Related article: Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2010 15:26:50 +0530 From: Wohi wohanvi Subject: A few weeks in Karachi Part VIIIA few weeks in Karachi Wohi WohanviDon't read this story if you are not of age or if you are offended by descriptions of sex between males. The story is loosely based on events that took place many years ago when it was still okay to have sex without protection. Today, characters of this story, in similar circumstances would practice safe sex. So should the reader.I would be grateful for any feedback at wohiwohanvihotmail.com_________Part VIII. Hotel IntercontinentalFor three evenings after I returned from my secret visit to Sindh I was invited to family gatherings and met the same relatives again and again. Even the food that was served was more or less the same and after the third party I started feeling a little restless and on reaching home from the party I decided to call Ali, the businessman I had met on the train from Lahore.Ali sounded delighted to hear from me and wanted me to visit him immediately. He told me he would send a car to fetch me. Eventually we decided to meet the next day. I was to spend the whole day as well as the evening and return home the next morning. I would stay with him at a five Star Hotel, where he had a suite booked for a whole month.Once again I lied to the family and told them I was going to visit my friends. They were quite happy I was having a good time in Karachi and didn't mind at all. I was quite excited at the idea of meeting Ali who was a warm hearted man knew how to make me happy in bed.The car came around 11am. The driver drove in silence all the way to the hotel. He told me to wait out as he parked the car. He soon returned as I stood in the porch and escorted me inside to the coffee shop. It was about half full. We went to a table and he told me it was reserved for Ali and his guests. Ali was in a meeting and would join me in ten minutes. He told the waiter to get me what I wanted and then after I had sat down he left. I asked for a coffee and waited, looking around me. All kinds of people locals, Arabs, Europeans and Japanese were sitting, chatting and eating and drinking.My coffee arrived. It was strong and hot. As I drank I realized someone was looking at me. He was sitting alone three tables away. He wasn't a Pakistani but didn't look European. About 45, he had a strong face, piercing eyes and broad shoulders. As our eyes met he smiled showing even white teeth and nodded slightly. I smiled back, a little nervous.Without wasting his time, the man got up and walked towards my table. He stood next to me and said, "I am Ramez from Iran. I Pedo World am staying here in the hotel. Can I invite you to dinner tonight?" While he talked I looked at him. He was quite tall, fit and very hairy. He wore informal clothes. His hands were shapely and large.I told him I was here to meet someone Pedo World else and will be busy. He shrugged his shoulders and told me his room number was 405 and that he would be there after 6pm if I changed my mind. I nodded as he left and went back to sit on his table. He kept glancing in my direction as he had his tea.A little later I saw Ali approaching me, smiling with pleasure, his arms open. I stood up and he embraced me warmly, shook my hands, ruffled my hair and then we both sat down. He asked the guard who came behind him to go and stand outside.He then turned to me and told me he was really happy I could come and that there was going to be a party in his suite in the evening and he had already got clothes for me. He looked really happy and then bent towards me and whispered to me, "I have thought many times about you and what we did together. I am already hard. Give me your hand" he extended his hand below the table and catching hold of my hand, put it on his crotch. He wasn't wearing anything under his pyjamas and his cock was rock hard. I blushed.And then I looked at the table where the Irani man was sitting. He was looking at us closely and from the smile on his face, I could sense he knew what the score was.Ali decided not to order anything and we got up to leave. As we passed the Irani's table he looked up at me and smiled knowingly. His silently mouthed his room number. I found myself nodding as we passed.The lift stopped at the fourth floor and as we stepped out, the guard went ahead. Ali's suite was right at the end of the corridor and I noticed that 405 was only a minute's walk from it. The guard rang the bell and the door was opened by a man wearing the hotel uniform. We went in and sat in the living area. The beautifully furnished suite had two bedrooms and an attendant's room. Ali sat on the sofa and asked me to sit next to him. The guard and the waiter had disappeared into the kitchenette.Ali bent and took me in his arms and kissed me on my mouth, sliding his hands up and down all over my body. I found myself responding eagerly. After a minute he withdrew abruptly, grinned and then said, "Please go into the bedroom and change and then I will join you there". I wondered why he had that mischievous expression on his face but got up and opened the bedroom door. I gasped with surprise and joy at seeing Nadir lying there naked in bed, smiling at me!Without any self consciousness, he got up, came and hugged me, both of us laughing with pleasure. He kissed me and kept hugging me. I was really happy to see him again."Take off these stupid clothes and come and have a shower with me. Ali can join us there. He opened the door partly and told Ali we were in shower.The bathroom was huge and there was a shower as well as a tub. We stood under the shower, soaping each other and laughing like children but soon, Nadir had a hard on and so did I. Nadir kissed me on my mouth and inserted one soapy finger in my hole. We held each other and I could feel his hard cock sticking into me.The door opened and Ali entered. Keeping his eyes on us, he took off his clothes, discarding them on the floor and stroking his cock that was rapidly getting hard joined us in the shower. He came behind me and rubbed his semi hard cock against my ass and clutched me around my waist. I was sandwiched between Nadir and him and the feel of two hard and wet masculine bodies and cocks turned me on. I stuck my ass into Ali whose cock was now rock hard. He found my hole and started to push his thick cock into it. Without much difficultly, he was soon inside me all the way and the familiar feeling of a thick hard cock inside me made me moan with pleasure.As if it was a signal, Nadir sat on his knees on the wet floor and put his warm wet mouth around my hard cock. The sensation of being fucked and being sucked simultaneously was incredible and I started moaning very loudly as water flowed over our bodies. Ali pinched both my nipples and nibbled my neck and ears as Nadir continued to suck my cock expertly; his tongue circling around the ridge of my cock's head. His mouth felt hot and moist and it seemed my cock was immersed in hot honey.Ali was moving in and out of my hole at a steady rhythm, in no hurry to cum. His hands roamed all over my wet body and the sight of Nadir sucking me made him want to fuck me harder. I felt I was about to cum and Nadir sensed it too. He stood up and held my cock firmly in his hard, stroking it and kissed me hard on my Pedo World mouth. Pushing himself into my body, he rubbed his really hard cock against my stomach. His eyes were closed as he also moaned. I was in heaven, sandwiched between the two. Suddenly, without warning, I started to cum, shooting my load. My body tensed and Nadir stroked my leaking cock rapidly as I cried aloud. Nadir continued to stroke as jets of my cum shot mixed with water and fell to the floor.I felt drained and Nadir took my hand and made me hold his throbbing cock. I returned the favour and started jerking him off. Ali was watching all this and kept sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. Nadir was close to his climax and shut his eyes tightly, his mouth a grimace. I continued jerking his swollen cock and then he began to cry out loudly, "Ah, aaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaah",and shot his load. I held his cock tightly as he kept shooting. He then just stood there holding me awkwardly as Ali continued to fuck me.Ali had increased his pace and was now fucking me hard. His hands held me tightly around the waist and I could hear him breathe. He was moaning too as he slammed his cock into me, going very deep inside me. Like before, I could feel him controlling me through his cock and felt he was my master.Very soon, he came with a loud groan, filling me with his hot cum. I could feel him cum again and again, making my passage feel warm. And then he was still as was Nadir who also knew that Ali had finished. The three of us stood under the shower quietly for a while, holding each other.Nadir and I returned to the room naked as Ali changed into fresh clothes; he had to go out for a while. He told us to go down and have lunch and roam around but be back by Pedo World 4pm and wait for him. He then gave money to both of us for lunch and to shop if we wanted to. It was a lot of money. After kissing us both, he left with his guard.Nadir and I kept lying in bed, chatting exchanging experiences and then Nadir told me something that made me feel tense. It seemed that Ali dealt in drugs and sold it to people who smuggled it out. According to Nadir powerful and well known people were involved in this and provided protection to Ali. He then told me some buyers were coming in the evening for an assignment and the party was for them and would be held in the suite.Nadir and I got ready and decided to go down to the restaurant to eat. The restaurant was nearly full but we managed to get a table and ordered. We sat looking around waiting for our food and then suddenly Nadir's face broke into a smile and he nodded at someone. I looked in the direction and found a man on a distant table waving at Nadir. Nadir told me he was and uncle and got up to go and meet him. I was sure the man was not an uncle but an admirer or a lover. It didn't matter to me and I just sat there and nearly jumped when someone quite close said hello to me.It was the man from Iran, standing next to me and smiling. He asked me if he could sit down and after some hesitation I said yes. He sat next to me and asked me softly if I was free to meet him after lunch in his room. He said he liked me very much and would like to spend some time with me. Before answering I looked in Nadir's direction who was talking animatedly with the man who had signalled him.I made up my mind and told the man that I would see him after lunch, in about 40 minutes. The man invited me to have lunch in his room but I told him I was having lunch with a friend. The man got up and left, giving me his room number again.Nadir returned to the table and said he would have to spend some time with his uncle after lunch. I asked him if the man was really his uncle and Nadir laughed and admitted he was a lover and that they were going to spend some time together in the man's room, after lunch."Please do not tell Ali. They know each other and Ali doesn't like him", Nadir requested. I shrugged. It didn't matter to me.Lunch arrived and we ate, chatting about this and that. It was really good to see Nadir and I realized I had real affection for him. As we were having lunch Nadir's friend came up to us and sat down smiling. Nadir introduced him to me. In a minute the man started making suggestive remarks to me and then invited me to join them after lunch. He was a nice looking man and I had no problems except Nadir had not said anything and so I assumed he wasn't keen on the idea. In any case I had a date. I declined politely.We got up after Pedo World paying the bill and Nadir and his friend walked towards the lift. Nadir told me he would see me in the suite at 4pm and the two got into the lift. I waited for a while and then took the other lift to the fourth floor. I walked to 405 and knocked softly. Almost immediately the door opened. Ramez stood there smiling, pleased to see me. He invited me in and then closed the door behind me.He then turned to me and took me in his arms and kissed me passionately on lips. His body was hard and smelled clean. His lips were soft and hot. He held my face in his hands and probed my mouth with his tongue. His hands then began to roam all over my body, pressing my back, holding my ass and pressing his knee between my legs. We were both getting aroused and he started to undress me, opening my shirt while he kissed my neck. Soon I was naked, my clothes lying in a heap at our feet. He continued to kiss me, caressing my body with his large and firm hands. He then lowered his mouth and took one of my nipples in his mouth, nibbling softly and sending a wave of pleasure through my body. I moaned, pressing his head to me.His hand had found its way between my legs and had located my hole. His middle finger was on the hole, stayed there for a moment and then went in, pressing hard. Thanks to Ali, my passage responded to the invasion and the entire finger found its way in.He lifted his face and looked at me with lust in his eyes. He stood up and with his finger still inside me guided me to his unmade bed. He fell on top of me and tried to put yet another finger into me, spreading my legs wide. He kissed me hungrily, his tongue going deep into me.Reluctantly he took off his mouth from mine and withdrew his fingers from my hole to sit up and start taking his clothes off. His eyes looked into mine as he undressed. His chest was so hairy one could barely see the skin. So were his arms. The hair moved down to his stomach and ended in a thick bush around his cock that was thick and long. It was erect pointing straight and the uncovered pink head was glistening with pre cum.He slid slipped off his trousers and his briefs, revealing his hard muscular thighs Pedo World also covered with hair. Fully naked, he came and sat between my legs, putting his hands on my thighs. He then bent and took my hard cock in his mouth and started to suck me very slowly and sensuously. I started thrashing my feet and clutched the bed sheet with my hands, moaning loudly. The sensation of his mouth on my hard cock was sensational. He also inserted a finger in my hole as he sucked. I was now crying out with pleasure and wanted him to fuck me.His mouth travelled down and his tongue found my hole and taking his finger out, he began licking my pussy with his hot moist tongue. My legs were parted wide as he licked, making my hole wet with his saliva. This went on till I started begging him to fuck me. He was holding my rigid cock in one of his hands as he continued licking my hole.Finally he took pity on me and putting my legs on his shoulders placed his rock hard cock on my entrance which was wet and eager to be taken. Very gently he pushed and smiled with satisfaction as his thick and long cock moved in smoothly and effortlessly till its entire Pedo World length was swallowed by my hungry hole. I sighed with satisfaction feeling the hard rod filling me completely. I thrust my hips forward to accommodate him more deeply.He then took almost the entire length out, just leaving the head in and then slammed hard, burying the entire cock in a single stroke. I gasped with surprise and pleasure. He did it again and again, hitting me hard and opening my pussy wide with his thrusts. Each time he slammed, it seemed he was going deeper into me.He fucked me hard for a long time. My hole felt stretched and a little sore as he continued to pound my pussy. His face showed no expression; he kept looking into my eyes. My face showed the pain and the pleasure of the hard fucking which must be adding to his pleasure. Suddenly, he put his hands under me and lifted me as he moved back and then lay on his back, making me ride his cock. My legs were open wide, as I rode his still rigid cock. He could see his shaft as I raised and lowered myself on it.He changed position again, making me lie on my side, one leg bent till my knee touched my shoulder. He came from behind and before I knew, he had slid his cock into my hole which was now totally at his disposal. He entered smoothly and up to the hilt. He had one of his free hands around my neck and the other was playing with my cock. He continued to fuck me with slow and deep strokes. There was something about his technique that I felt his cock massaging my inside in a way that was new.His cock remained hard for a long time and my hole felt Pedo World really open. It must have been after more than 30 minutes that I felt he was going to cum. He started fucking me really hard, biting my neck, pinching my nipples and becoming really rough. His cock would come out and then re enter all the way. As his cock went in, I could hear his body making a slapping sound against my body.He began to cry out while slamming hard. And then he came in gushes, like a geyser. I could feel his load fill me and as his cock continued to move, some of it leaking out on the bed. He did not stop even after he had emptied himself into me. His cock remained hard and he kept sliding it in and out.Finally he was still, his cock, still hard, buried into me. I was exhausted and my hole felt ripped open. After some time, he slowly took his cock out and took me in his arms. He then said, "This was wonderful. Can you spend the night with me?"I told him that was not possible as I was staying with family and tonight I was busy. He smiled and said, "Yes, with your rich boy friend. Is he paying you?" I told him it wasn't like that and that we were just friends."Well, I want to meet you again and so let me know how we can" Ramez was stroking his cock and to my surprise I found he was hard. I didn't really want him to fuck me again. As he started to kiss me, moving his hand between my legs, I tried to free myself telling him I had to go. His held me more tightly. I could feel how strong he was and that I really had no chance of freeing myself. I told him I was tired and felt sore. He just grinned and held me tight, pushing his leg between my legs. His hard cock was rubbing my thigh. I was helpless and decided I couldn't escape. He sensed my surrender and turning me around, he made me lie on the bed on my stomach, a pillow under me that raised my ass. He then entered me from behind, almost brutally, burying his thick cock into my open hole. I could feel the weight of his body and his cock deep inside me.He started to fuck. First slowly and gently but then soon the fucking became a little rough. He spread my legs wide and rode me hard. The already wide open hole was at his mercy and he ploughed it as he wished. I felt like his slave, powerless to resist and took it. He fucked and fucked. After some time, he again turned me around, making me face him. He put his hands under my knees and pushed them till they were touching my shoulder. He looked at my hole and then adjusting his body, placed his cock on the entrance and pushed. My hole yielded immediately and his cock went in smoothly. The pounding started as he kept slamming his cock into me.I felt embarrassed because my cock responded to the rough treatment and got hard. I was beginning to enjoy submitting to his domination. He could also sense it and smiling, he continued to treat me like a slave, his cock penetrating me roughly. My legs had opened wide and I was groaning, my eyes squeezed shut as his cock kept plunging into my deep and moist hole.Suddenly his strokes became slow and gentle. I opened my eyes in surprise and found his face close to mine, flushed with passion and desire. He was breathing hard as his cock withdrew and entered slowly, massaging my chute. It was a wonderful feeling and I put my hands on his back and began to scratch and bite his neck. He grinned and continued to fuck me slowly and sensuously. I continued to bite his neck and his shoulders while my nails scratched his back. My cock was rock hard and I felt I was ready to cum.I begged him to cum but of course he just smiled and carried on. I could feel his steel hard cock deep inside me, massaging my inside and bringing me close to a climax and before I could do anything about it, I shot my load, hitting his chest. I was crying out loudly as I emptied myself. He stopped moving, his cock buried deeply inside me and watched my face as I came and came.I felt exhausted and drained afterwards and could Pedo World feel his thick hard cock resting inside my pussy. But not for long. He started sliding in and out again. He was hard as a rock and his cock felt huge. My hole felt really wide open and I felt it will remain so permanently. I was sure that when Ali puts his cock in my hole later, he would know I have been screwed by a huge cock.Ramez continued but not for too long; mercifully and suddenly, he pushed his cock inside me as deep as he could, held me tight and filled me with his cum. It felt like a big load and his body kept jerking involuntarily as he emptied himself inside me; his seed settling very deep into me.He continued to lay on me, breathing hard. I could feel his weight and the heat of his sweaty body. I didn't have the energy to move and lay there with my legs wide open while his semi hard cock was still inside me. I put my hands on his hard muscular butt feeling his strength. I felt ravaged.He then moved away from me and his cock slid out. I touched my hole with my hand and it was wet and sticky with his cum and still felt wide open. There was a feeling of emptiness inside me.I started to get up but with a smile, he pushed me back on the bed and said, "What is the hurry? I want to be inside you once again". With these words he placed my hand on his cock and I gasped. It was already hard. As I held it my hand, desire began to rise in my body, my hole itching to be plundered again. My cock too began to get hard.After a deep kiss, he opened my legs again and raising them high, took aim and pushed in his thick swollen cock back into the gaping hole all the way till I could feel his pubes tickle my ass cheeks. It felt great to have that huge cock inside me and I responded by putting my arms around his back and holding him tight.He started to fuck me with slow strokes, going all the way in and then taking most of the cock out and then sliding it back. My body and my hole had no resistance left and he used me like a rag doll. He kept changing positions; from behind, from side, my legs bent every which way. He then made me ride his cock as he lay on his back, watching me impaled on his hard shaft.He then picked me and stood up. He lifted me with his hands under my ass making me wrap my legs around him and my arms around his neck, his cock buried into me. He stood with his knees slightly bent and then started fucking me in that position. But it must have been tiring for him as he soon sat down on the bed, with his cock still inside m and kept slamming his cock into me. I clung to him all the time, biting his neck.Finally he turned me around making me kneel on the floor, my hands resting on the bed and entered me from behind. He grasped me by my waist and began pounding my ass with renewed passion. He was fucking me very hard and I was feeling raw. He continued for a while and then slammed his cock in for the last time and emptied himself inside me. He kept coming, holding me tight. Some of his cum oozed out from my pussy and leaked down my thigh.He then held me and pulled me towards him and we both slid to the carpeted floor. For a while we stayed like that, his cock still buried inside me and then very gently he withdrew it, leaving behind a feeling of emptiness. My hole felt sore and on touching it felt a little puffed.Ramez wanted me to spend the entire evening as well as the night with him but I told him that was not possible. He finally accepted this. We went and took shower together. He couldn't stop feeling my body, caressing it, putting his finger inside my hole and moving his soapy hands all over me. I decided to put a stop to it because I knew that he would soon get hard and then fuck me again.I put my clothes on and said good bye to him. He embraced and kissed me and told me I was always welcome to come back. He was there for another week. He wrote down the number of the hotel as well as his room number on his card and gave it to me.I came out and ran to Ali's suite. It was past 4pm and I was late. I rang the bell and after some time Nadir opened the door. He was wearing a robe and obviously nothing underneath. He put his finger on his lips and whispered to me, "I am trying to get the guard into bed. He is feeling shy and if you come he will get switched off. Please go into the other room", he requested. I reminded him that Ali would be coming soon."Oh, Ali came and went out Pedo World to meet someone. He would come after an hour".I heaved a sigh of relief and went into the other bed room and had a shower and then lay down in bed, naked. I was feeling tired and my hole was still sore. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what Nadir was doing with the guard. Thinking about it I went to sleep.I woke up to find someone rubbing his hard cock against my crack. The lights in the room were off. Outside the light was fading and the room was almost dark. I stirred a little and the cock started to push me a little harder. I adjusted myself so the cock was right at the entrance to my hole. I then pushed back my ass and the head of the cock nearly went in. I heard a groan; it was Ali as I had guessed. He pushed gently and as I had expected, my hole took his hard and thick cock in quite easily. He pushed till the entire cock was buried into me.He lifted my leg and bent it towards my shoulder. My hole opened further and he went in a little deeper, sighing with pleasure. His cock inside me again made me feel as if I belonged to him and totally at his disposal. It was not just his cock but his whole personality that made me want to surrender.It of course didn't matter to him. All he wanted was to fuck me again and I was sure that he would fuck me later, after the party. I was wrong!He fucked me at a leisurely pace, making me feel wonderful. My cock soon became hard and I began to stroke it. Ali removed my hand and started to do it himself. After a while he did something that surprised me. He took out his cock, lay me on my back and opening my Pedo World legs started licking my hole with his hot and moist tongue. His tongue felt as great as his cock and I pressed his head my hand and groaned. He was licking it noisily, making Pedo World it wet with his saliva. I kept groaning loudly and spread my legs really wide. He then took my cock in his mouth and began sucking it. I almost screamed, both with pleasure and surprise.And then of course, he re entered my now really moist pussy and began to fuck me again, forcefully and fast. He would take out his cock completely and then ram it in, his body making a smacking sound as it hit mine. Ali was one of the best guys I met in bed and whatever he did made me feel fantastic. My cock was really hard and leaking pre cum as he ploughed me.He sat on the edge of the bed, making me sit in his lap, my back towards him and fucked me like that, holding my cock in his hand. He would raise himself and push his cock in and under my own weight; his cock would go in deeply.Finally we were on the floor as he fucked me from behind, ramming it really hard. My pussy was really wide open; I could feel his cock slide really smoothly. He tensed suddenly and holding me really tight, cried out as he came in gushes inside me. I could feel the hot cum fill me as he continued to fuck me for a minute before he collapsed on top of me, putting all his weight pinning me down to the carpet.We were lying in bed naked when Nadir walked into the room wearing a bathrobe. He climbed on the bed and lay besides Ali on the other side, turned towards him and put his leg on Ali's body. Ali smiled with affection and looked at him, "What do you want?"Nadir rubbed Ali's chest with his hand and then slid it down to his cock that was not yet hard. "Just make you feel good", Nadir smiled back. He started playing with Ali's cock, looking at it. I was feeling content and enjoyed looking at the scene. Ali's cock began to get stiff in Nadir's hand. Ali put one hand around my shoulder and made me turn towards him and said playfully, "Why don't you both work on it?"Nadir and I started taking turns sucking Ali's cock that was now really hard, pointing upwards. It glistened with our saliva. Ali turned towards me as I continued to suck him. He began to groan loudly as Nadir started licking Ali's hole. Ali was really enjoying being sucked at both ends. He then lay flat on the bed, his thick cock pointing towards ceiling and asked Nadir to come and ride it. Nadir needed no encouragement and soon he straddled Ali and began to lower himself on Ali's cock. I held Ali's cock in my hand guiding it into Nadir's pussy. Nadir was moaning as I watched the entire shaft vanish inside him. I wondered if he had made the guard fuck him earlier and whether Ali would find out.Nasir took my hand and it placed it on his own cock as he rode Ali's cock. Ali had decided to just lay there, letting Nadir do all the work. He watched me stroked Nadir's cock. To make Nadir feel better, I bent and began sucking his cock. Nadir cried out with pleasure. With his chute getting massaged by Ali's thick cock and my hot mouth on his cock, he was in heaven.Ali's hand found my ass and two of his fingers found their way into my hole as I continued to suck Nadir. For me, Ali's fingers were as good as his cock and I got hard soon. After some time, Ali made Nadir lie on his back and pushing his legs up, re entered his hole. At one time he made both of us lie on our stomachs and took turns fucking both of us.He finally came inside Nasir's hole, fucking him sideways as Nasir faced me, his cock inside my mouth. I could see Ali's cock slide in and out of Nasir's hole that looked dark pink from inside, stretching it fully and Ali's cum leaking out of it. With Ali's cock still buried inside, Nadir jerked himself to a climax shooting his cum into the bed as Ali held him tight. I just watched the two, feeling great and also jerked myself off as the two watched me.We all lay together, holding each other for a long time and then Ali slapped our butts and told us to get up and get ready for the party. Reluctantly we both got up and after showering together, got ready in clothes Ali had thoughtfully got for us. I wore a white traditional suit with a black waistcoat. Nadire chose a black outfit and looked very handsome with a four day stubble. We didn't know what kind of party it was going to be, except that two buyers were the guests and that they were from the middle east.We went into the living area. Two waiters were getting the food organized in the kitchen. Ali was giving them instructions. One of the waiters was about quite young and had a trimmed moustache. He was cute and had a serious expression on his face as he listened to Ali who was tapping the waiter on the shoulder for emphasis as he spoke. I was sure the kid would get screwed by Ali before the evening ended.Just after eight thirty the bell rang. Ali's bodyguard opened the door and ushered a group of people. In front were two men who wore traditional white robes but no head gear. One was about 30, the other about five years older. The younger man was taller and had curly hair. His features indicated a touch of negroid blood: flared nose, a full mouth and dark bronze skin. He had a full moustache, thick eyebrows and large brown eyes and thick eyelashes. He was very striking looking. He introduced himself as Nabeel.The older men, Rasheed, looked like a typical Arab: intense black eyes, prominent nose and a short beard. His mouth was firm and gave him a sinister look. Behind them stood three other men who wore uniforms and were obviously bodyguards. One of them carried a briefcase. Ali got up and shook hands with his guests and invited them to take a seat. The two sat on the same sofa, adjusting their robes.They drank quite a lot of whiskey. The conversation was formal and a little uninteresting. Both Nadir and I just sat around, offering snacks to the guest politely and sitting together. And then dinner was served and we sat on the table with Ali at the head, the two guests on both his sides and Nadir and I next to them. I was sitting with the younger man on my left.The guests hardly ate; they were more interested in drinking and drank quite a lot. Their bodyguards ate in the kitchen with the staff. After ten minutes or so the man sitting next to me took my hand in his under the table and placed it between his legs. He was rock hard and I could tell he was very big. I looked at Nadir who looked back at me and winked almost imperceptibly. He knew what I was communicating to him. That his right hand was under the table suggested he too was doing the same!My neighbour was wearing shorts under his robe but I could sense the thickness as well as the length of his cock and it was definitely impressive. He was sexy in an animal kind of way and I started getting aroused.Dinner came to an end and we returned to the sofa. Ali offered them cognac and they accepted. Ali then excused himself for five minutes and took both Nadir and I too his bedroom. He then explained that the buyers would make the payment in the morning and Ali wanted to give them a good time till then. He wanted both of us to go with the two men and spend the night with them. He informed us that he did this every time the Arabs came to buy the stuff. He knew their tastes very well. Both Nadir and I of course had no problems and agreed immediately.We returned to the room and Ali introduced us to them as his friends. He told the men we would accompany them to wherever they wished to go in Karachi and would stay with them as long as they wished. The men nodded and looked at us with expressionless faces. Nabeel then extended his hand towards me and made me sit next to him. Rasheed got up and taking Nadir's hand asked him to go with him for a drive. Ali informed him there were cars available. Rasheed nodded and walked towards the door with Nadir, the bodyguards following them.Nabeel got up and said he was tired and would like to retire to his suite and rest. We two got up and came out of the room and walked towards the elevator. When the evevator stopped, Ramez came out of it. He opened his mouth but my expression made him pass us silently as we got in. Nabeel pressed the button and we got off at the ninth floor. Silently we walked towards the end of the corridor and he rang the bell of 901. The door opened immediately by a short well built man who let us in. Nabeel said something to the man in Arabic who nodded and went through a door. He returned with a bottle of whiskey and two glasses, placing them on the table in front of the sofa where both of us sat.Nabeel poured whiskey into the glasses and handed one to me. I took a sip and put the glass on the table. Nabeel smiled and putting one hand around my shoulder put his glass to my lips forcing me to drink more. I didn't really want to but he was quite firm and made me drink most of his whiskey. He then bent and kissed me on my mouth. His mouth was soft and hot and he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. He then pulled his robe up to his waist, revealing his smooth shapely thighs. They looked powerful and strong. He put his thumb into the elastic of his shorts and pulled it down his legs and threw it away. He was now naked inside his robe. He took my hand and placed it on his rapidly hardening cock.I gasped as I held his velvety smooth cock. It was the biggest and thickest cock I had ever seen. I guessed its length to be over nine inches. It was very thick and its base had short curly hair. Nabeel pulled his robe over his head and sat totally naked, his enormous cock pointing upwards.Nabeel had a wonderful body. Practically hairless, it was bronze in colour. He was broad shouldered and had a trim waist. He wasn't muscular but had a very firm body that glowed with good health. His nipples were dark brown and large. He pulled me towards him and started fumbling with my clothes till I was also naked. He held me tight, mumbling, "Beautiful, beautiful", moving his hands all over me. His smooth flesh felt warm on my body and I responded to his caresses and started to kiss him. My mouth slid down to his nipples and then eventually to his beautiful cock and I took its head into my mouth, sucking it gently and sliding my tongue under its ridge. Nabeel groaned with pleasure, opening his legs wide and placing his hand over my head.Soon he stood up and lifting me in his arms carried me to the bed room and placed me on the bed. The bed had been Pedo World slept in and the stains suggested I wasn't his first bed partner. He kissed me hard and pinched my nipples, muttering something as he looked into my eyes. I was under him, lying on my back and his weight pinned me down. He put one of his hands between my legs and found my hole. His finger went deep in and I groaned with desire as well as pleasure.In no time, he had placed my legs on his broad shoulders and was rubbing his massive cock on my hole without making any attempt to put it in. My whole body was on fire, my hole eagerly waiting to be invaded. I placed my hand around his neck pulling him towards me. He bent and kissed me on my mouth. His cock was still just touching my hole and I could feel the huge head as if it was guarding the entrance. I pushed myself forward indicating what I wanted. Nabeel just smiled and holding the cock with his hand, rubbed it up and down on my hole that was eagerly waiting for the attack."Please fuck me. I can't wait any longer", I whispered to Nabeel. As if he was waiting for this, he started to push his cock into me. It was so thick I thought it would rupture me; my fingers clutched the bed sheet and I opened my mouth to scream. Despite the fact I had been fucked earlier by a really big cock several times, I felt Nabeel's cock would rip my hole. I pleaded with him to stop but he continued to push; slowly but with determination. His eyes were locked with mine and looked glazed with desire as he continued to slide his monstrous cock into my hole. I clenched my teeth as the huge head entered me, stretching my hole to its limit. And then suddenly, the head was in and the pain subsided, replaced by the familiar delicious feeling of a cock sliding into me, massaging my chute.I started to breathe again as his unbelievably big and thick cock penetrated me deeply, filling me completely. It was a fantastic feeling; never before I had taken such a huge cock into me. Nabeel was breathing hard and his face was flushed with the effort of entering me. He held my legs by the ankles, opening them wide. His entire length was buried into my hole now and I could feel the wiry pubic hair prick against the region around my hole.He started to fuck me. His cock fitted so tightly that the movement was really slow and it felt heavenly. My own cock became rock hard. He took only half of his cock out each time and then shoved it back to the hilt in each stroke. My chute gripped him really tight and he kept groaning with pleasure, his teeth clenched.He fucked me well over 20 minutes with concentration going in very deep every time he slid his cock in. Twice he changed his position and finally started fucking me doggie style from behind. His cock was now going in and out more easily and my body shook every time he rammed his rod in. He continued and then suddenly he moaned loudly and stopped and I felt hot jets of his cum fill my hole. He kept coming in huge amounts, emptying his balls. He also kept sliding his cock in and out letting some of the cum trickle down my legs. He then collapsed over me, crushing me to the bed, his cock impaling me.I too had come, without realizing and felt totally fulfilled. It was very pleasant to have his naked body pressing me to the bed. I closed my eyes as he kept moving his still hard cock inside me, breathing down my back. We were both silent. After what seemed a long time, he slowly withdrew his limp cock from my hole that felt empty and wide open.Nabeel went out and brought his glass with whiskey in it. He lay down next to me and started sipping. He made me lie next to him, his arm around me. His English wasn't very fluent so the conversation was somewhat limited. He told me he came to Pakistan often and liked Pakistani boys. He also liked European boys. Sometimes both he and his friend shared a boy. In Middle East, it was not easy to find nice men.He was stroking his cock that was beginning to get hard. He put my hand on it and I took over. The cock was really massive even when it was soft. He kept looking at me playing with his rod and then pushed my head towards it.I began sucking the semi hard cock. It filled my mouth and soon I found it difficult to contain it. I licked the shaft, moving down to lick his tight balls. He spread his legs and I started rimming him. He liked that very much and adjusted his body so I could rim him easily. He was now really hard and I held his cock in my hand as my tongue licked his hole.Very soon I was lying on my back. He towered over me, in 69 position, his hard cock in my face and his face buried between my legs. He started rimming me expertly, his tongue trying to penetrate my hole as I sucked the huge head of his cock.His tongue was amazing and made my hole feel hot and wet, wanting to be entered again. In return I sucked him, my lips holding his shaft tightly as it went in. Once or twice I nearly gagged as he tried stuffing me with the entire length of his cockI now wanted him to mount me and indicated by opening my legs wide and raising my pelvis. He too was ready and got up and sat between my legs, kneeling. His huge cock was glistening with my saliva and bobbing up and down. He held it in his hand and placing its tip on my open hole, he pushed it in. Thanks to what his tongue had done, the cock slid in smoothly and very soon the entire shaft disappeared into my willing hole. I felt full again and wrapped my legs around his trim waist, sighing in contentment.He started fucking me, slowly and sensuously. My pussy was stretched to its limit and the friction between its walls and the steel hard cock was sending waves of intense pleasure through my body. I opened my arms and he bent and started nibbling my nipples. Like most men he was looking at my face as he fucked. What he saw made him smile and he continued to fuck, increasing the pace.Soon, he was fucking me hard, ramming his thick cock deep every time he moved in. My hole felt violated and was fully stretched as he pounded. He them lifted me and lying on his back, made me ride his cock. As I moved up and down his Pedo World shaft, he just lay there watching my pussy getting impaled by his shaft. In this position his cock seemed thicker and longer.After five minutes, I lay on my side as he bent my free leg upwards. This made my hole wide open for the entry of his cock. Like an expert, he slid in the 9 inch tool easily into me. Both his hands were free to roam over my body, pinch my nipples, and play with my cock as the cock slid in and out of my unresisting pussy.His cock was doing its job really well and touching me in the right places. My cock was early hard and after ten minutes of being fucked really deep, I found shooting my load as I cried out loudly. Nabeel held my cock tightly as I came in spurts, emptying my load on the bed. The sight excited him and he began to fuck me harder and very soon, came inside me, making loud satisfactory noises.I felt fused with him, his cock deep into me, his seed settled inside me. We lay there quietly. I could sense his huge cock go limp and then he eased it out, the cum leaking out of my hole. But even after withdrawing his cock, he lay next to me, his hands roaming over my body.And then we heard voices in the outer room. Instinctively I jerked and started to get up. He held me back and we kept lying. There was a knock on the door that was closed but not locked. Nabeel said something and the door opened. His partner Rasheed stood there. Next to him stood Nadir. Both wore loose bathrobes open from front revealing their naked bodies. I could see Rasheed was very hairy.Rasheed came and sat on the bed next to me. He took out a pouch and started rolling out joints, after spreading a handkerchief on the bed. Nadir stood behind him smiling. Raheed looked at me and said, "So has my friend made you happy. Shall I make you happier?" I was lying with my back towards him and twisted the upper half looking at him and smiled. Nabeel remained quiet, looking amused. It was obvious the two shared an intimate bond and had played such scenes before. Nadir was eyeing Nabeel and smiling. Soon he came and also sat on the bed. As he leaned on his elbow, the robe fell open and one could see his firm body, his trimmed bush and the fat, soft cock. He made no attempt to cover himself.Rasheed rolled and lit two joints. Taking a joint puff he passed one to Nadir and then after taking another puff from the one in his hand, bent and kissed my mouth, blowing the smoke into my mouth. He then handed me the joint and asked me to inhale deeply. I did and then passed it back to him. Rasheed slipped off his robe and got into the bed next to me, his hard and hairy body touching mine. There was not an extra ounce of fat on his body. It was not supple like Nabeel's but proportionate and athletic. It was covered with thick black hair. Unlike most Arabs he hadn't shaved his pubes Pedo World and his cock was surrounded by a thick bush. He smoked for a while and then bent and kissed me Pedo World hard on my mouth, Pedo World biting my lower lip softly. He then placed the joint between my lips. I inhaled again and he took it from my mouth and took another drag. One of his hands found my nipple and pinched it hard. As I gasped, he placed the joint back into my mouth. I took two drags and returned the joint to him.I was feeling high now and my body was tingling with desire. My nipples were hard and my cock was also getting hard. I touched myself and moaned. Rasheed made me take two more drags and then after puffing hard, put it out. He knew I was now ready for him. He gently made me lie on my back, pinning my hands with his and took position between my legs. I could feel his cock getting hard and poke me in the stomach. I responded by putting my hands around his narrow waist and pulling him towards me and opening my legs to accommodate him.He nibbled my lips, looking into my eyes. His own eyes were jet black and penetrating. There was something cold about him, I felt, as his firm mouth travelled down to my neck and then to my nipples. He then directed my hand to his cock that was now rock hard. Though not as huge as Nabeel, it was big, very thick and of course very hard. My pussy was going to get battered tonight, I thought. And so was Nadir's, I suddenly realized. I turned my head to see Nadir kneeling over Nabeel's body sucking him.My body was on fire and my pussy was itching to have a cock inside. I clutched Rasheed, kissing him hungrily, wanting him to plunder me. Rasheed wasn't the kind to spend time on foreplay. He put his finger in my mouth and after I had sucked it for a while, he inserted it without any warning into my pussy. I jumped but thanks to Nabeel's hard fucking, the finger went in very smoothly. Rasheed smiled knowingly and winked. "You have been prepared for me by my friend", he whispered. He put his hands under my knees; pushing them towards my shoulders till my hole was raised, open in anticipation. He placed the knob of his throbbing cock on my hole and pushed gently.He was right because his thick cock met no resistance as it went all the way into my pussy. I could feel the thick bush against my ass cheeks. His rod was very hard, thick and felt wonderful inside. I moaned with pleasure as his cock touched me deep inside. It must have been the effect of marijuana that his cock felt so huge; it seemed to have gone right through my body. I closed my eyes and surrendered to his attack. He was fucking slowly and steadily.Someone had switched off the lights and I couldn't see but heard Nadir gasp with pain; Nabeel's massive cock must have penetrated him. Nadir continued to moan, "Ah, aaah.." while Nabeel made some soothing noises. Nadir then sighed with resignation and I knew Nabeel's nine inch cock was now all the way in.Rasheed fucked me relentlessly, slow and steady. I was high and in the darkness, knowing that Nadir was getting fucked a few feet away by Nabeel, the whole thing felt like a dream. My cock was leaking pre cum and was hard. I too was moaning as Rasheed drilled my hole. It was evident that he was interested in his own pleasure which he got by fucking my pussy really hard. If anything, his cock had got harder and my hole was really getting it.From noises Nadir was making, Nabeel too was riding him hard. The two Arabs were experienced and knew how to get their pleasure from boys' pussies. And then Rasheed said something in Arabic to Nabeel who just grunted. It sounded like a yes to me. Rasheed paused and lowering my legs, took his cock out. Before I knew it, Nabeel took his place and without losing any momentum, he Pedo World inserted his huge tool again into my pussy. This time it didn't hurt but I could feel my hole being stretched to its limit.Nabeel was a more considerate lover and as he fucked, his hands played with my body, pinching my nipples and playing with my cock. He put two of his fingers in my mouth and I sucked them eagerly. It was incredibly erotic. It must be the marijuana that gave the two men their staying power because it was more than 30 minutes and they were both going on and on. Then Nadir told Rasheed he was getting a little tired. Rasheed laughed and paused. He then suggested that we all had another joint.Without taking out his cock from Nadir's pussy, he bent and rolled a joint and lit it. After taking a deep drag he made Nadir take a few puffs and then passed it to Nabeel, he took a small puff and gave it to me, wanting me to take deep puffs. He too had paused but his cock was still buried into me. In the faint light of the glow of the joint I could see that both Nadir and I were Pedo World in identical positions: our legs bent and spread.The joint made another round and then finally Rasheed finished it. In a couple of minutes, I was flying and Nabeel's cock felt so big I thought it would come out of my mouth. My pussy was on fire and so were my nipples and my lips. I moaned and clung to Nabeel, scratching his powerful smooth back with my nails. In turn he took most of his cock out, leaving only the thick head inside and then rammed it again in one swift stroke. I cried out in intense pleasure. He kept slamming me like that with renewed energy. He fucked me so hard I thought my hole would rip open. My hole felt loose and open, like a wound. He kept stabbing me with his dagger.I was now shouting shamelessly, asking Nabeel to rip me open and to fuck me hard. Nabeel was obliging by treating my hole brutally, slamming it with great force. Without touching myself, I began to cum, shooting my load that hit Nabeel's chest. I kept coming for a long time. Nabeel slowed down and held me, kissing me on my mouth, his cock staying still inside me.I felt drained and wonderful but knew that Nabeel wasn't ready yet. But the feeling was so wonderful I didn't mind and surrendered to his attack. He fucked and fucked. I lost track of time and forgot about Nadir and Rasheed. Pedo World I was only conscious of this huge rod sliding in and out of me, making me feel like the part of a machine.Nabeel placed my legs on his shoulders and continued to fuck me. Then he turned me around and entered me from the back, banging me so hard I could barely breathe. And then, when I was too exhausted Pedo World to even speak, he came inside me. He plunged his cock in and emptied a massive load inside me that must have settled very deep into me. I felt warm and wet with it and was of course relieved.Someone turned the table lamp on and I realized that Rasheed and Nadir had finished and were waiting for us to complete. Nabeel kept lying over me, breathing hard. I had no energy left to even stir. Nabeel's cock was still inside me but was now only semi hard. Finally he took Pedo World it out slowly and lay on his back, tired.Rasheed came close to me and opening my cheeks, took a look at my hole and said something to Nabeel who didn't answer. Nadir too bent and saw my hole and said, "Man, I have never seen anything like that. You won't be able to walk for a day". He then laughed and hugged me and lay there holding me in his arms.Our hosts were talking to each other in Arabic. After some time they turned to us and Rasheed said, "It is now 3.30am. Let us go out and eat something and then we can come back for some more fun. If you like, I can call a friend of ours who is a Turk. What do you think?"Nadir and I looked at each other. Our job was to make these guys happy and if they felt good with another guy, what problem did we have? So we nodded.Quickly we dressed and went down to the coffee shop and ordered coffee and some food. Nabeel had called the friend who promised to come soon. After finishing the coffee and the snacks, we rode back to our room and went into the bedroom. Nabeel made Nadir sit on his lap and started to undress him.I sat on the bed while Rasheed went to the bathroom. He then called me from there. I found him taking a shower and he asked me to join him. I could see he was getting hard again. I took off my clothes and joined him. He turned me around and began soaping my back, putting his hand between my cheeks. He then pulled me towards him sticking his now hard cock in my crack and rubbing it up and down. He put his hand around my waist, pressing his groin into me.After a few attempts, I could feel his cock sliding into me and soon the entire cook was inside me. He put both his hands on my shoulders and started fucking me. I spread my legs a little and bent my knees to accommodate his tool. The water was warm and soothing. I closed my eyes and let Rasheed drill my hole. I could feel the strength of his hard body as he held me tight and continued to fuck.After a while he led me out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror, his cock buried into me. He then turned sideways and looked at our bodies in the mirror. I could see his shaft moving in and out of my ass as he fucked. My smooth body looked pale compared to his hairy one. As he slammed his cock in and out, I could see the muscles of his ass move. Every time his cock went in, I could see his thick bush against my ass.He then took out his cock. It was looking angry and red. The mushroom shaped knob was glistening. He bent his knees and then put it back into my hole slowly. It was a strangely erotic sight to see a cock slide into my pussy.Tired of the game he made lie on a narrow bench kept in the dressing area. Putting my legs on his shoulders, he inserted his cock again and began fucking me at a slow and steady pace. His cock slid in and out making me moan with intense pleasure. I bit my lower lip and closed my eyes. His cock was really hard and seemed to be made of steel. When I opened my eyes, I saw a man standing behind Rasheed. He too was naked and looked about 45. He was big with grey hair and a thick moustache and a big nose. He wasn't good looking but had a strong personality. His skin was dark and had sharp green eyes.He stepped forward and I could see that he was solidly built and had a thick, cut cock. It was big but not huge. It was very hard and pointed upwards. His body was practically hairless and his bush was shaved. He came to stand next to me and put his cock next to my mouth. I put my lips around the thick swollen head and began licking it."This is my friend Gamal", Rasheed said as he continued fucking me. "Do you want to take my place?" he asked Gamal. Gamal shoved his entire cock into my mouth, almost gagging me and didn't answer. Rasheed didn't mind the intrusion and carried on fucking me."I want to fuck both the boys", Gamal answered in a deep voice. "Let me decide who will be the first. But let us go to the bedroom. It is too wet here". Reluctantly, Rasheed took out his hard cock from my pussy and pulled me up. Gamal came behind me and put his finger inside my hole. It went in easily. Gamal chuckled and complimented both Rasheed and Nabeel for inviting him.Things went a little wild once we all were in bed. First, everyone consumed more whiskey and then joints were rolled and everyone smoked. Both Nadir and I were being circulated amongst the three. Gamal too was very experienced and knew how to give as well receive pleasure. He concentrated on Nadir and must have fucked him twice after fucking me for a while and then leaving me to Rasheed. Nabeel and Rasheed shared me between them. I was high for a long time and didn't feel tired.Finally, Nabeel carried me to the other room at around 5am and made me ride his huge cock for the last time. He held me by my waist as I moved up and down on his shaft. He laid there, his eyes half closed, watching his shaft disappear into me. He must have fucked me for over 40 minutes before he suddenly gripped me tight and pushed him upwards, slamming into me. He came, shooting into me and as I moved up and down, most of the cum fell on him.Afterwards, he pulled me to his chest, his cock half buried into me, and held me tight. In this position, he passed out after a while and very slowly, I separated myself, his limp cock sliding out of me. I lay next to him and almost immediately went to sleep.When I woke up, Nabeel was not in his bed. My mouth was dry and I felt thirsty. My body ached and my pussy was sore. I tried to recall but couldn't remember the number of times I had been fucked. I got up and went into the other room. Nadir was still asleep, his legs open. There was no sign of Rasheed and his friend. I woke Nadir and asked him what we were supposed to do.We put on our clothes and went into the living room. No one was there. We started feeling a little nervous and then the doorbell rang. Nadir opened the door to find one of the guards standing there. He told us in broken English that his masters had to go urgently and would meet Ali later at around 10.30am. He said we could leave if we wanted but were welcome to stay.We decided to leave. We rang the bell of Ali's suite and the room was opened by him after some delay. He was wearing a dressing gown, wearing nothing underneath. We followed him to the bedroom but stopped at the door at the sight that met our eyes.A naked young man was lying on the bed face down, his bubble butt looking inviting. He was fair skinned and had a nice proportionate body. Nadir and I looked each other and smiled. It was obvious why the young man was there. Nadir grabbed Ali's arm and using a hand gesture enquired how many times Ali had fucked the man. Ali grinned and shook his head but when Nadir insisted, he showed 4 fingers.No wonder the young man was lying like that. Ali sat next to the young man and started playing with his butt while we stood, watching silently. Soon, he opened the ass cheeks with both his hands and invited us to look. The hole looked deep and moist. Its edges looked red and a little puffed. Ali inserted one finger and the man moaned and pleaded, "Sir please let me go now, please". Ali mumbled something in a soothing tone and continued to insert the finger till it was completely in.Nadir was getting aroused and was stroking his cock. He looked at me and jerked his head towards the bed inviting us to join Ali and his partner. I shook my head as I wanted to do something else. Nadir shrugged his shoulders, took of his clothes and stroking his rapidly stiffening cock walked towards the bed.The young man was still protesting but mildly. Ali had turned him on his side and without taking off his robe had taken position behind him, his leg over the young man's leg. Ali's finger was probably still inside the boy's hole because he was moaning and his face showed he was feeling some pain. I could however see that his cock was beginning to get hard so he was not feeling only pain. I recognized him immediately as the waiter who was serving last evening. Obviously Ali persuaded him to serve him in a different way for the rest of the night.He was youthful looking with a pleasant face and a trimmed moustache. His body was practically hairless and boyish just the way Ali liked it. As I watched, his cock grew quite impressive in size. Soon Nadir joined him and held his cock in his hand. The boy nearly jumped and looked at Nadir with a frightened expression and asked Ali pleadingly if he would have to serve Nadir as well. Ali laughed and told him not unless he wanted to.Nadir had taken the boy's cock in his mouth and was sucking him very gently. The boy nearly screamed with shock but then very soon he started enjoying it and began to relax. Ali was pinching his nipples and once he turned his face and kissed him full on mouth.As I watched, Ali lifted the boy's free leg and I could see his huge erect cock about to enter the young man's dark looking hole. With one swift movement, Ali slid the cock in. The young man gasped in some pain and arched his body but Ali was already in, all the way.Nadir's actions helped the boy start enjoying himself and he became quiet as Ali began to fuck him for the fifth time. From where I was, I could see Ali's thick cock move in and out of the boy's tight pussy.I too was beginning to feel hot but didn't want to join the group. I tip toed out of the room, closing the door gently, came out of the suite and rang the bell of Ramez's room. I started imagining his hairy and powerful body embracing mine and his big cock drilling me.The door opened by Ramez who looked both surprised and pleased to see me. He pulled me in quickly and after locking the door, embraced me tightly. He didn't waste any time at all and started kissing me as he began to undress. We kissed each other passionately and soon were both naked, his rock hard cock sticking into me.I knelt in front of him and holding it with both my hands, started sucking his cock. My lips tightened around the thick shaft and my tongue went round under the ridge of the swollen head. I felt like swallowing the entire cock though my mouth felt full. Ramez thrust his pelvis forward, gripping my head with both his hands and moaned loudly.He didn't have the patience to get sucked and withdrawing his cock looking red and shining with my saliva, he lifted me and directed me to the bed. I lay at the foot of the bed, my ass Pedo World resting on the edge and my legs dangling to the floor. He sat on the floor, spread my thighs and put his mouth on my hole and began to suck and lick it. His tongue kept trying to invade my hole, making it wet. I felt as if my inside was on fire and lifting my legs, I spread my cheeks with both my hands, giving better access to Ramez's hot tongue.He was now licking my pussy noisily. My hole was soaking wet with his saliva and I was almost screaming with pleasure and anticipation. I didn't have to wait too long; he positioned his rock hard throbbing cock at my hole and in a singl
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