Related article: Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 15:41:07 -0700 From: Jan ' Subject: Aging madame (leabian / hooker, F/f)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between women. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at Underage Pussy Pics your own site, please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2005 Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to janmay699icqmail.com if you have suggestions for future stories. Aging Madame by Jan Helen's heard the knock on the back door. Only one of her talent scouts or the girls that worked for her used that door and since all of her girls were either working or accounted for so she assumed it was one of her scouts coming by with a new prospect. Before she opened the door she put a smile on her face. If it was one of her scouts she didn't want to give a new prospect a bad impression. When she opened the back door she beamed at the sight of the fresh face of a girl that looked so young. She stepped back and said, "Beverly my dear where did you find such a sweet looking young girl?' She took the right hand of her friend at the same time she placed her left hand under the chin of the sandy blonde headed girl and lifted her head up to look into her clear blue eyes. This girl was no drug addict. That was defiantly a plus, she hated when they brought her a dug addict that would have to be dried out before she could use them to entertain her clientele. All too often an addict would have been selling their body on the street for a fix and they would be infected with a variety of social diseases. Underage Pussy Pics This girl was so sweet looking it was hard to believe that she was even a teenager. She was a little unkempt due to living on the streets. She was rather dirty and the day pack over her shoulder obviously contained everything she possessed. Her clothes needed washing and they were a little thread bare. Helen could picture her living out of the contents of garbage dumpsters behind restaurants after closing. She allowed the woman that had found the girl and her new recruit to enter. She asked, "What is your name honey?" The girl responded with a small voice, "My name is Nancy. I am very hungry." Helen said, "Would you like a Pizza with everything?" Nancy beamed that would be great." Helen pulled a cell phone from the pocket of her house robe and dialed a number quickly and ordered a large pizza with everything except sardines. She closed her phone and announced, "It will be here in a half hour. While we wait you can take a warm bath without anyone bothering you." Nancy was almost in tears as Helen led her to the bathroom where she was provided with fragrant bath salts and large soft Egyptian terrycloth bath towels. The two women left the girl in the bathroom to take her bath. They retreated to the kitchen where Helen thanked the woman and paid her a finder's fee. The woman smiled as she stuffed her money into her purse and let herself out. This was not the first troubled youngster she had brought to Helen and she knew it would not be her last. Nancy was thrilled to have the luxury of a warm bath with bath salts to make her skin soft. The warmth of the fragrant water was very relaxing as she soaked for a long time. It was only when she checked the clock that she reluctantly lifted herself out of the tube and stood on the deep pile rug as she dried herself off with the towel that was much longer than she was tall. She had been told to make herself at home and use what ever she wanted in the way of makeup in the adjoining bedroom but she felt guilty about using someone else's makeup. She did style her hair and put on some lipstick before wrapping her body in the velvety house robe on the bed after trying on the expensive Victoria Secret matching bra and panties. She marveled at how nicely the under garments fit. The smell of pizza told her the food had arrived. Nancy felt her stomach grumble to remind her just how hungry she was. She found her way back to the kitchen and found Helen setting out plates and glasses. She poured a glass of Coke for Nancy and poured herself a glass of red wine. The kitchen smelled of cheese and Italian sausage and pepperoni. Nancy sat down at the table and waited for the woman to tell her what to do. Helen opened the pasteboard box and used a knife to free the first slice of the pizza. She placed in on the plate in front of Nancy and told her to go ahead and start. While Nancy folded her slice and started devouring it Helen placed a couple of more peaces on her plate. It was amazing how much food the small girl put away. She was finishing her third peace when the door opened and a head poked in. "Hey Mom...I smelled pizza. Can I have some?" Helen smiled sweetly and said, "Sure come on in and join us." Helen turned her attention to Nancy and said, "Nancy I want you to meet one of my girls. This is Sonia. Sonia this is my new guest Nancy." The girl was heavily made up like she was going out for an evening date but all she had on was a see through gown that allowed Nancy to detect her brown nipples and the dark triangle between her legs. The girl gave her a warm smile as she took a large bite of her slice of pizza. As she chewed on it she leaned over and gave Nancy a kiss on the cheek that actually didn't make contact with her flesh other than cheek to cheek. Nancy was over whelmed with the fragrance of her perfume. Helen said, "Sonia is one of my girls and she needs to get back to work." Sonia beamed, "Sorry Mom. I hope I get to be the roomy of our newbie." Helen gave her Underage Pussy Pics a dirty look to let her know she was talking out of turn. Sonia scurried out of the kitchen before she pissed Helen off any more than she already had. Nancy wondered what kind of work she was doing that she was running around almost naked. She thought she was pretty and friendly though. Normally Helen would have reviled that she was the Madame of a whorehouse rather quickly and offered the new girl a job turning tricks with the prospect of making good money but this morning she recognized that she was talking to a girl that had led a sheltered life and was probably too innocent to understand about such things. She felt a strong motherly attraction for this sandy haired girl. Not that she looked anything like her. Helen was a tall dark haired woman. Her natural coloring hinted to her Mediterranean heritage. She was just dark enough to be able to tan nicely but she spent so much time working late into the night looking after her business that she seldom got to spend much time out of doors. She went to bed after the last customer left and she counted up the night's receipts. She normally slept very late. She would get up after noon to receive fresh towels, linen and other supplies necessary for the running of a house of pleasure. She saw to it that her girls were taken care of to insure they were properly treated if they contracted any venereal disease. She had to act as arbitrator when cat fights broke out. She had to insure the harmony of her employees. When a girl left she had to recruit a new one to take her place. Maintaining a stable of fresh faces was very important in her line of work. Today she found the prospect of recruiting this young girl enough to actually make her vagina tingle. She wanted to find out why such a sweet looking kid was on the streets. One look at her would tell anyone that this girl had not been homeless for long. She envisioned her coming from a nice middle class family. She could not figure out why she would run away from home. She wondered if the girl would lie if she asked about her past. Nancy had no clue what kind of establishment she had stumbled into. She found this older woman to be very sweet and almost motherly. At the moment she was thrilled to have a full stomach for the first time in days. She thought about what had brought her to this end. She had been raised by her mother and father in a comfortable St. Louis home. No one would have suspected that there was anything going on that would have driven the young girl away from her home. It pained Nancy to even think about why she was forced to leave. Helen was very curious about this angelic looking girl but knew better than to press her for any information until she was ready to talk. She simply asked, "I'm sure you must be sleepy now. Would Underage Pussy Pics you like to sleep in a bed with clean sheets?" Nancy had not slept in a real bed in months. The prospect of being in a soft bed with clean sheets was an appealing fantasy come true. She could not thank Helen enough for her kindness. Helen escorted the girl to the bedroom and pulled back the covers and left the girl alone after a quick very motherly peck on the cheek. Nancy was sound asleep in no time. She actually slept the clock around before her full bladder forced her to wake up and find her way to the bathroom. Helen heard the noise coming from her guest bedroom and knew the girl was up. She started fixing breakfast for her right away. By the time Nancy found some clothes in her pack that were fairly clean she could smell bacon, toast and brewing coffee. She realized that she was hungry and followed her nose back to the kitchen. When she entered Helen hugged her and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. She told the girl to have a seat. The table was set and the glass was full of orange juice. Helen asked her if she liked coffee and when Nancy assured her that she loved coffee she poured her a mug full along with refilling her own cup. She mentioned that Underage Pussy Pics milk and sugar were on the table and she could sweeten it to taste. Helen took a sip of her hot black coffee and looked over the rim as the girl put two spoons full of sugar in the cup and poured in some milk. She made a note of the way the girl like her coffee for future use. She asked the girl how she liked her eggs and put two strips of bacon on her plate along with two eggs and fresh toast. Nancy ate the breakfast with relish. Helen sat next to her and ate toast along with jelly while sipping her coffee as the girl ate. When she was finished Helen put the dishes in the dishwasher and sat down to talk to the girl. She never forced Nancy to answer any questions but talked about things that were sure to be of interest to a girl her age like music and movie stars. Slowly she got the girl to trust her and began to talk about more personal things. In time Helen was able to peace together a pretty good picture of Nancy's life. The only thing missing was what put her on the streets. Helen had to excuse herself to make some business calls and she took the opportunity to slip next door and tell the girls in her brothel not to bother her for a few days because she had a house guest next door that had no idea that this was the house of prostitution. When she was back in her private chambers she offered to wash Nancy's clothes. While the laundry was being done she allowed the girl to select several items of clothing to wear and keep as she liked. She assured Nancy that they belonged to her granddaughter who had left them behind when she moved out of State. Nancy knew enough to know that the clothes were expensive designer items far beyond anything she could ever afford to buy. She was thrilled to dress up in such fashionable clothes even if they were just blue jeans. Helen was thrilled to take the girl shopping to buy her more clothes and show her the sights. The two of them saw a lot of things over the next couple of days and Helen learned more about the girl. On the third night they had spent the day sightseeing and they were both tired and in no shape to go out after dark. They agreed to spend the night resting while watching television. They lounged on the small sofa sitting practically hip to hip. They were watching a story on CISNY (Criminal Investigation Science, New York about child abuse. Nancy was obviously disturbed by what she saw and heard. She cuddled up next to Helen because she found her body warmth and her perfume comforting. She started crying and Helen comforted her by stroking her hair. As she calmed down she started talking. She told Helen that her father had kicked her out of his home and her mother did nothing to stop him from doing it. Helen asked her for the reason her was so cruel. Nancy feared telling the true story but she finally let out a lung full of air and began speaking. "When I was about eight my father caught me in my bedroom with a girlfriend who I was feeling her up while kissing her. He sent her home and beat me until my butt was bleeding. He caught me with other girls over the next couple of years and beat me every time. After that I didn't bring girls home. I started dating older girls that had cars. Then it was my misfortune to get caught by the police in a public parking lot between the legs of an older woman kissing her pussy. That was the straw that broke Underage Pussy Pics the camels back. When he got her home he beat me half to death before telling her to pack my bag and get out and never to come back. Helen had been attracted to the girl the moment she met her. The knowledge that Nancy had been kicked out of her home because she was attracted to women made her pussy wet. All of the girls in her stable would make it with women for the money. Some of them were lesbians and only turned tricks with men for the money. Helen was not above making love to any of the girls herself. Nancy was resting her head on Helen's right breast, so Helen placed her hand on Nancy's hip. When the girl didn't object she slipped her hand farther down and sought out the warm crotch of the jeans. She stroked the crotch for a short time and when Nancy lifted her head to kiss her on the lips Helen returned the kiss before pulling on the denim until the metal buttons popped open. Helen slipped her hand inside the coarse material of the jeans and felt the silken material of the new panties she had bought for her. She could hardly breathe as she felt the moistness of the warm panties. Nancy grabbed her wrist and Helen feared that her advance was being rejected. On the contrary Nancy pulled her hand up to the top of the panties and forced her hand inside them. Helen felt the fine hairs slip through her fingers until she found the top of her vagina and felt the little nub of a clit. She rubbed it until Nancy was breathing hard with her mouth open. Helen could not resist kissing her on the mouth and driving her tongue deep into the girl's mouth. They kissed for a long time before Nancy started clawing at the top of Helen's dress. She managed to pull one massive tit over the top of the bodice without ripping the material. She sucked on the big brown nipple while Helen continued to masturbate her. Helen finally pulled her hand out of Nancy's panties even as Nancy tried to hold her hand in place. She stood up and pulled Nancy to her feet. She turned off the TV with the remote as she led Nancy to her bedroom. This was the first time Nancy Underage Pussy Pics had ever seen that bedroom. It was something to behold. The room was dominated by a king sized bed but the true centerpiece in the room was the bay window hanging over the street below. Sitting in the bay was a marble tub that allowed the occupant to look up and down the street while bathing. They fell on the bed and they both struggled with each other's clothes as they stripped each other. When both were naked they relished feeling each other's bodies. Helen was captivated by the youthful freshness of Nancy. Nancy, in turn, was enthralled by the older woman's full breasts and her large hairy vulva. She was like a child in a candy store. What should she suck on first? The tits were like magnets to her but the prospect of putting her face between the legs of this woman was breathe taking too. Nancy took hold of her left breast with both hands and started sucking on the nipple. She sucked so hard that it hurt Helen. She was squirming around in her lap until she could smell the musky odor of Helen's pussy. She slid to the foot of bed so that her head was level with the dark pubic hair patch and she inhaled the odor of the older woman's pussy before she lowered her head and covered as much of the vulva as she could. She drilled her tongue into the opening and used her tongue to whip the clitoris until Helen climaxed. Helen grabbed Nancy by the back of her head and ground her face into her pussy, covering it with her slimy juice. After she finished climaxing she had to rest. Nancy was looking up at her face with a look of loving admiration until Helen pulled her up her body and kissed her on the mouth. Helen pulled the girl up until her head was level with the budding breast. She covered one breast with her mouth and sucked on it while she played with the other nipple. When she was ready she placed her hands on the backs of Nancy's thighs. Nancy knew what she wanted and walked up the woman's body on her knees until her little quim was right over Helen's mouth. Nancy ground her pussy into the tongue of the woman and before long she set up a rhythm like she was ridding a galloping horse. She was dragging her crotch over the tongue and mouth. Helen was being treated to licking the girl's crotch from clit to asshole and back again. When Nancy started to cum she fell backwards with her crotch right under Helens chin so that when she breathed her breath blew across the little cunt. They eventually cuddled up alongside of each other and hugged and kissed for a long time. When they recovered Helen had to tell Nancy about the way she made her living. Helen said, "Honey I have to tell you about how I support myself. I am a madam. The girl you saw yesterday is one of my prostitutes." Nancy may not have been all that worldly but she knew what she was saying. She wondered if Helen wanted her to have sex with men too. She just didn't know how to ask the question. Helen added, "The women that brought you to me is my talent scout. She looks for girls on the street she thinks would make good working girls and brings them to me." Nancy started to cry, "I have never been fucked by a man. I have known that I am a lesbian for a long time." Helen hugged her even tighter, "I know honey. I would never ask you to turn tricks for me. I was thinking that I want you to be my girl." Hearing that Nancy felt her heart bound in her chest. She flung her arms around Helen's neck and covered her face with kisses. They made love to each other until they had to sleep. In time Helen introduced Nancy to her stable. Most of them were happy for Helen but a couple of them were jealous of the girl and plotted about how they were going to break up this romance. Nancy became accustom to seeing the half naked women coming and going because they like to raid Helen's fridge. The time came that Helen had to leave the house to do some banking. uTwo of the whores that were jealous of Nancy took advantage of Helen's absence to corner Nancy. They stripped her clothes off and rapped her right in Helen's living room. Nancy may have been shocked to have two women in their twenties holding her down and forcing her to eat their pussies but it also thrilled her. After that she would seek them out when Helen was not around. When Helen caught them she was furious but she was in love. She moved Nancy to a love nest where it would be harder for her to cheat on her. Helen wasn't fool enough to think that she could prevent this wild thing from being with other women forever but she was determined to hold on to her love for as long as she could.I hope you enjoyed the story and have a story you would like told please send your mail to janmay699icqmail.com

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