Related article: Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:40:52 -0500 From: Mark Drew Subject: Air-Ryan Takes Flight, Chapter 2Beginning of DisclaimerI was eighteen when I first had this posted, so I have edited it and brought it up to date.The following is a totally made up story of a consensual sexual encounter between a totally made up eighteen year old gay male porn model and a totally made up thirteen year old minor.No trees were harmed in the writing of this story.If you are under eighteen or if this sort of thing is a turn off for you then you shouldn't read alot of it because you will go blind. (Anyway, what the hell did you think you were going to find in a Gay Stories Section?) End of Disclaimer Air-Ryan Takes Flight, Chapter 2We arrived at the Holiday Inn and were quickly checked into our room for the night. The airline had gone out of its way to make our inconvenience as livable as possible, booking us into large double room that not only had a spacious living room area with a 35" television and a fully stocked refrigerator, it also contained a large Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub! Ryan and I couldn't believe our good luck at being given such an awesome room!We dropped our bags and looked over the room, grinning ear to ear. I flipped on the big screen and turned it over to HBO, finding the movie ChrisCross playing. It was just getting to the part where David Arnott's character, Chris, was upstairs with his girlfriend."What's the movie?" Ryan asked, his eyes catching the awesome looking young actor peel off his shirt."It's called ChrisCross. Goldie Hawn stars in it and that guy is David Arnott, who plays Chris, her son." I told him, watching the movie and watching for Ryan's reaction. "They're stripping." I smiled."No way!" Ryan smiled, listening to the dialog as they stripped.:"Yes way! And in a second you'll see his bare ass!" I informed him, watching for the part where they hear her family coming back. Suddenly there's the mad scramble as the two kids try to put their clothes back on, with Chris' hot little ass flashed on the screen."Oh man! I never saw a kid naked in a movie like that. I thought it was illegal or something." Ryan gasped, his bright brown eyes meeting mine as he broke into a smile."I think it's okay as long as they don't show his dick or anything." I answered, watching his face come closer to mine. His lips met mine as I felt his hand simultaneously grope my Asian Models crotch, making me moan softly as I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth. I slipped my hands around his back and under his shirt, feeling that hot smooth skin that was so heavenly to touch, then pulled his shirt up, breaking our kiss momentarily as he lifted his arms to let it come completely off. I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him deeper and harder as I felt his hands pulling up my shirt and stroking my back. We broke off our kiss again as I let him pull my shirt off, then resumed again, rubbing our hot naked chests together. I pushed my hands against his ass and began to grind our cocks together. Even through our clothes, the feeling his hard cock pushing against mine was so fantastically sensual.Ryan moaned with pleasure as we humped our crotches together, rubbing his cock firmly against mine. He slipped his tongue from my mouth and smiled almost shyly. "I don't think you can even imagine how lucky I feel right now." he breathed, as he nuzzled my neck.I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him on the ear, completely at a loss for words. I remembered how it was to be thirteen, but I was nowhere as mature as my sweet Ryan was. I wondered if I was the first one he had been with. He seemed so experienced, yet vulnerably inexperienced. I hugged him closely, lovingly, and kissed him on the cheek. "I think I know how you feel Ryan. I like you so much... It's like I... I... I think I love you.""You THINK you love me?" Ryan beamed, hugging me closer. "I KNOW I love you. You're the nicest and coolest guy I've ever met."I was the one who was beaming now. Here was this awesome specimen of boyhood, who was witty and funny and just a pleasure to be around, telling me how much he loved me. "I don't know what to say... I'm just so happy to know you Ryan." I said, tears of joy filling my eyes.Ryan smiled and a tear ran down his cheek, which I wiped away with my finger. He took my hand and kissed it, then held it to his cheek. "Shit, we're getting awful sappy." he giggled.I almost laughed out load, because what he was saying was right on the mark. I looked over at the hot tub, thinking that we might as well not let it go to waste. "What do you think about a little Asian Models relaxation in the hot tub?""I think THAT is a great idea Jim." he replied, walking over and turning the water on. He carefully adjusted the temperature so wouldn't be scalding, just nice and steamy hot. "A friend I used to have... His parents have one almost just like this one in their bedroom.""Oh yeah? You guys get to use it alot?" I asked, wondering to myself what the lucky guy he had shared a hot tub with was like.Ryan smiled wistfully. "His name is Jeff and he's the first guy I ever made out with." he answered quietly. "He taught me about jacking off and then we got into making out and sucking each other.""Sounds like a cool guy." I said, wondering why he wasn't acting very thrilled about telling me about it."I thought he was. Then he sort of just stopped wanting to suck me, but still made me suck him." Ryan said softly. "It got to where he was treating me real rough and forcing his cock down my throat and c.. c... calling me..." his voice choked up and tears ran down his face.I took his shoulders in my hands and looked into his sad eyes that had seemed to only known joy before. "It's all right Ryan... You don't have to say Asian Models any more."Ryan bit his lip and regained his composure. "He called me a fag. He was my best friend and he was calling me a fag and forcing me to suck his cock." he said bitterly. "Then he told a bunch of guys that I was a fag cocksucker and he had them come over to his house and they made me blow all of them." His bright brown eyes searched mine for understanding.I felt the tension in his strong young shoulders as he told me of his traumatic experience. "Are you okay Ryan? I mean, are you okay with being gay?" I asked, looking back into his pleading eyes.Ryan grinned and put his hands to my waist, then slowly traced his fingers over my abdomen. "I'm okay with it. Fuck Jim, I've know since I was 10 that I was gay, even though I didn't understand it then." He breathed deeply, then proceeded to rub my chest and work my nipples. "I didn't want to admit it, at first, but I'm okay now. When did you know you were gay... You know the first time?"I took a deep breath, then rubbed my hands down his smoothly rippled chest and abs. "I was 12, I guess. I had some friends who I camped out with and partied and stuff. One time we were camping out and Tony, who was 13, was talking about jacking off and cumming and shit."Ryan smiled knowingly and continued to caress my chest lovingly. "What happened?""We asked him about it and he said he would show us how to do it." I replied, feeling more and more in love than ever as I told my beautiful Ryan of my first sexual experiences. "We all got naked, and Tony started rubbing his cock and got it super hard.""Was it big?" Ryan wondered."Not as big as yours... You delicious hunk of studliness." I told him, tickling his ribs and getting a smiling giggle as my reward. "It was maybe 5 inches, but he had a nice fur patch, and since Asian Models I was only 12 and had never seen another guys's cock hard before, it looked huge!""Then what happened?" Ryan grinned, eagerly waiting for more details."John and Rik, were the other two guys there besides me. John had almost as big as Tony's, but not hardly any hair. He's really blond, so it hardly showed either. Rik is kind of dark complected and has really black hair, and he had maybe 20 hairs, and his was uncut, like yours, but his was only about the size of my, then, four incher.""Cool..." Ryan breathed, picturing my friends in his mind. "So yours hasn't always been so big?" he smiled, brushing his fingers against my crotch.I pressed his hand against my crotch and coaxed him to massage my boner, feeling his palm pressing over the head and sending heat through my body. "Mmmmm... I was a late bloomer... Didn't get this big 'til I was sixteen." I panted."That's why so many guys think you're my about age, in your pictures." Ryan sexily growled, massaging my cock thoroughly now. "How did things "cum" out with you and your friends?""Tony jacked off really fast and shot a juicy load, then we all got to feel his cummy cock. It was then and there, feeling his hot cock in my hand, I knew I was gay." I gasped, writhing in the pleasure Ryan was giving me. "I even fucked about 5 girls too. Girls love a big dick sliding in and out of their hot pussies, but something about holding a guy and making him feel so good, is what really turns me on."Ryan looked at me quietly, his hand ceasing it's massage. "You've been with alot of guys, right?" he frowned, a worried look on his face.I knew right away, that he was scared or what kind of kind of "souvenirs" I might have picked up from my presumably promiscuous lifestyle. "I've made it with two more girls than guys, dude. I've got a clean bill of health." I told him. "I'm not into one night stands, so don't think that I'm some sort of slut, okay?" I added, trying to reassure him.Ryan smiled, resuming his deft massage of my cock, through my jeans. "Shit. In my case... I guess I made more guys in one night than you ever have.""Rik and John and I had a thing together until we were 16, but it finally broke off when my dick grew and the girls found out. This one girlfriend I had, rode my dick like a pro and screamed and moaned like mad. I came three times in a row and she went into these wild chick multiorgasms and said she came like 25 times!" I smiled, humping his hand slowly. "We are best friends, but we haven't done anything for 2 years. I made it with another guy, Rob, when I was at scout camp for a week, when I was 17. He turned me onto gay porn and said I could make alot of money at it. When I was almost 18, I decided I would send some photos of me in my underwear to this model talent search this magazine had. They said come on out as soon as I was definitely legal. And here I am." I winced, feeling his fingers milk my shaft through my jeans, coaxing me to closer and closer to cumming."Pretty good money?" Ryan wondered, smiling knowingly as my breathing became faster."There's plenty of money for a guy who will just show his stuff and jack off for the camera." I panted, running my fingers over his chest. "You would be soooo perfect."Suddenly, I realized that I had bought one of those new digital cameras just before I left. It was in my baggage. "Want to make some dirty pictures?" I leered."Polaroid's?" Ryan smiled, releasing his grip on my cock for a moment and gently rubbing his finger tips over my bulge."Digital." I told him, pressing his fingers back around my cock, coaxing him to bring my aching cock closer to the edge."How should I pose?" Ryan asked, the thrill of exposing himself for the camera brightening his face.I quickly thought of the perfect scenario. "I am going to give you my briefs after you make me shoot a juicy load... And you're going to "play" with them." I explained, as I leaned close and whispered in his ear."Cream your shorts?" Ryan grinned."Yeah" I gasped."Jizz your jeans?" Ryan beamed."Aaaaaaaahhhh huuuuuuuhhh." I cooed."Cream your jeans." Ryan breathed, stepping up the tempo of his insistent fingers on my cum-aching cock."Ooooooo Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh?" I moaned, feeling the cum surge through my shaft and into my briefs and levis. I felt the sticky warmth drenching my cock and balls and instinctively pressed my lips to my oh-so-sexy young lover's, passionately tongue wrestling and cooing my pleasure into his eagerly awaiting mouth. I felt his fingers unsnap my levis and then dive into my briefs, his warm hand coaxing every last drop from my shooting prick. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm"Ryan took his hand carefully from my briefs and pressed his cum coated fingers between our lips, allowing us to savor my delicious cream as we passionately licked his fingers clean. "Fuuuuuuuck... Your cum tastes so good I could drink a gallon of it." Ryan growled sexily, leaning his head against my shoulder.I giggled at the thought. "We've got a whole night together. For you, baby, I might be able to work up a quart. I don't think I could do a gallon though."Ryan giggled and hugged me tight, humping his tented shorts against my soaking and still swollen crotch. "Anything you want me to do, baby, I'm your... your..." he stammered, looking for the right word."You're my man, albeit a young one. You're the man I love, because you're so fucking perfect in every way I ever imagined the man I could love would be." I whispered, nibbling at his hair and neck.Ryan smiled, flashing those perfect teeth. "It's weird, because when we were talking on the plane, I thought how 'Perfect' you were. How you didn't treat me like a dumb kid, liked the same stuff as me, and were so cool and funny." Ryan wrapped his arms loosely around my back and grinned at me. "I know you wouldn't ever do anything to hurt me."I caressed his smooth, tanned shoulders, grinning back at my beautiful Ryan. "So when did you realize it was me and not some dude that looks like me?"Ryan giggled. "It was easy. When I saw your big cock and balls, I was getting pretty sure, but you have that little freckle thing just above your navel. I've seen enough of you from that area that it was easy to tell it was you." he beamed.I smiled back and mussed his hair. "I guess I've been your jack off buddy since way before it really came true." I then noticed the hot tub had almost filled during our little sex play and with my arm still wrapped around Ryan, went over and shut it off.Ryan looked at me with desire in his eyes and I could tell that he would do whatever I wanted.I had decided to go ahead and get the pictures taken first, because he got turned on by the idea. I figured that he wanted to imitate me, which was such a compliment. I had in mind a simple scenario, where he would start dressed and gradually get naked, all the while playing with my cummy briefs and finally ending up jacking a load for the camera. "You ready for some pictures?" I asked."Shit yeah!" Ryan yelped, starting to drop his shorts."Hold on there stud!" I teased, almost kicking myself for stopping him. "Why don't you go on down to the coke machine first and get us a couple. When you get back, I'll be ready to shoot." I instructed, giving him a wad of change and the room key from my pocket.Ryan grabbed the change and key and was almost out the door when I stopped him. "Put your shirt back on. When you come back in, the camera will be rolling." I told him."Awesome! This is going to be so cool!" Ryan said excitedly, almost skipping as he threw on his shirt and flew out the door.I quickly got the camera out and took a couple test pics. The lighting was okay and I found I didn't need the flash if I had the lights all on. I stripped off my levis and briefs, leaving me standing bare-ass with a half hard cock, waiting for my Ryan. Just to be on the safe side, I wrapped a bath towel around my waist so nobody passing by would see me naked as he opened the door.A few minutes went by and I heard the key in the door. Ryan was back. "I see you're ready for me." he panted, closing the door, locking the deadbolt and hooking the safety chain. He leered at my bath towel, making me realize that he would rather see me without it.I took a coke from him and explained how I wanted to proceed with things. Using my own set of pictures as a guideline as I gave him a copy of the magazine with my pictures. I could tell that he knew that every great photo set had a good beginning with clothes on and gradually evolved into a naked, hot and creamy ending."Can I have this to 'work' with?" Ryan asked, sounding like a pro."You can do whatever you feel like. Go for it." I replied, dropping the towel.Ryan stood in front of me, smiling that gorgeous toothy smile. He crossed his arms and then put them behind his back, giving me the view of him that made me love him at first sight. The camera can hold 250 pictures, so I made sure I got each tempting moment.I tossed the magazine on the bed and Ryan walked over and lay down, looking dreamily at the pages with my pictures, every once in a while smiling at me. He began to grope his crotch, while sliding his shirt up with his other hand until he was tweaking his nipples. The Asian Models pleasure in his face was evident as his eyes kept glancing toward me.He stood up and began to take his shirt off, but I asked him to do it slowly so I could zoom in on his perfect chest and arm pits. It was all I could do to keep from dropping the camera and making made sweet love to him on the spot. When the shirt cleared his head, I got a perfect picture of his smiling face.He lay back on the bed and proceeded to look at the magazine, sensously sliding his hand into his shorts and letting out a moan. He worked the waist band down and pulled his uncut cock free, giving me a perfect foreskin shot as he tugged at the head. All the while smiling at me for approval as he continued on.Ryan slid his hands into the waist band and pulled his shorts all the way down and off as I snapped pictures of the process. He leered knowingly and spread his legs as I got a view of the thirteen year olds beautiful uncut cock and hairless balls. I moved in and took some good close ups while he jacked his foreskin up and over the head and then back down to fully expose the swollen cock head. A pearl of boyjuice oozed from the slit as I zoomed in to take a shot.I set the camera aside and reached for his cock, milking his shaft fully before I began licking the dribbling juice away. I couldn't stop myself from taking it all the way into my mouth and once again tasting my Ryan's awesome boymeat."Oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Ryan cooed, as I created a vacuum around his cock and sucked hungrily. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft and swirled my tongue over his foreskin covered cock before reaching up with my hand and skinning it back so I could really work the head.Ryan was quaking with lust when I slowly pulled away and tossed my briefs onto his chest. "See what you Asian Models can do with these.""Oh yeahhhhhhh." Ryan grinned and brought my cum soaked briefs to his lips. He began to jack off furiously while he sucked my juices from the cotton. I got some awesome pictures of his juicy balls bouncing as he arched his rock hard cock into his fist. "Oh Jim... Jim... Jim..." he panted as he rubbed my briefs over his chest and then sucked on them more."Go for it baby! Show me what you've got!" I urged, anxiously waiting for his 'money shot'.Ryan tossed my briefs to the side and bucked his hips as he fucked his fist. "Ohhhhh yeaaaaaahhh!!" he moaned, as his balls drew up and a huge wad of boycum shot into the air and landed on his chest, face, and in his hair. "Yeah... Yeah.... Yeahhhhhhhh...." he growled, as spurt after spurt of jizz coated his chest and stomach. "Oh fuck! Cummin' for you baby! Cummin' for my Jim!" Ryan cooed, as cum still burbled from his cock, coated his hand and dripped down his balls."Excellent Ryan!" I praised, setting the camera down. I gave the delirious boy a small bit of applause and took in the wondrous sight of Ryan in the afterglow of orgasm."That was way totally awesome!" Ryan panted, the force of the orgasm had literally taken alot out of him and had that look of satisfaction.I bent over and kissed him gently, while I reached down and milked his semi erect and sticky prick. "That WAS awesome. But then I couldn't ever imagine you being anything but awesome." I said, licking his juices from his cheek. He lay back and grinned wearily while I continued to lap up his seed, my tongue tasting his warm skin mixed with wonderful boy cum."That tickles." Ryan breathed, feeling my tongue sweep across his chest. Even though it wasn't cum soaked, I slipped my tongue into the crevasse of his right armpit and tasted his boyishly musky sweat as his tiny hairs tickled my tongue. "Ohhhhh nooooo that really tickles!" Ryan giggled as he writhed under my tongue assault."Good." I said, as I crawled onto the bed and continued sucking at his armpit, then licked my way across his sweaty, cum coated chest and devouring more of his precious jizz as I sucked his hard little nipples. His left pit tasted just as good, as I savored each drop of his sweet boysweat. "Every part of you is so delicious Ryan." I cooed, knowing I was teaching him a new thrill as I felt his body tremble with delight.Ryan ran his fingers through my hair and began moaning. "I can't believe you're doing this... It feels sooo... sooo... like weird, but really gooooooood."I looked into his beautiful face and felt so proud and happy that I was teaching this wondrous young stud how a man makes love to a man. It's one thing to give a fantastic blow job, or a deep sensual kiss, but I wanted to give Ryan the best loving I knew how. I figured he needed it, since his past experiences had gone so wrong for him."I'm going to keep on going until you tell me when to stop." I told him, as I maneuvered myself between his legs and continued to kiss and lick the cum from his softly rippled stomach. I pressed his hard cock up against his belly with my hand as I continued down to his navel, jabbing my tongue into his shallow little "innie" and making him squirm with pleasure as I cupped his nuts with my other hand."Ooooooo Jim, you're just so amazing." Ryan cooed, as he sat himself up on his elbows to Asian Models watch me work. His face glistened with sweat as he winced and Asian Models smiled with delight. "More... moooooore..." he begged.I was hungry for that gorgeous uncut cock and soon had my tongue lapping at the barely sheathed head as I lifted my head up, letting his cock spring up, prime for my anxiously awaiting throat. I looked into the beautiful eyes of my young lover, wanting so much for him to feel wonderful. My tongue flicked the slit, cleaning away a tasty and gooey string of precum, then I slowly lowered my mouth over his hot dick.Ryan brought his hands to the back of my head and caressed my hair. "Yeaaaahhh... Suck me baby." he cooed, as his cock slid deeper into my mouth. "Oh fuck... yeaaaaaaaahhhh."I worked up a good vacuum and began to slowly pump his cock with my lips, all the while swirling my tongue around the head and shaft. I was going to take him to nirvana and drive all the bad memories from his mind. With my tongue pressing the underside of his shaft, I started humming and deepthroating him to the nuts, while tugging and milking his beautiful hairless balls.Ryan's head rolled side to side as he arched his cock to meet my hot mouth. "I can't believe it! It feels so fuckin' awesome!" he moaned, breathlessly.As I sucked him for all I was worth, I began to wonder if he wanted to do more. I slipped my hand from his nuts and tantalized the little ridge under his sac, sliding my fingers towards his hole. I kept watching his eyes, to see if I was in dangerous territory. I've never been into ass worship, like alot of gay dudes, but if my Ryan wanted me to bury my big cock up his hole, I guess I would have to learn to love it.Ryan's face was a blur as he writhed back and forth under my churning mouth, moaning and cooing with delight. My index finger made contact with his tight little pucker and I massaged and pressed it against his tight hole, trying to loosen him up. He seemed Asian Models to enjoy it, because he began to moan louder and massage his heaving chest. "Oh maaaannnn..." Ryan gasped, looking into my eyes as I continued to prod my finger against his hole.Reluctantly, I slipped his cock from my mouth. "Is this okay?" I asked, suddenly feeling a little guilty. After all, here I was, an eighteen year old, making passionate love to a boy who wasn't even in high school.Ryan smiled weakly. "If you want to..." he said, with hesitation in his voice."No... It's if you want me to." I replied, sliding my hand up his crack and cradling his nuts. "If you like getting fucked, Ryan, I'll fuck you with all the love that I suck you with. But, I won't do it if you don't want to. I would never, ever, want to hurt you." I said, feeling a tear drip down my cheek.Ryan smiled broadly, caressing the tear from my cheek. "I really don't like it that much." he admitted, sounding relieved that I wasn't going to push him into it."Good, because I don't either." I told him, licking the river of precum from his slit and grinning. I was lowering my lips to the head of his tool when he stopped me."Let's sixty-nine. I want to make you feel so gooooooood. All you want to do is make me feel good." he growled, using that oh-so-sexy tone of voice.In an instant, I had scrambled from between his legs and had my lips planted firmly against his, tongue wrestling and hugging our hot bodies tightly together. With knowing smiles, we lay down side by side, taking each other's cock and milking it. My lips had barely taken the head of his cock in when I felt the velvety heat of his mouth encircle my throbbing dick. I began to suck him hard and deep once again, using my tongue to massage that glorious thirteen year old cock, and was rewarded by the same beautiful treatment to my own.Ryan worked my cock deeper into his throat, amazing me again by taking it all the way to the pubes, all the while treating me to the swirling pleasure of his marvelously gifted tongue. I sucked and hummed with pleasure, feeling his delicate pubes brushing against my chin as I nuzzled his nuts with my nose. Feeling his sucking vacuum on my cock growing even more frantic, I knew he was close to delivering another load of boysperm.My mind was reeling as I felt the cum pleasure building through my cock. Ryan was easily the best cocksucker I had ever experienced and all I wanted was to please him. I began to work the head and swirled my tongue around his foreskin, while jacking the shaft in my fist to skin it back. Ryan began to jack my cock too, milking it as he hummed on the head, battering it with his tongue.I heard and felt him moan deeply, then tasted his delicious jets of cream as they squirted directly onto my tongue. I savored the flavor as I used the juice to lubricate my Asian Models continued sucking on his dick. I felt his body convulse as he tried to pump every last drop from his young balls into my hot mouth, as he sucked me harder. I felt the cum rush through my throbbing cock and flood into his mouth as he swabbed around the knob. I was humming with pleasure as I continued to suck and nibble at his spent young prick, cleaning it thoroughly as he swallowed my load.We lay there in the afterglow, gently licking and sucking each others dick until they were clean.I ran my fingers over his abdomen and tickled his ribs. "That was really nice." I smiled, feeling so satisfied.Ryan jabbed me in the ribs and tickled me back. "Nice... No... That was fucking amazing." he giggled, pushing me onto my back and straddling me. He dug his fingers into my ribs and tickled me again, making me giggle like mad. Each time I tried to block him, he moved his hands and tickled me somewhere else, driving me crazy. I didn't put up much of a fight when he pinned my arms back over my head and looked down on me triumphantly."Looks like you've got me beat." I grinned, looking up at my beautiful young conqueror."And I can do anything I want to Asian Models you." Ryan beamed, suddenly drooping his face to my open arm pit and lapping away. "Like that?" he grinned slyly."Feels sooo... sooo... like weird, but really gooooooood." I snickered, mimicking what he had said earlier.Ryan started laughing. "You fucker.""Only if you want me to be." I winked.Ryan lost it and started laughing hysterically. "You prick. You know what I mean."I looked up into those deep brown eyes and that beautiful smiling face. "Yeah, looks like I'm your captive. Do with me what you want."Ryan grinned as he shook his head in mock frustration. "You've shown me so much..." he said wistfully. He glanced over at the steamy hot tub and winked. "Let's go make out in the whirlpool." he said, slipping off of me and pulling me up off the bed with him.I looked into his eyes and he smiled back at me, then he laid his head on my shoulder and wrapped his arm around my waist. I put my arm around his shoulders and hugged him close as we walked over to the tub. "Feels just right." I told him, as I splashed my fingers in the steamy water. I stepped in and held his hand as he came along with me. We settled ourselves into the seats and again started exploring each other's bodies, rubbing our slippery chests together, tenderly touching one another. Our lips met, we nuzzled noses, kissed passionately and nibbled lovingly at each others face.Two young lovers, alone in a posh hotel room. Our first night together. Somehow I knew it was just the beginning.

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