Related article: Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 21:54:35 -0500 From: Dick Hertz Subject: Alarming James 3 The next Saturday, James showed up at my house early. I guess he was just eager to get to work. Or something like that! I had been thinking of him all week and he looked even more delicious in person that I had fantasized in my masturbation sessions in the week since I had seen him. He was little guy, but really had that spark of life Nn Top 100 in him. We started on our half hour ride to the job site which was a million dollar house in the next state. James told me about his progress in school and how he got his technician's certification in wiring, but he was still a year behind in his academic work. His teacher had told me that James had made a real turn around in his attitude and was now applying himself and working to make up lost time. I found him every bit as personable and likable as I did the first time I met him. During a lull in the conversation I asked him if he had thought about what happened last Saturday and if he had any regrets. "At first, I couldn't believe that it had happened." he said. "Not that I thought I had done something bad or anything. I mean, we all hear stuff about queers and fags, but I didn't feel like that. I know I'm not a queer, but I sure did like what we did. I guess I just like sex! I didn't know how good it could be until you showed me. You don't think I'm a fag, do you?" "No James, I'm not going to put any labels on you." I said. I've never thought of myself that way either. I like sex with women, too. It's just that I know what a man wants because I am a man. I think I can give a guy what I would expect myself. Very few women can give great blow jobs, but I do like what they have between their legs!" "I'm glad you said that. Are we going to have a chance to do, you know, anything, today?" he asked. "Yeah, plenty." I said. "We are going to wire the east wing and run wires up to the attic from the basement for the sirens and keypads. Is that what you're talking about?" "I know we're going to work, but are we going to be able to do anything....?" he asked again. "Anything sexual, you mean, James?" I asked, teasing him into saying the words that were on his mind. "OK, yeah, anything sexual!" he exclaimed. "There, you made me say it!" "Well, I don't know," I said, "the homeowner and his wife and two daughters are supposed to be leaving for a skiing trip and his father-in-law will be watching the house. I don't know if they are leaving this morning or this afternoon. Why, are you that anxious to get something going?" "Kind of." he replied. "See, I jacked off after I got home last Saturday and the twice on Sunday and three times on Monday, thinking about what happened. Then I thought it would be better if I didn't do it so much and saved it for today. I haven't spanked the monkey since Monday. I don't think I've ever gone so long since I discovered how to masturbate! Please tell me we're going to have a chance to do it today!" "I honestly can't tell you." I said. "I can't risk being caught in a customer's house having sex with an eighteen year old boy! How would that look? We'll just have to play it by ear. Hang in there, James, I won't leave you high and dry, if you catch my drift!" While I was still driving, I let my hand wander over to the front of his jeans. I felt a hard lump there straining at the fabric. "Wow, I can't believe you are hard already! Are you going to be that way all day?" I asked. "Honest, I wasn't hard until I saw your hand coming over this way," he stammered, " and then, by the time it hit my pants I was hard as a rock!." "We're going to have to do something to keep your mind off this thing for a while. I think I've created a monster!" I said as I gave his dick a gentle squeeze. He groaned and squirmed in the seat. When we got to the house, we unloaded our tools and wire and headed for the basement. I greeted the homeowner and told them we had a full Nn Top 100 day's work ahead of us. He said they would be leaving about noon and his father-in-law would come by about six to make sure the place was locked up. I didn't tell James about this; I wanted to string him along for a little longer. We started working around the perimeter of the house and I was able to teach James how to make a proper splice and how to drill through the floors and into window cavities for window contacts. He picked it up fast and we were soon in a production rhythm, going from window to window installing contacts. Before I knew it, the homeowner was calling to me. I came out of the basement to see him while James continued to work on the wiring. I saw all of their ski equipment and bags being brought out and loaded into their van. It was about 11:35 am. He could see that I was sweaty and dusty from the basement work. "We'll be heading out now and you guys will have the run of the house. My wife left a couple of sandwiches and sodas for you in the fridge and there are chips on the counter. If you need to shower and clean up, just make yourselves at home." he said. "My father-in-law will be by to close the place up, but he said he can't make it until at least seven. You can just shut the doors and turn off the lights when you leave." "I'll leave a note on the counter about our progress and when we'll be back to finish up." I said. "Thanks for lunch and we'll try to leave the place as clean as we found it. Have a great trip!" He must have noticed how sweaty and dirty we were from working in the basement. As he left the driveway I headed back down the stairs to the basement. "Hey, how about knocking off for lunch, James?" I asked, "They left some sandwiches and stuff for us. Come on upstairs and wash up." "Yeah, I was getting a little hungry," he said, "I didn't realize how late it was." He put down the stapler and took the tool belt off. Once again I got a glimpse of his stomach when he flipped his shirt up to clear the belt. I couldn't see the boxers this time; I wondered why. I led the way up to the first floor. Past the kitchen and to the base of the stairs to the second floor. "Aren't we going to eat?", he asked as we passed the kitchen. "I think we need to clean up a bit first, don't you?", I asked. "Look at yourself. You're a sweaty mess! Follow me." We climbed the stairs to the master suite and I went in through the sitting room, through the bedroom, and to the bathroom. It was a huge room with marble floors and counter tops. The cabinets looked more like furniture than cabinets. On the left was a huge glassed in shower with multiple shower heads and straight ahead under the window was a Jacuzzi tub. James was following me with his mouth open, saying "Wow!", over and over. "Well, which will it be, shower or Jacuzzi?", I asked as I started to take off my shirt. "Uh, I, uh, the shower, I guess.", he finally spit out and he started to take his shirt off, too. "James, you seem like you're in a trance. Can I help you with that?", I asked. Without waiting for an answer, I stepped over to where he was and pulled his T shirt over his head. The beauty of his youthful chest just about bowled me over, but I maintained my composure. There wasn't a hair in sight until right down near his belly button. Nn Top 100 He was smooth and well defined, though maybe a little on the thin side. "Are you crazy?", James blurted out, "What if someone comes home? "No one is coming for hours. I got the word from the owner. Besides," I said, "I have enough of the system up and running that we'll be alerted if the doors open. Just relax and Nn Top 100 enjoy yourself." "OK, I think I can do that.", he said as I reached for his buckle and undid his zipper. I was surprised to see he had briefs on instead of boxers! They looked so hot and so white as I let his pants drop to the floor. "Why the jockey shorts, James?", I asked. They looked marvelous on his frame and accentuated his package so well. I could tell it was growing quickly. "I got to thinking about what you said last time about how they made you get a boner all the time and I just couldn't stop getting a boner when I wore them! I had to go out and buy tightey whiteys.", he said and we both laughed. Oh, the power of suggestion. He stepped out of his pants, underwear, socks and shoes in one fell swoop and was left standing there in just his jockeys. "You are way behind me, Boss," he noted, "looks like you could use some help." He busied himself with undoing my belt and buttons and zippers and such and soon I was in the same state he was. Just the two of us, and eighteen year kid and a fifty-five year old man, facing each other with nothing on but tented out white jockey shorts. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to me until our chests and our crotches met. Then our lips met, tentatively and softly at first. Then I circled his lips with my tongue and pressed between them. There was little resistance and he kissed me back as our tongues met and danced together. I have to say, I have never been big on kissing, but this was wonderful. Our dicks met, too, and pressed into each other. I finally broke it off and headed to the glass shower to get the water turned on. I dropped my jockeys and so did James. We stepped into the shower and resumed our embrace, face to face. There were at least eight shower heads hitting us from every conceivable angle and the place was steaming up quickly. I grabbed a bar of soap and began to wash my young partner's back. He melted into me and I worked lower until I had my hands full of his ass cheeks. I massaged them and lathered them good and ran my fingers up the crack to lightly brush his anus. I felt him jump a little and press harder into me, cock on cock. I turned him around and lathered up his chest and stomach. He pressed back into me until my cock was lying between his cheeks like a hot dog on a bun. I couldn't help but to slowly hump his little ass while lathering lower and lower on the front of his body. I felt his navel and circled it with my fingers full of soap and then proceeded south. I reached down and scooped up his balls and lathered them up good, trying not to touch his dick just yet. I could see from his reflection in the glass that His dick was hard as a rock and sticking straight up toward the ceiling. I sat on the tiled ledge that protruded from the wall on two sides of the shower. That put me within inches of his freshly cleaned crack. I spread his cheeks with my thumbs and saw a pink rose winking back at me. My tongue dove in between those cheeks and bathed his crack right down to his hole. I drew circles around it with my tongue and then ran my tongue flat up and down over it. James was moaning and pushing back on my face. Quickly, he turned around and presented me with his hard dick. "You've just got to suck me off!", he said in a raspy voice, "I can't wait any longer, please!" He put his hands on my wet head and guided me to his crotch. I wasted no time in getting to the root of his problem and to the root of his dick. I sunk my mouth clear down to his sparse pubic hairs and swirled my tongue around while twisting my head from side to side. I had all but his balls in my mouth and throat and he was going wild! "Please put your finger up my ass!", he rasped. So, I obliged. In fact, since he was already so wet, I slid two up there fairly easily. He yelped once and clamped down but soon relaxed enough to feel comfortable. I could feel his prostate and brushed it with my finger. I pulled back to the head of his cock and descended again about four more times until I heard him say, "Oh, Oh, Uh, it's close...it's coming! Mmm! Here it comes!" He unleashed a torrent of cum in about six spurts that I was hard pressed to keep up with. His boy cum was so copious and light and delicious I didn't want it to end. He eventually came down off his toes and sank down to the bench beside me. He put his head on my shoulder. "That was so awesome! I'm glad I saved it up this week.", he said. "I am, too.", I said. "That was quite an impressive load you shot, young man! Tell me does it bother you to be with me? I mean, I'm an old fart compared to you and I'm sure you have a lot of friends the same age you are that you would rather be with." "No, it doesn't bother me. You actually seem more of a friend than they do. You are the first person to really take and interest in me and treat me like an equal.", he said. "I'm not uncomfortable at all with you." He turned his head up to mine and kissed me. "Can I do you now? How do you want me to do it?", he asked. "Just kneel there between my legs." I said. The water was still hitting us from all angles, but I reached over and diverted them away from my lap. James didn't Nn Top 100 hesitate to wrap his lips around my cock head and slowly began sucking me into and out of his mouth. I was so worked up by blowing him that I felt my cum boiling in just a few minutes. I leaned back and let him work. "I'm going to blow!", I yelled and he picked up the pace until the first shot hit the back of his throat. Then he took my cock out of his mouth and ran his hand up and down my shaft as I shot all over his face and his open mouth. The last few dribbles ran down his hand and he brought it up to his face to lick them off. "I just wanted to see you shoot. Is that all right?", he asked. "More than all right! That was great!", I said. That was about all I could get out. We stood up, rinsed the last of the cum off our bodies and stepped out of the shower. I shut the shower off and threw James a towel and got one for myself. I just got my hair and my face halfway dried off, when I heard his voice. "Wanna try the jacuzzi now, Boss?", he said with a grin from ear to ear. "Sure, why not?", I answered. I love my job, I thought to myself.

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