Related article: Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 11:29:08 -0700 From: Clone Buggs Subject: Across the Alley part 13Across the Alley XIII Danny finished his GED with a 4.0 GPA, and We celebrated with a big dinner for friends at the Boulders. Danny was toasted by the members of the club. The only women in the room, were two young waiters, keeping our glasses filled. They were a bit shocked at Nn Child Models Photos all the touching and kissing going on, but we all felt it was a lot to celebrate and their presence couldn't put a damper on it. Besides, I'd specifically requested from the hotel to only use male waiters for our party. Danny received some fine gifts from his friends, who made sure he had what he needed to begin his career at school on his way to his doctorate of Veterinarian Science. He was scheduled to start the Spring semester at Northern Arizona in Flagstaff. He was suddenly overwhelmed by the quality of the gifts, and was reduced to blubbering his thanks through tears. The grand gift, was yet to be revealed, and he didn't know about it until we had come to the end of the evening, and I handed him the check slip to have out car brought up, and he trotted off to the entrance of the hotel while the rest of us said our thank yous and good-byes to our friends. When we got out to the entrance, Danny was arguing with a parking attendant. The two were on the verge of yelling at each other. "I'm telling you this isn't our car." He indicated the pretty little Black Miata with its top down sitting in the driveway. "But its ticket matches the ticket you gave me." The boy was frustrated with Danny, and was flinging his hands around as he spoke. "You made a mistake." He turned to us as we walked up. This guy can't find the car." He glared at the boy with a disgusted look on his face. "Try this one son," I said. Handing the boy a second ticket. He looked at the chip of cardboard, and began to get back into the Miata. "Wait a minute." The boy paused with the door of the car open and looked across at me. "Yes sir?" "Didn't my son give you a ticket for this car?" "Yes he did. I can't figure out how he got the wrong chip." "Well, perhaps he got it because I gave it to him." The expression on the boys face grew even more confused. "How did you get it? If I may ask sir." "It was given to me earlier today, when I brought this car here and had it parked." "You mean it is your car?" "Not exactly. It's his." I nodded my head toward Danny who suddenly had a dumbfounded, open mouthed, look on his face. "No shit!" Danny hissed when he found his voice again. The boy came back to Danny extending the keys to the Miata in his hand. "Sorry for the misunderstanding sir," he said to Danny. Danny took the keys from him, and grabbed the boy and hugged him. I thought the boy's eyes would bug out with this handsome crying boy hugging him tightly. When Danny realized his discomfort, he let him go, and turned his attention to me. He grabbed my chest, and squeezed the breath out of my lungs. Dale, John, and Jack gathered around, and we all stood hugging each other while the boy ran off to get our other vehicle. I got the impression he wanted to get this bunch of queers of the property as quickly as possible. We left Danny to his own devices, and his new car. Jack and the boys and I drove home to a well reserved night of rest. We'd all worked very hard to make the night a special one for Danny, but keeping it secret had been exhausting. I for one, didn't expect Danny to get home before dawn if then. The new toy would prove too exciting to leave alone. John and Dale had a field trip to some mine in Superior that Dale's class had organized. John had begged to go along because although he still hadn't selected a course of study yet, he was interested in Geology because Dale was. The boys left early and Jack and I had a lazy morning over coffee and toast. We had no plans, but about eight in the morning we saw we'd have to make some so Danny could have the house to himself. He pulled into the carport, and brought the boy from the car park into the house with him. He poured two cup of coffee, and joined Jack and I in the den. He introduced us to his new friend Bill, and the two boys sat on the carpet in front of Jack and I on the couch. Danny put his hand on my knee and squeezed. His touch conveyed his complete understanding of what his family had done for him. None of us spoke for a while, content to sip our coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. "Are you guys gay?" Bill's question held just a touch of shyness about it, and his voice may have wavered with a bit of fear. He was wondering what he'd gotten himself into. "Yes." Danny's confident statement, let him know that if he was going to be angry, that he'd not be welcome for an instant. Bill sipped his coffee, for a minute, before finally shrugging his shoulders. He smiled at Jack and I and then looked at Danny with what appeared to be admiration. "I've wondered what that might be like." He looked at the steam rising from his half empty cup, and then back at Danny. "I think I might be gay too, but I've never done anything about it. My mother and father would kill me if they thought I was a..." he caught himself before he said the word fag. "We've all been there at one time or another Nn Child Models Photos son." Jack put his hand on Bill's shoulder and patted him. Bill looked at him briefly, and nervously looked back down at his cup. "Come on Jack," I said, getting up from the couch. "We need to get going if were going to get to Sedona for lunch today. He grinned at me and stood up as well. "We'll be out of here in half an hour Guys." Jacked winked at him and Danny watched us walk out of the room with a loving look. "Are you hungry?" I heard Danny ask Bill as we walked down the hall to the bedroom. When we got out of the shower, which we'd taken together to speed our exit, we could smell food being prepared. By the time we were dressed, and ready to leave, Danny and Bill were just finishing their breakfast. They were talking quietly when we stuck our head into the dining room and told them we wouldn't be back until late in the evening. The boys waved to us and we left them to explore their new friendship. Here, I'm going to let Danny assume the narrative, because I believe he can tell you what happened better than I since he lived it and not I. `Bill was really nervous when he realized I was interested in him sexually. He seemed pleased that I found him interesting, but he wasn't sure he could go through with having sex with me. I was cautious with him, and he let me touch him as we talked about what it might be like. `We said good-bye to dad and Jack, and they left us alone in the house. I asked Bill if he was tired, and wanted to sleep for a while, but he said he was too nervous to sleep. I suggested a shower, and he thought it might be a good idea, since he was still wearing his work clothes, and he was feeling a little dirty from the long night we'd spent driving around in my new car. `I'd learned his parents were working class people, and lived in South Phoenix. They owned their home he'd said, but they were constantly having money problems. His dad was Mexican, and his mother was white, with some American Indian blood on her mother's side of the family. We'd driven by his house so I could see where he lived about 3 AM. A light was on in the back of his house, and he'd Nn Child Models Photos told me they always left it on for him when he didn't make it home from work before they went to bed. He had to take a bus home, and it was often hard to get the last bus if there were late parties at the hotel. `They didn't Nn Child Models Photos seem to worry about him, and his father always joked with him about all the pussy he was getting from the rich gringo bitches at the fancy hotel. He hadn't the nerve to tell his father he was still a virgin to sex except with his hand. His dad had bragged that he'd lost his virginity by the time he was eight to a whore who lived near his house in Juarez, Mexico, who liked little boys. He suspected his father still fucked around on his mother, but she didn't seem to care. `I took him up North on 17, and we roamed the back country roads for part of the night, and once when we were parked overlooking Lake Pleasant, he let me hold his hand. By sunrise, we were talking freely about the problems we each had growing up, and I told him how my biological parents had kicked me out of the house when I came out to them. He was afraid that would happen with him as well, and was determined to not let it happen to him. `He supposed he'd marry and have kids, and suppress his feelings when he saw a handsome man he liked. He didn't think there was a future as a gay man for himself. I didn't try to convince him with words, but I wanted to show him that he might be wrong. I took him home to meet dad and Jack. I knew Dale and John would be gone, and with any luck, we might have an opportunity to explore each other's body. I knew he wanted it to happen if only to say he'd experienced something once he'd thought about as he'd said ever since he could get hard. `When I showed him where the shower was, I put out a fresh towel for him, and a robe that I never used. I told him I'd take a shower in the master bedroom bath, and see him in the den afterward. I left him in the bathroom, and went to clean up myself. I could hear him singing in a beautiful voice, as the warm shower lifted his spirits. The soft Spanish words filled the house with emotion, and I wished I could understand them. `I took his soiled work clothes, while he was obscured with steam, and put them into wash in the laundry room. By the time he'd stopped singing, and appeared in the den again, I was sitting there on the couch in my gym shorts and tshirt, watching a porn film that I'd found already in the VCR. `He was wearing the robe, and I told him I was washing his clothes so he'd have something clean to put on when they had dried. He smiled and sat on the edge of the couch and noticed the porn playing for the first time. I'd muted the sound, so it was silent. I hate the artificial moaning and groaning on the soundtracks of most porn, and found the action on screen more stimulating without it. `The guys on the screen were just going about groping each other. They'd met in a supermarket checkout line, and had made eyes at each other. In the parking lot, they made arraignments to meet at on of their apartments. One of the guys was wearing a wedding ring. I didn't for a minute believe he was really married, but it was the plot of this particular bit of stimulation that he was playing a straight man with a wife at home. Why he was doing the grocery shopping was never explained as far as I knew. "Look," Bill pointed. "That guys married." I let it slide, not wanting to burst his bubble. He slid back on the couch, and I took his hand in mine again. He didn't pull away, and we sat there watching the action progress from groping to putting hands into each other's Levis. The gay character, dropped to his knees finally, and opened the married guys pants and took his hard dick out and stroked it a little. They were mouthing silent words to each other, and then the guy on his knees, swallowed the cock whole. `I felt Bill's hand tighten in mine, and his breathing changed slightly. I glanced over at him, and he was totally engrossed in the blow job going on on the TV. He glanced nervously at me, and a brief smile played across his lips. I wanted to kiss him, but didn't for fear he'd not take it well. `I squeezed his hand tightly, and let the back of my hand holding his, brush across his lap. He was beginning to harden under the robe. I let his hand go, and leaned back to watch him and the effect the porn was having on his body and mind. After a moment he turned to me, and asked if I'd ever sucked a guy like that. `I admitted I had, and he wanted to know if the guy I'd sucked had cum in my mouth. I told him that was the best part of the blow job, was getting the cum and swallowing it. He swallowed when I told him this, as if he was experiencing the load of cum he'd always dreamed about. `What do you think,' I asked him, and he turned to me and took my hand in his again. I looked at him struggle for words, before I helped him out. You want to try that? I nodded at the screen. He took a deep breath and nodded silently at me. `So take off the robe then. He stood up and untied the strip of Nn Child Models Photos cloth that held the robe closed. I pulled the tail of the cloth and it slid off his beautiful creamy colored body. His nice seven inch uncut cock, was standing hard in a parallel line with the floor. I slid to my knees and took his beautiful phallus in my hand. I examined his silky cock's foreskin, and then stripped him back to reveal his glistening purplish head. I licked an ooze of clear precum, and he shivered when my tongue touched his sensitive head. I knew he wasn't going to last long, so I decided to just go for it and swallowed him whole. `He groaned, and arched his back grabbing for my head as he rose up on his toes for balance. I felt his hips pump his hardness into my mouth a couple of times, and then he was blowing his load across my tongue. I bobbed on him a few times, and swallowed his sweet semen. He was shivering and trembling with his torso hunched over my head, and holding my head to him with his strong arms, doing his best to keep me impaled on his dick. I think the boy liked it. As his breathing returned to normal, he softened a bit, and I felt him relax his grip on my head. I leaned back on my heels, and he slipped from my mouth. He shuddered, and sighed and Nn Child Models Photos then sat back on the edge of the couch. I joined him there, and took the opportunity to kiss him lightly on the cheek. `He put his hand on his cheek where my lips had touched him, and smiled. I leaned back smiling at him, and my own hardness tented the front of my gym shorts. "Man," he reached out and squeezed my cock through the cloth of my shorts with his left hand. "You've got a big dick on you." `I humped into his grip, and asked him if he wanted to see it. He said he did, so I peeled out of the knitted shorts, leaving me laying there beside him in my tshirt and nothing else. He reached for m shaft, and took hold of it gently. "I've never touched another hardon before. This feels incredible." "I does, I said, and let him fondle my hardness. "Can I jack you off Danny? I'd like to see you shoot your cum." `Sure, if you don't want to suck me, that's better than nothing. "I'm not sure I can suck a dick. It doesn't seem right. for a man to suck dick. I guess it's my upbringing. I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved you sucking mine, but I just can't imagine sucking a cock myself." `that's OK Bill, you can play with my cock all you want. I like the feel of your warm hands on it. I laid back and he started jacking on me slowly., letting his right hand fondle and play with my nuts. I could see he was getting hard again himself, and reached to his left nipple and pinched him there lightly. He sucked in his breath, and pulled in his stomach. His cock bounced between his legs, and a dribble of transparent liquid emerged from the tip. `Bill jacked my dick, until I was moaning with pleasure at his touch, and wiggling around on the couch a little. I hissed that I was about to cum, and he leaned over my cock head, continuing to stroke, and watched my dick closely as my nuts drew up to the base of my shaft, and I let fly. The first glob hit him in the face, and was quickly followed by a glob in his open mouth. He pursed his lips and the third shot creamed his lips and squirted across his face and ear as he turned his head. By the time I finished shooting my load, he was pretty well creamed all over his head, and ropes of my jism were dripping from his face and hair. `His breathing was labored, and I saw him swallow the shot that had made it past his lips. He tasted the essence of my nuts, and then his tongue licked out and swiped across the pearly liquid sticking to his lips and cheek. `He finally let go of my cock, and laid back on the couch. He was hard as stone again, and I asked him if he wanted to cum again. He said he was too tired, and needed to sleep some. He wasn't telling me anything I didn't feel myself, so I took his hand, and used the remote to kill the TV and led him back to the master bed. I peeled out of my tshirt, and pulled the covers back, we climbed into the bed, and I spooned myself into his front, and felt his still hard dick nestle right where I wanted it. We dozed for a few minutes, and just before I fell into a deep exhausted sleep, I felt his cock nudging my butt hole, and knew in my dreamy state, that when we woke up, things would be different. `Bill put his arm across my chest, and I felt him exploring for my cock, which he gently took its flaccid length into his hand and held it gently. I drifted off to sleep, with his deep breathing filling me with a sense of pride, that I'd found another man in the world to share my love with.' End

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