Related article: Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 14:51:55 +0530 From: Wohi wohanvi Subject: A few weeks in Karachi Part IIA few weeks in Karachi Wohi WohanviDon't read this story if you are not of age or if you are offended by descriptions of sex between males. The story is loosely based on events that took place many years ago when it was still okay to have sex without protection. Today, characters of this story, in similar circumstances would practice safe sex. So should the reader._________ Part II. The WatchmanMy uncle lived in a posh area with tree-lined avenues, Pedo Tube large Californian type houses with lawns and some office buildings. This was a neighbourhood that was relatively new and one could see many houses still under construction with temporary huts for workers. My uncle had two young children. Both he and his wife were warm and hospitable. I was happy being with them, eager to know what the city had to offer.My uncle's residence was a double storied house. He lived on the first floor while an army officer lived on the ground floor. The house had two entrances. Ours was at the back and one used stairs that also led to the terrace. I was put up in the guest room near the entrance door. On one side it overlooked the lawn and a formal garden that was part of the downstairs house. Pedo Tube On the other side was the bathroom and through its window I could look at a set of rooms built for the domestic help.In a few days I got a feel for the area. At walking distance from my uncle's house was a small hill that was flat at the top. There was a dirt road going there and often people drove up, parked to get Pedo Tube a view of the city in evenings and enjoy the sea breeze.I discovered that most construction sites had Pathan workers who also lived there in small shacks and had their own tea and food joints. I thought those might yield some willing men; it seemed worth exploring though risky. Closer at home, I discovered that my uncle and his downstairs neighbour jointly employed a Pathan as a night watchman who lived on the premise. He came on duty in the evenings and had his days off. All this I learnt from my aunt and the domestic help. I decided to take a look at him one day to find what he looked like.I bumped into him the very next morning. At around 6am the bell rang and woke me. When I opened the entrance door I saw a man going up to the terrace. There were newspapers lying on the doorstep. On seeing me, the man stopped, came back and greeted me. I looked at him enquiringly."I am the watchman finishing my duty. Every morning I leave the newspapers here and ring the bell", he explained politely and then added, "You must be the guest from India". I nodded and smiled back.He was definitely good looking. Medium height, athletic built, he had a thick, clipped moustache and eyebrows that were joined, giving him an intense look. His eyes were large and had thick black eyelashes. Like most Pathans, he had a sharp nose, full red lips and high colouring. Three day of stubble added to his appeal. He spoke with the accent that I now recognized. He wore a black traditional suit and I could see his chest hair from the open neck of his shirt.He too was looking at me. What he thought of my lithe body, longish hair, boyish appearance and fair skin could not be read from his expression. I guessed his age to be about 30. To make him stay there as long as I could I started asking him questions that he didn't at all seem to mind answering.His name was Shams and he was really employed by the army officer downstairs; my uncle simply paid half his salary. He had been with the colonel for many years and was treated almost as family. He lived in a room on the terrace where he was going now to get some sleep, and not with the other staff. There was another staircase that could take him directly to the downstairs flat. The main one he used only in the morning, leaving the newspapers at our doorsteps."I would like to get a view from the terrace some time"; I announced and then added quickly, "If it is okay with you and when it is convenient".He looked at me for a few seconds before answering, "There is no view from there but if you wish to come, I will leave the door open. You can come in the afternoon". He added, looking into my eyes, "I would be free and there will be no disturbance. You could see whatever you wish to", he added looking into my eyes.I blushed and nodded silently. He climbed the stairs and was gone. My heart was beating a little fast and I was sure I had got myself a date, my first in Karachi.__________________We had some people for lunch who left at around 2.30pm. I went to my room and took a shower and wore my jeans without wearing underwear. I wore a loose shirt, keeping half the buttons undone. I waited for nearly 40 minutes and then quietly came out of the house. The door was kept closed but unlocked during the day. I climbed upstairs and came to door that was closed shut. I wondered if I should knock but then decided against it and pushed the door. It wasn't bolted and opened. I entered the sun filled terrace. It was bare except for a clothesline stretched across the width of the terrace. Beyond it was room. Next to the room was the toilet with the door closed. I couldn't see the door of the room because of the clothes hanging. I stood there not knowing what to do next when the toilet door opened and Shams emerged in just a pair of briefs, some washed clothes in his hands. He couldn't see me and started hanging the washing on the clothesline.I could clearly see his strong legs, the bulge under his red briefs and a trim waist with a line of hair disappearing into the briefs. It was a great view and my heart was already racing. I then cleared my throat and Shams looked over the washing at me. His expression was quite cool and he bent under the clothesline and came up to me and greeted me."I hope I am not disturbing you", I said weakly.He took my hand in his and shook it. Holding my hand, he led me towards his room silently, opened it and asked me to sit on the only chair there was. I sat and looked around. The room smelt strongly of some perfume or hair oil and cigarettes. He sat on the unmade bed. There were some pictures of shrines on the walls and on the table some artificial flowers in a bottle. The room was very masculine in its feel and smelt masculine too. I was getting turned on by it."It is too hot to stand on the terrace and look around", Shams said. "We should wait till the sun goes down"."What time do you have to go on duty?"He smiled showing very white and even teeth. It was an attractive smile; "I am on duty, always. And I can take time out when I want. Today you are my guest. You tell me what I can do for you. After that I will go for my duty". He looked at me meaningfully and continued to smile.I looked at him. His bulge seemed to have grown. I smiled back. "How do I know what you can offer as a host?" I said coyly."Come here and I will tell you", he said and gestured me to sit next to him. I got up and sat on the bed. He put his arm around my waist, pulling me towards him. My mouth was dry with excitement and I was beginning to get hard. I put my hand between his legs and felt his hard cock through the material of his briefs and asked, "What is that?""Why don't you find out?" he smiled and put my hand inside his briefs. His cock was rock hard and I could feel its strength. I could also feel coarse hair. I held his cock in my hand and took it out of the briefs. It was thick and quite big, though not monstrous. He got up and putting his thumbs under the waistband, took off his briefs and stood in front of me completely naked.I looked at his naked body with lust. He had a firm proportionate body, not too muscular, supple and no extra fat. He had chest hair that tapered towards his navel and then became a thick black bush from which rose his erect phallus, looking like a weapon without its foreskin. It tilted upward and had an oversized head. His balls were large and covered with hair. He walked towards me, his cock right in my face.He watched as I held his rigid cock in my hand and took the head into my mouth, closing my lips around the shaft. He thrust forward, filling my mouth with his shaft, his balls touching my chin. I nearly chocked but then took control and began to suck him gently, my tongue moving right under the sensitive ridge of the head. He started to groan and pushed my head towards him with his hand; I didn't think he had been sucked like that before.After a long time he took out his cock that glistened with my saliva and made me lie down on the bed, pushing my shoulders. He was in a hurry to take off my clothes. Soon I was naked and he was running his hands all over my body, his eyes looking at me hungrily. He bent and took my left nipple in his mouth and bit softly. I moaned as I felt his warm tongue lick it.My legs were now spread and Shams was sitting between them on his knees. His cock was pointing towards me as if it wanted to attack. Shams put his strong hands underneath my knees, lifted my legs and bent them towards my shoulders. He then removed his hands and I kept my legs open with my own hands, offering my exposed pussy to him. His expression told me he could see the prize clearly. He spat on his hand and rubbed saliva on his cock. He spat again, this time to moisten my hole. He then put the knob of his cock on my hole and pushed a little. I could feel my pussy yielding to his hard cock as it went in slowly.Shams had an intense expression on his face, his eyes locked with mine as his cock slid in. He was breathing hard with his mouth open. I felt the walls of my chute yielding as it took the phallus in eagerly. The pleasure of being entered by a hard, thick cock cannot be described and when the cock belongs to a handsome man with a hard body, this pleasure is enhanced many times.Soon Shams had buried his entire shaft into me and I could feel his thick bush tickling my ass cheeks. Shams's face looked hot and flushed with passion; he was obviously enjoying his cock being inside a tight, moist and hot pussy. That pleasure too cannot be expressed in words, as men have told me.He began to fuck me, initially very slowly and then with rhythmic long strokes that drove me crazy. I responded by biting his shoulder and scratching his back. Occasionally I would grip his hard muscular butt that provided the thrusts to his phallus to go deep into me. I was impressed by the skilled manner in which he fucked. He was no novice.He was now covered with sweat and his lips were parted and looked moist. His cock continued to shaft me rhythmically. He was going in deeply, and I wished him to go on and on. He was not in any hurry to finish and was in control of everything so he just carried on as if knowing what I wanted.We were both looking at each other, silently, the faces communicating our feelings. I lifted my head to kiss his mouth but he seemed reluctant. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, rolling it around. He couldn't resist that and bent and put his mouth over mine. I pushed my tongue in and opened my mouth wide, encouraging him to invade my mouth with his tongue. This was new to him but eventually he was kissing me passionately, his tongue entering as deep as it could. His cock didn't stop while he kissed me back, biting my lower lip, his hands pressing my body to his.Suddenly he started to fuck me harder; slamming in the last inch or so of his steel hard cock into my pussy. Every time he slammed into me, I pushed myself forward to make him penetrate deep and squeezed my ass muscles to grip him tighter. He didn't go on too long and shot himself inside me, his hot cum filling me.We lay there panting hard, our bodies covered with sweat, my legs wrapped around him and my arms holding him tight. He had buried his face under my neck and I could feel his hot breath. His cock Pedo Tube was still quite hard. I would have liked him to keep it inside me but he withdrew it as soon as he could and then wiped it with Pedo Tube the corner of the rumpled bed sheet and sat up. I kept lying there, naked with my legs open, stroking my hard cock to reach climax. Shams was looking at it with a smile on his face and then he came near and lay with my back to him, rubbing his soft cock against my crack and holding me by waist.As I came close to the climax I asked him to hold me tight. He did that and also pushed his genitals into me, rubbing my shoulder with his chin. As I came, he held me tight, rubbing his body against mine, biting softly into my shoulder.It was very quiet. We lay there, our legs intertwined, my back towards him. We started talking. He told me he was married and his wife and the son stayed in the village. Most men from his region enjoyed sex with younger men. In Karachi his friends sometimes found a boy who was willing to get fucked by a group of men and then they all had a party at one of the friends' room. I asked him if he ever hosted such a party. He hesitated and then admitted that once or twice his friends and he had used this room for the purpose."Who was he?" I wanted to know, "And how many of you fucked him?"There were five of them and he was the son of a very senior army officer. He was only sixteen and was available to almost everyone, according to Shams. I started imagining myself being with five virile men and found the idea exciting, to my shock."How did you find him?" I asked, visualizing a sixteen year old boy being gang banged. I started getting turned on by the thought. I turned towards Shams and put one of my legs between his. He didn't mind at all and squeezed my leg with his strong legs.He hesitated again and then told me the story. _____________________________________I have been working with the four years. He is a good employer and his wife is very nice to me. Initially I used to do all the housework for them and used to sleep inside the house. After they adopted a child, I was made the watchman and a woman was employed for the housework. This happened about three years ago. Before that they used to be out a lot and the wife visited her family for months, leaving her husband alone.One evening when his wife was away the Colonel told me he had invited two friends over to spend the night here and asked me to make the beds in the guest room. He instructed me to cook dinner for them too. One guest was a Major in the army, about 35 - five years younger than the Colonel. The other guest was a young boy about 16. The boy was very beautiful to look at. He was slim, very light skinned, almost like a foreigner, and had blue eyes and red lips. He seemed shy and didn't say much. I thought he was the Major's son.The adults had drinks before dinner while the boy sat with them, not doing much. After dinner I put everything away and left them in the living room and went to the room where I slept on a cot.It must have been 2am when some noise woke me. I heard some odd noises coming from the Colonel's bedroom and got up to find out. Just as I reached the door, I heard someone laugh and then the boy groan. It didn't sound like he was in pain. And then I heard the Colonel moan and say something obscene. It was obvious that he was having sex. I decided to find out. There was a French window in his bedroom opening into the garden and so I tiptoed out into the garden hoping the window curtains would not be pulled. They were not and I could clearly see into the bedroom, standing behind a tree.On the double bed the boy was lying naked on his side. Behind him was the colonel, also naked, his huge cock moving in and out of the boy's hole. He was moaning and also talking softly. The boys hole was stretched to its limits and the cock slid in and out very slowly. The major was reclining, his cock fucking the boy's mouth, treating it as a pussy. His cock too was thick and the boy's mouth Pedo Tube was barely able to take it in. The boy's delicate pale body contrasted with the dark, muscular and hairy bodies of two grown up men. The sight gave me an instant hard-on and I started stroking my cock as the two men fucked the boy.I watched them for a long time. The two men first switched places and then fucked the boy in different positions. The boy was totally passive and allowed them to do whatever they wished to. At one point when the major took his cock out from the boy's hole, I could see that it had been fucked a lot and not just by those two men; this boy's pussy was really open wide and the hole seemed big.Eventually I returned to my room and had to jerk off before sleeping. The next morning I was in the kitchen when the boy came in. He looked tired and his lips were puffed. He wore a robe that was loosely tied with a cord. I could see he was naked underneath. He wanted some water that I poured for him. He stood there drinking. He noticed I was looking at him. He sized me up, smiled and put one of his legs on a stool. The robe parted and I could see his naked thigh all the Pedo Tube way to his crotch. I couldn't help staring and recalled what I had seen last night. I started getting hard.The boy opened his robe and stood there, showing me his hairless body. He had a narrow waist and slender thighs. His nipples were small and pink. I could see love marks on his neck. He had shaved his bush.I swallowed hard and continued to stare. He winked and walked towards me. When he was close he extended his hand and got hold of my already hard cock under my pyjamas and began to rub it. I stood there frozen and let him do what he was doing. Eventually he made me take him to my room where I fucked him. I fucked hard and was so excited and nervous that I came within five minutes.The boy left with the major but would return now and then to spend time with the colonel. Whenever there was an opportunity, he would get me to fuck him. I think he told the colonel about me who was quite happy to have someone to share his secret life with. Occasionally he would tell me about meeting young men and would also ask me to confide in him. Once or twice I got him someone to fuck. We are almost like friends now even though I am his employee.On one of the occasions after spending the night with the colonel, I took the boy to my room and invited some friends too. We spent several hours taking turns fucking him. He loved it and keeps asking me to arrange orgy. ____________ By the time Shams finished telling me the story he was hard, his cock poking me in my stomach. My leg was firmly between his legs and one of his legs was draped possessively over mine, entrapping me. When he was telling me about that boy, I was imagining myself to be in his place, enjoying the idea of being used by men for their pleasure. I too was getting hard.Shams was getting ready to get into action when someone called his name and the door that he had not bothered to bolt opened and someone barged in. He exclaimed at the sight that met his eyes and stopped in his track. I had my back to him so couldn't see him at all.Both Shams and I reacted instinctively. Our bodies jerked and I hid my face, clinging to Shams's hairy chest. He held me tight and with a quick movement of his hand, covered us with a sheet. He obviously new the visitor; his face didn't show any surprise or concern. In a casual and friendly tone he greeted the man and asked him to wait outside for a minute. The man obliged and went out.Shams turned to me and said, "I didn't know he was coming. He is a close friend and I have no secrets from him. And now he would not want to leave; he would want to fuck you too. If you don't want, I will have to make some excuse but it would be difficult to convince him. Or, if you don't mind then…" Shams smiled knowingly, looking into my eyes.I understood but was a bit confused. One part of me wanted to get out but I also felt tempted to have sex with two guys in this situation. I wondered if Shams had arranged this man Pedo Tube to come and if there was someone else also coming. Is this to be a replay of what they planned with that boy, I asked myself. I looked at Shams but couldn't tell anything from his expression. I asked, "Is he alone or are there others?"Shams smiled, "Don't think I planned it. But if you want, my friend can get more men. Would you like that?""No, no. Please but now that your friend is here…." I left the sentence incomplete. Shams smiled and covering me with the sheet he called out, asking his friend to come in.The man who entered the room was shorter and more youthful than Shams. He wore the same traditional clothes and a closely clipped beard and short hair. His eyes were sharp and narrow and a nose with a high bridge. Like many pathans he looked intense and rugged.Shams and the new comer spoke to each other in their mother tongue. After some time things got sorted out and he took off his shirt revealing a well-developed torso with a broad chest tapering to a narrow waist. Under the gathers of his loose trousers I could already see a bulge. Quickly he untied the drawstring and dropped his trousers and stepped out naked. He was not at all self-conscious about being naked in front of Shams. He was looking at me all the time. He then stroked his cock that was swiftly getting hard. It was well shaped and impressive in size, rising from a clipped bush. Soon his cock was hard and pointing straight at me. Shams said something in Pashto and he smiled. He then came and sat next to both of us.Soon he was trying to enter me from the side while Shams held my leg high, with his hand under my knee. I heard his friend spit and a little later felt the knob of his cock rubbing over my hole. He inserted a finger in my pussy just to make sure and then removing it, pushed his cock in with some force. I gasped. His cock was thicker than I had guessed. He pushed more as Shams helped him enter by raising my leg a little higher. I could feel the entire length of his rod go into my pussy. Shams had already lubricated it with him cum so his friend had no difficulty reaching his target. He said something and Shams smiled and nodded in agreement. He was hard as rock now and was rubbing his cock on my belly. I was hard too. I clutched both our cocks and began stroking. After a while he dragged himself up till his cock was in my face. I opened my mouth and he promptly filled it with his cock.His friend, whose name I never learned, continued to fuck me with deep strokes and holding me with his hand around my waist. Now he was holding my leg high. I felt wonderful, being shared by two virile men, bonding them closer by making them use my body together. A part of me started imagining other friends joining in, watching us. I was now very hard and leaking pre cum."I want to fuck him now", Shams said in a voice heavy with lust. His friend grumbled but I could sense him slowing down and then withdraw his tool. He sat up and called Shams over. They switched positions. Shams was inside me now, his cock going in and out slowly while his friend was now facing me. His cock, out of my pussy, went into my mouth, fucking it rhythmically. I could see he had powerful and shapely thighs and a bubble butt. I extended my hand gripping his butt. It was muscular and firm and was providing the thrusts that made his cock fuck my mouth.For nearly an hour Shams and his friend took turns fucking me. They fucked me doggie style, and then Shams's friend lay down flat on the bed and made me ride his cock. I was carrying out their orders passively, feeling like a slave. Their muscular hard bodies were glistening with sweat as they continued to fuck me and use my mouth.The friend came first, inside my pussy. He kept coming for a long time. Some of it leaked down my leg. He fell on me, his weight pinning me down to the bed. I could feel his hot and muscular body pressing me, his cock still inside me. Shams watched him, stroking his cock that looked red, angry Pedo Tube and hungry for my pussy. Almost immediately after the friend had taken out his semi hard cock from my pussy, Shams entered me again and fucked me really hard till he came inside me, his semen combining with his friend's inside my pussy. Very soon he took out his still hard tool, leaving me there, my ass in the air, oozing cum of two men. Shams then cleaned me up using the sheet. His friend said something and laughed. Shams translated with a smile, "My friend says I shouldn't bother because you can't get pregnant".I didn't want to get up, so lovely was the feeling of being with these gorgeous men who had great looking bodies and eager cocks. I kept admiring their bodies as they dressed again. The friend sat on the chair and lit a cigarette while shams found some clothes to wear. I got up and put my clothes on. Shams's friend kept looking at me and then signalled me to come and sit on his lap. I did and he held me Pedo Tube tight, offering me his cigarette. I put my arm around his neck and tried to kiss him but he didn't want that.Shams said, "I don't think there is time for another round. We should go now". I sighed and got up to go."When are we meeting again?" I enquired."Me or both of us?" Shams grinned as he asked me the question."Whatever you decide", I said, opening my arms.Then he got serious and requested me to keep the story he told me to myself. Then he smiled and asked me, "Would you like to meet the Colonel?"My heart started to beat. Shams could read my expression and said, "I will tell him about you but won't tell him where you live or who you are. If he is interested, I will inform you, okay?" I just nodded and after hugging both friends, left and came down. No one had noticed my absence and I went into my room to take a shower and change. ______________

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