Related article: Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 06:50:06 -0700 From: Clone Buggs Subject: Across the Alley part 28Across the Alley XXVIII The trick took me to his hotel room, which was more a two level motel built around a courtyard with parking spaces off Sunset Boulevard. His room was on the upper level, and before we got there, several whores who were working the place, made comments about the dirty old man taking such a sweet young boy into his room for perverted sexual purposes. They all wanted to join in of course, but the Man who had told me his name was Mark, wasn't interested in pussy, although I had my doubts all the hookers were women. In the room, he opened his suitcase on the little rack provided for it, and took out some soft ropes and several things wrapped in soft clothes. He told me to strip, because he wanted to get his money's worth with me. I complied, curious about the stuff he had taken out of the suitcase. He was busy affixing thee ropes to the legs of the bed frame. They had loops at the free end that he laid carefully on the stripped bed. Apparently, he had stripped the bedclothes off before he went hunting for his pick-up. When he was satisfied, he started taking his tie off, and was soon as naked as I was, and sporting a big hard-on about eight or nine inches long. He sat down on the end of the bed, and motioned me to come closer to him. He took me in hand, and examined me all over carefully. He poked and prodded, even opening my mouth and feeling of my teeth with his finger. He wet his finger in my mouth, and told me to bend over and show him my butt. I put my hands on my hips, and bent at the waist, putting my hole right into his face. He stuck his nose in my crack and took a deep breath. He put both his hands on my hips, and pulled me closer to his face, and proceeded to lick my hole with his sloppy tongue. When he had me good and wet, he used his finger to poke into me and feel around. He was grunting quietly while he was doing this, and I looked between my legs and saw his cock was oozing a string of precum, that dripped all the way to the floor in a string. I reached through my legs, and caught it like a string of spaghetti, and gathered it around my finger, breaking it off at its source, and then sucked it off my finger. His cock flexed when I touched it and he moaned a bit. When he was satisfied with his examination of my body inside and out, he laid back on the bed, right in the center. He told me I could sit in the chair by the door while he fell asleep. "After I start snoring, I want you to sneak up on me and tie me up with these ropes. Make them tight, but be careful not to wake me up until I'm all tied up. I get violent if somebody wakes me up." He closed his eyes, and I sat down in the chair and waited. This was the weirdest scene I had ever been part of, and didn't know what to make of it. While I waited for him to start snoring, I peeked out the window after lifting the corner of the curtain, and watched a whore take a john into a room across the courtyard. She left the door standing open, and didn't bother closing the curtains to the room either while they stripped off their clothes. I watched as she dropped to her knees, in the doorway while the john sat on the bed. She took him into her mouth, and he laid back on the bed, and humped his hips at her face. After he came, she lifted his legs to his chest, and from my distant vantage point, she appeared to produce a pretty good sized dick out of her red panties, and just stuck it into the john and fucked him hard for a few minutes. When it was over, she gathered her things up and went into a room I figured was the bathroom and closed the door. The john laid on the bed for a few more minutes, before he Little Nn Girls sat up and pulled on his pants. He finished dressing and then just as Mark began to snore lightly, the john stumbled out and down the stairs. He looked drunk already, and I wondered if he'd be all right. Mark was snoring soundly after a few minutes, and I began to do as he asked, starting with his feet. I slipped the loops over his feet one at a time, and tightened the slip knots down. When I finished slipping the knot on his left hand, he suddenly tried to turn over. He tugged at the rope that was holding him stationery, and then woke up with a start. I thought it curious that his dick had not lost an ounce of tumescence during the whole time I waited for him to fall asleep, and then it dawned on me that he must not have been sleeping at all, and that it was just part of his scene. He eyed me with the look of fear in his eyes, and let them follow me as I moved around the room. I walked over to the dresser where he had arranged all the cloth wrapped packages he'd taken out of his suitcase. The first one I unwrapped, had several small spring loaded clips that looked vaguely like alligator heads when you opened their mouth with all the little teeth. He eyed them as I examined them carefully wondering what he wanted me to do with them. I held one up and squeezed it open and closed several times. "Oh shit baby. You wouldn't put those on my nipples would you. They look like they'd hurt something awful." He pushed a nipple up slightly, at me, and looked down at the hard nob of his nib sticking up on his hairy chest. I stepped over to him and clamped the first on on the offered nipple. "Oh shit baby. Oh shit." He offered the other nipple, and I clamped one on it as well. "Uhhhooo." He started to sweat a little. His whole body began to glisten with a sheen. I still had half a dozen little clamps in my hand. When he got his breath under control again, he looked at me pleadingly, and almost gaged out his next request in the form of a protest. "Please don't put those on my balls baby they hurt too much." He then spread his legs, and I leaned on the bed with my knees, and clipped the first one onto his nut sack. He shivered, and his legs got stiff on either side of me. He trembled for a minute before relaxing again. Little Nn Girls I clipped the second one on his nut sack, and he let his held breath gush out of his lungs, as I attached a third. He looked at me and I thought I could see a tear in one corner of his eye. It obviously hurt, but it seemed to be what he wanted. I took his thick cock in my hand, and lifted it up slightly and stroked it a time or two. a drop Little Nn Girls of precum glistened at the tip, and I licked it off. He moaned, and pulled away from me as far as he could. I dropped his dick, and let it slap ageist his belly. The fourth clip, I placed at the base of his cum tube where it disappeared into his nut sack. He groaned and writhed a little. I lifted his balls with my free hand, and clamped the last two to his skin under the fall of his nuts. He sobbed lightly, and went stiff all over again. I stood and went back to the dresser, and picked up a second wrapped package. It was heavier that the first one by quite a bit. I opened it and found a lead ball, the size of a large orange. To it, from a leather thong, was attached a leather strap with several snap closures. I had no idea what to do with it. Mark was laying with his eyes tightly closed, so I walked over to him and laid the led ball on his stomach. His eyes opened instantly, and he looked at me out of fevered looking eyes, and licked his lips clear of the sweat that had run down onto them when he raised his head. "Oh god baby, don't put that on my balls again? The last time you used the tightest snap, and I thought my nuts would fall off." He laid back down, and sobbed, closing his eyes, muttering the words please baby, please, several times. I laid the lead ball on the bed, and gathered his scrotum in the leather strap with snaps. I struggled for a moment with the last set of snaps, but they finally clicked closed, and he moaned loudly again. I left the ball on the bed, and got up to examine the next package on the dresser. He moaned, and I looked back at him, and saw he was trying to use his thigh to push the lead ball. He saw me watching him, and whispered that he hoped I wouldn't let it roll off the bed and jerk his balls hard, because it hurt too much to endure. I figured it would hurt, but I also figured that it was what he wanted since he'd been telling me what to do with everything I found in the packages by begging me not to do it. I stepped over to the bed, and with a flip, pushed the ball off the edge. He screamed in agony, and the thong connecting his balls to the lead ball jerked tight. His balls were rapidly turning bright purplish red from the pressure the device placed on him. He was breathing in gasps, and moaning at the same time. I turned back to the dresser, and extracted a large fake cock. It seemed to be made out of some kind of soft plastic, and looked like a giant version of the real thing. I guessed this was a dildo Michael had told me about. With it was a tube of lube oil, and I used that to squirt over the bat thick piece of plastic. He had calmed down again, and his breathing had returned to a semblance of normalcy. I stood between his legs again, and put the head of the giant cock to the lips of his asshole. He flexed himself, and his hole relaxed and opened slightly for it to come in. I pushed it in a little, and then holding it by the big plastic nuts, one in each fist, I fucked it in and out of him until it was buried as deep as it would go. He was pouring sweat by the time I finished this and stood up again. I think he had passed out, because he was breathing hard, but there was something different that made me think he wasn't aware anymore. It worried me for a moment, but then he moaned and rolled his head from side to side and took a deep breath. His cock was still rigid on his belly, and a large pool of precum had gathered under its head. I licked it off, and then cleaned his oozing piss slit with my tongue. The next package on the dresser, turned out to be a mask of some sort. It was made of black leather, and where the mouth and eyes were, it had zippers instead. It fitted over his head, and zippered closed tightly down the backside. I slipped it on him, and zippered it closed. He was having trouble breathing, and I noticed the nose seemed to have no openings for air. I unzipped his left eye, and could see it was staring at me terrified. I unzipped his right eye, and he looked like he'd seen the devil. I unzipped his mouth, and his tongue snaked out and licked my hand before I could pull away. "Let me suck you baby," he whispered in a hiss. "Get up on me and shove your cock into my mouth. Fuck me baby. Fuck me." I climbed over his face, and putting my knees on his shoulders, I shoved my hard-on into his mouth and started fucking. I needed to get off, and he wanted me to do it hard. I didn't take long, to feel my nuts ready to blast off, and just as I did, something hot and wet splashed across my back. I groaned and emptied my nuts into him and felt slash after slash of his cum land on my back and butt. He was moaning when I pulled out of his mouth and climbed off him. I sat on the edge of the bed, and wondered what we would do for the next hour that was left of the time he'd paid for. I looked at him, and saw he had actually gone to sleep. I decided to take a shower and clean his spunk off my back. By the time I got out Little Nn Girls of the shower, he was awake, but lying quietly. I asked him if he wanted me to turn him loose, but he shook his head no. He had resumed his hard-on, and every once in a while his tongue would lick out of the zippered opening of his mask. Finally, His time almost up, I started to get dressed. He turned his head and watched me silently. When I was finished tying my shoes, I sat up and asked if he wanted anything else. "Untie my right hand baby. Then you can go." I did as he asked, and stood to leave. "You're a good boy, baby." He leaned up on his right elbow. "Hand me my billfold before you go. I want to Little Nn Girls give you a tip." I fished in his pants pocket, and handed him his wallet. He opened it with his free hand, and pulled a fifty dollar bill out. "Take this. And thanks for a great time." I took the bill from his hand, and leaned over to give him a kiss on his leather covered cheek. Outside, The night air smelled of frying food and some heady floral odor. I figured I'd had a good night, and was a little hungry. I headed back down to Santa Monica Boulevard, and the diner where we'd met Michael's dealer. I half hoped I'd see Michael there, but also dreaded what it would mean if I did. After all, he probably had money in his jeans by now as well. I peeked in through the windows of the diner, and could see the dealer sitting with two people talking. The two shabby looking people looked dirty and sick. The woman seemed to be begging the dealer for something, and he kept shaking his head no. I looked around the street, and saw several young guys standing around like I'd done earlier, but Michael was not among them. In the diner, I ordered a burger and fries and a large Coke. I was halfway through it when Sally and Steve strolled in hand in hand. "Hey Squirt," Steve shouted when he saw me. "Don't call me squirt Steve. I have a name, or did you forget it. I felt a little pissed at him, but couldn't put my finger on why. He and Sally scooted into the booth opposite me, and pulled the menus stuffed behind the juke box selector box. The waitress took their orders, and they sat there looking at me. "What?" I said with a mouth full of fries. "Just wondering if you've been working?" Steve took the sugar shaker off the table and poured a spoonful in the palm of his hand. He licked it with his tongue, and swallowed after chewing the gritty stuff for a minute. "Yeah. I have?" "How's business?" "Pretty good so far." I took another bite of my burger. "We've been talking about how we can get started here." "Just go stand on the corner, and make sure you get the bread up front." I laughed at myself. One trick, and I was already giving advice. "I made Three hundred and fifty for three hour's work tonight. "Fuck," Steve said. "How many tricks?" "Just one. I don't think he was normal though. Michael told me he gets a hundred for a fuck and seventy-five for a blow, or lets the guy blow him for fifty. That's probably closer to the truth. He also said you should always make the guy wear a rubber if he fucks you because there's a lot of disease here in Hollywood." "Sounds reasonable. We'd better buy a few." Sally took a sip of water the waitress had brought to the booth. I looked at her, Little Nn Girls and started to ask if she'd ever hooked before, but thought better of it. It was none of my business. "After I finish eating, I'm going to run my money home, and then hit the street again. I don't want to get robbed, you know." "That sounds like a good idea too." Steve, watched the waitress head toward the booth with their order. I popped my last bite of burger into my mouth and glanced out the window just in time to see Michael step out of a black sedan that had pulled briefly to the curb. The door of the car slammed shut as the car sped away again. Michael stood there, Little Nn Girls looking thin, tired and a little hunched over as he looked around at the street activity. He saw me in the window, and waved his hand slightly, and took one more searching look at the street before shrugging and came into the diner. He asked the manager for the key to the toilet, and apparently placed an order. He took the key, and walked past where we were sitting without speaking, headed for the toilet. I looked t the door to the men's room and when he finally emerged, he looked a little better. I wondered if he'd just shot up. He tripped back to where we were sitting, and slid in next to me. "How did you like Mark?" He looked at me with a smirk on his face. "You know him?" "Everybody knows him. He won't bother you again. He only likes a guy once, after that, you're history. He'd rather do without than to repeat himself." I looked at his eyes, and saw that strange look in them I'd seen earlier after he'd fixed himself. "Hey Guys, I've asked Michael to live with us. He doesn't have a place, and needs a place to sleep. I figure if we split the cost of the apartment four ways, it won't cost us much will it?" Steve nodded at me, but I could tell from the way he looked at me he didn't much care for the idea of Michael joining us. "Where's he gonna sleep?" "With me." I said. "I like him." "What?" Steve must have realized what I was getting at, and didn't seem to like it at all. I decided to rub his nose in Sally. "I thought you and me were buds Steve, but the first girl that will hop in the sack with you, and you turn all straight on me. I mean what's that about?" "I love Sally. So it's none of your business Squirt." "That's exactly what I said. None of my business; and if you call me squirt one more time, I'm gonna pop you in the nose." I balled my fist up on the table top for emphasis. "Boys, Sally interrupted our spat. "There's no call to get mad at each other. I know what I stepped into the middle of here. I had no intention of separating the two of you. If you need to get with each other form time to time, then do it. I might even like to join if if you'll let me." Michael shot her a glance across the table. "You ever gone to bed with a girl Michael?" Sally looked at him over her malt as she sucked through the straw. "Not interested." Michael shook his head, and looked directly into her eyes without blinking. "Good," Steve said, "Because I wouldn't want just every Tom, Dick, and Harry fuckin' my girl." "I thought you was goin' out on the street?" I glanced from Sally to Steve and back again. "We are, but we've decided to work as a team." Michael snorted. We all looked at him, as he seemed to choke back laughter. "Shit," he finally managed to say. "I've been on these streets for three years now, and I've never seen a tag team like that. There's two types of tricks around here. The straight ones fuck the whores, and the gay ones fuck the hustlers. I ain't never even heard of a bi trick asking for a threesome of both types." He laughed under his breath again. "What's a bi trick?" Steve looked at him curiously. "You know," he said. "Somebody that swings both ways. Could be a man or a woman. I've had women ask me to go out with them, but it's not my thing. I always refer them to one of my straight friends who hustles." "You mean there's guys that hustle gay men even though their straight?" Steve's mouth was hanging open, stopped in mid chew. "Shit yeh. I've seen it all, except what you two are talkin' about. But who am I to talk. That might be just what's been missin' in Hollywood.End

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