Related article: Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 03:17:50 +0000 From: Jacob Latson Subject: Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 26Disclaimer:This story will describe the life of John Miller from his time as a divorced man who has been devastated by the divorce and into a new life of wealth. This story will include descriptions of male sex, including M/M, M/T, M/b, T/b and b/b. If stories involving sex between consenting males of all ages, including mainly gay sex, offends you, go back to the Archives and pick a different story for your reading pleasure. Don't expect constant descriptions of erotic sex in this story. I always want to develop a plot and characters Underage Girls Pussy before the hot action starts.There has been minimal research for this story therefore, names, places, and events are mostly fictitious and similarities to real life are coincidental.Some companies and organizations mentioned actually exist, but references to the activities, policies, programs and procedures are fictitious. This story will include references to the United States government, the FBI, CIA and other agencies. Any references are purely fictional, and only used to develop the plot and characters.Bill has edited my work for free, and I really appreciate what he has done for me!! Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 26 Arrowhead John walked into Butch's office and was honest with the man that he had chosen to be his Chief of Security. He loved fishing on Long Lake, but was intrigued about what James Stanton had bought at the Arrowhead property."I want to go to Northern Michigan where we've some problems with the locals," John said to Butch. "From what Helen told me, we had a property manager who quit because two of Underage Girls Pussy his sons were beaten by members of the Walker and Longhurst clans. The area is supposed to be a sportsman's dream with trophy bass, pike, walleye, sturgeon and a special strain of whitetail deer. I'd like to go there and see the lodge and wet a line if you don't object. While I'm there, I'll try to find a new property manager.""Helen told me about the problems up there," Butch said. "Those two families are poachers and drug dealers from what I've found out. The local law officers are afraid of those two families, and no one in the area has the guts to confront them.""I need a break from the stress of everything, and I just want to go fishing and see if the area's good for me and my deer hunting friends," John replied."I don't like the idea of you going into an area with a bunch of shitheads!" Butch said. "If you insist on going there, I want you to promise to wear your body armor and let my men protect you."John agreed with Butch's plans, and left to return to his office. He knew the time difference between Detroit and the Czech Republic, and wanted to call Kvetka and then talk to Nicky."Proud Les Domo, this is Kvetka, how may I help you?" Kvetka said.John was surprised that Kvetka was speaking in English, and he quickly tried to talk to her in Czech. "This is John, and I want to know if everything's okay with you and a special boy.""Everything here's wonderful!" Kvetka replied. She was working hard to improve her English speaking skills, and was thrilled that John had called. "We recorded the announcement of your new job and showed the video to everyone! We are all excited to see you, Christina and Philippe on the television!""How is my boy?" John asked."I sent a girl to get Nicklas so he can talk to you," Kvetka said. "He's a wonderful young boy and he can't wait for his surgery!"John talked to Kvetka and loved hearing about the improvements in the living conditions for the children. Trucks were arriving daily with new equipment and things that the children needed, and he was thrilled. He wished that he was there to meet each truck and see the faces of his children, but he would have to wait until he was ready to join Nicky for the important surgery."John, I love you!" Nicky exclaimed when he took the phone from Kvetka."I love you more!" John replied when he heard the raspy voice of his little lover. He knew that Nicklas couldn't understand English, so John struggled to speak Czech to his young lover. Hearing Nicky's voice made him wish that he could transport himself to the orphanage so he could hug and kiss the red haired boy. He listened to Nicky describe his soccer team and many things that John couldn't understand because the boy was talking so fast in Czech that John's mind was confused."Will you be with me in Prague for the surgery?" Nicky Underage Girls Pussy asked. His life had been filled with disappointments, and he prayed that John wouldn't break his promise to be with him."I have a few things to take care of here in Michigan, but I promise you that I'll be with you for the surgery," John said. "I love you so much, and I can't wait until I can hold you in my arms again!""I want to fuck!" Nicky said in English. He was trying to learn more English so he could talk to John, and had only learned a few sentences from Yuri and the other boys."We make love, not fuck!" John reminded Nicklas. He tried to translate what Underage Girls Pussy he had just said, but his language skills failed him.The conversation lasted over 30 minutes, and John was exhausted when the call ended. He was still struggling with his Czech language skills, and wished that he were able to understand all of what Nicky had said to him.John went to his home on Long Lake and started packing for the trip to Northern Michigan. He knew that the grandfather of James Stanton had purchase the property a long time ago and had stocked the lake with sturgeon and walleyes, and had also imported whitetail deer from breeding stock in Texas. The deer had been brought in before the Michigan Game Laws took effect that made it illegal. The property consisted of over 6,000 acres of prime land that included an 800-acre lake, lodge and a home for the caretaker. He didn't know anything about the lodge or its contents, so he collected his fishing tackle and thought about taking his small aluminum boat. He changed his mind and decided he would buy a boat and motor in Onaway, the closest town, if necessary.Mike was going to visit some friends instead of traveling north with John and four bodyguards: Derek Kaufman, Lindsey Smith, Lou Williams and Ross Johnson, the four men who had visited the Czech Republic with John. Mike made John a Manhattan and sat with his boss to talk about their next trip to Europe."I'd like to spend a week up north and Underage Girls Pussy then fly to Prague," John said to Mike. "I want to spend some time at the orphanage before we take Nicky to the hospital for his surgery. After Nicky's surgery, Philippe wants me to go with him to Dubai, but I'm not looking forward to that trip.""Is it safe for you to travel in the Middle East?" Mike asked. "I'll join you if you don't mind.""It should be safe, but Philippe warned me that the royal families in the Middle East countries are difficult to deal with," John said. "They love to flaunt their wealth with solid gold telephones, huge mansions covered with gold leaf, and exotic furniture. When we raise our prices for furnishings, they never complain and actually brag about the cost. Philippe warned me that some of the sheiks have tried to buy the Sea & Jungle IV and were insulted when James Stanton refused to even consider the sale. Did you know that they even built an indoor snow skiing hill? Imagine what that costs to maintain snow when the outside temperature is 130 degrees!"John finished his drink and said goodnight to Mike. John and Mike were frequent sex partners, but they also valued their privacy and often slept alone in their own rooms.The next morning, John wanted to get an early start on the trip to Northern Michigan, and he had invited his bodyguards to have breakfast with him and Mike. After a hearty breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs, waffles, orange juice and steaming coffee, the five men left in two Suburbans. They arrived in Onaway and decided to go to the property before shopping for groceries.When they drove past the caretaker's house, they saw that several windows were broken and the yard was overgrown with weeds and tall grass. Derek Kaufman was driving the first Suburban, and he turned off the main road when he saw the sign "Arrowhead Lake, Private Property". He drove up to the gate and used the code that John gave him to open the massive wrought iron gates. The concrete driveway curved through the trees and led along the shore of the beautiful lake before winding over a hill to the lodge. "This isn't a driveway, it's a paved road!" Derek exclaimed.All of the men were shocked when they saw the huge rustic lodge. It was made of pine logs and was three stories tall with huge balconies that wrapped around the exterior."Holy Shit!" Derek exclaimed when he saw the lodge for the first time. "I thought that we'd be roughing it in a fishing camp, but I never dreamed that this place would be so beautiful.""I'm pleasantly surprised, but when you think about the other properties that James Stanton owned, he always went first class!" John said. "Let's get inside and see what we need from town."John had the security code for the front doors, and walked inside the Arrowhead Lodge for the first time. The great room was huge, with a gigantic fireplace, bar and spectacular view of the pristine lake. All of the walls were made of knotty pine, with oak flooring, chandeliers made of antlers and Underage Girls Pussy the finest furniture and furnishings that the Sea & Jungle stores ever sold. The winding stairway that led to the upper two levels was made of pine logs with pine railings."Look at these walls!" Lindsey said. "They must be two feet thick!""These windows are made of Lexan, and must be three inches thick!" Ross added. "They're bullet proof!""This isn't a lodge, it's built like a bank vault!" Lou exclaimed.The men toured the huge lodge and marveled at the rustic furnishings. The favorite room was the game room where they found two pool tables, a ping-pong table, video games and a large screen television with surround sound speakers. The long bar was made of Birdseye maple with black walnut accents and was fully stocked with every brand of liquor, wine and champagne. The formal dining room could easily seat 60 people at the black walnut table that glistened in the afternoon sunlight that was streaming in from the panoramic view of the lake. The kitchen looked like it was large enough for a five star restaurant, with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and a parquet floor made of several different types of exotic wood."God, this place is beautiful!" John exclaimed when he looked around and then walked up to the sliding door that led out on the balcony. He tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge."Look at this!" Derek said. He pushed a button on the wall and the heavy door slid open. "These doors are built like a vault, and with the thick Lexan they must weigh a ton! I've never seen anything like this!""Let's take a walk down to the lake," John suggested. "I see what must be a boat house down there! Maybe I won't have to buy a boat so I can get out and see what I can catch!"When they got to the boathouse, John punched in the security code and they walked inside. Again they were shocked when they found another bar area that could comfortably entertain at least 20 guests with beautiful leather furniture and rustic walls and floors. There was a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom that included a hot tub. Sitting on boatlifts were two 20-foot Champion bass boats and a large pontoon boat."These boats must fly!" John said when he saw the 250 horsepower outboard engines. He climbed aboard one of the boats and saw that the fuel tank was full. He opened the hatch to expose the batteries for the trolling motor and checked the batteries for proper water level. "We need distilled water to top off the batteries before we charge them," John said. "We need to make a list of what we need from town besides groceries.""You didn't need to bring your fishing tackle," Lou said when he opened a wooden panel. Behind the panel was a long rack of rods and reels and shelves that held over 20 tackle boxes.John started opening the tackle boxes and saw every conceivable artificial lure for fishing for bass, pike, and walleye. He noticed that there were several heavy-duty fishing rods, and correctly guessed that they Underage Girls Pussy were used to fish for sturgeon."I'd like to live right here!" Derek said. "Look at the doors that open up to the lake! These are blast-proof doors!""Let's go back and see the rest of the lodge," John said.When they went back inside the lodge, they decided to use the elevator to go to the top floor and work their way down to the main level. When the elevator opened up, the men were in a hallway that led to the most beautiful master bedroom that they had ever seen! Huge picture windows gave breathtaking views of the lake and woods. The gigantic bed was made of pine logs and could easily sleep five people! Connected to the bedroom was a huge bathroom that had a shower room, sauna and Jacuzzi tub.Derek pushed the button to open the sliding doors that led out on the huge deck and noticed something strange. He opened a small but very heavy panel and was shocked! "This is a gun port!" he exclaimed."I saw that same type of panel next to the other windows and doors on the main level," Lou added. "It looks like someone wanted this place in case of a Soviet invasion!"The top level of the lodge also had a sitting room, a library with shelves of rare books and a bar area with another large screen television and collection of DVD movies. John punched in the security code on a keypad and opened a panel. Inside was a huge collection of adult movies. He looked at some Underage Girls Pussy of the titles and saw a complete collection of the Boy Charm Production videos. He looked around the bar area and saw that there was a movie projector and screen. When he looked into the hidden panel storage area, he found reels of pornographic movies that had been made a long time ago."We're gonna have to build a fire outside and get rid of a lot of these movies," John said. "James Stanton was addicted to child pornography, but I sure don't want to go to prison for owning these movies!""Butch will be relieved to hear that," Derek said. "He did some checking on James, and suspected that he owned a lot of stuff that's illegal. He asked us to look around and try to convince you to get rid of anything that could be trouble if someone found it.""Let's look into that last room," John said."It's a walk-in gun storage room!" Derek exclaimed when John opened the door. "Look at these weapons!"The men walked around the room and saw a collection of handguns and rifles that would make any gun store jealous! Cases of ammunition were stacked in several closets along with crates that were unmarked."Son of a bitch!" Lou said after he lifted the lid on one of the crates. "These are RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) launchers!""Look at these rifles!" Lindsey yelled. "This one's a 50 caliber sniper rifle! I haven't seen one of these since I was in the Navy SEALs. There are all different calibers of sniper rifles and some of these scopes have night vision!""Every place that James owned was filled with weapons," John said to his bodyguards. "I want you guys to sort through these weapons and work with Butch to get rid of whatever's illegal for me to own." He walked around and saw every type of shotgun or rifle that he could ever imagine any hunter using. He was especially interested in the H & H 475 caliber rifle that he knew could drop an elephant! The climate-controlled room had protected all of the weapons and ammunition and he wondered if James had purchased everything legally.When they left the top level, the men walked down the winding staircase to the middle level of the lodge. They found 20 bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms and another well stocked bar area with another large screen television."Let's head to town and do some grocery shopping," John suggested when the brief tour was completed. All of the men wanted to look more closely to the rooms in the lodge, but they were getting hungry."We haven't looked inside the garage or the barn," Derek said. "James probably has a couple of tanks or rocket launchers inside!" he joked."Jesus, maybe we should look, just in case you're right!" John replied.The garage was separated from the lodge by about 100 feet, which surprised the men until they got inside and found the tunnel that connected to the house. John was relieved to find two HumVees and a Jeep inside, with room for at least 10 other vehicles. Along one side of the garage was a complete set of mechanics tools and all of the oil, grease and spare filters that would be needed to maintain the vehicles."The HumVees are armor plated and have bullet-proof windows," Derek said. "I haven't seen HumVees like these since the Gulf War! The walls of this garage are built like the main lodge and with the tunnel; he could get away safely if the lodge was attacked. He sure was paranoid! This is strictly military equipment but it's probably legal for you to own."John was relieved when they were inside the barn and found a complete workshop with wood and metal working tools, a boom truck, two John Deere tractors, a combine and other farming tools."You have a lot of equipment for maintaining the buildings, farmland, lawn areas and forest," Lou added. "This JLG lift can reach any of the windows or raise a man up to trim the trees. While we're here, we should service all of the vehicles and equipment in case we need anything.""Look at all of these 4 wheelers and snowmobiles!" John exclaimed. "I count 10 of each for deer hunting or ice fishing! I can't wait to come back here and fish this winter! Four of these 4 wheelers have tracks instead of wheels so they can go through deep snow!"Derek and Ross Johnson decided to stay at the lodge to change the bedding and start servicing the vehicles and boats, while John left for town with Lindsey Smith and Lou Williams."Let's hit the grocery store first," John suggested. John led the group around the Spartan Food Store and filled one cart before he got to the meat and fresh produce. He had plans for what he wanted to cook for himself and his friends, but didn't tell his two bodyguards. Lou went for another cart while John was talking to the butcher. "I want some really nice porterhouse steaks and ten pounds of ground sirloin," John said to the butcher. "I'd like some Amish chickens if you have any and some really nice pork chops.""I'm not supposed to say this, but the finest chickens around are raised by Wilma Collins just outside of town," Mike Collins said. "She's my sister, and her chickens are free range and are wonderful to eat. She sells eggs too if you want the best!""Thanks for the advice," John said. He asked directions to Wilma's farm and was pleased that he would find quality chickens and eggs to feed his friends."You're new around here," Mike Collins said. "It's good to have a customer who knows quality meat.""My friends and I are staying at the Arrowhead Lodge," John replied."Do you own that place?" Mike asked."I guess I do," John replied. "We just got here and will spend about a week there to try our luck at fishing. Have you ever fished in Arrowhead Lake?""When I was a kid my dad used to take me there, but the lake is private and posted to keep everyone away," Mike said. "That lake has some huge walleye, bass, pike and sturgeon, and the only people who have fished it lately are the Walkers and Longhursts, and they trespass to get in. I still have some pictures of the fish we used to catch there! We caught huge bluegills, crappies and perch too.""That lake's beautiful and I don't have a problem with people fishing there if they don't litter or leave a mess," John said."Would you let me fish there?" Mike asked. "I promise that I won't cause any problems and won't take more than a legal limit.""I don't want anyone bringing in any minnows or bringing in a boat that might have zebra mussels in the bilge," John said. "I was thinking about buying some aluminum boats and small outboards for guests to use when they fish. If you tell me where to buy the boats and motors, I'll give you one of my business cards with the security code for the front gate so you can go in and fish. You can seine minnows on the sandy beach to use for bait. How does that sound?""That sounds wonderful!" Mike blurted out. "My son's 16 and I'd love to take him fishing if you don't mind."When Mike Collins accepted John's business card, he was shocked. "My God! I thought that I recognized you! You're that guy who was in the news on that huge yacht! Your picture has been all over the newspapers, magazines and television shows!""I'm just a regular guy who got lucky in getting the job of my dreams," John admitted. "I heard that my caretaker left in a hurry, and I'm looking for someone to take care of the place when I'm gone. Do you know anyone that could take over?""My cousin's name is Keith Wadsworth, and he's a great man with a wonderful son," Mike replied. "Marty works here bagging groceries, and they've been hit with hard times. Keith's wife left him about 10 years ago and he's been raising Underage Girls Pussy Marty alone. About three months ago, Keith was framing a house and fell off a ladder and broke his leg and arm. They didn't set his leg right the first time, and had to break it again to get it right. He developed an infection and has been out of work ever since. The only income that they have is what Marty makes here working part time and sweeping the floors at Joe's Bar. My wife and I are trying to help them, but I heard that Keith and Marty are being evicted from their apartment. If you could find a way to hire them, I'd be eternally grateful and so would they!""God put us on this earth to help good people when they're in need," John said. "I can't promise anything, but let me do some checking and I'll let you know what I decide."Mike Collins watched the handsome man fill his cart Underage Girls Pussy with the meat and saw John Miller grab several frozen lobster tails before leaving his area of the store. He didn't want to get his hopes up, but this stranger was much different from what he expected of a CEO of one of the largest companies in the world. He looked at the business card and couldn't wait to go fishing with his son on the restricted lake!When John and his two friends got to the checkout, both shopping carts were heaped with groceries."Jesus, this is gonna cost you a fortune!" Lindsey said to John."We're gonna eat like kings!" John laughed. "Do you want me to put anything back?""Hi there, did you find everything?" Joyce Krzyewski asked.John just laughed and said that both carts were his, and yes, he had found everything that he was looking for. He didn't tell Joyce that he was going to buy chickens and eggs at a farm on the north side of town."You men are new to this area," Joyce said while scanning the first of the huge order of groceries."We're spending some time at the Arrowhead Lodge," John said."You're at Arrowhead?" a voice asked.John turned and saw a teenaged boy with long brown hair and brown eyes looking at him. The boy was beautiful!"Yes, we're staying at Arrowhead," John said to the boy who looked about 16 years old. "Who are you?""I'm Marty Wadsworth," the handsome boy replied. He stuck out his hand and shook hands with the handsome stranger. "My dad used to go fishing at Arrowhead Lake with my grandpa! They told me that you can catch fish big enough to ride from that lake!"John watched the boy expertly packing his huge grocery order, and asked Lindsey to take the first cart of bagged groceries to the Suburban. Marty insisted on helping Lindsey and ran outside the store to put the groceries in the vehicle."That boy's pure gold to everyone around here!" Joyce said. "He lives with his father, and they're up against some hard times right now."John saw the boy run back into the store and quickly catch up in bagging the groceries. He saw a nice bulge in the front of Marty's jeans, and correctly guessed that the boy was man sized in one special area."If you're staying at the Arrowhead Lodge, you must know about what's going to happen in about a week at your neighbor's farm," Joyce said."We just got here today, so we don't know the local gossip," John joked."Ron Balcolm farms some of your land, but his barn burned down and he didn't have any insurance," Joyce said. "All of the farmers around here had a bad year with the crappy weather, and Ron and his family are struggling to replace their barn. I heard that they're trying to build it by themselves, and the banks won't lend them any money for the materials.""My dad wanted to help them, but he's out of work because of his leg," Marty added while packing away the groceries. "Toby Balcolm's my best friend, and I'm gonna try to help them if I'm not working here or at Joe's Bar. I heard that they are going to dig the holes for the main supports by hand because they don't have the money to hire the lumber company to do the work."John's heart went out to Marty Wadsworth and his father. This boy was faced with eviction from the apartment that he shared with his father, and he was worrying about his best friend and family in their time of need. He decided to reach out to his neighbor and the handsome boy and his father.John paid for the groceries and heard Marty beg Joyce to stay later at work. When the cashier said that Marty had to leave because Toby was coming in, he saw the disappointment in Marty's eyes. The boy was trying hard to get more money to help pay his father's Underage Girls Pussy bills, and John's mind was made up."Marty, I have a caretaker's home on the Arrowhead property that has some broken windows," John said to the handsome boy. "I heard that your dad's an excellent carpenter, and I'm looking for someone to supervise the repairs of the caretaker's house and manage the property when I'm gone. I know that your dad can't work, but I bet that he could supervise the work for me. Would you and your dad be interested?""WOULD WE!" Marty screamed with tears of joy running down his face. The thought of having work for his dad was too much for him to comprehend, and he sobbed openly."I know that your dad's not able to work right now, but I hope that he can find someone to replace the broken windows and maybe you can be in charge of mowing the lawns on my property. How does that sound to you? If you and your dad are interested, you can live in the caretaker's Underage Girls Pussy home and I'll put you both on my payroll."Marty was sobbing so loud that all of the store employees came running! They were all ready to kick the asses of anyone who would dare upset their favorite teenager, and they were livid until Joyce said, "Relax! This wonderful man just offered Marty and Keith jobs!"Marty hugged John and both of the black bodyguards, and he didn't care who saw that he was crying! He thought that he was dreaming when he heard that the stranger had offered him and his father jobs!"Can you and your father come to the lodge tonight around 7 for supper and talk about working for me?" John asked."WE'LL BE THERE!" Marty screamed with joy. He hugged John again and sobbed with joy."God I love this job!" Lindsey said to John. "You see people in need and you don't hesitate in jumping in and helping!""Let's head to the lumber company and see what we can do for our neighbors," John said.When the men arrived at Taylor Lumber, they walked in at the end of a difficult conversation. "I'm sorry, Ron, but we can't get approval for more than $30,000 for your new barn," Joe Taylor said. "I've already given you every discount that I can, and I'm selling you the materials below my cost."John watched the man walk away, and saw the dejected look on his face. He walked up to the counter and introduced himself. "My name's John Miller, and I own the Arrowhead Lodge and properties. I didn't want to eavesdrop, but I'm wondering if that was my neighbor, Ron Balcolm?""It sure was!" Joe Taylor replied. "Ron's barn burned down, and he didn't have insurance to cover his loss. They're a great family, but this has really hit them hard after the crappy weather we had this year. All of the local farmers barely covered the cost of their seed and fertilizer with the dismal crops.""What if someone wanted to help him out without him knowing about it?" John asked."What do you mean?" Joe asked."I heard that the Balcolm family farms some of my land, and I sure don't want them to be in financial trouble if I can help," John said."I recognize you!" Joe Taylor said. "You're that guy in the news!""I really don't enjoy all of the media attention," John admitted. "I heard that the Balcolm family's going to try to dig the holes for the support beams of their new barn. Is that the only way to get started on their new barn?""I have a contractor who digs the holes for the main poles with a Bobcat, but Ron can't afford the cost," Joe said. He was reluctant to divulge the financial status of his friend and customer to the stranger, but he sensed that something might change if he was honest. "Ron needs Underage Girls Pussy to build a 60 by 80 barn, but all he can afford is our package that's 40 by 60 feet.""What's the size of the largest package that he could use?" John asked."60 by 120" Joe replied. "It would give him the space to store hay and straw for his cattle, but there's no way that any bank will give him a loan for that.""Could you get your contractor to do the work to install the poles for a 60 by 120 barn for the Balcolm family if I took care of the cost?" John asked. "I want to cover all of the costs of materials and labor to build the bigger barn.""Are you serious?" Joe asked. "You don't even know the cost!""Here's the name and telephone number for my banker in Detroit," John said while handing the business card to Joe. "Call the bank and then get things rolling so my neighbors get a new barn. Please don't tell anyone that I'm covering the costs. I don't want any discount because I know that your company needs to make a profit to stay in business. Just charge me your normal costs for all of the materials and labor to build the barn."Joe Taylor was suspicious of the stranger, but immediately dialed the number on the business card and was elated when he listened to the promise that John Miller had plenty of money to cover the costs. It would be a huge sale for his company, and he shook John's hand and thanked him for the lucrative business."My contractor's going to go crazy when I call him to get him to the Balcolm farm this Saturday to start work," Joe said to John. "Work had dried up for everyone around here, and my contractor really needs a job to support his family.""I want the barn completely built by your contractors," John said. "I'm sure that the Balcolm family will help, but I repeat that I don't want them to know that I paid for everything."I can't believe this!" Joe said. "If there's anything that I can do for you, just let me know!""I do have a favor to ask you," John said. "The house that my caretaker used to live in has a bunch of broken windows, and I'm trying to hire Keith Wadsworth to supervise the repairs. I know that he can't work right now, but I talked to Marty at the grocery store and I hope that Keith and Marty will move into the house and take care of my property for me. Can you send someone out to measure the broken windows? I'll buy the materials here if you help me out.""Keith's a great carpenter, and his son's the best kid in the world!" Joe said. "I'll have someone out there tomorrow morning to measure what will be needed for the repairs. You couldn't pick anyone better than Keith and Marty to take care of your property. No one's been allowed to hunt and fish out there for decades, and maybe you'll let some of us locals on your property. Maybe I'm being too forward in asking that!"John laughed and admitted that he had given Mike Collins his business card with the security code to open the main gates. He made the same offer to Joe Taylor, but said that Keith Wadsworth would control who would be allowed to hunt and fish on his property.Joe Taylor looked at the card and held it like he was holding pure gold! Everyone in the town had dreamed about hunting and fishing at Arrowhead, but the land was posted and no one wanted to be arrested for trespassing. Now he was looking at a simple card that could let him and his two sons hunt and fish the restricted properties!"In November, I have some friends that I plan to bring up here to hunt deer," John said. "I want you to join us for some hunting and fishing and some relaxation in the lodge. If you have any children that hunt, they're invited too!""My grandfather helped build that lodge, and he told me that it was built like a fortress!" Joe said. "No one has been inside for longer than I can even remember. Even the cooks and housekeepers were from Detroit, so I can't imagine that you'd invite me to visit! My two sons will shit when they hear about this!""You'll be my guests, and you can invite your family to fish the lake too," John said. "With all of the property, we might have to limit the number of hunters, but the lake is supposed to be filled with fish that are ready to commit suicide by biting a hook!" John shook hands with his new friend and left the lumber company to go to the boat dealer.David Bertram was standing at the counter in his boat dealership when the stranger came in along with two black men. It was strange to see black men in the Onaway area, but David was happy to see customers and welcomed the arrivals to his store."I'd like to what you have in 14 foot aluminum boats and 9.9 horsepower outboard motors," John said."You look familiar," David admitted. "Haven't I seen you in the news?""My name's John Miller, and I own the Arrowhead Lodge and properties," John said with a smile. He realized that he couldn't go anywhere without being recognized after the media cruise aboard the Sea & Jungle IV."HOLY SHIT!" David exclaimed. He immediately apologized for his outburst. "You were with that beautiful Christina, Underage Girls Pussy and every man in the world's jealous!""She's not only beautiful, she's very intelligent and one of my Vice Presidents," John said with a smile. He remembered having sex with Christina, and knew that every straight man in the world would be jealous if they knew the truth."I have Lund aluminum boats and Honda or Johnson outboard motors," David said."I prefer American made products," John replied. "What do you have in stock?"David Bertram took John past the pontoon and deck boats to an area where simple fishing boats were displayed. "This is one of the favorites for local fishermen," David said when he showed the three men his basic aluminum boat."What do you have with a trolling motor and pedestal seats?" John asked."This one's my favorite for fishing remote areas," David said. "It's 16 feet long with pedestal seats and a Minn Kota trolling motor, and the standard motor is 25 horsepower with electric start and controls.""That's exactly what I'm looking for," John admitted. "I want a Lowrance unit with GPS Navigation and a fish finder too.""I can make you a great deal on this display model and add the electronics," David said. He wondered why the wealthy man would want a simple fishing boat, but hoped that he would make a sale. The boat that his new customer was interested in had an aerated live well, dual batteries, foot controls for the trolling motor, canvas cover and a sturdy trailer. "How does $15,500 sound for the complete package?""What if I wanted ten of them?" John asked.David Bertram was shocked! He had hoped for a simple sale of one boat and motor, but he couldn't believe that the stranger was being honest with him. His hesitation made John explain his concerns."Arrowhead Lake has been off limits for all of the local residents, and I want people to fish the lake without bringing in any zebra mussels or trash fish," John said. "I was down by the shore of the lake, and I saw hundreds of minnows swimming around on the sandy shoreline. No one needs to bring minnows to the lake to fish when the minnows can be netted at the shoreline. We probably won't need 10 trailers because the boats will stay at the lake unless we need to get them serviced. I don't have a problem with paying for the trailers, but I can only imagine the need for four trailers or less once the boats are at the lake.""Are you telling me that you'll let people fish the lake?" David asked."I know that people have been trespassing and poaching deer and fish from my lake, but I want that to end," John said. "With controlled access, I want to share what the lake and property can offer, and the new boats will be available for the visitors to use.""I'd give anything to be able to hunt and fish on your property!" David exclaimed. "I have three of this type of boat and motor in stock, but I can get more in about two weeks. I'll give you a 20 % discount if you buy 10 sets.""Here's my American Express Card to cover the costs," John said. "I'll pay the full price of what you have if you'll agree to test everything before you deliver. You're in business to make a profit, and I'm willing to pay the full price if you give me exceptional service.""It's a deal!" David said while shaking John Miller's hand. It was the best sale in many years for him, and he couldn't wait to tell his wife and children."I've been giving out the security code to some other people so they can get past the main gates," John said. "Here's my business card and the code so you can deliver the boats and motors. I'm hoping that I'll have a new caretaker to control the access to the lake in the future. I'd like the first three boats and motors delivered tomorrow, if that's possible.""I guarantee that you'll have the three boats delivered tomorrow if I have to carry them to your lake on my back! Have you picked a new caretaker?" David asked."I'm thinking about Keith and Marty Wadsworth, but I haven't made a decision yet," John said."You couldn't pick a better family to take care of your property!" David said. "I have to be honest with you in warning that the Walker and Longhurst families have been poaching on your property for years! The sheriff deputies are afraid of those shitheads, and no one in the area dares to cross them! We suspect them for growing pot and Underage Girls Pussy selling methamphetamine to the local teenagers, but no one has ever been able to prove it. If they hear that you're gonna let people on your property, they'll try to flood your property with their kinfolk.""We're up here for a short visit, but we'll handle any conflict with those rednecks!" John said. At the time, he didn't know how dangerous his statement would be to his own safety.When John and his friends left the boat dealer, John wanted to take a break before going to the farm to buy chickens and eggs. He saw a sign that said, "Joe's Bar, Home of the Coldest Beer in Michigan!""I need a cold drink!" John said to Lindsey and Lou. "Let's see if that sign's for real."When the three men walked inside, they walked up to the long wooden bar and took seats on the stools."I want to see if your sign's for real," John said to the bartender. "What do you have on draft?""My name's Joe Nahler, and I own this bar," Joe said to John. "I have Miller's, Budweiser, Fosters and Michelob on draft, and I guarantee that it's so cold that it will freeze your mouth when you taste it!"John laughed and ordered a large draft of Michelob. He wasn't surprised when Lindsey and Lou asked for soft drinks. He wished that his friends would relax and enjoy the vacation, but both of the men were still on duty to protect him.Across the street, four men were seated in a battered Impala and watching what was happening in the town. They had heard that strangers had entered the Arrowhead property, and they were livid."That's them!" Jimmy John Walker said to his relatives. "Two niggers and a white dude!""We don't let niggers in our town!" Bobby Longhurst exclaimed."Ellie May told us to find them and kill them if we gotta do it to scare `em off!" Tony Joe Walker added."Let's kick the ass of the white dude and take the niggers back to our property and string them up!" Davie Longhurst yelled. "I hate niggers! I love seeing them beg and then swing on the end of a rope!"The four rednecks continued planning on how to scare away the white guy who they suspected was the new owner of the Arrowhead property. They drank out of their bottles of moonshine, and decided to go into Joe's Bar and start a fight. They knew that the local sheriff deputies wouldn't dare confront them, and they left the Impala to do what Ellie May had ordered.John accepted the frosted glass of beer and realized that the sign wasn't false advertising. He thanked the bartender, and introduced himself. "I'm John Miller and these two men are friends of mine."Joe Nahler smiled and admitted to John that he had heard that he was in town and that he knew who he was. "My friends in town called me and I hoped that you'd stop in for a beer. I heard that you're gonna let some people hunt and fish on your property.""That's true," John said. "Instead of having a few people trespass and poach deer and fish, I'd rather have controlled access with people who will respect nature.""The Walker and Longhurst clans have ruined it for everyone!" Joe said. "They go on your property whenever they want to and the sheriff deputies are afraid to arrest them. Two of the deputies tried to stop them, but after their sons were beaten outside the high school, they backed off. It's been over 20 years since anyone was allowed to hunt and fish out there!""I still don't understand how they can break the law and not be arrested," John said. "I lost my caretaker because of their abuse, and I'm determined to change things around here.""I need to take a leak," Lindsey said. "I'll be right back."John was enjoying his ice-cold beer when he saw four men walk into the bar. He looked at the new arrivals and saw the anger in their faces. The filthy clothes and ratty looking beards told him that the ugly men were not in the bar for a friendly drink."You guys get out of here!" Joe Nahler yelled. "You're not welcome in my bar!""Fuck you and this shithead dude and his nigger friends!" Jimmy John Walker screamed. "We're gonna kick his ass and string up two niggers for coming in OUR town!" He saw the white man get off from the bar stool and saw the opportunity to take a swing. He wasn't ready for the quick response!John realized that he and his friends were in danger, and his instincts kicked in. He avoided the wild punch from the redneck, and lashed out with a volley of punches that broke the nose of his attacker. He wheeled around and saw that Lou had nailed one of the shitheads and braced himself for a fight. He lashed out at the next man who attacked him and smashed his fist into the man's jaw and heard a sickening crunch! He knew that he had broken the man's jaw, and saw the man crumple to the floor of the bar.Joe Nahler didn't wait, and he immediately called 9-1-1 for police assistance. He grabbed the baseball bat that he kept behind the bar and jumped over the bar to join in the fight. He wasn't fast enough, with Lou Williams and John Miller taking care of all four of the attackers!Lindsey Smith ran out of the restroom and saw that four men were down on the floor and bleeding profusely. He whipped out his Glock handgun and aimed at the men on the floor. "Make a move and you're dead!" Lindsey screamed."Jesus Christ!" Lou exclaimed when he realized that the man he was supposed to protect had actually protected HIM! He saw that John was standing over one of the men who was trying to stand up, and watched John kick the man in the nuts! He grabbed John and pulled him away from the man and the other attackers."Make a move and I'll break your neck with this bat!" Joe Nahler screamed at the battered men on the floor of his bar.Jimmy John Walker regained consciousness and realized that his nose was broken. He screamed obscenities at everyone, and threatened to kill the man who had broken his nose."Get the fuck out of my bar!" Joe Nahler screamed when he realized that the four attackers had been neutralized.John was embarrassed that he had lost control of his emotions and had punched the crap out of two of the shitheads. He had to be restrained from attacking the men again, but both Lindsey and Lou held him back."You're a nasty fucker when you get pissed!" Lindsey exclaimed when he realized that John had calmed down. "Those shitheads got more than they dreamed about when they crossed you!""We're the ones who are supposed to protect YOU!" Lou said. "Butch never told us that you were a real ass kicker!""I really need that beer now!" John admitted. "Where the fuck is the law around here?""They're never around when we need them!" Joe admitted. "You guys just kicked ass, but I'm afraid of what will happen when those shitheads go back to that swamp where they live. That clan's a terror with everyone who lives in this area!"John finished his beer before the sheriff deputies walked into the bar. He was pissed when the deputies refused to go after and arrest the attackers."If you won't arrest them, my friends and I'll do your jobs for you!" John yelled at the deputies. "They attacked us, and I won't hesitate to turn my men loose if it happens again!""Why don't you just leave this area before you start a war!" the deputy yelled."We didn't start it, but we'll finish it if you chicken shits don't do your jobs!" John yelled. "Why didn't you protect my caretaker and his family? Why aren't you going after those shitheads who attacked me and my friend?"John was furious when the deputies left and he finished his beer and decided to return to Underage Girls Pussy the lodge. He tried to calm down, and was still upset when they arrived at the farm where Wilma Collins sold chickens and eggs. He bought a generous supply of whole chickens and eggs and thanked the woman before leaving to return to the lodge."I hear that you kicked ass in town!" Derek said when the men returned to the lodge. "Lindsey called me and I called Butch in Detroit. Butch is ready to send in the Rapid Response Teams, but I told him to wait until he talked to you," he said to John."I don't want to start a war here!" John said to his bodyguards. He didn't know that a war had already been started...Stay tuned!!!Feedback is appreciated to Jacob_latsonhotmail.com

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