Related article: Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 07:35:16 EDT From: Garry4u2004yahoo.co.uk Subject: A Day with Uncle RickThis is a true story. It is dedicated to my dearest uncle, RickIf you want to comment, email me at _Garry4u2004yahoo.co.uk_ (mailto:Garry4u2004yahoo.co.uk) Thank you , GarryIt was a warm summers day, the sun shinning into my bedroom waking me up at around 5 in the morning, I had just heard dad go out to work.I got up, still in the clothes I had on last night and all the other nights since bath day on Sunday. Only two more days to go before I am allowed to change and have a bath, butthen only in the same water as my other brothers.Uncle Rick came back last night from France so I will go round to see him, he told me last night when he came round that he has something for me.I washed my face and cleaned my teeth, combed my hair but as I looked into the mirror I knew Rick was not going to like what he saw.Last night after Rick went home, my dad flew into a rage because I was sitting on Rick's lap the whole time he was at our house. Dad did not like it I did not need a cuddle from a man I am a boy dad kept shouting. Boy's should not need cuddles. I am 16 years old.Well, I now have a black eye and a swollen mouth from the punches dad gave me. I'm used to this as dad often used me as a punch bag ever since I can remember, you see my parents wanted a girl this time having already got Underage Pics three boys.I arrived at Rick's house and knocked on the door, Yvonne answered, the door and said, "Good God, what has happened to you, Rick you have a visitor and I think you need to come right away"Rick came running down the stairs in just a black pair of boxer briefs, "What the fuck happened to you Garry?" he saidI told him everything dad said and done, Yvonne asked if I had eaten and I told her, no not since beans on toast at 4pm the evening before.I heard Yvonne say to Rick in the kitchen that my family should never had been allowed to have kids and should be locked up.Rick came in and said, "I'm running a bath for you sweetheart and no buts okay"I never do with Rick anyway, he took me into the bathroom and helped me undress saying that my clothes smelled bad, I told him I had had them on for five days already."Well we have some here for you, but I'm going to scrub your dirty body first," he said with a grin on his face.He let me soak for a while, Yvonne said goodbye and set off to work.Rick came in still in just his boxer briefs and asked me to stand, I did and Rick started to sponge me down with loads of soap, then he just used his hands all over my body, his finger going into my bum hole, he knew I liked that. Then round to my cock pushing back the foreskin, he played there for a while then got me to lie down in the bath. He picked up my feet one by one and using the sponge again scrubbed my feet clean, I would admit they did smell, then Rick came up to my head and with his hands and fingers rubbed shampoo into my hair and ears going down my body once again.He got to my cock again and slipped his hand between my legs and fingered my ass once again as I laid there, "You are so beautiful, my sweet" he saidI love it when he says that. I could feel his finger deep inside me, what a nice feeling it was too."Come," he suddenly said, "Let's have you out of here and in the bedroom"He helped me up and out of the bath wrapping a towel round me, so soft I thought, our towels at home are always so rough.In the bedroom Rick rubbed me down then laid me on the bed, he took his boxers off and laid at my side, we have done this before and anyway he never hurts me."I love you Garry" he whispered to me and then kissed me on my lips holding me there with his tongue opening my mouth, his hand holding my cock and his fingers again in my ass. He pulled me even closer to him and said "I'm going to make love to you sweetheart"With that, he moved down the bed and put my cock into his mouth his fingers deep into my ass he turned so that I could take hold of his cock.I kissed it and it jerked, I opened my mouth and slowly started to suck making it very hard in my mouth, I started to gag and he pushed himself deeper into my mouth then out again, in out, in out.He was now licking my balls and sucking them into his mouth, then with his arm he moved my legs in front of him and started to suck my ass, wow I thought this is great.I knew before long Rick was gong the put his cock into my ass like he has done before , but only if I wanted him too, I love it, so I'm waiting. He is always so gentle with me; yes a slight pain but only at first and only for a second.I could feel my ass soaking wet, Rick's fingers again deep inside me making my cock hurt, an odd Underage Pics feeling yet a swirling feeling rushing around my head at the same time, I was pushing down onto Rick's fingers trying to get them deeper into me, sweat poring off me and this feeling that I wanted to scream."Let it go my darling," Rick said, "Let it go," Rick was now between my legs and my feet up on his shoulders, here we go I thought and Rick pulled my hips into him and I felt his cock slid into me.No pain at all, this time and it wasn't long before that strange feeling was all over my body again with every thrust into me Rick did, the more and harder it was the more I wanted, I was even pushing down to meet his thrust. "For a sixteen year old my dear you certainly know how to make love, this is the best ever" Rick was saying to Underage Pics the motion of his thrusts, I couldn't even speak at that time because I was now letting out such screams of wanting more of Rick in me."That it, that's it scream it out oh you beautiful doll let it out,G a r r y, o h I l o v e y o u s o m u c h " he had now started to screaming it out and there it was my tummy suddenly felt very hot, I could feel the force of each time he shot into me, I really thought I'd be tasting his cum in the back of my mouth with the force of it entering me.We laid on our sides after he pulled out of me, running his hands all over my body, "Oh Garry you are so beautiful, so soft and smooth" he kept saying as he kissed my nipples, slowly going down my body reaching my tummy and again sucking in my cock and balls. Then again lifting my legs pushing his tongue into my ass, I took hold of his cock and sucked on him tasting both his cum and my own ass. Awesome.He then took my cock deep into his mouth and sucked, I couldn't hold it any longer and shot my love into his red hot mouth, he drank me dry and then kissed his way up my tummy and each nipple in turn till he arrived at my mouth, we kissed and I could taste my own cum, we fell asleep for about an hour.We went back downstairs naked and into the bathroom, Rick turned the shower on and we both went in, I'm thinking, not got wet all week and now soaked twice in one morning, this is great. I love Rick and his ways.We kissed under the water and washed each other, I took Rick's hard cock into my mouth and sucked for all it's worth, "God boy, you want more and you'll have more" he said as he shot another load into my mouth.We stepped out of the shower and went back to the bedroom where we dried and got dressed; Rick had bought some new clothes for me. Including pants and socks, and my favourite football teams strip, Manchester United."This is not what I have got you from France," he said "This is what I got, hope you like it"I undid the wrapper and opened the box, a pendant, a St Christopher with the words "It's Not Just What You've Done For Me That Makes Me Love You So, It's All The Joy Of Who You Are, The Friend I've Come To Know" written on the back.Rick put it round my neck and I gave him a long lingering French kiss."Well, my dear, it's almost 11o'clock, how about Maccydees and then some bowling""Whoopee," I scream,"Rick picked up the car keys up and we set off. Sitting in the car, playing with my present from my favourite uncle, the one I love so much and who had made me feel so great, almost forgetting the pain from my ribs, eyes and mouth from last night. I became aware that Rick's hand was again between my legs. I untied the drawstring to my new shorts, which allowed Rick into my pants and that great warm feeling I get when Rick plays with my cock and balls.I allowed myself to slide down slightly in the seat, which then enabled Rick's fingers to go under me, and into my ass, That feeling was just out of this world, I loved it and Rick knew it too. That is why he always did it whenever he could.Even last night while I was sitting on his lap, he managed to slip his hand down the back of my jeans and fingered my ass.We had a great afternoon at bowling and then he took me to the forest. Holding hands, we walked for ages deep into the forest just enjoying watching the squirrels and some deer. I took off my t-shirt and Rick carried it for me.We sat on a bench, well I lay with my head in his lap, and he undid my drawstring again and slipped his hand into my pants pushing my foreskin back. "I love you Garry."I never said anything, just laid and soaked up the sun and enjoyed his touch, I must have dozed off.Later we went home, Yvonne was already in.I Underage Pics had dinner and then Rick said let us get you home, I did say you would be home by eight and it is almost that now.I did not even know Rick had told my parents that I was with him, dad is gonna be furious, he hates it when I have a good time with Rick.We got to my house and went in, dad straight away said to Rick, "What has he had to do to earn those new clothes"Rick answered, "Nothing Steve, what is on your mind""Nothing indeed, no one buys a boy new clothes for no reason without something in return"Rick looked upset and just said, "You can think those thoughts, if you want. Garry and I have had a good time, it is a pity you cannot be happy for him. Steve, you have a wonderful boy here, but you treat him like shit, I know what you did to him last night, plus I know why, you are sick man, sick in the head. Don't you realize that not only are you hurting your own flesh and blood but you are destroying any love he has for you, and I'll tell you this, you do it again and I'll call the police"Rick ruffled my hair and said Goodnight, I went to my room.I could here mum shouting at dad saying that Rick is trying to steel me away from them.Dad was saying that he was going to call the police and name Rick as paedophile, I kill him if I have too.Rick is not a paedophile at all he just loves me and I love him so much, I hate my dadI cried myself to sleep still in my new clothes.I am 16 years old and legal for sex with a man in Great Britain. Rick is not a blood relative either. Okay Rick will be 53 this year but he has loved me since he rescued me on Christmas Eve from my father's beatings because I'd knocked a glass of beer over, I was just 2 years old then. I spent the Christmas with Rick and his family

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