Related article: Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 00:27:58 +0000 From: william michael Subject: Aged Beef 4Aged Beef, Part 4All the usual cautions and disclaimers apply.Nels rolled out of bed a little later than usual, actually quite a bit later than usual. The evening before he and his friend and neighbor, Fred had engaged Pthc P2p in an extended masturbation session that resulted in three good cums each. The first was the result of stroking each others cocks while watching some hot porn. The second came a while later after a lengthy shower with Nels cumming while grinding his cock on Fred's soapy ass. The last took several hours to work up to after the two enjoyed a couple of cocktails and some conversation, remaining naked the entire time.They finally took matters in hand, as it were, and began stroking, first themselves and then each other. Finally, and probably assisted by the alcohol, they experimented with some cock on cock grinding. Standing face to face they started by rubbing their pre-cum coated heads together then slowly moving forward to allow the shafts to press against each other. As their cocks slid over one another the two friends engaged in a little exploration with hands caressing and groping each others bare ass cheeks as well as some nipple play.When Nels heard Fred start to growl low in his throat, he eased back a bit and reached in to grab both cocks in one hand and began to squeeze and stroke. In just a few moments they both began to shudder and they experienced near simultaneous ejaculations with smaller, but still thick, loads oozing over the heads and down over Nels' hand. It was after midnight by the time this occurred and when Nels finally got to bed he was asleep before he was fully settled.So it was mid morning before he got up and he felt there would be no need for any playing, at least not until after dinner. He enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then went out and started working on the reluctant sports car. He was a couple of hours into it when he heard the sound of footsteps coming up the driveway. Looking for from under the hood he saw one of the neighbor kids heading towards him. In Pthc P2p reality he was a bit more than a kid as he was a sophomore at the local junior college."Hey, Mr. Merriweather, you still trying to get this thing going?""Yup. How ya doing, Trevor?""I'm doing okay, I guess. Killing some time. I had a couple of classes this morning and I don't have work until six o'clock. I heard this thing cranking and snorting so I thought I'd stop by," the teen said with an easy smile.As Nels watched Trevor approach, his newly awakened appreciation of the male form kicked in. He saw that the young fellow was of medium height, a bit on the thin side with unruly blonde hair, a pleasant face and the aforementioned smile. He wore lose fitting jeans and a slightly oversized t-shirt. He had met Trevor for the first time shortly after moving in when he stopped to admire the just delivered 'hobby' cars. So beyond a mutual interest in old cars, he didn't know much about him."I still say," the young man went on, "that your going to have to pull the top end of the that motor off and go through the whole ignition and induction systems.""I know. I've been coming to that conclusion myself. I guess I might as well start on it," Nels agreed."Need a hand? I can spare an hour or two," Trevor offered. With a nod the two got to work and before the two hours were up, half the engine was spread out on the work table and the two amateur mechanics were going over the components."The carbs are bad and the distributor is shot. I think it's time for you to start prowling Ebay to look for replacements," Trevor said."I'd have to agree with you but I know nothing about any of the online auction stuff," Nels admitted."I can help you there," the teen said. "I do some trading in a few things, skate and snow boards, electric guitars. Buy 'em low, fix 'em up, sell 'em for more. Helps with tuition.""That would be great. When do you think you can come over?""Hmm, tomorrow is out, classes most of the day. How about the day after, after dinner?" Trevor proposed.""Sounds like a plan," Nels said with smile and a handshake.He noticed Trevor had a good strong grip. He watched as the young man strolled back down the driveway, a look of speculation on his face. He turned back to the car and did some more work under the hood. That night after dinner he engaged in a little light webcam play that resulted in a pleasurable release that helped take off the edge. Between his mounting anticipation of the following evening and the time spent with Trevor, he had indeed become a little edgy.After cleaning up he turned off the computer, grabbed a book and read until late. He thought sleeping late the next morning would help. And it did and left him with fewer hours to fill before he had to get ready to leave for the evening. After a shower and shave, to include his cock and balls, he dressed in casual clothes and hit the road. He had received a message late in the afternoon confirming the gathering was still a go and that he should ask for the 'Stud Poker Club' dinner, the name SexySenior had come up with as a cover. When he pulled into the lot for the restaurant he noticed several other eateries along the road and two hotels within walking distance. It made him wonder.He went inside and told the hostess he was there for the Stud Poker Club meeting and he was directed to a private dining room. There were already several men there, helping themselves to the appetizer buffet. A tallish, distinguished looking man stepped forward and proceeded to introduce himself."Hi, I'm Jason Greeley, otherwise know as SexySenior.""Nelson Merriweather.""Oh, yes, Nelson. I"m definitely looking forward to getting to know you better," Jason said with a smile and an extra hand squeeze.He then introduced Nels to the other potential club members with Nelson thinking he was able to match the actual man to the profiles. Over the course of the next half hour other men arrived including the ones whose online pictures showed a very thin body and the supposed power lifter, who wasn't Bulgarian but instead had a fairly pronounced upper mid-west accent. Think 'Fargo'.He was as tall as Nelson and hand the biggest hands he had every seen. By now the appetizers had been removed and replaced by the buffet for the meal proper. Once everyone had a plateful they sat at a couple of tables and Jason began to lay out his intentions."All of us here has either demonstrated or professed a desire to engage in our favorite activity in a more open environment. A couple of you are very popular on the webcams in fact. What I'm suggesting is a group thing, once or twice a month, where we can engage in masturbation and oral sex in a relaxed atmosphere. I thought we could each take a turn hosting the group, selecting the location and setting a theme, if desired. Any comments?""What do you mean by theme?""Whatever you'd like. Maybe have everyone wear jocks, or spandex shorts, or maybe a halloween party theme. Things like that," Jason explained."Just stroking and sucking?""I'd think so. If individuals want to meet up for more that would be their business."The men looked around at each other and then began to nod."Terrific. Since I started things off tonight, I thought we'd start with an impromptu, come as you are party. I've reserved a suite at the hotel directly across the street. Anyone who would like to attend, I'll head over and it's suite 622. Knock three times, yes? Hope to see you all there."With that Jason stood and left the room. The others looked around and the oldest one, claiming he was seventy two, said,"Well, I'm game. At my age you don't pass up an opportunity. I'd suggest we go over individually or in pairs, with bit of time in between. Mind if I go first?"There was general agreement and off he went. As suggested the rest departed in ones and twos, Nels going by himself after two others had left. He wasn't going to miss out on this. When he gave the obligatory three knocks on the door to room 622 it swung open and Jason smiled as he waved Nels in from behind. As Pthc P2p he walked past, Nels could see why as Jason was already naked and sporting a nicely formed erection.A few steps further brought him into the living room of the suite and the three men who went ahead of him were already undressed and sitting watching a moderate sized flat screen TV showing some solo masturbation porn. They all smiled as they shifted their attention his way, obviously waiting for him to show the goods. With a grin he shed his shirt, socks and shoes, the took a little more time to slide out of his pants and his shorts. When he stood up he could see the Pthc P2p smiles get bigger as his cock came into view and stretched out.It wasn't more than a minute when a warm hand wrapped around Pthc P2p the shaft from behind him."It looks even better in person and feels sooo good," Jason murmured from just behind his ear.Nels could feel the the other man's cock rubbing on his ass. Just then came another triple knock and Jason said,"I'll be right back."Nels took up where Jason left off, stroking his now fully hard nine inch cock. He didn't bother with the TV, Pthc P2p he was getting enough inspiration from being watched by the other three men. The cocks they were displaying were equally hard, although not nearly as big but he didn't care. They were all naked, hard, and stroking and that's all that mattered.He was vaguely aware of someone to his side and it sounded like they were in the process of stripping down. There was another, and hopefully last, set of knocks and within a moment that warm firm hand was back on his cock. Jason said in a slightly louder voice,"Well, gentlemen, let the games begin."Nels relinquished his cock and let his hand fall to his side where it contacted a bare thigh. He could feel the hard shaft of a cock pressed against his ass again and a hand glide over his other bare cheek. From around his side came the rather large form of the powerlifter, which it turned out he used to be, his bulky, but not fat body covered with a fine, greyish coat of hair. His broad back and ass looked tightly muscled and to Nels, oddly inviting. He turned a bit and Nels could see that he was equipped with a moderately long, but very thick cock and the biggest pair of balls he had ever seen. They were lightly fuzzy with one just below the others.The oldest of the group who was one of the three that had been watching Nels beckoned the big man over and then began to stroke the fat cock in one hand and fondle the huge balls with the other. The oldster's cock was taken in hand by his couch partner.The last man that entered the suite was the very skinny fellow who advertised being a widower in his mid sixties. He walked around Nels and Jason and came to stand on Nels' other side. With his free hand Nels reached out and took hold of the cock that dangled from the man's crotch. His name was Marty. He closed his eyes for a moment, then said,"It doesn't get all that hard much anymore but it leaks precum like a busted faucet and still shoots a nice load."Marty then reached out and began to fondle Nels own hefty balls. Nels could see that the other two of the three watchers had moved closer to each other and were now stroking each other off. He continued to rub Jason's thigh, who then shifted his stance a bit to allow his hard cock to slide along Nels' thigh giving him the opportunity to play with Jason's nice package.After ten minutes or so the men began to shift positions. Marty went to his knees and began to work Nels' balls sack with his tongue and lips. Jason stepped around and began working Nels' nipples allowing him to get a good grip on his host's cock and give it a good stroking. The elder statesman of the group who had the power lifter's massively fat cock stroked hard and dripping gestured for him to stay put. The old man got up and went to the mini bar where he got a glass full of water. He came back to his seat where he proceeded to remove his full dentures and put them in the glass of water on the lamp table.He then resumed his hold on that fat shaft and began to work over the head with his tongue and lips. Slowly he began to work the head into his mouth, aided by the lack of interference from his teeth. The big man began to groan his appreciation and his hips began to move as his massive ass cheeks flexed. Nels found this visual display very stimulating. But his attention was soon dragged back to his own situation when he felt his own cock head enter somewhere warm and wet.He looked down to see his cock start a long slow slide into Marty's mouth. Jason let go of the shaft and used his now free hand to rub over Nels' chest and stomach. He watched in amazement as the entire length of his nine inch cock disappeared into Marty's mouth. It felt even more amazing then it looked. Marty was looking up at Nels with smiling eyes and when he slid back off the now thoroughly wetted dick he let it pop out long enough to say,"No gag reflex."He then gobbled the big back down. Meanwhile, the man that had been stroking the toothless cocksucker's dick stood up and began running his hands all over the powerlifter's chest, back and ass. Jason went down to the floor and began to suck on Mary's semi rigid dick. The two remaining men on the couch had settled into a slurpy sixty nine. Looking around, Nels had to admit he was having the time of his life. He decided it was time to Pthc P2p get in on the oral fun and he took hold of Marty's head and slid his cock out of that deep warm place."Hang on a second, Marty."With his cock free he settled down on to the floor and arranged himself so he had access to Jason's deck which was a hard veiny seven inches or so. Marty went right back to his deep throating while Nels began stroking his hosts cock, first licking the head and shaft. Then with a mental shrug he took the plunge and let this lips slide over the dripping head. It didn't take more than a second for him to decide he definitely liked sucking cock and Fred was in for a real surprises in the very near future.The room was full of the sounds of groaning and wet sucking. This continued for perhaps half an hour or more. Marty and Jason changed places after a while so Jason could work Nels' big dick. He in turn found Marty's semi-hard leaker oddly exciting. The toothless wonder was getting sucked by his former hand job buddy, who in turn was getting rimmed and sucked by the two who had been sixty-nining on the couch. The tempo of groaning was increasing and it was apparent that someone was going to start cumming soon.The first to erupt was the old man. His shout was muffled by all the cock that was still in his mouth but his hips bucked and pushed out a respectable flow of cum that oozed down his shaft. This was followed by the powerlifter who pulled back and launched half a dozen spurts of thick white fluid that hit the old man in the face and chest. The sounds triggered the others and Nels fired his cum into the waiting mouth of Jason who apparently had not intention of wasting a drop. Marty stiffened and Nels watched in fascination as the older man's sperm flowed out in a steady stream to coat the head, shaft and Nels' finger. He could hear Jason grunting around his cock and figured Marty was getting a load of his own.It took a few minutes for everyone to wind down but the sound of slower breathing and some muttering to include one heartfelt 'that was fan-fucking-tastic'.After a few more minutes the men began to pick themselves up off the floor or in the case of the powerlifter, he sat down on one of the couches which creaked under the weight. Those who needed to, used the kitchenette sink to clean off but in the case of the oldster, he headed for the shower for a quick hose down."Well, that little ice breaker seemed to go well," Jason said with a smile. "Help yourself to some refreshments. After a bit of relaxing, for those who'd like to, we'll see about round two."The naked men helped themselves to something to drink from the mini bar and found places to sit around the room. Nels found himself sitting across from the powerlifter, whose first name turned out to be George. He could see George's flaccid but still incredibly thick cock resting on his massive balls. Nels' own soft dick was lying against his thigh and George was eying it openly. He offered George a smile which was returned in kind. After a while Jason spoke up."As a possibility for round two, I'd like to suggest we get ourselves up and ready with some self stroking and then if they are willing, we have Nelson and George stretch out on that big bed in there and let the rest of us help ourselves to those two amazing cocks.""Okay by me," Nelson said."I'm game," George added."Excellent," Jason said and he clicked the remote and a scene of a senior aged bear stroking a fat cock appeared. The stroking started using this as inspiration but once the real cocks began to harden the interest got much more personal. Nels and George seemed to fixate on each other and it wasn't long before they were both hard and ready for attention. With an unspoken signal the two big cocked men stood up and headed for the bedroom and the king sized bed. As they climbed on George said quietly,"Not tonight, but sometime soon I'd love to feel that big pole of yours pushing its way between my ass cheeks."Nels was a bit startled by this but the sudden flash of an image of that broad back and ass stretched out in front of him, his long thick cock slowly disappearing between those two meaty mounds made up his mind quickly. He felt his cock twitch."I've never done that before but I think I'm interested."George winked and smiled. They pushed the pillows up against the wall and got settled side by side as the others filed in and surrounded the bed. Nels and George gave each others cocks a few strokes and then invited the others to join them. For the next hour those two big cocks got more attention then they could have possibly imagined. They were sucked, licked, stroked and drooled on. Multiple sets of lips, tongues and hands worked the heads, shafts and balls. A fair amount of attention was also paid to their nipples.For their part Nelson and George made use of their free hands to stroke whatever cock happened to be within reach. Their free hands that were next to the other were used to stroke thighs and bellies in anticipation of the future private session. Those that were working on the two big dicks were in turn treated to asshole tonguing, cock and ball licking and a lot of fondling.When it became apparent that Nels and George weren't going to last much longer everyone got on the bed and knelt around the two, everyone stroking for all they were worth. Groans Pthc P2p turned to shouts and soon hips were bucking and cum was flying. George went first followed shortly by Nels and then the others added their loads in fairly rapid succession.Some shot their loads while others let them ooze from the swelled heads but all added something to the growing puddles that were forming on the bellies and crotches of the two big dicked fellows. As before it took a few minutes for the men to come down from their orgasmic highs. A few slid off the bed while others just sort of sat there, slowing stroking their softening dicks. Nels and George pushed themselves up, looking at their cums splattered bodies and laughed a bit. Nels said,"Quick shower?""Maybe not so quick," George replied.The others made way for them and they moved into the bathroom and the shower stall. In moments the hot water was flowing and they were making liberal use of the complimentary soap to clean off the sticky results of their fun. And like new found friends they were happy to lend each other a helping hand. As Nels was scrubbing George's back he marveled at all the real estate and was pleased when he felt George push back with his meaty ass to trap his cock between them and start to grind. Nels reached around and rubbed soap on the expansive chest and stomach and then applied some to the fat cock and low hanging, massive balls. Nels could hear George growl low in his throat and he laughed."You don't mean to tell me you're going to get another load out of us in here, do you?""Probably not, but you're priming me for a good stroke session in the morning.""I'm glad to be of help."They played for another ten or fifteen minutes and then let the soap flow off. They toweled each other off quickly and walked back into the main room. Some of the men were still naked while others were getting dressed. Jason was all smiles and said,"Now that we are all together again, I'd like to ask if we think we'd like to do this again?"The affirmatives ranged from 'sure' to 'oh hell yes'."Do we have any volunteers to host our next get together?"The oldster with the dentures, Steve, raised his hand."I have a nice place and I live alone now so I'll do it. I'll send you notes at the website with the details.""Great, thanks, Steve. The room is ours for the night but I know some of you need to be on your way so thanks for coming, and cumming, and we'll see you next time."Nelson got himself dressed and said his so longs, to include a"I'll be in touch," from George.He had to concentrate on the drive home, but as he crawled into bed he still had a smile on his face.

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