Related article: Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 18:49:59 -0800 From: TopLegal Subject: "Abused for Money" (M/M, sex with 18 yro men, escort, spanking, more)Abused for Money ================ By TopLegal WARNING This contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and sadomasochistic activities between adult males. If this offends you, is not appropriate for viewing in your location, or you are not of legal age, do not read it. Any resemblance of characters in this story to the living is purely coincidental. (c) 2003, TopLegal. Permission Cp Little Gallery is granted for distribution via Usenet and the Web provided that the following two conditions are met: there is no cost to access this story, e.g. AdultCheck, pay site, etc., and the story is posted in full without modifications. [Ed: Sorry for the long hiatus, real life can get in the way of writing. Thanks to all my fans for the continued support and encouragement.]Or My New Profession -------------------- "Scott," my dad shouted from the other room, "what is for dinner?" "Lasagna." "Again?" "Dad we haven't had lasagna for two weeks." Silence. I fumed. I was eighteen; I did not need to put up with my good for nothing father any more. He spent most of his days drunk off his ass. For years I had excused it all because he was traumatized by mom's death, but the reality was it had been ten years. We got a decent settlement from the insurance company, but most of that was in a trust account for me when I reached eighteen. My dad's decent into self-medication with booze had been slow but accelerating. I was grateful that there was some money set aside for me, but clearly not enough for me to move out on my own in San Francisco and go to college. I very much wanted to stay in San Francisco though. I had realized I was gay a few years earlier and had even started dating one of my classmates, Brian. Brian's dad caught us fooling around one Sunday and his Cp Little Gallery dad told my dad and for the past two years my relationship with my own father has only deteriorated. Some times I wished my dad would just haul off and beat the crap out of me. Instead, it was a stony, frigid, detached silence, punctuated by brief "conversations" about what I was cooking. Making things worse Brian had been transferred to some reform school in Nebraska the day after his dad caught us and I never saw him again. I brought the lasagna to my Cp Little Gallery dad in the living room and took my own plate up to my bedroom and logged onto the Internet. Despite the issues at home, I was an honor roll student on my way to valedictorian at Mission High School in San Francisco. Grades for the fall part of my senior year were due any day. Somewhere in all of that, I got the ~crazy~ idea to be a houseboy and raise some extra cash.Posting ------- I logged onto my computer and pulled together some nice photos I had taken a few weeks earlier to form a profile on one of the boards that had a lot of San Francisco participants. They showed off my young, smooth, naked body. One site I found, houseboi.com, had over a thousand profiles. I also found a few others. After about two hours I had posted my profile across the net and now just had to wait. My profile highlights: * Live in, full time position sought * Sex involved, yes - most likely * Required duties - Cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. * Height - 5' 4" * Weight - 120 lbs * Hair - Blonde * Eye color - blue * Hair style - spiked/teased * Sexual Role - Gay * No body art/tattoos * Ethnic/Cultural identity - White * Cooking - I like prepare large meals, cook for myself, etc. * Hobbies - Computers, Programming * Personality/Physique - 18 yro finishing high school, seeking live in position. Sexually a virgin, willing to learn to be able to stay in the Bay Area during college, need rent money. By the time I had finished my AP Calculus homework, I already had my first response to my ads. I had also placed some of my ads on escort boards as well figuring that any way I raised money was a good way. Cp Little Gallery The first response was from a "MovieStar Lover": > Saw your escort ad post, I am filming in San Francisco this > month and would like to meet you. > > I am staying at the Four Seasons downtown, I am only > twenty-five and love a guy close to my own age. > > Respond to this e-mail if you are free Friday night to get > together. I decided what the hell and responded: > I'm game MovieStar Lover, what time and what do you want me to > wear? Seconds later, I got Cp Little Gallery a response: > I'm in room ####, be at my room at 7:15. > > Wear loose fitting shorts with no underwear and a loose > fitting T-shirt. > > Just come straight to the room. I turned off my computer and went to sleep.MovieStar Lover --------------- I took the Muni Metro down Market Street and was back on the street at 7:05 on Friday night. I was nervous, Nobody stopped me as I entered the hotel and it took a few minutes to find his room. I checked my watch and I was one minute early. I stood outside the door shaking nervously. Finally, I watched the "4" on my digital watch switch to a "5" and I went to rap on the door lightly. I noticed then it was open. I opened the door with hesitation and the room was dimly lit. "Come in Scott," a voice said from within. Still nervous I stepped in. "Shut the door Scott." I came inside the door and let it shut. "There is $500 on the table there, pick it up, put it away and then come over here." My eyes were adjusting to the dark. I stepped into the room and lifted the hundred dollar bills off the table, folded them and slid them into my shorts. I could make out a young guy sitting in a chair with just a robe towards the far end of the room. "Take your time Scott, put the money in your wallet." I felt weird, I still did not know his name, I wanted to run out of the room screaming. I was a virgin and this man had just paid me $500 to do god only knew what to me. I pulled the money and my wallet out as instructed and slid the money into my wallet and then put my wallet into my shorts. I walked over to the star slowly. The way he had set up the lighting it was very difficult for me to see his face since the light was behind him. "First time doing this," the star said calmly, "relax. I like young, legal, men. Strip naked for me." I was about an arm's length from him and found myself complying without hesitation. It took me only a minute to get undressed and then my moderately sized dick was hanging out there. "Exactly as promised," the star remarked, "smooth everywhere. You barely have any hair under your arm pits or in your pubic area." "Genetic thing," I commented. "Nice, here is how the night is going to go. I am going to turn off the light and then come over and start touching you. I will be fondling your naked body for a while and then will drop my robe. I expect you to then mirror what I did for you. After a few minutes of that I will guide you into the bed. We will then kiss extensively and passionately for a while." "Anything else?" "No," he said firmly, "just no orgasming on me, so after we roll around in bed for a bit, I will excuse you to leave." I had no opportunity to object, or comment further, as he turned off the light stood up and began to touch me. His touch was electrifying. I still had not been able to identify him. He was groping me naked body everywhere. His hands ran over my ass cheeks and his finger probed into my crack. Another hand played with my nipple. My now erect dick was ignored as he fondled me for twenty minutes. Then he disrobed and allowed me only a brief amount of time to probe him. He was a good six inches taller than me and when I leaned in to lick his nipples with my tongue, I was firmly pushed back and told, "hands only." Two minutes later he had guided us to the bed and we were rolling against each other kissing passionately, his tongue ramming into my mouth and his hard dick pressing against my chest. We rolled in bed for close to an hour before he abruptly asked me to get up without turning on any lights and leave. I quickly complied, and in the hallway of the hotel, I was standing with my erect dick visible inside my pants and precum drizzling out. Even though he had not fucked me or had me give him oral sex, I felt strangely used. On the muni back to my house, I contemplated the cash in my wallet and felt dirty. It was around midnight when I got home and went to sleep without even looking at the computer. In the morning there was annother e-mail from MovieStar Lover: > Really enjoyed last night Scott, another visit tonight, same > time, same clothing, 2x rewards? I had not showered and I could smell his man musk on me, but decided another $1,000 was well worth any loss of dignity. I then scanned through some of the e-mails from my houseboy ads. Two in particular were local to the area where I lived so I decided I would follow one or two of them up.Night 2 ------- I was on time again and the door was slightly cracked. I entered with less hesitation. "Glad you decided to Cp Little Gallery come back Scott, take your money and then come here and strip naked." I complied. "Did you jack off last night after you left?" I shook my head, "I had to take the Muni home and then collapsed." "Well after you left I had three mindblowing orgasms thinking about your hot body." I stood there mute. "You ready to lose some of your virginity tonight?" I stammered nervously. "Never gotten a blow job?" "Just horsed around a bit with clothing with one of my friends nothing more." "Well tonight will be just like yesterday, but after we get into bed and kiss for a bit, I will give you a blow job. All you need to do is relax and enjoy it." I nodded as he turned the light off. I was less nervous as he felt me up and reciprocated with more willingness. The kissing was hotter than the previous night and then he gave me a blow job. It was mindblowing for me. I managed to restrain myself from orgasm for about twenty minutes. That pleased my partner who commented, "excellent self-control Scott." I started to get up to leave, he restrained me, "no Scott, you need to stay tonight." He then collapsed on my chest and fell asleep trapping me underneath him. I fell asleep myself easily. In the morning he sent me out without letting any light in. I would never be 100% certain who my movie star was.First Interview --------------- Cp Little Gallery My dad was oblivious to my sexual rendezvous. I managed to open my own bank account and deposit my first $1,500 in sex trade money. I told my dad I was going to be home late on Wednesday night to go to a play. I got a whatever. Our grades were distributed at school that day--and mailed home--and quickly found that I had gotten straight A's. Actually because I was in some AP and Honors classes my GPA was over 4.0. My position as valedictorian was probably assured. After school, I meandered to A Different Light bookstore for a quick look. I ended up buying a couple of porno magazines and stuffed them in my bag and then wandered up Castro street to my first interviewer's home. I rang the doorbell and a forty-something balding man answered the door. "Scott," he said. "Yes, Mr. Campbell?" "Come in," he said smiling broadly. He was probably my dad's age and was dressed in khakis and a dress shirt. "Let's go up to the living room and sit down and talk about what you are seeking." I followed him up the stairs. When we reached the living room he said firmly, "let's start by having you strip naked since if that will be an issue you might as well leave now." I nodded, swallowed nervously, and took my school clothes off. "Excellent," he said as I stripped, "now please go get some drinks for us from the kitchen, I would like a whisky on the rocks, you can help yourself to anything non-alcoholic." I followed the instruction, feeling awakwardly naked, but decided to just do it. A bottle of whisky was on the counter along with a glass. I got the ice and poured the whiskey over it. I decided on water for myself and brought the two glasses into the living room on a tray. I offered Mr. Campbell his whiskey and then placed my glass on a coaster on the table. "Excellent Scott," Mr. Campbell said, "I have had a lot of men apply to be houseboys that do not make it as far as you have already made it today." "Thank you," I responded, "I really need to find a better living arrangement for me to be able to go to college." "Let me lay out my expectations. You are eighteen, as sexy and attractive as you are, I simply am not interested in 'normal' sex, I expect you to be naked 100% of the time in this house. A small pair of extremely skimpy, barely legal speedos will be kept in the front hall for you to use in answering the door." I gulped. He smiled wickedly. "That is how I get my sexual pleasure by controlling you. Having you serve me naked, keeping you naked, and so on. You can bring people over, but you still have to be naked." "So you won't want me in bed with you?" "No, I may do some other things with you as you will see tonight in a few minutes and will expect you to respect my other interests." "What other things?" "Stand up and come here and stand by my side," he said. He reached out and put his hands on my cock and began to stroke it while also playing with my balls. "Do not move your hands or do anything to stop me, I am going to give you three orgasms right now and drain you down before my other guest arrives so you can understand my sexual preferences better." I moaned in pleasure. He was quite skilled and his hands worked me over expertly. I had my first orgasm in minutes, but the next two were slower and a bit more painful. "Excellent," he said as he cleaned up the last of my spunk with a towel. "I am very into various types of S&M, in particular spanking which I find to be my favorite type of sex. I get off spanking guys. Depending on our relationship after you have been here a while we may incorporate spanking into the relationship if we both agree." I wanted to run, but his hands were still holding me in place by my limp, sensitive dick. "Tonight, one of my regular guests will be here, this will be a test of whether you can answer Cp Little Gallery the door, bring the 'boy' to the dungeon, restrain him and stand there and watch me discipline him." I nodded. He smiled, let me show you the dungeon and the restraining bench that will be used tonight. We kept a hand on my dick as we went downstairs and then through a locked door where a fairly large room with several pieces of equipment arranged throughout. He showed me the bench, "we will use this one tonight for the boy." He then demonstrated how the restraints worked. The doorbell rang. "I need to get changed. You get the boy." He disappeared. I went to the door area and realized there was no speedo for me. I looked through the peephole and saw one of my classmates. I nearly pissed on the spot, but decided to open the door and invite him in. If I was nervous, he was more so, his face went ghost white when he saw me. "Come in Ryan," I said beckoning him in and shutting the door behind him. He was in a panic. "Ryan, I'm just as embarassed as you, I won't say a word if you don't." That seemed to calm him down and he led the way to the downstairs punishment room. He hesitated to strip naked and I commented that Mr. Campbell would not like it if he was not properly restrained when he arrived. He nodded meekly and handed me his report card and then stripped naked. I guided my classmate onto the spanking bench and restrained his legs at the ankles, then his wrists and finally his chest across the back. He was not going anywhere. "I will let Mr. Campbell know you are ready and provide your report card," I said. Upstairs I found Mr. Campbell had changed into leather chaps and a muscle-T. I had to admit, I found it a bit of a turn on. "Do you know Ryan from school?" I nodded meekly. "Ryan has been coming here to do better in school since he was fourteen. His mom's idea at first, but he accepts me as his dad." "How are his grades?" "I didn't look." "Give me the report card." I handed the report card to him. "Ok, Scott, I want you to come down with me and watch Ryan get his punishment." We arrived downstairs and Ryan's naked body was taughtly restrained with his ass cheeks exposed for spanking. I must confess I found the sight arousing. But having been drained of cum by Mr. Campbell, I was thankfully not showing a boner. "Ryan, your grades are appalling," Mr. Campbell said as he proceeded to collect different corporal punishment instruments from the wall. "I bet your friend Scott here gets straight A's." "I am trying so hard Dad," Ryan said, "I got B's for the first time in a couple subjects." "You have been getting tutoring in math and chemistry though and still got C-minuses." "I'm sorry Dad, I even gave up everything but basketball outside class." "Let's address your B's, three strokes of the cane for each. A B is good, but I know you can do better, you have steadily brought your grades up since you have been seeing me and I expect that to continue." Mr. Campbell swished the cane in the air and I nearly jumped back. I was standing to the side and had a view of Ryan's whole body as the cane landed and he cringed in pain. Three B's was nine strokes and Mr. Campbell took a firm hand with the cane. I found the scene arousing and strangely (to me) did not seem to mind watching my classmate getting caned. After the nine strokes Ryan was sobbing and Mr. Campbell picked up the paddle. "You got two C-minuses. I believe we agreed last semester that each C was ten with the razor strap. So a C-minus has to be worse, correct?" Ryan started bawling, "please daddy, I know what we agreed, but twenty with the strap is too much, please daddy. I've been so good, mom didn't even list any bad behavior this week." The strap landed. There was to be no discussion. Twenty blows later, Ryan's ass was fiery red and he was crying even more. "Now, let's finish this with a paddle, five for each minus." The blows were immediate and Ryan was screaming and begging at the top of his lungs for Mr. Campbell to stop. But the punishment continued until it was done. "Scott that will be all for tonight, Ryan needs his quiet time and you need to think about whether you want to take the position." I nodded and left the room. I found my clothing again and headed out. As I left I heard Ryan sobbing and talking to Mr. Campbell and thanking him for the punishment and promising to work even harder this final semester.Home Again ---------- At home, I felt weirded out. I managed to finish my homework, but felt distracted. After I finished it was midnight and I went to sleep. I slept dreaming of Ryan and his spanking and woke up with a raging hardon. I jerked off before going to school. In school, suddenly I noticed that Ryan's locker was in the same hall as mine. He looked down when I passed him in the hall, ashamed, perhaps that I knew such an intimate secret. He and I had never shared a class and at 6'2", he dwarfed over me and was one of the basketball team stars whereas I was a geek and more likely to be found in chess club--not that we had one. That night I wrote Mr. Campbell saying I had appreciated the interview, felt positively about the opportunity, but wanted to do more interviews. My next interview was with a gay couple living in Diamond Heights on a Friday night. Meanwhile I got an e-mail from MovieStar Lover saying he was going to be back in San Francisco next Saturday and he wanted to hook up again at the Saturday rate, same as last Saturday. I agreed. I was surprised to get an e-mail over the student system from Ryan with just an AOL screen name and a sentence "msg me." I logged onto iChat and put in his screen name as a buddy. Me: hey Ryan, you ok? Ryan: yeah, just wondered if you are fag Me: y, u? Ryan: cool, yeah Me: nice Ryan: meet me after school tomorrow? Me: Ok, where? Ryan: different light bookstore Me: Ok, see you after school.Thursday -------- I had mixed feelings about meeting Ryan after school, but decided to do it anyhow. I made my way from Mission High to Different Light bookstore pretty quickly. When I got there I did not see him at first, but then found him all the way in the back. "Hey, Scott," he said on seeing me, "let's go over to Pete's and chat." "Ok," I said. We walked over to Pete's and then we ordered some lattes. We found Cp Little Gallery a corner to sit in and began chatting a bit more. "My mom got so frustrated with my grades and how awful I was treating her that when I started high school she brought me to meet Mr. Campbell." "You don't need to explain it to me." "It is nice to be able to say it to someone." "Ok, well don't your team mates notice?" "Nah, I change quickly so they don't see my ass." "You get whipped every week?" "Just about. Less and less over time but dad has really high expectations. So whereas I might get away with something a few years ago, now if my mom lists it on the report he is more likely to spank me anyhow." I nodded. "What about you?" "Well," I paused, I realized he probably did not know my mom was dead, "my mom died years ago and my dad is pretty worthless. So we are short of money for me to go to college and live. That is if I do not want to live at home with my dad anymore." "Sorry about your mom." I nodded absently. "Can I ask a different question, do you find me attractive?" "Fuck, yes, you are such a jock, you could have any girl--or guy," I said. He laughed. "So if I want you, then the answer is yes." I laughed, "I walked into that, Cp Little Gallery and yes." "Cool, you got weekend plans." "Yeah, Friday and Saturday, want to get together Sunday during the day?" "Yeah, let's go see a movie, come to my house and then we can head out, say 2pm?" "Ok," I said. He kissed me, stood up and left. I was touched.Friday ------ I showed up as requested for Bob and Brian. A young black man answer the door naked except for an apron. "Hi, you must be Scott, I'm the current houseboy, but I am moving out next month to move to Washington to work for Microsoft." I shook his hand, "nice to meet you." The houseboy lead me into a beautiful house. Two yuppie guys were sitting on the couch. "Hi, Scott," they said in unison and then introduced themselves and Jared, the houseboy. "Jared probably told you he is moving next month and we have been so happy to have him here taking care of the house we decided to start looking." "That's cool," I said. "Anyhow, as you can see we enjoy having Jared naked at all times, we expect sex on demand. Jared usually gets fucked at least twice a day and if one of us is traveling then he sleeps with us, etc. We use condoms all the time, but there is no 'no'. If we ask for sex we expect to get it. Jared had never had sex with a guy Cp Little Gallery when he moved in with us." Bob then took over, "of course you cannot date while you live with us since we expect you to be with us and no sex with other men either to protect against diseases." Brian came back in, "ever been fucked Scott?" "No," I said, "but I am gay." They laughed, Brian continued, "how about give a blowjob?" "No." "What have you ever done sexually in your life?" "I hooked up with a stranger who paid me to let him give me a blowjob and have gone on these interviews. Never been with a woman, never been with a man." "That's fine, we are going to interview some additional candidates, if you want to think about this since we will expect you to let us fuck you before we make the final decision." I nodded and stood up, dismissed.Saturday -------- He had left me a different room number at the four seasons and instructions to be there at the same time, same outfit. I was on time and the door was slightly open. I came in and instinctively picked up the money. I noticed it was a bigger pile, $2,000. I put it away, stripped and walked over to my mysterious partner. "You ~are~ going to fuck me today," he said firmly and then turned out the light and the pattern began as before. After we were in bed he pulled out a condom and pushed it onto my hard dick after he sucked it a bit. He had me stay on my back and stradled my sides to ride my cock. It felt amazingly good and I had to fight hard not to blast an orgasm just entering him. After like ten minutes of him riding my cock up and down, I let loose a massive orgasm. He followed suit, covering my smooth chest with his gism. He collapsed on top of me and thanked me, "that was so nice Scott, I have been thinking about you so much since we met." I asked if he wanted me to stay or leave. "Stay please," he said nibbling my ear and licking. "Ok," I responded. I woke up he was standing at the window looking out. I started to move towards him and he stopped me, "that will be all Scott." I felt a bit disgusted and got dressed and left. I stopped at a supermarket branch of my bank and deposited the cash.Ryan Johnson ------------ Ryan's mom answered the door and greeted me by name. "Nice to meet you Ms. Johnson," I responded. "Call me Shirley please," she said as she swept me into the house. "Ryan's room is at the front of the house up the stairs," she said propeling me slightly. It was ten o'clock and I found Ryan sitting in shorts only at his desk. He was working on some math homework. "Hey Scott," he said getting off his chair he walked over and kissed me on the cheek. "I've been looking forward to this. But I promised my mom I would show her all of my homework was done before we could leave," he said. "No problem." "I've got like 10 more math questions to finish and then I need to show her and then we can go." I sat down on his bed and watched him finish. He got up after about thirty minutes and took the paper he had been writing on and a bunch of other stuff down to his mom. It took another five or ten minutes before he returned. "I'm free to go," he said, "the one cool think about getting spanked is I'm never grounded, most of the team has been grounded for one reason or another most of this year." I nodded, even I had heard about the parties with alcohol and other school rules infractions. "Let's go get the J to downtown and see a movie at the Metreon." "Ok, what's playing?" He showed me the list from the paper. "Can we see _Cat_in_the_Hat_?" He frowned, "yeah if that is what you want to see." "What would you like?" "Actually it is fine if we both go," he kissed me again and then stripped his shorts off. He turned to face the dresser and I could see how red his ass was. "I only got five strokes with the strap this week for sassing my mom last week," he said as he put on boxers and then jeans and a t-shirt. "I take it that is mild." "Quite," he said. I will admit, I was turned on by his reddened ass. We headed out and promised to come straight home from the movies for dinner--to which I was invited. The movie was entertaining, but it was exhilarating to be out on a date with someone my own age. We got back at five thirty and his mom served us a nice dinner. It was the first time in a long time that I had not had to cook my own meal. The topic turned to colleges and I explained I was hoping to get into UC Berkeley, but money would be tight. Ryan was hoping he would get into San Francisco State. Ryan's mom had raised him alone, his father was out of the picture completely. I guess Shirley did not know I knew about Mr. Campbell. It was late and I had to leave when Ryan asked if it was ok if I slept over. My house was close enough to school that if we left early and all that we could get to school in time with no problem. Shirley agreed if I called my dad and got permission. My dad did not answer the phone--probably drunk on the couch. So, Shirley agreed. "Boys," she said, "remember though tomorrow is a school day so do ~not~ stay up all night and there are condoms in the bathroom if you are going to fool around." I blushed completely and Ryan laughed. "Really, Scott," she said, "I know Ryan is gay and I'm not stupid, I'm not asking you to stay in another room or something." I nodded and we headed upstairs. Ryan pit stopped in the bathroom and grabbed some condoms and lube. He lit a few candles and shut the door before stripping naked and getting on his knees. It surprised me, but the basketball jock was about to suck my dick. He was good at it, better than the movie star and I was fucking him before long. Then we cuddled for a bit before we had another go. We were both laying quietly for a bit after the Cp Little Gallery second round when he asked, "You ever been fucked Scott?" "No." "Any interest in it?" "Sort of, I worry it would hurt." He smiled, "yeah I've practiced with a dildo for a long time, I really enjoy getting fucked now." "You ever fuck?" "No," he said, "no interest. I do like getting blown though." I began working down from his face, tongued and bit his nipples before reaching his cock. I then proceeded to give my first blow job.Monday ------ The next morning Shirley woke us up and we crawled out of bed slowly. She made us a nice breakfast and then sent us on our way to school. Ryan let me go to my house for my bag on my own and we did not really see each other till the end of the day when he asked if he could come by my house for help on chemistry. I agreed. At home, my dad grumbled about me not being home and then passed out drunk on the couch. I cooked dinner and gave Ryan extra tutoring on Chemistry. It was like eight before he left. He called around nine and put his mother on to get confirmation that he was at my place till eight. I confirmed and she thanked me. I felt bad knowing Ryan probably had earned a few strokes for hanging with me. I e-mailed him later and suggested that we could probably more easily hang out at his place. He replied back thanks but also that it was his own fault since he knew he was supposed to check in with his mom. Mr. Campbell e-mailed me about the houseboy position and I said I was still considering it and he was definitely my first--only--choice. I also responded to an escort request from "LuverBoy" promising me $100 if I Cp Little Gallery would show up and let him give me a blowjob. Figuring that could not be all Cp Little Gallery bad, I agreed to do it on Wednesday night. In school on Tuesday and Wednesday, I barely saw Ryan. He caught up with me at the end of the day on Wednesday and asked me to leave Friday and Saturday nights open. I agreed to come over after school on Friday. Wednesday before I went to my escort job, I picked up frozen meals for my dad, did the laundry and cleaned the house from top to bottom. By the time I was in the Sunset finally it was ten at night. I rang the bell and a youngish guy answered the door. "Scott?" "Yeah, LuverBoy?" "Yeah, come in," he said. "Look, I don't want to freak you out, and I still want to give you that blowjob, but I do want to tell you a few more details." I caught myself and prevent an eye roll. "It's your dime," I said causually. "I'm straight," he said, "and married to a woman; my wife caught me cheating a month and a half ago and is threatening to leave me." I nodded, he on the other hand was shaking nervously. "So you want her to watch?" He nodded, his face pale white. "Hundred extra," I said firmly. He took his wallet out and his hands were shaking visibly and counted out two hundred dollars in twenties. I took them from his hand and asked him where he wanted to do it. "Bedroom," he stammered. We went into the bedroom and his wife was sitting in a lounge chair reading a book, "Charlie, is this the gay guy you are going to blow?" He nodded. She smiled wickedly. I took my shorts and T off revealing my dick. I was not super-hard, but I figured Charlie would not mind all that much. "Charlie, I think you should be naked while you give the boy a blow job." He started to protest and she said, "Charlie you agreed that if you wanted to stay married you had to submit to me." He stripped naked, a large device that I found out was a chastity belt was soon revealed. His cock was locked up tight. I resisted the impulse to laugh at his predicament. "Boy, Charlie's cock has been locked up for twenty days now, I told him that he cannot even think about getting out until he gives a blow job to a gay guy and gets fucked by one. Did he hire you or pick you up on the streets?" "Paid, $200." "All the more humiliating for him," she said smiling, "don't feel the need to be gentle as you fuck his face, make him choke on your dick so he learns a lesson." Charlie was naked, kneeling in front of me and looking at the floor. I grabbed his head and lifted his face up and pushed my now harder dick into his mouth. I let him get accustomed to my 7" cock in his mouth before starting to face fuck him. His wife provided encouragement, "fuck him harder, make him take your dick." He hated it but managed not to gag or fight back too bad. When I shot my load into his mouth his wife ordered him to swallow. Then she announced that I should come back the same time next week as she would have him tied to the bed and ready to be fucked. "$500," I called out as I walked out of the bedroom. He was on the floor sobbing and begging to his wife not to make him get fucked and that he would never cheat again.Later that night ---------------- I had an e-mail from Ryan describing his punishment in some detail, ten strokes with the strap for not checking in on monday and six with the cane for a fight he had apparently had with his mom the previous Friday. I e-mailed back asking how long he would see Mr. Campbell--his dad. I was surprised by the response, he had agreed to see Mr. Campbell once a week until he was twenty-five. That had been a condition when he was fourteen of Mr. Campbell agreeing to help him. Ryan's e-mail explained the situation: > My first visit was completely involuntary. I was two weeks > from entering ninth grade when I had a huge fight with my mom > and demanded she buy me clothing. > > I had in fact actually hit her since I was bigger than her and > angry. > > The next day, she took me to meet Mr. Campbell and stood and > watched him brutalize my ass. I quite literally could not sit > for a week after that visit. > > The following Wednesday, I had to go back voluntarily to thank > Mr. Campbell for spanking me. That was unbelievably > humiliating. He talked to me for like two hours and we agreed > and I signed up for getting spanked every week based on my > behavior and my class work. > > It has helped, I used to be a D student and now I often get > B's. My SAT score also went up with some encouragement and > some punishment to get my ass in gear. > > He has never touched me sexually and never would, he really is > like a dad to me. > > Each year I recommit to him that I will keep coming at least > until I am 25. I thanked him for the explanation and decided to tell him about my sex-for-money exploits. He was amused but worried I could get myself hurt. I promised to tell him anything I was going to do. He then asked me to--aside from my exploits discussed with him--to go steady. I agreed.Moving Forward -------------- Friday night Ryan showed me his dildo collection. He explained his mom let him buy them and how he used them to practice getting fucked so he was used to it and really enjoyed it a lot. He gifted me an unopened dildo he had and showed me how to relax and take a dildo and focus to find being fucked pleasurable. We lay on his narrow twin bed, each dildos in our ass and focused on letting the sensation of the dildo moving in and out arouse us to orgasm. He beat me to the punch by a mile and then started blowing me to bring me over the edge. Around midnight, his mom knocked and told us to go to sleep even though we probably wanted to keep fucking like bunnies. I had to admit she was pretty cool. Saturday Ryan convinced me to go to Mr. S and showed me some of the sex toys they sell. I ended up buying a latex T-shirt and pants figuring those could be cool for escorting. Ryan suggested the idea, he showed me the site abusedformoney.com, and then suggested we see if someone in San Francisco would record a porno with me in it for money. [Ed: Likely to continue with a part 2...]Write the Author ---------------- These stories are e-mail'ware, show your appreciation by dropping some feedback (in English) to the author at toplegalmac.com. See other works by me at $$

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