Related article: Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 00:43:04 -0700 (PDT) From: Nate House Subject: Abandoned Blood 6Greetings once again. This is a story about a woman and her vampire, but it's not a vampire story. It's not a love story, but it is a story about love, and the power it has to heal, and to destroy. It contains explicit sexual acts between females, among other people. It contains scenes of graphic violence and rape. If you are not of legal age to read this type of story, or if this isn't your cup of tea then please leave now.Though inspired by true events, all characters and events herein are entirely of my own imagination and any resemblance to any actual person, or actual event is entirely coincidental; I'll leave it to you to decide what's fact and what's fiction.I'd like to thank everyone who has written to me so far. Thank you so very much for your support and kind words.Comments, questions, concerns, and criticism are greatly appreciated. Enjoy.********************Chapter SixNightmares have a strange way of coming true. Either it be literal or some twisted metaphor of the imagination, they always seem to happen. I was beginning to think that's all this past week had been a sick, twisted, perverted metaphor. If it weren't for the twin puncture wounds in the nape of my neck I would think it was all a bad dream. My skin tone was looking normal. My eyes were looking more lively, at least that's what my mom told me yesterday. I have no reason to think Nadia was ever really here. Except for the void growing in the pit of my gut.I haven't seen or heard from Nadia since our date night. We ate and spoke at that vamp club. I have to admit that it was the best damn meal I've had my whole life. Okay, maybe two meals, but who's counting? Our little conversation with the owner left both of us shaken up--and for two different reasons, one of which she promised to tell me. That was four freaking days ago. 'I promise I'll never leave you,' my ass!She didn't say a word to me when she dropped me off. Hell, she fell one step short of throwing me out. I didn't have a chance to even say goodbye. The last thing I saw of Nadia was her putting on her sunglasses and driving off into the sunrise. The last thing I remember thinking was the bitch still had my clothes and my purse; I held onto the little evening bag she gave me. At least I still had my wallet and cell phone.Ugh, my cell phone. Twenty-five messages all saying the same thing when I bothered to check. "Where are you?", or "Why haven't you called?", or, my personal favorite, "Young lady, we will kick out of this house if you don't call us in the next five minutes." Thanks dad. I don't think those were the words you were saying when you woke me up later that day. In fact, you didn't say anything, words couldn't get past your tears. But the kicker: nothing from Tiffany or Travis. Two from Henry, but not a single word of concern from the twins.I heard mom talking to Sylvia downstairs. Sven brought her home about two hours ago so she could join us for the barbecue that was kicking dad's ass right now. He promised to have the fire lit and the steaks and chicken cooking before they got here. Ye-e-e-ea-ah. Good call, dad.Normally Sylvia's voice is an automatic pick-me-up, but not today. I could hear them talking a lot about nothing while dad and Sven argued about who was the better griller. The girls joined in after several minutes. Dad conceded since he was now outnumbered three-to-one. I let out a huff. They were downstairs having a good family time and I was in my room drowning in an ocean of doubt and confusion. I kept asking myself the question that neither Nadia or Father Darien could answer. "Why me?"I laid back on my bed and just stared up at the ceiling. Countless thoughts and images ran through my mind; memories that should remain locked away where they could o me no harm. Bad memories are the source of nightmares, and if they overtake rationale... game over. Maybe that was why I wanted to start crying. In less than a week my brain was filled with a lifetime of anger and self-loathing. But the worst part is, I have no way of finding any answers to the kaleidoscope of questions in my head. I guess I should be more careful for what I wish: I think I've stopped "calling out to her". A frustrated tear rolled down my cheek.Why does life have to be so damned complex and confusing. I can still remember growing up, everything was simple. My day was filled with swing sets, bicycle rides and scraped knees. Breakfast gave way to classrooms filled with stories about how kind the world is. I would come home, plop down in front of the TV and watch Elmo. Other than the monster under my bed, I had no reason to be afraid. Sleepovers were fun. We would be bad and staying up until one in the morning just because we could. Then we hit puberty and then the slumber parties got really fun.Thank you Tiffany.The cruel irony of life is as a kid you think it's so cool to be an adult, only to realize that once you become one you wish you could be a kid once again. As a child, the only thing that confused me was math. Sexual orientation was a close second, but I made peace with that much more quickly than algebra. As a blossoming teenager the most complex thought that ever went through my head was how to make my favorite rainbow toe-socks match my denim coat and glittering hairband. I know, typical, right? Well, yeah. And then one day, I win a game of pool and get thrown into a world in which I'm not entirely sure the inhabitants breathe oxygen. And apparently, I have to navigate these uncharted waters alone and blind.Thank you Nadia."Why me?" I thought out loud, wiping the tears from my eye. I asked Nadia that at least once and never got a straight answer. I got off my bed and went to my vanity. God, I look like hell. No wonder I hadn't heard from Nadia. She could read my thoughts and tell how miserable I am, but she still won't see me? Nice.I ran my hand over my neck, and brought up the night of our little tryst. She was so hot, even without her playing on my new vulnerability. I pressed harder thinking how good her tongue felt running up and down my slit. How the shivers made my skin rise. How her warm breath against my overly saturated pussy alone made me climax. Then her sharp teeth brushing against my skin, teasing me with the promise of danger. The mere thought of it had my juices flowing. With nothing underneath my night shorts, I ran my free hand between my legs, squeezing it in place. My elbow brushed against my hardened nipples barely concealed by the tight cotton tank top.I relived every wonderful moment of that night. Slowly, my fingers made their way inside me. I softly brushed the outer folds of my pussy, teasing myself before granting them access to where Nadia blessed me with her talents. My fingers are by no means a worthy substitute of the deliciously soft, warm and wet tongue of hers. I've never had anyone actually fuck me with her tongue, feeling it tease and massage my g-spot. The pressure of my climax grew with the pressure against my neck. Curling my fingers inside me, I tried my best to replicate what the vampire had done for me as best as I could. I think I forgot how to breathe. I felt a hand slip underneath my top and begin rubbing my tits. I felt Nadia all over me. This must be what heaven feels like.But Nadia isn't here, said a voice in my head. Passion became frustration. My fingers gripped my pubis harder. My pussy was practically an open faucet for the hot liquid that flowed from me. A noise escaped me that I'm not sure was human. Music was in the air. Frustration became anger. Thinking of how Nadia manipulated my body was pushing me over the edge. Her light, sensual touches caressing my skin, feeling her aura coat mine like a blanket of sexual desire. I came like a fucking volcano. It splashed over the edge of my chair, some even hit the mirror. My hand instinctively went to my clit, rubbing it hard and fast to get as much out of me as possible. My near-scream drowned out that annoying music.I leaned back in my chair once it was over, completely spent. That was great. But it wasn't amazing. I had to play on my scar to get that kind of reaction from my own body. I had to think of Nadia fucking me to get off like that. I wasn't in control of my own body; I couldn't have done that without her. Sadness and heartache soon followed. I just fucked myself to the best orgasm possible while thinking of the wonderful things that vampire could do to me. I've barely just met her in yet I masturbate to her memory. Shame and guilt piled in. What was I becoming? Tears of frustration and confusion welled up in my eyes. They released a moment later in a wave of doubt and self-loathing. My face found my hands and I cried. Goddamnit, I wish Sven would shut that fucking music off.I don't want to be like this. I don't want to be left hanging over the edge of my sanity with no one to throw me a lifeline. Was I losing my sanity? If I do the one thing I curse her for doing just to get myself off and don't know why... If I were losing my mind, how would I know? By doing shit like this, I thought. I need help. I need answers. I need Nadia.Yeah I said it. I need Nadia. I've known her less than a week and I dared confess something like that to my soul."Everything okay in here, honey?" I heard my mom ask from behind me.I immediately sobered up, but I'm sure the odor and my red eyes were her answer. "Yeah, mom," I lied, "I'm just not in a good mood today."She made a face. "Did you and Tiffany have a fight?""No. I haven't spoken to her almost all week." At least that part was true. Seriously, why are all the people who say they care about me suddenly nowhere to be found? I'm hurting, and I think mom could see that like the sun outside of my curtained window. Damn it, I wish that thing would go away! "Or Travis or Henry for that matter."I guess my eyes pleaded my case, because she answered with, "I'm sorry sweetheart. I'll be downstairs if you need me. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." She left the room and closed my door. That's a first.I could smell dad getting the grill ready to go. Our traditional weekend barbecue was running behind schedule. Sven and dad will be fussing with each other all afternoon, trading excuses as to why, which meant dinner's going to be a little late. Fine by me. I wasn't really feeling all that hungry. In fact the burning charcoal was nauseating. Overbearing. I felt my empty stomach begin to churn. Ah shit.I shot out of my room. I was praying to the porcelain Child Toplist god before I knew what hit me. Damn dry-heaves. I hate these things. I only managed to get some stomach bile out. Pleasant. I reclined back and began crying anew. Vertigo started setting in. The room was spinning. My pulse jackhammered against the side of my neck. I frantically threw myself about the room trying to get out. What the fuck! I gotta get out of here.Run. That's all I told myself. No matter how hot the sun felt against my skin, just run. Everything will make sense if I run. Nadia found me the last time I ran, she can find me again. I made it down the stairs in three hops and was out the door in two more. I didn't know the door swung that direction. I tumbled down the short flight of stairs from the front porch when the blinding sun hit my face. Don't slow down, Charlie. Just run. Pay no mind to the people screaming your name, just run. Nadia will find you. Run.********************I don't know how far I went. A mile? Two? Three? Fifty feet? I had no idea where I was--my eyes were closed the whole time. I was lying on top of something soft at least. Soft and smelled like... ah goddamnit! Who lets their dog piss on a couch on the curb? Travis would, and he'd laugh about it too. I adjusted my eyes to the dimming light of sundown. Fuck me. I was downtown, and not in the friendliest of neighborhoods.As the sun set, the scent of the air grew more intense. I could taste the evening dew mixing with the gases that came off the pavement, and whatever's in the pipes beneath. Charming. Fighting back the gag reflex, I tried to gather my bearings. The orange setting sun glared off the few unbroken windows of the towering buildings. Graffiti marked territories on any available slab of concrete or park bench. The sun was setting directly behind me, and I could see it if I dared to turnaround.West Lincoln Avenue. My day just keeps getting better and better. This street is known better as the Mall of Murder. It's second only to North Lawn Street for number of bullet holes and dead bodies per mile. With that thought in my head, I noticed that was adding to the stench in the air. I could make out at least two in the alley behind me. And then there were the three sitting against the building across the street, twin rows of bullet holes above them at chest height. How the fuck did I get here? Or better yet, how was I going to get home alive and in one piece?I headed east, away from the blistering, setting sun. How long had I been running? And then sleeping? In front of me was a gaggle of prostitutes. Even from here I could see the track marks on their arms. Their faces looked to be melting off their bones. But it was their choice of attire that me self conscious. I'm not wearing much more than they are. There's a good pick-me-up. As I strode Child Toplist forward, I could feel the heat of the sun beating on my back. It wasn't painful, but it felt more prominent than usual. I just kept walking towards the hookers, at least they were smart enough to stand in the shade. And, if I was lucky, they'd be able to tell me the safest road out of here.I saw a bum sleeping on a bus top bench, blanketed in newspapers. He was huge, about as big as the guy Nadia "handled" the night of our date. And the paper-wrapped bottle cradled against his chest told me that he was going to be out for a while. Good, one less person that might want to kill me just for the hell of it. He stirred as I passed him. He mumbled some incoherent jumble of syllables. When he opened his mouth, mine dropped. Shit, he's a vampire! I had to tell myself to stay calm. Any spike in emotional response could easily wake him--one of the few lessons I learned in my short time with Nadia.I sped up once I got that nice shatter-proof glass between us. I'm sure he knew I was there, but was too drunk too care. Lucky me. My senses on full alert caught the sound of a couple in the apartment above what used to be a pizza shop having some damn good sex. The floorboards were squeaking. I covered my mouth to keep from giggling. The heat against my back was waning. I figured I had about a full five minutes until the Child Toplist sun was fully hidden behind the horizon. And after seeing a vampire napping outside during the day, I knew they'd soon be coming out in droves.Three ladies of the evening stood before me, giving me no mind. Two with blond hair, obviously bleached--unless they dyed their roots brown. The other had very pink, very straight and long hair. Of course their manner of dress left little to the imagination, but I know I would have to actually use mine to want to fuck either of them. None of them had much to cover up either. Except maybe gunshot and knife wounds. Miss Pinky Hair even had a bandage around both her wrists and forearms. I guess you know you suck at life when you can't even quit."Excuse me,"I said, just loud enough to get their attention. They looked at me with even more annoyance than I was expecting. "Um... hi... what's the quickest way back to the university?"All three of them gave me the usual once over, sizing me up, and forming some kind of condescending opinion no doubt. Child Toplist As I was getting looked over, I looked into all three pairs of eyes before me. Images and memories that weren't mine played like a slideshow in my mind's eye. Weird. I looked harder, giving each one a full two seconds before moving onto the next. My heart sank in an ocean of shame, guilt and pain. I could see Child Toplist each one of their auras. I didn't even know I could do that."Get lost, bitch," said Blonde #1, or as I just learned, Vanessa. "We're working here. Go bug Manuel at the Shell station." They went back to smoking and chatting like I wasn't there.Something about the apathy in her being flipped a switch in me. I couldn't help but answer with, "Vanessa Renee Harris, you know damn well Manuel will not help me." That got their full attention. I could see their estimation of me changing. I looked at Blonde #2, or Crystal Jasmine Lidy, and asked, "Crystal could help me out?" I tried to keep my voice as calm as possible. I couldn't help but be excited by this.She stammered before becoming defensive. "Get lost, you little freak!" her face matched the label.A flood of superiority crashed through me. Now I understand why Nadia got off on being the dominant one. This feeling of I-know-you're-inferior-to-me is overwhelming. Knowledge is power, and power is addicting. A twisted little smile curved on my lips. "Well, maybe then you can help me find someone."Ms. Pink Hair, or as her mother alone named her Angelica, giggled at that. "Honey, I don't usually go for chicks, but for fifty bucks I'll be whoever you want me to be." I couldn't help but let out a little laugh."Angelica, that really won't help me find her." Her face blanched at the sound of her name. She opened her purse for another cigarette. I caught the faint scent of old, dried blood coming from within that wasn't hers. "Her name is Nadia Anichka Viktoria Domitrovich." Cool, I got it right on the first try. Then I used my hands to guesstimate her height. "Has pale skin, blood-red lips, fierce eyes, jet black hair and wears very expensive clothes. Seen her around?"The hesitation, followed by their collective answer was all the proof I needed. Crystal even started sweating a little and all of their pulses hammered at the sound of her name. They not only knew who she was, but all three were deathly afraid of her. That unsettled me; I'm the one who's supposed to "provide" for her as her Watcher?"Look, can we cut the bullshit?" I said, holding the bridge of my nose. They were all freaking out on the inside. "I know you've seen her around, could you just tell me where she might have gone, or where you last saw her, or how to get back the fucking university? Please? I've had a very long day already." My back became cool. When I opened my eyes, the world was glossed in that lovely shade of blue. It made Miss Pinky's hair turn an interesting color."You've had a bad day!" Angelica seethed. "You, pretty little college slut, don't know shit about a bad day."That was rude if nothing else. And it pissed me off. I didn't want to use what I knew about them against them, but that little comment left me no choice. "Wrong, Angelica Heather Tilman," I snapped back. It's amazing the kind of reaction you get when you use all three names like that. I looked her right in the eye and said, "Why did your big, bad step brother touch you?"I knew she just about died inside. "WHAT!""Was it because he thought you were pretty? Did you lead him on, then force him to fire off some knuckle children one too many times?'"Shut up," she said with her head shaking, taking a few steps back"It wasn't right for you to do that, you know. His I.Q. tests labeled him a simpleton at best. Did you think he could resist your charms forever? The way you paraded yourself in front of him in your sexy little outfits, making sure he did what you wanted him to do." The hooker was fumbling with her bag, denying everything. The other two could only stare. Apparently they wanted to know too. "You thought you were so clever, but you didn't count on him having that STD, did you?" I heard a collective gasp from the peanut gallery. "And when he threw you onto the floor and ripped your panties off, you didn't know you were going to be infected with the disease that's killing you. It's tragic that little Billy stooped to your level and took his sexual frustration out on you. I pity you, Angelica. I truly do."I stopped when she presented a small knife, clutched tightly in her hands. A myriad of emotions flowed over her face. Hatred--of me, herself and her brother; shame, Child Toplist guilt, rage, anger. My eyes narrowed. "But that's not why you cut your wrists. No. That was from the baby they cut out of you.""SHUT! UP!""Life's cruel, Angelica." God damn, could I sound any more like Nadia. I've known her for less than a week and she's already rubbing off on me. "Especially when you perpetuate your own demise."Her murderous rage was about to boil over. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Vanessa looked at me and asked, "H-how do you know all of this?""If you could tell me where Nadia went, I might be able to answer that." That bit bitchy, but honest. I think I"m allowed to let my inner-bitch out right now; I'm looking at the business end of a three inch pocket knife. "I don't blame you for killing him, Angelica. You may have brought your suffering upon yourself, but I don't condone rape. I know what it feels like to have someone penetrate you, have their fun, and then leave." Her tension relaxed substantially."Y-y-you were r-raped too?" she stammered, dropping the knife. I nodded. The poor girl about hunched over herself, a tidal wave of relief and understanding flew out of her. She was in tears before she hit the pavement."Well, well, well, what do we have here?" a Voice said from behind me. I turned around to find Mr. Bus-Stop-Bum standing ten feet away, sounding like he was from Brooklyn. He made a gesture, that said, "Enlighten me."I ignored the looks he was giving me. He wasn't sizing me up as a threat. He was checking me out like a piece of meat. And from the darkness of his eyes, he hasn't eaten in a while. Make this quick Charlie. "I'm just looking for a way to get back to the university. I don't want any trouble."He gave a laugh at that. I've seen that expression before. Shit, my scars started to tingle. I am so dead. Where are you Nadia? "I don't want trouble either," he said in a phone-sex alto voice. My pussy started to crave attention. My neck wanted him to sink his teeth into my skin. And I would be powerless to stop it once he started. This is so-o-o-o not right. He approached me with the same predatory slow speed I'd once seen Nadia use. "Too bad Nadia isn't around," he softly hissed. "I'd love a threesome with the both of you.""W-why? W-why us-s?" I opened my eyes. Shit, he was close enough to reach out and touch me. "Why, why m-me?"The smile he showed could drop the panties of any woman--and probably has--but not this one. Not. Me. I willed myself against the pheromones he was serving."A little fight in you. I like that."The three hookers couldn't believe how utterly powerless I'd just become. Just wait, I thought, soon you skanks will be clamoring at his hand, begging him Child Toplist to fuck you. Then bite you. They have absolutely no idea who or what this guy is."S-so does Nadia," I said in the most threatening voice I could muster. My feet parted and I about fell over on myself. I knew that if I made any sudden movement he'd pounce and do whatever he had planned. I hated to admit it, but I'd hoped the pheromones would hurry up and hit one them behind me so I might have a chance to escape. A willing participant had to be better right? His lips pulled beck. Right?!The vampire hobo started to circle me, spiraling closer until I could feel his breath on my hair. "I know she does, little Child Toplist Charlene. She had a lot of fight in her too, you know." Had? As in past tense? No way. That girl is nothing but fight.I heard a moan behind me. Then another. His pheromones hit them. And he seemed to be getting off on it. They may be used up whores, but hearing sex like that going on while this asshole was playing with my bite marks, I couldn't help but start feeling my pussy walls tighten, then relax as he ran his fingers over my neck and shoulder. A moan escaped me too."Bullshit," I breathed, grateful for the fresh oxygen. I' been holding my breath for almost a minute. "N-Nadia is a f-fighter.""Nadia Anichka Viktoria Domitrovich is a fucking dyke coward," he hissed sweetly into my ear. A growing, orgasmic delirium fought for dominance in my head. As each pleasurable wave crashed through me, it was becoming harder to not give in like the sluts behind me. "She defies her own existence. She foolishly believes that having a Watcher will cure her from her illness."Illness? Damn it. I'm going to have to get him to explain that, but I don't know how much more of this I can stand. "Don't y-you mean her ins-s-securites?" Get a room you three! This is hard enough as it is without that going on back there. I almost felt him smile."Oh, Nadia had plenty of those too. I'm sure, as her Watcher, you know all about her ailments." I shook my head. "Hehehe, she needs to do a better job of keeping her pets on a leash if she wants to keep them." Did he have to taunt me like this? I guess so, because he did it again. "I like it when sweet morsels wander into my dominion so willingly. And then dare to resist me for this long." His voice was barely above a whisper. And damn it all if it didn't sound hot. That's not fair. Neither was my inability to repeat on him whatever it was I did to those hookers. "Keep fighting it, sweet Candy Cane, it only makes the first bite that much sweeter."My face drained at the use of my pet name. There are only two people on this planet that get to call me that, and this monstrosity damn sure ain't one of them. Nadia, I need you. Get your ass over here!I heard him come up behind me. His sharp teeth grazed over the scar tissue in my shoulder. One of his hands rubbed over the outside of my tank top, barely touching my hardened nipples. His other, even more disgusting hand, reached between my legs. I knew I had pussy juice running down my leg, and he moaned that he liked that. "You like it rough don't you, you little dyke-slut?"I nodded. My brain couldn't handle all of the sensations flooding through me. His hand found the bare skin under my top, massaging my tits. I let out a moan, then a gasp as his teeth pushed even harder against me. It was like he was teasing me with penetration. Then his first finger of his other hand did. As much as I wanted to puke, I cried out when I felt the first orgasm rip through me. "That's it. Give yourself over to me. I can show you a life Nadia could only dream of giving you."His upper hand groped me rougher. Another finger made it's way into my overheated nether region. I ached for him to make me cum. This. Is. WRONG! but my brain didn't get the message. "You'll experience a life in a way you never knew existed."A third finger. All of them fucking in and out, his palm teasing my clit. I felt his cock harden through his torn jeans. Even though my body was loving this, a tear escaped my eye. "Please..." I managed to breathe out. "Stop this."A fourth finger slipped in to my spread opening. He gripped my pubic bone and jerked me up. I knew that was supposed to hurt like hell, but somehow the signals got crossed, and instead of a cry of pain what came out me was my first cum. "That's it. Stop fighting it. You won't win."Then I hit the pavement. I was so lost in the stupor of such a powerful orgasm that I didn't even realize I was on the ground for a full twenty seconds. I felt a warming of my aura envelope me, taking the strain of fighting the pheromones. My brain started sobering up. I looked towards a dust cloud that the pavement made when it cracked. I immediately recognized Nadia throttling the filthy hobo, lifting him a full foot off the ground against the side of a building. She was dressed like she was ready for a fight. Her black denim trench coat furled around her ankles, revealing a pair of buckle-style combat boots and black jeans. I imagined her shirt was that favored black stretch-cotton full sleeve t-shirt."What the fuck are you doing, Harold?" she hissed. "She's. MINE!"Harold licked my cum off his fingers. Despite the fact she squeezed her powerful hand around his throat, he smiled and said, "Not from what I just tasted." I watched her finger nails extend into the flesh of his neck. Blood, black and thick, oozed out over her hand. His eyes bulged, but that smile never left. "You need to do a better job of tagging you pets before you let them roam free. Remember Marianna? I do."Nadia let out a noise that I could only describe as a demonic battle cry. I stepped closer and watched as she sunk her teeth into Harold's throat. He cried out. She pulled back and then dove back in, blood flying all over the wall. The stench of death smacked me in the face. Nadia reared back and bite down for a third time. As her teeth sunk deeper into his flesh, so did her claws. The entire length of her fingers were sunk into him. Where and how she was biting was beyond me. I was just trying not to throw up. Again.With one jerky yank, she ripped his windpipe from his throat. As he fell to the ground, my vampire spit chunks of flesh and pieces of bone onto his corpse. The only thing that kept his head attached to his body was half of his vertebrae and the tendons she didn't want to chew on. His eyes were wide open. And through all of the blood and gore, he was still smiling. I looked like some gothic harlequin doll--with half his throat missing--looking up at me.I gulped. My eyes roamed over the body and I almost lost it again. In the front of his pants, I cold see the outline of what looked like a wet spot from when he ejaculated. The sicko got off on being killed like that after trying to rape me! I'm just glad that this one's dead. At least I hoped he was."Nadia..." I probed, hoping she wouldn't turn that rage towards me. She threw the windpipe on top of his body. It was a casual motion. That told me half of what I wanted to hear. "Nadia, what happened?""Did he try to take you?" she hissed, not looking at me."What? Kidnap? Or rape? Um... yes to both," I said softly."Then he got what he had coming to him." My vampire looked up to the sky, exhaled, then dropped her head back down. "What did he do to you?"I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. He was playing my scar, so everything got really mess up in my head. I don't remember what he said, only that he... had... four of his fingers... inside... me." Now I understand why rape victims don't come forward. This is embarrassing."So then you don't remember anything?""Nadia, this is twice now this shit has happened to me in the past week!" I almost shouted. "It's hard enough to remember the details without the added pheromone crap. I just closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. I fought him as hard as I could, but I'm no match for him. Or you. Or anyone." I was fighting back tears at that point. I think I can honestly say that I never thought I'd utter the phrase, "I'm getting tired of being raped my vampires.""This is hard enough without you blaming me for what happened," I snapped.She spun so quickly that I didn't even see her coat furl. She looked at me with hurt in her eyes. "Charlene," that beautiful accent sang to my ears, "I was not blaming you. I was making sure you weren't forgetting anything. We need to get you to a clinic and get you looked at."Don't remind me. I felt violated and dirty enough as it was. Feeling that... cesspool of a hand inside of me... uuuggghhh I'm going to need a year's supply of douche. Maybe I should buy stock in Vagisil, I'd get my money back in no time. The trio of whores, naked and sweating, just stared at us and the carnage at our feet. Just seeing Child Toplist them made me want to get the hell out of here.********************I'm glad the people at the 'We Care Clinic' live up to their name. It's a non-profit hospice for abused and battered women. I think this qualifies for admission. Nadia told me she found them after her own series of "unfortunate misunderstandings". I knew how that translated, but she was wigging out enough as it was to argue her choice of words.Everything was done in a way that every hospital needs to adopt: smoothly. We were in and out in less than twenty minutes. Nothing was broken except my pride and nothing was torn except my self respect. Only a minor bruise from where Harold's palm pushed against my clit. Nothing that won't heel, but I still felt dirty. I need a shower, and bad.I looked out my window, my head propped up in my hand. Nadia was driving like a bat out of hell. Ironic pun. Her speed made me nervous, but I was done feeling like that. "Where are we going?" I asked once the "vampire district" was behind us.Nadia shrugged. "Where do you want to go?""Well, I need a shower badly, but I'd rather have to explain to my parents why I've been out all day." I just lifted my shoulders and threw my hands up. "I don't care. Wherever you Child Toplist want to go." Out of the corner of my eye I saw her nod. Her silence was annoying. That question was the first time she opened her mouth since she explained why she knew about the clinic. "Where the hell have you been? I haven't seen you in days."Her face turned confused. "Did you lose your phone?""No.""Then why didn't you call me? I put my number in your contacts." She did? "I tried calling you this afternoon, but you never picked up. I left several messages." I didn't know what to feel about that. Confused, concerned, or annoyed. I decided to be angry."Then why the hell did you wait four days to call me? Huh? I didn't know I had your number, but you obviously have mine. I tried 'calling out to you' but you weren't there apparently. Where have you been What took you so long?" My palms hurt from my nails digging in."I'm sorry, Charlene," she said, and I almost believed that she really was. "I was helping Father Darien.""With what?" I drawled out, shocked by the guilt on Child Toplist her face."Stuff." Oh, so now we're back to those one-word answers. Great.I just stared and sarcastically asked, "Friends?""Actually yes. Very important friends. People that if I don't help, they'll stop helping me."I scoffed. "Good friends.""Yes, they are, Charlene. And you'd be wise to stop disrespecting them like you do. It will only end up getting you killed. I've seen it; it isn't pretty." She took a breath and continued. "These people, my people, are my family. They have helped me every time I asked. It killed me to do it at first, but after several years of trying to be, what's the phrase? 'Be too cool for school'? I accepted the fact that I could never survive on my own. It's a lesson I had to learn the hard way, one I hoped you would pick up on easily. Like earlier tonight.""I DID call for you. Several times. I don't know what would have Child Toplist happened if Harold wasn't stopped. And before you say anything, I'd rather not know. I've been needing to talk to you all day, but you never showed." I held back a frustrated tear. "It hurts that you just show up randomly and then break your promise and leave." Anger didn't look good on me, but I wasn't about to show her just how scared I really was. "You know damn well I wouldn't survive in your world alone. I have learned that little lesson.""Then what were you doing there?" she asked, genuinely confused.That took me aback. Could she not read my thoughts? I thought she could since she bit me. "Looking for YOU!" I ran my hands through my hair to keep them from doing something stupid. Her pupils were swelling from the emotions I was throwing at her, but I didn't care. I'm allowed to be angry. "Since you bit me everything's gotten so fucked up. I was a happy C+ student with good Child Toplist friends who cared about me. Now, I don't now who I am and all I can think about is you. And no, that's not a compliment." That last bit was a lie, but she didn't need to know that.We turned down a desolate street. I looked in my rearview mirror and watched the suburbs shrink. After another minute, she abruptly said, "That's why I called you. I can't stop thinking about you either."Flattering, but it's not getting you anywhere. I sighed. "I thought Watchers were only a source of blood for vampire to use and discard.""How'd you come to that conclusion?""Well, you said that once a Watcher leaves, you give them no further thought. Doesn't exactly sound like a loving relationship to me. Once an emotional connection is made, aren't you suppose to freak out and go looking for them?""Is that why you were looking for me?" I heard the hope n her voice, but that was a little too close to the chest for my liking, however true it may have been."Is that why you WEREN'T looking for me?" I fired back. Nada's face went crestfallen. That had to sting, and by the hesitation of her answer I knew it was true. She went to say something then changed her mind. We rode in silence for another couple of minutes, the tension thickening around my chest. Just to change the subject, and hopefully get her to leave my aura the hell alone, I asked, "Where does that word come from, anyway?""Watcher?" I nodded. She took a breath and began the story. "From what I've been told it originates from a myth about one of the first confirmed vampires. He was an English Baron named Gregor de Rais. He loved his French, Mallory Angelique de Rais wife so much that he abandoned tradition and took her name. They married at a young age, arranged by their parents. Most of their friends watched them grow old together, her faster than him, and when she died, Gregor disappeared. But the truth was imparted to their four children under terms of absolute secrecy."The Baron was a vibrant youth turned vampire. He was born with the condition just like I was. Not long after their marriage, the Baron took control over his father's businesses and political interests. One of them happened to be a watch-making company. Mallory was so intrigued by the intricacy of the mechanics that she became an avid collector. She followed her husband to work at least twice a day just to see the gears and springs in action. They had three sons and one daughter, each following in their parents' interests by gender."The Baron's condition took nearly a decade to fully manifest, one of the longest gestation periods ever recorded. He was rarely seen during the day and was often criticized at parties for not eating. He left his business ventures to his loving wife and secluded himself in his manor. Mallory watched her husband slowly go insane. He started to become violent, often throwing objects like vases and clocks. After one such fit of rage, Mallory started cleaning up the remains of a porcelain vase and cut herself. Gregor came to her and started drinking her blood. Mallory recorded in her diary that the Baron began to look like 'the youth she married... acting like the proper gentleman he was raised to be'."After that night, Mallory vowed to keep her husband sated with blood, thus keeping him sane. She offered only herself to him, since, in her mind anyway, her royal blood would be better for him than a servant's. She watched over him whenever he slept, no matter how tired and weak she may have been. Their friends noticed the change in both of their appearances. Him looking far better, her looking far worse. They wrote that the Baron looked more vibrant then than as a youth; his wife 'aged five years during dinner'."Their children often referred to their mother as the Watcher. She used her favorite hobby as an excuse for the childish moniker. The children kept their own diaries, and swore they never told a soul about what happened to their parents. At the age of forty-five, on their thirtieth anniversary, Mallory Angelique de Rais died before the sun rose. Doctors checked her over, by order of her husband. They decided that her death was caused by exsanguination. It was reported by the physicians that Gregor went mad with rage to the point that they feared for their lives. After the nighttime funeral of his wife, Baron Gregor de Rais disappeared. No one has seen or heard from him since that night."None of the children became vampires, but the daughter followed her in her mother's footsteps and became a Watcher herself. She severed all ties to her brothers upon becoming and devoted her life to her husband. They had seven children, two sons and five daughters, all of whom developed into vampires. I had the honor of meeting one of the son's grandchildren many years ago. He's the one who told me the story."I took a minute to let all of that sink in. My mind and my brain were arguing with each other about what I'd just heard, and what I should do now. "Did they all have Watchers of their own?""Yes.""Did they all die of blood loss too?" I kept repeating in my head, "Please say no, please say no..."Nadia just shrugged like it was no big deal. "Not all of them. One's still alive." I didn't like those odds. One out of how many? Sixteen? Twenty? Maybe more? She saw the dire expression on my face and added, "I've never had a Watcher die from blood loss, Charlene." That just raised even more questions.How many have you had? How many of them were killed? If not by you, then who? Why do you need one in the first place? Then I thought back to something Harold said. "What happened to Marianna?" I was afraid to hear the answer, but I needed to know. Nadia gave me a sideways glance, her face unreadable. "Who is she?""One of my former Watchers," she said evenly, looking straight ahead. I swear a saw a glimmer of pain come to her eye. "I told you about her at Father Darien's. She left me and became exactly what Child Toplist Harold would have turned you Child Toplist into." My eyes asked her what that was. "A bleeder." Again, my eyes asked her what that was. "It's what we call people who are addicted to the sexual rush of the feeding. They beg, on their knees, for us to bite them." She held her back an exhale and looked away. "It's disgusting, Charlene. To see what these people have been reduced to.""Have you ever fed on one?" Her answer came in the form of a lump going down her throat. I knew she wasn't going to like my next question. "What did it feel like?""It felt amazing." I could see her years of self loathing rise to the surface. "My first real feeding was from a bleeder. His face was so pale. There was no life in his eyes. I could see the bite tracks all over his neck and shoulders. He provoked me, he pushed me over the edge. He begged for what seemed like hours to get that rush, just for one more taste of that feeling of being alive. And I was happy to oblige him. I had fallen that low. I savored his weakness until there was nothing left. I drank as he called out to the night, his voice full of passion. I drained him even after he stopped writhing. It was wonderful, like nothing I've ever felt before. To hold that kind of power over someone is addicting. I drank his weakness and became thus. I felt that power and I got addicted. That night, I became the bottom feeder that even low class vampires despise. People like Harold."What was I suppose to say to that? I had no idea, so I just sat in a silent stupor while she stared out the windshield. She never once looked me in the eye until she mentioned that scumbag's name. It was the truth, and now she hates herself for it. I'm the Watcher to a vampire that gets so into the feeding that she doesn't stop until the heart does. I forgot how to breathe. The car started to spin. For the millionth time today I felt sick to my stomach. Nadia must have sensed the sudden change in my aura because she made a sharp right turn. We drove over a bump before coming to a stop. The next thing I knew she was carrying me up a small flight of stairs. When did Nadia turn the music on to gangster rap?********************"Charlene, can you hear me?" I heard my vampire ask. Her voice flowed like sweet honey over my tongue. My eyes cracked open. Through my new eyes I saw Nadia's face and a painting in the background. "You okay?""Yeah," I sighed. "Where am I?""My Child Toplist house." Now the painting made sense. "You passed out as I was pulling into the driveway. I was about to get you some water when I heard you moaning."That last word struck a chord in me. I thought back to earlier today and what I did as I was moaning. Immediately, my body responded to the memory. The memory of my little adventure in my bedroom, all that cum that came from me just from the mere thought of this woman. My pussy walls tightened. My hands roamed over my tits, pressing down on my rock hard nipples. I looked right into her eyes as I dipped a hand between my legs. I pressed down with just enough force to tease myself. Nadia licked her lips. I smiled."What are you doing?" she asked, panting. Her pupils were almost fully dilated. She moved her gaze over my body and the hands touching it. She flinched when I moaned."What I've been doing when I think about you," I purred. My cunt juice made a spot against my shorts. I pulled the top seam of my top down to expose my tits. The chill in the air intensified the sensation. "Don't tell me you don't like it."She closed her eyes, struggling to keep her instincts in check. Another moan. "Please... stop." I picked up on the vamp pheromones she was secreting, but it didn't matter. I wanted this. I was doing it on my terms. I lifted a foot and rubbed it against her thigh. She pounced on top of me, her mouth inches from mine. "Charlene..." her voice trailed off in a haze of need and desire. She needed this too.I shushed her by placing my damp finger over her mouth. She immediately starting sucking on it. I wrapped my other hand around her neck. I lifted my head up and licked the side of her neck, starting from where she Child Toplist bit me. I swear I just about made her cum right then and there. She released my finger and reared back her head. I pulled her down to my mouth. My now free hand started rubbing her braless breasts through her shirt. Nice and firm, just how I like it.My tongue fought for dominance against hers. With the help of my pinching right hand, I was winning. Nadia pulled away just long enough for me to adjust and force her back down onto my exposed nipple. My hand had a death-grip on her hair. I could smell her arousal from here. She was getting off on being controlled. Good, because I'm not done yet.I yanked her head back when I felt her teeth mash into my flesh. She sat back on her heels, grateful for the break. I grinned when I didn't see any blood. I said her name in my head. She looked down to me just in time to watch me pull the crotch of my shorts aside. Nadia stared at my slit. I knew what she wanted, but she wasn't going to get it. I inserted two fingers, arching my back. When she made to bend over, I placed a foot into her gut."Nah-uh-uh," I uttered."Charlene, don't do this to me." I heard the desperation in her voice. She wanted to snack on me so bad. She licked her lips again. "Please... stop."I let out sigh. "I'll stop when I want to stop." I looked right into her pleading eyes. She had nearly all of her weight pressing against my foot. I grinned a seductive grin. "Take you clothes off," I commanded."What?""You heard me. Take you clothes off," I repeated, crawling over to her. She hesitated. I ran my dry hand through her hair, grabbed and pulled back. When her mouth opened, I ran my tongue over her pearly white teeth. I felt her hands grab her tits. She squeezed when I went back over he top row. My tongue traveled down the other side of her neck. My wet hand went to the crotch of her jeans. She was soaked. "Get naked, Nadia."She trembled as she pulled her shirt over her head. I sat in awe as her beautiful breasts bounced when the shirt released them. I ran my fingers over her beautiful bare skin, following her curves. When she paused, my hands went to her zipper and button. Once those were out of the way, I dipped my digits inside. She wore satin panties, nice. And she waxes. Very nice. The first of my fingers ran up and down her slit, her pussy getting it nice and lubricated. Nadia fell forward. I curved my fingers inside of her, my palm lightly pressing on her clit.She moaned into my ear. I started rubbing my palm in small circles. "Get your clothes off Nadia," I breathed into her ear. I didn't care how close she was to climax. I whispered, "You can't cum with your clothes on; I won't let you." A frustrated groan followed. "Get. Naked."It's fun being the one in charge. I pulled my hand out and licked it clean. I looked her right in eye as I ran my tongue up and down. She kicked off her boots. Without breaking eye contact, and in one motion, she pulled her jeans, panties, and socks off. A satisfied smile curved on my lips. Her bare ass wiggled when she crawled to me.She took my hand into hers and began to clean them for me. That was hot. Her warm tongue licking up her own juices... I nearly climaxed from the sight. I grabbed her shoulders to keep her from going down on me when she finished. I pulled the vampire up to me and kissed her with enough force to knock her down. She rolled to land on her back, just as I planned. I landed between her thighs. I could feel the heat of her sex against mine. She was going to cum at any moment. And I was going to chose that moment for her.Nadia arched her back to grind herself against the fabric of my shorts. "Uh-uh," I warned. My hands squeezed her tits. "Relax, vampire," I breathed into her ear, flicking my tongue over her lobe. "I'll let you cum, but only when I want you to." I shot up and grabbed her wrists when I felt her trying to rub one out herself."Charlene, please..." her voice lost substance when my mouth lowered onto her right nipple. I suckled on it and rubbed a thigh against her pussy. The wetness of her folds dripped down my knee and I pressed harder. I let go of her wrists and licked my way down, over her stomach, and purposefully avoided her mound. Instinctively, she grabbed her breasts with a pained expression. "Please..."She was begging, and I loved it. Now I understand why she always had to be in charge. It's addicting. I made a shushing sound, my hands lightly caressing her inner thigh. Her head rolled from side to side. I put two fingers inside of her Child Toplist hot hole. Maybe it was too cruel to keep teasing her like that, maybe she deserved mercy and be allowed to cum. And from the pressure I felt, it's been a long time since she has.I added a third finger as I fucked her. My tongue maneuvered it's way over her outer folds. Running up both sides before pushing down on her love-button. Her back flew off the comforter at the contact. She screamed for release. She begged me to get her off. I smiled, then rotated my hand. I curled my fingers up to touch her g-spot. She screamed my name. My tongue pressed down harder, my hand pumped faster. Her orgasm kept building. I kept working her pussy faster and harder.With no warning, her hot cum splashed against my face. I came out so fast I didn't even bother to react. I just kept at it. The feeling of her hot sauce hitting my chin only made me want more. Her bare ass was completely off the bed. Her cum just continued flowing out of her. I wanted more. I wanted it all. I felt the hot liquid spray me all over. My mouth overflowed; my top was dripping. Nadia was making up syllables as she screamed.I stopped to catch my breath, but Nadia shook her head. "MORE!" She grabbed my hair and forced me back down. Gladly. I went back to work. In three seconds, I had that beautiful cum flowing from her again. She held my head with that vampire strength, but she didn't need to. I felt my own little cum ooze out of me from this. My vamp groaned. I felt her grip slacken, but kept lapping at that beautiful pussy of hers."Charlene... stop," she panted. "No more..."My hand didn't want to stop. I kept fucking her. I heard her begging, but all I heard was, "More." I gave her two more before she grabbed my wrist and pulled me out. I looked up at her. Her hair was matted. She was covered in sweat as I was cover in cum. Her eyes were closed and she struggled to breathe. I smiled at the mess I made of her. My domineering vampire, totally spent and trying to sleep in a lake of her own juices.Her eyes opened, then her face was mere inches from mine. I jumped back out of instinct, but she caught me with both hands. The look on her face was somewhere between hungry, horny, and satisfied. She pressed her pinky into one of my scars. I just about came from the contact alone, let alone the pressure. I closed my eyes, then opened them when I felt Nadia's tongue against my face. She was licking her cum from my face. Her whole hand dropped to my scar as she did it. It was too much. With that marvelous tongue running rampant over my face, Child Toplist her palm massaging my scar, and her aura coating mine, my own generous come flowed from me. Not as powerful, but nice and satisfying."Ohmigod, Nadia," I breathed when she stopped. She smiled. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell back onto the pillow. Her aura left me and about fell over too. "You okay?"She made a noise to the positive. Her head lolled for a couple of beats before she asked me, "Why'd you do that?"I shrugged. "I'm your Watcher. It's my job to keep my vampire satisfied." She smiled at that. I sobered up a bit when my knee hit the coldness of her cum puddle. "Nadia, lift you ass up," I said, trying to stand up. I patted her bare cheek and tugged on the saturated comforter. She did as I asked, and without spilling a drop on the blankets and sheets beneath, I moved it to the floor. We'll wash that later.I crawled back into bed. Nadia immediately curled up next to me. I cradled my head in my arm and kissed the top of her head. She wrapped and arm around me. "Why are you so good to me?" she asked out of nowhere. Good question.Stroking her hair, I said, "Because you're good to me, even if I don't see it right away. That's why I..." I stopped when I heard her softly snoring. A blissful smile came to my lips. Nadia lightly tugged on the sheet, pulled herself closer to me. I lolled my head back and decided that my shower could wait until tomorrow.********************To be continued...

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