Related article: Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 20:23:05 -0000 From: Nick Subject: Across the Road - Chapter 3Across the RoadThis is the third part of a true story about the gay relationship between a small group of consenting adult males. If this offends you, you are under 18 or it is illegal in your country, please close the file and leave now. Otherwise, read on and enjoy! Chapter 3 - Later that EveningI had decided that on the way home I would go to the local gym. It was only about a mile from my home and going on the way home gave me an excuse not to walk there! I had been a member for about five years so knew quite a few of the regulars. I really did want to keep as fit as I could although I have to admit that the open showers provided an added bonus of being able to take a sneaky peak at the odd dick or attractive ass now and then. I had often noticed that I was not the only member who enjoyed that by any means, although but there was a club rule about any kind of hanky-panky on the premises. That did not seem to stop new found friends from leaving together from time to time, nor were all the dicks in the Preteen Lolita Porn Paysites showers always quite as soft as they might have been.Anyway, I arrived and got changed, noticing that most of the lockers were empty and that there were few people around. After an hour or so in the near-empty gym and the exertions of the last twenty-four hours, I felt truly knackered. I stripped off my kit in the locker room, walked naked as usual to the showers and had a quick rinse down before heading for the sauna. As I entered, I fancied that the two existing occupants moved sharply apart. Both were about my age and certainly pulled their towels well across their groins, a nicety that most members did not bother with. Interestingly, many of the younger members appeared to be Preteen Lolita Porn Paysites the shyest often keeping themselves covered, much to my disappointment. I vaguely knew one of the two men and had more than once noticed him peeking in the showers.I took a seat and asked if I should put some more water on the furnace. I did so and for a few minutes engaged in some idle chat before the stranger left for a shower. I adjusted my dick and scratched my balls a couple of times to see if there was any interest from the other man. I really wasn't that bothered so did not react when he, in turn, fondled his tackle; but I noted the reaction for the future!By now it was gone Preteen Lolita Porn Paysites six o'clock. I showered, dried off, dressed and had a quick drink at the bar before heading home, feeling nicely relaxed.* * * *As I parked my car on the drive, I noticed that only Stewart's car was parked opposite and that he had the bonnet up. I wandered over to see if he had a problem but he was only checking his water, oil and whatever. In spite of the evening chill, he was wearing only flip flops, shorts and a tee-shirt; yet another case of no knickers, I fancy! It wasn't that late really as we had just put our clocks forward an hour, a strange custom invented by the Brits nearly a hundred years ago in an effort to save daylight, one which is now adopted almost world-wide, though how it lengthens the day I have yet to fathom!I coyly asked him if he was now alone after the night of passion. He said that the others had left around noon and that he would be looking for an early night. I caught his glance and said that maybe I would pop over again in a little while. Another glance from Stewart said 'why not?'I walked back across the road and let myself in, switched off the alarm and poured myself a beer before calling my wife. We chatted for ten or fifteen minutes, nothing much of note. She asked how my day had been; my saying it was routine seemed a bit economical with the truth but she did not question it. She had been out all day with her parents and our relatives. They had found a cliff- top pub at which they spent a couple of hours over their Sunday lunch. I told her I had had pizza out of a cardboard box on my desk! She asked what I was planning for the evening and I said there were one or two things I had to catch up on and that was that. I was on a later shift on Monday so I promised to call again in the morning.I drank the beer whilst quickly scanning the Sunday paper, closed some of the curtains and put a few lights on, had a quick pee and one or two other such mundane things. I diverted the phone to my mobile, set the burglar alarm, grabbed a few cold beers from the fridge and went back across the road.Stewart was at the door within seconds of my ringing the bell; he said he had not been watching for me! He was still dressed as I had seen him earlier minus the flip flops. The television was on in the lounge and I followed him in there where I noticed that he had a half drunk beer. He flopped down on the settee and I could clearly see his unencumbered kit up one leg of his rather loose shorts. I was glad I had taken my briefs off before I came over - why was 'no knickers' suddenly the order of the day? He motioned me to sit beside him.Without prompting, he said that he had planned a quiet evening and an early night. I said that I had a similar plan as things had been a bit hectic at work. I thought he might have taken up that point but he didn't and I didn't have to explain! He finished his beer and went out leaving me watching some inane quiz show on the television. I looked through the small pile of videos lying under the TV but they were all of the 'family' variety, no sign of the one from last night.Then I heard Stewart calling me and Preteen Lolita Porn Paysites as I went into the hall, I realised that he was upstairs so I went up. I found him in his room, lying stark naked on the top of a double bed with the gay video playing on his portable television. He was lying back on the pillows with his slender, slightly hairy legs together, fully extended and toes pointed. His neat, uncut cock with its long foreskin was lying at rest to one side of his low-hanging balls, all couched in his thick forest of dark pubic hair trailing up his belly, past his navel towards the centre of his only slightly hairy chest. His darker nipples were standing erect in the centre of their own small copses of hair.Stewart motioned me beside him again; without being bidden, I took off my polo shirt, shoes and socks, and dropped my trousers. Stewart noticed and commented at my lack of underwear; I replied that it seemed to be fashionable and he laughed. I lay on the other side of his bed, both of us bathed in the warm, late evening sunshine streaming through the window. My cock was hardening slightly at the thought of lying there, only inches from another naked man. We watched the video for a few minutes but it soon became boring and I asked Stewart about his friends from last night.Eric, the thin, blonde lad was indeed Scandinavian and worked for the same computer company as Stewart though at a different branch. I was surprised to hear that he had been married to Helga for about two years but that she had been back in Norway for a while. Stewart had never met her but thought it was to do with her job with a paper company but was puzzled as to why she was away so long. He had first met Eric at his company's team building event about eighteen months earlier. The venue was a hotel in the Cotswolds and because it was so small the staff had all had to draw lots for room sharing. Stewart said that he and Eric had ended up together by chance and though he did not elaborate about what had happened that night, it was clear that they had been close friends ever since. Stewart said that Eric was quite well paid and only did his part-time pizza delivery work to distract him from his sexual needs in the absence of his wife. And, I suggested, to give him the opportunity of meeting one or two like minded people from time to time! Stewart gave me a knowing look and as I looked away, I noticed some slight signs of his arousal.Keith, the dark, stocky, rugby player type, with the thick, hairy legs was also from the same, well known company. He was unmarried but apparently greatly fancied by many of his female colleagues as well as some of the men. Stewart had first met him on a Preteen Lolita Porn Paysites training course a few months earlier. They had gone out drinking together one evening and ended up back in Keith's room where they spent the night, Keith not having had much difficulty in achieving his admitted aim of seducing Stewart! Eric, Keith and Stewart soon became good buddies in many senses of the word - as, indeed, I had witnessed!George was an interesting case! I had assumed the previous evening that only Eric had known him before but apparently Stewart had also met him a few weeks earlier at a party Eric had thrown. He too was married but his wife was back in Nigeria minding that end of an import/export business they ran together. They got together only every couple of months and in the meantime George was free to play fast and loose. Stewart marvelled at the size of his neatly cut cock. Having spent several years in that country, I think it might be a racial trait! I had noticed its generous proportions as he was wanking in the kitchen that morning; Stewart was obviously suffering from penis-envy, even though he nothing to worry about! George's, he said, was nine and a half inches long and over six inches round. We both marvelled at George's beautifully smooth, ebony body, near hairless apart from his head and pubes.Somehow, as the sun had dropped, we had slid beneath the covers and were now lying naked, close enough to feel each other's body heat but still a few inches apart. I was so engrossed in the conversation, that all thought of sex had disappeared from my mind; it was so relaxing just to lie there and chat, something I had not done with anyone for years.Well, what surprises did Stewart have to share? I had known him for some time of course and knew more of him from my son. For years while he was away at school, it seemed that he had managed to keep from his parents the fact that he was gay, feeling that he would be spurned. How he kept that up all these years, I don't know but from what he said, he had obviously felt the great stress of it. He had started with the usual schoolboy fumblings but instead of that being a passing phase he had grown to like the gay life and accept that that was his nature. He was willing to try, and seemed to enjoy most things, except what Preteen Lolita Porn Paysites he described to me as 'brown' and 'yellow', activities for which I had to seek the translation. I don't think I could get any satisfaction from someone taking a dump on me or pissing in my mouth, either.Eventually, when he had come back to live home, Stewart had had a late night tête-à-tête with his father and confessed all. His father knew already, of course, as seems to be the way of fathers. I remember having some short lived doubts about my own son, Bill, when he was in his early teens, doubts soon dispelled when he began to bring his first girl friends home. Anyway, Stewart's father had been very supportive of him but could not accept the idea of Stewart having boy friends at home. His mother was not so accepting of the situation and it seemed that there was a constant tension between her and her only son. He would not elaborate but it obviously upset him greatly; he was close to tears as he clung to me. Our naked bodies were pulled tightly together, not in any sexual way, but to give him the security he needed. He had obviously been waiting a long time to tell someone, anyone, about the strained relationship he had with his mother.Stewart was absolutely adamant that he had only ever practised only safe sex. He had a few long term friends, some of whom I had now met but basically his sex life consisted of little more than furtive wanking or sucking sessions on the very rare occasions he got the opportunity.He had never been with a woman and asked me Preteen Lolita Porn Paysites what it was like. He wanted to know all the anatomical details; apparently, in spite of being a computer buff, he had never sought these out from the internet. I wasn't complaining about his curiosity because it gave me the opportunity to touch him in various places, something he seemed to appreciate too. I have never been one for kissing men, at least not on the lips but we tried it out, discovering that it was something Stewart was not particularly interested in either. We nibbled each other's ear lobes and explored each other's necks; judging on the effect this had on his hitherto limp dick, this was an area he was much more interested in!We talked about bosoms and nipples; I tried to cup his manly bosoms like I might a woman's, nuzzling and nibbling his hard brown nipples and gently sandpapering them with my stubbly chin. As we explored each other's chests and underarms, he began to do the same to me, which for the first time this evening began to arouse a tingling sensation in my groin. I appreciated his fresh but musky odour and he seemed to enjoy licking my newly showered armpits.I continued my demonstration down from his chest, gently nuzzling the fine hairs that trailed southwards towards his navel. He began to giggle gently as I approached it and then suddenly rolled me over, came on top of me and began to do the same to me. The emotion of sadness as we talked about his mother a few minutes earlier had been replaced by those of discovery and joyfulness. As his tongue reached my navel, he began to probe into it gently, sending me ecstatic. After just a few seconds, before he could carry me over the edge, it was my turn to flip him over and deliver the same treatment.I soon continued my journey downwards, getting alongside him almost into the classic '69' position, teasing his now throbbing dick and balls with my tongue. I sensed he was on the brink, so I flipped back to lie alongside him, our arms around each other's necks. We relaxed and I reminded him that I was supposed to be making love to him as I might to a woman and leaned over to nibble gently on his ear lobes and then his hardened nipples before rolling back alongside him.I put my right hand on the inside of his right leg, just above his knee and slowly moved it upwards. I placed my second finger on the hardening base of his cock, just behind his balls. I told him that is where I would be playing next if he were a woman. He opened his legs a little and took my hand in his and moved my finger to his ass. I moved it gently round the rim of his hole a few times and felt his ring muscles twitching. Meanwhile Stewart produced a tube of lubricant from somewhere and squeezed a little of it around his hole before gently pushing my finger into it. His ass rose slightly from the bed as my finger went in to its full length. I held it there for a moment and then worked it slowly back and forth past his prostate a few times before sliding it almost right out and then in again, only this time with my forefinger as well.I worked my fingers well into his ass, perhaps some fifteen or twenty times and then rolled his prostate between them. This was too much; with a sudden yelp, his back arched, his ass left the bed and half a dozen shots of sticky white spunk shot from his rampant dick, hitting the headboard, the pillow, his face and his chest. A faint dribble oozed from his already softening cock onto his stomach as he sank back on to the bed.I could not resist licking the sweet, sticky fluid from his face, from his chest and finally his stomach. He muttered something incoherent about being grateful to have someone to talk to about his feelings before he slipped into a deep peaceful sleep. It was only then that I realised that my dick was barely aroused; such had been the intensity of my making love to Stewart, making sure that he was satisfied, that I didn't even have a hard on! Looking down at the naked, sleeping body beside me soon sorted that out. I began to imagine that he was doing to me what I had done for him. In no time at all, my cock was hard and throbbing. I reached over and adjusted the position of his dick as its head retracted into the ample foreskin and covered his naked body as I slipped out of bed.I went into his en-suite bathroom and was a bit surprised to find a near life size picture of a very handsome, tanned, athletic, naked young man hanging on the back of the door. Whoever he was, he was near the front of the queue when the tackle was being handed out. He had a neat, uncut cock lying just a tad hard over a pair of beautiful balls, the left slightly larger and lower than his right. Obviously, Stewart's mother didn't clean in here - or perhaps she did?Anyway, I lost no time in losing yet another load of spunk from my aching balls. I couldn't remember the time when I had cum so many times, in so many places, in such varied circumstances as I had in the past 24 hours or so! I rinsed my mouth out under the tap, waited until my cock subsided a little and took a leak before returning to Stewart's bedroom. He was still asleep, lying on his back, snoring gently as I had left him covered with just the sheet, the outline of his dick clearly visible.I slipped gently into the bed beside him, covered my naked body and was soon soundly asleep myself.*****Stewart woke first in the morning; I woke to find him still half asleep, looking at me in a puzzled manner, as if to say, 'What is this man doing in my bed?'. He quickly remembered and embraced me, our naked chests grinding together as he pressed his groin against my hip. We stayed in that position for perhaps a minute before I became aware of the pressing need to empty my bladder.I eased myself away from Stewart, rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom, not even thinking of closing the door. Just as I got to full stream, I felt warmth behind me and a pair of hands reached around me to replace the ones pointing my dick at the pan. As I finished what I had to do, there were a few gentle shakes before I felt my foreskin being eased back to expose my knob. He quickly moved to kneel in front of me, took my dick in his mouth and expertly worked it to its full hardness.Stewart worked on my knob for just a couple of minutes before I knew I was just going to have to cum again. He sensed this, kept up his pace and was happy to take my load into his mouth and own his throat.I was embarrassed as he said that was to thank me for last night. We held each other tightly for a few seconds. We broke and I quickly fondled his tackle, but there was no time for that now, we both had to get to work.Stewart got in the shower. I tapped him playfully on the butt as he closed the door, then quickly dressed, slipped, hopefully unnoticed by the neighbours, back across the road, undressed, shaved, showered, had a quick breakfast, washed up, had a dump, got dressed and was out to work in thirty-five minutes, wondering what the day would bring.To be continued; if you liked my story so far, let me know, tell me what it did for you - mailto:nakednick2btinternet.com

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