Related article: Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 07:56:31 -0700 From: Clone Buggs Subject: Across the Alley part 11Across the Alley XI I was pleasantly surprised early one afternoon just after I'd finished washing my sandwich dish, and had set back down at my computer to continue working on my current novel. The phone rang on my desk, and when I answered it it was George Samuels. "Hey George, what's up?" I held the receiver to my ear with my shoulder while I typed a line of text I didn't want to forget. "Uh...Dave...jeez. I don't know how to ask this..." "You want to come over?" "Can I?" "Of course. I'm here, you want to come by now?" "Yes. I'm so horny my nuts ache." "Well." I said, hitting command save. "Come on over and lets see what we can do about it." "Thanks," he said, sounding grateful for the invitation. "My fucking bitch of a wife," he muttered, before changing the subject. "I'll be right over." He hung up, and I shut my Mac down and went over to the cabinet and started looking for an appropriate video to put in the VCR. I figured he'd enjoy a bit of porn if he was as closeted as I suspected. I picked out a good film, and popped it into the machine and turned the TV on and hit play. It rolled through the FBI warning, and the credits. I stopped the tape just as the two hot and sexy firemen on the screen had started rubbing each other's bulges in their rubberized waterproof gear. I put the remote on the end table, and went to the bedroom to put on a pair of workout shorts and a tshirt. I glanced at myself in the mirror over the dresser, and saw a well proportioned 43 year old guy with a sexy body and slightly graying hair. I slipped into my house shoes, and went back to the den to wait for George's arrival. When he rang the doorbell, I was ready for anything he might want to do. He came in with his eyes cast down, looking embarrassed. If he'd been wearing a hat, it would have been in his hands, being rotated around the rim. To say he was nervous was an understatement. I put my hand on his shoulder, and squeezed it tightly to reassure him. He looked at me, and a small pained smile played over his features. I led the way to the den, and told him to make himself comfortable. I offered him a beer, but he declined saying he still had another class at 3:30, and didn't want beer on his breath. That would be Danny's class, and I realized he might be having a problem over Danny. I prepared myself for what was coming. He seemed more nervous than ever, so I got him a glass of iced Nn Child Models Galleries tea, and joined him on the couch with my beer. "Do you want to watch a little porn, or just talk?" "I'd like to talk a little if that's OK." He sipped his tea, and then set the glass on the end table, and looked Nn Child Models Galleries at me again. I found myself tensing wondering if Danny was going to become the focus of his visit. "I've been trying to figure out how to talk to you about this ever since you caught Danny and me here." He took a deep breath, trying to control his nervousness. "Don't worry yourself..." "I have to get this out please..." He interrupted me, placing his hand on my knee. I sat back and took a swallow of my beer, watching his face. It was clear he was disturbed about something. "I have to tell you, that Danny was the first time I've ever had an experience like that. Before him, I had confined my urges to brief encounters in toilets. I usually just suck the guy I meet off, and then beat myself off for relief. I'd never even seen the guy I was sucking face to face before Danny. "Over the past few years since my fucking wife cut sex out of our relationship, I've found a few toilets where guys go to get blow jobs." He ran his fingers through his thick Nn Child Models Galleries white hair, and picked up his tea, but didn't drink before he set it down again. "I've been sucking cock and beating off for my sex life for the past seven years now. My wife hasn't even slept in the same bed with me in all that time." "What happened between you and your wife that stopped it?" "I don't know. She has commented that my cock felt uncomfortable inside her, but I never thought it was that tight when I fucked her. When I was fucking Danny the other day, I Nn Child Models Galleries was thinking about how small his tight little hole was compared to her big, wet, sloppy, cunt, and yet he was taking my dick without a problem. "It made me realize she was just telling me my cock hurt so I'd feel guilty and stop trying to take her to bed for sex." He paused, and this time took a sip of tea. "I've been puzzling over all this since the day I fucked Danny. I've begun to think I owe myself at least a moderate sex life again, even if it doesn't include my wife. I've got to admit, I was getting pretty pissed off at her, and was even contemplating a divorce. But, after I accidentally discovered I like to suck cock, I just let things ride. I guess getting my rocks off occasionally relieved a good deal of the pressure on me sexually, and I didn't feel the need to push the situation any more. Gale, my wife, seems to be oblivious. She has her job and her girlfriends, and we don't do anything together anymore. Shit, she doesn't even cook for me unless one of the kids happens to be coming through town to visit. We have two boys and a girl. They are all living back East working at their careers. "I've been in a quandary since I fucked Danny. I realize I want more now, but don't know how to get it." He picked up the tea, and took a long swallow. "Are you saying you want to have sex with Danny again?" "Well," he set the glass down again. "I certainly wouldn't turn it down. I loved it with him. He's such a hot boy." "That's an understatement. I think if that's what you want, I think it can be arranged. I know Danny likes you a lot, and has talked about your big cock up his ass and how much he liked it. He's actually kind of driven all of us slightly batty bragging about taking your log in his butt." "Really?" "Every word is true." "Well, I certainly wouldn't hesitate if he wanted..." "What about other guys?" "Huh," he thought for a moment. "I called you today, because I've been horny as hell lately, thinking about fucking Danny. It was my first time fucking a boy. My nuts are so blue I can hardly breathe. I was sort of hoping we...I mean you and I could try a few things since I have a couple of hours before I have to be in class. "I was hoping you might." I reached across him and picked up the remote. I let my hand rest on his thigh when I did, and clicked the Nn Child Models Galleries TV on. The video began to roll, and the two sexy firemen, were progressing to unbuckling their overall straps and kissing each other. I squeezed his leg, and stood up to pull my tshirt over my head. He sat there staring at me, and I could see his cock begin to expand in his dress pants. He raised his hand and ran it across my stomach and up to my nipples. He tweaked my nibs one after the other, and then dropped his hand into his lap and squeezed his growing cock. "I've never touched another mans tits before," "you can play with them all you want George, because it's one of my favorite erogenous zones. I love tit play. Why don't you get more comfortable and lets get to it before you run out of time." "He slipped off his sports jacket, and loosened his tie and pulled it over his head. His open shirt revealed a spray of salt and pepper chest hair. I ran my hand inside his shirt, and slipped my fingers around his left nipple. I pinched it lightly and twisted in my fingers. He moaned, and raised his chest higher pushing his nipple toward my hand for more. He started unbuttoning his light blue dress shirt, and pulled the tails out of his dark dress pants. I helped him remove the shirt, and draped it over the back of the couch. I stood in front of him, and took his head in my hands and kissed him hard on the lips. After a moment, he let his jaw relax, and I slipped my tongue into his mouth and we exchanged spit for an erotic moment. I felt his skin growing hot in my hands, and broke the kiss and looked down at his blushing face. He leaned forward, and reestablished the kiss connection. I felt his hands begin to caress my hips, and soon he was tugging my workout shorts down exposing my stiff cock to the air. Still kissing me deeply, his hands found my shaft, and he trembled a bit as he began to fondle and jack my stiffness and play with my hairy balls. He broke the kiss, and then took one of my nipples into his mouth. He sucked me like a baby might, and then trailed his tongue from the wet stimulated nipple, to the dry expectant one. His mouth worked on it like a hungry puppy, and soon, I was oozing a stream of clear precum over his hand. He licked his way down my chest and across my navel, which he probed briefly with his tongue. We pushed his nose into my pubes and took long shuddering breaths. I reached down and took each of his nipples in my fingers, and as he began to suck my cock, I twisted and tweaked his hard nipples. He moaned, and I felt his mouth reach the base of my cock where he stopped, letting his tongue play over my ball sack. I pulled him up and kissed him again, standing together in front of the couch. I gripped his massive hardon, and squeezed it longingly before dropping it and began to unbuckle his belt. I slipped him out of his trousers, and helped him step out of them. His boxers were tented by his giant tube of meat, and I slid to my knees, tugging his boxers down as I went. He shivered when I touched his cock for the first time with my tongue. I had no hope of getting the giant head the size of my fist into my mouth, but my tongue was busy along the glans, and upper shaft. I soon had him shaking, and wondered how long it had been since he'd cum. I wanted to see his monster cock shoot its load. I locked onto as much of it as would fit into my mouth, and began a slow jack on the ten inch shaft. He closed his eyes, and began to rock slightly on his heels pushing his hips forward toward my mouth. I suctioned the piss slit and drove my tongue into it and found I could slip a good half inch of tongue into the slot. It was the largest slit I'd ever encountered. I loved playing my tongue in and out of it and around his flaring glans. I was rewarded with a slick ooze of precum, and lapped it up and swallowed the delicious nectar. My slow jack on his shaft began to increase in speed, and it wasn't long before he was actually fucking at my face with his hips. I stopped my head movements, and gripped his cock tighter with both hands, I let his cock skin and his fucking hips do the work of getting him off, while I concentrated on his piss slit with my tongue. I soon had him groaning his pleasure, and making little animal sounds, His breathing became ragged, and I felt his nuts draw up under his shaft, and he hissed at me that he was cuming. I broke my suction, and leaned my head back far enough to see the slit and opened my mouth wide. His cock, still in my grip, throbbed, and I felt the cum tube expand under my palms. The slit opened widely like a mouth opening to scream, and he spit his first stream of cum into my waiting mouth. He grunted again, and a second load gushed into my throat, then a third. The fourth landed on my chin, and I dropped my mouth back over the head, and turned on my suck again. He moaned, and put his hands on my shoulders and pumped another load out and onto my tongue. The sheer volume of the wad was exciting to my senses. I swallowed and started to pull off again, but he grabbed my head, and held me in place while his big cock throbbed again, and he blew another big was into me. He rocked his hips and shivered. I could feel his legs vibrating from the tension of his climax. He held my head tightly, and I felt another dribble on my tongue. Man he came like a horse, and it filled me with more cum I'd had in me for a long time, and never from just one cock. He finally began to relax, and stopped trembling. I let his softening cock slip out of my hands, and he sat back down on the couch. He laid back, and closed his eyes while his breathing returned to normal. He massaged his thick log of a cock, and sighed. When he opened his eyes again, he sat up and grinned at me. His blue eyes sparkled. He leaned over and kissed me again where I was sitting on my knees on the carpet looking at him, watching his skin color change as his heart rate returned to normal. "You may not believe this, but that was my first blow job." "Really?" "Yes. I've sucked guys off, but nobody's ever sucked me before." "Really?" I couldn't believe he'd escaped the clutches of the cock hounds I knew if he'd been haunting toilets around town. "I Nn Child Models Galleries was always afraid a guy would reject me as being too big to suck." "Well, I wouldn't call what I did was a great suck job, because it's just too big to get it all inside my mouth." "It was fantastic. I never felt anything like it before. You were great." "Thanks. Anytime you feel you need a blow job, just look me up. I loved every second of it." "Are we finished?" He started reaching for his boxers. I put my knee on them, and stopped his hand. "Let's just sit here and drink our drinks, and watch the video to see what else comes up." "OK. I still have an hour and a half before I have to get to class." I got up and sat down next to him on the couch. The two firemen were now stripped of their all weather gear, except for their steel toed work boots and white socks. The two men were shiny with sweat now, and their gym tones muscles were bulging and glistening as they worked on each other's body. The blond buzz cut actor with his pubes shaved, and not another hair visible on his body, suddenly spread his legs apart and pushed his asshole up to the brunette. The brunette began licking the blond's sweaty crack. I heard George moan slightly and lick his lips. "You like that action?" "Something else I've wanted to try but never got the opportunity." "You want it done, or want to do it?" "Actually both I think. He spread his legs a bit more, and his thigh snuggled with mine against the black leather. He lifted his big ball sack, and fingered his crack beneath his perineum mound. I reached over, and took hold of his big nuts, and tugged on them slightly. he raised his right foot up onto the couch, and opened his butt crack a little more. I slipped off the couch again, and my tongue wasted no time in diving into his sweat slicked crack. I found his hole, and slathered it with my tongue, getting it good and wet. "Oh fuck man! That's incredible." I lapped at him for a few minutes until he was breathing hard again. I pulled a condom fro a box under the couch I'd placed there earlier. I rolled it down my shaft, which was still rampant with the need to cum. "I'm going to fuck you now George. I can't stand not cuming in you." He spread his legs by pulling on his thighs spreading himself wide open for me. He reached for my cock, and pulled me into him. I put the head of my dick at his opening and pushed into his butt. He sighed, and his head twisted to the side, his eyes closed tightly. He was holding his breath, but suddenly let the compressed air burst out of his chest. He reached for me and pulled me down into him between his legs, and putting his lips to my ear, whispered for me to fuck the shit out of his hole. I began to to fuck into him with passion, and soon had him grunting with my insistent shafting of his butt hole. He began to tremble and clutch at my nipples. I was breathing hard myself, and grabbed his flexing chest and squeezed him hard. I could see my fingers making his skin turn red and then white as I gripped and released his flesh. I drove into him harder and harder until he was gasping for breath. He began to breath faster and suddenly his fingers closed over my tits and I nearly screamed with the pleasure his tight grip sent coursing through my nuts. "I'm gonna blow in you George," I hissed. "Fuck it hard man. I need to feel you blow in my ass." His hands released my tits, and he grabbed his cock and started madly jacking himself. I leaned over and caught his flying cock head in my mouth. I fucked into him as hard as I could, and I felt my nuts turning into ooze. He gasped, and then my mouth was being filled with his strong spunk again. "I'm cumming George," I hissed at him, and my balls began to pump out their treasure. I came for a long trembling climax, and finally let my torso down across his softening log, and his sweaty chest. I licked his nipples, and he shivered under me and tightened his sphincter on my softening dick. I tried to pull out of him, but he gripped me with his ass ring, and milked every last ooze of cum out of my dick. I rolled over onto the couch, pulling out of him with a plop. We lay there dreamily watch the two firemen fucking on the TV screen while we slowly rubbed each other's bodies. George picked up his watery tea, and took a long swallow and sat up. "I'd better clean up and get back to school." I showed him the shower and got him a fresh towel. He came back into the den after his shower still drying his rear end. "I suppose I'm going to be sore in the morning." He was stroking his butt crack with the towel. "The best cure for that is to come back for more." I grinned at him, and he started to pull on his boxers. "Seriously George, anytime you want to have sex, just come on over. I'm usually here working all the time, and a goof fuck in the afternoon, helps keep me sane. But next time, I want some of that up my tail." I Nn Child Models Galleries squeezed his thick soft cock in my hand as he buttoned his shirt. "I'm going to be here more than you think." He pulled on his pants and then sat down to put his socks on. I picked up his tea glass, and my beer bottle which I drained and headed for the kitchen. He walked in behind me and put his arms around me from behind. He kissed my neck and ear. He let his hands roam over my torso, and just stood there saying nothing for a long moment. Finally, he let me go and started doing his tie in the mirror above he sink. I retrieved his jacket from the den, and helped him into it. He hugged me again ,and we walked to the front door. I kissed him quickly and then he was gone. I went to the bedroom and got into the bath and ran a hot tub full of water for a long delicious soak. There was something about taking a man's virginity that one had to reflect on a bit.End

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