Related article: Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 00:58:47 -0800 (PST) From: Josh F Subject: A Different Year (Chapter 2) A Different Year Chapter 2 This story involves explicit gay sexual scenes. If you Naked Underage Preteen Girls are uncomfortable with this material or are not legally of age to view this material, please do not proceed further. This story is fictitious and any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. All rights reserved by the author. Feedback is most certainly welcome at muguy222001yahoo.com. ********************************************************************** Friday and only eight hours until the weekend would officially begin. All that stood between Alex and the weekend was a huge French literature test that morning. And he was determined to get his ass out of bed early so he could get some extra studying in. The usual morning wood was tenting his boxers and the thought of a quick jo session crossed his mind. "No time, I'll do it later. Better to store it up anyway," he thought to himself, chuckling. Alex decided he would shower later and just put on some shorts, a t-shirt and some flip-flops. He had some bed head going on but nothing too drastic. He had been told that his slightly curly hair looked cute in the morning, so he decided to go with it. He threw a few of the plays and books of poetry his test would be on into his bag and headed out the door. Just as Alex was heading out the door, on his way to the cafeteria, his RA Jason was finishing a shower and getting ready to head out himself. Jason, a junior, had been an RA last year and was doing it again this year, this time in the all-male dorm that Alex and Daniel were staying in. Everybody loved Jason. How could you not? He was outgoing, gregarious, funny and best of all, a nice guy. He also had a killer body. Not that it mattered much to anyone in the dorm with the exception of Alex and one or two of the other gay guys that lived in there. Jason was a sight to behold. He was tall, with huge pecs, a gorgeous six pack, and nice worked out legs. All topped off with brown hair that was ever so slightly long and a gorgeous pair of hazel eyes. Jason was your typically straight big man on campus. Guys wanted to be like him and girls wanted to be with him. What the chicks that fawned all over him didn't realize was that he had another side that he kept very discreet. Jason liked guys but didn't consider himself gay. He had a girlfriend, one of the RA's from another dorm and he liked her and all. They had sex and hung out and had fun. It was casual, typical; he was doing what he was expected to do. But when she wasn't around and Jason had the urge, he liked nothing more than bending over some sweet innocent little freshmen boy or better yet some drunk ass frat dude and fucking them silly. Alex grabbed a muffin and a cup of coffee and found a small table at the back of the cafeteria. He started right to work reviewing his notes from class. No time to casually check out the hotties who were just coming in to eat after having worked out that morning. It was time to study. Minutes later he was deep in the second act of some French play when he heard someone nearby clear their throat loudly. He looked up and there was Jason looking incredibly hot in a light blue polo and khaki shorts which accentuated his gorgeous slightly hairy legs. He felt himself shudder ever so slightly at the sight of his gorgeous RA. "Hey Alex, mind if I sit here?" Jason casually asked. Jason had been hoping to find time to get a reading on the hot sophomore who was on his floor this term. The kid was so shy and low key, so different than most guys Jason had met at the university or supervised in the dorm. Jason had a hard time figuring out why he was drawn to Alex. Whatever it was, his interest was piqued and he put his tray down on the table before Alex had a chance to respond. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue man?" Jason teased as he took a huge gulp of orange juice. "Sorry, I was just studying for a French test. I dragged my ass out of bed early so I could get in some last minute studying." Alex said while he awkwardly took a sip of coffee. "Don't let me keep you man," Jason smiled. As he sat down, he noticed a copy of the newspaper that Alex had picked up on his way in. "You mind if I take a look at the sports page?" "No, help yourself man," Alex replied shyly, burying his head back into his notes, embarrassed and trying to keep himself from getting hard yet again at the site of Jason. After a few minutes of reading the paper, Jason decided to break the silence and try to get Alex to talk a bit. "So, how's the term going?" he casually enquired. "It's been going good. It's been a crazy week though. A paper in my ethics class, a quiz in psychology and a test in French today. Crazy. I'm looking forward to just kinda kicking back tonight." "So what does kicking back involve for a guy like you? You don't seem like the type that gets into raging keggers," Jason playfully asked. "Huh? How'd you guess?" "I'll probably go for a run, maybe catch a movie, read something fun. And then go a kegger and bang some sorority chick." Alex couldn't believe he had just said that. Jason just looked at him for a second and then burst out laughing. "Real funny, wise ass. I'm not picturing that last part but no worries," he said with a wink. Alex sort of half-smiled back at him stumped for words. Just as he was about to reply, a tall blonde who hung out a lot at the dorm spied Jason and came walking over to the table. "Hi Jason," she cooed. "Is this seat taken?" And before he had a chance to respond, she sat down, making a show of crossing her long tan legs. Alex was pissed, mainly because he knew where this was going. She was gonna flirt uncontrollably with Jason, he'd lap it up and Alex would get zero studying done. And she was ruining the first one-on-one time he had gotten with his RA crush. "Oh my god, I love your polo Jason. Blue is so your color," she giggled. Alex started to pack up his stuff. "Hey, I'm gonna go. See you later Jason," he said, standing up. "Hey wait Alex, don't go." "Sorry, gotta head to class. Have a good one you guys," Alex replied, picking up his tray. "Okay, take it easy man. Naked Underage Preteen Girls Talk to you later," Jason replied, trying to hide his disappointment that they couldn't chat more and that he was now going to have to fend off yet another girl's advances. "Why do I have to be such a fucking idiot whenever I'm around him," thought Alex as he headed into the classroom, with thoughts of his gorgeous RA stuck in his head and not the plays he was going to be tested on. Even during his test (which turned out to be a breeze and not the killer he had imagined it would be), Alex couldn't get thoughts of Jason out of his head. His taut, athletic, tanned body. His gorgeous smile. Alex tried to picture his RA nude. The thought of how big and hard his chest must be. How it would be to run his hands down this dude's six pack. How it would feel to have his luscious, hard cock down his throat. His cock started to grow and strain against his briefs. He tried to casually adjust himself in his seat, trying not to draw attention to himself and his obvious hard on. "Fuck, I need to get laid," Alex thought as he headed to the library. Alex had never been fucked and was impatient for it to happen. He loved to watch porn on his laptop, jerking off to the site of college dudes getting fucked hard and long and obviously loving it. He wanted it bad and was waiting for the guy who could give it to him. Last year, he had fooled around with Mike, the TA from his chemistry class. Mike had hosted a couple of study session for some of the students from the class at his apartment off-campus. Alex couldn't tell whether he was gay or not. All he knew was that Mike was hot and that was reason enough to attend the study sessions. One night Alex had stayed behind to help him clean up. It all happened so fast. One minute they were talking and the next thing Alex knew, he turned around and his TA Naked Underage Preteen Girls kissed him. Only minutes later he was on his knees in Mike's bedroom sucking his cock. One taste and he was hooked. He loved the way the cock tasted and felt in his mouth and down his throat. He loved the way he was able to turn another guy on better than any sorority girl could. And he loved the hot splash of cream that his TA unloaded all over his face after the end of the blow job. In the end, Mike had loved the blow job but not the idea of pursuing anything further with Alex. When Alex casually mentioned to Mike the idea of hanging out sometime together, he freaked and claimed he wasn't gay and that Alex should just consider it a one shot deal and keep his mouth shut. At least he got an "A" out of the class... Alex headed up to the 5th floor of the library and went to look for a book of poetry Naked Underage Preteen Girls he needed for a paper he had to write for his comparative literature course. He headed into the bathroom and as he headed into a stall for some toilet paper to blow his nose with, he noticed something written in black sharpie on the bathroom wall. "Suck me off 9-12, 10pm." Alex would see things like this written on bathroom stalls from time to time, especially up here on the top floor of the library. He was always kind of curious. What would it be like to do something like that? Alex had always made an excuse to not try it. "What if it's some gay basher or worse, a gay like Mike who freaks the minute he cums?" He never did have the balls to go through with it. But it had been a while since he had sucked cock and the site of Jason this morning had made him so fucking horny. Jerking off wasn't going to suffice. Alex felt his cock stretch hard against his briefs again. The thought of being on his knees in this stall caused him to grow even harder. "I'm gonna do it," he thought as he left the library. ********************************************************************* A few minutes before Naked Underage Preteen Girls ten that night, Alex headed back to the library. Half convinced this wasn't a good idea but more importantly, hornier than he'd ever been before. He walked into the main floor of the library and it was practically deserted. The college liked to brag in their publicity that the library was open 24-7 but was it really necessary on a Friday night? "Well, whoever the hell he is, he sure picked a good spot," thought Alex as he headed up to the fifth floor. He paused right before opening the door to the men's bathrooms. "Do I really want to do this?" he asked himself. "Hell, yeah I do," he thought as he pushed the door open. As soon as Alex walked in his eyes immediately scanned past the few urinals on one side to the three stalls next to them. Sure enough, there in the last stall was a guy. Alex caught a glimpse of the dude's legs ^ tan, athletic. He swallowed hard and slowly headed to the stall. The door had been left open slightly and Alex caught a glimpse of the dude who was about to feed him his cock. He pushed it open slowly. And there he was. A cute guy, around his age, tall, short blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and best of all, slowly stroking his hard piece of meat. The dude smiled at him and Alex just stared, mesmerized by the sight of a hot guy with his shorts around his ankles, stroking his cock. Falling out of the trance he was in, Alex turned around and bolted the stall door. "You want some of this dude?" the guy said, nonchalantly. Without a word, Alex got on his knees and let him know just how much he needed a taste of cock. He slowly wrapped his mouth around the dude's huge pink mushroom head and worked his way down, savoring that hot raw taste of cock that he missed and craved so much. With about half of the stranger's cock in his mouth, Alex looked up and their eyes met. The dude had a wicked half grin on his face. "Hungry?" he teased Alex. Alex responded by working his way further down his shaft and then back, quickly sucking his cock and savoring the sweet taste of precum that rapidly begin to flow. He was now a man possessed. He had this cock and he wasn't gonna stop until he had gotten his sweet, creamy reward. He continued to pick up the pace, sucking his cock in a quick up and down motion. The dude's soft moaning and muted cries of "take my cock bitch," told Alex he was doing something right. After a few minutes, the other dude grabbed the back of Alex's head and pushed it forward, holding it so that his cock was lodged deep inside Alex's mouth and throat. Alex loved it, he wanted to be dominated, he fucking need to be dominated by this hot college stud. A few seconds later, the guy let go but continued to hold the back of Alex' head with his hands as he strongly begin to push his weight forward and roughly fuck Alex's face. Alex was really getting it now from this stud. He tried breathlessly to keep up with the other dude's frantic thrusting in and out of his mouth and throat. It almost hurt and at times Alex came close to gagging on the guy's cock but it didn't matter. He was in heaven and didn't want it to end although he knew the dude was bound to blow his wad soon. Suddenly, the guy slipped his hard cock out of Alex's hot little mouth. Before Alex had a chance to complain he was being smacked on the face with his hard, wet cock. "You like this bitch, you like my cock?" he asked as he smacked Alex across one cheek, a drop of sticky precum just barely missing his eye. "Oh yah," cooed back Alex. "You want this cock you little slut? You want it?" "Fuck yah," Alex moaned. "Nice," came his reply. "You want me to fuck you?" Alex felt his cock throb at the thought. Whether he had stopped thinking and let go of worrying about consequences or was just so horny and under the spell of this hot college jock, Alex knew there was no turning back. "Oh yeah," he confidently replied. Alex quickly began to fumble with the zipper on his shorts, allowing them and his boxers to drop onto the ground. He stripped off his shirt and immediately began helping his new "friend" remove his. He leaned over to kiss him but got stopped before he was able to. "I don't kiss, I fuck," he said. With that he kicked away his own shorts and reached into a small backpack next to the toilet. Alex assumed the position he had dreamt of and had jerked off to so long. Extending his arms forward and placing his hands onto the locked stall door in front of him, he leaned forward, his virgin ass exposed. He quickly felt a wet coldness on his hole that made him shiver. The guy had taken out a small bottle of lube and was now roughly working some into Alex's exposed pucker, first with one finger and then with two. Alex bucked his ass back into the guy's meaty fingers, eagerly telling him that this virgin hole was ready to be taken like it had never been taken before. He heard the dude rip open a condom wrapper and slide the rubber onto his thick, veiny cock. Without any warning Alex's hole was invaded by the fat mushroom head of his mystery jock. He winced and let out a small cry, shocked by the pain that he should have expected but not wanting to let go. Slowly, the jock worked a few more inches of his meat into Alex's cherry hole. Alex felt like he was on fire. It hurt but it felt so good, so right. He was breathing deeply, trying to adjust to the thick cock that was inside of him, part of him now, marking him as the little cock lover he was. The jock leaned in and bit Alex's right ear. "Ready dude?" he grunted. And with that he began working his way in and out of Alex's ass. This was no slow, tender, romantic fuck. This was a hard, aggressive, intense fuck. He wasted no time in savagely working Alex's hole. The pain slowly began to fade away and all Alex was left with was the sensation of being completely full and alive. He wanted that cock to pound him, to really work him over and over. "Fuck me," he cried and that Naked Underage Preteen Girls only inspired the stranger to go to town further, pummeling Alex's smooth, hungry boy pussy. Alex really began to get into it now, encouraging the other guy to work his hole good and hard. After a few minutes he began to meet his thrusts, bucking his ass back and squeezing the dude's thick cock good as it entered his willing hole. Sweat began to drip down onto Alex's back from his jock's tan torso as he pumped Alex over and over. Alex began to work his own cock which was so hard it could cut stones and dripping precum like it had never done before. He could feel the hot cum boil up inside his nut sack, aching to get out. He began to jerk harder and faster just as the stranger's thrusts became even deeper and harder. "I'm gonna cum," he yelled, quickly pulling out of Alex's ravaged pink hole. Ripping off the condom with one hand, he used the other to roughly push Alex back around. "Gonna spurt, gonna spurt right all over you bitch," he Naked Underage Preteen Girls hissed, jerking his swollen, dripping cock all over Alex's face. It only took a few quick strokes and he began to erupt in two long hot waves of jock cream, all over Alex's face. Just as the thick hot cream landed on Alex, he began to pump furiously on his own cock, letting go off his own wave of spunk. Just as the first shot erupted Alex felt the jock place his large hand on Alex's face, spreading the shots of cum he had just fired all over his cheeks, nose, mouth and forehead. He then covered Alex's mouth with his cum covered hand. "Eat it dude, taste my man cream," he barked. Alex licked the guy's hand, taking in the salty, sweet taste of the jock funk he had just been marked with. And then he just lie there, completely spent as the jock quickly put his shorts and tank top back on. "Thanks dude, it was hot," he said as he picked up his backpack and unlocked the stall door. Alex was too exhausted to ask his name or if he could see him again. He just sat there, dazed, exhausted and happy. But most of all satisfied that he had finally given over to something he had always wanted and knowing that from now on, there was no turning back. He loved the way a hot cock felt in his ass and wanted that feeling again and soon.

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