling came over me as I realized that my own Daddy had just fucked my virgin asshole, filling me with all of his slimy man juice and made me his bitch forever. It was so wonderful and I knew that I would want lots more of Daddy's big cock as well as trying out some other cocks of my new man friends. I now knew that I just loved being fucked! It was so exciting!Daddy's prick started to melt down as he slumped down over me and released my legs. I could feel his warm sperm spill out of my just fucked pussy. It felt so warm and slimy ..so wonderful sexy. He looked down at me dressed in my silky outfit with my spilt globs of boy cum spotted over the front of my sexy outfit and told me that this was the greatest fuck of his life and that he had his biggest orgasm ever; how much he loved me and how wonderful and tight my boy pussy was; and that his little boy toy was so gorgeous and loveable. He lowered his body down over mine and began lapping up my spent sperm and cleaning my sexy, soiled babydoll. "I love you Honey and want you so much" he whispered breathlessly "...but we had better get cleaned up before our mother suspects something. Later my love, later".More? Comments/Suggestions: Dannyboy4uame2yahoo.com

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