Related article: Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2010 11:06:51 -0400 From: Chris Johns Subject: New Love, First Love Series, Adam and Peter's Story Pt.2 Adam and Peter Part 2Peter was still laughing when we parked the car.He `phoned his Mum and told her he was working at my house, I told him to ask her if it was ok to stay for dinner and I would bring him home. No problem and we did our assignments. All finished, I ordered pizzas.Now it was time to find out where we were going in this relationship. I was so desperate to get physical with him I moved straight in and took him in my arms. I moved closer to him watching his eyes as I got closer to his lips. Then it happened. My first kiss with this beautiful man, it was just a gentle one to check for reaction before moving back a little.Eyes shining and happy he said very quietly. "Thank you Adam."Good enough, then I moved in and gave him one that showed what I was feeling. His response was almost too much and we ended the kiss almost falling over. We sat down and just looked at each other."I don't care how stupid this sounds Peter, but I love you, I knew I was going to the second I saw you walk into the changing room."He had tears in his eyes but was smiling a lovely soft smile."I love you as well, I couldn't believe how gorgeous I thought you were as soon as I saw you."We both laughed and spent the next age destroying our sanity. I had never kissed like that in my life. We were both sporting major erections but the entry `phone buzzed before we could do anything about it. We devoured the pizzas hardly taking our eyes off each other, then we started all over again. We almost tore our clothes off and then I dragged him through to my bedroom. Lying on the bed, nose to nose we just stroked each other. Our eyes were doing most of the talking. I couldn't believe we had got to this state this quickly. Neither of us wanted any finesse this time so we just swivelled round and 69ed. Peter's cock was just amazing, perfectly straight, uncut, same thickness along its whole length and about eight inches I reckoned. Mine is cut, about six and decent proportion. I was an anal virgin but I knew I wanted to take him in my arse, but I also wanted to fuck him. Plenty of time for that though, first I needed to devour his monster. I was in heaven licking, kissing and swallowing his man meat. I guess it went double because both of us came far quicker than we intended.We sat in the lounge talking afterwards, no guesses about what."I'm a pretty good cock sucker thanks to Smith, but I've never done anything else with a guy Adam. I know from what we've just done that I like sucking your cock and tasting your cum. I hated it with Smith because half the time he smelt horrible and I was doing it because I had to.""I've played around a little Peter but not much. I've never done anal, but I know how to. I also know that I want to try it with you. I think your cock is to die for and I want to feel it inside me sometime. You're very big and I know it will hurt initially but I still want it."I waited while he absorbed that not taking my eyes off him, and then he smiled."Mmm, that sounds yummy and I'll do it, but only if you'll do it to me as well."I just grabbed him in a bear hug."Oh God, yes Peter, yes a million times. If it is only half as good as I expect it will still be mind bending. It will be like consummating a marriage."I laughed then I was so happy, but Peter looked very serious."I want it to be like that Adam. I'm not planning on notching up a stream of lovers. If I give you my virginity I never want anyone else to use me."I was almost overcome enough to cry but I hugged him more and told him."Darling Peter, I know there is never going to be anyone else but you as long as you want me.""I'll want you forever Adam I promise."I think I went to bed that night the happiest I had ever been in my life.The next day was great, Peter and I hung out as much as we could and he got his parent's permission to repeat what we had done the night before even though our assignments were different. We made out again exploring each other's bodies, firstly in the shower and then in my bed. It was heaven even though there was nothing heavy.After I took Peter home I `phoned Mum and Dad. I guess I must have been gushing a bit because Dad's comment made me realise I needed to be careful. The `rents didn't know I was gay."Have you got a football game this weekend Adam?""No Dad, our season starts next week.""Why don't you come home for the weekend then and bring Peter with you, we'd like to meet your new friend.""I'm not sure about that Dad. Peter comes from a very ordinary home. My Beamer is bad enough, if he sees the house it may intimidate him and I value his friendship very much.""That's impressive Son after only one week. Just a thought then. If Peter is ambitious, when he sees the house he'll know what he can have if he works hard. You can let him know that this wasn't built with family money, you know I made this with hard work."That made sense to me so I said I would try. The next day I put it to Peter, got his and his parents agreement after his dad had `phoned mine."Pray for a good weekend Pete. Dad says he'll keep the pool heated and invite all my old friends for a BBQ on Saturday. It should be great, you'll like my old jock crowd."When school finished on Friday we drove straight to Worcester missing most of the Friday exodus to the country. We had brought our weekend gear to school with us.I was very apprehensive as we drove up the drive to the house. It was quite spectacular. A beautiful Georgian Mansion set in its own grounds with manicured lawns and at the rear a large pool and dedicated BBQ area.Mum and Dad were effusive in their greeting and Mum showed Peter to the suite next to mine. We met up again in the salon where Dad acted as host and took drinks orders. Peter followed my lead and had a glass of white wine.Dad was grinning as he handed it over and said to Peter."I hope you'll leave this bit out of Russian Loli your narrative when you tell your parents about your weekend otherwise they'll accuse me of corrupting a minor."We all laughed and by the time we sat down to dinner Peter was very relaxed."You have a beautiful home here, Adam is very lucky."Dad jumped in then and I hoped he wasn't going to ride this one too long."Yes it is, and Adam will have the same if he works as hard for it as I did."Phew, that was it, conversation got more general then. I realised much later in the weekend that Dad had actually been interrogating Peter, finding out even more about him than I knew. He also realised that I was very protective of him and on Saturday when all my old friends were there I was never far away from him extracting him from any difficult situations. Most of them were into girls and were a little bemused that a fabulous looking guy like Peter wasn't knee deep in pussy.When we sat down to eat Dad deliberately had me sat apart from the others so that we could talk. Not very subtle he started straight in."Peter is very special to you already isn't he Son?""Yes, amazing really Dad. New school, new crowd, we just gelled immediately. On the football field you would think we had played together for years the way we appear to know what the other is thinking. I scored twice in twenty minutes during the trials, both from precision passes from Peter.""Neither of you have girl friends do you?""No, to be honest Dad, when you see how they disrupt the lives of other members of the squad I don't think there will be either."Huh, as if that was going to get past a guy that is astute enough to make millions before he is forty having started with nothing."Ok, well be careful, be safe, and know you can come to me any time if you or Peter have problems."I wasn't stupid either and I knew that he knew. I just wasn't brave enough to come out and tell him then. I just grabbed him in a hug and whispered to him."Thanks Dad, maybe we can talk about it next time I'm home."He touched my cheek and I could see the love."I love you Dad, I'll make you proud of me no matter what.""I know you will Adam, I think I've always known."Phew, double entendre or what. Always known I'd make him proud of me or always known I was gay? Maybe I'd find out next time I was home. What I did notice though on Sunday when it was just Mum and Dad was that Peter got loads of attention and late on Sunday afternoon Dad dropped a bombshell."Peter, we think first name terms would be inappropriate at your age but we would be honoured if you would like to call us Mum and Dad."I don't know who was most shocked, Peter or me. He looked at me before replying and I know I loved him more at his mature and sincere reply."Thank you Sir, I never expected that level of acceptance into your family so soon. The honour is all mine and while I am Adam's friend I hope I will be able to make you proud of me as well."Mum administered the coup de grace by moving across to Peter and giving him a kiss. Too much for me I just fell into my mother's arms and cried."I don't know what I did to deserve parents like you. I love you both so much."Yes, I know, dead giveaway. The next weekend that we didn't have a game Peter came home with me again and I told Mum and Dad that we were lovers.Dad just grinned at me and said, "Really!"I gave him a good beating then, landing at least twenty punches to his chest before he grabbed my arms. He had been laughing too hard before then to stop me. Of course the punches had no power behind them at all.What a great weekend we had. Watching Peter so totally relaxed with our relationship and the knowledge that he had one set of supportive parents was marvellous. We didn't consider it necessary to say anything to his birth parents. That was a complication we didn't need.During our second week together Peter and I explored our sexual preferences almost every day. Neither of us, apparently, was ready to make the final move towards anal sex, but what we were discovering in the interim was incredible. Kissing, stroking, nibbling, licking, we tried them all on every piece of each other's bodies. Rimming was totally mind bending for me and our blowjobs became so intense that sometimes we backed off and finished each other by hand. It was a period of exploration that years later we could still talk about with such deep affection.I realised, looking back when I was older, how lucky we had been growing up in 21st. Century England, gay marriage, equal pension rights, (not that we ever needed to worry about that), full acceptance that we were legal partners in every Russian Loli respect of the law. We didn't come out at school but we did in university and never had a problem. Well, not strictly true. Other gays just didn't understand the word `monogamy', we never screwed around, never needed to. For me he was the most gorgeous, sexy guy on the planet, why would I want second best. Yes, I know I was for him as well.What we did do at my instigation one weekend after football on the Saturday was drive into Town, London that is. Book into a boutique hotel in Soho and visit the gay scene. First stop was one of those gay saunas where everyone wandered around naked and mostly with erections on. I got Peter hard and then took a photo of him with my miniature camera. I let him do the same to me, but we had to be careful because cameras were strictly forbidden. The results were great as you can see. We tried to look all serious, but as soon as we had taken the photos we dissolved with laughter. That got us some odd looks and also noticed so we then spent an hour fending off guys wanting to take us to the cubicles either separately or together. Too much, we had to leave when some of them got too persistent. The remainder of the day was great though. We visited some gay bars before having dinner in one of the Chinese restaurants and then heading back to the hotel. Neither of us wanted to try the clubs because we were sure we would be turned away. Sunday we got all academic and headed for the museums. It was wonderful to be able to roam around with my love beside me. It seemed that everything we did we mutually enjoyed. Kindred spirits hardly covered the way we behaved with each other. I was in love to the nth. degree and thought life was wonderful.The weather started to deteriorate as autumn descended upon us and we had some truly miserable games in the rain and the cold, but, we kept winning. Peter and I became a lethal combination, he fed me such accurate passes knowing where I wanted to receive them. He had an incredible football brain. I thought he was good enough to go professional and broached the subject with coach when we were in a team meeting. That got me some funny looks because people had started to notice how close we were. Jerry knew that Smith had ceased to be a problem for Peter and asked me about it."Nothing to tell really Jerry, I just told him to back off or he would be dealing with me.""Mmm, yes I believe that. I suppose you told him to behave himself in class as well and he has done as he's told?"I grinned and replied in the affirmative.Jerry put out his hand."Shake friend, the whole school would want to do this if they knew it was you responsible for Russian Loli cowing that shit. I've seen you in the gym doing your exercises. What belt are you?"I looked at him and shrugged. Jerry was upper sixth and a prefect. We got on well so I sighed and told him."I'm a black belt, Jerry, and I used to box as well."He nodded, patted me on the back and as he walked away, said, "Peter's a lucky man having you for a friend."A few weeks later, Jerry became the first person in school to know that we were a gay couple. He told me it was because he had become an Adam and Peter watcher and noticed the looks and the discreet touches whenever we thought we could get away with it."I'm really pleased, otherwise the rest of us would always be picking up the girls that you didn't want. I guess you and Peter are the biggest pussy magnets in the team. Be careful Adam, some of the others are likely to pick up on it as well if you keep rejecting all female advances."That brought me up with a round turn. I had to think about that, and talk to Peter about it as well. Legal didn't necessarily mean accepted, at least, not by everyone. I started fishing, trying to find out among class mates and other members of the team what they thought about gays. Not too bad really, of course there were a few total homophobes, but we thought some Russian Loli of them were just covering doubts about their own sexuality. The majority were pretty ambivalent about it. I guess it was because no one appeared to know any gays. It wasn't a problem for us at that stage so we stopped worrying about it. My biggest problem became Michael. He started to get upset with me because I was hogging all Peter's free time. He studied with me most days, stayed with me at weekends, and when we didn't have a match we stayed all weekend at my parents.I wanted Mike as a friend long term because he was going to become the little brother I never had, I hoped. Just before we broke up for Christmas, Mum and Dad had a big party. They picked a weekend when we didn't have a game."Peter, Mum and Dad want us to go down for their big pre Christmas bash the weekend after next. They throw the party at the house for all Dad's employees and their families. We have a big marquee butted up to the back of the house and heated so that we can accommodate the numbers. Live band, cabaret, the works. Will you come?""Of course, where else would I want to be?"He laughed as he said it to let me know he thought it was a silly question."Good, will your parents let Michael come as well?"Peter gave me a very odd look before asking."Why do you want to take Mikey?""I love him like a little brother Peter and I think he is beginning to dislike me because I am hogging all your free time and you know he worships you."That really threw him, he was just so self effacing he hadn't even noticed."We'd better ask Mum and Dad before we ask him.""Good, I'll ask them when I take you home tonight.""Won't your parents mind Adam?""Nope, Mum will probably spoil him rotten."That was it. Peter's parents were very surprised, and I definitely scored brownie points showing concern for Michael's feelings. They called Mike then."Michael, Adam has something to ask you."Mike looked at me with just a trace of resentment in his eyes. I put my arm around his shoulder and felt him stiffen up a bit."Peter is coming home with me the weekend after next for a big pre Christmas party at my parent's house. I wondered if you would like to come with us."Man, was I ever the instant flavour of the month."You mean spend the whole weekend with you and Peter?""Mmm, yes, if you Russian Loli like."I loved it, stiffness all gone and he turned into my arms to give me a big hug."Oh yes please Adam, can I really?""Of course, it's time I spent more time with my little brother."Oops, that was the wrong thing to say. Mike loved it but his parents gave me a very odd look.The next day at school I asked Peter about his parent's attitude after I had gone."They gave me a bit of a grilling Adam. I told them that because you and I had become such good friends you looked on Mikey more like a brother than just my brother. I'm not sure they accept that. They gave me a bit of a rough time about our relationship. I don't think they are going to accept it the way your parents have."Oh dear, this was a problem I didn't want. Peter was sixteen so if he wanted to he could come and live with me if his parents got stroppy, but I knew he would be devastated. He loved his family the same as I did mine, and Mike was special, he was terribly protective of him.I didn't know whether I was doing the right thing or making a bad situation worse, but I asked Mike if Russian Loli he would like to come and watch our next game, which was an away match. Coach allowed him to come on the team coach because I had become a bit of a favourite with him, as had Peter. Mike loved it, and Peter loved me even more for starting to consider Mike as part of our relationship. If it wasn't raining, even though it had started to get cold, I used to have the hood down on the Beamer because Mike loved it, he used to sit in the back but be leaning through between the seats, I could never get him to sit back with a seat belt on. I drove very carefully at those times.The weekend of the party I truly cemented my relationship with Mike. I spoilt him all weekend, even neglecting Peter to do so, but of course he knew why. Mum took a load off me though because she loved him on sight and spoilt him rotten as I knew she would. He was positively gushing all the way home. Mum and Dad had put him in a double room with Peter and Dad told me why."I can see how much that boy adores his big brother Adam so your mother and I thought this would be a good arrangement. We presume you brought him with you to bond with him more and pay him back for hogging his big brother's free time."I was amazed that Dad had deduced all that without me saying anything. He was right on all counts. Christmas was next and that was going to be a monster problem. There was no way I could spend two weeks without Peter, and Mum and Dad would be devastated if I spent time at the apartment when I could be home.Mum was the clever one this time. She talked to Peter's mother without us knowing. Mum filled me in on the conversations when she told me the whole story. ========================================================================== Adam's Mother"Mrs. Bottomley, hello, this is Grace Cranston, I'm Adam's mother. Have you got time to talk?""What would we have to talk about Mrs. Cranston?"The coldness in the voice didn't bode well for this conversation."Please call me Grace, and I would like to talk about our two boys and their Christmas holidays dilemma.""I'm Russian Loli sorry, I don't understand.""Well, I know both boys think they should spend the holidays with family, but neither of them wants to be apart for the whole two weeks. I thought we could help them achieve their aims at the same time as we get to know each other.""I don't think we mix in the same circles Mrs. Cranston so I don't see that happening, and I can't believe that Peter will prefer a friend's company to his family.""Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but if you ask Peter he will tell you what I have just told you. When you do that you might Russian Loli like to consider this plan. Let Peter come here with Adam as soon as they break up. The day before Christmas Eve we will all come up to Adam's apartment and Peter will come home. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we spend with our respective families. Boxing Day your whole family comes to us. We will remain at the apartment until the 29th. and the boys do as they please. We return to Worcester on the 30th. with your family, and you stay with us through New Year. We always have a wonderful time with children's parties in the village, and on New Year's Eve we have a party at the house with fireworks and celebrations with friends and employees. You could stay New Year's Day and then return to your home and Adam would go back to his apartment until school restarts." =========================================================================== Of course it made sense and Peter's mother said she would discuss it with her husband. With a lot more persuading and my Dad getting involved, it was agreed that Mum's plan should go into action. We were delighted. So delighted and so relieved that we decided to go the last mile in our relationship."Stay with me for the night after football on Saturday, Peter and make love to me completely."Peter was delighted with that suggestion."Oh yes please, but only if you will do it to me afterwards."Scene set and with a very convincing win during which I scored a hat trick of goals, all set up for me by Pete, we were definitely in the right mood for it.There was no going back now, the big one was going to happen. I was incredibly apprehensive, Peter had such a long, thick cock when it was fully erect. It hugged his belly and when I compared it with the photograph taken in the sauna I gulped. That last bit of stiffness had added another inch at least to its length and probably the same to its thickness. It was an absolute delight to blow, but my anus was a lot smaller than my mouth, well it would be to start with.We had another shower when we got to the apartment but not before giving each other a couple of enemas."I have no idea how hard it is going to be to do this Pete, but what I do know is that it has got to be perfect for you, so no chances are going to be taken. I guess this all sounds a bit clinical doesn't it?""No Adam, I agree with you. I know this first time is going to be experimental, but if we both like it I know future times are going to be more wonderful than anything that has ever happened to me in my life."That made me feel better. I knew that all the foreplay would be great because we had been doing that for nearly three months. I had a large dispenser of Wet Light on my bedside table. When Peter saw it he creased up with laughter."How many times do you think we are going to do it tonight then Adam?"Looking pointedly at the lubricant. I grinned at him."Well, if it is even half as good as I think it is going to be I would think five or six, each."Too much, we were almost falling down laughing and kissing. My love for this mate was almost overwhelming and the tears in my eyes weren't just from laughing.The enemas were fun, thorough shower afterwards and then my bed. It didn't matter that is was only about five o clock. If we came up for air we would eat, otherwise we were going to fuck until we fell asleep.To start with Peter and I were lying facing each other and just gently kissing while we each ran a hand over the other's body, of course we very quickly got to the groin area. Both of us thought our cocks were so exciting to play with, and the balls were incredible. I loved pulling Peter's down to the bottom of his ball sac and then rolling them around between my thumb and forefinger after I had nestled them into the palm of my hand. When the temperature had climbed a bit, I rolled Peter onto his back and started kissing my way down his body. He knew what was coming and tensed up as I thumbed his nipples before covering them with my mouth and then nibbling them. I loved to watch his cock out of the corner of my eye as I did that. I swear it grew another inch and got even harder. We both loved that. He would start stroking my hair then, like he would a puppy, I loved it. Cock and balls next and my turn to get even harder. I loved licking his glans. I would hold his cock vertical and spend ages just licking it, particularly round the rim before taking it in my mouth and swabbing it with my tongue and scraping it very lightly with my teeth. That nearly always got me my first mouthful of love juice. I knew he needed that release to thoroughly enjoy what we did next. I sucked the first couple of inches like a child's dummy until he was monstrously hard again and went fully 69ing so that he could Russian Loli start on me. Then it was time for a good rimming, oh God, his anus was absolutely perfect, I licked and stabbed at it with my tongue before spreading Russian Loli his cheeks more and trying to tongue fuck him. He was doing exactly the same to me."I'm going to start opening you up Adam, why don't you roll onto your back and pull your legs up." Of course I did and opened them wide as well. I watched him then, never taking my eyes off him. I wanted him inside me so much by then but I knew he had to open me up or realistically he was going to hurt me a lot. I could feel his fingers exploring my insides and increasing in numbers while he continued to play with me. The wet light came next and I knew he was close to deciding to enter me. When he coated his cock I nearly died. It looked so much bigger than normal."I'm going to enter you now my love, don't let me stay if it hurts too much."Huh, as if. I would have bitten my tongue off rather than let him know it hurt.He was very gentle, I could feel the pressure building as he tried to get his glans over my sphincter and watching the concentration on his face made me relax until he popped in. Yeah, it hurt like hell but I just gripped him hard with my sphincter and told him to hold still. I was stroking his body and whispering words of love to him. Then it was time."Ok Peter, you can keep going."His face lit up like a Christmas tree and he started to slow fuck me, adding a little more cock each in stroke. He was acting as though he had done this a million times before. He was so gentle and all the emotions he was feeling were registered in his eyes and on his face. It was magic for me and even if I had hated it I would have shown pleasure because of how much pleasure Peter was getting from it.I came up on my elbows to watch his cock, it was amazing and he pushed down on the back of my thighs, raising my butt more so that I could almost see the entry point. Then he leaned in and kissed me on an in stroke which must have got him another inch of penetration and I had my first orgasm, and what an orgasm. It was so violent I must have nearly squeezed his cock off with my gluts. He came back on his knees and powered into me for his own orgasm and he screamed. I think he enjoyed that, ha, ha. I could feel the power of his orgasm, it was stupendous and because he was still powering into me I had another orgasm with him. The punishment my prostate was taking guaranteed it.Time plays tricks on us all I know, but I don't think in the whole of our life together did I see Peter have a more monumental orgasm. He fell forward onto my cum covered torso and burst into tears, swamping my face with kisses in between telling me how much he loved me. I knew I was never going to be happier in my life. Satisfying Peter and making him happy became my life's major work.About half an hour later I did the same to Peter. I built the sensitivity of it for ages before I entered him and realised why he had such a monumental orgasm, because I did too. I knew then that I would always enjoy topping for my satisfaction and bottoming for Peter's.We only had the energy to do it three more times each before falling asleep with exhaustion.The next morning was disgusting. Dried cum almost glued us together and the bedding was a mess with all the cum that had dribbled out of our anuses. We both had morning erections but neither of us was bold enough to do anything with them until we had showered.I took Peter home after lunch so that he could spend some time with his family, or most importantly, with Michael.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Part 3 is complete and will follow shortly.

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