Related article: Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 00:00:21 EST From: BlueSorcerer85aol.com Subject: Aaron and Jeremy Chapter 9 Part 1Aaron & Jeremy Destiny of Our Youth By Blue SorcererDisclaimer: This story is not meant to portray any truth about the sexuality of the celebrities herein mentioned. This story is, by all means, fictional and Preteez Toplist nothing more than a fantasy created by me. I do not raise any profit from this work and I just do it for fun. Here you will encounter homosexual relationships and male/male sexual activities at a certain extended point. Also please note that Aaron Carter and Jeremy Sumpter are both still underage.WARNING: If you're underage, and not allowed to be reading this kind of material please leave immediately.You have been warned!AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello everyone, I must stop apologizing for coming up with new instalments so late but I definitely owe it to all of you. I'm sorry!. Having said that, let me just explain something. Many people have e-mailed me asking me why I put songs in my story? Well, the answer to that is because music gives a little bit more sense to things and it helps to support the theme that is being presented. When you're reading the section of the song, if you happen to have that song and play it right as you read it, you will find that it gets more emotional, and in a way, it helps you imagine what's going on in a better way, it gives life to the moment. That's the way I see it. Many of you may find it ridiculous, but it's a great literary help so you will find it often as this story heads to an end. Chapter 9 PART I <> "My heart is a traitor who refuses to accept the nature of its defeat, and keeps beating as it hopes, that you're still feeling the same way about me!" Juan recited in English what he had just written down on a paper. He wrote it in Spanish but he was just translating it so that Kevin could fully understand the meaning of it. "Wow, you even made it sound beautiful in English too!" Kevin said. "Did you like it?" Juan asked shyly. "I loved it!" Kevin replied smiling at his boyfriend. "And what is that supposed to be?" Kevin asked rereading the piece of paper. "Well, it's a song I've been working on for quite a while now!" Juan said. "I think you should consider the idea of also writing songs in English, you're quite talented and I think you would be a great success out there!" Kevin suggested. "Ha! You mean like a crossover?" Juan asked as he laughed, "Nah, I don't think so, first I'd need to get rid of this ugly and very marked accent that I have and then I'll think about it!" Juan replied. "Hey, you don't need to speak perfect English to sing in English!" Kevin said, "I mean, look at other Latin artists like Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Thalia, Paulina Rubio... And if I'm not mistaken, Shakira had to learn English while she was in the process of singing certain songs from her new album Laundry Service!" Kevin said. "I know, I know what you mean, but it's just that... I don't feel ready for that... not just yet!" Juan replied, "I'd rather keep on working like I have...!" Suddenly he stopped saying as he heard a loud moan coming from the room right next to his. I sounded obviously like the moan of a young man and very familiar like it had gotten as of the past few days. "Wow, they really are enjoying it while they still have time!" Kevin said laughingly. "Yeah, so it seems. After all, we're leaving the day after tomorrow so it's good that they enjoy their last few days!" Juan said... "Hmmm! I wonder what they're up to!" Kevin said giving Juan a funny face, "Might that be something that we could be doing too right now?" Kevin and Juan might had been assuming wrong about Aaron and Jeremy. They had only been playful with each other so far, they hadn't had real sex just yet, they were waiting for the appropriate moment, but they had been having a lot of fun with intensive foreplay that were keeping them very happy for the time being. The best was just being saved for later...February 13th, 2004 <>Tampa, FL. "Angie, can you please get the door?" Jane Carter yelled from the kitchen. "Sure, Mom!" Angel yelled back. She ran from the family room where she was watching TV to open the door. The ringing of the doorbell however, was intense and annoying. Angel found that familiar and very disrespectful. When she opened the door, her suspicions were confirmed. "Hey, Angie, what's up!" Paris said as she walked in with her sister, Nicky. They both passed Angie without invitation and let themselves into the livingroom. "What are you doing here?" Angel asked puzzled. "Well, I came to visit my boyfriend's family of course!" Paris answered. Angel chuckled at Paris' reply but kept a serious face. "Paris, Nick is not your boyfriend!" Angel said. "But of course he is, not that you know of, and I'm not expecting you to, after all, is none of your business!" Paris replied nonchalantly, "Now can you please go and get Jane, I need to speak to her!" Paris said. "What am I your maid? Go and look for her yourself!" Angel snapped back as she turned around and walked towards the stairs. As she did so the Hilton sisters went into a loud and disturbing conversation regarding Angel. "Is that the one you told me about?" Nicky asked her sister. "Yeah, that's Aaron's twin, the model SLASH actress wannabe!" Paris said laughingly. "Ugh! She looks so simple minded!" Nicky said. Angel just kept walking doing her best to ignore the bitches. But then she relaxed at the thought of Nick not even caring about that cheap slut of Paris Hilton. About 15 minutes passed by and Jane wasn't showing up in the living room where Paris and her sister were waiting. Jane had been all the time on the phone with her lawyer. She was divorcing her husband soon, and none of their sons or daughters knew about it. She didn't want to cause them any pain. After a long while of talking she finally hung up and got up from the stool in the kitchen and headed for the door when the phone rang again. She sighed and turned back to go answer it. In the livingroom Paris' patience had worn out and she got up Preteez Toplist to go look for Jane and tell her how rude Angel had been to her. As soon as she got up, she heard the phone ring and shortly after someone picking up in the kitchen. She heard Jane's voice so she turned back but when she heard Nick being mentioned she decided to stay and hear the conversation outside. "Hello?" "Hi, Mom!" "Nick, hi baby, how are you? How's Aaron?" "We're good mom, getting ready to go back home soon!" "Yeah, Angel told me you were coming back soon!" "Yes, we've been staying at Juan's house these past few weeks here in Long Island but today were going back to the city. We're gonna stay at a hotel until we go!" "And how is Aaron holding up? I'm so sorry I couldn't be there when David passed away, he must have been devastated!" "He is doing pretty good, Mom. David's death affected all of us somehow but Aaron has been doing great. He made a new friend here and that has helped him a lot!" "The kid from Peter Pan?" "Jeremy, that's his name!" "I'm glad!" Jane sighed, "I can't wait to see the both of you, my babies!" "We miss you, Mom, and the girls too!" "And in what hotel you're gonna be staying meanwhile?" Paris sharpened her hearing and listened intently. This was the info she had come looking for and now it was her chance to avoid the boring visit to the emotional wreck of Jane Carter. "We're gonna be staying at the Hyatt!" "The Hyatt, alright, Nicky, I'm gonna let you go, I think there's someone waiting for me in the livingroom so be safe and tell Aaron that I love him and miss him!" "Sure, Mom!" "And you too, Nicky, be careful and take care of Aaron!" "Yeah, Mom!" "Kisses, bye!" "Bye!" As soon as Jane hung up, Paris dashed back to the living room where Nicky was holding up a weird looking crystal base and was staring at it with curiosity. "Come on we gotta go now!" Paris whispered as she rushed past Nicky, grabbed her arm and walked back to the door. Nicky was barely able to put the base down and then, let herself be dragged by her sister. Just as they were about to reach the door... "Paris?" Jane said as she was walking past the livingroom. Paris and Nicky froze and turned to face Jane. "Oh hi, Jane, how are you?" Paris said walking up to her and kissing her on the cheek. "Hi Mrs. Carter!" Nicky said, just waving her hand. "Hi girls, I'm good... Um! you leaving so soon?" Jane replied. "Oh yes, Jane, I just gotta phone call so we have to go now, I was just coming to say Preteez Toplist hi anyway!" Paris said. "You're not even staying for a cup of coffee?" Jane asked. "Oh that would be gre...!" Nicky was saying but then Paris interrupted her. "We'd love to Jane but like I said, we gotta go!" Paris replied, "We'll pass by some other time and have coffee with you!" She continued saying as she opened the door. "Lovely seeing you, Jane!" "Bye Mrs. Carter!" Nicky said as Jane watched Nicky being dragged to the car by Paris. "Bye Girls, see ya soon!" Jane yelled as Paris started the car and pull out of the driveway waving bye to Jane and then they were gone. "Agh!" Jane sighed, "Young people these days are always in a rush!" And then she headed back inside. Meanwhile, upstairs, Angel watched from the window of her room Paris and Nicky leave. "Crazy bitches, they must be up to something!" "Why are you going to New York City all of a sudden?" Nicky asked her older sister. "I'm gonna surprise Nick and I want to spend Valentines day with him, besides, it's my birthday gift to me!" Paris replied, "Want to come with me?" "OK, but when are we leaving?" Nicky asked. "We're leaving at three so you better be ready!" Paris said... When least expected, things where taking a weird course, it seemed odd and everyone seemed to be in a rush for something. It was not by chance that struggle came to be, Paris Hilton was bad news and whatever she had in mind wasn't anything good for the guys. Meanwhile in New York, Aaron had left with Nick and Brian to the Hyatt earlier than the rest. They were meeting up with a representative from JIVE Records who was going to explain to them the activities they were going to be involved in once they were back in Florida. Vacations were coming to an end and it was time to go back to work. After all, it had been a long break and they needed to get ready for the summer. The Backstreet Boys were coming up with a new album so they needed to get back together to start working on it. Things seemed to start getting busy for them, at least that was something to keep Aaron distracted with, he didn't want to feel the awful absence of Jeremy so he needed to keep his mind focused on something. That way time could pass by quick and he would be meeting up with him to go to Acapulco during the Easter Holidays.Back in New York, in Juan's house. "Jeremy!" Mr. Sumpter called from downstairs. "Be right there, Dad!" Jeremy replied getting all his stuff ready... When he got downstairs, his father told him that he was going to be taking him to were Aaron was in Manhattan. All their bags were packed and they only had two days left before they went back to LA. The following day was valentines day and Aaron had prepared a very romantic night for his boyfriend. He wanted to keep this moment in their memories forever as a very special one. Jeremy was doing good, however, there were times when the thought of being apart from Aaron, would bring him down. He was doing the effort of enjoying every minute he was next to his boyfriend. He never thought he would come to love Aaron this much. Last time he checked, he was crushing badly on the cute blonde singer and now, he was Preteez Toplist his boyfriend. In the car, it was a silent ride. Neither father and son wanted to touch the subject of the trip. There was something other than that, that Jeremy wanted to tell his father though. Then he broke the silence. "Dad?" "Yeah?" "I... I just wanted to thank you for supportive on Aaron and me!" Jeremy said. "Jer, you don't need to, you're my son and I love you!" Gary replied. "I needed to say it!" Jeremy continued. "You gotta give me time, son. Like I told you before, I need to learn to adjust to your sexuality... I mean don't get me wrong, but this hasn't been as easy as it may have seem. I was totally expecting you to grow, have a wife and kids, like any other regular man. There's nothing I can do about it, I just have to accept you the way you are because I love you and because I want for you to be happy!"... "Just, don't forget, your Mom needs to know too... and she is gonna have to find out eventually!"... And so they continued talking, and as time passed by, a new threat was growing nearer... Later that afternoon, Jeremy and Gary met up with Nick, Brian, and Aaron at the lobby of the Hyatt. Kevin and Juan would be arriving later since they needed to leave the house to a friend of Juan's who was going to be taking care of it while he was away. Nick, Brian, and Aaron seemed a little annoyed. They had been given their schedules for the next month and it did not look pleasant at all. Kevin was certainly going to enjoy that, now that he was always the responsible one in the group. He was always pushing the others to be responsible as well, in other words, he was the babysitter, always looking after Brian, Nick, Howie, and AJ. "You have no idea of what awaits me, so don't complain!" Jeremy laughed as he and Aaron entered their room. Their luggage had already been brought up and this time they were going to be sharing their room with Kevin, Juan, and little Esteban. It was two separate bedrooms but connected by a small tv lounge and a kitchenette. "So what are we doing tonight?" Jeremy asked as he dropped himself on the bed. "Oh, I have an idea!" Aaron said with an evil grin as he came near the bed and laid on top of Jeremy. His lips meet Jeremy's in a very tender and sweet kiss and soon they were making out. Their jackets came off, their shirts where midway off when... "Hey, Hey, Hey! Leave that for later!" Kevin said as he and Juan entered the room with Esteban in his arms. Aaron had no choice but to roll over with a grunt. Esteban started squealing, raising his little arms trying to reach for Jeremy. Kevin smiled at the baby. "Oh you wanna play with the boys?" Kevin asked and then he placed Esteban on Aaron's stomach. Esteban then got up and jumped on top of Jeremy. "Ouch!" Jeremy gasped as Esteban landed almost on his crotch. "Hmm! It seems that this little fella is gonna like dick when he grows up!" Aaron said as he watched Esteban hit Jeremy in the stomach with his little fists. He laughed as he did so but since it didn't hurt much, Jeremy wasn't complaining. "So what's the deal guys?" Juan asked, "We're gonna be rooming tonight!" "Yeah!" Aaron grunted again, "No fun for us tonight I guess!" Jeremy laughed at his boyfriend's frustration, "Will find a way, no worries!" Jeremy said as he leaned over and kissed Aaron on the cheek. "Why don't we do something tonight?" Kevin asked. "We don't feel like going out!" Aaron said. "We don't feel like going out either so we can stay here, rent some movies, play video games or whatever!" "Yeah, sounds like fun, let me get the game cube, it's in my bag!" Jeremy said as he grabbed Esteban and handed him to Juan and then headed towards his bags.John F. Kennedy International Airport. 6 PM. The aircraft descended over the Rockaway Bay and it prepared for landing. Paris was eagerly waiting for it to land. She was so anxious to see Nick. The plane landed and after a few minutes the Preteez Toplist Hilton sisters were coming out of the plane. A limo was awaiting for them right outside and they hopped in. Their luggage was loaded into the limo's trunk and then they were off. "Where to, Miss Hilton?" The driver asked. "The Hyatt, by Grand Central!" Paris replied. "Sure thing Miss!" "Are you sure about this?" Nicky asked. "Yeah, Nick will be so excited when I surprise him!" Paris replied. "OK, and what if he's not there yet?" "Even better, I could plan something even more fabulous!"Back at the Hyatt Jeremy had set up his Game Cube on the TV and all of them were gathering around to start playing MarioKart. And just as they were picking their characters someone knocked on the door. "I'll get it!" Jeremy said as he got up and went to opened. "Hey Nick, come on in!" Jeremy said. "Actually, all you guys come to my room, we're having dinner there!" Nick said. "Oh!" Kevin said. "Well I guess we can play afterwards so lets go!" Juan said and then they all got up and headed for the door. Kevin took Esteban and the all left the room. They all walked down the hall way and entered Nick's room where Brian and Mr. Sumpter were talking. A large table was being served with different Italian dishes, it was mainly pasta. They all sat down and started eating while a small chat was going on. It was like a family. Of course they didn't look any far from it but over all they were friends and were having a great time. "Welcome to the Hyatt, how may I help you!" The concierge said to the to ladies in front of him. A little after was when he recognized who they were. "Has Nick Carter checked in yet?" Paris asked. "Umm yes, Miss Hilton, he did earlier this afternoon!" He answered immediately. "What room?" She asked "615!" He replied. "OK, thank you very much!" Paris said to the guy and then she turned to her sister. "Nicky, check us in while I go and surprise him OK?" "Sure!" Nicky replied and then Paris headed for the elevator. After they were done with dinner, they all continued chatting for a little while and then Mr. Sumpter retired to his room. Kevin and Juan went back to the room with Esteban and Aaron and Jeremy stayed talking with Nick and Brian. Brian got a call on his cell phone so he got up and went to talk near the door. Aaron and Jeremy then diverted their attention to the window, which had a nice view of the city and since it was dark, it seemed very nice the skyline of mid and lower Manhattan. Nick sat on the bed and turned on the tv and started watching a movie. "Alright, I'll be there next week, and don't worry, nothing is gonna go wrong!" Brian said and then he ended the call. He looked a little bummed by the called. Nick noticed it right away as Brian sat on the bed right next to Nick. "What happened babe?" Nick asked as he put an arm around his shoulder. "It's Leigh Ann, I need to be in Atlanta next week to the hearing with the Judge!" Brian sighed. "I didn't want to hurt her, after all, she had been a great wife and friend, but I couldn't keep up with this lie anymore!" Brian was saying. The elevator doors of the floor opened and Paris walked out looking for room 615. "Oh come on babe, I understand, everything will be alright!" Nick said as he brought Brian closer. Their lips met and they started kissing softly. Unfortunately the door was left opened and someone was standing outside watching what was going on. Paris was standing in front of the doorway of room 615 and was staring at the guy she thought to be her boyfriend and another guy kissing on the lips, more likely making out. She was in shock, her fists were Preteez Toplist clenched, her eyes revealed nothing more but anger and deception... But then she was fast enough to react and got off the way. When Brian and Nick broke the kiss, they realized that the door was opened. Nobody saw Paris standing outside so they were alright, still it was risky, anybody could have seen them. And they were seen, by the wrong person indeed. Nick got up and went to close the door. Paris gathered herself and kept control over herself and then decided to move in. Just when Nick was about to close the door, she showed up in the doorway. "Paris?" Nick said in shock. "Hey Nick, how are you baby!" Paris asked doing her best to hold the fast growing anger inside. "I'm, I'm, I'm good, and, and, and, you?" Nick stammered. "Oh I'm great, now that I'm seeing you!" Paris replied. It was then when Brian caught sight of Paris and stood up. "I missed you baby!" Paris said as she hugged and kissed Nick fully on the lips. Her eyes were still opened as she stared at Brian. Then Nick broke the kiss. "I wasn't expecting you here!" Nick said. "Well, I wanted to spend Valentine's day with you!" Paris replied. "Oh I see!" Nick didn't know what to say, he was feeling really awkward. "Oh hi Brian, long time no see, how you've been?" Paris asked. "Hey Paris, I've been good, and you!" Brian said. "I've been great, missing MY boyfriend, but now I'm here and we're gonna have a lot of fun, RIGHT?" Paris said. Her attitude towards Brian seemed defying yet wasn't noticed by the two guys. "Babe, we gotta go out tonight, I have a surprise for you!" Paris said still holding onto Nick's arm. "Really? That's nice, but you know what, I'm kinda tired, we've had a lot to do today so it's been really stressful!" Nick tried to evade the incoming Preteez Toplist torture. "Oh come on, don't tell me that!" Paris pouted, "Brian, would you tell him to Preteez Toplist come with me?" Paris had no intentions whatsoever in letting her `man' go. Brian was feeling awkward too so he had no choice but to give Nick a weak smile. "You should go Nick, after all, you guys have been apart for so long!" Brian said regretting every word that left his mouth. "You can come with us too, Brian?" Paris said. After having seen what she saw, all that she wanted was to make them feel extremely uncomfortable. Silence followed the question for about fifty seconds. "So what do you say, Brian?" Paris asked. "Ummm I don't think I'm in the mood to go out tonight!" Brian replied, "You guys... go... have fun!" Brian said as he turned around to avoid seeing Nick's face of hurt. "I'm not taking a NO for an answer, besides, I need someone to make my sister's company!" Paris insisted, "Come on, Brian? Do it for me?" Nick was also pleading with his stare, he didn't want to be alone with Paris. Brian had no choice but to accept. "Alright, I'll go, let me just get ready then!" Brian said. "Yay, thank you, Brian!" Paris said as she came over and gave him a hug but as she did so, an evil grin formed on her lips. "We'll meet you guys in Preteez Toplist an hour in the lobby ok?" Paris said as she kissed Nick on the lips once more. "Bye guys!" Then she was gone... Bowser prepared to unleash his Preteez Toplist deadly fire breath on adult Link but then from the thin air, Pika Chu flew over the gigantic dragon and struck him down with a lightning bolt that sent him flying across the castle and off the fighting arena. As soon as the yellow fellow landed on the ground he was greeted by a heavy kick from Gannondorf, who also had an Item-Capsule on his hand and as Pika Chu blasted away Gannondorf turned around and threw the capsule at Bowser who jumped off of the player pad and was blasted out of the arena once more. "You SUCK at this Kev!" Aaron said laughing as he defeated Bowser for the fifth time. "Hey, I'm getting better!" Kevin complained as his Bowser landed back on the arena. Aaron had picked Gannondorf who was his favorite character, Jeremy was fighting with adult Link and Juan wasn't doing that bad with Pika Chu. After they had dinner, they all went back to the room and started playing Super Smash-Bros Melee. It seemed that they were having a lot of fun since it is a very enjoyable game. Little Esteban had fallen asleep so he was laying peacefully on Kevin and Juan's King-sized bed. Half hour had passed when Nick and Brian showed up at their room. They were nicely dressed and looking hot. Aaron had to pause the game to ask. "Where's the party at?" "Yeah, why didn't you guys tell us you were going out tonight?" Kevin asked. "It was a last minute thing!" Nick replied not so enthusiastically. "But neither of you look so thrilled about it!" Juan Preteez Toplist said. "We're going out with Paris and Nicky Hilton!" Brian let it out. "Holy shit!" Aaron said. "I had completely forgotten about her!" Kevin said. Jeremy and Juan looked puzzled since they didn't know what was the deal. "Well yeah, she showed up right after dinner to invite her boyfriend out, she says she has a surprise for him!" Brian continued. "Bro?" Aaron looked at Nick who looked very uncomfortable. "Can anyone tell me what's going on?" Jeremy asked with a small voice. "You see Jeremy, Nick was seeing Paris Hilton before he got together with my cousin!" Kevin explained. "At some level, we all sort of forgot, including Nick himself, and now Paris is here!" Kevin finished. "Oh Shit!" Jeremy said looking at Nick. "And is none other than Miss Hilton, to make it even worst!" "Yeah, she is not the most pleasant person ever!" Aaron said. "I don't care!" Nick finally spoke. "What?" Brian asked. "I'm telling her the whole truth tonight!" Nick said. "Are you serious?" Brian asked in shock. "Yeah, I'm not gonna keep up with a lie... I don't feel anything for her, I gotta be honest... She was just a cover up... I'm gay... I'm in love with Brian and I'm not lying about that... That is a very important truth and I'm not gonna give it up!" Nick said with a doubtful determination. "Nick, this could end up in serious consequences... I mean, think about it, you're dealing with Paris Hilton here, the biggest drama queen on earth, and she doesn't seem very open minded regarding the subject... Besides, if you do that, you're giving room for a huge scandal!" Kevin tried to reason with Nick about the situation. "I agree that you need to tell her... yeah, but perhaps tonight wouldn't be the right time to do so!" "Don't worry Nick, I'll be there with you, just keep it cool and pretend like if nothing is going on!" Brian said. "That is just so hard!" Nick replied, "I can't have her kissing me with you in front of me, I feel really bad!" "I understand that, but as long as I know that you love me and not her, I'm fine!" Brian said. Nick sighed in frustration but after all, Kevin and Brian were right. He should think things through before he acted and dropped such sack of shit on Paris. (Although it would be hilarious to see such thing happen) Nick turned to Brian and hugged him, "I love you, Bri!" " I love you too, Nick, and don't worry, we'll be fine!" Brian replied... "No they WON'T be fine!" Paris yelled into her cell phone, "Nick can't do this to me so do what I say and be there at that exact time!" "Definitely, Preteez Toplist Goldilocks!" A guy replied and then the call was ended. "They won't be fine until I say otherwise!" Paris smiled and then exited the bathroom. "I'll be waiting for you in the lobby!" Nicky said. "Don't forget the camera!" Paris yelled. "Got it!" Nicky replied and then she closed the door. She walked down the hall towards the elevators. Right then was when she heard Nick's voice on the waiting lounge nearby. Nicky stopped and leaned over the wall then listened to the conversation. She peeked to see what was going on and then her jaw hit the floor `OH MY FUCKING GOD!' She thought. Nick was kissing Brian again while they waited for the elevator. It was a silly thing to do but since the floor seemed deserted, they were not going to waste the chance. `Paris' gotta know this!' Nicky thought as she withdrew the digital camera from her small purse. The room had withe light so she didn't need flash to get the image crystal clear so he took 6 pictures of both Nick and Brian kissing. From the place that she was hiding, she could get clear shots of their faces. Having done that, she dashed to the stairs and wait for her sister in the lobby. Minutes after the elevator doors opened in the Lobby and Paris Hilton walked out of it. By the entrance she found her sister with Nick and Brian submerged in a very awkward silence. Paris took Nick by the arm. "We can go now!" Paris said. "We're going in my rental!" Brian said. "That's hot!" Paris replied. "Paris can I talk to you for a sec?" Nicky said as she grabbed her sister by the arm and dragged her to the side by the concierge. "Just give us a sec!" Nicky told Nick and Brian. "What is it with you?" Paris asked. "Did you know that we're going out with two fags tonight?" Nicky asked. "Why? Have they said anything?" Paris asked frantically, the color of her face draining fast. "NO!" Nicky said quite loud, "Take a look at this!" She said as she showed Paris the pictures she took of the two guys kissing. Paris' eyes flared with anger once more as she saw them kissing. "What is it with these two? Are they planning on going public or WHAT?" Paris said in anger. "Wait a minute! You knew?" Nicky asked, "Why didn't you tell me?" "I found out tonight too!" Paris said, "I saw them kissing when I went to his room to surprise him... They didn't see me though!" Paris finished. "They didn't see me either!" Nicky said. "Nick is just confused, he wants me!" Paris said. "And Brian, he is gonna get what he deserves for trying to turn my Nick, gay!" "Are you in fucking denial or what? They are gay alright, it's like if they had the signs painted all over saying `WE ARE FAGS'" Nicky said. "Come on, lets go, you'll see how things change!" Paris said. Then they returned to where Nick and Brian were waiting for them. "Ready?" Nick asked. "Yeah!" Paris replied. "OK then, the car is just outside!" Brian said and then they exited the hotel. Why all of a sudden the mood had changed? They were having such a great time playing video games but after Nick and Brian left, there were looks of concern in both Kevin and Aaron's faces. Juan seemed to have noticed the same as Jeremy but neither of them wanted to bring up the subject. Aaron had gone over the balcony and he stood leaning against the wall staring out to the dark sky of the illuminated New York City. Kevin was on the phone talking to Howard Dorough, better known as Howie, one of the members of the Backstreet Boys. Juan and Jeremy were in one of the Master beds playing with Esteban who not just long ago woke up from his nap. The kid played with a quite a large yellow stuffed square that looked like cheese. He had become a great fan of none other than Sponge Bob Square-pants, that hideous cartoon from Nickelodeon. While Jeremy played with Esteban he was constantly thinking of how easy things are when you're Esteban's age, there is no need for you to worry about anything because everything is being taken care off by the adults. Jeremy was a teenager, and as he grew up, the more he understood that all situations are proportional according to the size of a human being. Now, don't get me wrong. What I mean by size is pretty much age. When you are young, you are little in all possible ways; it's like a bottle, when it's a little one, you don't need much to fill it up. As you change it for a bigger one, the same amount that you used to fill the little one is not going to be enough for this one and then you are going to need more. It doesn't take much to make a complete world to a little kid like Esteban. But when he grows, that world needs to grow with him. Jeremy's bottle was bigger now, but the problem was that somehow, there was to much being put into it that it seemed to be exceeding the limit and he was growing emotionally tired. For over a month and a half he had been trying to suppress the thought that sooner or later, he was going to be apart from his new found love, Aaron. Isn't love too much of an amount to put into a teenagers-size bottle? That question is often asked by many adults. Love is a feeling that can take so many shapes and forms to fit anything, yet is such a great, strong and heavy feeling that if not tempered correctly with, it may spill and therefore be ruined or end up messing things up around. Yet again, Jeremy pushed the thought out of his mind and got up from the bed. He walked up to Aaron who seemed to be struggling with not only the concern for his older brother but with the fact that he and Jeremy soon were going to be apart. Jeremy came from behind and wrapped his arms around Aaron. He smiled welcoming the warmth that his lover's hug was proportioning him. They continued silent for a Preteez Toplist while. Just being there held by Jeremy was enough for Aaron, they didn't even need to talk to feel good about each other; just the mere presence was boosting their love more and more. Then again, to some people, it seemed hard to imagine how such a great feeling as love could possibly be handled seriously by these two guys? They were still kids after all. Lets just say that love has a way of maturing those who in society's view are just youngsters, often regarded to as inexperienced kids. The truth is that growing up comes with consequences and the ones that are adults now and ask themselves that very same question have seemed to forget that they went through the same process to get where they are now. Love is part of growing up, and when puberty kicks in, the human conscience develops the instinct to feel more than a physical attraction or lust, and is when romantic feelings also kick in. Then is when all of us meet love. "Lets go lay down and watch TV!" Jeremy said. Aaron just turned around and smiled at him. "Sure, is there anything good on?" "We'll check!" Jeremy replied and then the both of them walked over to their bed. Aaron laid down first resting his back against all the bunch of pillows. Jeremy leaned his back against Aaron's chest as he sat in between Aaron's legs who also wrapped his arms around Jeremy. Minutes later, Jeremy had the remote and was channel surfing. Brian pulled up right in front of the club called Preteez Toplist Black Moon, a guy opened the door and then Nick, Paris, and Nicky came out of the car. The guy walked over the driver's door to open it. "It's alright, I'll park the car!" Brian said. "Sure sir then the guy went back to the walk way!" "Aren't you coming with us Brian?" Paris asked. "I'll join you guys in a few, I'm gonna park the car!" Brian replied. Nick gave Brian a desperate look. "Don't worry, I wont take long. Then Paris grabbed Nick by the arm and pulled him towards the door. Nicky followed shortly after them. Brian saw them all get inside the club and then he drove off. Once inside the place, Paris started saying hi to everybody, after all, whenever she would come to New York City, Black Moon was her favorite hang out place. Many hunky looking guys were coming up to her saying hi, almost ignoring the fact that she was with Nick her quote-boyfriend-quote. "You guys go and get settled in a table while I go and say hi to a friend over here, I'll be right there!" Paris said to her sister and Nick. Paris walked up the stairs and then Nick and Nicky headed towards the dance floor to find the table Paris had reserved. "Hey!" Paris said as she walked inside the office. "Goldilocks, what's up!" The guy greeted her planting a big wet kiss on her mouth. "I'm good but will be better if you tell me if all is set!" Paris replied. "Sure babe, everything is ready. The guys are on his tail waiting for him to park and then...!" He was saying. "That's hot!" Paris said. "Kick ass, all is set for that too... and you're looking fine!" The guy said as Paris exited the office with a cheese smile on her face. Meanwhile Brian looked for parking in a secluded alley nearby the club and he finally found a spot. He pulled in front of a musical instruments store, which by the time had already been closed and then he got out of the car. All of a sudden, he felt uneasy about the silence that surrounded him but even though the place was quiet, he soon realized that he wasn't alone... "Good Evening Everyone!!!" A guy said over the microphone getting the attention of all the people that were in the club. "I'm really glad that you all could join us tonight because we have a special presentation!" The guy continued. Nick Carter and Nicky Hilton were sitting in a table adjacent to the stage. Nick was constantly glancing at the entrance for any sign of Brian who was taking a while to park the car and Nicky seemed to be so bored beyond imagination. "We have a song dedication tonight, and is for a very special guest... Everybody please give it up for Nick Carter!" The guy said and then all the people started to applaud and cheer. By the time, Nick was so focused on the entrance he didn't even notice the guy mention his name. "Hey, you, he's talking about you!" Nicky said kicking Nick under the table. "Ouch... what?" Nick asked still not getting it until he realized that the white light was on him and people were applauding and cheering. "As we all know, Paris Hilton, is his beautiful girlfriend and she has prepared a little show for him today where she is going to perform a song which she is dedicating him right here and right now... Everybody, give it up for Paris Hilton...!" The guy said and then he got of the stage. All that Nick was able to hear was the people applauding. `What is this?' Nick thought, `She is not a singer!' The melody of a song started in the background and it sounded really familiar to Nick but he wasn't quite sure which song it was... Brian stood in front of the car's door staring at the window, in which he was able to look at the reflection of three very big guys walking up to him behind him. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and soon he was abruptly being turned around and pushed against the car... The opening melody continued and then Nick finally realized what song it was, although it struck him as odd that Paris was dedicating him such song. It was Garbage's very own `The World Is Not Enough'... Soon the dark blue velvet curtains rose and Paris walked up to the center of the stage, microphone in hand, wearing a gorgeous red dress and her golden hair tied up in a bum, she started singing in a deep low voice which send chills down Nick's spine...I know how to hurt... One of the big guys drove his fist into Brian's Stomach while the other two where holding him from the back...I know how to HEAL I know what to show And what to conceal... The alley was deserted. Brian felt at a loss, he was being brutally attacked by reasons unknown to him. He had tried to take them by himself but he was quickly put down by the other two. The guy then punched him hard on his face getting out a big gush of blood of his mouth. He was trying to breath now that all the air had been taken out of his lungs after all those punches he had just received...I know when to talk And I know when to touch No one ever died from wanting too much... Paris walked slowly and seductively on top of the stage towards Nick. And then she picked up with the chorus...The world is not enough But it is such a perfect place to start, my love And if you're strong enough Together we can take the world apart, my love... Brian fell on the floor in awful pain and powerless... He didn't even want to ask why these guys were doing this to him... For a fact, it was Preteez Toplist obvious that these guys were not going to rob him of anything, they were doing it like if they had been ordered to do so. Much to his dismay, one of them started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants...People like us Know how to survive There's no point in living If you can't feel the life... Paris walked around the table where Nick and her sister sat. She ran her hand on the sides of Nick's face and also down his chest as she continued singing then she leaned in...We know when to kiss... She sang planting her lips on Nick's quickly and then continued with the song...And I know when to kill... Brian Preteez Toplist was being pulled up on his knees in from of the guy who by now had completely unzipped his pants and a monstrous growing bulge was in front of Brian's face...If I can't have it all, Then nobody will... Paris sang as she rose her hand and clenched it into a powerful fist. she had a wicked smile painted across her face as if in her mind she was picturing the intense pain and suffering she was inflicting onto Brian. Meanwhile Brian couldn't believe what was in about to happen to him. A quick tear escaped his eyes, what had he ever done to deserved that?... "Now pretty face... you're gonna listen carefully and do as I say!" The guy in front of him said. "You're gonna suck this dick and you're gonna like it!" The guy said as he shoved his huge monster cock down Brian's throat. Brian led out muffled cries and a few more tears ran down his cheeks...The world is not enough But it is such a perfect place to start, my love And if you're strong enough Together we can take the world apart, my love The song seemed to be coming to an end to Nick's relieve, he was horrified and was still concerned about Brian, he had been taking too long now...I...I feel SAFE... Paris sang hugging Nick and dragging him up on the stage...I...I feel scared... Brian had been pinned against a wall, his pants had been lowered down to his knees and the same guy who had made him suck his cock was now behind him. He had no strength left to fight it...I...I feel ready... Paris was subtle as they were not facing the crowd, she ran her hand down Nick's crotch giving his package a nice squeeze...And yet unprepared... Brian felt how a huge pole invaded him and he led out a drowned scream which could only be heard as a whimper... Tears were Preteez Toplist now running freely down his cheeks... Nick was the only one on his mind at the time. Was he gonna die? Was that the way it was supposed to be?The world is not enough But it is such a perfect place to start, my love And if you're strong enough Together we can take the world apart, my love... Paris was now preparing to end the song and she continued to seductively rub herself up against Nick...The world is not enough... Brian felt a last stockade and then the feeling of a warm liquid being released inside him. After the guy had stopped moaning he withdrew his huge cock from Brian and then he fell back on his knees still facing the wall and leaning against it...The world is not enough... "I bet you loved that didn't you!" The guy said. " And one more thing," He continued as one of the other two handed him a bat, "Stay away from Nick Carter if you don't want this to happen to you again... Or worst, to your wife and son!" He finished as he hit Brian hard on the right side of his rib cage, and as Brian clutched in pain...NO NO WHERE NEAR ENOUGH... He received another hit on his head...THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH... Brian blacked out before hitting the floor... The song ended and then people cheered and applauded... As Brian was receiving the last hit on his head, a guy was passing by with a few friends and they saw what happened. Brian hit the floor and the three aggressors took off running. The young man who saw them first ran up to where Brian laid unconscious and then he noticed that blood was coming out of the back of his head. "Oh no!" The guy said, "Somebody call an Ambulance!" the other two girls and the guy he was with took off immediately to the club near by to alert the security and the police and one of them went inside the club to get a phone... As odd as it sounds, neither of them had a cell phone. "Happy Valentines baby!" Paris said to Nick as she hugged Nick and kissed him once more... "Wow!" was all that Nick could say... "That was... Some show!" Nick smiled awkwardly. "Did you like it?" Paris asked. "Um...! Yeah...! Of course I liked it!" Nick said but then he knew he had to get out of there and look for Brian. "I'll be right back, I'm gonna check to see what happened to Bri!" Nick said. "Well why don't you call him on his cell?" Paris suggested innocently. "Yeah... you're right!" Nick replied, "But I can't with this much noise so I'll go to the entrance!" Nick said as he left Paris on the stage. She frowned but then she smiled at the fact that if Brian hadn't showed up, that meant he had already been taken care off. When Nick got to the entrance and guy came in frantically asking for a phone. "Calm down kid, what's going on?" One of the security guys asked him. "Someone's been attacked and is badly injured, I need an ambulance and the police!" The guy said trying to catch his breath. Nick heard the guy and got curious so he went up to him and lend him his cell phone to the guy. "Thank you so much Sir!" The guy said as he quickly dialed 911. "Is it one of your friends who got hurt?" Nick asked. "No, it's some blonde guy who got attacked on 47th street!" The guy replied and then he got an answer from the 911. Nick soon realized that he was talking about Brian and then he took off running towards 47th Street. "HEY SIR WAIT! YOUR CELL PHONE!" The guy yelled after Nick but Nick didn't care at all. Meanwhile the guy who had stayed with Brian was trying to get Brian to wake up but he wasn't responding at all. One of the girls came back and took out a handkerchief to stop the blood from coming out so profusely from the wound. "Why does he look so familiar?" The girl asked. "Do you know him?" The guy asked his friend. "Oh my GOD!" She gasped as she realized who he was... "It's Brian Littrell, from the Backstreet boys!" She told her friend. "Holy crap, he looks critical, and telling by his undone pants, I'd say he's been raped too!" The guy said. "Oh no, poor guy, where's the Ambulance?" The girl said, and it was then when they heard some one yelling: "BRIAN!" Nick was running towards them. Once he gets there, he pushes the guy holding Brian aside and then Nick takes him on his arms... "Oh my God Bri, what have they done to you?" Nick started sobbing as he stared down at the unconscious form of his boyfriend. "OH GOD... where's the ambulance?" Nick yelled. Then the guy had Nick had given his cell phone to, was coming down with a few security guys from the club. "The ambulance is here, is just turning down the corner!" The guy said handing Nick back his cell phone. By the time Nicky and Paris had come out of the club and were walking up to Nick. "Oh my God!" Nicky gasped once her eyes found Brian on Nick's arms in a very bad state. "What happened to him?" She asked as she bend down next to Nick. "Is he alright?" "I dunno...!" Nick cried. "He's not waking up!" Nicky Hilton seemed very moved and she was horrified to see Brian in such state. She felt even worst when the thought hit her... She remembered clearly her sister's words... <<>> "Nick is just confused, he wants me!" Paris said. "And Brian, he is gonna get what he deserves for trying to turn my Nick, gay!" "Are you in fucking denial or what? They are gay alright, it's like if they had the signs painted all over saying `WE ARE FAGS'" Nicky said. "Come on, lets go, you'll see how things change!" Paris said... <<>> "Oh God, no!" Nicky whispered as she got up, then she turned to look at her sister who was hiding her evil grin behind her right hand. She walked up to her... "Paris, how could you?" Nicky asked in shock. "Shut up!" Paris hissed in reply. Then she knelt down beside Nick who couldn't stop hugging Brian and was sobbing uncontrollably. "Babe, don't worry, he is gonna be alright!" Paris said hypocritically, "Look, the paramedics are here, let them handle it!" The alley was soon illuminated by blue and red lights spinning. Brian was carefully put inside the ambulance. "Wait... I'm going with him!" Nick said as he got in the ambulance. One of the police officers closed the door and then the ambulance drove off towards Times Square. Paris stayed on her spot looking at the Ambulance as it disappeared by the corner. Her fist clenched once again and her teeth were grinding out of anger but she still felt good about what just happened to Brian. Everything went on as planned. "Do you see how wrong you are?" Nicky asked her. "He obviously doesn't love you, he loves Brian. This wont get you anywhere, Paris. I'm going back to LA first thing in the morning!" Nicky said as she walked to Broadway avenue and stopped a cab. She go on it and told the driver to take her to the Hyatt. Paris did not say anything, she stared blankly at the avenue, but she still smiled... It had been done, Brian was being taken out of the picture and soon, according to what she thought, Nick was going to be just hers. "I always get what I want, Nicky, and nobody is going to change that!" Paris said to no one and then she walked back to the club. "If I can't have it all, then NOBODY will!"TBC.Coming up soon... ****************************** "Even the people who never frown, eventually break down" "Kevin...!" Nick tried to talk in between tears, "It's Brian, he's been hurt!" "What? Oh God!" Kevin got up from the bed fully awake now, "Nick, what happened, where are you?" "I'm at the Hospital, they just took him in...!" Nick kept sobbing, "He is not responding!"... ****************************** Everything is falling apart... The damage had been done and there was no turning back, it seemed hard for things to go back to normal and it sure had been an awful time for these guys lately. But now, the worst was ahead. The unexpected. "Hi!" Nick said entering the room with a sad face. Brian just turned his head to the window and did not reply back. "How are you feeling?" Nick asked. No reply. Then Nick decided to place his hand on Brian's but he pulled away. Nick was worrying now as he noticed how weird Brian was acting. "Baby what's wrong?" Nick asked trying to hold back his tears. "Go away, Carter!" Brian suddenly said. Nick was totally taken by surprise, Brian had never called Nick by his last name except when they met before the Backstreet boys... ... Nick tried to hug Brian but this time his reaction was heartbreaking for Nick. "GET AWAY FROM ME, GODDAMNIT!" Brian pushed Nick hard. "GET DA FUCK OUTTA HERE... I DON'T WANNA SEE YOU!" Brian kept on yelling. Nick was frozen. "CAN'T YOU HEAR ME?" Brian continued. "GET OUT... NOW!" ******************************Well, like about time it came out huh? Not quite the ending you were expecting but things are gonna get worst. There was an obvious lack of Aaron and Jeremy in this part because this situation is setting up for what is coming next, which is the obvious of course. I'm really sorry if I'm killing people's expectations but believe me, in the end is gonna be worth it and I promise my best. Thanks to those readers who are still checking for updates of this story, it really means a lot to me that you haven't forgotten about my work. Special thanks to Katherine: "Gurl, I love you so much and thank you loads for taking your time to revise my work and help me out with it. Your support as well as the reader's is keeping this story running so Thank You so much once more and I'll be bothering you again soon with the next part!" Thank you all for reading and see ya next time.Next posting: Chapter 9 Part 2 <> Part 3 <>Any comments and questions can be sent to BlueSorcerer85aol.comCredits: Song: "The World Is Not Enough" Interpreted by Garbage, Written by Don Black, Music composed by David Arnold. Copyrighted 1999.All Copyright rules apply. Copyright 2004 Aaron and Jeremy by BlueSorcerer. All Rights Reserved..

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