Related article: Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 23:30:30 +0000 From: Jo Vincent Subject: Aladdin's Awakening: Part 13Usual Disclaimer: If you are not of an age to read this because of the laws of your country or district please desist. If you are a bigot or prod-nosed fundamentalist of any persuasion find your monkey-spanking literature elsewhere and keep your predilections and opinions to yourself. Everyone else welcome and comments more than welcome.This is a very long tale. It unfolds over a good number of years. What is true, is true: what is not is otherwise. If you have trouble with the English educational system let me know. A dramatis personae will follow after a few installments - there are a lot of characters! ALADDIN'S AWAKENING By JoelChapter 7: Part Two: On Monday morning Van came in just before break to announce that there was to be a special set of matches on Saturday between our school and combined teams from St Paul's, the local Catholic School that Mike was at and Blessed John Something or other from the next town. It was all most complicated and it had obviously all been planned out the previous week 'cos it had been arranged for a combined 6th and 5th Year team and the 4th Year team I had been in last week to play on our ground and a 5th Year and the other 4th Years to play at St Paul's. Van gave us all a great pep-talk and said he expected everyone to be there whether they were playing or not and we would be practising on Wednesday instead of PT and, of course, on Thursday. Ho, ho I thought, I wonder if my balls would be handled again, I would just have to wait and see. Of course, most of the conversation during the day was about the arrangements and there was much discussion about which teams had a good chance of winning. This didn't leave any time to get Roo or Cleggy peering at their supposedly hairy palms because during the afternoon break when I mentioned it to Tony he grinned and said we would catch them next day and then try it on Benno. I must admit I'd had a good look at my own hands over the weekend and again that evening just before I got into bed. No sign of hair so gave myself the benefit of the doubt. * Of course on Tuesday I missed out when Tony told Cleggy but apparently he looked immediately and was about to thump Tony as Roo and I turned up. We didn't know what had happened but Cleggy immediately turned to Roo with a very straight face. "Hey, Roo, I've just heard some very serious news, come over here, it's rather private!" Hussyfan Links He led Roo away and Tony gave me a surreptitious thumbs-up sign. There was a strangled cry and then Cleggy came bounding up to us chortling away. "Caught him, caught him, he looked at both hands! I knew he would!" "So did you," Tony said, "I saw you when I told you." "No, it was only to check you were having me on." "Go on, you looked 'cos you know why!" Roo sauntered up, "That sod really caught me that time, I should have known." He eyed me, "I suppose you and Tony planned it." With that he flicked his hand at me and caught me right between the legs. Oh, my Christ, what agony, I'd never been hit in the goolies before. I doubled up clutching my balls as the most searing pain convulsed me and it was all I could do not to fall down. "Oh God, Jacko, I didn't mean to do that!" A very contrite sounding Roo clutched at my shoulders. "Come on, Jacko, I'm sorry, it was only a little tap." Little tap, my arse, or more correctly, my balls. The pain pulsed again and I groaned very audibly. An even more concerned sounding Roo helped me stand upright. "I really didn't mean to do it, I know it hurts like hell, doesn't it?" I nodded and could only murmur through gritted teeth that the pain was going. I looked over at Cleggy and Tony who were standing there very solemn faced. "Here, come on, stand up it'll soon go." I stood up puffing and blowing, sharp stabs of pain were still there but diminishing fairly quickly, "I don't want another like that, thanks, I've never been hit there before!" "It's painful, I know, I got smacked there with a ball one night at Scouts and I couldn't move for ages. I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to do it. Anyway, who told you about hairy palms?" Still suffering from intermittent waves of pain I told him Nobbo had told me and Matt and I had caught Tony and we were going to try it on Benno. They thought that would be great so we Scouted around and found Benno just coming out of the bogs. Cleggy went up to him and whispered to him. Benno just looked at him and laughed. "It's not true, my cousin said it's an old wives' tale and you don't go blind either!" he said sneeringly and turned away and walked off quickly. What a let down! Not to worry though, by the end of the afternoon Cleggy and Roo said they'd caught quite a few of our class and lots in 4S they'd button-holed had looked. The ones who hadn't said they'd heard it before and they didn't believe it. Anyway, it was all very entertaining and confirmed my thoughts that everyone must do it, but, really, I was rather more concerned about the state of my balls. Tony asked me at afternoon break if they still hurt as he'd been hit there once himself and knew what it was like. I said it was OK now but I didn't want to be hit there again. As soon as I got home I had a good look in front of the bedroom mirror but I couldn't detect any damage. If just a tap like that hurt so much I certainly never wanted to be hit any harder. After the inspection I went downstairs and made a jam sandwich and when Mike came round just after five we chatted about the forthcoming matches. I was dying to tell him about hairy palms but as he was much older he probably had heard it. Tony said they didn't catch any of the boys with older brothers so it was likely to be a common trick. I wondered also if he knew how much it hurt when you were walloped in the bollocks but I didn't like to ask even though Billy had made his threat. Pa came home early and they went off for his lesson and Hussyfan Links I went upstairs had another look at my sore knackers and then did my homework. Mike had gone when I came downstairs just before seven and Pa came into the kitchen and said Mike had left one of his books behind and would I take it round to him after school tomorrow. As it happened Ma had postponed the French Circle meeting for a week so I said I would and put the tome into my satchel. That night I felt my balls very gingerly then giggled to myself as I thought Mike would probably have ginger fur all over his hands if it was true... oooh, beautiful!.... and mine would be sprouting black... and fast as well. * Wednesday's PT Hussyfan Links in the gym was a real bind as we spent the whole time practising scrum-downs and Matt and Phil were kept busy putting the ball in and getting it out as fast they could. The rest were rushing up and down passing balls to each other egged on by one of the Sixth-Formers roped in to help. There was definitely no entertainment for me, no handling of my balls today I was glad to note, because they were still a bit tender. I suppose Rabbity was watching every move we made to make sure we were doing things properly so Vince or whoever it was had no opportunity. Still, we had games tomorrow so I would have to wait and see. After school I remembered I had to take Mike's book round to him so set off straight away for his house. He lived some way from us but it didn't take long to cycle there. I rang the front doorbell and after a minute or so a girl, a bit younger than me, opened it. It was obviously his youngest sister, she was about thirteen or so and looked very much like him and had a mass of auburn hair. I thought I had better be on my best behaviour so took my school cap off and gave her my politest smile. "Oh, hello, I'm Jacko Thomson. My father asked me to bring round one of your brother's books he left at ours last night." "Oh yes, Hussyfan Links you'd better come in, Mike's upstairs in the Snake Pit. I'm Maureen, but I knew who you were as soon as I saw you. I recognised you, you're the boy in the drawing." I must have looked puzzled. "You're in one of Mike's drawings on his wall. He's very good, he draws a lot, you must have a look, 'cos there's you and cousin Vince and his friend Bernard. I know them but I hadn't seen you before just now and he told me your name after he did it. Anyway he's up there." She pointed upwards and I stepped into the hall. "Where did you say he was?" She laughed, "Oh, we call his room the Snake Pit. Bridget said Sister Philomena told them boys were dreadful snakes to be wary of so we all agreed that if Mike was a dreadful snake he must live in a Snake Pit, so that's what we call his room. You'd better go up and take the book to him, you can't miss his room." I went past her and as I began to climb the stairs I looked back but she had disappeared. I couldn't miss his room, the third door along the landing had a neat label on it in old English letters, 'Ye Snakke Pitte'. I knocked on the door. Hussyfan Links "If it's you Maureen, go away, I'm busy!" I knocked again, "No, it's Jacko, I've brought your book back." The door opened and Mike stood there. "Sorry, I thought you were Maureen, she always wants me to do her homework for her. Come on in!" I pointed at the label. "I like the name!" He grinned, "That's my sisters' idea. They put the notice up when Bridget told them what the Sister at school said about boys." I looked about the room, there were lots of books and pictures about but in general it was very tidy. I saw the group of drawings pinned on a board above his desk. Gosh, they were good, I recognised Vince immediately and then I saw there was one of me. Both were just our head and shoulders but the one of the other lad, I suppose that was Bernard, was of him sitting in a chair. "Is that me?" "Yes," he said rather diffidently, "I did it that evening after I came round to yours the first time and we'd sat talking." "And that's Vince Hare, your cousin, isn't it?" He nodded, "And that's my friend Bernie Doyle. I did that at school. I've done more of him and given them to him, but I think that's the best one I've done." I didn't like to ask why he had drawn me and before I could think of anything to say he went over to the desk and picked up a pencil and a pad of paper. "Sit there a moment and I'll see what I can do now." I sat where he indicated on the edge of his bed and he turned the chair by the desk and sat down. "Look over there at the window." I sat as still as I could and I could hear his pencil scratching on the paper. "OK, you can relax now, I've done the outline, tell me what you've been doing today while I finish it." I don't think I usually chat much. When Tony or Matt come round I think I listen more than I talk, but I told him all about the day at school and the practice for the match on Saturday. He interrupted me in full flow. "Oh, of course, you're playing this time aren't you, you told me yesterday. I wouldn't relish being in the front-row, good for you! Mind you don't get your head banged, our lot are a bit rough, you know!" He saw the look of consternation on my face and grinned broadly. "Go on, I'm pulling your leg, I'm certain your lot will be a match for our Fourth Years and especially as the Blessed John's mob are playing with us. You know they hate us more than we hate you. There's a tremendous rivalry between our schools and has been for years so there won't be any love lost in our teams before we start!" I thought I'd better tell him about Billy Clarke and his threat. "By the way, you've got to watch it. In that last game the brother of a friend of mine was jumped on and got badly scratched by one of your forwards after you tackled him down and he said he was going to get his own back next time." "Oh yes, you mean that big lad, Billy Clarke, I know him, he's all mouth and trousers. Hussyfan Links He's a good player though and very strong." He hesitated a moment or two. "He didn't say what he did to one of our lads though before that, did he?" I shook my head. Mike looked down at his drawing and continued, "I didn't see what happened but Bernard did and he told me about it after the game and he was probably the forward who did the damage to him. Bernie said that when one of the scrums collapsed at the beginning of the second half one of our forwards, Jamey Gould, was rolling on the ground because someone had whacked him between the legs and the game stopped until he could get up and continue. Don't you remember that because you Hussyfan Links were on the touch-line?" I shook my head, "I don't remember that particular one but the game did stop two or three times because of injuries." "Well this wasn't a usual injury 'cos Jamey said he'd been hit in the pills and Bernie was sure it was Billy Clarke who did it. So I think what must have happened when I tackled him a bit later Bernie was there as well and probably tried to do the same to him but Billy was on the ground and I suppose that's when he got trampled on. Serve him right!" Mike had said this so matter of factly I just plunged in, "Well you'd better watch it 'cos he's threatened to tap you both where it hurts most, and it does, doesn't it, 'cos I was hit there accidently yesterday!" Mike continued drawing and grinned, "I thought you were a bit edgy about something when I was talking to you yesterday. Did it hurt much?" "It was dreadful but Roo said he didn't mean to do it and was sorry about it but it still hurt a bit last night." "It's a hazard you have to watch out for as I know..." Before he could go on there was a tap on the door and Mike broke off to call out "Come in". It was his sister Maureen bearing a tray Hussyfan Links with three mugs of tea and some biscuits. "I thought you would like this," she smiled at me and turned and grinned at her brother as she put the tray down on his desk, "We have to act as his slaves in turn, don't we, Michael?" "Don't turn on the charm, sister dear, just because we have a visitor. You're just nosey - have a look at this," ...he flourished the pad at her, ... "and pass it to Jacko!" She took the Hussyfan Links pad and came and stood by me and put the pad where I could see it. The drawing was superb. Again, head and shoulders, this time framed against his book shelves. I was very impressed, I didn't realise I looked so presentable. "It's good, isn't it Jacko, I wish I could draw like that!" I nodded, "I like it very much." I looked at him questioningly. He looked pleased, "Do you want it? You can have it if you like." Maureen carefully tore off the page and handed it to me. "You'd better have it framed, he'll be famous some day. Look, he's put his initials on it, MO!" I though I detected a hint of a blush on Mike's face, of course being red haired it would show. "It's very good, I'll put it up in my room. It'll remind me of you." Oh dear, I didn't really mean to say that and Mike did go a bit redder, luckily I don't think Maureen noticed because she was busy handing me my tea. "Actually, Maureen is quite a good artist, aren't you? You always get good marks at school for your Art." "I suppose so but you've got to help me with my next thing to get it right." I finished my tea and had two of the home-made biscuits which were very good. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer talking to Mike and his sister but I said I thought I should go home. Mike came down to see me out and another sister, about the same age as me, dressed in the same school uniform as Maureen, came out of the back of the house just then. The family resemblance was there again - this sister was introduced as Anne and as Mike saw me out he said he had two older sisters as well. As I waved goodbye he called out, "Have a good game on Saturday, I'll probably see you there!" Ma and Pa were also very impressed with the drawing. Ma said she would find a frame for it. I couldn't stop thinking about Mike as I lay in bed that night, especially as I had put my foot in it by saying the picture would remind me of him. I woke up twice and had to toss myself off again each time and each time Mike was in my thoughts helping me. * Doing it three times like that didn't seem to have much effect because I was awake and ready to get up by seven the next morning and it was bloody Rugby training in the afternoon. My balls were well and truly handled during the first three scrums - and it was Vince, 'cos once I held my legs together and trapped his hand. I was afraid I would get a hardon even though we were charging about so when we were milling around before the next scrum I whispered to him I liked it but wait until after school. I was really pleased 'cos our scrum managed to push the others around most of the time and when we went into the showers both Tom Buchanan and Alan King in the other form who were in our third row said I did a good job hooking the ball out to Matt. I looked for Vince after I got dressed but he'd already gone. But that night I had him and Mike helping me come, though only once this time! * When I went into class on Friday morning Vince was already standing by his place so I gave him a thumbs-up sign. I didn't really know what that would signify to him but he grinned back and sat down in his usual seat next to Johnny Reed. I didn't get a chance to say anything to him and I wasn't certain but he might have been avoiding me. Anyway, I had to get home early as Mrs Tring was giving me an extra lesson to check on my rather unsteady progress. I didn't do anything that night, I think I was a bit nervous about the game. * I needn't have worried everything went very well. Pa said he would come and watch and I set out for school quite early and got changed. Van had decided our team would all wear red shirts so there was a pile in the gym and as I was one of the first there I found one which was a reasonable fit. Matt arrived just after me and Tony, who was playing at full- back, sauntered in just after. As we got changed I realised we were all rather quiet. Even the Sixth-Formers were a little subdued and the thugs in the Fifth Year were very quiet. Van gave us a general pep-talk and we went out onto the field. Pa was standing there, talking to Brother Jamieson, Mike's dad and Rabbity. Van joined them and then Rabbity ran over to sort us all out as he was our ref. Mike was quite right, there were several arguments between members of their team and their lack of coordination gave us several good openings. Even though some of their scrum were quite big we pushed them back a lot and I managed to get the ball out almost every time and Matt did wonders as scrum-half. Tony converted two tries and kicked one penalty and we finished up winners much to our delight. As our other team won as well there was an air of general hilarity in the showers especially when the six bare-arsed members of the two front rows demonstrated their pushing ability. In the end we had two full scrums and I found myself hooking for the older team between Billy Clarke and Chris Prosser as props, heeling out sundry items of clothing thrown in by Matt and Phil Brown their scrum-half. Under the showers a little later I couldn't help noticing that quite a few of the lads had slightly enlarged cocks and Tom Buchanan, my neighbour in 4S, got dressed rather hurriedly. Nobbo, who had been a touch-judge, said would I like to go round for a chat later and I agreed as I was curious to find out if Billy had carried out his threat to have a go at Mike and Bernie. Pa came in late for lunch. He said Brother Jamieson had insisted they all went round to the school house to help him drown his sorrows. Ma pursed her lips and said something about some people wouldn't be fit to man the lifeboat but Pa Hussyfan Links only laughed and then was most complimentary about the game as we sat down for lunch. "You did very well against that motley lot. I think half the time they were playing against themselves." I told him what Mike had said about their two schools and the rivalry. "Well, it helped you this time. Anyway, you've got the makings of a good pack, especially with those two bruisers as props." "Oh, you mean Geoff Wells and Peter Fry, they are rather big. I thought Matt did well too,.." "..And your pal Tony has a good kick." All this chat was preventing me getting at the food, I was more than usually ravenous. I mumbled something about I expected Van was pleased but got told off by Ma for talking with my mouth full so I shut up and had second helpings and let them get on with the small talk. Ma made me practise for half an hour after lunch so I didn't set out for Nobbo's until about three. When I got there, surprise, surprise, Tom Buchanan and Geoff Wells were sitting on the lower bunk in Nobbo's room. I remembered, they were in the Boys' Brigade with Nobbo. Billy wasn't there. Of course, the game was dissected and I was very pleased they thought I'd played well. I said I enjoyed the frolicking in the showers and we all had a good laugh about it especially with me clinging on to Nobbo's brother and Chris Prosser as they were much bigger than me. I asked Nobbo where Billy was and he said he didn't know, he'd gone off and said Nobbo wasn't to tell his mother if he came in late. "By the way, did Billy mention if he carried out his threat?" The other two were interested in this and wanted to know more. Nobbo explained about having to deal with Billy's scratches after the last game. "He said he was going to get his own back next time 'cos he thought he knew who did it." I added, "Yep, he threatened to tap them where it hurt most!" Geoff cringed, "I know exactly where 'cos I was walloped in the nuts once by some kid and it hurt like hell!" "Me too, that fool Roo smacked me there on Tuesday as he blamed me for the hairy palm story, and that was your fault really, Nobbo! I've a good mind to deal with you!" Nobbo laughed and put his hands up in mock horror and the other two looked at each other, then at us. I went on, "That twit there told Matt and me last week so I caught Tony Marcham and he and Cleggy caught Roo! Did you get caught?" Well, well, both of them nodded and then Tom laughed. "And I already knew it wasn't true 'cos Dunc had got me with it ages ago, but I still looked." Geoff grinned, "I didn't know so I looked as well. You lot of crafty sods! Anyway, it's all round our class and Gerry Thomas said he even got a couple of the Fifth Formers before they chased him round the field." More confirmation that everyone did it. We must wait and see what develops. Development was not long in coming because Nobbo looked me straight in the eye. "If it was true then our Billy would be at the barber's every week to have his hair cut, eh Jacko? And I don't think you would be far behind!" I lunged at him as Tom guffawed, "Crikey and so would my brother!" I looked round at Geoff who was blushing slightly, "Come on Geoff, what about you?" He eyed us warily then his face broke into a grin and he held out his hands palms upwards, "Had to shave this morning!" That creased us all up and Tom put an arm round him and ruffled his hair. "You big lug, let's have a look at you!" He rolled him off the bunk and sat astride him holding his arms down. Geoff didn't struggle but just lay there laughing. Tom reached down as he sat there and opened Geoff's flies and hooked out his prick which was quite stiff. I spoke up, "You nearly had a hardon this morning too, didn't you, Tom?" He nodded, "Yeah, some sod was feeling my balls when we were playing about in the showers in that scrum." Geoff began to wriggle around, "Come on Tom, let me up, you're crushing my ribs!" We'd forgotten Nobbo who then pranced back into view starkers. He'd stripped off very quickly and was proudly showing off his stiffy. I didn't need any prompting so my jacket, shirt and shorts were off in a trice and by the time Geoff had got off the floor Tom was kicking off his trousers. Nobbo did the usual and put a towel on the floor as we stood round it looking at each other as our pricks hardened and stood upright. Both Tom and Geoff were taller than Nobbo and me and Geoff was particularly hefty. His prick though was not very large and he only had a small patch of fair hair at its base. Tom's was about my size but he had a bit more hair than I had and was quite hairy on his thighs. Tom was standing by me and reached down and cupped my balls then ran his hand up my rampant cock. Then Hussyfan Links he circled the shaft and pulled down gently. "I hear you shoot a lot, let's see!" With that he began to toss me off easing my skin down and then pulling down very firmly. Nobbo by this time had begun to jack off Geoff and we watched each other being wanked until I felt I was nearly coming. Hussyfan Links I shut my eyes and leaned back and felt several great jerks in my prick as I shot my load. I heard Tom whistle under his breath, "Christ, it's true then, Jacko, you do make a lot. That's even more than Dunc!" I didn't respond as I was breathing too deeply but as I opened my eyes I saw Geoff shoot off with a quick squirt of come. I turned to Tom as I got my breath back and immediately caught hold of his very hard cock and gave him the same as he'd just administered to me. Geoff was busy with Nobbo who came very quickly with a fair jet of creamy spunk. Tom took a bit longer and fired off about the same amount as Nobbo. Tom turned to me and put his arm round my shoulders, "Oh, thanks Jacko, that was good. I knew you made a lot 'cos Andy Symes asked me if I knew you. He was round our house and said he and your pal Matt were buddies now and Matt had told him." Crikey, my reputation was spreading but I didn't reply as I could see Geoff appeared a bit non-plussed. "Have you all done it with others like this before?" he queried. We all nodded in synchrony. "Who?" It was Tom's turn first, "I found out from my brother Duncan ages ago and we've done it quite a lot to each other since I found I could come like that last Christmas. He told me about doing it with boys in his form so since then I've done it with some of their brothers 'cos they all know about it." He spoke directly to Geoff, "You know, Johnny Prosser and Johnny McDonald in our class,"... he looked at Nobbo and me,... "and there's a couple in your class, Peter Fry and Jim Masters. Oh, and there's Chris Nelson, 'cos I've known him for years and Andy Symes, 'cos he's a friend of Dunc's. And Dunc's done it with your brother Billy, eh, Nobbo?, but I haven't." Nobbo nodded at this, "Yeah, Dunc's in Billy's diary," he stopped and put his hand to his mouth, "Oh, I'm not supposed to know that, so don't tell him, will you?" He looked around at us then continued, "Well, let's see for me, there's you Jacko, you Geoff just now, ..er.., Matt Ward, oh, and of course there's Billy." It was my turn so I told them about my cousin and how I found out and that my list was about the same in number as Tom's. "Christ, I wish I'd known all this," said Geoff in a rather disconsolate tone, "I've been doing it since last Christmas as well. I just didn't know about all you others ... and I didn't like to ask 'cos I might have looked stupid not knowing." It turned out he just had an older sister and no boy cousins anywhere near his age. He'd heard about it when listening to two lads at Boys' Brigade who were boasting how often they jacked off and so had tried it out on Boxing Day and shot stuff. All this recital took some time and I saw that he was holding on to his prick which was going a bit stiff again. I moved over to him and took it from his hand and rubbed it gently. My, it went hard very fast and he was soon lost in the joys of a second wank. Nobbo and Tom watched for a while as their pricks rose then they stood face to face and did it to each other at the same time. Geoff's short, stubby prick shot it's second load and he started on me. The other two had come long before I did but I surpassed myself with a great jet of spunk which shot up and splashed down in front of Nobbo's feet. I panted a bit then said I hadn't done it the night before so I must have stored up a lot of come. All three had wanked the night before but all agreed they didn't shoot as much as me even if they hadn't done it for a day or so. I wondered what my reputation might be now. We cleared up and got dressed and after that we sat around and I told them more of Alun's words and phrases and Tom told us some of Duncan's funny stories which we laughed at but I must say I didn't really understand all of them. Geoff listened very carefully to everything and then he asked if we minded telling him something. We asked him what it was and rather hesitantly he asked us how often we tossed ourselves off. He looked rather relieved when it turned out we were all having a go pretty much every day because it turned out he was too. I explained about what Pa and Matt's dad had said about it being quite natural and both Geoff and Tom said their fathers were away in the Army so they hadn't been told anything by them but Tom said Dunc had said it was OK. When we left Geoff cycled to the end of Nobbo's road with us but he lived some distance the other way from where Tom and I lived. He cheerfully waved us goodbye and said he would see us at school on Monday. As we reached Tom's I accepted his invitation to pop round on Sunday afternoon so he could tell me more of Dunc's stories. Hussyfan Links I told the parents I was exhausted after the game and went to bed early that night more or less straight after wolfing my supper. I must have been exhausted as I dropped off soundly without thinking about the events of the day or even putting a hand near my cock. * I woke up early Sunday morning so went downstairs and disturbed the peace by practising before breakfast. Ma came in and said she was a bit concerned because I had done two unheard of things, a) gone to bed early without being told and, b) practised without any threat! Perhaps I was becoming a human being was her pronouncement. I just grinned at her and said practising made me hungry so please could I have my breakfast. She rather unsportingly picked up a cushion and threw it at me. She then decided it would be an all- French day so by the time lunch was over I was ready to escape to Tom's. Although Tom lived only two doors away I hadn't become a close friend as he was just that bit older and he had gone to a different junior school but I think we both liked each other and he greeted me most effusively when I banged on his back door. "Come on in, Ma and Dunc are out. She's gone to visit someone and is staying to tea and Dunc's gone round to Chris Prosser's." Their house was very like ours and I remembered that he and his brother had separate rooms. Dunc had the big one like mine and Tom's was next to it. Both were incredibly untidy, Dunc's had most of a Hornby train set round the floor so we had to be careful where we put our feet. We settled down in Tom's room and chatted away with him asking me first to tell him again all about what Alun had told me and we had a good giggle over that. Then he told me things about them. I knew Tom was about ten months older than me and realised, of course, that Dunc was near enough the same age as cousin Rhys. The two brothers were obviously very close, like Billy and Nobbo, as the older one in each case was made responsible for the younger one as the fathers were away. Apparently Tom and Dunc had always shared a bath from being quite young and this had continued over the years. Tom said that when his brother was about twelve and he was nine or so he'd noticed Dunc had hair growing round his cock and asked him why and Dunc said he didn't know. A bit later Dunc had found out things from some other boys and showed Tom how his cock went hard but he didn't make any stuff come when he rubbed it at that time. Then some time after that when they were in the bath together Dunc was rubbing his cock and shot some stuff and Tom said he was very Hussyfan Links jealous 'cos he couldn't do it but now they made each other come every time they had a bath. Like Tony and Matt, Tom enjoyed talking and I was all ears. He chatted on about Dunc's friends and said that Andy Symes sometimes stayed overnight as he and Dunc were great pals and it was only last weekend that Andy had told him and Dunc about what Matt said about my ability. I mentally made a note to ask Matt a bit more. "It was great yesterday at Nobbo's, wasn't it? I assented and said I had really enjoyed everything and Geoff was a nice guy. "Yeah, he enjoyed it too, and Nobbo's OK, even if he is a bit afraid of his brother." I told Tom about our adventures with the jockstrap and he was highly amused but he had seen Billy lose his temper once with Nobbo so he wasn't surprised that Nobbo was on edge. "I was round their house one day and Billy accused Nobbo of borrowing something or other of his and it had got broken or damaged and Billy went off the deep end. I really thought he was going to beat him up 'cos he picked him up and shook him, then he calmed down and said he was sorry, but he's much bigger than Nobbo, isn't he?" "And Nobbo is nosey, he said yesterday he reads Billy's diary and Billy thinks he can't 'cos it's suppose to be in code." Tom was highly entertained by this. "Gosh, I won't tell, but that's good! Dunc says Billy disappears off on Saturdays sometimes and doesn't say where he's going." That was true because I knew Nobbo had to cover up for him. A mystery to be solved. By this time I was feeling very horny and said I needed to go for a pee. I returned still buttoning my flies because although I was still in my school shorts I didn't like holding the leg up as I did when younger as they were getting a bit tight on me. "Feeling your own, eh, Jacko?" Tom was looking intently at me. "Do you want to?" Tom nodded and went out to the bathroom and brought back a towel. We slipped our things off and like yesterday surveyed each other. "Gosh, Tom, you've got a lot more hair than me." He held up an arm and there were quite a few straggly hairs visible in the pit. "These have been coming for some time now, but there's none on my palms!" We grinned at each other and Tom reached out and held my prick. "We've got the same here though, a bit more than Geoff don't you think?" I turned so he was just behind me and he began to toss me off slowly at first then faster and faster until I shot my usual load. "I wish Dunc could see that, it's more than he makes and he's much bigger than us." We exchanged places and Tom was soon breathing hard and before long was shooting out thick drops of come. "Oh, Jacko that was good. I keep wanting it, don't you?" "Yeah, I do. I wonder if there's anyone who doesn't?" "Shan't worry about them, eh!" "By the way, you know you said someone was feeling your balls when we were in the showers in that scrum?" He nodded, "Oh, yes, 'cos you noticed I had to get dressed." "Well, I think it was probably Ginge. You know, Vince Hare in our form. It's him I think 'cos someone's been feeling up my leg in the scrums and he's behind me in the second row." "Yeah, Jacko, must be Hussyfan Links him, 'cos I got shoved into the second row and he was pushing behind me in the showers!" As we got dressed I told Tom some of Tony's adventures at camp and that Ginge had been there and he and Tony were very pally. We decided I should have a go at Ginge and find out. Then we went to Dunc's room and set up the trains. While we were doing this Dunc came home all full of beans and wanted to know what we were doing with his trains. "They're not all yours, Dad said I could have half." "But they are in my room and anyway you're trespassing on railway property,..." he winked at me over Tom's head, "...So, no pocket money this week." "Did mum give you mine, then?" queried Tom. Hussyfan Links "Of course, and I spent it for you!" "Come on, you didn't! Let me have it!" "Only if you promise not to come in here borrowing my things and then only 'cause we won yesterday." "We won yesterday, too!" "That's because you had a bunch of cripples and half-wits playing against you!" Tom stood up and held his hand out, "Come on, Dunc, pay up or we'll have you." Dunc laughed, "You and whose army? I don't think your friend master Thomson wants to get involved in your battles. Do you?..." He turned and winked at me again, I shook my head, "...Anyway, as a magnanimous gesture, here's your money." He fished in his pocket and handed over a half-crown. Tom changed his tune, "Coo, thanks Dunc, that's more than usual." "Mum was so pleased when I told her how we won both matches we got one each and you've got to wash up every day instead of me as thanks!" I think Tom was so pleased with the reward he didn't quite cotton on to Dunc's last condition. Hussyfan Links Dunc turned to me, "When do you get out of those?" He pointed to my shorts. Before Tom could get in before me with any crack about I'd been out of them already this afternoon I grinned and said, "Oh, after half-term, I didn't have my fourteenth birthday until recently." He laughed, "Oh yes, I heard about the chimp's party..." Then, seeing my rather hurt expression, he became covered in confusion. "...Hey, I didn't mean anything, it was just the description of all those kids sitting round stuffing themselves that gave me that picture. Anyway, it must have been if you had Billy Clarke there." He did a passable imitation of a chimp and I could glimpse Billy in that role. "I can just imagine hairy Billy scoffing away. No, really, we're quite good pals, he's often round here because of the band and we've had some good times together, eh, Tom?" With that he sat down on the edge of his bed. Tom assented vigorously, "And I like Nobbo very much, he's just so scared of Billy and his temper, but they do get on very well. Go on, Jacko, tell Dunc about the scratches." I decided to give an uncensored account of the events and, as Tom sat back on the floor beside me, began my recital. At the point where I described Nobbo's request to remove Billy's pants I saw Dunc surreptitiously look over at Tom who nodded at him. Just as I was embarking on the next bit of the tale we heard a key in the front door. "Oh shit!" said Duncan with some annoyance, "It's mum, she's come home early." A voice with a strong Scottish accent called up the stairs, "Coo-eee, anyone home, I'm back!" "We're up here mum, and Jacko's here as well," called back Tom. "Right, I'll get some tea ready and he can stay if he likes." Both boys looked at me and I nodded acceptance. "OK, mum, yes please, he would like to stay!" shouted Tom. "Sorry about cutting short your story, Jacko, you'll have to tell us another time 'cos I think you will be going into some interesting detail, eh?" Duncan grinned at me, "Anyway, I hope you've been entertained this afternoon so far. Knowing my little brother, I can guess," ... he reached out and grabbed Tom and tousled his hair. "He's a regular little..." Again, the revelations were cut short by another call from below. "Tom, you can come down and get the table ready. Duncan, we need some more coal in!" Very obediently the two boys got up and made their way downstairs followed by me. I knew Mrs Buchanan quite well, she taught History at the Girls High School where Ma had taught French and often popped in for a chat with her. She greeted me in her usual brisk Scottish manner and said she was very pleased to hear the results of the day before. I said Tom was pleased with his extra pocket money and I would see if Pa was as generous. Food was on the table very quickly and disappeared off it as fast. Both Tom and Duncan ate much more than me, no wonder they were so much bigger, I felt almost like a pygmy between them. "Come on Jacko, eat up. Don't let them beat you." I tried my best and after tea when we went upstairs again I was so full up and somnolent I just let Dunc and Tom chat on interspersed with just a few comments from me. Ma was very surprised when I got in just after seven that I didn't want anything to eat at that moment. Her only comment was, "Poor Mary Buchanan, having to feed you three!" I did give her some comfort as I had a couple of sandwiches before going up to bed and my contemplation of the past very successful week.To be continued.

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