Related article: Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 10:40:46 -0700 From: Billy Bob Subject: A Few Good Men 8A Few Good Men 8: Sergeant Armando Contreras: InvolvementNote: The following, along with A Few Good Men 1 through 7, is an accounting of my stint in the USMC. Another story, Nailed Part 1, precedes the series. It's in Nifty's Athletic section. They all contain sex between men. Duh. If don't want to read Pedo Child Gallery graphic details of sex between consenting adult men or if you're underage or if this is not allowed/illegal where you live, then don't read it. You've been warned.I've had a few recurring questions about this series, so I'll try to clear up what most guys have asked about. As I said, the A Few Good Men series is largely true. Yah, so most of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and/or closeted. These stories are the best memories I have of being one of Uncle Sam's finest. They took place in the very early 80s when I was in the USMC. Back then we really didn't practice safe sex because it was the very beginning of the health crisis and safe sex with condoms didn't really come into play until like the mid 80s. I guess I'm lucky. I fucked around with lots of mostly military guys back then and, luckily, am still negative all these years later.I hope you enjoy the series. There's lots more memories to write about. I just need the time to do it. I'd love to hear from you with your comments. Please don't copy any part of this. I reserve all rights to this and all the chapters in the A Few Good Men series. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I awoke on Monday morning, alone of course, and the entire weekend's events rushed into my mind immediately. As I lay there shaking the cobwebs out of my head, I relived what Armando and I had started over the last weekend. I longed to be in his arms. Instead I had a clueless straight guy snoring up a storm in his rack across the room. I knew in my heart that there was going to be some kind of future with my Sergeant and me, I just wasn't sure how we'd pull it off. After all, being in the Corps had a way of dampening prospects for two men to build a relationship! That's an understatement.I got these fucking butterflies in my belly when I saw him report on Monday morning. He nodded and grinned at me, but that was about it. All day long, all I could think of was Armando and I. I'm afraid that I was pretty worthless that day. Toward the end of the day he sauntered over to my bay. Even though the conversation was light and noncommittal, the eyes said it all. His bored into mine and they spoke volumes. Finally, when there was a moment, he spoke with some substance."Hey, what're you doing tonight?""Uh, nothing, Sir" I replied."Wanna go get something to eat?""Sure""I'd kinda like to talk to you" he said quietly after looking around to see if anybody was listening."Oh?" I tried to say with no flutter in my voice. I failed. My stomach was doing flip-flops and I was confused as hell to where he was going with this. "What's on your mind?"He looked around again before responding. "Damn, Sean! I gotta sort out what's going on here!""What is going on?" I prodded."I'm freakin' a little," he said seriously.He was freakin'! Suddenly I had this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. "Freakin' over what?" I tried to ask bravely."You know------""-----I don't know, Sir!" I said. I guess the look on my face gave away my fears."Aw, Stud," he soothed. I could tell he wanted to reach out and touch me. "It's nothing bad. It's just that I'm flipping out over what went on this weekend""Nothing Pedo Child Gallery bad?" I asked, unsure. He chuckled."Shit, what could be bad?""Then you're ok with all that went on?" I asked quietly."What the hell do you think?" he smiled. I was relieved. It showed in my face."Then what're you freakin' about?""Can we talk about it tonight?""Anything you say, Sir!" I replied, mocking a salute. He walked away with this you're-gonna-get-it smirk on his face. My cock surged at the implications of that.We made plans to go grab a bite when we got off duty in a couple of hours. Long and tortuous hours, I might add. It seemed like forever before we were off. When that hour finally came, I grabbed the travel bag I always had with me in those days and split. Being a young Jarhead, I never knew where I was going to be, so I always carried a bag with some socks and underwear, a clean shirt and my ditty bag. The two of us met casually outside and walked to his truck and hopped in. We weren't 100 feet down the road before he had his hand on the inside of my thigh. And I his. We groped and felt each other up like the two starving lovers that we were."Damn, I missed you last night" he rasped,"I don't think I slept a wink""Yah?" he smiled. "I kind like that""You started freaking me out with that conversation this afternoon, you know""Sorry. Didn't mean to""I couldn't tell where you were going with all that""Really?" he said, crinkling up his nose."Yah" I said emphatically. "You started talking about how freaked you were about what went on----""-----And?""And, I was starting to think you were having second thoughts about what you did""What you and I did" he corrected."Well, yah.""It was us, Sean" he said, emphasizing the word us."It was, huh?""It's awesome""So what're we gonna do, Sir?""I don't know. And that's what's freaking me out a bit"The conversation quieted until we got seated and ordered some dinner. Neither one of us said much because there was lots of thoughts going through each of our minds. I was just trying to figure out how I could spend more time---and nights---with the man. I'm sure he was thinking about something similar."I want to spend more time with you" I blurted out."Me too, Stud," he said. "But how?""I don't know, but there has to be a way""I've been thinking it over a lot. Like every since I dropped you off last night""Yah? And?""No answers yet. I mean it's Pedo Child Gallery too risky to mess around at my place because of Smythe and Kozinski coming and going at all hours""Yah, I've thought of that""And your place is out of the question""That's for sure!" I laughed. "I could just see us getting busted there""We could get together once in a while at the Motor Pool""Yah. That would be ok" I assented. Then I added, "We could park the truck once in a while""Oh, yah!" he said with gusto, obviously reminiscing about our action the night before. "But that's a little risky""Yah, it is" I agreed."Besides, I want a little more than a hot quick fuck, you know?""Oh, man!" I shot."What?" he asked with concern."Nothing. It's just that we're thinking the same shit, Sir!""Well then, goddamn it!" he said striking the table with his fist forcefully, "Let's do something about it""Ok. What?""I dunno. But I think we need to be together tonight""No shit! Where?""How `bout that sleaze bag motel right there?" he asked, pointing out the window."You kidding?" I asked with a smile. It just seemed so unreal. I mean we were just blocks from his place and CamPen's South Gate. It just seemed so weird that we'd shack up in some motel."You got any better ideas?""None, Sir!"After dinner we checked into that sleazy motel. Mando left me there while he ran home and got some clothes and stuff. While he was gone, I slipped into the shower and rinsed myself inside and out like a good boy. When he returned I was face down on the bed. I was tired and had taken the opportunity to relax a bit."Oh, fuck!" he said as he closed the door. "You look just too fucking good laying there""Then join me, Sir!" I called out. A second later I felt him climb up onto the bed.His breath was hot on my neck and the day's growth on his face rubbed against my neck. It was a feeling that was wonderfully familiar. The events of the weekend raced through my mind and all at once I Pedo Child Gallery wanted to be taken by him. My Sergeant lay his full body on my back. The fur against my back told me that he'd taken his shirt off, yet I could feel that he was still wearing his cammies. As he kissed and nipped at my neck and ears, we ground and bucked against one another like two sex starved animals."You smell so good" he purred. "I need to go and take a shower" he announced."No you don't, Sir" I replied. His manscent was wafting through my nostrils. He smelled heavily of male. That scent that comes from working and sweating all day while your balls churn in the heat sweating and making testosterone."But I've been working all day" he protested, grinding his cotton clad boner against my naked butt."You smell just fine, Sir. I prefer you this way""Yah?" he asked with a hint of surprise."Oh yah, Sir!" I explained, "You smell like a man""And this man's gonna fuck you, Lance Corporal""Sir, yes Sir!" I answered. We were really starting to get into it."Ay, Mijo!" he whispered. "You've got me so hot to fuck you!" he continued as he dry humped my horny butt cheeks."Oh, yah, Sir! Please fuck me Sir!" I plead."Goddamnit, Gyrene! You've got the most incredible fucking ass. I just gotta have me some more of it""I need it, Sir!" I shot back, pushing my hole against the heavy cotton of his cammies, bulging obscenely with his hard howitzer inside. Armando stood at once and tore his pants off. In a jiffy he was back on my backside and his already wet willie was knocking at my back door."Gotta have that ass, Baby" he cooed as he ran the length of himself up and down my asscrack."Gotta have that dick, Sir!" I informed him. Suddenly he sat up and I wondered Pedo Child Gallery what he was up too. Until I felt his hot breath on my butt."Gonna eat that man's ass before I fuck it" he announced. His tongue took swaths across my milk white cheeks before swirling closer and closer to my pucker. Sarge wasted precious little time before he zeroed in on what he wanted most. Using his wide tongue he licked up and down my asscrack, being very careful to just graze my asslips which were swollen with anticipation. Using the top of his tongue he laved my butthole over and over again before darting at my manbud. With the pointed end of his tongue he poked and prodded at my pucker which began opening like a flower to his advances. Before long my Sergeant had his tongue buried inside of me as far as it would go and he was feasting on my tight tush.The sensations were getting me very, very hot. I couldn't wait until he mounted me. What I wanted more at that moment than anything else was to suck on his dick. I wriggled about, turned over and around, raising my legs. All the while Armando was sucking and probing my manhole like he was famished. When I had finished thrashing about, Mando's cock was just a few inches from my face. Reaching up, I wrapped my hand around his leaking lance and brought it to my lips. The scent of his crotch and balls was strong. He smelled so much like a man. Like a man that had been working all day should. Add that to the super heady scent of his uncut cock and you'll know why I was so attracted to him. Though the head of his weapon was sheathed, a small portion of it was peaking out of the end of that skin sock. Darting my tongue inside of that I mined for all the taste sensations I knew were hidden there. Shucking the foreskin, I sucked more and more of his cock into my mouth and savored the explosion of male musk across my tongue. Because it's one of my favorite things to do, I sucked my Sergeant like no tomorrow. And all the while I was blowing him, he was running his talented tongue in and out of my fuckhole.As much as I loved the sensations of his ass eating, it was a bit distracting for me. I was consumed with worshiping the phallus of my butt-god. Pulling down on his butt, I pushed his weapon into my throat. Though I wanted Sarge to fuck me, the thought of sucking him off suddenly became a total turn-on to me. Like the cock-hungry Stud that I am to this day, I polished his knob and suckled his shaft as if I'd been doing it for years. That he was on top of me was a good thing. That he was facing away from me meant that the angle of penetration was not optimal. With aggressive force, I rolled us over to where I was on top.Moving my butt off of Armando's face, I turned around and slid down on my Sergeant into a subservient cocksucker position. Holding on to the hairy man's waist, I plunged my head and down on his pole. If it was hard before, it became steely soon after I let loose on him. All of my attention was focused on the 9 inches of `Rican rod before me.Now it's no secret that I'm a cock worshiper from way back. I love everything about them. The sight of a man's cock excites me to no end. The scent of a man's dick drives me wild. The taste of cock, especially uncut, is nirvana. And the sensation of one rooting freely in my guts is heaven on earth to me. I'd always known that I was gay. But right then and there in that sleazy Motel room with Sergeant Armando Contreras, USMC while I was blowing him a lot of things gelled in my mind. Looking back, I think that that was the moment that I truly realized that I was born to serve men and their cocks. This euphoric feeling rushed through my body as I serviced Sarge. At 27 years old he was one of the finest specimens of manhood on the planet. Certainly one of Uncle Sam's finest. Consumed with lust for him and the need to give him ultimate pleasure, I relaxed my throat muscles little by little allowing more and more of him to slide into my throat. Though I'd been an accomplished cocksucker for at least a few years, never had I been able to throat a man with 9 inches. Shit, I'd hardly ever seen a cock as big as Armando's, let alone deep throat it. Believe me, none of that went unnoticed by him."Fuckin' great cocksucker!" he cooed, rubbing my head. My pride swelled. My throat did too and even more of him slipped inside. "Oh, fuck yah!" he groaned as I swallowed his knob time and time again."Hmmmmmm" was all I could manage with several inches of his manhood down my throat."Goddamn, Stud!" he moaned. "You're gonna get me off if you don't quit!" That only served to spur me on. I sucked faster and deeper. The noise of a man busy on another's cock filled the room. I looked up into his eyes and conveyed that I had no intention of stopping until he'd painted my tonsils with his manseed. For the next several minutes I slurped up and down that awesome bone, bringing my Sergeant closer and closer to an orgasm. Lying there with his head rolling from side to side on the pillow, the man mumbled a litany of hot fuck talk making me hotter and hotter for his load."Oh, fuck, cocksucker! I'm getting close!" he warned. He needn't have. I'd been fondling his `nads for about 15 minutes. They were no longer a baggy and cum laden sac drooping between his legs. They'd gradually crept up into a tight sac, a harbinger of good things to come. Pun intended. Louder and louder came the pleasure noises from my man as I continued to do what only another man can do best. The longer I slurped up and down on his shaft, the more he moved around. His stones were now sucked high and tight against the base of his shaft. I rubbed them gently, coaxing their cream from them. Armando's legs started to shake. I knew he was moments away from feeding me his leche. That only served to plunge more and more of the length of him into the fucktunnel of my throat. He was seconds from spewing."Ohhhhhh, yahhhhhhhhh!" he purred. "Gonna get my nut, Baby!" he said as he grasped my head."Grrrrrrruummmmmm" I gurgled around his rooting rod."Fuckin' that man's skull!" he yelled as he locked and loaded. His orgasm was just moments away. For a split second our eyes met once again. There was that awesome look of complete trust between us. I think that's what set him off. My Puerto Rican god grimaced, closed his eyes and buried his beast in my gullet. Lying there frozen he screamed, "Take my fuckin' cum!" as the first shots of spooge came. The first two shot right down my throat. It took all of the strength in my neck muscles to work against his grip in order to pull my head up but I did it. Pulling back on his bone I was just in time to catch the third and Pedo Child Gallery fourth spurts across my tongue. I nearly lost my load on the spot Pedo Child Gallery when I tasted my Sergeant's rock sauce. He was totally powerless at that moment as his nut butter rocketed out of him.I stopped swirling my tongue over his naked knob because I knew just how super sensitive it was. But I never let it out of my mouth. I wanted every fucking drop of his Gyrene jizz and believe me I got it. By the time Sarge had calmed down I'd drained every ounce of semen he had to give. Reaching down, he pulled me up on top of him and kissed me deeply. I gladly shared his seed with him.Although I was completely aroused by our interaction, I was also exhausted from the day and the weekend's events. When Armando cooled off he turned me onto my side, spooning himself around me. He too was clearly beat. Even though I hadn't cum I was incredibly content to be resting there with me in his arms. In no time we'd both drifted off to sleep. I knew we'd fallen asleep only because he stirred against me an undetermined amount of time later. Still spooned in behind me, the man was fully hard and his gigantor was knocking at my back door.Reaching around me, he wrapped his hand around my own hardon and stroked me slowly. What a terrific feeling that was. His free hand traveled across my taut and hairless belly up to my nipples, which didn't need much attention to become aroused. Like little pencil erasers they stood up to his fingers as he lightly pinched them. As he did that, my butt bucked back on his howitzer, which was grazing in the crack of my ass.Without a word, he reached up and retrieved the bottle of lube on the nightstand. Soon I felt the familiar cooling sensation as he spread it over my pucker. Ever so gently the man prodded my manbud which spread easily and allowed his slippery finger to penetrate. Biting my neck and slurping on my ears, my Mando made magic in my slot. Pulling my left leg up, he exposed my hole. The air was cool against my wet asslips. After a short while he aimed his cock, slick with lube, at my pucker. I shuddered when his knob first pressed against my sphincter. My asslips kissed his manhood, then parted and welcomed him just inside. As large as his bulbous mushroom head was, it slid inside with ease. From that position Armando slowly pressed on.It took a few minutes, but that massive meat slid inside of me as if my butthole was the sheath born to protect it. From that position Mando started fucking in and out of me ever so slowly. Holding my breath I continued to push backwards, sending him deeper and deeper into my entrails. Once he was nearly balls deep, the man took full control of my hole. He rolled on top of me and showed me just what a man's cock was for. Fully hard, I lay there prostrate while he lay on my back and slowly fucked over and over my prostate.I have no idea just how long that fuck lasted that night. All I know is that I was helpless to his moves. It felt so incredible being filled with Mando's chorizo that all I could do was surrender to it. And surrender I did. I reached up with my arms in a gesture of total submission while my Sergeant continued to pick up speed. With no particular place to go except deeper and deeper into my rectum, Sarge took his time and made sure that I enjoyed every fucking inch of what he had to give me. Once he broke through that second sphincter I became a buttfuck animal. I had to have him inside me as deep as possible. He was only happy to oblige. Once we broke that barrier that night, the fuck took on an entirely new dimension. Full and manly pelvic thrusts carried that which I loved most completely out of me only to rip past my sphincter, over my swollen butt nut, along the fleshy walls of my mancunt past that gate of pain and pleasure and into the heated pleasure pit on the other side.I clawed at the sheets. Alternately, I crawled away from him only to quickly push back to feel his Jarhead jizzbone fuck me into oblivion. Once he'd had enough of me crawling away, Mando wrapped an arm around my waist and held me onto his steely shaft. Once or twice he'd come very close to fucking me off. I mean he'd worked my prostate so incredibly fine that I have no idea how I kept from jetting. When he reached under me and wrapped a lube-coated palm around my boner, I knew that I was going to get wet before he did. It didn't matter. I couldn't have stopped it anyhow. A herd of wild horses couldn't have dragged us apart at that moment. That big, strong and furred Sergeant worked my weenie until he had me squirming and moments from getting my nut. Just when I thought I was going to give it up, he'd bite my ears for distraction. Time and time again, Mando brought me to the brink, before distracting me. Finally, I was crazed with the fullness of the man's meat inside of me, and the need to nut."Oh, Gawd, `Mando" I moaned."Yah, Baby?" he cooed in my ear."I gotta cum, Sir!""You wanna get your gun?""YAH! PLEASE!" I pleaded."Go on, Stud!" he whispered. "Get your nut!" His hand started working overtime on my bone as his bone made mincemeat out of my buttflesh. He took me right to the edge of the cliff and held me tight while he fucked me off."Gonna cum, Sir!" I Pedo Child Gallery warned when I felt that familiar buzz in my balls."Fuckin' cum, Stud!" His filth talk, ear slurping and neck biting had finally taken its toll."OHHHHH!!! FUCKKKKKKK" I moaned as I felt the hot liquid flowing deep inside of me."Yah?" he encouraged. "Gonna cum, Baby!""OHHHH! YAHHHH! FUCKIN' CUMMIN' SARGE!" I yelled as the first jet of white hote jizz screamed up the inside of my dick. "UNGGHHHHH!" I moaned as it rocketed out into the waiting palm of my `Rican Rump Ranger. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" I cried as he milked the cum out of me."Oh, yah!" he hoarsed. "Your fuckin' ass Pedo Child Gallery is gripping my cock real hard, Sean!""UHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I groaned as my pud pudding painted the sheets below us."Fuckin' gonna cum, Baby!" he announced. My orgasm was just beginning to subside as he built his own. I was still lost in the throes of my cum when that sudden warmth caused by a man planting his seed spread throughout my insatiable butt. He was taking short but incredibly deep strokes in my butt as he filled me full of cock snot. Mando was always hot when he came. He continued to coo in a deep and masculine way as his hips continued to push his cock in as deep as it would go. What I remember most about that night was that we stayed in that position. Armando was plugged in my butt, lying on my back and I was lying in a pool of my own spew. That's how we fell asleep.Before we knew it however, it was 05:30 and time to get up. Hell, we were both up at that hour! After kissing and groping it didn't take long before we'd worked ourselves into a horny state once again. Armando had me on my back and my legs over my head before I could even wipe the sleep from my eyes. I was ready and more than willing to take him on again. My butt was wet and sloppy from our mating just hours before, so his fine phallus slid into me like nobody's business. What ensued that morning before dawn was a leisurely face to face fuck between two hard bodied Marines that had no idea what the future held and frankly didn't care as long as it included the other. I gave myself completely to my Sergeant that morning, heart and soul. I don't think we ever stopped staring at one another as he slowly and carefully drilled me. The slippery and sloppy sounds coming from our union only spurred him on. Before long he'd built a head of steam that took us on a ride that we both would never forget. I don't know what got into him that morning, but it seemed like he couldn't cum to save his life. The result was a long and emotionally binding fuck of melded hands, intertwining tongues, arms wrapped around torsos and, of course a 9 inch mancock perfectly fitted and seated within the mancunt of his lover. Mando brought me off by rubbing his furred belly against my cock that morning, all the while putting it to me like no man deserved. I'd long since spewed by the time my Sergeant lover gave it up. It was wonderful.Unfortunately, we'd sort of fucked the morning away and had little time for anything other than a quick morning ritual. The two of us did arrive on time at our duty station with only seconds to spare. It was a close call, but one that was well worth it. All day it felt as though Armando was still inside of me. I liked that. It seems like every time I looked in his direction he was staring at me and smiling, showing those perfect pearly whites off. I felt so free and careless. I don't think that either of us really considered if anybody was watching us. Frankly, I don't think that either of us could have cared less about that. I know I didn't.----------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm always happy to hear thought on what you think about my stories. Contact me at billybob661hotmail.com

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