Related article: Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 13:44:12 +0000 From: Jacob Latson Subject: Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 19Warning:This chapter depicts a heterosexual rape.Disclaimer:This story will describe the life of John Miller from his time as a man who has been devastated by divorce and turned it into a new life of wealth. This story will include descriptions of male sex, including M/M, M/T, M/b, T/b and b/b. If stories involving sex between consenting males of all ages, including mainly gay sex, offends you, go back to the Archives and pick a different story for your reading pleasure. Don't expect constant descriptions of erotic sex in this story. I always want to develop a plot and characters before the hot action starts.There has been minimal research for this story therefore, names, places, and events are mostly fictitious and similarities to real life are coincidental.Some companies and organizations mentioned actually exist, but references to the activities, policies, programs and procedures are fictitious. This story will include references to the United States government, the FBI, CIA and other agencies. Any references are purely fictional, and only used to develop the plot and characters.This is the chapter that sets the tone for the "meat" of my story. I hope you enjoy it and maybe you'll take the time to send me an email.Again I thank Bill for his editing...Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 19 Proud Les DomovAfter signing a new set of documents for the Czech Productions Company, Limited, John was relieved that he was no longer connected to the vile business. He felt that he should talk to Philippe about the meeting with Andrei Datsyuk, but decided to wait for the right time and place.Mike was upset with John for the first time. He wanted John to tell him the details of the meeting with the INTERPOL Inspector, and felt that John didn't trust him. He was withdrawn and John knew that he had to repair their relationship. During the trip through the Czech countryside, John saw a small village and asked the driver to pull over. A second vehicle was following the stretch limousine that would be left at the orphanage for John and his travel companions to use until they left the Czech Republic, and that driver pulled over too."Mike, I need to talk to you in private," John said. "Let's go over by those trees so we can be alone."Mike was obviously pissed at him, and John wanted to choose his words carefully. "I know that you're angry with me, and I also know why. You didn't like me having a private conversation with Underage Animal Sex Stories Andrei and then not telling you what Andrei and I talked about.""I thought that you trusted me!" Mike said with tears flowing down his face. "I'm ready to go back to Michigan and get a job at MacDonald's!""Okay, I'll tell you the truth," John said. "Andrei has uncovered a problem in our company that could put your life and mine in extreme danger. James Stanton was murdered, and some people might try to do the same thing to me, and if you're around me, you're in danger too! You'd be safer if you quit and took the job at MacDonald's!""Stanton was murdered?" Mike asked."Yes, but you can't let anyone know that you heard that," John insisted. "I still love you and don't want to expose you to what I have to do with this company.""Why did you sell the CPC operations?" Mike asked."Actually, I didn't sell the CPC Operations. One company under the CPC umbrella is involved in kidnapping, child pornography and prostitution," John admitted. "I had to get rid of CPC to protect our company's image. I actually gave all of the CPC Operations to INTERPOL.""Thanks for telling me what happened in the interview," Mike said. "If you're in danger, I want to be armed and ready to help protect you! Now I'm firmly convinced that I need to take the gun safety classes and get my CCW (Carry Concealed Weapons) license."Everyone noticed the change in Mike's attitude during the rest of the trip across the Czech Republic. Now John needed to talk to Philippe in private to make sure that his friend wasn't involved in the murder of James Stanton.When Underage Animal Sex Stories the limousine arrived in the tiny village of Ceska Skalisce, John was excited. He wanted a break from the turmoil of the meeting with Andrei Datsyuk, and looked forward to seeing a bunch of happy children playing on the grounds of the orphanage."This country's beautiful!" Philippe said when they drove up the winding road and past the sign that said "Proud Les Domov". The long driveway was lined with evergreen trees and after a long curve; the main building came into view. A huge fountain with marble statues was in the center of a circular driveway in front of the main building, but the water wasn't turned on. The empty fountain looked like it hadn't been cleaned or used in months. John looked out Underage Animal Sex Stories the window of the limo and saw a group of children on their knees using hand sickles to cut the long grass. The clothing on the children was horrible and filled with holes! Instead of seeing happy children playing on the lawn, the men in the limo saw filthy children wearing rags that didn't cover the intimate parts of their bodies! The faces of the children clearly showed that they were being used like slaves!"All of you! Listen to me!" John ordered. "Don't say anything bad about the conditions here until we have all of the facts! The buildings are beautiful, but it's obvious that nothing's being taken care of! Let me handle everything without you saying a word until we're alone!"John told the driver to blow the horn on the stretch limousine and the front door flew open. A man ran out and demanded to know who the visitors were."My name's John Miller and I own this property." John said. "Who are you?""I'm Josef Polanko I'm do pé?e o? tato domov!" Josef said indignantly."We speak English!" John said after hearing the man say his name and that he was in charge of the home."How do Underage Animal Sex Stories I know that you speak the truth?" Josef asked, switching to English."Here are the documents from Prague," John said. He handed the title to the property to the angry man and immediately didn't like Josef Polanko!"Mr. Miller I apologize," Josef said. "Let me ring the bell to call everyone here to meet you."Josef rang a large bell on the porch of the huge building, and immediately adults and children ran to the front of the building. John looked at the girls and saw that their breasts were almost completely exposed from the torn rags that used to be T-shirts, and he could easily see the pubic hair on many of the girls because their filthy shorts were full of holes. When the boys ran up, John saw that the genitals of the boys were hanging out of their shorts that were full of holes. None of the children appeared to be wearing any type of underwear, and their long hair was matted and filthy!"Tato is Mr. Mlynár , a he's zde až k blízký tato domov a poslat tebe celek bek až k prebenda do ?len ur?itý okap of ?len ur?itý vesnice!" Josef said to the children.John was Underage Animal Sex Stories still rusty on the Czech language, but he recognized enough of the words to determine that Josef Polanko had just told the children that Mr. Miller was there to close the home and send them back to living in the gutters of the village!John was furious, but he tried to hide his feelings by asking, "What did you say to the children?" He avoided making direct eye contact with Josef Polanko because he was very angry and didn't want his Miller Eyes to reveal his true emotions."I told them that you are the new owner," Josef said, leaving out the important parts of the message."As you can see, Underage Animal Sex Stories the children need new clothes and shoes, but Mr. Pekar in Prague won't release the money that I need to provide for the children," Josef lied. "I'm doing the best that I can with limited money. The adult workers are a bunch of lazy bums that should all be fired!""Can you show us to our rooms?" John asked."Brát tv?j bezcenný ocenit až k ?len ur?itý automobil a dobýt jejich kuf?íky jádro!" Josef yelled at the children. Immediately all of the children ran to the trunk of the stretch limo and Mercedes van and carried all of the baggage inside."Your room is on the top floor," Josef said to John. "Will these men be sleeping in the buildings with the children? I think we can find some mattresses for them.""My guests will be staying in this building with me!" John insisted."What about the darkies?" Josef whispered to John. "Surely you don't want them in the main house!"John was ready to break Josef's neck for referring to his two black bodyguards as "darkies"! He listened to Josef cussing at the children in Czech, and immediately hated the man! He turned away to hide his anger and to give him time to compose his emotions."Will you be staying for the evening meal?" Josef asked."We ate in the village, so we'd like to clean up and take a tour of the grounds," John replied.Josef was relieved! He knew what the children would be eating for supper and he didn't have time to prepare a meal suitable for the new owner of the home. He devised a plan to convince John Miller that he needed more money to run the home and was convinced that the stupid American would believe his lies.John walked into the building and was awed by the magnificence of the interior! Everywhere he looked he saw beautiful furniture, original oil paintings and expensive decorations. He walked into a huge room with leather furniture and saw that the ceiling was at least 30 feet high, with glass windows offering a breathtaking view of the grounds of the property. The mansion was the center of buildings that radiated out into the huge yard with connecting hallways. A huge indoor swimming pool had glass windows that gave a breathtaking view of the countryside, but the pool was filthy and obviously hadn't been used in months. John walked through the huge living room and guessed that it could hold over 200 people for parties. The huge dining room had four long tables and could easily seat 100 people or more. He looked for dishes and silverware, but saw that the glass cabinets were empty, and when he opened the drawers, no silverware was found. The other sideboards in the huge dining room were empty, and John suspected that they used to hold expensive serving bowls and decanters.Josef Polanko tried to steer John away from the dining room and kitchens, but John ignored Josef's pleas and walked into the kitchen wing. Instead of seeing the room filled with cooking stoves and ovens, most of the room was empty. Only a few battered cooking pans were hanging from the hooks above the worktables, and it was obvious again that things were missing."How can you cook for all of the children with such limited equipment?" John asked Josef."We need more money to buy cooking stoves, ovens and pots," Josef said. At first he had been afraid to show the new owner the facilities, but this was working out great for his appeals for more money to run the home."We'll talk about that later," John said. "I'd like to shower before I tour the rest of the buildings.""I apologize that the water heaters aren't turned on," Josef said. "The bank in Prague doesn't give us enough money to afford to have hot water in this building, so we turned off all of the water heaters in all of the buildings."John knew that James Stanton had built a power plant to supply electricity to the home and village, and didn't argue with Josef. Electric power was free to the orphanage, and Josef was obviously lying again. John realized that the home had been stripped of everything valuable except the furnishings in the main building, and correctly guessed that the children didn't have any hot water to bathe."Rozsvítit ?len ur?itý voda zah?íva? a don't oznámit jakýkoli z tezaury host aby tebe pocínovat mluvit Anglicky!" Josef said to two adult men standing in the kitchen."What did you say to them?" John asked. He already understood that Josef had ordered the water heaters turned on and had threatened the men to not admit that they could speak English."I asked them to turn on the water heaters," Josef said. "I'm sorry, but it will take over an hour for the water to be hot for your showers.""We'll unpack and go to the living room for a drink while we wait," John said.The men went to their rooms, unpacked and then met in the living room where a huge bar took up one entire wall. John could tell that his friends were upset, and he cautioned them to avoid saying anything out loud.A man brought in a bucket of ice, and John made a large pitcher of his favorite recipe for Manhattans. He thanked the man in English and realized that the man understood. "Would you like to join us?" John asked the man."ne Anglicky!" the man said."What's your name?" John asked.The man slipped and answered, "Sasha" and then realized his mistake in answering the question. "ne Anglicky!" he repeated and left quickly.John smiled and watched Sasha practically run out of the living room. He saw Josef grab the elderly man and pull him aside. John walked over and could barely hear Josef cussing at the man in Czech, threatening to fire him for showing that he understood English.John served his friends a variety of drinks and waited for Josef to leave before he faced his travel companions. The beautiful bar made out of solid cherry wood with glass shelves and indirect lighting impressed him. The bar was more impressive than the Members' Only bar at the Hidden Harbor Yacht Club and would make the club members jealous if they ever saw it."Can we talk now?" Derek asked."Yes," John said. "But talk softly so our conversation will be private.""This place is beautiful, but the children look horrible!" Mike blurted out. "They're in rags and it looks like they haven't had a decent meal in months! How can you stand this?""I can't and I won't!" John replied. "My father always told me, `don't make a decision until you know all of the facts' and that's what we're gonna do!""I wish that one of us could understand the Czech language," Lindsey said. "Lou and I are the only blacks here, and I can tell that Josef hates us!""I have a confession," John began. "When I was young, I spent all of my summers on the farm of my grandparents. They were both born in what was once Czechoslovakia, and went to Michigan to start new lives. When I was at the farm, I learned to speak Czech, and I've understood much of what Josef has said to the children and the adults who work here.""You speak Czech?" Mike exclaimed. "Why didn't you tell me?""You never asked," John replied. He hugged his young friend and asked everyone to keep his secret."He's threatening everyone that I'm here to close down this orphanage, and he's cussing at everyone," John said. "Just be patient, and know that I'm going to kick some ass real soon!"Josef came into the living room and wanted to talk to John in private. John refused and said that they could talk in front of his travel companions because he didn't have any secrets from them."My English isn't good," Josef admitted. "I need more money to buy clothes and food for the children.""I'd like to see the business records," John said. "It's obvious that the children have needs that aren't being taken care of."Josef didn't want John to see the financial records, but he believed that the visitors wouldn't be able to understand the books because they were all written in Czech. He left and came back with the books and asked John if he wanted help to read the entries.John decided to test Josef, and opened the book and saw several entries for the purchases of clothing, shoes and bedding for the children. "What are these purchases?" John asked."We had to hire people to repair the roof and water supply," Josef lied. "These bills were paid to hire people to plow the snow and repair the broken windows in the dormitories for the children."John knew that Josef was lying, but just nodded and said, "Those are legitimate expenses for running this home. How many adults work here and how much are they paid?""We have 30 adults who make 500 Czech crowns a week," Josef replied. "I wish that we could pay them more, but Mr. Pekar won't increase my allotment.""I only saw about 12 adults when you rang the bell," John said. "Where are the others?""They are very busy and can't leave their responsibilities," Josef lied.John looked at the book and saw that 30 adults were paid 500 crowns a week, but he suspected that Josef was "cooking the books". He saw the names listed for the adult employees and counted 30 people.Sasha and another man came into the living room and Sasha whispered to Josef. Josef turned to John and said, "The heaters are on, and you should be able to bathe in about 30 minutes.""Where is Kvetka?" John asked. His question startled Josef and Sasha. "Kvetka always talked to Helen Baxter each month, but Helen hasn't heard from her in a long time.""Kvetka quit to take a higher paying job," Josef lied. "If I had more money from Prague, I could keep good people working here to take care of the children.""Ona didn't opustit , on hore?ka ji!" Milan whispered to Sasha."Držet hubu!" Josef said emphatically to Milan."She quit for a better paying job," Josef said again.John knew that Milan had said that Kvetka had been fired and Josef had told him to "shut up"."I'll look at the financial books later," John said. "I'd like to see the dormitories for the children. Where are they right now?""This is not a good time to visit the children," Josef said. "You should wait until after you bathe!""We'll go on a tour right now!" John insisted. He led his friends out of the mansion and into the wing for the boys' dormitory.Josef wanted to keep John Miller and the other men from seeing the boys eating their evening meal, but he wasn't successful.John walked into the dining area for the boys' dormitory and saw a woman dishing out what looked like oatmeal into cracked and chipped bowls. Each boy was given one small scoop of what looked like slop for a pig."Can I taste the food that you're serving?" John asked the woman.Marie was terrified when she saw the look on Josef's face! She wasn't supposed to admit that she understood English, so she pretended that she didn't understand.John picked up one of the damaged bowls and held it out for the woman to fill. With great reluctance, she put a large scoop of the nasty looking slop into the bowl.John saw that the boys were watching in shock, and he realized that he had made a big mistake. He couldn't find any eating utensils and saw that the boys ate with their dirty fingers and ate the small scoop of oatmeal very quickly. He dipped his fingers into the bowl, gathered some of the oatmeal and licked it off his fingers. It was horrible!"If I had more money, I could give the children better food and spoons to eat with," Josef said. "I trust that you will make Mr. Pekar give me the money that I need!"John saw a cute little boy sitting at the table with an empty bowl in front of his sad eyes. John walked up to the little boy and offered the bowl of slop and said, "Would you eat the rest of this for me?"The little boy grabbed the bowl and immediately wolfed down the extra serving of food and slipped by saying, "Thank you!"Josef gave the boy a stern look that terrified the little boy.John had to leave the dormitory before he would break down crying! This beautiful setting for an orphanage had been turned into a prison, and he was appalled!"What are those wings of the building for?" John asked Josef after he controlled his emotions."We keep food refrigerated in there," Josef replied.John opened the steel doors and saw a huge cooler that was filled with sides of beef and pork. It was a walk-in freezer, and he wondered why the children were being fed oatmeal for the main meal of the day when the freezer was filled with beef, pork, and chickens. He closed the door and walked to another steel door, and behind it was a refrigeration room filled with eggs, milk, bread and vegetables. He said nothing and closed the door before leading the visitors back to the living room."How long will you be visiting here?" Josef asked."We might leave very soon," John lied. "I think that I need to talk to Pavel Pekar in Prague to change how this home is financed.""That would be very nice," Josef said."Let's go shower now and then I want to talk to you," John said to his friends."Your office is ready, and I had the women put clean sheets and blankets on the beds in your rooms," Josef said.John walked into the master bedroom of the mansion and was impressed with everything. He had a huge bedroom with a private bathroom that included a large shower room, Jacuzzi and Sauna bath. The master bedroom was larger than the entire home that John owned on Long Lake in Michigan, and he could tell that James Stanton had spent a fortune in the construction of the mansion and other wings of the building. The view from the bedroom windows was spectacular, with the crystal blue lake framed by the mountain range in the distance.When John was alone with Mike, he pulled out his laptop computer and opened a word file. He looked at Mike and asked, "Do you trust me?""Of course I trust you, but I'm waiting for you to punch that bastard in the mouth!" Mike admitted. "When you were looking at those big rooms off from the dining area, I walked into the boys' dormitory. They must be sleeping at least three boys to each bed, and there weren't any sheets, blankets or pillows! They're sleeping on empty box springs with no mattresses!""In this word file, I've hidden the codes to open the doors at the back of this office," John said. "Let's see what James Stanton hid from Josef Polanko!"John punched in the security code and the lock clicked. He opened the door and was shocked at what he saw! The room was filled with computer equipment and monitors, and he hoped that Mike would be able to turn the computer systems on."Jesus!" Mike exclaimed when he recognized the expensive equipment. His degree in Computer Science made it easy for him to recognize the very sophisticated surveillance equipment and how to turn it on."What the fuck is all of this equipment for?" John asked.Mike was busy turning on all of the computers, and said, "I haven't seen equipment like this anywhere! Look at all of these monitors! This stuff is `state of the art' in computer technology!"John walked over to a large wall safe and used the word file to reveal the combination. He opened the safe and found stacks of Czech crowns inside. The large safe held what must be the equivalent of several million dollars in U.S. money, and he showed it to Mike."Did you see the string of buildings along the driveway to this building?" John asked Mike. "I saw beautiful homes and what looked like apartment buildings. Why would James have built a string of homes and apartments when this is supposed to be an orphanage?""You aren't going to like this," Mike said. "Here's a file for creating a website for advertising Proud Les Domov!"John looked at the display, and was shocked. He watched while Mike clicked on several pop-ups that showed photos of the homes and apartments and the advertisements that showed the prices for rent. "Private residences with one companion each day" the pop- up showed. "Price, $500 U.S. dollars a day. $3,000 per week, $10,000 per month.""Open that one!" John said while pointing to a pop-up that was labeled, "Companions".John and Mike were shocked when they saw photos of the children at the orphanage. It was immediately evident that "guests" could have the companionship of one of the children during their visits, and the implications were obvious."He built this place as a brothel!" John exclaimed. "He planned on selling the children to the guests for sex!"Mike was shocked! He never dreamed that anyone would create a brothel for selling children for sex, but the file showed the proof!"Has this website been turned on?" John asked."No," Mike replied. "It's still under construction, but someone spent a lot of time to show every part of the main building and the interiors of the homes and apartments. Look at these pictures of the dining room in this building! Look at the monogrammed china and silverware! I didn't see any of this stuff when we took the tour!""Now we know what James Stanton had here before Josef Polanko took control and stole everything!" John said."These monitors show the bedrooms of a bunch of places," Mike said. "If this place was built to be a whorehouse, James Stanton wanted to be able to record the fucking in the bedrooms! Each camera's connected to a monitor and a computer with a huge hard drive to capture anything that happens! I checked the hard drives, and I'll bet that each computer can record months of data!""I always wondered what made James Stanton tick, and now I know!" John said. "Some shitheads in the NAO Headquarters were blackmailing him to put Ryan Carter in charge of the loans from World Wide Investments, and James was going to evaporate and live here to run a whorehouse filled with orphans! He was going to blackmail the guests to this whorehouse and live like a king with an unlimited supply of young flesh to fuck!"Mike was crying and John needed to comfort his young friend. John shed his own tears at learning the true nature of James Stanton, and was determined to rescue the children."Erase that file so no one ever sees it!" John demanded. "With your help, we're gonna make this a REAL orphanage where children can live in peace without fear of being exploited!""That's what I wanted to hear from you!" Mike sobbed. "I wish that James Stanton was alive so I could kill him!""Let's talk to Philippe to see what he knows about all of this," John said."He might tell you things that he doesn't want me to hear," Mike said astutely. "Talk to him alone, and see what he knows. If he was involved in all of this, I'll kill him right now!"John decided to talk to Philippe alone, and knocked on the door to Philippe's room."Can I talk to you?" John asked Philippe when the door was opened."I've been expecting you," Philippe said. "Can we go down and have another drink while we talk? I'm upset and I need something to calm down with."John and Philippe went down to the living room and John made Manhattans for both of them before they started talking."I'm going to take a risk and tell you something that's secret," Philippe began. "I'm working with INTERPOL to find out who murdered James Stanton.""You know that he was murdered?" John asked."James confided in me that he was being blackmailed," Philippe said. "Ryan Carter was given the job at World Wide Investments to satisfy Glen Young and Jacob Coleman. They had cameras installed in the villa in Nassau and they recorded James Stanton having sex with under aged children.""Why was James murdered?" John asked."James found out that Jacob and Glen were trying to establish avenues for bringing in cocaine from Columbia through the Houston store, and he was going to stop it," Philippe said. "I don't know how James found out what was going on, but I'm sure that he was killed to stop any investigation.""What's your connection to INTERPOL?" John asked."Andrei Datsyuk contacted me and told me about the murder," Philippe said. "Jacob and Glen Underage Animal Sex Stories used their bank accounts with our bank in Nassau to pay for the hit on James Stanton in Zimbabwe. Our company is in deep trouble if we don't clean house and get rid of the illegal activities.""What do you know about the Czech Productions Company?" John asked."It's a front for several different businesses that James owned privately," Philippe said. "James found out that Sergei Modeling Studio was involved in child pornography and human trafficking, and he was going to destroy the perpetrators. Most of the businesses under CPC are legitimate and profitable, but one bad apple can spoil the bunch.""What about this place?" John asked."I know nothing about this orphanage," Philippe admitted. "The buildings are beautiful, but the children are being abused. I can't stand this place and want to kill Josef Polanko and then leave immediately!""Why didn't you tell me the truth about James Stanton, Glen and Jacob?" John asked."I didn't know that I could trust you until after you met with Andrei," Philippe admitted. "He called me after your meeting and told me that you're cooperating with his investigation and even gave him a huge sum of money to fund the investigation. I needed to know that you're an honest man who wants to do the right thing.""You and I need to trust each other," John said. "I promise to be honest with you and expect the same.""I know that you hired Roberto Mendez as your new Security Chief," Philippe said. "He's still connected to the FBI and INTERPOL.""Butch is putting a man in the Houston store to find out more about the drug smuggling," John admitted. "Can I trust him?""If I was going to hire someone to help clean up our company, I'd hire Butch in a second!" Philippe said. "Here's what I think we should do."John listened while Philippe described his plans for investigating the people in the NAO Headquarters and others in the S&JI World Wide Operations. He quickly realized that Philippe had a very detailed understanding of the entire company and which people could be trusted."James Stanton was going to leave the company and retire here to run a whorehouse for international guests who wanted to fuck young boys and girls," John said. "Mike and I found evidence of a website that was going to advertise this place to the entire world.""We can't let that happen!" Philippe said. "This is a beautiful place for homeless children, but they're being treated inhumanely. I'll quit the company before I let anyone exploit children!""You and I both have had sex with children in Nassau," John said."Those children love sex and have never been forced into anything!" Philippe said defensively. "They love Underage Animal Sex Stories attention from adult Underage Animal Sex Stories men and just do what's natural for them.""The children in this home were in the streets of this country and surviving by selling their bodies or stealing to get food and shelter," John said. "I look at the faces of these kids and see nothing but despair! Josef Polanko's a bastard who's stolen everything from these children, and I'm going to tear him apart!""I'll help you!" Philippe promised. "You and I can rescue the Sea & Jungle Company and this orphanage if we work together!""It's a deal!" John said while shaking Philippe's hand. The two men had just made a pact that would be vital to the future of their company.Derek Kaufman, Lindsey Smith, Lou Williams and Ross Johnson were having their own private meeting while John and Philippe were talking in the living room. The bodyguards were appalled at the conditions at the orphanage, and Derek had called Donald Cassidy to ask his advice. Don and Butch talked to their men and told them to keep them informed of what was happening. The two security chiefs were sharing information about the FBI, DEA and INTERPOL investigations, and wanted to know what John would do about the deplorable conditions at the orphanage in the Czech Republic.When John woke up the next morning, he got out of bed and wished that he were back in his own home in Michigan. The room was cold, and he sobbed when he thought about the children sleeping without any sheets or blankets. He couldn't let these conditions go on any longer!Josef Polanko knocked on the doors of the visitors and announced that breakfast was ready. Everyone got up and went down to the dining room where a breakfast of eggs, bacon, ham, fried potatoes, and coffee and apple juice was waiting.John sat down and ate breakfast, but wondered what the children were eating. He knew that in European countries, breakfast was usually followed by another serving of "Second Breakfast" and in his mind he knew that the children were being served more of the tasteless oatmeal, and probably never had the second breakfast. He wasn't going to let the child abuse continue any longer!When John and his travel companions walked outside on the front porch, they saw a young girl and young boy walking up the driveway.Josef Polanko looked at the cute little girl and felt his dick inflate. The girl was one of the street children of the village and he wanted to include her in his harem of girls. He smiled at the girl and welcomed her to the orphanage, but he saw the red haired boy with the grotesque nose and was livid.John had just walked out on the porch and saw the two children walking up the driveway. He was shocked when he saw Josef Polanko greet the girl and scream at the small boy."Vysvléknout se z už t? mám , nep?íjemný bastard!" Josef yelled!John was in shock when he heard Josef scream at the boy and then reach down and grab a rock. In total shock, he saw Josef throw the rock and hit the running boy in the back!"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" John screamed while he shoved Josef to the ground. He wanted Underage Animal Sex Stories to kill the bastard, but turned to see the red haired boy running away from the front porch. He turned, and Josef had disappeared with the small girl, and he was incensed! John saw Sasha turning away from the altercation, and he quickly grabbed the man and said, "Nemusím až k mluvit s, k tebe , dobrý te?!" (I need to talk to you, right now!)"You speak Czech?" Sasha said with a shocked look on his face. "Then you know what he said to that boy!""My Czech is very bad, so please excuse me if I ask you to talk English," John said. "Please come with me so Underage Animal Sex Stories I can learn what's really happening here!"John took Sasha to the living room and insisted that the elderly man sit down and talk with him."I need to know what's really going on here," John said. "I can try to talk to you in Czech, but it would be easier for me to speak English.""I'll lose my job if I talk to you!" Sasha said with tears flowing down his face. "Mr. Polanko will send me away like he's done with everyone else!""The only way that you'll lose your job here is if you lie to me!" John said. "I want to know everything! Where are the clothes and shoes for the children? Why are the children eating tasteless oatmeal when I saw huge quantities of meat and chicken, eggs and bread? Where are the dishes and silverware from the dining room? Where is Kvetka?"Sasha was terrified that he would lose the job that supported his family in the village if he told John Miller the truth. Tears flowed down his face when he heard John repeat the string of questions."I know that you're afraid of me," John said softly. "Josef Polanko will be fired today, and I need someone here that I can trust."John listened to Sasha and was appalled! Many of the adults had been fired, and the remaining workers were threatened every day that they would be fired too. Josef had cut their wages from 500 crowns a week to 400 and then to 300. That took their pay down from about $25 a week to about $15! The children had been getting 20 crowns a week for spending money, but that had been reduced to nothing. The china, silverware and serving bowls were stored in one of the barns, and Josef was trying to sell them. The food in the storage rooms had been harvested from the herds of animals and farm areas of the orphanage, and trucks would come at night to take everything away. Josef Polanko had claimed the largest villa on the grounds for his personal residence, and was hiding the money from his embezzlement in the villa.The conversation with Sasha took over 30 minutes, and was a mixture of English and Czech when Sasha or John couldn't find the right words in their normal language."Don't tell anyone about this conversation or that I can understand Czech!" John said to Sasha. "I'm going to make a lot of changes here, and I'll need your help."John and Sasha were leaving the living room when Mike ran into the room screaming, "He's raping that new girl!""WHAT?" John yelled."I saw it on the surveillance camera, and it's being recorded! He's raping her!" Mike screamed.John ran out of the mansion and down the lane to Villa 1 with Mike and Sasha running along after him. The four bodyguards heard the commotion and ran after John, but they couldn't catch him. The former football player was in great shape, and Derek yelled for John to stop, but his pleas went unheeded.John opened the door to the villa and raced up the stairs to the bedroom where he could hear the girl screaming. John slammed his shoulder against the locked door and broke it off the hinges! He saw Josef Polanko fucking the helpless girl and the adrenalin kicked in! He grabbed Josef by the hair and ripped the man off from the girl who was tied up on the bed. He threw Josef against the wall and then launched a volley of punches to the man's face. Josef collapsed, unconscious on the floor, but John wasn't done! He kicked the rapist in the balls and was going to kill Josef when Derek and Lindsey took control. The two bodyguards grabbed John and had all they could Underage Animal Sex Stories do to wrestle their boss to the floor to keep him from committing Underage Animal Sex Stories murder!Lou and Ross helped Derek and Lindsey hold John down until everyone calmed down. They saw the anger in John's blue eyes and were afraid of their boss for the very first time. They knew that John's eyes always showed his true emotions, and it was very clear that John wanted to kill Josef Polanko."Call a doctor!" Derek screamed at Sasha."Call the police!" Lindsey added.When John finally calmed down, the bodyguards let him up and stood between John and the unconscious Josef Polanko to keep John from killing the man. John finally calmed down enough to say, "Get some of the women in here to help this poor girl!"The men untied the small girl and saw the blood leaking out of her vagina. They knew that the rape by Josef had shattered the girl's virginity, and they were sickened."What's your name?" John asked and then realized that the girl couldn't speak English. "Co je tv?j jméno?" he asked in Czech."Ruže" the girl sobbed while she tried to cover her nakedness."He will never hurt you again," John promised and then repeated the promise in Czech.Several women rushed into the room and immediately started comforting the girl and tending to her injuries."Go get a copy of the surveillance video," John said to Mike. "I want to give it to the police if they ever get here!""Tie that piece of shit up until the police get here!" John said to his bodyguards.Josef Polanko regained consciousness and struggled to get out of his bonds. Derek had ripped lengths of sheets to make the bonds to tie up the naked man, and pleaded with John, "Let me have five minutes alone with him and then we'll make his body disappear!""You'd end up in a prison that would make Attica look like a resort!" John said forcefully. "We're in a foreign country, and I might be in trouble for attacking his worthless ass!""I know the warden from the village," Sasha said. "He will be here soon, and then take control."Later, John met Dr. Johan Kovar. The doctor had treated Rose (her name in English) and was very upset that the girl had been raped."I speak some English," Dr. Kovar said to John."My Czech is very poor," John admitted. "Will the girl be okay?""Many bruises and her hymen is torn away," Dr. Kovar replied. "I was the doctor for the children, but Mr. Polanko sent me away."John talked to the doctor in a mixture of Czech and English and was surprised to learn that the doctor was homosexual and had been treating the children for free. He could tell that the doctor was a good person, and wanted all of the children to have physical examinations to uncover any diseases, especially venereal. Dr. Kovar explained that he had done physical examinations of all of the children currently at the home and that there were no communicable diseases. The doctor also admitted that he had a boyfriend at the home and wanted to talk to his young teen.When the warden arrived, he was very angry with Josef Polanko. He watched the video on the portable DVD player and was furious that the man had raped the young girl.Sasha talked to the warden and explained that Josef Polanko had stolen many items from the home and had sold many of the items to his brother, Karel Polanko, who lived in Ceska Skalisce. John was listening and was able to understand parts of the conversation of the two men in Czech. He was determined to reclaim the stoves, ovens and cooking utensils, and asked the warden to arrest Karel."I cannot arrest anyone," Johan Delat said to John. "The State Police of the Czech Republic will be here soon, and they can arrest both men for their crimes."When the police arrived, John struggled to communicate with them in Czech, with Sasha helping him. The police asked for a copy of the surveillance video, and John gave them the CD along with a portable player so they could view it. It was a wonderful sight for everyone at the orphanage when a screaming Josef Polanko was arrested and dragged out of the villa. Josef was screaming that he wanted his money from the villa, but John told the police that the money was stolen and he was going to claim it.John looked at the startled children and listened to them cheering and screaming insults at Josef. Tears of joy flowed down the faces of all of the children and the adults who worked at the home."On v?le nikdy dopravit! (He will never return!)" John yelled to everyone. More cheers rang out, and Derek, Lindsey, Lou, Ross, Philippe and Mike joined in the celebration when John told them what he had just told the children and adult workers."Now we have damage control to perform!" John said to his friends. "It's morning, but I need a stiff drink! Let's go and develop a plan for how we can fix things here!"John led his group into the living room and they sat down to develop their plans. Each man volunteered to take responsibility for pieces of the extensive plan. Mike would be in charge of getting proper clothing for the children, while Derek wanted to organize some nourishing meals. Lou volunteered to work with Sasha to go to the barns and start retrieving the stolen items. Philippe wanted to inventory what was needed in the dorms of the children, and Ross was going to search Villa 1 for any money that Josef might have hidden there. Lindsey had experience in maintenance, so he wanted to examine the furnaces, water heaters and all utility systems.It was funny for the men to listen to John talk excitedly about the changes he wanted to make, mainly because John slipped several times and talked to them in Czech! They teased John about his language slips, but they were all impressed at how their boss was taking control."I'll contact Christina and ask her to come and help us with the girls," John said. "Christina's in Italy right now and I know that she'll help us. I'm going to meet with all of the adults and see what they can tell us. Mike and Philippe, I'd like you to help me in the meeting with the adults. I'm also going to call Pavel Pekar, the Bank Manager at the Expat Center in Prague, and ask him to bring the records to compare with what Josef gave me. My goal for today is to get the children cleaned up and give them some quality food."During the meeting with the adults, John had them write down their names, addresses and how much money had been stolen from them from their wages. Sasha helped translate for John and was excited. It was a dream come true for all of the adults when they were paid their missing wages. John had Mike take the documents and go to the safe to retrieve the Czech money to pay each adult."This is too much!" Marie said when she opened her envelope. "I wrote 3,000 crowns but you gave me 6,000!""I told Mike to double what you wrote down," John said. "From now on, all of you will be paid 1,000 Czech crowns ($50) each week!"The adults cheered and wiped away their tears of joy to congratulate each other. They couldn't wait to share the wonderful news with their families and friends. They would now be wealthy compared to the other people in the village."I want to get Kvetka back and everyone else who was fired," John said. "We need more adults to run this home, so tell me how many new people you need for your jobs. The new people will be paid 500 crowns a week until we're sure that they can do the work. I also want someone to find the children who were turned away from this home, especially that red haired boy who ran away yesterday."John listened while the adults described how Josef Polanko had purchased clothing, food, toiletries and maintenance supplies for the home and then had sold the items. Most of the items were sold to his brother, Karel, who then sold them to businesses or kept the items.Sasha told John that Karel Polanko owned many homes in the village and charged exorbitant amounts for rent. Kvetka and her family were being evicted from their home and were moving to live with Kvetka's sister and family in a tiny home. Jiri Paulik, Kvetka's husband, had been hurt at his job of harvesting trees from the forest, and needed back surgery that the family couldn't afford. Jiri couldn't work because of his back injury, and the family had depended on Kvetka's income from the orphanage.The women were excited about preparing healthful food for the children, and wanted John's permission to use the meat, vegetables and bread in the storage rooms."I want you to make meals for the children that you would serve to your own families," John said. "In fact, make Underage Animal Sex Stories large portions for the evening meals from now on so you can take food home for your own families. Who can take me to Kvetka's home so I can ask her to come back here to work?"Sasha was excited about having Kvetka back at the home, and quickly offered his help. John asked Mike and Philippe to get one of the men to drive the school bus owned by the orphanage to the nearest town to buy underwear and other clothing for the children. John wanted the children to have a nutritious noon meal and then take showers to finally get clean. He asked Mike to buy shampoo, soap and towels for the children, along with bedding.It was a monumental task, but the grounds of the orphanage came alive with the excitement of the changes. The adults and children had tears of joy flowing down their faces when the noon meal was served. The children were treated to ham sandwiches, canned beef noodle soup, cold milk and warm cookies! It was the best meal ever for the orphaned children, and they were thrilled when they were allowed second helpings of everything.John, Derek and Sasha left in the Mercedes van to travel to the village to find Kvetka. When they arrived at her tiny home, they walked into an intense argument between Kvetka and a man that John quickly realized was Karel Polanko. The warden, Johan Delat, joined them and had brought two police officers."Tebe být zavázán mne 2,300 dovršit , asi tolik JÁ m?t trvale tv?j šatstvo a formátové vložky až tebe mzda mne! (You owe me 2,300 crowns, so I keep your clothing and furniture until you pay me!)" Karel screamed at Kvetka and her family."I'll mzda ji dluh! (I'll pay her debt!)" John yelled at Karel."Kdo ar tebe? (Who are you?)" Kvetka asked.Sasha took over and introduced the new owner of Proud Les Domov to everyone. He translated for John because John was too upset at hearing the disgusting man Underage Animal Sex Stories humiliating Kvetka and her family. He was very happy when John counted Underage Animal Sex Stories out the money and handed it to Karel."I want the police to search Karel's home Underage Animal Sex Stories and barns to find things stolen from the home," John said to Sasha. "If they find anything that belongs to us, I want him arrested!"John then turned his attention to Kvetka. He tried to talk to her in Czech, but he was frustrated with his lack of language skills and reverted back to English. "I want you to come back and be in charge of the orphanage," John said to Kvetka."Mr. Polanko fired me!" Kvetka replied in English."That bastard was arrested for raping a young girl!" John said. "He's gone and he'll never return! I need you! The children need you! I'll pay you 2,000 crowns a week if you'll come back and take over total control of the home!"Kvetka was sickened to hear that Josef Polanko had raped a young girl and couldn't believe the offer from John Miller! He had just paid off her huge debt to Karel Polanko, and now he was offering her a fortune in wages to return to the home. She cried and kissed John's hand while accepting the wonderful offer."I see that you are packed for the move, so I'll have Sasha go to the home and get the truck to load up your possessions," John said."They can stay here!" Karel insisted in Czech. He wanted to continue collecting rent from Kvetka and her family."I'm offering you and your family Villa 1 for your new home," John said. "Josef Polanko will never return to my property, and your family deserves a new home on the grounds of the orphanage. The rent will be free! This nasty man has stolen property, and I hate him and his brother!"Karel was led away by the police, and he was Underage Animal Sex Stories terrified when he learned that they were going to search his home and barns. He would be arrested for having stolen property, and would join his brother in jail.Kvetka left with John, Derek and Sasha, and was excited about returning to the orphanage. When they arrived at the front of the mansion, they were met with cheering children and adults. Kvetka had tears flowing down her face when she hugged the children and adults who were celebrating her return.The orphanage was alive with excitement! The children were full from the wonderful meal and their faces showed nothing but happiness.John looked at his watch and decided to call Helen Baxter to explain why he would stay longer in the Czech Republic. "This place is a disaster!" John said to Helen. "I'm sending you a detailed email about what's happened here, along with some digital pictures that Mike took of the horrible conditions for the children. I've contacted Christina, and she'll arrive tomorrow with things that girls need for their personal lives. Mike bought out three stores of clothing, shoes and blankets, and we'll order new mattresses and bedding that i Hope will be here very soon.""How could things get that bad?" Helen asked.John explained how Josef Polanko had sold food and furnishings from the orphanage, and had fired many of the adult workers. When he told Helen about Rose's rape, she broke down crying."What can we do to help you?" Helen asked."These children have never had a real Christmas," John said. "We need to take care of some immediate needs, but Josef Polanko said that there was no money or time for stupid holidays, and the only gifts that the children got were mittens and scarves that the women knitted for them. I'm making a list of the names and ages of the children so we can plan a big surprise for the next Christmas season. This is a huge challenge for me to organize everything, and I'm going to hire some new people to run this place efficiently.""Let me know what you need from us here in the office," Helen said. "I'll wait for your email and then ask our associates to help in any way that we can."John ended the call and wanted to check on the children. Everywhere he went happy children swarmed him with big smiles on their faces. Many of them kissed his hand, and he was embarrassed. He ate a sandwich and made a huge pitcher of Manhattans to wait for updates from the adults.Mike came into the living room and hugged John. "This is wonderful!" Mike exclaimed. "I had to show the boys and girls how to take showers, but now they're clean and Philippe's handing out new underwear, clothing and tennis shoes.""What do you mean that you had to show them how to shower?" John asked.Mike was beet red with embarrassment when he told John that most of the children had never taken a shower and had been using cold water out of a hose by the barns if they wanted to get clean. "They've never had shampoo, decent soap or towels to dry off with," Mike said sheepishly."Did you shower with them?" John asked."Ummm, I guess that I did," Mike said softly."You showered with the girls?" John asked."They needed my help!" Mike insisted."Tell me that you didn't throw that whopper of yours into a girl!" John said."All of the children are very sexually active," Dr. Johan Kovar said. "They lived in poverty and the only way that they had food or shelter was by selling their bodies to the villagers. All of the girls Underage Animal Sex Stories are taking birth control pills, so none of them will get pregnant if Mr. Mike had sex with them.""Mike, you'd better tell me the truth!" John insisted."I tried to control my dick, but the boys got me hard and I got two blowjobs before they were clean," Mike admitted. "They didn't know how to shampoo their hair or wash under their foreskins. There are three brothers who have dicks that hang down almost to their knees!""Those are the Sladek brothers," Dr. Johan Kovar said. "Jakub Sladek is my boyfriend, and he and his brothers have huge penises!""Did you fuck any of the girls?" John asked."Only one," Mike admitted. "I've never seen so many beautiful tits in my entire life!""Can you castrate him?" John asked Dr. Kovar. "I can't believe that any of those girls could take his huge cock without being split open!""YIPES!" Mike exclaimed. "Please don't cut off my balls! I need them!"John admitted that he was just teasing Mike, and actually was jealous that Mike had seen the children nude and had blown three of the boys. He was shocked when Mike told him that the youngest Sladek boy, Vilém was about 11 years old and had at least 8 inches of hard cock between his legs."It will be difficult for you to correctly guess the ages of the children," Dr. Kovar said. "The children weren't fed properly, and their development has been impaired. You might think a child is 10 when they might actually be 12 or 13."When the bell was rung to announce the evening meal, John was thrilled to see sparkling clean faces and clothes on the happy children. The hair on the children was very long, and he wished that he had a hairdresser to groom the girls and boys.The children couldn't believe that they were allowed in the mansion, and flocked into the dining room where a feast was waiting for them!"We'll work on their table manners later," John said to his friends when they watched the children attacking the platters of pork roast, mountains of mashed potatoes, hot pork gravy and bowls of cooked green beans. The children started eating with their fingers, but saw others using the silverware and then tried to mimic what they wer seeing. In the entire time that they had been at the orphanage, they had never seen the expensive silverware and were excited to be eating a wonderful meal with forks, spoons and knives. The men from the United States waited on the children and filled crystal glassware with apple juice, milk and ice water. When the children were served, the men sat down to enjoy the wonderful food. They took seats at different tables and wiped away their tears of joy at seeing the happy children devouring the nutritious food. The adults from the orphanage joined the feast and were excited about taking food home to their families.John wiped away his tears of joy when he saw the excited children being served warm apple pies. He had never witnessed such happiness, and was determined to provide everything for the celebrating children and adults.A important new chapter in John's life had been opened!Stay tuned!!! Feedback is appreciated to Jacob_latsonhotmail.com

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