Related article: Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 08:42:39 +0000 From: Jo Vincent Subject: Aladdin's Awakening: Part 41Usual Disclaimer: If you are not of an age to read this because of the laws of your country or district please desist. If you are a bigot or prod-nosed fundamentalist of any persuasion find your monkey-spanking literature elsewhere and keep your predilections and opinions to yourself. Everyone else welcome and comments more than welcome.This is a very long tale. It unfolds over a good number of years. What is true, is true: what is not is otherwise. If you have trouble with the English educational system let me know. ALADDIN'S AWAKENING By Joel CHAPTER 24 Sunday April 16th 1944I was rudely awaken by a vigorous prodding in the ribs. "Hey, come on Jacko, wake up, it's nearly half-past seven!" Matt was already washed and dressed and I was still slugging. I'd slept very well, all that wine and the exercise I supposed. Breakfast and more exercise riding home this morning were the next things to concentrate on. I slid out of bed to be met by a guffaw from Matt. "Doesn't it ever lie down?" he chortled, pointing at my early morning rise. I was very conscious of new weight in the stiff, bent back object. My surmises of the previous night were noticeably true. "You'd better deflate that thing before breakfast," Matt said, still giggling, "Here I'll give you a hand!" He grabbed at my tool and began to wank me roughly. I ducked Hussyfan Model Pics away from him and pulled my rod from his fist. "Hey, Matt, don't be so rough," I said plaintively, though needing sweet relief, "Come into the bathroom." There I was more properly dealt with and, given the couple of almighty outpourings I'd had the previous night, there was a very substantial amount this morning. Matt whistled through his teeth as he gripped my jerking rod as it all spurted out splashing against the tiles at the back of the sink. "You don't half make it, don't you?" he said, with a tinge of admiration in his voice. "You don't do so bad yourself," I replied, secretly very proud as the final drop fell from my knob. I reached back and rubbed my finger up the front of his shorts. "Don't you want it today?" I asked. He let go of my dick most unceremoniously and dropped his rugger shorts and pants and waggled his already semi stiff shaft which rose and hardened rapidly. "'Cause I do, I got dressed as it was getting late. Do it quick then." I stood behind him and swiftly got him squirting his spunk all over the washbasin where it joined my deposit. When he'd finished I nudged him in the back pointing at the cascade of pearly drops. "Mucky boys aren't we? Anyway I've got to get dressed. I shan't wash this morning as we've got that cycle ride so you'd better clean all this up." He didn't demur and I left him to it. I was just doing up my shorts when the usual bumping at the door occurred. I let Bran in who went through his usual greeting ritual and then sat patiently while I finished dressing. I was just scraping through my unruly locks when Matt joined us. "Hi, Bran," he greeted the dog, then turned to me. "All clean, shipshape and Bristol fashion in there, as mother says." "Do you let her clean it up when you do it at home, then?" I asked mischievously, "Must be a full time job, eh?" He jabbed a fist at me. "Don't be daft! Of course I make sure I've cleaned it up!" He chuckled, "But I don't often do it there, I prefer it in bed, don't you?" Hussyfan Model Pics I had to agree, nothing better than lying down, cock in fist and idly, or even purposively, having a good time. I did say I liked to watch myself and he admitted he Hussyfan Model Pics did as well. I looked at my watch. We were going to be late for breakfast if we didn't get downstairs fast. We decided to leave final packing until after and got to the kitchen by two minutes to eight. Miss P had already finished her breakfast but indicated the waiting boiled eggs under the cosy. We set to and I demolished three and a couple of hunks of bread. Miss P wanted to know if we had enjoyed ourselves and we agreed enthusiastically and said we hoped we would be invited again. "I should think you will be," she twinkled, "It livens the place up to have you all here. And it keeps Bran occupied as well." At the sound of his name he looked up from where he was lying by the fireplace, lumbered up and came over and sat by me. He rubbed his face on my bare knee. "He'll miss you when you've gone," she continued, "He really needs a lot more attention." I looked down at Bran who turned his face up and it didn't look as if he was grinning today. "You could come over at Whitsun if you like. Tony asked if he and some of his patrol could have Hussyfan Model Pics a weekend camp here then," she paused.... "...You could stay in the house if you didn't fancy being under canvas with them!" We both thought that would be a better idea and looked at each other and grinned. I wondered to myself who the other members of the patrol would be. Cleggy? Vince? Perhaps even the Fosters! I waited while Matt told Miss P again all about the impending St John's exam and then we went up to finish our packing. I had a quick look at the bottom sheet and noticed a small patch where some come had escaped the attention of the towel or else one of us had shot a bit further than we had noticed at the time. I thought that would give the laundry something to think about but they were probably used to it. Matt wanted to take Piers' diaries but I said he'd better not - we could have another look at them on our next visit. What I had done was to keep the piece of paper with the totals on and that was tucked in my own diary. While Matt was in the lav having a pee I hurriedly brought my own entries up to date and did a quick count up. Matt came back just as I finished. "Have I beaten you this week, Matt?" I asked, "Eighteen times from last Sunday to last night!" He grinned from ear to ear. "No you haven't! I've just been counting up in my head and if I haven't made a mistake it's nineteen for me! So, I've beaten you and Piers!" he concluded triumphantly. "As well as beating your meat!" I riposte. "You helped and look what you've done and I haven't. That counts twice I should think! You wait, I might want to do it to you!" The thought of that enormous tool aiming at me made me clench my buttocks. Still, I suppose if he let me I'd better give him a chance. We finished packing in silence broken only by him muttering over all his things as he stuffed them into his haversack. We were downstairs just after nine to be met by Mrs Crossley with a carrier bag each to carry on our handlebars and eggs to go into our already laden saddle bags. I peeped into my carrier bag and spied a plump chicken and a piece of cheese. Mrs Crossley smiled and said Lady Bing had brought the cheese and she thought we would like to have some to take home. The chickens and the eggs were from her and we'd better not say where they came from! She thanked us both for coming! And me for playing as I had entertained them all very well. I hope we made it clear how pleased we'd been to have been entertained so well and we promised to make every effort to come at Whitsun. Bran followed us all the way to the gates and we both gave him a big hug and promised to see him at Whitsun and we rode off homewards. Of course, as soon as we were out of earshot of the Manor, Matt made the remark that there would be plenty of coming at Whitsun if the Scouts were there as well! We arrived back on the outskirts of Kerslake by twelve o'clock having been hailed by three passing conveys of army vehicles, this time with one squaddie shouting out something about what he was going to do to the Mademoiselles and the Fr„uleins. Something was up, but what? We parted with the arrangement that Matt would be round for revision and photo inspection at two the next day. Ma said she was pleased to see me, but how grubby I was. She was very pleased with the foodstuffs and then said I'd better get up to my bedroom and clean up as the Buchanan boys were coming for lunch. Before I could question her further I was shooed upstairs and so made a graceful exit. I was just tying my tie after washing and changing when a tap on the door heralded the arrival of Tom still in his Boys' Brigade uniform. He took one look at the array of dirty clothing strewn over the bed and grinned. "Had a good time, eh? Did you fall in the mud?" He pointed at one of my shirts which was liberally coated with debris from our exploration of the wood surrounding the Manor. I screwed up my nose and said I hadn't and we'd had a good time and perhaps some time he might get invited there as well. He plonked himself down in my chair and picked up one of the Boy's Own Papers stacked on the desk. "Where did you get these?" he asked, "Can I have a look when you've finished?" Goodness me! Tom's brain was crying out for some exercise at last! "Of course you can," I said and added with a grin, "They haven't got hyphens in like Chick's Own, though." He took a moment to digest that. Hussyfan Model Pics "I'll pull your bollocks off, cheeky sod," he muttered and turned to grab at me. I moved rapidly away. "And why are you having lunch with us?" I asked. Tom leaned back in the chair. "Mum's had to go up to Scotland to finish off great uncle Robert's things up there. She's not back 'til Tuesday so we've been looking after ourselves though we went to Betty Briggs' for food on Friday." "Who's Betty Briggs?" Tom had the grace to redden slightly. "Don't you know her?" I shook my head. "She and her sister are at the girls' school where mum teaches and we've been playing tennis with them. At least Dunc's been playing properly and they've been teaching me. Dunc should have been revising so mum'll be livid when she finds out, He's only got a fortnight before his exams and Mary Briggs' the same and her mum's not very pleased either." I sat and looked at Tom saying nothing and he continued. "Dunc's keen on Mary. Do you know her?" "No, I don't know either of them. Are you keen on Betty." The slight redness reoccurred. "Not really, only met her this week, she's OK," he mumbled, "Play's tennis OK, though. Anyway what have you done?" I explained about Roo and Tony having to come home because of the quiz. I left out the boxing-glove treatment of Matt and our other amusements. I told him about the Duchess and Lady Bing and was interrupted by someone banging the gong which usually remained hidden under the stairs. We were no slouches in going down and found Duncan, also still in uniform, gong-stick in hand. "Come on you two," he said perkily, "Grub's up - I mean, luncheon Hussyfan Model Pics is served!" Something was going on between those two. Nothing was said but the redness kept appearing on Tom's face from time to time and it was each time Duncan grinned at him. I noticed Pa had spotted it too, but no one remarked on it. Anyway, we had a good lunch and afterwards as Pa had some work to do I sauntered back to No. 22 with the two boys. I was lounging on Tom's bed while he was changing out of his uniform when Duncan came in unannounced. "Hi, Jacko," he said very affably, "Did you have a good time with Master Matt the Merry Mariner?" "Oh, you mean Chopper Ward the Liniment King?" Tom looked from me to Duncan and back again with a look of bewilderment on his face. "What are you talking about? Who's Chopper Ward?" he demanded. Duncan was guffawing. He crossed over to Tom and put his arm over his shoulder and addressed me. "And has this libidinous loon told you he's been ogling little Betty Briggs and her bouncing bosom, eh?" "Don't be so rude about Betty," said Tom defensively, Duncan clutched tighter at Tom as I shook my head. "He's discovered the fascination of the female form and he's been very busy, haven't you Tom?" Duncan continued, winking at me. "I can tell you Jacko, never has a maggot been so galloped, a pudding pulled, a gherkin jerked, nor a donkin flogged as this boy has demonstrated this week!" He lowered his voice conspiratorially, "In fact, I can tell you that last night it was more like a dead horse being flogged from the noise in here!" I collapsed in giggles as Tom went a deep shade of red and tried to get away from Duncan. "You've been teasing me all morning about it!" he expostulated, "I saw you talking to Andy Symes on parade and I bet you were telling him and then you were grinning all the time at Jacko's." He paused for breath. "Anyway, you said Mary Briggs' would give you blue balls or whatever and I bet you've done it plenty too!" Duncan gave Tom a final squeeze, let go and addressed me in a confidential tone. "You see, last night I was just going along the corridor and there was his door wide open with him wheezing and gasping like a clapped-out old carthorse, so I peeped in and he was going at it full pelt, bedclothes all awry! I made my excuses Hussyfan Model Pics and left!" "I didn't hear you!" said Tom. "Proof, Jacko! He doesn't deny it! The poor lad was so far gone in his torment! Come here!" He grabbed at Tom but he eluded him so Duncan continued. "And he didn't even hear me the night before, either. Friday night I stood outside for ages and he was grunting like a stuck pig!" He screwed up his face. "Ngh! Ngh! Ngh!, just like that!" "Pig yourself!" Tom said heatedly, "You telling tales on me like that! I'll tell mum you haven't done any revision and she'll get really angry!" He turned to grab Duncan but obviously thought better of it. I thought I'd defend Tom. "And what about you, Duncan?" I asked ingenuously, "Didn't you have to?" Duncan roared with laughter. "What d'you think? But I wasn't so noisy as terrible Tom here." "Matt said he was in disgrace at Fensham because of what he did to you," I continued and Tom interrupted again. "Why was he in disgrace?" he asked me and turned to face his brother. "You never told me?" he accused Duncan. Duncan put his hands up defensively and laughed again. "I don't know what he told you, but I expect it was pretty accurate. He told me some things about you, too!" "I know, he told me all about it so you'd better tell Tom." Duncan sat on the edge of the bed by my feet and launched into his own version of the happenings at Fensham including the re-naming of Matt with the added comment that he was a well-hung young gentleman. Tom listened most intently to everything, laughing like a drain and muttering `Serve you right!' as Duncan described the ball-clutching disgrace and giggling almost uncontrollably as Dunc finished up with a graphic description of being awakened by a wet tongue. I was also having a good laugh at his depiction of the scenes and by the time he'd finished I had a raging hard-on which I endeavoured to disguise by rolling over on my stomach. I had the feeling that Tom was in a similar state but, as Dunc completed the narrative he just said `that's the whole story and nothing but the story', got up and went out. I rolled off the bed rather awkwardly. "Let's see if the old carthorse is OK now," I said, advancing on Tom and undoing my flies at the same time. We found we were both in an identical rigid state. Then, within five minutes, we proved we were both OK, without too much wheezing or gasping, with poor Tom's tennis shirt on the floor getting the full brunt of two hefty jets of spunk. After we'd cleared up and Tom had repeated his lament about his inability to overcome Duncan physically in some way, but wait until he could, etc., etc., he then said he was worried about the mock exams and would I help him with his maths before we went back next week. I promised and then had to listen to a description of his newly acquired tennis prowess and the personal characteristics of Betty Briggs. Not that anything untoward had occurred, the only contact being her hand over his showing him how to hold the racket! This, I surmised, must have led to the over-activity of his erectile tissue. I remembered the effect the knee-nudging had at the reception after the wedding. Perhaps I would be falling for the wiles of females soon! Pa was pleased with himself when I arrived back home. He said he'd solved another problem mainly because of the lack of noise and general mayhem while I had been away, but he was only joking. He was also in a generous mood and I got a double issue of pocket money, so seeing I hadn't spent anything over the past week I was feeling rather flush. Ma put the damper on it by saying there was something called a Post Office which I could visit and put my money towards the victory appeal. Pa said five bob's not going to buy a Spitfire and I retreated before war broke out nearer home! I spent a bit of time sorting out Chris's old clothes which had all been washed during the week and left in tidy piles on the floor. There were two pairs of rugger shorts which looked too small for me so I thought I would give them to Roo and Benno for their young brothers. I'd promised Matt the other pair of corduroy shorts so had a careful look through the Scout pile to see if there was anything else I wanted. One thing I did find was the lanyard Chris was wearing Hussyfan Model Pics in the photo. I decided to keep that and a pair of sock garters with green tags. I put these and everything else I was keeping tidily in my chest of drawers and wardrobe. Then I had a quick peep in my hidey-hole and found everything there was safe and sound. Thinking about the photos and what Matt might say set me off once I was in bed that night, but I think I achieved my goal without too much noise and mayhem. * Monday April 17th 1944 I was up bright and early and decided to go for a run. I put on the jockstrap, the smallest pair of Chris's running shorts and one of his rugby shirts Hussyfan Model Pics and admired myself in the mirror before setting off. I was out of practice and was quite exhausted even doing the distance I'd achieved easily a fortnight ago. Ma was not sympathetic when I staggered, with a little exaggeration, into the kitchen on my arrival back home. It wasn't too bad though as she had made loads of porridge which I devoured ravenously after washing and changing. Pa and Ma were ready to set off for work soon after and I was admonished to do some revision for the St John's exam and also to try Hussyfan Model Pics some of the Grade Eight music Mrs Tring had left for me and not to forget I was having my piano lesson at five today. I said Matt was coming round and we would revise together. They went off and I was left to my own devices. I had a nose round Pa's study and riffled through the sheets discarded in the waste paper basket. Good job I wasn't a German spy as they were mostly complicated looking diagrams and calculations and looked highly valuable. I looked for a book to read and found a couple tucked in a corner. The title of one caught my eye as it was `Sexualwissenschaft' but it was in German. The other one had a Latin title, `Sexualis' something or other, but that was in German as well. I had a quick look at both but there were lots of words I hadn't come across before and there weren't any pictures so I thought I would have a good look at them another time. I did find another Sherlock Holmes book and took that. Next task was to see what Mrs Tring had left for me. I had a go but the pieces were much more difficult than before so I went over my usual repertoire in between and when I looked at my watch saw it was twelve o'clock. Lunch was on a plate in the pantry and it didn't take long to scoff that so I went up to my bedroom to await Matt. I put out the corduroy shorts ready for him and then fished out the various things from the hidey-hole. I was perusing the snaps for the umpteenth time with a rising state of horniness when the backdoor bell rang. I shuffled everything hurriedly under the bed and went down to find a miserable looking Matt. "Hi, Jacko!" he started mournfully, "I can't remember a thing in this book!" He brandished the St John's book at me and came in looking very disconsolate. I thought it might be best to see what we knew before having the light entertainment, so we settled down and went through the book page by page. Actually, we found we both knew it pretty well and Matt ended up much happier. We Hussyfan Model Pics didn't practice any of the bandaging as we planned to get to the hall early and get Pat to help us. That over I gave him the shorts which he insisted on trying on immediately and while he was putting them on I retrieved the packages from under the bed. Matt insisted he had to see the French letter packet first, I suppose to satisfy himself there were three inside and Chris hadn't used one on his sister. He couldn't keep his eyes off the pictures and spread them out over the bed cover. He wanted to know who the others were in the group ones but I said I didn't know. I pointed out that it must be Chris squirting his stuff and he agreed. Then he giggled over the two posed portraits and wondered if Julia had seen him in that state. I had a raging hard-on while all this was going on so while he was bending over the bed I dropped my trousers and pants then put my hand round and undid his flies. He was also rampant. We quickly stripped off completely and while he held one of the pictures of Chris I tossed him off. That didn't take long and neither did it when we changed places and he did it to me. As we got dressed again he kept looking at the photos. "Can I have one to keep?" he asked, "Promise I won't show it to Julia." "No, you'd better not," I said, "When Chris comes back he'll want to know where they are and I expect his mum will say I had all his clothes and he'll guess I've got them. I'll give them back to him." "Yeah, I suppose so," agreed Matt rather half-heartedly, "But can I see them if I want to?" "Of course," I said, chuckling, "He might be your brother-in-law some day and you want to know what your sister is getting!" Hussyfan Model Pics He punched out at me playfully. "My sister's not like that!" he said, pursing his lips. "She will be after she's married. Pat told me he heard they do it very night just like you tossing off." "Do they?" Matt sounded worried again. "You mean our mums and dads do it?" "I don't know, but they must have to have had us." "But every night?" "I don't know, that's what Pat said he'd heard." Matt looked pensively at the photos again. I chipped in. "At least yours is bigger than his." Matt nodded but his mind was on other things. "I wonder where he had these photos taken?" He turned them over. "They're a bit like the ones of dad and mum when he was promoted last time. Mum's got them framed in the front room." "But they've got their clothes on haven't they?" "Fool, of course they have, but it's the same type of photo. And they had them taken here somewhere." We had a look but other than the pencilled number and date on the back there was no indication who had taken them. Matt watched as I packed up the snaps and the packet of French letters and stowed them away. "Are they safe there?" he enquired. "I hope so, I've pushed them all along under the floor boards so if anyone lifts this bit up they won't see them." Matt seemed satisfied at this and the promise of future inspections even if he couldn't take one home with him. He left about four o'clock and hadn't been out of the house more than five minutes when the 'phone rang. I was always a bit wary of this contraption as things always seemed rather important or urgent after it was answered. I was in the kitchen ferreting around when it rang so it gave me a start anyway. A strange, deep masculine voice responded to my `Kerslake 967'. It had the sort of accent heard in American films. "Hello there," the caller said, "Is that the Thomson residence?" "Yes," I replied mystified, "I'm Jacko Thomson." "Hello there and I'm your uncle Alfred. Is your father or mother there?" Uncle Alfred? Then I knew. It was my American uncle, married to my mother's elder sister. Why was he calling from America? "No, they won't be back from work until half past five." "Half five, eh? I'll call back after that. Tell them I'm here in England and will come on Thursday to see you. Tell your father the Holy Yank will be in town!" With a click the 'phone went dead. I made a note on the pad by the 'phone. What did he mean by `Holy Yank'? Then I remembered Ma had said he was a theology professor like her father had been. More importantly he was coming to visit us so he must be in England. Why? Where? No doubt all would be revealed later! I told Mrs Tring about Lady Bing and she was rather impressed as she had heard of her and confessed she thought she was dead. I told her what she had said about the various musicians she had known and Mrs Tring was even more impressed. Much more than she was with my stumbling over the first of the new pieces. I was glad to get back home for some food before going to the St John's exam. Ma was all excited as Uncle Alfred had 'phoned back while I was out and he said he would be driving himself over all the way from Liverpool. It turned out he was a chaplain in the American Army and had just arrived with a boatload of American troops but he didn't have to be on duty at some camp nearer the East coast until Saturday. Pa said he was looking forward to meeting his brother-in-law again, the Reverend Professor Alfred Bradley Hamilton the Second, as he was quite a character, that's why he'd named him the `Holy Yank' when they had first met. Uncle Alfred had been a student of grandpa's in Strasbourg and had married Ma's sister Annette while there. I was also reminded that I'd got two American cousins too, twin boys, a bit older than me! I cycled off in good time to the exam and found Matt and Benno already at the hall busily practising bandaging on a very patient Pat. When everyone had arrived and signed in the exam started and I didn't find it too bad. There was an elderly doctor there who got me to do two lots of bandaging and asked various other questions. Pat said his dad would tell Pa how I got on and he'd be round with some uniforms on Wednesday. Matt had disappeared by the time I'd finished so I cycled part of the way home with Benno who didn't seem too worried either. I asked him why he wasn't going his usual way home and he said he and his brother Jimmy were staying with his aunt in town as his youngest brother, Jud, had the mumps. We arranged that he would come round the next afternoon for a natter as he said he was a bit fed up. I was very tired when I went to bed and just turned over and fell asleep straight away. That was something which hadn't happened very often in the past few months! * The sleep must have done me good. I was wide awake by half past six so quietly got up, put my running kit on and let myself out of the house silently. I wasn't so winded as the day before and went off on the old long route and saw nobody except a couple of workman going along Hussyfan Model Pics on their bikes. I got back about quarter past seven and Ma was in the kitchen. She wasn't very sympathetic again with my dramatic collapse onto the door mat. In fact, a well-placed toe under my rump made me rise rather rapidly. "Wash and change and then your breakfast will be ready," she said, nodding her head towards the door into the hallway. "And tell your father to hurry as we have to be early today." Before I removed myself from her sight I remembered I wanted to check on something. "Ma, I have had the mumps haven't I?" I asked. "Yes, you have. Let's see, you must have been seven or so," she said, "Why do you want to know?" I explained about Benno's brother and that Benno was coming round this afternoon. She nodded sagely and said she didn't think one could catch mumps twice. I banged on their bedroom door, called out to Pa that he had to hurry, then went and had a quick wash and change ready for breakfast. Pa was already down and laughing about something. "Good job you've had mumps already," he said still smiling hugely, "Not a good thing for young boys your age to catch, very painful." "Why's that," I asked. "Painful swellings where you don't need them..," he began, but Ma interrupted him by plonking down two rounds of toast on the plate in front of him. "No need to frighten the poor boy," she said, "If he's had the mumps already he can't catch it again." "I bow to your superior medical knowledge, my dear," he said to Ma, then directed his gaze on me, "But if you have unwanted pains, straight to the doctor's with you, chop, chop!" "What d'you mean?" I asked plaintively as going to the doctor usually meant something awful. He shook his head, "Nothing to worry about, old boy, your mother says, but I hear the swelling's dreadful at your age." Ma laughed as well. Hussyfan Model Pics "Leave him alone, he won't catch mumps now!" I obviously wasn't going to find out any more so silently devoured a hearty breakfast with Ma and Pa leaving me in the dark about the dire effects of the dreadful disease. I found plenty to occupy myself with during the morning and I was rooting about in the garage just after two when Benno arrived. He helped me straighten my handlebars which somehow had come adrift and at the same time enlightened me about the effects of mumps on boys of our age. So, the unwanted swellings would be centred on our most delicate parts and he informed me, could make us sterile. That was a bit of silence-making intelligence and Hussyfan Model Pics I surreptitiously felt in my pocket to check my balls were still their normal size. As we went indoors I asked him if Jimmy had had the mumps. He grinned and said he had. In fact, both he and Jimmy had the mumps at the same time when he was six and his brother was four. By this time we were sitting in my room so I asked him if he had found out more about Jimmy and... "You mean, when did he started beating his meat?" he interrupted me, "Oh yes, I have." He stopped and giggled. "I found out last week," he continued, "'Cause now we're staying at Auntie Jessie's we're having to share, you know, sleep together." He looked at me and grinned. "I did what you said your cousin did. When we were in bed the first night, it was all quiet so I started doing it to myself and, d'you know what, the little sod started to do it to himself at the same time! And it didn't take him long, either." "What happened then?" I asked him. "Oh, we had a long talk and I found out he'd seen me do it in the bathroom one day when I thought everyone was out and he'd tried it and found he could make stuff. He wanted to know all about it so I told him, then we did it to each other." "Did you have a good look at him?" I asked, intrigued at the precocity of this twelve year old. "Um, of course," he answered, "He wanted to see me properly as well so we had a good look at each other in the morning. He's only got a tiny bit of hair, I think it's about the same as I had at his age." He paused, as if measuring in his mind's eye. "And his dick isn't all that big. It gets longer when it's stiff but it's still very stubby, mine was bigger than his when I started." He laughed again. "It just fits two fingers and a thumb!" He waved his hand back and forth much to my amusement. I went over to the chest of drawers and picked up one of the smaller pairs of rugger shorts. "D'you think these'll fit him?" I asked, holding them up. "Gosh, yes," Benno said, looking very pleased, "Can he have them?" I explained about being given Chris Gardiner's togs - but not about finding the photos - and that his brother might as well benefit as well. I'd just finished saying this when the back doorbell rang. I'd completely forgotten that Tony was coming round this afternoon as well and there he was. "Come on up," I said as I ushered him in, "Benno's here. We took our St John's exam last night." Tony's eyes lit up, "Oh, Benno's here," he repeated, "Good!" He followed me up the stairs and I remembered to ask how the quiz had gone and he said their troop had won hands down and Rabbity was very pleased even if he had to sit with his foot up on a chair all evening. After greeting Benno he wanted to know what I'd been doing since he'd left Ulvescott. I told him about Lady Bing and the Duchess and they both giggled over the old lady's treatment of her daughter. Tony said he'd heard Aunt Mary talk about them but he'd never met them. "Tell him about your brother, Benno," I said when I'd finished my tale, "Then he'll tell you about his Scout camp last year." Benno told the story again and Tony wanted to know how often his brother was doing it 'cos that young Sam Catt was at it all the time. Benno was much amused and said he really didn't know. He only knew of the times he was present and that was once a day at least. What the lad did the rest of the time he didn't know but he'd find out. "How's your competition going, Tony?" I asked hoping to start the ball rolling as I was getting rather horny. Tony shrugged his shoulders. "Three to go," he replied quietly. "Who?" I asked. "Pete Fry, Danny Ross and you know who?" he said with a grin. "What's that?" asked Benno. Now or never. I winked at Tony. "Tony, Roo and Cleggy have a competition on to see who's first..." Benno laughed and interrupted me. "Yeah, I know, to see who tosses us all off first! Isn't it? Ned Carter told me on Saturday 'cause I was round there and he said they were all after me." "Come on, Benno, then, be a sport!" I said, "I'll be referee!" They both laughed and Benno obligingly dropped his trousers and hoicked off his shirt and vest. Tony did the same and I threw down the trusty towel. Benno's brother might only have a small stubby prick but Benno was growing fast. Both he and Tony went stiff very quickly and I could see Benno's thin wiry tool was about an inch longer than Tony's even though he was younger. I wasn't going to be left out so I joined them by stripping off as quickly as possible and was pleased to see my cock beat them both. I was growing even faster. "Hey, Benno, come and stand here," commanded Tony positioning both of them so he had a clear view of what he was about to do in my wardrobe mirror. I stood by the side and watched, my cock aching for a helping hand. Benno didn't take long before he produced several squirts of come and stood panting for a few moments before he and Tony changed places. Tony was no slouch either and a little arc of pearly liquid shot from his knob after a couple of minutes of Benno's vigorous pounding. By this time I'd produced a large drip of clear stuff which hung from my knob end. "Look at the poor boy," said Tony, "You'd better put him out of his misery, Benno, I had to do that for him more than once last week!" Benno took my tool in his whole fist and as he wanked me he whispered over my shoulder, "Gosh, Jacko, you're much bigger than last time." I didn't disappoint him either with my display because he must have just got the beat right and pulled down just as I shot the main part of my load. It missed the towel and spattered over the wardrobe mirror which gave them both a great fit of the giggles. "Crikey, Jacko, my mum uses water and vinegar to clean her mirrors," gasped Benno as he let go of my still throbbing shaft. "I don't know what my mum uses but she doesn't ask me to shoot all over ours either," guffawed Tony. Funny ha ha! I picked up the towel and rubbed the mirror down with the dry side. A smeary mess was the result. They were laughing again. "Here, let me," said Benno taking the towel from me. He carefully rubbed over each particle until the mirror was once again bright and shining. "There, I bet it's never been so clean before. That's it, folks, Jacko's Patent Mirror Cleaner, produced while you wait," he announced, "Three quick rubs and the job's done. One shilling for the towel, but the boy comes free!" "He Hussyfan Model Pics always comes free," chortled Tony, "First time I did it to him it went all over my chest of drawers." "I hate to correct you," I said primly, "But old Campion would say I came freely." "You mean, he's tossed you off?" Benno said questioningly. "No, you clot, but if it's proper English, you don't come free, you come freely." Tony laughed again, "It's both Hussyfan Model Pics with you! You don't charge, so it's free and there's plenty of it, so it's freely produced." "OK, OK," I said, "I agree. What about you, Benno, are you free?" His cock was already beginning to stiffen again. "Always, want to try?" Needless to say we had another round with me doing to Benno, then to Tony and finally Tony made me shoot another load, this time only over the towel! We got dressed and Tony told Benno some of his tales which caused more hilarity. In the end Benno had to go at four o'clock. He thanked me profusely for the shorts for Jimmy and I saw him out. Tony was leafing through a Boy's Own Paper when I got back and wanted to know if I'd got them from Chris Gardiner as well as the Scout togs. I said I had and got the bundle of shirts and other things out which he picked over and decided what he wanted. "I'll take these things for Roo, shall I?" he asked, holding up a neatly ironed shirt against his chest. "Yeah, of course," I replied. I thought for a moment and had an idea. Tony knew all sorts of people so he might be able to identify the others in the photos. "Hey, Tony," I said, "If I show you something promise you won't say! Scout's promise?" "Yeah," he said, his eyes lighting up with interest, "Scout's Honour!" He already knew my hidey-hole so I didn't make any secret of that but reached in and pulled out the bundle of packets. "What's that lot?" he asked, full of curiosity. "Wait and see," I said and chose the packet with the boys in the changing room. I opened it and spread the photos on my desk. "Who are these? I know which one's Chris Gardiner but I don't know the others." Tony's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Where did you get these? Gosh, that's Huggy's son, Vaughan!" He pointed at a tall boy next to Chris in one of the photos. "And that's Bertie Reynolds, he was in the Scouts, and I think that's Henry Gale's older brother." I explained where I'd found them and Tony nodded. "Good job you took them, wouldn't want his mum to find them." I pointed at the boy Tony had identified as Huggy's son. "I didn't know Huggy had a son." "Yeah, he's Vaughan and he left school while he was in the Sixth Form. I know 'cause Dad knows Mrs Pugh and I've heard him say he left all of a sudden and joined the Air Force and that was before the War started." I spread out the other photos, including the two posed ones. "Gosh, there's a lot! And these are special, aren't they? They're not someone's snaps are they!" He turned the two larger pictures over carefully. "I wonder who took these?" he mused. "Have you shown anyone else?" I said I'd shown Matt 'cause his sister was keen on Chris. Tony made a very rude remark about what Chris had probably done with his cock. I dropped the pack of French letters in front of Tony. "Matt doesn't think so 'cause there are still three in the packet!" Tony sniggered, "Might be a second packet! Anyway, can we have a look?" I told him about Matt and my experiment with the one given to Hussyfan Model Pics me by cousin Gareth and we decided to try these out when we had more time. After further perusal and more discussion I gathered up the photos and popped them back beneath the floorboards. "Can we look at them another time?" he asked. Another Matt! I said we could but not to tell anyone else! Pa had news when he came home. All three of us had passed the St John's exam. In fact, all three of us had got full marks! I was very pleased with myself and celebrated with a nice slow, quiet wank in bed that night! * I was up bright and early again and went off for a shorter run today. Ma left me several chores to do including taking an order to Mr Gale at the butcher's shop. The assistant said it would be delivered later that afternoon. I wondered if Henry would be the delivery boy! Dead on two o'clock I saw Pat Halloran coming along the road on his bike balancing a parcel on his handlebars. I went out to meet him and took the bundle from him as he parked his bike. "What on earth is in here?" I asked him, as the bulky bundle seemed to contain a lot more than the uniform tops. "There's all the shoulder belts and the First Aid packs as well. You have to carry your equipment now you're qualified." he said, quite sternly. Oh, yes, anyone shot, bombed, or plain run over by a bus, was at the mercy of my limited expertise. I must have looked alarmed. "It's OK," he reassured me, "We always go about in pairs so you have someone experienced to help you. And you get in the football free, too!" This snippet of information was interrupted by the arrival of Matt who, as usual, wore a worried air. "Sorry, am I late?" he asked, "Only I had to take some stuff back to a shop for Julia and that took a time." Pat and I shook our heads and Pat pointed to the bundle I was holding. "No, I've only just got here. And that's your uniform in there." I changed the subject. "Has Julia heard from Chris lately?" I asked, wanting to see the reaction. I was not disappointed. "No, I don't know. Why?" Matt asked, shooting me another worried look. "Just wanted to know. I wondered if he was coming home soon." It was Matt's turn to change the subject. "I was so glad I passed," he said, "Julia told me.." He paused and looked at Pat. "..Your dad told her and said I got full marks. Is that true?" "Yep," said Pat decisively, "Out of the twenty who took the exam there were just you three with full marks and dad was ever so pleased. He's getting the Superintendent to write a letter to your Head." "Oh no," breathed Matt, "That means he'll tell everyone from the platform and I'll feel all embarrassed again." "Not so embarrassed as if I wrote to tell him Chopper Ward has the biggest dick in the class," I said, "Come on, let's go in and try this lot on." Pat was giggling as I led the way in and directed them up the stairs. "We enjoyed ourselves at Fensham, didn't we, Matt?" I heard him say as I struggled behind them with the bundle. "Oh, yes, I think we all did. I was glad I went 'cause I was a bit worried going and playing with all those older ones but it was all OK in the end." Playing with all those older ones. From what he told me he'd only played with one... Oh, he meant Rugby! I dumped the parcel on the bed and Pat proceeded to undo it. Inside were four uniform tops plus our forage caps, badges, white belts and pouches. "I brought four to make sure you had a good fit," he said, "It's probably best not to wear a shirt underneath, just your vest especially in the hot weather." Matt and I obediently stripped off our shirts and put on the tops handed to us by Pat. I did up the buttons and found mine fitted very well. Matt tried on two tops before he was satisfied and then we were told how to wear our hats and pouches and admonished to keep our badges and our shoes shined. We paraded up and down and looked at ourselves in my wardrobe mirror. "Yes, lads," Pat said, looking amused, "You look very smart and you've got to wear your uniform for the parade on Monday." Oh, gosh, I'd got to appear in public all dressed up. Still, if Tom and Dunc can go about in their Boys' Brigade uniform and all the Cadets come to school anyway on parade days in uniform, I don't suppose anyone will notice me! Matt was removing his top and folding it neatly. He had a questioning look on his face again. "Hey, Pat," he began slowly, "Can I ask you a personal question?" "What's that?" Pat replied. "Well, you don't mind if I ask you?" Pat shrugged his shoulders, Matt was being mysterious again. "Well, it's like this," Matt continued, "Jacko says you have to go to confession so you have to keep count.." He paused. "..You know, count of how many times..." He shrugged his shoulders and fell silent. I waited a moment then decided to help him out. "I think what Matt wants to know is whether it's true you had to confess to twenty-six times one week." Pat burst out laughing. "One week! Lots of weeks!! Anyway, who told you? Was it Mike?" I nodded. "Yes, he seemed quite envious of your record." He snorted. "Hnh.. I asked Bernie Gould what he did then I told him about me and he laughed like a drain so he must have told Mike." "Matt's record is nineteen, or at least it was up to last week. Wasn't it, Matt?" "It's twenty-two, actually," Matt said in a low voice. "Since last Tuesday it's twenty-two." "Gosh, Matt, it wasn't on Sunday," I said with some astonishment. He grinned sheepishly. "I had to do it five times Monday and four times yesterday, but I haven't done it today yet." "Come on," I said, "No time like the present. You'd better start now!" I quickly stripped off and displayed a rapidly rising dong. Pat took one look and was out of his things in seconds. Slow-coach Matt took a bit longer so I had a look at Pat who flexed his muscles as his cock also rose. I noticed he had a rather large bruise under his ribs. I remembered he was boxing last Friday. "Did you get that boxing?" I asked, pointing at the purplish mark, "Did you win?" He looked down and rubbed the spot. "Yes, he was a real scrapper and gave me a couple of quick left handers but I won on points." He looked over at Matt who was still not completely undressed. "I beat you Friday and Saturday," he said to him, "'cos I was so worked up after the fight I had to do it three times before I went to sleep and I did it six times on Saturday!" "And then you had to confess?" I asked teasingly. "Not for all, 'cos it was four times on Saturday before I went to confession and then twice in bed." He grinned at me. "Oh yes, it was old Father Herlihy and all I got was two Hail Marys 'cause he couldn't hear what I said. But he said I had to say them 'cause I'd wilfully hurt another creature and the old bugger was at the fight himself cheering me on, the old hypocrite!" By this time Matt had struggled out of his pants and stood up straight. His dick was straight up too! Pat took one look at him. "Holy Mother of God, just look at that lad there!" he breathed admiringly, "Gosh, I wish I'd got one like that!" Matt was looking intently at Pat and I noticed the pair of them were the same height, but the difference in the size of their pricks was most apparent. "I wish I had your muscles," said Matt, also admiringly. "Och, you can get those easily but you can't just grow one like that, can you?" Pat said with a grin. "God, you and Mike O'Brien make a fine pair. He's got a long 'un but yours is like a young ox!" He looked over at me. "And yours is big for a young 'un, ain't it?" By this time mine was straining at the leash as it were but I thought Pat should do it first to Matt. I was near the sink so grabbed a towel and chucked it down. "Go on Pat, have a go!" I said, pointing at Matt. Pat immediately dropped to his knees, leaned forward and, stuck out a long wet tongue. He slowly licked upwards from where Matt's cock met his balls and at the same time ringed his knob end with finger and thumb drawing down his foreskin. His tongue teased under the rim as he pulled up and down quite slowly on Matt's thick prick until very suddenly Matt took a deep breath and a small fountain of come erupted from his slit. The jet arched over Pat's head and splattered down on his naked back. Pat stood up still grasping Matt's still erect dong. "I didn't see it, but I felt it," he said, the spunk trickling down his back. "Did you like Hussyfan Model Pics that, Matt?" he asked. Matt was still breathing heavily. "Oh God, yes!" he murmured emphatically, "That was good!" He reached down and held Pat's tool and began to toss him off facing him. I moved over and stood behind Pat and wiped most of the spunk off his back with my face flannel. I chucked that into the sink and put my left arm round him across his chest while I felt for his balls with my right hand. As Matt pulled up and down I gently kneaded Pat's balls thinking they were much bigger than his pal Mike's were. I stroked his right nipple with my left hand and he pressed his back against me so that my dick was forced against the crack between his buttocks. As Matt pulled so Pat's cheeks massaged my dick. Although I knew Pat was concentrating on what Matt was doing he put his left hand behind him and drew me even closer coating my front with the remainder of Matt's spunk. If Pat didn't come soon mine would be soon between us up alongside Matt's! Pat's buttocks twitched in a great spasm and I knew he'd come. I peered round his shoulder and saw he'd plastered Matt's chest with a liberal amount of creamy spunk. By now I had the most almighty hard-on and felt I was also on the verge of coming. Matt must have let go of his cock as Pat turned and moved behind me and jerked me off rapidly. Poor old Matt had an even bigger second helping of cream on his chest within a few seconds. "Jesus, Mary, you shoot a lot," said Pat as he stopped pounding my throbbing shaft, "What with him with the enormous lad and you fetching so much stuff I feel a bit inadequate." "But we can't do it as many times as you," I whispered as I got my breath back. "And I want it again now," announced Pat, coming round me and displaying a fully erect length again. "Come on, Jacko, you do it to me this time." Matt was still standing there, speechless, streams of spunk running down his front and within a minute or so of my efforts Pat added another load to the two already there. We were all in fits of laughter which dissolved into silence as Matt and I stood face to face and slowly and carefully tossed each other off together. Of course, my load, although a lot less this time, hit him amidships and his come squirted onto my stomach. "Well that's two rounds each, everyone wins on points," said Pat. "Look, you watch while I do it to meself, eh?" His dick was soon Hussyfan Model Pics stiff again and he closed his eyes and wanked himself steadily for about three minutes, never wavering in his beat. Again, I saw his buttocks twitch violently and for the third time he shot. This time it just went over the towel as Matt had prudently moved to stand by me to watch. Pat was a bit red in the face and panting. "That's it for now, eh? But I'll have two more tonight. Pity we can't meet again then 'cos I'm sure you'll be ready for another couple each, won't you?" Matt was still silent. "Matt was worried last week 'cos he'd worn a hole in his skin and it hurt, and he'd only done it nineteen times," I said. "Gosh, mine's always sore," Pat said, "I do it carefully so it doesn't get rubbed raw too much! Still I can't stop, so..." He shrugged his shoulders, "I like it too much, don't you, Matt?" Matt nodded in agreement. His silence ended. "I want it again too," he murmured, his hefty dong rising as he made the pronouncement. Pat and I looked at each other. Pat moved over to him and stood behind him. This Hussyfan Model Pics time I reached out and held Matt's balls as Pat jacked him off. A short, sharp burst of stuff was all he produced this time but the look on his face was seraphic. Pat turned to me. "Your turn now?" he asked. I couldn't let the side down. My dick was rather limp and it felt a bit sore. I nodded. Pat knew exactly how to raise Hussyfan Model Pics a flaccid tool. I went very hard as he massaged just under my knob end. I stood, breathing in and out very deeply as I felt the surges beginning in the root of my prick. This time I didn't produce much but it flew right over the towel and dropped on the lino by the skirting board. It was a good six or seven feet. "Holy God, Jacko!" Pat said and whistled under his breath, "I've never seen stuff fly so far!" "Have you?" he asked Matt. "He does it all the time," Matt said, "And he shoots more than anyone else, too," Pat felt for my balls. "His are the same size as mine and they're not as big as yours are they Matt?. Where does it all come from? And how do you get it to go that far?" "Mike says it's a matter of physics," I informed them, "He says I have a narrow slit and pipe so the pressure's greater." "Trust that bright idjit to know all that," said Pat, "Some other fellah would say you had a big pump in there somewhere." "I haven't, it's all just me," I said, "Anyway, we've all had three and that's made it eighteen in seven days for me." They both laughed. I certainly hadn't beaten either of their records. While we set about wiping each other down and dressing I told Pat we'd found some old diaries at Ulvescott and explained how we knew the lad's code. Pat listened intently as I said he was still the winner because if he was doing it at least twenty times a week that was over a thousand times a year and Piers had done it less that nine hundred. Pat said he didn't realise it worked out like that and he would tot his all up as he made a note before going to confession. There was a rather musty, fishy smell in the room when I came back from seeing them out. I opened a couple of windows and hoped nothing would be too evident. I had a look at the towel. It was rather sticky so I folded it carefully over the rail hoping it would dry out quickly. I sat and made up my diary entries and flicked back to view the accumulating series of dots and crosses. I expect there would be a good few more before my first year ended, not as many as Pat though and probably not as many as Piers or Matt. Still, I shot plenty and it always gave my friends something to remark on as it travelled so far. I was still idly thinking about the day's events when the backdoor bell rang again. I rushed down and who should be standing there but Henry Gale. "I thought it would be you," he said, sounding rather ominous, "Here's your mother's order. Dad says there's a few sausages in there as well." I took the parcel rather gingerly wondering what he would say next. "Anyone in?" he asked. I shook my head. What would come next. "You were one of the little buggers in the changing room, weren't you?" he said quietly in his gravelly voice. I nodded and gave a sheepish grin. He grinned back. "Gave us a fright that did," he said more jovially, "Watch it though, young Thomson, we might get our revenge!" He winked hugely, turned on his heel and departed, whistling Rule Britannia, round the side of the house. Winked at by a Duchess and now by Henry Gale! I turned and went to the pantry and deposited the parcel on the marble slab. At least he didn't try to remove my sweetbreads for somebody's supper! Hussyfan Model Pics Ma wanted to see me in my uniform when she arrived home so I dressed up and paraded before her and Pa. Pa made some remark about making sure he didn't fall off his bike in my presence and Ma retorted that he had been little help when she'd sprained her ankle coming down the mountain. Pa said she shouldn't have been so eager to get him back to her father's house and she threw the tea towel she was holding at him. She then said she wanted the spare room cleared up for Uncle Alfred who would be arriving the next afternoon so Pa and I had that job to do after supper. Three that day was my limit! What with the triple excitements of the afternoon plus the heaving and moving of various bits of furniture I went to bed very tired and slept very soundly. To be continued:-

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