Related article: Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 09:38:12 -0700 (PDT) From: Fred Gingerman Subject: Acting Out -- transgenderActing Out by : Gingerfred Man Chapter One --Catching Up with Cindy...Cindy Walsh was the happiest 15-year-old girl in the world. She was finishing up her sophomore year at Elvis Presley High School as the most popular girl in the area code. That's what happens when you're beautiful, stacked and have a red-hot sex drive.On the last day of school, Cindy walked home and ran into her house calling her mother's name. When Cindy saw that her mother wasn't home, she looked at her watch. She had three hours until her date with Eric. It would take her about an hour and a half to make herself more scrumptious than usual. She decided to make a little visit to heaven in the spare time she had.Cindy went to her room and removed her tight miniskirt. The boys had been staring at her gorgeous ass and shapely, stockinged legs all day, just as they always did. She looked at her ass and pretty legs in the mirror. The boys were right to look, she thought. I look hot!Cindy removed her blouse and looked at her titties. They were big and plump and beautiful. She unhooked her bra and the love pillows spilled out. Her nipples were large, round and dark. And very erect. Cindy was aroused just from looking at herself. She was still excited by looking at and feeling her titties. Partly because they were less than two years old. And, of course, because it's fun to look at and feel your titties.Cindy eased out of her black, high-heeled, strappy sandals and padded over to her girlie bed. Her room was frilly and femmy, with pastels and ruffles and posters of Britney and the boy bands du jour. She lay on her bed wearing only her black, wispy bikini panties, black garter belt with lace and tiny ribbons, and long, silky, black stockings.Cindy reached into her night table and extracted a small jar of Vaseline. Then she lay back and rubbed her crotch through her pretty panties. It felt wonderful. She shimmied her panties down to mid-thigh and felt her big, hard, hot cock. The foreskin was skinned back and the peehole was oozing sticky goo. She was an incredibly erotic sight, but the only audience was herself and her hot right hand. Cindy dipped her fingers into the Vaseline and teased her clitty head with the slippery stuff. Ohhhh. That felt so good.She began to think erotic thoughts about her incredibly erotic life. Two years ago she had been a nerdy guy named Ryan, who, with his best friend and fellow nerd David, spent three weeks with their mothers' best friend, Laurie Drew, a world-famous Broadway actress. Ms. Drew, whom they had always called Aunt Laurie, had them each spend a week being a girl -- in every way. Ryan went first and immediately loved being Cindy, who fell in love with David. The following week, David became Jenny and Ryan loved her properly and often. Each of them had passionate sex with Aunt Laurie, as both boys and girls. And that didn't include little trysts with Auntie's photographer, Jeff, her yard boy Michael and his friend Harry. During the last week with Auntie, Ryan and David decided to become Cindy and Jenny forever. Auntie helped them convince their mothers that being girls forever was the right thing for them and referred the mothers to an organization called Prisoner Exchange that helped everyone relocate. PE also helped the girls get feminine bodies through surgery and chemicals. So, since they started high school, Cindy and Jenny were hot, beautiful she-boys.The only glitch was that the families relocated 150 miles from each other, so Cindy and Jenny, who were still best friends and lovers, couldn't see each other very often.Still, Cindy thought, as she stroked her eight-inch jewel lovingly, life was good. The boys were peeing their pants to even sniff her as she walked by. She had her pick of the cutest boys in school, all of whom were fucking her little pussyhole until she screamed their studly names. Every one of her dates wanted to suck her cock until she fainted. And a lot of the girls came on to her as well. Cindy liked pussy, but she loved hot, hard, boys' cocks.She and Jenny were incredibly beautiful Loli Hentai girls. They also gave off something that drew men and boys to them, even before they knew the girls were packing pork in their panties.She thought about the last time she and Eric, her date for that evening, had made love. He had touched her on the tip of her prickie, just like that. Ooooooo. He had stroked it as he tongued her tonsils. Mmmmmm. He had stroked along the length of her ridged, monster and told her how beautiful she was.Cindy remembered how Eric had tongued her peehole, just as she was teasing it with her lubed, lacquered nail. Oh my. I want you to do that again tonight, Eric, she thought. Tease me. Use me. I want to feel your big throbber in my tight pussyhole, Eric. Stroke me while you fuck me. That's it, Baby. That's it. That's it. Oh, Baby. Ohhhhhhh. Unnnh. Gasp. Aaaaah. [Splurt] So good [Splurt.] I'm your girl [Splurt] More, Baby. [Dribble] Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.Cindy stroked her balls to reward them for a job well done. Her eyes were closed and she smiled contentedly.Then she heard her mother say, "That was a good one. Feel better?"Cindy opened her eyes casually and said, "I always do, Mama. How are you?" Cindy and her mother had no secrets from each other."I'm fine, Honey, but it looks as if that'll be one less hot, cummy load for poor Eric tonight. He's been looking forward to this date for a month."Cindy giggled. "I can't help it if I'm popular, Mama. Besides, there's plenty more cum where that came from.""Ah, to be 15 again," Mary Kay Walsh said as she sat on the side of the bed next to Cindy. She looked at her child with admiration. Cindy had a full head of blonde curls, a five-star girlie body and a big, fat prick that was flopped on her stomach and oozing hot cum. Mrs. Walsh picked Cindy's cock up in her right hand and hefted it with wonder. It was heavy! Big titties and a big cock! Perfection.Mary Kay was beautiful in her own right. Though 42-years old, she hadn't lost much in the past twenty-or-so years. She idly used her index finger to pick up some of Cindy's cum from her stomach and swirled it around Cindy's limp cockhead."I guess you needed it, since you hadn't cum all day," Mrs. Walsh said. Cindy gave her a guilty look. "You mean it wasn't your first of the day?" Mrs. Walsh asked.Cindy giggled. "Mama, remember how you had to go work early this morning and Allie was picking me up for school? Well, she came in when I was almost ready and I kind of fucked her. It was a stander-upper and vaginal, not anal. She was already soaked and so hot for me, I couldn't turn her down, with her giving me the ride and everything. And Mama, we were on time for school."Mrs. Walsh looked at her child with awe. "So this was your second of the day?""Well, not really. Cheryl begged me to let her suck me off in the girls' room at lunch. I feel so bad turning my friends down, Mama. But that was it today, honest."Whew! "OK. Well, I have wonderful news," Mrs. Walsh said, as she continued to tease and tickle Cindy's beautiful prick with her cum-soaked finger. Cindy's "big girl" was regaining her strength."What Mama? What? Oh, please keep doing that as you tell me."Mrs. Walsh got her whole cummy hand involved and picked up her stroke. "You're spending six weeks this summer with Aunt Laurie and Jenny in an advanced acting class!"Cindy's little heart was fluttering with joy and her prickie was becoming distressed. She shrieked with joy. "Oh, Mama! That's fantastic! I'll get to see Jenny and Auntie and my old friends." She was particularly thinking of a big-cocked, cute young man named Michael, whom she often pictured when pleasuring herself."And that's not all, Honey." [Stroke. Stroke] "Aunt Laurie will have two boys in the class who are only thirteen, the same age you and Jenny were that summer. I think she means for the three of you to have lots of fun with them as boys and maybe girls. She says they're totally innocent."Cindy thought about the possibilities. What fun to turn two virginal boys, first into sissies, then into girls. And spending time in Aunt Laurie's bed. My cock in her pussy. Jenny's in her ass. All of us rubbing, kissing, fondling. CUMMING. LIKE NOW! "Oh, Mama. No one does that like you. Sooooo gooood, my sweet Mama. I love you." Three creamy globs of the tastiest stuff on earth leapt from Cindy's prickie. Her Mama kissed her on the lips and left the room. Loli Hentai She would rouse Cindy to get ready for her date when it was time. For now, she left Cindy to relax and dream about the summer ahead. Chapter Two -- ...and Jenny...You would never have known that Jenny Himes had once been very hesitant about being a girl. Everything about her at 15 screamed femmy. She dressed like a real girl all the time -- stockings, garter belts, heels, short skirts and mini-dresses. Not like the other girls in her school who mostly dressed like squeegee men. The boys noticed. They noticed her big, bouncy titties, her tight, firm, wiggling ass and her gorgeous, innocent face. They noticed her long, straight black hair and her red, puffy lips, always looking to be in need of kissing.Jenny had all the boys she would ever need. She had selected seven or eight (who's counting?) whom she dated on a fairly regular basis. They couldn't believe their good fortune. The boys adored her and worshiped every square inch of her fantastic body. They especially loved her big, hard, uncut cock. It was a pleasure beyond measure for the boys to suck it greedily, while stimulating Jenny's anus with their eager fingers. When she squealed and came for them in their mouths, they swallowed her hot cum like starving wolves. These were not boys who sucked each other's cocks. Only hers. They had discovered Loli Hentai the joys of love with a "special girl" and would never be satisfied with mere women again.Men noticed Jenny too. And Jenny noticed them back. During her first few days as a girl, Jenny had allowed herself to be seduced by Aunt Laurie's photographer, 30-something Jeff Adams. He was bigger than boys and had a sexier body, especially his dark, long, manly cock. And she loved the way he dominated her, covering her with his body and mastering her during sex. She wanted to be his helpless little girl and he accommodated her.Jenny was lying on her bed and thinking about her relationships with men as, 150 miles away, Cindy's mother was telling her about the summer acting workshop. She was dressed only in her pink panties and, as she often did when alone, was stroking her cute girliepole. Mmmmm. It felt good.Jenny thought about Mr. Schultz, her English teacher and how they made love. Mr. Schultz was married, 40 years old, a great teacher, and addicted to Jenny.When the school year had started, Jenny noticed that in class, Mr. Schultz always seemed to be sneaking looks at her, especially her legs. She thought he was cute and was flattered by the attention. A couple of times she may accidentally have spread her legs and shown Mr. Schultz her pretty panties. Those things happen.Mr. Schultz's ears were red when he was around Jenny, but he would probably never have acted on his lust unless Jenny had helped him along. One day, Jenny volunteered to help collect money for a charity door-to-door. She made sure she had Mr. Schultz's house on her route and, at noon on a Saturday, she knocked on his door. He came to the door dressed in sweats and was startled to see Jenny."Hi, Mr. Schultz. I'm collecting for the "Save the Victims" fund.Words formed in Mr. Schultz's mouth, but they didn't emerge."Oh, what a nice house! May I see it?"Mr. Schultz stepped aside and Jenny walked in."Is your wife home? I never met her."Mr. Schultz croaked out, "No, she's at her mother's all day."Jenny figured that was invitation enough. She said, "Perfect" and closed the door. Then she threw her arms around her dream man and gave him a big, lipsticky kiss, with lots of tongue.That was all the invitation the beleaguered teacher needed. He scooped Jenny into his strong arms and carried her, Rhett Buttler-style, up the stairs into his bedroom. Jenny squealed with delight and fluttered her stockinged legs.Mr. Shultz knew he was risking his marriage, his career and the prospect of being a large gentleman's bitch for five to ten, but he didn't care. His cock was running the show that day.Jenny stroked her poker as she remembered how wonderful it had been with that delicious man. He was all hairy and hard in all the right places. His cock was a delight, stiff and eager, with a long foreskin. He winced when she took him in her pretty mouth. He grunted as he fucked her face and came all too soon with a joyous cry.Oh, Jenny remembered it well. It was getting her all hot!Licking Jenny's asshole next had given the teacher the time he needed to get another stiffie. It also gave Jenny a screaming orgasm, which boosted his confidence as well as his fear of discovery by the neighbors.Jenny remembered when his hot cock first poked into her tiny rosebud. It was exquisite! Oh, she couldn't hold herself back much longer. Oh. She remembered how overcome with passion Mr. Schultz had been when he first flooded her bowels with his sweet cream. The poor guy was overcome with emotion; his eyes were filled with tears.Jenny thought Mr. Schultz was so sweet. He loved her so much and they were very discreet. They had only made love maybe 40 times since then, each more frantically erotic than the last.Jenny was imagining that she and Mr. Schultz were at his house now. [Stroke] He was on top of her sweating and grunting his way to a powerful, ball-buster of an orgasm. [Moan] Jenny was near hers as well as Mr. Schultz was kissing her and tickling her just right as he pumped his pork into her tight teen ass. [Squeal] Just then, in her fantasy, Mrs. Schultz walked in, saw what was happening and screamed! Mr. Schultz looked at his wife, looked at Jenny, who in the fantasy and in real life began to lose her cummy load, and went back to fucking Jenny until he came hard. His wife, Jenny imagined, was pounding his back, but the urge to deliver his cum to Jenny's delicious butt was overpowering.Jenny got off on that kind of devotion. Literally. She made big sploogees on her soft, downy tummy and thought about how wonderful it was to be beautiful, young, hung and full of sweet cum.Just then, Charlotte Himes walked in. Mothers do that, don't they? She noticed that Jenny had just pleasured herself and asked if it Loli Hentai was a good cum.Jenny smiled at her mother and said, "They're all good, Mom. This was a great one. I was thinking about Mrs. Schultz catching me fucking her husband."Mrs. Himes said, "Honey, don't even think about setting that up. Although it would serve that man right. Imagine. Fucking one of his students like that. You say he's quite good?""He is, Mom. Would you like me to set the two of you up?" Jenny loved helping her mother."That's sweet, Jenny, but mother can find her own dates, as you well know. They're good- looking enough that you lured the last three into that tight little pussy of yours.""I'm sorry, Mom. I like boys a lot, but I love men. And they love me!""Yes they do, Honey. And not a one turned you away when they got you undressed and saw those six inches of love."Jenny giggled. "They can't wait to suck it, Mom. Men are funny. We want them to master us and they end up doing whatever we want.""A true conundrum equal to why does a quarterback throw a three yard pass on third and eight?"Jenny said, "Huh? I'm a sissy, Mom. Remember? No football please. Just football players. All sweaty and muscular. With hard cocks. Oh, Mom, I'm getting excited again."Mrs. Himes saw the evidence and tut-tutted. "All right. Mother will calm you down, but I have to discuss something serious too.""You can talk about anything you want, Mom, as long as you keep putting those fingers in and out of my twinkle as I stroke my prickie.""Does that feel good? I'm glad. Here's the news. This summer, for six weeks, you and Cindy will be attending an acting workshop at Laurie Drew's home."Jenny squealed happily. "That's wonderful, Mom. Keep those fingers moving, please. Oh, Mom, I'll see Cindy and Aunt Laurie and all my old friends like Jeff Adams." The thought of Jeff Adams bringing her to screaming orgasm was bringing Jenny closer to screaming orgasm."And that's not all, Sweetie. Laurie will also be teaching two, 13-year-old, very innocent young boys, who want to be girls, but don't know it yet. They'll be yours to train!""Oh, Mom! That's so exciting." [Stroke. Rub. Fingers pistoning.] Jenny was thinking of her cock in Cindy's asshole, Cindy crying tears of joy to be with Jenny again. Fucking Auntie's hot, wet pussy and tight, perfect ass. Dressing those boys up and watching them suck each others' cocks. Oh. Ohhhh. Eeeeekkk!Mrs. Himes asked herself where all the cum originated. She had never seen anyone as constantly aroused as her Jenny. Young Andy, Cindy's date for the evening had better have eaten his Wheaties this morning. And those poor boys in the acting class had better get their rest now.It would be an interesting summer. At least with Jenny away, Charlotte's boyfriends would pay more attention to her tight, wet pussy. Chapter Three -- ...and Michael...Eighteen-year-old Michael Dickson was happy and sad. He was happy beyond measure that Cindy Walsh would be spending six wonderful weeks in his town. The three weeks he spent loving Cindy two years ago were the best of his life. In fact, the experience had changed his life profoundly.Michael was sad that his best friend, Harry, would be spending the summer in Europe. Harry had spent a number of orgasm-filled nights with the delectable Jenny, an experience that had changed his life forever as well.When the girls went into the Prisoner Exchange program two years ago, Michael and Harry despaired. The boys were very popular with the girls in town, but girls were a poor substitute for those two special girls, Cindy and Jenny. When the girls were relocated, they reestablished contact with the boys through e-mail. The boys corresponded with the girls eagerly, holding out hope for a reunion. Michael knew that Harry would be totally bummed that he had missed Jenny.Still, the boys had coped. They dated girls; had sex with some. It wasn't bad, just not as good.One day, Harry proposed a solution. "What if one of us became a special girl?"Michael replied, articulately, "Huh?"Harry trembled a little, then removed his pants. He was wearing tan stockings, white bikini panties and a white garter belt. He reached into his book bag and pulled out white stiletto pumps. He put them on and stood in front of Michael.Michael remembered his reaction. Surprise. Reluctance. Frantic arousal.Harry sissied around the room, teasing Michael and making lewd suggestions. Michael took Harry up on all of them. Later, Michael tried wearing stockings for Harry. Sexy, black stockings, like the ones he was wearing as he reminisced.Sometimes, Michael would be the girl for Harry. Sometimes, Harry would be the girl. Sometimes, they were both girls. Oooooo. But they never were both boys. That would be gay!Anyway, Michael was sniffling a bit as he considered the wonderful gift his friend Harry had given him before Harry's graduation trip to Europe.It was spectacular -- the deluxe version of the Spermstorm3000. It was the ultimate masturbation aid. Simply, it was a lifelike, 98.6-warm, big cock that could be programmed to do all the right things in the user's ass. But that was too simple an explanation for a device that was almost a force of nature.The Spermstorm3000 had features developed by someone who knew the pleasures of a well-stuffed ass. Michael read the manual and followed directions. He lubed his aroused cock and the hard, yet smooth and flexible business end of the pretend prick. He had loaded the reservoir with a warmed, cum-like substance and set it for ejaculation on demand. The user can select two to six jets of "cum" in quantities ranging from "drizzle" to "downpour" to "tsunami." There were also three sizes of cock-shaped inserts, ranging from "sissy" to "that's nice" to "oh, Baby!"Michael lay on his back and placed the well-lubed "that's nice" device at the entrance to his pleasure pit. With a remote control device, Michael could control the tempo, length of stroke and angle. By pushing the red button, the device would shoot hot "cum" into his ass.That left Michael's other hand Loli Hentai free to stimulate his own distressed prick.A little apprehensive, but terribly aroused, Michael engaged the Spermstorm3000. On the lowest setting, it gently eased its lubed head into Michael's ass. Oh. That was good. Better than any dildo out there. Michael liked the angle. He engaged the stroking motion. It was lovely! He began to stroke his poker as he engaged the device that gradually would lengthen the stroke and pick up the pace.As he was pleasured by hand and technology, Michael thought of Cindy. She had titties now and had sent him pictures of her big, brown, erect nipples. Oh, Cindy! He wanted to kiss those titties as he stroked her big, beautiful clitty. He wanted to kiss her and put his cock in her spectacular ass. Oh. Oh. Where's that red button? Not yet. What would Cindy think if he wore stockings and asked for her pretty eight inches in his butt? Would she do it? Oh. It would be wonderful. Just like the Spermstorm. Ohhhhhhhh! [Red button pushed] Aaaaaaa! Hot "cum" in the ass! Loss of control. Cum all over his tummy. Oh.It wasn't as good as being with Harry or Cindy. But any old port in a spermstorm. Chapter Four -- ...and Jeff...Jeff Adams was a first-rate photographer and a stud. He had all the babes he could fuck. His favorite had always been Laurie Drew. She liked Jeff a lot as well and they got together frequently when she was in town, which was fairly infrequently.J eff enjoyed sex with Jenny two years ago very much. She was essentially a 13-year-old boy in drag back then. Now she was a 15-year-old fabulous chick with a dick. He was touched by her enthusiasm for him and hoped he would enjoy sex with her very much. But if she changed her plans, he would live.Jeff was sexually omnivorous. And he loved whomever he was with.He almost never whacked off, so this is a really short chapter. Chapter Five -- ...and LaurieOn the other hand (she usually used her left), Laurie Drew loved to tease her own clit to several hot, powerful orgasms.As she was thinking about the summer to come, she had removed her soaked panties and was lying in bed, admiring her fabulous forty-something body. Beautiful, perky boobs with big nipples and very little sag. A thin waist and flat tummy covered with a light down. Long, shapely legs encased in silky pink stockings. And a face that would start any man's engine. Laurie's muffie was wet and hairy. That was how she liked it and the men who spent time with their faces in there liked a bushy pussy as well. It seemed more substantial or something. Plus, it made the search for her clit a treasure hunt, with a sweet little pink prize.She was touching her stiff little clit then, rubbing it the way she liked. Mmmmmm. Some of her lovers did this as well as she. Most did not. Jeff Adams was the only one who serviced Laurie's clit better than she did. He was a welcome visitor, but often had a full dance card.She couldn't wait to see her sweet "nieces" again. They had sent her hundreds of pictures of their new bodies. The girls were incredible! Loli Hentai Laurie took some small credit, having been the person who helped Ryan and David find happiness and their true natures.Laurie wondered about Tommy and Paul, the two boys who won her "talent contest." If the truth be told, she was looking for two boys who were very eager to be actors and who would make pretty girls. She also wanted boys who lived with their mothers. Fathers could be an impediment to sissification. Talent was secondary. Tommy looked so much like a girl it was scary. And he was so unaware of it, and things in general. Paul was another cutie. He may have actually touched his own cock one time for matters beyond urination, but Laurie doubted it. Such wonderful raw material. Such fun!Laurie remembered what little studs her sissy-boys were two years ago. She spent several carnal hours with David alone, then Ryan alone. When they decided to both be girls for the last week and a half of their visit, then forever, Laurie loved taking them both to bed with her. They had made soft, girl-to-girl love, then would use their nice big clitties to entertain their Auntie in her tight ass and wet pussy. Oh, Laurie loved that double penetration, and the stamina and enthusiasm of youth! Now she would have them back, with their eagerness, enthusiasm, nice big titties and larger cocks. Oh, she was going to be naughty soon if she kept thinking about those incredible she-boys in bed with their Auntie. Spilling their girlie juice in Auntie's mouth. Giving Auntie a cummy beard. Oh that lovely feeling is getting nearer. Rub. Rub. Ohhhhh! Ooooooooo. Uh! Uh! Uh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!That summer was going to be a great one. Chapter Six -- Joyous ReunionShortly thereafter, Laurie drove to the airport to pick up her sweet girls.Cindy arrived first. She left the plane, passed a host of panting men, and ran to hug her Auntie. Laurie hugged her tightly, feeling Cindy's ample bosom rubbing against her own. What a pretty picture Cindy was! She was wearing a tight, white minidress that showed off her cleavage and incredible, tan-stockinged legs ending in four-inch-heeled, strappy mules. Laurie wanted to take her into the ladies room and put Cindy's big eight-incher up her soaked muffie. But there was Jenny to pick up in ten minutes.The ladies clacked over to Jenny's gate, stopping and/or breaking men's hearts along the way. They were chatting happily about hair, clothes and the sweet fucking they would do within an hour. Jenny's plane arrived exactly on time [this is, after all, a fantasy] and Cindy and Laurie squealed and waved when they spotted her. Jenny was wearing a pink and white minidress with ample cleavage, pink stockings and pink, four-inch pumps. She was a living doll. Laurie noted almost absently that Jenny had bigger titties. That was made up for by Cindy's bigger cock. But we digress.The three hugged and squealed and drew more male attention than a Swedish bikini team would have. They collected their luggage, drove home, unloaded the car, and stripped down to their stockings and garter belts.Cindy asked, "So how do we look, Auntie?""Like Christmas morning, Honey. Like the first warm day in April. Like the sexiest 15-year-olds on the face of this poor old earth. Come kiss your Auntie."The girls loved their Auntie. A lot.The three beauties kissed and hugged. They sucked each other's beautiful breasts. Jenny straddled Auntie's shoulders and fed her her cock. Auntie sucked it greedily, with lots of slurping sounds. Jenny whimpered with lust and her balls stirred. Meanwhile, Cindy ate Auntie's muffie expertly. Cindy had as many female admirers as she did male, due in part to her skillful adoration of the clitoris. Auntie squirmed and whimpered herself. Then came like the Iceman. Yeow. She kept sucking Jenny's prick, much to Jenny's delight. Jenny squealed with joy, then gave Auntie the cum beard she had imagined.They exhausted Loli Hentai each other and the possibilities over the next three days. Auntie's favorite was Jenny's cock in her pussy as Jenny kissed her hungrily and Cindy's big stiffie was working its magic in her tight asshole.Cindy's favorite was Auntie sucking her cock as Jenny plowed her pasture from behind and kissed her neck.Jenny's favorite was fucking Auntie's butt while Cindy fucked Jenny's butt.But there really weren't any bad combinations. Chapter Seven -- Acting ClassesTommy Chance was excited beyond belief. All he ever wanted to be was an actor. That summer he was one of two boys selected from a nationwide competition for six weeks training with the brilliant Broadway actress Laurie Drew. The other boy, Tommy knew, was equally excited because Tommy and Paul Bernard had been e-mailing and calling each other since they were notified of their selection.Tommy liked Paul a lot already. They had discussed the challenges excitedly and eagerly. Ms. Drew had sent the boys a lot of information about the plays they would be doing. Some were familiar. Some were new. They were also excited about working with the other two workshop participants, two 15-year-old girls named Cindy Walsh and Jenny Himes. Ms. Drew said they were experienced actresses and, from their pictures, were fantastic beauties.Tommy and Paul agreed that Cindy and Jenny would never have any interest in two younger guys like them. As they lay in their beds chatting by phone one night, they admitted to each other that neither had even kissed a girl. They agreed that such stuff doesn't matter to a real actor, but Tommy's thingee was getting all stiff when he thought about Cindy and Jenny. He wasn't sure why it was or what he was supposed to do about it, and that confused him.Tommy was a very cute young man. He had a sweet face, with long eyelashes, sparkling blue eyes, boyish-cut blond hair and soft lips. Paul, Tommy knew from their e-mails, was darker, but also very cute for a boy, with brown eyes, slightly longer brown hair and a firm, boyish body.The big day arrived and Tommy's parents put him on the plane for Ms. Drew's home. When he arrived at the airport, he met Paul. The boys chatted excitedly and they were fast friends when Ms. Drew arrived to pick them up.Ms. Drew liked the boys very much and they liked her. All the way to Laurie's home, they discussed the plays they would be working on that summer and Laurie's method of "immersion" in a role. Not just during rehearsal, but all the time. She told them that they would be beginning with several scenes from "Romeo and Juliet" and that the four young actors would be wearing Elizabethan outfits 24/7 for the first week.Anything Ms. Drew said was fine with Tommy and Paul. They were just delighted to be training here. They were also eager to meet Cindy and Jenny, who had arrived early and were already at the Drew home.When the car pulled up to Laurie's home, they honked for the girls to help them unload. Cindy and Jenny didn't come downstairs right away and when they did, though beautiful, they looked a bit disheveled. The boys saw only their vast beauty, but Laurie saw the flushed faces of interrupted sex. They were probably fucking each other the whole time Laurie had been gone. Of course, Laurie had been in bed with them since they arrived three days ago.Tommy and Paul were practically speechless around the lovely, sexy teens. Cindy and Jenny were very nice to them, helping them get settled and not flirting at all. Well, maybe a little inadvertent rub, or feel, or exposure now and then, but nothing serious.The boys shared a room with two single beds. The three ladies each had their own room with a double bed in each.They had a lovely, get-acquainted dinner and the boys opened up quite a bit about their lives and their passion for acting. Though virginal, they were very mature and self-confident. Paul seemed to be a bit more of a risk-taker; Tommy was more cautious.The boys settled down to sleep that first night and thought they heard strange sounds from the direction of Ms. Drew's bedroom. There was moaning, muffled squealing and squeaking and even the occasional muted scream. They assumed she was watching a video and dropped off to sleep.The next day, the regimen began. Laurie was strict, but an excellent teacher. Tommy was Romeo to Cindy's Juliet. Jenny played the nurse and Paul was Benvolio. Laurie was pleased. The kids were raw. But they had talent.True to her word, the young actors wore period costumes and they stayed in role the entire week. It was a great technique, although it startled some of the many visitors to the house, until they figured out what was happening. The boys liked the people who came to the house, especially Jeff Adams, who was Ms. Drew's long-time friend and photographer. All the visitors made light-hearted comments about varlets and damsels and the week ended with presentation of several scenes before a small audience of Laurie's friends. Laurie was very pleased and so were the actors.Over the weekend, the boys watched as the girls went off with a nice, 18-year-old fellow named Michael, whom Cindy was very happy to see. Strangely enough, when they came home Sunday night, Jeff Adams brought Jenny home. Jenny said she was very tired and was walking funny. She had a big smile on her face, however. How curious, the boys thought. Chapter Eight -- First Weekend FunMichael and Cindy dropped Jenny off at Jeff's house. Jeff kissed her hotly and invited her in. It would be the first time Jenny had stayed with a man overnight and she was very excited.Michael was excited too. He could not believe his good fortune. How many of us actually realize our dreams? Cindy was the kind of girl we all dream about. Despite all her experience, she was still sweet and loving. Michael was the first boy she had ever seduced and she had a large place in her heart for him.Michael's parents were schoolteachers and had gone to Europe for the summer again. So he and Cindy had the run of the place. Cindy didn't want to run. She wanted to be loved by Michael for the next 32 hours. At 18, Michael had the stamina to do just that.Michael drank Cindy with his eyes. She was as pretty as any girl he had known or seen. She filled a pretty blue dress perfectly and her legs were giving Michael the stiffie of his life.Cindy had a great idea. "Why don't we get undressed, Mikey?" No one else dared call him that.Michael stripped to a delicious buff. "Oh, Michael, you've grown," Cindy said with a gasp. He was bigger than Sweet Cindy by an inch and a half.Michael stared at the astounding, arousing picture of a beautiful girl in fine lingerie, sporting an eight-inch cock, standing proudly against her flat tummy. What XX girl compares to this? He thought.Cindy hopped on the bed, propped her neck and back up with three pillows and began to stroke her perfect prick to a dazzling erection. Her red, talon-like nails looked as if they would draw blood, but all they did was force Loli Hentai blood to engorge her sweet meat.Michael accepted the invitation. He lay next to Cindy on the bed, kissing her softly, then hungrily, all the while stroking her excellent poker. Cindy was enjoying herself immensely. Instinct tells a girl to take an active role in a situation such as this. Instinct is wrong. If your lover is loving you well, sit back and purr, moan, squeal and come bloody murder. Cindy hit every point on that checklist. She splurted mightily all over her pretty garter belt and her exquisite tummy. Michael, the rogue, licked it up like a cute little kitty cat. Good boy, Michael. You deserve a reward, Cindy thought.She flipped on her tummy and offered Michael his favorite meal, her spectacular ass. Michael ate like a starving man, making Cindy whimper with pleasure and surrender. After 15 minutes of that, she was open to every suggestion and the next available cock. Let's see, that would be Michael's.With her titties still on the bed, Cindy hitched up to her knees and offered her lover the best sight he had ever seen. A beautiful, special girl's lubed and very willing sphincter. Yummy!Michael got to his knees and fed his monster to Cindy's hot butt one inch at a time, teasing her and making her beg him for more. Cindy thought, Oh, Michael, what's gotten into you? You're so masterful. Actually, what had gotten into him was Harry's cock -- many times. And he learned a lot about making a girl with a cock happy in the past two years.When little Michael was all in, Michael dropped down on Cindy, giving her his full weight and bringing her to the full prone. He breathed hotly in her ear and told her she was his little fuck doll and he was in his complete control.Ooooooo, Cindy thought. Fuck doll. I like that. Complete control. Mmmmm.Michael dominated Cindy's ass like a Top Ten team beats the Little Sisters of the Poor. It was a runaway and Cindy was enjoying not just the excellent fucking, but the loss of control and the unpredictability of the situation. When Michael filled her sore ass with a half-gallon of manly seed, Cindy was crying with lust and spilled a large load of girlie goo just from the mental images she was conjuring during the long, spirited coitus. Then Michael was an extra bad boy. After his cock popped out of Cindy's ass, he captured each glob of cum as it oozed from Cindy's ass and fed it to her with his fingers. She ate it all and felt so DIRTY. It was fantastic!Meanwhile, across town, Jeff Adams was reassessing his lifetime attitude of "love `em, but don't get too involved with `em.." Jeff had never seen a specimen like Jenny. She required a reassessment of the laws of the universe.Jenny Himes was a perfect creation. Long, straight, black hair, angelic face, killer curves, world-class legs, titties to die for, a perfect, pink, six-inch cock with the cutest sack of balls, and the sex drive of a 15-year-old boy. Jenny was standing in her panties, stockings and heels in front of the naked Jeff, who was already smitten for life.It couldn't work, he thought. I'm 20+ years older than she is. My cock could never keep up with her. What does she see in me?Jenny was blushing at Jeff's obvious fawning admiration, while wondering what the delay was in jumping her pretty bones. She liked a man with a slow hand, but Jeff appeared comatose.Jenny began to tease her erect prickie through her sweet panties. Then she extracted the head and gently scraped the peehole lips with her long, red fingernails. She locked eyes with Jeff and purred, "Do you like me, Jeff?"Jeff was facing an epiphany. For the first time in his life, he wanted a girl more than she wanted him, he was sure. How would his life change? Well, if he moved right now, it would change for the better instantly. So he did. He hugged Jenny and rubbed his hairy chest against her big, brown nipples.Jenny cooed. She loved a man's chest hair on her titties.Jeff kissed Jenny, sucking her tasty tongue greedily as he stroked her ass with both hands. Jenny wiggled, almost losing her balance on her four-inch heels. Jeff sat on a chair and drew Jenny to his naked lap. Jeff began to make a meal of Jenny's glorious titties, a meal whose dessert would not be found within other girls he had loved. Jenny loved the adoration of her breasts and squealed in sissy appreciation. This fired Jeff up all the more and he entered her fabulous ass with two probing fingers as he continued to lick and suck Cindy's big, brown nipples.Even though her big clitty had not been touched, Jenny was getting that good feeling. Jeff was an excellent lover and her titties and ass were getting some wonderful attention. Jenny panted. She gasped. She told Jeff what a fine lover he was. Then she squeaked softly and began to throw her goo around the vicinity. Much went onto her tummy, thighs and stockinged legs. The rest hit Jeff like the lava of love. He stopped his nursing and put his face down to catch the fifth and sixth jets of delicious Jenny juice in his mouth. Mmmmm.Jenny was bouncing up and down on Jeff's lap and he expected her head to rotate at any minute. But he wasn't disappointed when Jenny moved to her knees and covered his needy cock with kisses and little love bites. Ooooooo.The weekend got even better from there. Jeff wondered, how could I ever give this girl up? And she's a little over two years from legal.The next day, at Michael's house, Cindy's assessment was that poor Michael was fucked out. They didn't have to be back to Auntie's for four hours yet, but Michael was snoring on the bed next to her. He was on his back and his big, beautiful meat was across his stomach, limp and damp with the remnants of multiple loads of cum and bits of poopie from Cindy's hot butthole.Cindy still had lots of spark, but she decided to let Michael sleep for another ten minutes or so. She would fill the time by snooping through Michael's most private stuff. She deserved it after she had shown Michael every intimate part of her body. And he had put his prick in places no man had gone before.She looked in his underwear drawer. Hmmmm. Underwear. Then in his sock drawer. Under the white socks, sticking out slightly was a pair of white, silky stockings. What was that? A peek under the black socks, and Cindy found a pair of sexy, fully-fashioned black stockings. Did Michael keep them here for a girlfriend? Then she decided to look in Michael's closet. Behind the shoe rack, Cindy found Michael's most secret possession. She picked it up and carried it into the bedroom.Cindy shook Michael gently to awaken him. He smiled, rolled over to kiss Cindy and opened his eyes. He was surprised at what he saw. "Cindy, Honey. What are you doing?""I'm just trying to understand this machine," Cindy said.Michel gulped and told the truth. "It's called the Spermstorm3000. It's...""I know what it does, Michael. I saw the infomercial. It's used by men, mostly TGs, to fuck themselves up the ass as they're whacking off. I'm wondering why you have one. Do you like a cock in your ass? Where did you get it? And why?"Again Michael told the truth. "Harry gave it to me, Cindy, to use while he was in Europe. Ever since Harry and I met you and Jenny, ordinary girls just don't do it for us anymore, so we, kind of, dress a little and fuck each other."Big points for truthfulness, Michael. "Oh. OK," Cindy said. "I feel bad that Jenny and I turned you Loli Hentai off to other girls. They're not all dull, selfish and bitchy. I think you should get to know my Auntie. But for now, can I see you use it?""Are you sure? I'm a little embarrassed.""A little embarrassment can lead to some great sex, Michael. Please."Michael could refuse Cindy nothing. He prepped the Spermstorm3000, then got on his back to begin the insertion. Cindy interrupted. She held up his black stockings and said, "Don't you wear these when you use it?"Michael blushed and put them on. The Spermstorm3000 entered Michael's tight anus ring gently. He winced and his prick was limp from embarrassment. Cindy began to stroke Michael's cock, then suck it as the machine stroked his ass harder and deeper.Michael was clearly aroused and near orgasm. The shame and humiliation proved to be an added turn-on for the young man and Cindy's curiosity without judgment was also arousing him. Cindy's world-class cocksucking helped move matters along as well. Michael locked eyes with his Cindy, pushed the Spermstorm3000 to its highest setting and blew a big load into Cindy's mouth. He whimpered, then moaned as the goo overwhelmed Cindy and blew out onto Michael's thighs and black-stockings.When Michael's chest quit heaving, Cindy gave him a big cummy kiss and said, "We have so much to learn about each other and I want to know it all. You're a good, honest man, Michael, and you've given me a big stiffie. I see the machine made your asshole gape nice and wide. I do believe I have just the plug for it. Then you'll learn something new about me. You see, I like to fuck as well as be fucked. I think we're birds of a feather on that one"And the birds nested together.While the girls were gone for the weekend, Tommy and Paul played basketball, took a long hike and swam in Laurie's backyard pool with John, 16, and Bobby, 15, two good-natured neighborhood boys who did odd jobs and gardening for Laurie. Tommy and Paul liked them because they didn't act like big shots around the younger boys.Somehow, Laurie had neglected to tell Tommy and Paul that she had a pool, so neither brought his suit to her home. Luckily, Laurie had suits for them -- red Speedos that looked almost like bikini bottoms, covering only a millimeter above their ass cracks and so tight that you could make out the outlines of the veins in the boys' cocks. Tommy and Paul were so innocent that they didn't care and didn't notice. From Laurie's observations, however, John and Bobby certainly noticed ...and may have cared. John and Bobby also seemed to notice Tommy and Paul's long lashes, pretty faces and cute butts. Hmmmmm.Laurie had seen John and Bobby with many pretty girls and knew that they dated. But maybe seeing Tommy and Paul reached out to a different set of their instincts. Chapter Nine --A New ChallengeThe next week, the play chosen was Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire." Paul played Stanley Kowalski, Cindy was his wife Stella, Jenny was Stella's sister Blanche Dubois, and Tommy played Blanche's gentleman caller. The costumes were easier for that week. Paul wore a torn T-shirt and yelled "Stellllaaaaa" whenever he felt like it. Jenny wore Blanche's southern belle finery and discussed the merits of relying on the kindness of strangers.That week ended in another fine performance. Everyone was in high spirits. Then Laurie said that they would be doing something a bit different for the third week. They would be doing a new play called "Sissyboys" by a young playwright called Fred Gingerman. Laurie was very excited about it, but when the boys received the scripts, they were very concerned."Ms. Drew," Tommy said, "this script wasn't in the information you sent us. And it calls for Paul and me to have sex on stage, first with each other, then with Cindy and Jenny's characters. Will we really do that?""Tommy, I'm surprised at you," Laurie said. "I thought you were an actor. Doing the unfamiliar is what makes us grow as actors. It wasn't in your packets because I didn't think you two would have the talent for such challenging roles. Now I believe you do."The boys blushed with pride.Laurie continued. "If you stay in your comfort zone, you'll never learn anything. Now study your scripts and we do scenes one and two on Monday."Tommy and Paul were scared but excited. On Monday they would do some real acting. Chapter Ten -- Second Weekend FunThe next weekend, the girls went to see their beaux and the boys played catch, went swimming with John and Bobby and studied their lines.Michael and Cindy had reached an intriguing arrangement. For the first 24 hours they were together. Michael was the dominant man he had been most of the previous weekend. Among other macho deeds, Michael had pinned the naked Cindy flat against the brick fireplace wall. Her warm breasts were crushed against the rough brick as he rudely fucked her delicious butt. Seconds from asphyxiation, Cindy gasped and came, drooling her juice down the bricks to the floor. Firm treatment was what Cindy wanted from her men, but only Michael knew how.At the end of 24 hours, Cindy made up Michael's surprisingly pretty face, slipped a pink nightie over his head, rolled up pink stockings and a garter belt and fucked his ass as he squealed like a little Loli Hentai girl. What a fun weekend it was!At Jeff's place, Jeff was dishing out the best sex he had ever delivered. When Jenny had been an titless boy, Jeff had discovered her love of digital stimulation. After brief preliminaries, Jeff stripped Jenny naked and orally adored each of Jenny's toes and the spaces between. Jenny moaned and writhed for an hour, cumming twice on her pretty tummy. Then, Jenny's lips, boobs and clitty still untouched, Jeff worshiped her asshole with his tongue through another hour and two more violent orgasms.It was like the interrogator who brings the prisoner in and beats him up without saying a word. After a little of this, the prisoner is begging to be asked questions. Jenny begged to be fucked, on her back! With her legs hooked over Jeff's shoulders. Her tummy covered with the residue of four vicious orgasms. Her ass stuffed with a skilled and aroused man's large cock. Moaning. Squealing with passion. Her prick was once again hard and needy. Jeff's eyes rolling back. Loving Jenny, but his body caught in a need beyond his control. Pump. Groan. Jenny squealing loudly, then cumming for a fifth, intense time. Crying big tears. Jeff telling Jenny he loved her, then filling her ass with a Guinness-worthy load of the essence of man. The two exhausted with temporarily satisfied lust. Kissing. Laughing. Teasing.Jenny thought, "He said he loves me. I can live with that."Tommy and Paul enjoyed their second weekend with John and Bobby. The older boys seemed to be very attentive to them. Even more so when Tommy and Paul were wearing their skimpy bathing suits. What good friends they are, Tommy and Paul thought. John and Bobby left Laurie's home, went to their homes and when alone, teased their wieners through several cums thinking of things they could hardly admit to themselves, let alone each other. Chapter Eleven -- Sissyboy Week - MondayOn Monday morning, the director explained the first scene and everyone's motivations."Tommy, you are a character called, well, let's make it easy, `Tommy,'" Laurie said. "Paul will be Loli Hentai `Paul.' Cindy is Tommy's sister and Jenny is Paul's sister."Tommy and Paul are best friends who, like many 13-year-old boys, are confused about their sexuality and their feelings for each other. Their hormones are eating them alive and they don't know what to do about it."Tommy and Paul listened intently, but didn't really understand. Their hormones were yet to rage."Now here are your props, boys. You know your lines. Tommy, you're on the couch watching TV. Paul, enter, stage left.""Hey, Tom.""Hey""Whassup?""Nothin'. You? ""Check this out. My Dad's hardcore magazines.""Holy shit, Paul. How'd you get those?"He doesn't know they're gone and my parents and your parents won't be back for two weeks. Wanna see?"Eagerly. "Yeah!"Paul handed Tommy one called "In Every Hole."The boys sat next to each other on the couch. They were getting excited looking at the magazines and they weren't that good as actors to fake those nice bulges in their pants. And the little leaky stains forming at the tip of the bulges.Tommy stole glances at Paul. Paul smiled and said. "My pants are getting tight. I'm taking them off."Tommy gulped. Then he removed his pants too. Both boys were wearing white jockey underpants and they appeared to be very excited. After a little more picture viewing, Paul reached into his shorts and extracted a lovely, straight, 4-inch, red, hard, jewel of a cock. Tommy felt a little drool at the corner of his mouth and he wasn't acting. Paul began to stroke his cock for the first time in his life. His balls sat there neglected.The director broke in. "No, Paul. No. That's not how you stroke a cock. Haven't you ever done that before?"Paul admitted, "No, Ma'am."Laurie smiled. "That's all right, Honey. Cindy, show Paul how to stroke a cock."Paul was horribly embarrassed, apprehensive and excited. Was Cindy going to whack him off?No such luck. Cindy removed her skirt, shimmied down her peach-colored panties and extracted her 8-inches of girl. The boys' mouths hung open and they actually trembled. What were they involved in here?Cindy tried to calm them down. "It's all right, boys. I'm just a special girl. And so is Jenny. You'll be happy we are when you get to know us. Now watch."Cindy slowly and sensuously skinned her prickiehead, then let the brown, wrinkly foreskin slip back. She repeated this several times, moaning as if she were truly enjoying herself. With her other hand, she teased her balls, then wet two fingers and inserted them in her magnificent ass. The boys' throats were dry and their pricks were outrageous.Laurie said, "Follow along boys. Do what Cindy does and learn."Tommy pulled his underpants down, locked his eyes on Cindy's cock and his hands on his own pretty cock and balls. This masturbation thing didn't appear difficult, but Tommy knew already that he would want to practice it a lot. To make sure he was getting it right. An actor doing his craft.Paul was putting his energy into stroking his own sweet poker and he was feeling things he had never felt. Tingles in his stomach. Good tingles. Sexy tingles. When was he supposed to stop? Cindy seemed to be able to do that all day. No, wait. She was picking up speed.When Cindy accelerated, the boys did too, matching her stroke for stroke. She began to squeak and squeal. Laurie told them they didn't have to do that, but a moan or groan would be appropriate. Cindy closed her eyes, squinting hard, then began to breathe more heavily. She said urgently, "I'm coming!""Coming where?" the boys thought. Then she showed them. Hot, thick globs of a white, gooey substance leaped from Cindy's red, sore-looking prick. She screamed with her release, scaring the boys. Was she in pain? She appeared to be all right, just very intense about her feelings. Could they have those feelings too?They found out. Laurie told them to keep stroking and they followed their director. Tommy looked at Cindy's cock, framed by her black stockings and her white thighs, Loli Hentai drooling a sexy substance and he was very excited. A similar substance was leaking from his cock, making his cockhead more slippery for his stroking hand. He looked over at Paul's cute prick and became even more excited. Tommy felt something entirely new. A little pinch in his gut. Stroke. Stroke. Then a bigger one. Tickle balls. Stroke. Then the strangest, most powerful feeling of his young life. He was losing control of his body. Something incredible was happening. Tommy looked at Paul, who seemed to be in the same predicament. They locked eyes and something wonderful passed between them, though neither knew what it was yet. Tommy looked at the ladies, who were all nodding encouragement. Oh that feeling! What was it? Ohhhh. It was wonderfullllllll! Jets of boygoo leaped from Tommy's virginal cock, crossing streams in midair with Paul's sacrifice to Eros. He kept stroking and the cum kept leaping. He felt weak, but stroked on. My goodness it was great! Why wasn't he doing this before?The boys fell back in a pool of their own and each other's boy juice. They were delighted with what they had done, but work wasn't over. Laurie gave them each a towel. Cindy put her panties and skirt back on and winked at the boys. And Laurie said, "Places, people." Let's try that scene again from the top."Tommy and Paul pulled themselves together after pulling themselves for the first time. They ran through the scene up to the point where they were to masturbate. This time, the director told them that it would be more realistic if they stripped completely naked. Tommy and Pail were personally reluctant, but their professionalism took over and they sensuously stripped, in character. The three women were very aroused by the site of these two beautiful cherubs in the buff. They wanted to jump their bones, but the boys would probably have panicked, called their mothers and the jig would have been up.Keeping the jig well down, Laurie continued to direct her actors. "Tommy, stroke your balls with your free hand. Not like you're rubbing a dog's tummy! Gently. Do it the way it feels best to you. That's it. I can see you like that. Paul, wet your fingers with your saliva. Concentrate more on your cockhead. It's where most of the nerve endings are. Good, boys. Now look in each other's eyes, hesitate for a second, then kiss."Tommy's head screamed. "Kiss? I didn't...the script...I know. Director trumps script. How? Oh, like that. Mmmmm. That's very nice. But Paul's a boy. Oh, is that Paul's tongue in my mouth? Now that really feels good. I'll just give him some of my tongue too. Paul's rubbing his body against mine because Ms. Drew just told us to. Oh, Golly. Now we're putting our hands on each other's pricks. This is fantastic! I hope we rehearse this a lot. Paul's a great kisser, I think. I hope I am. He sure is moaning and groaning a lot. I think a lot of those moans are mine. This is so much better than what we did before. Oh, my. I think that thing is starting again. That wonderful thing where I feel good all over and that white goo jumps out of my peehole. It's definitely like the last time, only stronger. Paul feels it too, I think. I can help him along if I hug him to me and kiss him really nice as I stroke his cock. Paul likes that. It feels good to be able to help Paul. He's so nice. And cute. Oh no. That coming thing is definitely ON ITS WAY. HOLY COW!!!!! GOLLY GEE!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaa. Paul's body is spasming too. He's throwing that stuff on my cock as I'm throwing it on his. You mean I can do this any time I want and this happens? Acting is even more fun than I thought."The boys lay back, breathing hard, but still kissing sweetly and rubbing each other's cummy pubes. Laurie's panties were soaked. Cindy's and Jenny's cocks were outrageously stiff. The three onlookers applauded the boy's acting. The boys glowed with pride and turned red in bewilderment and sexual heatLaurie said, "The girls and I are going upstairs for an hour or so to discuss the next scene. Why don't you boys take a ten-minute break, then rehearse that scene again, on your own. Just as you did it then?"The boys agreed, of course, but looked at each other shyly. Paul wondered whether Tommy had feelings for Paul or was just acting. It sure felt like the real thing.Laurie, Cindy and Jenny were so overheated by what they had just seen that they went upstairs and fucked each other raw for ninety minutes. When they came downstairs they found Tommy and Paul dutifully rehearsing. The two young, beautifully naked Adonis's were locked in a carnal embrace, kissing each other hungrily as they masturbated each other to yet another screaming orgasm. Each was having the best day of his young life. Each was afraid to ask the other if he was just acting when he kissed him.Just looking at that beautiful boyish flesh was getting the ladies aroused again, so Laurie directed the scene to continue.In character, Cindy entered, stage right, carrying a video camera. She said, "Ha! I finally caught you two little faggots. I have that whole little love fest on tape. I can't wait to show it to Mom and Dad and Paul's mom and dad. Even better, maybe I'll upload it to a Web site and have all your friends watch it."The boys displayed panic and began to cry. "No, Cindy. No. Please. We'll do anything you say!" This was not a play rich in snappy dialogue.Cindy gave the expected answer. "Anything?"The boys nodded through their tears.Cindy said, "OK. I'll destroy this tape if you two do everything Paul's sister Jenny and I say until our parents get home in two weeks."The boys eagerly agreed. Too bad they hadn't read a lot of TG literature.Continuing the play, Cindy called Jenny, who joined them all at "Cindy's house." When she saw her naked "brother" and his friend Tommy, she laughed. Jenny said, "I knew you little faggots were doing each other. I'm glad Cindy caught you. Cindy, I think the boys would look better with some clothes on, don't you?"The boys were whimpering and quivering. Cindy said, "Yes, Jenny. And I know just the things. I've been saving outfits for when we caught them. I'll dress your brother and you dress mine."Cindy grabbed Paul and began to rouge his cheeks, in a caricature of a sissy boy. Then she tied little pink ribbons in his boyish hair. Jenny did the same for Tommy, adding lipstick. Then the girls slipped silky stockings up the boys' legs, pink for Paul, white for Tommy. Each then hooked a garter belt to the stockings. Despite having cum four times each so far that day, the boys had very stiff cocks. They were sneaking looks at each other's pretty pricks. Paul even smiled at Tommy once.Neither boy was allowed the concealment of panties. Cindy slipped a pink nightie over Paul's head. Paul shivered as it went on. Then he realized that it was far too short, reaching only his belly button. His pretty cock, pink balls and soft, warm ass were horribly exposed. Tommy was only given a white training bra and a diaphanous bolero jacket, reaching only to mid stomach, to "cover" his body. Each boy was put in high heels that matched the color of their outfits. They tottered a bit, but stayed standing.The boys looked at each other and were excited beyond explanation. In character, Cindy continued. "Now you look like the sissy faggots you are. This is the way you'll dress for the next two weeks and you must obey us immediately. Now, put your hands behind your backs. The boys complied instantly. The girls tied their hands with silk scarves.The girls made the boys clack over to each other in their heels. The boys faced each other and saw the sissies they had become. Tommy's poor prick was almost bursting. He wanted to put his arms around Paul and kiss him and make that good thing happen again and again. Paul was in love with Tommy for life. Tommy looked so good, Paul wanted to kiss him all over his body. Paul's prick appeared to be growing by the minute.The dommy girls produced a bottle of baby oil. Cindy greased up the cocks of both boys with oil. She enjoyed doing that quite a bit and was eager for the day when she could have those cocks in her mouth and butt. That would appear to be imminent, but not at that moment. Paul moaned softly as his cock was oiled. Tommy gasped and had to hold back from cumming.The dommy girls moved the boys within inches of each other, without touching. Cindy said, "So, how do you little faggots like this? Do you like being real sissyboys instead of just part-time sissies?" The boys just whimpered with embarrassment and lust.Cindy and Jenny moved the boys closer so that only the very tips of their oiled cocks touched. Tommy shuddered. Paul panted with excitement. Were they acting? We think not.Jenny grabbed Tommy's cock and rubbed its the head against Paul's most sensitive part. Cindy guided Paul's cock through the lusty dance. Cindy said, "Listen to the little queers moan, Jenny. Loli Hentai I think they're in love."Tommy and Paul were considering the same possibility. They looked at each other and, ad-libbing, leaned forward to kiss. Their lipsticks mingled. Their tongues explored. Cindy and Jenny continued to berate them as faggots, while rubbing their cockheads together deliciously. Tommy felt "it" first and kissed Paul more intensely. He wanted to hug Paul and feel his body, but both boys' hands were tied. Paul kissed back and felt that little pinch warning that he had spent the day learning about. The girls sensed the boys' impending bliss and reached up with their free hands to massage the boys' balls sensuously. Tommy cringed a little from the intensity of it all, then, ad-libbing again, said, "I love you, Paul," and let a huge load of boycum leave his pretty cock and balls. It flooded the girls' hands and Paul's cock and triggered an equally copious emission from pretty Paul. Their knees were jelly. It was amazing to the boys that they didn't fall off their heels.Laurie applauded. "Excellent work, boys and girls. Excellent. That's a wrap for today. Now remember, we stay in costume and character for the week, although that doesn't mean that the boys are the girl's slaves all week. Unless that's what you want, boys." [Chuckle]The boys didn't know what they wanted. They were horrified at the idea of walking around all week in high heels and stockings with their pricks, balls and asses exposed. But actors make sacrifices. The real question was how had this changed the way Tommy and Paul saw each other. Tommy wanted to kiss and love Paul. Paul wanted the same with Tommy. But it would be queer to say so.That night, in their beds, Tommy and Paul were dressed in the baby dolls that Ms. Drew said would help them stay in character. Pink for Paul. White for Tommy. Their poor pricks had been hard all afternoon and evening. The women could see that, but they didn't comment. Strange.Tommy was crying soft tears because he wanted to be with Paul, who was only on the other side of the room. But he was afraid of rejection and being called a queer if he spoke first.Paul heard the sobs and asked, "What's the matter, Tom?""Nothing." Sob."Are you sad? Didn't you like what we did today?<
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