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121 September 09 2009 at 19:08:13
Fullname: James "Chris" Cregger
Email: debbieleder1953@yahoo.com
Current address: 9138 Cotswald Way, New Port Richey,FL. 34655
When did you attend WHS?: 1987-1989
Comments: I would love too hear from any classmates that went to Mount View. I am currently living with my parents here in Flordia.

122 August 14 2009 at 21:57:09
Fullname: Belinda Haynes Burks
Email: dbburks@yahoo.com
Current address: Princeton WV
When did you attend WHS?: 1969 - 1974
Comments: Ennjoy the site. its hard to believe that it has bee 35 years since graduation.

123 August 05 2009 at 02:45:55
Fullname: Bob
Email: genevos@gmail.com
Current address:
When did you attend WHS?:
Comments: Hello everybody.. Really nice site, love the design.

124 August 01 2009 at 08:34:35
Fullname: Cuzzie Mae Belcher Mathena
Email: willncuzzie@citlink.net
Current address: 1892 Cherrywood Lane, Bluefield, WV 24701
When did you attend WHS?: 1955-1957
Comments: I am so proud of my heritage. I graduated from Hemphill-Capels Jr. High, having gone there the full nine years, then going on to graduate from Welch High School was the making of a not too bad lady. I went on to graduate from Concord College with a degree in accounting. I do not hesitate to tell people that I am a product of "the county". I am so thankful to have grown up in the time and the place of McDowell County. I love what you are doing with the Alumni Page. Thanks

125 June 27 2009 at 13:51:03
Fullname: Tamara Thissen Damron
Email: TamDam1210@yahoo.com
Current address: Santa Rosa, CA
When did you attend WHS?: 1974-1977
Comments: Hi! I just stopped by. Neat site! Tammy : )

126 June 17 2009 at 17:35:50
Fullname: Ray Kiser
Email: rdkiser@aol.com
Current address: 29 Cypress Knee Lane Austin, TX 78734
When did you attend WHS?: Class of 1969
Comments: We just moved back to Austin where I have been appointed as Senior Pastor of Lake Travis United Methodist Church. The hills here are almost as beautiful as "Prince Emmanuel's Land" West Virginia. We feel very blessed, and are delighted to see old friends.

127 June 16 2009 at 19:41:10
Fullname: Veronica Munaretta Cummings
Email: veronicacummings@aol.com
Current address: P.O. Box 595 Winfield, WV 25213
When did you attend WHS?: l964-67
Comments: I am amazed at the website.How do you do it! I am at my home in Edgewater, Fl. on vacation right now and have the time to go to the website. I love it! I lived in Kimball, went to Kimball Elem., taught at Kimball Elem., graduated from WHS, taught at WHS and the 1st year at Mt. View - these were truly the good old days. I love seeing the names of former students....yeah Myrna Young...you were a doll in General Bus. class! I have 2 children, Jeff and Shannon. Two grandchildren on the way! My Kimball days were wonderful thanks to the Battlo family...they were just like a family to me! Does anyone know Selma Fly's address? My aunt Ruth was her mom's best friend and she lives with me now and is trying to find her.

128 June 10 2009 at 08:13:10
Fullname: Bob Blackburn
Email: rblackburn@cpsprofits.com
Current address: Lake Mary, FL
When did you attend WHS?: Graduated in 1971
Comments: Lived in Kimball and attended WHS from 69 to 71.

129 June 01 2009 at 20:44:35
Fullname: Zelda Mullins Hardy
Email: zelda.chip@comcast.net
Current address: Mechanicsville, VA
When did you attend WHS?: Graduated 1964
Comments: Nice website! So sad to see so many of our classmates have passed.

130 May 07 2009 at 13:57:07
Fullname: Linda Steele Ciampanella Langford
Email: l_langford71@comcast.net
Current address: Prosperity, SC
When did you attend WHS?: 70's
Comments: It has been a long time since I signed into the site so I thought maybe I would update my information. I was raised in Big Sandy and went to Big Sandy Elementary and then to Welch High. I married Benny Ciampanella in 1970 and we had one daughter (Wendy Ciampanella Watson). Would love to hear from old classmates.

131 April 29 2009 at 08:20:38
Fullname: Marilyn Peveler McMahan
Email: rdmunion@yahoo.com
Current address: Union, Michigan
When did you attend WHS?: Did not attend WHS....
Comments: I had many friends that graduated from WHS in the 50's. I graduated from IHS in 1958. Quesion: I need to find Jimmy Smithbeger. I am sure someone can supply me with information on how to contact him. Recently I found out from an old friend that Jimmy played football at Notre Dame. We are avid fans of ND and spend a lot of time of the campus. My husband is an usher for the ND football games. Thank you very much for your help.

132 April 28 2009 at 22:03:40
Fullname: Brenda (Cox) Hale
Email: bfhale49@yahoo.com
Current address: welch
When did you attend WHS?: Graduated in 1967
Comments: This is an awesome sight. I still live in welch, and am a LPN at welch community hospital in the OB dept. Have worked there for 20years. I was married to Denny Hale from Davy. He passed away in 1996. I have 2 children and 2 grandsons.

133 April 22 2009 at 18:03:15
Fullname: Ron Oliver
Email: marcoherd@aol.com
Current address: 5 James Drive, Huntington, WV
When did you attend WHS?: 1959 to 1963
Comments: Wanted to update on our new address that will go into effect sometime in June. It will be 566 Santa Maria Drive, Fernandina Beach, Florida.....which is on Amelia Island. After 63 years in Wv, my wife and I will be moving...like I told my other friends, this in the first time in 41 years that I have not purchased Marshall season football tickets...I will sell the "thunder tailgate truck" and enjoy the warmth of Florida. Good health and luck to all...Ron

134 April 21 2009 at 12:06:25
Email: jerrydecker@embarqmail.com
Current address: 1912 CLEARWOOD DR, JOHNSON CITY, TN 37604
When did you attend WHS?: 1959-1963

135 April 21 2009 at 12:05:59
Email: jerrydecker@embarqmail.com
Current address: 1912 CLEARWOOD DR, JOHNSON CITY, TN 37604
When did you attend WHS?: 1959-1963

136 April 17 2009 at 19:27:11
Fullname: Deborah Christian Leder
Email: debbieleder1953@yahoo.com
Current address: 9138 Cotswald Way, New Port Richey,FL. 34655
When did you attend WHS?: 67-72
Comments: I just wanted to up date my email address and home address, As we have moved since my last up date. We moved to a Condo 55 plus,Oh gosh,Never thought this age would happen. I'm married for the 2nd time, very much happier, to a Great Man,still in living in the "Great State of Florida" (LOL!!) My son ,Chris Cregger is divorced and has 3 children,He is a Prison Guard, And my daughter Kellie Cregger Mercado, is a single Mom, with 3 children,Kellie works in the recovery room for Dr.James P. Gills, whose father had a Eye Clinic in Bluefield W.v. many years ago. Dr. Gills,loves West Viginia people, so needless to say, Kellie is one of his favorites. Michael and I enjoy our lake right out our back door, he fishes, and I watch for the beautiful deer. We also Love being with our grandchildren, ages 14-6yrs. Alot of babysitting, You ever heard that saying:"I Wish I Had My Grandchildren First", I saw a bumper-sticker with that on it, They are Wonderful! Michael and I have a New Addition ; A Cocker-Spaniel Puppy, 8 weeks old, his name is "Otis Theodore" That's our baby after 16 years of marriage. I would love to hear from anyone from Welch High School. My Parents were ,Jack & Pearl Christian of Welch, Daddy was "Sheriff" from 1968-1972 My Sister ,Judy Christian Thomas,graduated in 1964 and my brother ,David Christian, graduated in 1968. We lived on Summers Street in Welch.

137 April 13 2009 at 09:41:47
Fullname: Myrna A. Young
Email: Thea858@verizon.net
Current address: Washington DC Metro Area
When did you attend WHS?: 1974-1977
Comments: Just sending greetings to all WHS graduates. Looking forward to getting information concerning the 70s Reunion next year.

138 March 28 2009 at 15:18:53
Fullname: Becky Robinette Bramer
Email: rebeccabramer@yahoo.com
Current address: 3218 La Costa Road, Missouri City, Tx 77459
When did you attend WHS?: 1970's
Comments: Just wanted to update e-mail address. I visited the old high school this past summer and it has declined so much. Even though none of us thought it at the time, those years were the times of our lives. Seems the older I get, the more I think back. I'd love to hear from my old classmates.

139 March 27 2009 at 18:51:11
Current address: ROANOKE VA 24019
When did you attend WHS?: CLASS OF 1958

140 March 22 2009 at 12:34:55
Current address: ROANOKE VA 24019
When did you attend WHS?: CLASS OF 1958

141 March 19 2009 at 17:57:34
Fullname: Ralph Crockett Warfe
Email: duffmoo@aol.com
Current address: 38605 Bautista Canyon Way, Palm Desert, CA 92260
When did you attend WHS?: 41-44
Comments: I left WHS in March of '44 for the service. I got my official deploma that year.

142 March 14 2009 at 09:45:55
Fullname: Sandra Gail Kowaleski Bays
Email: va_girl20041955@yahoo.com
Current address: 219 Wintercreek Drive, Bluefield, Va 24605
When did you attend WHS?: 1970-1973
Comments: Haven't been here in a while. Would love to hear from any of my classmates.

143 February 21 2009 at 11:11:06
Fullname: Richard Stevenson & Reva Baker
Email: richandreva@aol.com
Current address: 13 Sweetgum Ct N Homosassa FL.34446
When did you attend WHS?: Class of 59, Class of '61
Comments: We married in Oct.'6o. We moved to Maryland in '62. We retired in 2004 and moved to Florida. Would love to hear from "old" classmates.

144 February 17 2009 at 14:39:31
Fullname: Barbara McManus Fisher
Email: bfisher3@mindspring.com
Current address: Lincoln, Ne
When did you attend WHS?: Would have been class of l963
Comments: Checking out the site and realized I hadn't updated my new email address. Still think of the Welch days and all the fun we had. I'm in contact with several people from my Welch days and would enjoy hearing from more of you. My husband and I are both retired and still live in Nebraska.

145 February 16 2009 at 18:35:08
Fullname: Oma Phyllis England Davis
Email: omdav83846@yahoo.com
Current address: Idaho
When did you attend WHS?: 1947/51
Comments: Would enjoy hearing from friends I went to school with in McDowell County and where I worked at Murphy's. Trilby N.,Dee L.,Deamie C.,Wanda M.,Jim F.,Edith L., Randal H., Audie B., Nancy W.....

146 February 14 2009 at 23:06:28
Fullname: Carol England Christian
Email: suzyq61214@yahoo.com
Current address:
When did you attend WHS?: class of 64
Comments: was checking out the site and thought i'd update my email address...

147 February 14 2009 at 07:41:53
Fullname: Barbara L. Fields
Current address: P. O. Box 53 Elbert, WV 24830
When did you attend WHS?: Graduated 1970
Comments: Things have really changed since I went to school, just ask my son.

148 February 01 2009 at 01:01:54
Fullname: Ked Rodney Fitzpatrick
Email: kedrfitz@bellsouth.net
Current address: 51-A Reilly Road, Frankfort KY 40601
When did you attend WHS?: 1950-1956
Comments: Graduated from WHS in 1956, graduated from Berea College, Berea, KY in January, 1967; MSW from the College of Social Professions, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY in May, 1973. Worked for the Commonwealth of KY from Feb. 1967 through July 31, 1997. Now retired, except for some consulting work with the state. Divorced; one daughter. Hello to all WHS grads.

149 January 19 2009 at 15:59:55
Fullname: Marcelene Phillips Horne
Email: adulted@mounet.com
Current address: 311 Legion Street, Weber City, VA 24290
When did you attend WHS?: 46-48
Comments: I would love to hear from anyone from my class.

150 January 17 2009 at 05:03:27
Fullname: Jackie Deskins
Email: jackied492000@yahoo.com
Current address: Narrows, VA
When did you attend WHS?: Class of 1978
Comments: Time goes by too fast

151 January 14 2009 at 23:35:03
Email: rosscoe@sbcglobal.net
Current address: 6415 Mallard ST San Diego CA 92114
When did you attend WHS?: 1954-1958
Comments: Joined USN 3-14-1958 lived down in roderfield now living in San Diego Ca temp was 86 to day beats livin' on tug river any day but i some time miss the mountians plan to visit next summer GOD bless

152 January 08 2009 at 12:25:55
Fullname: mica spano lego
Email: micaslego@aol.com
Current address: 13 edgemone dr hampton va 23666
When did you attend WHS?: 1957
Comments: i did not go to Welch High, but spent many summers and lots of time with aunt Lucy Muscatello, I know lots of the students from there. I would love to hear from any of you who know me, I went to the swimming pool a lot and was friends, with Nilda Ramella and Jean Battlo, also lots of male friends. I hope to hear from some of you. Thanks, Mica Spano Lego

153 November 13 2008 at 22:49:53
Fullname: kenny wyatt
Email: whyitk2975@aol.com
Current address: upper marlboro, md
When did you attend WHS?: 1970 grad
Comments: 2010 reunion not too far away. looking forward to it. can`t believe it will be, dare i say, 40 yrs since graduating. my goodness i`m older than dirt. hope to have a good turn out from class of 70. go maroon wave. peace

154 October 21 2008 at 00:47:47
Fullname: jyothi
Email: workathom08@rediffmail.com
Current address: chennai
When did you attend WHS?: na
Comments: Very good website. Comments from www.ezinfocenter.com/7385520/FREE

155 October 11 2008 at 22:01:20
Fullname: Pepper Huffman
Email: pepper818@gmail.com
Current address: Wytheville, Virginia
When did you attend WHS?: 1971-1974
Comments: Hello out there! Cool website. I was in Welch and Capels today. Made me cry. It is too sad.

156 October 09 2008 at 11:07:46
Fullname: David L Walker
Email: dlw.cpa@sbcglobal.net
Current address: 7002 Brookfir Lane Houston, TX 77040
When did you attend WHS?: 1958-1962
Comments: Update on email address. Saw the pictures for the recent reunion; looks like fun was had by all. Saw pictures of my cousins, Ginny Lockhart and Jackie Hatmaker. Survived Ike here in Houston; no juice for 7 days, but we managed. I lost part of my fence in the backyard, but we were luckier than the people on the coast. Hoping for retirement in a couple of years.

157 September 27 2008 at 09:50:45
Fullname: Anita McCarty
Email: abwmccarty@cox.net
Current address: 906 Claiborne Ave Vinton, VA 24179
When did you attend WHS?: graduated 1958
Comments: Just found out about web site at 50th renunion. We had a wonderful time.

158 September 19 2008 at 11:31:46
Fullname: Carstairs H. Bracey (Penny)
Email: Bracey@embarqmail.com
Current address: South Hill, Va
When did you attend WHS?: Grade school--would have been in class of `57
Comments: Doers any one have Tom Kuhn`s address. We were neighborhood buddies durin the `40s. Have enjoyed reading this site--there are quite a few names that bring back memories.

159 September 11 2008 at 17:45:13
Fullname: Robert B Bracey (Bob)
Email: rbracey@triad.rr.com
Current address: Summerfield, NC
When did you attend WHS?: up through 6th grade-would have been class of 57
Comments: Just found this site. A local Dr, Dr Gates, is from Welch and got me interested in searching. I really liked the pictures and the news article. A few names I remember are Joyce Barnes and Gayle Moody. My father was a Dr at Stevens Clinic and we moved away during the 6th grade. We (my twin bother and I) had a friend mail us a copy of the annual for the year we would have been seniors. When I moved to Greensboro to work, I found a couple of other McDowell county natives here in North Carolina. Small world!!! Enjoyed the website and will visit often in the future.

160 September 09 2008 at 23:57:37
Fullname: Debbie Arnold
Email: cbdebe@yahoo.com
Current address: 27280 Norwood St.. Highland, CA92346
When did you attend WHS?: Graduated 1975
Comments: Just found this site. Would love to hear from people especially if anyone is in southern CA.

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