Related article: Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 14:52:04 +1200 From: Julian Irwin Subject: A Dream comes True ch8 Transgender teenThis is a story about an 18 yr old sissy boy. Who can't stop having lovely dreams and fantasizing about being dressed as a young girl. He finishes up trying to find a Mummy that will help his dreams become reality. I hope you like it as much as I have writing it.Remember you're meant to be 18 or older to be reading on this site.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Denise then drove me home in her little car. It was so lovely being able to express myself in such a feminine manner with Denise, as she drove. I had a lot to think about once I kissed Denise goodbye and got out of the car. I know I also have to face my flatmates. Holy shit!!!! now have to tell Shane the truth....- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Chapter 8...... Fortunately they were both more interested in watching the football. Than having a conversation with me at this point in time. Guess you'll understand if you're a Tottenham fan and they are winning. At least it gave me more time to think what I'm going to tell them. I went to my room to change, then decided to writing out my resignation for work. My mind was well made up, I'm going to live with Mummy. But just how soon will depend on how much notice I have to give at work. This week or next for sure. At the same time I wrote to Ashley, to tell her the great news of Mummy and Denise wanting me to live with them. And I'm going too. How Denise and I got on wonderfully, Mummy even let us sleep together last night. Yes with all the little details, I knew she would want to hear about them.On checking my inbox before turning off, there was an email from Ashley also one from Mummy with attachment. Knowing what it would be of, I quickly opened it. Yes! there sat a couple of photos, one from yesterday wearing my beautiful blue dress. Plus one she took this morning in my blouse and skirt. I could only sit looking admiring the pretty girl on the computer screen smiling to me. Knowing how much a girl I felt being dressed in all those pretty clothes. Looking at the photos of Jessica, I knew that is all Meredith wants to be. So it helped reaffirm my desire to resign from my job. Leave this flat and two wonderful friends who took me in, after being kicked out of home. Who have taught me so much in self believe. As I've said earlier, they are like two older brothers, who make me do what I'm told.On hearing the jubilation coming from the sitting room, I guess the game was over. With that apprehensive feeling in my stomach, I made my way to the sitting room. To face two happy football fans, with their Tottenham scarfs around their necks. Don't get me wrong, I like football as well. Only at times like this, football is far from my mind. I sat quietly for a minute, thinking how to start. After taking one very deep breath, I started."Andrew and Shane, I have something very important I want to tell you. And Please hear me out before you say or do anything." after another deep breath. "I've told you both a very big lie about where I've been and what I've been up too in the last few weeks. No, I haven't been to see any Aunty, I don't think they would want to see me anyway. It's just that I didn't know what else to tell you. I've actually been to see a Lady, whose helped me dressing up as a young girl........... Yes! I am a real Sissy boy." All this time I was again shaking like a leaf, couldn't look Andrews way, knowing it was his idea about seeing an Aunty. So without repeating myself, I told all to both this time. Finishing by dropping the Bombshell, "I've been asked if I would like to live with them. Yes, I do want to live with them, I want to be the girl I've dreamt of being for so long. I now know deep inside of me, I am." The sound of silence filled the room, both sets of eyes cast my way. Tears came to my eyes, at least they didn't run down my cheeks quite as much this time. I now know what it must be like, to stand in a courtroom to be sentenced for some serious crime.After much questioning, Shane even wanting Mrs Petersons phone number. Which I reluctant had to give him. I got sent to get the meal ready, while they talked it all over. Sitting having dinner I became just as submissive, as the night I got cornered by Andrew in my bedroom. Yes, I sat quietly answering their questions politely, even saying 'Please and Thank you' to them. To one question from Shane, I even replied 'No Sir' which even surprised me. That's how nervous I got, till Shane told me to just cool down, be your normal little self. We're not going to beat up on you, we know you're a Sissy-boy. Anyway without carrying on, tonight finished well, with the normal kisses all round. A final check of my email before bed, there was one just written from Andrew, saying he was pleased the way I told Shane without letting on that he knew anything. Replying to him, I just sent the two photos I received today, also decided to send them to Shane, now to see what the morning brings.I had to give two weeks notice at work. Wonder if I'm more important than I thought I was. Don't think so really, but it sounds good. Getting home after work, Shane informed me, he had rung Mrs Peterson to ask all about my moving in. Then to be told, he and Andrew met with her at lunch. My heart sunk, seems I'm treated more like a young brother than I thought. Wish I had parents like them, who loved and cared about me. Anyway the meeting went well it seems, so I have their blessing to move. Would love to know what was said. Somehow I think they were wanting to make sure, I wasn't going to be used in any unsavoury way. Must write and ask Mummy all about it.It was funny hearing them both checking their email's, well the one I sent anyway. Andrew called me into his room, telling me I look beautiful. That he might even want to take me out as a girlfriend, I told him, I would be honoured. Shane also seemed happy with them, referring to me from then on, as their little 'sister,' which I didn't mind one little bit. Actually I quite liked hearing it. At least they except me for what I am. Yes I wrote to Mummy after dinner asked about the meeting with Shane and Andrew. The only response I got, was that they are two very nice young gentlemen. That they care a lot about be and wanted to make sure I was going to a decent home. That she informed them nothing untoward would ever be happening. That was all she said on the matter, which made me happy. To think how much they must care about me.The next two weeks took a long time in passing. But it gave me time to get everything sorted.After a restless night, Saturday morning at last arrived. My last day of being just another boy. I was up by 7am. showered and had breakfast, bed stripped, sheets in the washing machine. Then tided the room ready for the chap moving in tomorrow, I think. All to try and keep the mind busy, away from the excitement of what lies ahead for me. All those butterflies returned to my stomach for some unknown reason. The last of my packing done, I was all ready by 8:30. Well not properly dressed yet.To think when I came to live here I only had one medium size case. Now I have two extra full size suitcases, mind you they have to be returned to Andrew and Shane, once emptied. I know some of my clothes I won't be wearing again. Yes, like PJ's there is no use offering them to Andrew or Shane as they wear Men sizes not Small Mens or even boy's sizes, like I do. But I did leave a few of my ties which I know they liked and Underage Girls Porn would often wear. Plus I left Andrew my red satin panties, I knew he liked them and I knew what he'd do with them. Which excited me also, when he told me not to wash them before hand.Still a couple of hours before Denise is due to come pick me up. So I knocked on Andrews door to see if he was awake. Yes he was and invited me in, I sat on the bed beside him, I just wanted to talk. To tell him how much I'm looking forward to my new life and all that I know lies ahead of me. He doesn't really understand how I want so much to be a proper sissy girl. But he listened to me without question, even held my hand the whole time, with little squeezes in the mix.I could tell he was getting horny, by the way he kept fidgeting. Looking straight into my eyes, he asked. "Jessica would you do something for me, before you leave............. like suck me off?" What else could I say or even do, I ask you honestly? In no time our lips were as one, our tongues fighting to invade the other saliva filled mouth. In turn my own penis came to full erection, something else I have to fight. As Mummy told me Thursday night is to be the last time I play with Lily. Like no more milking till I'm at Mummy's place.To take my mind away from Lily, I put all my attention into giving Andrew a wonderful farewell blowjob. I firstly removed his pyjama top. Starting at his neck, I slowly began kissing and licking my way downwards. Paying great attention to each erect, sensitive nipple. Underage Girls Porn Andrews fingers were now caressing through my hair. To add to this loveliness I could hear him calling me 'Jessica'. Under each armpit I went, kissing over the sweaty hairs. Licking each clean, before moving on down towards his stomach. My tongue eagerly sucking over, licking all around his sweet indented navel. "Oh yes! Jessica, Daddy loves you doing that." I heard him whisper to me. Yes a Daddy that never got round to spanking his naughty girl. Oh why didn't Shane go out more often at night without us.The cord of his pyjamas were already pulled apart. Standing proudly, expelling that strong Underage Girls Porn musky odour was one hot pulsating uncut penis. The sensitive purple gland head peeping out from under it silken skin in anticipation of what is soon to follow. As I continued kissing around his stomach, navel and upper thighs. I made sure Underage Girls Porn to brush against his throbbing rod with my longish soft hair, with my cheeks. Tormenting him as much as possible, knowing how his shaft was twitching, begging the attention of my hot sissy mouth."God Jessica! Please suck your Daddy's cock before I lose it." I realized he must be in great need. Looking at it, yes there oozing out freely, long string of glittering pre-cum. Not wanting to let that go to waste, quickly I uplifted it on my finger. Turning to face Andrew, I went to feed it to him. With a smile on his face, opening his mouth at the same time ready to receive his early morning breakfast. Suddenly Underage Girls Porn I turned the finger towards my own mouth. Taking it in, to savour the sweet taste of Andrews lubricant. "That's very tasty," I told him with a smile."You're a real nasty bitch Jessica." he informed meTo make him a little happy, I bent over and kissed him. Sending my tongue deep into his wantoned mouth."Thanks, but you are still a bitch!" I was told.As I turned to the waiting twitching pole, there hung another strand of goodness. This time I couldn't be so mean, as to deny Andrew his own lube to savour. If you've ever seen a baby suckling on it's mothers breast for food. Like it's never been fed before or would die without it? Well that was what Andrew was like. I also loved having my finger sucked so intently.Kissing his partly exposed nob first, I slowly slid my tongue down the side of his throbbing shaft. Licking over one very tight ball sac, in doing so. I heard a deep intake of air from the sex object under me. I couldn't be so close, without pushing my face under to pay homage to Andrews boy pussy. Things were made easier as he raised himself, giving freer access to his little tunnel. It was great feeling those muscles twitching, while I kissed and licked all around. Flicking, then stroking softly, my tongue teasingly over his pussy lips.Hearing the moaning from above, I knew it was time to finally do what I'd been asked to do. Firstly I wrapped my hand firmly around one thick, hot, throbbing penis. Just for one last feel of Andrews cock."No not that, I want your mouth." He whispered in a crying voice."I know my love, you're going to have it sliding your length. Milking every last drop of sperm from you." With that, I sat my mouth over his nob, licking the last droplets of pre-cum.Gently I began sliding my mouth over Andrews hot penis. Pushing back his foreskin as I did so. Gasps came from above, hands went on my head to make sure I didn't pull off. Working my slaver filled mouth slowly, letting my tongue lick along the organ as I retreated. Then increasing the tempo faster, then slowing down again. Licking around the base of his gland head, to savour whatever little morsels are still sitting beneath. Andrew could wait no longer, as he took control. Working my head up and down his hot pulsating organ via a firm grip of my hair. His hips raising and lowering, jerking at the same time. Pushing his seven plus inches deep into my mouth, my throat. In no time I felt the quivering of his cock. My head was just held firm, his cock firmly in my mouth. But not quite pushing at my throat.With quick, short, sudden jerks I felt Andrews hot sperm begin to fill my waiting mouth. I swallowed some, but knew I wanted some to feed to Andrew, the second part of his breakfast. Once completely spent he just fell back resting, eyes closed, mouth open taking in air. I placed my cum filled mouth over his, feeding him like a bird feeding its chick. In on time his tongue came into my mouth licking sucking all he could out.After a few last kisses and it was time to think about getting up. For Andrew to shower and myself to change my clothes again."Go to my top draw and wipe your mouth clean on what you see in there." he said whispering and smiling to me.Opening the draw, I saw just what he meant. Turning to face Andrew, I blew him a kiss before wiping my mouth, even my tongue over the pretty red satin panties I've left for his pleasure.We sure cut things tight, as it was 9:40 and Denise was due at 10:30. So Andrew ran off to the shower, while I finished getting dressed. I wanted to look my very best when I arrive at Mummy's. So wore my navy suit, pale blue shirt with white collar and white double cuffs, real neat opal cufflinks. A pink paisley silk tie a light pink satin handkerchief puffed out in the top pocket. My hair was lightly gelled and brushed out. I knew once I get to Mummy's it'll more than likely be washed again anyway.While I was getting dressed Shane came from his room, dressed and ready for the day ahead. Then to hear him announced in a voice that both Andrew and I could hear. "I didn't know I was living with a couple of over sexed sluts. The noise you two have been making, good job I'd had my shower." Seems he went to the shower just after I went into Andrews room. So heard most of what we were doing when he came out. "Well why didn't you join us, or did you have to much cock last night. Bitchboy!!" Andrew yelled from the shower. #Denise arrived about 10:20 looking beautiful as always. She was wearing a teasingly open neck pale lemon silk blouse. Displaying a little of the white lace edging of her bra beautifully. A pair of navy trousers. Around her neck a sweet little gold chain with a cross hanging from it, so feminine. Her hair brushed out softly and sprayed. Again her makeup was lightly applied, enhancing the beauty of Underage Girls Porn her face. In all showing a very beautiful, feminine Denise. Not some young 'Drag Queen' as Andrew and Shane might of been thinking prior. I was so pleased in the way they both greeted Denise. Not just little 'hello' hand shakes, but a nice warm welcoming kiss from each. Mind you they both love kissing boys.After a we chat with Denise and a warning to behave myself and not to do anything stupid. [big brother sort of thing again] There were big hugs and kisses all around. Hugging Andrew and Shane together, I told them. "I really love you Guys so very much and thanks for saving me from, who knows what, when you took me in." I just couldn't stop myself, as tears began to flow from my eyes like a river in flood. Once my crying subsided, I patted up the spillage, blow my nose. Shane sent me off to wash my face, "You can't arrive anywhere with those red eyes." I did as I was told. In the meantime I heard them telling Denise. "Don't worry she cries easily over any little thing." Oh how embarrassing I thought, thankfully I'm in the bathroom.Then one final kiss all around. I felt good walking out to the car, with my cases being carried out for me. Leaving me to carry only Princess."It's a good job I brought Aunty's car, all these cases wouldn't fit in my little thing." Denise said."No, but I have to return them, I only had the small one when I moved in here."With that we were off!! Meredith on his way to farfel his Dream. To live as a Sissy Girly/Boy, with a Mummy and Sissy Girly/Boy cousin.Sitting in the car heading towards my new life. I felt so very feminine talking with Denise about girly things. Hearing her tell me a little of what lies ahead for me, it all sounded so exciting. She also said, she was pleased to meet Shane and Andrew. That Aunty told her they were such nice young men. I took that as a chance to ask, if she knew what they wanted to find out, when they met Mummy the other Monday. All she would say was, they wanted to made sure I wasn't going to be used in any unsavoury way. That there's no drugs or drunk. She just finished by saying, "Aunty said they really think an awful lot of you and don't want to see you being used." She just looked at me then said, "I can see why now, you don't have to blush?" Yes I was looking to the floor, my face a bright shade of red.In no time we had arrived at Mummy's house and now to be my new home. It was so much quicker going by car than train and against the flow of traffic at this time of day. Letting me out before putting the car in the garage. Denise said, "Go to the door, ring the bell, when Aunty answers say. 'Mummy will you Please make me into a pretty Sissy Girl?" With Princess in my arms, I headed to the door. Thinking of the first time I arrived at the same door, with all my girly aspirations running wildly through my head. Now five Weeks later, here I stand again. The big difference is, all my fantasies and dreams are about to become a complete reality. No turning back, my room at the flat has been let anyway. But I really know this is the only way I want to live from this very moment on. To be a real Sissy, to have Mummy transform me. To treat me as a proper Sissy. And as Her Daughter.I pressed the nob to hear the chiming announcing my arrival through the house. No sweaty hands or nerves this time, as I waited for the door to open. Giving Princess little kisses at the same time. A big beaming smile across Mummy's face, indicated her delight in my arrival. She was about to put her arms out to greet me. When I said what Denise told me to say. "Mummy will you Please make me into a pretty Sissy girl?""Oh Meredith my darling, come to Mummy. Yes I will certainly help you become the beautiful sissy girl we know is dying to step out and let the world see." Mummy's hands came out again to receive her new Sissy boy.Just as quickly I stepped inside, into her waiting arms. Still cuddling Princess as Mummy's arms wrapped so lovingly around me. My face entombed between her breast, as I felt her kissing me on the head. I turned my face upward inviting a better place to kiss me, on my lips this time, which was given without any hesitation."Just wait there a minute darling." Mummy said, as she went off for something. Soon to return with camera in hand, fingering lightly through my hair, straightening my tie and hanky again."Now leave Princess here and go down the path a little." I had an idea of what was to happen. "That's far enough, now turn and walk slowly back. Just think of your first visit to Mummy's place, as you walk back." That I did happily, not quite the nervous image of five weeks earlier. "Yes that is beautiful sweetheart, Mummy wants photos of the Boy before the transformation."I was more than happy to oblige.We headed to the sitting room, hand in hand, like Mother and Daughter. Mummy sat on the sofa patting the seat next to her, indicating where she wants me to sit. I did so quicky, putting Princess down beside me. Moving a bit closer to Mummy, I rested my head against her shoulder, taking hold of her hand as well."Mummy, you have no idea how very happy I am now. You will make me a pretty girl like Denise and Ashley, won't you?" Somehow I seemed to keep wanting conformation, that this is what will happen. That I'm no longer just dreaming."Yes sweetheart, but don't think it will all happen over night. You're not going to wake up in the morning as a girl. There is no 'Fairy Wand' you know that, don't you Meredith?" as she stroked softly over the back of my hand."I do, but I sort of feel very much a girl, even now.""Meredith, I know you do deep inside, Underage Girls Porn which is the main thing. Now we have to bring all those feminine emotions to the fore. That takes a little time, I know you'll be patient in learning how to be that girl. Give Mummy a lovely kiss now darling, we have a lot to talk about right now."I did just that, putting my arms around her while giving a loving kiss.In the meantime Denise had come in asking where she should put my bags. Mummy said,"Just leave them in the hall for now." Then to my surprise she said, "I'll sort them out later. Would you like to make us all a nice cup of tea before you change, please my Love?"Seems like I won't even be putting my own things away. At least I don't think there is anything embarrassing in them.I sat listening as I got told some of what is to happen over the next couple of weeks. Firstly my new bedroom will be Denise's old room. Seen as Denise sleeps with Mummy most of the time anyway. There is really no need for me to use another room. That is wonderful! I thought, I love Denise's bedroom it's so very feminine. I couldn't think of anywhere better to lie my sissy body. My reading matter will be changing, no more boy books. Mummy has a lot of girls novels from the early 70's that she knows I'll love to read. Then there'll be other fashion and bridal magazines they get. I can't wait to read them, I often used to look through them in the shops.Come Monday, I'll be going to see a Doctor for a full medical. That scared me a bit as I haven't been to a Doctor since I was a little boy. Can't even think why now. Also I'll be learning tap and ballet dancing, to help with my deportment and mannerisms."Do you like Ballet darling?" Mummy asked."Yes I do, but don't know if I could dance like that, really.""No you won't be part of the London Ballet company. But after a couple of weeks, you'll be surprised at how good you are. You and Denise dancing together, won't that be lovely?""Does Denise dance?" I asked with delight."Yes, to help her carry herself in a more ladylike manner. The same with Ashley and others you'll be meeting." I was informed.Starting from after lunch, I'm going to lose all my body hair from neck down. Then I'm to keep it like that till I have it permanently removed. I asked how, but just got told not to worry about it right now. "You know Denise Underage Girls Porn doesn't have any don't you?" Later I'll have a CD and book on Makeup to study, Oh yes I'll love that. Soon will be able to do my own face up, well only sometimes, as I like Mummy doing it for me. Denise arrived back with our cups of Tea, plus on the tray sat my bib, which she happily put on me.Here began lesson number one, sitting with legs together. Holding saucer just above my lap, resting in the palm of my hand, thumb just over the lip to balance. Holding cup between thumb and forefingers, with little finger slightly bent pointing outwards. Take little sips, not big mouthfuls at a time. My eyes were scanning between Mummy and Denise. As I tried to follow suit, wanting to be so Lady like straight off, I'm sure it won't take long. Concentrating on drinking my Tea like a proper girl should. I lost track of what Mummy, now Denise were saying about my feminizing program. I know I'll find out as time progresses.After lunch I stood in Mummy's bedroom watching as she slowly stripped me naked of all my Male attires. Handing each article to Denise to put on hangers after empty my pockets, of the little money I had, cash-card, hair comb, hanky. I watched as she took the satin handkerchief from my jacket pocket, smoothed it out folding it neatly, before putting it on top of the chest of draws. The few coins, cash-card even cufflinks were placed in a small box. "You won't need them for awhile darling," Mummy informed me.After being put into a fluffy bathrobe, hair tucked under a shower cap, I was accompanied to the bathroom. While Mummy put on a pair of latex cloves, Denise removed my robe, telling me how wonderful my body will feel shortly. There I now stood on the bath-mat not knowing what to do or say. Just watching while Mummy coated my body from neck down to my ankles. Yes front and back, except for around my genitals, saying they will be done after. Good job the little heater was going, or I'm sure I would of frozen to death.Satisfied every part was coated with this cream, I got told, "Just stand there for about ten minutes Jessica and we'll be back to shower you off.""Can't I even sit down for a bit?" I asked in hope."No just stand there, you will see and be delighted with the result in a few minutes."Not even a kiss from either, before I got left alone this time.I'm sure it was more than ten minutes before they returned. My whole body tingling, Oh how I wanted to scratch. Standing still like this is also no fun, seeing all those lovely feminine things sitting on the vanity. But unable to pick anything up, even to smell, added to my discomfort. On their return, a little scrape on my arm satisfied Mummy, "Now under the shower, use the sponge lightly and wash all the mess off. But no soap."I was amazed watching all the hair, even more than I ever thought I had, disappear down the outlet. I know my body was wet, but it still looked shinier than normal. The smell of the lotion has also gone thankfully, with all my hair. Even with the warm water still spilling over my body. I felt a coolness, different, even a little more naked, but somehow softer and cleaner.Stepping from the cubical into the waiting arms of Denise, who was holding open a large white fluffy towel to wrap around me. Again I was just patted dry, I like being dried this way, it sends lovely tingles through my whole body. Specially when the hands go between my thighs, patting ever so lovingly around my genitals. With that job completed, but still kept under wraps. I stood open mouthed, watching Mummy and Denise 'manhandle' what looked like a folding table in. Placing it next to the bath, a large towel and a couple of pillows over it. "Now up you get my girl and lie flat on your back." Mummy ordered.Once covered from neck down by large fluffy towels, one covering each leg to keep me warm. I watched in disbelief as shaving cream, a small bowl of warm water with a safety raiser, a shaving Underage Girls Porn brush sitting in it, were placed beside me. "Part your legs darling and stay very still, while Mummy gets rid of all those nasty hairs down there." I knew to obey. Guess this is like an operating theatre, me the patient, Mummy and Denise the surgeons. After cutting away most of the hair with scissors. Denise lathered all around Lily, then it was Mummy's turn to work the raiser. Thankfully I don't possess a large forest of pubic hairs. Even having Mummy and Denise handling Lily, knowing I haven't cum since Thursday night. The fear of feeling that blade swishing around my jewels, prevented any thought of an erection. I just lay very still, frightened to breath.Once that operation was completed, Denise used the warm washcloth to wipe Lily and my little basket clean."Now over you go onto your stomach. Part your legs again darling, we're nearly finished."I felt Denise working the brush between my cheeks, around my boy pussy. I liked that, think Denise did also, as the brush tickled teasingly over my little lips. Her soft warm hands then held my cheeks apart, giving Mummy easier access to work her raiser. In under a minute and many short strokes all was done, I could breath again. Again Denise got to work wiping with the washcloth, I noticed making sure pussy was properly clean. Or was she just enjoying playing under there, as the tip of a finger parted my pussy lips. Instinctively I was about to raise my butt as she pulled out, offering one final wipe. Anyway I loved the touching. "Right up you get, all is done." Mummy informed me with a little slap to each hairless cheek.I couldn't help touching, firstly my arms, then straight down feeling my now hairless Lily and little cherry basket. Oh my, did they feel so different now, it was amazing, so soft, almost like a babies bum. Mind you I never felt a babies bum, but I've heard people say things like that. So why can't Underage Girls Porn I think this is how it must feel.I looked to Mummy saying, "I feel so very different down there now. I really like it and will keep it hairless from now on, believe me.""Just wait till you start putting your clothes on." Denise said cheerfully.Before leaving the bathroom, my now hairless body was coated with a nice smelling body lotion. But not quite as nice a fragrance as talcum powder or body-spray. At least it seemed to take away the aeration left from the hair removing process.It was into Denise's room, or should I now say, my room, to be dressed. I was so pleased to see everything about my bedroom is so very feminine. Nothing boyish like what I've had up until now. I stood between Mummy and Denise, displaying the happiest, broadest smile ever. I could only look around me, taking it all in, savouring also, the sweet feminine aroma of the room. I wanted to touch everything, look in the draws, the wardrobe to see all the beautiful lingerie, dresses hidden within. But no that is to come later, so Mummy said. "Yes this pretty girls bedroom is to be all yours from now on sweetheart." I could only cuddle myself into her, still with a firm hold of her hand. The excitement prevented any words coming out."It's now time to get dressed as a pretty girl, don't you think Meredith?" Mummy said kissing me on the forehead."I think that would be a great idea." I said smiling keenly to her.Sitting happily together on the bed were Shelly, Chrissy, with Cuddles snuggled between them. Laid out before them waiting to grace my hairless body, a beautiful set of petite Lilac satin lingerie. Each article delicately finished with two inch white lace. A pretty bold white satin bow between the bra cups. The same at the waist of the panties, the front of each leg opening. In the centre of each bow sat a lovely lilac rosebud over the satin streamers which in turn hung a good couple of inches below. The low-cut bodice of petticoat edged with fine lace, would give prominent view to the adorable satin bra beneath.Looking to both Mummy and Denise, eager to see who was about to start dressing me. All I got in return, was big beaming smiles. To tease me further Denise Underage Girls Porn picked up these gorgeous panties, holding them right in my face, saying. "Aren't these panties the most darling things? Wouldn't you love to wear panties like these?"As I went to touch them, they got pulled away with Denise saying. "No, No, No!! keep your hands down. Just admire these divine girly pretties.""Yes Denise I do want to wear pretty panties like them. Please can I wear those ones?" I asked smiling to her, with hands now covering Lily. Who couldn't help but stand proudly, in anticipation of what will soon be sheathed and caressed by them.Denise then asked Mummy, "Do you think we should dress Meredith in all these beautiful girls underwear. Then treat him like a real Sissy Girl?""Yes I think that's a good idea Denise. I'm sure he'll love to live as a Sissy Girl from now on. What do you say Meredith?" Mummy asked, while pushing my hands away from Lily. "I don't think I really had to ask that question did I sweetheart?" while looking at my excited Lily."No Mummy, you didn't. I really do want to wear all these beautiful things. I want to be a lovely girl like Denise is. Please Mummy." I said while blushing brightly, and Lily dribbling.Seeing the streak hanging from Lily, Mummy took a tissue from the vanity to wipe it off saying. "Not now sweetheart, you have to learn to control yourself, if you want to be a good girl.""Yes I know, but I can't help it standing like this Mummy. I really can't." Hoping for a helping hand to relieve the pressure from my cherry basket. The only help coming my way, was to see the 'gaff' being handed to Mummy.With Lily now forced painfully out of harms way. Mummy and Denise started to dress me in all this delicate lingerie. From bra, suspender and stockings, the adorable panties. Through to having this luscious petticoat slither, gently, teasingly down over my now hairless body. The hairless, naked feeling, I had but a minute earlier. Now transformed so very differently, by these soft delicate fabrics.The caressing against my now smooth sensitive skin, from nylon stockings, elegant satin lingerie. Sent shivers of unequivocal delight through my entire sissy body. I could hardly wait till a dress or blouse and skirt, enriched this true sensual silky feeling, I was experiencing. The undescribable, maybe seductive pleasure I was enduring, forced my fingertips to play lightly over this most wondrous of fabrics. Oh! the affect of these silky fabrics, is like touching, or being enshrined in liquid gold.I was soon taken from my trance, when Mummy gave a little slap to my bottom. "We must move on sweetheart, I know how you are feeling. Don't worry they won't go away on you. So can we continue bringing Jessica to life?" She asked, smiling brightly."I think that will be a good idea. I'm sorry, I just couldn't stop myself. Everything feels so much lovelier on me now." I said, hoping my little trip was understood. Looking around, I noticed Denise had left the room without me even noticing.Sitting back at the vanity, while Mummy began applying my makeup. Explaining as she went this time, so I would understand the CD and makeup booklet better. I was also informed that she is only doing a very light makeup on me today. "You're going to be dressed as a young teenage girl, I know you'll love that. Won't you sweetheart?""Oh yes, I really would," I said with great delight and enthusiasm of being a young teenage girl."Just you wait and see the sweet dress we have for you to wear today." looking, smiling to me.In no time my face was again looking so girlishly pretty. "Up you get young lady and we'll see what is in your wardrobe for you to wear, shall we?"That sounded wonderful, hearing Mummy referring to the wardrobe now, as mine. With my little feet snug in my fluffy's, off we headed towards 'MY' wardrobe.I watched with undescribable delight, as Mummy slid open the wardrobe door. To retrieve one lovely blue and white check polished cotton young girls dress. I know the excitement of having it put on me, sent tingles through my whole body. Even Mummy notice, as she told me to calm down. I stood patiently while this darling dress was held ready for me to step into. Holding onto Mummy's shoulder, I gently stepped, one dainty foot at a time into it. My arms fed just as gently into the appropriate full length sleeve, ready to have the dress raised up over my soft delicate underwear. Making sure it sat neatly over my shoulders before Mummy fastened the white buttons up the back from just above the waist.Oh it looked so beautiful, my hands touching it all over. Till Mummy smacked them away, telling me not to fiddle. I tried to tell her I couldn't help it. That she didn't know what it was like being dressed in such a pretty girls dress. Well, guess she more than likely does ah? The dress was knee length, with its own stiffened half slip, to make the skirt sit out so daintily. The hem was edged with two inch wide dainty white scalloped lace. A matching lace circled the skirt about five inches above, plus over the cuff of each sleeves. The three inch wide ties, came from just above the waistline on each side to be tied in a lovely big bow at the back, letting the ends hang a good few inches below. The touching of the long cotton sleeves, felt like silk now on my hairless arms. Which makes me wonder, why do Underage Girls Porn we have to have this hair on our bodies. When it prevents such sensitive connection between fabric and skin. Just a thought, now back to my adorable dress. The three inch wide round white charmeuse satin collar, again so beautifully finished with three inch white delicately fine floral patten lace. It was with Mummy setting the underskirt that I discovered, the half slip to be of a slightly stiffened silky fabric. Oh, the wonderful delights of girlhood that awaits meStanding before the mirror, I just stood in ore, admiring the image of this beautiful girl looking back, smiling ever so sweetly to me. I couldn't help but put my hand out to touch hers, as she did simultaneously. I was admiring a thirteen maybe fourteen year old very feminine looking girl. Noticing Mummy standing looking so very happy behind me. I said, "Isn't she a pretty girl Mummy." But not wanting to turn my eyes away from the mirror encase the girl before me might vanished. At the same time my heart began to flutter in great elation."Yes she is a Beautiful looking girl. Do you know what her name is darling?""I believe it's Jessica, she looks like a thirteen year old school girl. Would I be right?" Smiling to Mummy through the mirror."Yes you are so right darling and Jessica is a beautiful girl." as her arms wrapped around me, saying how happy she is that I like being her teenage daughter. At the same time I let my head fall back to rest against her breast. I took timeout from the image before me, to turn my head offering a sweet kiss to my, just as delighted new Mother. A kiss that we both enjoyed immensely."Now my pretty little Jessica, you just stay admiring the pretty girl in the mirror." I did so quite happily till I saw her standing back behind me. Watching in the mirror my smile widened, as Mummy brushed out my hair, then tied a blue silk ribbon into a big bow to the left side of my hair. Oh, it looked just so lovely sitting there with the ends hanging a little below. Making me look even more the girl."Mummy I'm going to love being here as your daughter." as I turned wrapping my arms around her in the biggest embrace ever. Lifting my head to look pleasingly to Mummy. She in Underage Girls Porn turn took that as an opportunity to offer me the most beautiful, loving kiss she has so far given me.Our painted lips met softly and prolonged, the tip of her tongue played just as softly across my lips. Without any resistance from me, her warm tongue made entry to my welcoming mouth. It felt so lovely, even Lily was fighting against my gaff to stand firm. It seemed like minutes, but in reality it was, maybe thirty seconds I savoured her tongue. I couldn't help giving a wantoned seductive smile to her.My whole sexual being was alive, the desire to be used in any way Mummy wished must of been evident. As she pulled me to her, her arms wrapped lovingly around me."Not yet sweetheart, Mummy knows how you are feeling right now. But the pleasure will be so much more enjoyable later for you, believe me." I then felt a couple of kisses being placed on my head.I didn't know what to say, I knew how aroused I was, Lily straining against its bonds, my heart beating like it was running a hundred miles an hour. So all I could think to say was, "Yes Mummy, I know you know what is best for me."To take my mind away from Lily's needs Mummy asked, "Would you like Denise to do your nails. I know she is wanting to do them for you." At the same time looking at my fingers seeing how I had been using a file, no longer cutting of them."Yes I would like that." I told her.After one final check on the lovely girl in the mirror, Mother and Daughter hand in hand headed out both so jubilantly. We found Denise cleaning the bathroom after my hair removal operation. I just had to apologize to her for having to clean up after me. Don't think she heard a word, her eyes and mind seemed focussed on the young girl before her."Jessica you look simply adorable. Come, give me a big hug." putting her arms out to embrace me. In no time we were wrapped in each others arms, like two extremely delighted sisters. After having me turn this way and that, twirling the skirt out sweetly as I went, followed by another big hug and kisses. Mummy then told Denise, that Jessica would love her to make those fingernails look just as pretty. Sitting back at the vanity Denise went to work filing each nail into shape. Next came the delicate task of applying 'Berry Delicious' nail vanish. Once completed they now looked like lovely girls nails. Here lies another we task I'll have to get used to doing for myself.Satisfied with my lightly painted nails, Denise got my little drawstring purse, put a lipstick and powder compact in it. Then into Mummy's room where she took a nice white hanky from a draw. It must of been one of hers, as all mine are still in my case. Oh well, guess we'll be sharing lots of things from now on."Shall we go see what Aunty is up to now Jessica." she asked, put the purse over my left wrist."Yes, but I just want to check the mirror first." I had to have another look at this pretty girl on the other side of the glass. Who now stood displaying her lovely painted fingernails to me.Once satisfied with the pretty girl in the mirror, we headed out to find Mummy. Who was in the spare room opposite. Denise knocked softly on the door, before hearing Mummy invite us in. I was all keen to rush up to show Denise's handy work to her. Instead I just stood looking, as Mummy had taken my cases up and was in the process of unpacking them. I tried to explain that I could do all that later. But she would have none of it "You will have enough to do young lady without worrying about these." Must say I liked hearing her call me a young lady, I felt like one also wearing this pretty dress. "Now show Mummy your nails." as she put her hands out ready to receive my fingers displaying nicely shaped and painted nails."Don't they look much better longer and lovely vanish on them?" Mummy asked."Yes I really love having them painted." I said with much delight.It was after dinner that Denise and I sat watching the makeup CD. The chap doing the makeup made it look so very easy, explaining everything as he went. As well, I was getting little tips from Denise, who I must say does her makeup beautifully. With the demonstration finished, Denise informed me. After my bath tomorrow morning, I'm to take my time doing my own makeup. As Mummy won't always be there to help, plus you'll find it is such fun doing your own makeup, as all girls do, then having people tell you how pretty you look. Well I guess Underage Girls Porn so, or at least I hope so. I am looking forward to doing my own makeup, it is a real girly thing to do, isn't it? Showing me another DVD. Teasingly Denise said "I'll show you this one in the morning, if you do a good job on your makeup." Waving it in front of me in such a way I couldn't read the label."Right honey, I think it's about time to get my girl ready for bed. Don't you?" Mummy said.I looked in shock, as the clock in the sitting room hadn't even reached ten o'clock. Plus, nobody goes to bed this early on a Saturday, do they? Only I had no choice, as Mummy came putting her arms out to embrace her Jessica. Yes, I stood falling into her warm embrace. At the same time asking, "Do I really have to go to bed this early, it's only ten o'clock.""Yes I'm affrayed so sweetheart, but it won't always be this early. Some nights you can stay up a bit later." I was given a lovely kiss to help compensate my disappointment. "Now Denise will help clean your makeup off and get Underage Girls Porn you ready for bed. Mummy will be up in awhile to say Good night." With another sweet kiss and cuddle, I got sent on my way. Denise wrapped her arm lovingly over my shoulder, as we headed in silence up to my bedroom.Entering the bedroom I noticed Princess sitting happily on the bed, wearing a lovely nighty like Cuddles. I couldn't help but pick her up for a lovely cuddle, kissing her at same time. Asking if she liked my pretty new dress, before putting her back with Cuddles, Shelly and Chrissy.Once my makeup had been cleaned off, some nice smelling face cream massaged in, then wiped over with a cleaning tissue. Denise helped me out of all my pretties, looking in the mirror, Oh how deflated I felt. No more was I facing a very pretty young girl. No, just a boys image stood looking sadly at me, at least he wore nail polish. Even Lily had lost some of its girlish enthusiasm, as it now hung limp."Don't worry about it Jessica, we all feel like you for a start. You'll quickly get over it and know not to face the mirror till you have your nighty on. Now come here and lets put you into your nighty." I didn't have to be told twice. In no time a beautiful short lilac silk nighty, which hardly covered my privates, adorned my slender body. I didn't even want to look back at the mirror now. Just the touching of this delicately soft fabric against one hairless body, was enough to put a smile back on my sissy face.Lifting the hem daintily on either side between my thumbs and forefingers, I lightly danced in little circles. Thinking of myself as a proper Sissy Fairy, till I finished up wrapping my arms around Denise. Telling her this is how I want to see myself, only wearing pretty feminine clothes. No sooner had I said it, when Mummy entered the room wearing a beautiful full length light tan satin nighty under a matching gown edged with a brown piping. She Underage Girls Porn had brushed her hair out, till it was cascading ever so softly over her fine shoulders."You're not in bed yet?" she said.I just looked at her, not Underage Girls Porn knowing what to do or say. Thankfully Denise said, "I was just about to put her in, when you came in Aunty.""Come here Jessica darling, give Mummy one of your lovely kisses." putting her arms out.I went straight to her, into her extended satin covered arms, hugging each other offering my lips to hers. Wanting to say sorry for not being in bed, so first I said what a beautiful nighty and gown she was wearing. That earned me another warm kiss, before she led me to the bed. Not giving me the chance to say anything else.It came as a shock to see Denise coming towards me with, no not my mittens this time. No, she had in her hands a long blue satin scarf. Looking to her then to Mummy wondering what is happening."Sit up a little darling, so Denise can tie this lovely scarf over your eyes." Mummy said while helping me sit up. "Nothing is going to happen, that my little girl won't enjoy." She added, noticing the fear in my eyes as I looked at her.My eyes closed automatically as Denise placed the scarf over them. I felt rather vulnerable once she tied the scarf tightly behind my head. I tried to open my eyes again, but couldn't. Now in total darkness and a little scared of what is going to follow. No, more that a little scared, quite scared, I've never been blindfolded before."lie back now sweetheart," Mummy said as she helped me lie my head comfortable on the pillow.My hands went out trying to feel for her or Denise. I felt no one, but could hear them softly talking. Now in fear of something radical about to be performed, to help further my Sissification."Please Mummy, please don't do anything to hurt me." I cried out.In no time she was sitting beside me comforting me, holding my hand saying, "No one is ever going to hurt you my darling." Her other hand stroking gently over my hair, giving little kisses to my head at the same time.It could only of been Denise, who then removed the duvet. Exposing my very short nighty covered body to the coolness of the night air."Now just lie there like a good girl sweetheart and savour the pleasures Mummy and Denise are going to give you." As she let my hand go free, followed by a soft kiss to my forehead.As short as the nighty was, it got lifted up exposing my full nakedness to be played with as they wished. Oh My God!!! Lily sprung to full attention, as not one, but two satin scarfs began fluttering ever so softly over different parts of my body. One caressing over the full length of each leg in such a sensual manner. The other teased softly over my face, my neck, fondling ever so lightly downwards. Over my chest, feathering each nipple in such an stimulating fashion, that only fine satin can accomplish. I gave a deep sigh, sensing the same attentiveness being accorded, along each side of my extremely sensitive upper body.All the while I was being spoken to, as nothing other than a sissy girl. They spoke to each other about me only as a girl. Yes a young girl who is about to reach the puberty stage in her life. No not as a boy, who is wanting to be treated as a Sissy, to live as a girl. No I'm now a sissy girl named Jessica.Along with the divine touching of the luxurious satin scarfs. Little kisses were being placed all over this sexually aroused body. Mummy's now brushed out hair felt like the fineness strands of delicate silk on my body, as she bend to kiss wherever. I know Lily was leaking badly, as both Mummy and Denise seemed to be fighting on who will savour the next offering that trickles out. At no time did any get offered to my hungry mouth.My penis, prick, cock, Lily whatever you want to call it, never got mentioned as such the whole time. No, only referred to as my Clitoris, that is what girls have. From now on I'm to refer to it only as such, Mummy said. Whichever one was giving pleasure down below, would only run their fingertip teasingly, ever so softly along the throbbing length of my clit. The same over my full little cherry hamper, a finger would only flitter teasingly on it. All this had me moaning, whimpering, almost begging for relief. I know my mind was no longer in a boys body, no its now fully consumed with girly thoughts, girly desires. My mind is now part of only a feminine Sissy Girls body. Everything I was hearing from Mummy and Denise confirmed that.Yes, I no longer have a penis only a clit, under which is my pussy, my virginal vagina. As either spoke of, or touched my pussy, I was alway referred to as being a Virgin. Yet I know I told Mummy from the beginning that I had lost that. My body just lay completely ridged, extremely electrified by the exquisite fondling, via the most delicate of satin fabrics. The gentle touching once again over my breast, the feather caressing of satin as it lightly touched my now erect sensitive nipples.To hear Mummy telling me, "It won't be long now Jessica, till your breast started to develop like Denise's." The sensation I was getting as she said that, while massaging both so lovingly. Made me wish I could be fingering my nipples, which were so very much alive. "Bet you're looking forward to that day aren't you sweetheart. Having beautiful girly titties to be admired and played with?""Yes I am Mummy." Is all I could say. My mind being so full, of so many sissy girly emotions.Kisses landed lovingly all over my face, even my blindfolded eyes, I felt being kissed over softly. All this time I wasn't allowed to touch any part of my now emotionally charged body. My heart was pounding like never before, I'm sure had it not been for my rib-cage it would of broken through the skin. Such was the erotic pleasure I was receiving, through the delightful caressing of those exquisitely beautiful satin scarfs. Being slithered so gracefully in the hands of Mummy and Denise. I'm curtain the loss of body hair added greatly to increase sensitive touching on my body. As well, the sweet sexual words coming my way, added greatly to the pounding of my heart, the throbbing of one hot ridged seeping clit. At least I was able to touch Mummy or Denise as they got within reach. I noticed by touch, Denise had stripped to her underwear, only if I could see her pretties.I had got to the point where I knew I could last no longer, such was the stirring below. Yet I wanted this tantalizing pleasure to continue for so much longer, hopefully forever. I wanted to ask Mummy to stop awhile, to help delay the inevitable. I couldn't, I wanted to keep feeling this unadulterated pleasure, via the two people I love. My breathing had become deep and laboured, my breath, maybe the whole room had that sexual musky aroma about it. God, do I love that.Listening to the long soft moans, noticing my mind must be up in sissy heaven, with all the other Fairies. Hearing me now begging for some sexual relief, I could take no more, or would just uncontrollably squirt the lot. Somehow I could tell it was Mummy's hands down affectionately caressing along my throbbing clit. Denise kissing and caressing slowly from my breast down to my navel. I gave a loud sigh, as I felt Mummy wrapping the satin scarf passionately around my twitching clit. I knew I couldn't last much longer, once I felt her pull down my skin, exposing the hot purple nob to the coolness of the air.Gently the satin encased hand slid right down off the shaft, finishing fondling over one tight and full cherry basket and beyond. Without delay she returned with a slightly tighter grip, stroking the Underage Girls Porn divine fabric slowly up and down my hot pulsating clit. The gentle feather touch of the scarf against my hairless thighs, as she lovingly worked along the length, became more than I could bear. My whole body tensed up, my moans came from deeper down."Mummy I can't hold off any longer, I'm going to squirt." I somehow got out.In no time there was a mouth engulfing my clit, sucking, licking for all it was worth. God it was a beautiful erotic sensation not being able to see anything. Only feel the warmth of her mouth sliding down the Underage Girls Porn length, taking it deep, a tongue licking as it goes. Her long soft silken hair tickling at my thighs, around my whole genital area. My soft whimpers got louder, as I felt my juice travelling along one engulfed clit. My body jerked violently, I could only cry out I......IMMMMMM CUUMMMMMIINNGGGGGG!!!! as I felt volley after volley of hot sissy juice squire from deep down out into the waiting swallowing mouth. Over two days of sissy Underage Girls Porn juice has at last been released. Hopefully the taste is to Mummy's satisfaction.I lay exhausted, completely spent floating back to mother earth. I realized my clit was still being devoured. Every last drop must be being sucked out."That was beautiful sweetheart, you gave so much." as Mummy bent over and kissed me. I could taste my juice in her mouth as I pushed my tongue into her inviting mouth. Even though I was spent and exhausted, Mummy wanted to keep me on a high. Kissing over my face, her hands stroking lovingly over my hair, telling me what a beautiful girl I am. At the same time Denise was still down, caressing and kissing just as lovingly over my deflated clit. This seemed to go on for five, ten minutes, I don't really know.All this time still blindfolded, what a desirable way to experience your first real girly sexual encounter your mother and sister/cousin.Then I felt Denise putting me into a pair of panties, working them up my legs while telling me to lift up. Finally in place I noticed they were a more fitting panty than I've normally worn. I now know why, as Mummy tells me Denise is putting a little napkin in there, so I don't soil the panties. "No you won't be doing anything like that my girl. But your clit is still covered with lipstick and you know what else."Panties on, now the little silk nighty pulled back down, hands put into there mittens for the night, the duvet placed back over me. Finally after how many hours, the blindfold was removed. Once I'd got used to the little light there was. Yes Mummy was just wearing her gorgeous nighty now and Denise was down to her beautiful spearmint green satin underwear. Both looking so beautiful, even though I would of loved to of watched. Being blindfolded added so much more pleasure to the whole experience. Smiling brightly to Mummy and Denise, I tried to thank them the best I could for this pleasure.After lovely kisses and cuddles all round, Mummy asked if I'd like to have one of the satin scarfs in bed with me as well. I think the beaming smile I gave, answered her question. Along with Princess wearing her lovely new nighty, a sumptuous three shades of blue satin scarf was also put in with us."Have a good sleep now Jessica darling, it's after midnight already." Mummy said.As they were leaving the room I called out, "I love you very much Mummy and Denise."The door closed behind them. I turned to my side kissing Princess sweetly as alway, before telling her what a wonderful night I've just experienced. Telling her how we will be wearing pretty clothes all the time from now on. I wrapped the scarf around Princess the best I could wearing these mittens. I cuddled her in closely, kissing all over the scarf at the same time. Lying contented, savouring the fragrance of the feminine perfume in the scarf. I drifted off into a wonderful contented sleep, with many sissy girly thoughts floating through my head. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =To be Continued soon.

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