Related article: Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 20:26:23 -0800 From: Miles Subject: A Father's Challenge (Part Six)Disclaimer...the following story is entirely fictional and the characters not related to anybody nor to any situation. It is a product of my storytelling imagination. I hope you enjoy it. By the way, thanks to all of you for your wonderful emails. I enjoy hearing from you. Comments can be sent to iwalked7milesaol.com .Part SixSo the first two movies were awful. I maintained my status in the family as worst movie selecter. After the second movie I announced that I'd had enough of movies for the day. Lucas kept chuckling, but not in a way that hurt my feelings. I disentangled myself from our embrace on the couch, doing so playfully with him, to go to the kitchen area to see what I could rustle up as dinner for us. Our edible options were limited because we planned on fishing for our food but hadn't yet got around to it.Lucas watched me. He didn't hide it. An urge of wanting to feel turned on about it came at me in waves, but oddly it didn't happen. I was guessing that it was because we really were comfortable. As I began putting some food together, I asked him, "What do you like the most about all of this?"He appeared Pthc Bbs surprised, looking away. "I think that's why I keep looking at you," He replied. "I'm wondering the same thing." He shrugged. "I guess I could have many answers.""Tell me one of them," I suggested. While we conversed, I had no choice but to put together cold cut sandwiches, salad and chips for our meal."You're letting me compare myself to something," He offered, pulling his knees up and hugging them. "Up until now, since the ...hormone thing happened, everything around me told me I had to be sneaky.""You do accept that all the things on your mind are normal, right?" I asked quickly."Now I do," He looked back at me. "It's a trip learning stuff about you, dad. It really is," He stood and joined me at the counter, eyeing the meal I was putting together for us. "You seem different all of a sudden." I raised a questioning eyebrow at his statement. "I meant it in a good way," he said. "Yesterday...heck, even this morning, you seemed cautious. Now, I don't know. You just completely opened up.""I did, son," I told him, beginning to pull apart a head of lettuce for the salad. "I guess I should tell you why." Lucas began to pull plates from the cupboard as he listened. "I was nervous about how I thought people think about this. I had thought about a lot of things." I turned and gave him my full attention, making sure our eyes were locked. "Do you realize, son, that if the wrong person knows about this, I could go to jail?"His eyes dropped to the floor. Lucas looked like he understood. There was the element of social complexities I was certain he comprehended. "Even if I like all of this?""Yes." I wasn't going to paint him a pretty picture that he could hold on to. "You're a minor, a teenager." I spoke to him candidly, honestly. "Your consent to participate in this wouldn't matter at all against society." I saw that it was scaring him. He needed to feel this in order to see the bigger picture. And to provide him the chance to continue or stop it."I decided to not let that cloud my judgment here, son. I think that if you want to know everything about me, and you do, I see that, then it's your right, and mine to show it. Just remember the risks. What we're sharing right now, it's between us and we're having a great time. That's why I may seem more open all of a sudden. I watched you since yesterday, seeing your interest." I paused for effect. "I'm taking the risk, no matter how I know what other people will think.""Dad," He said nervously, "if you would ever get taken away from me because of all of this, it'd kill me." I think he didn't understood how to look at this from society's legal point of view. "Why wouldn't my point of view matter?"I really didn't have an answer to that. I wish I did. All I had to go on was a theory. I smiled, and sighed. "Because, Lucas, people would try to convince you that I shouldn't have allowed this. That I should have known better. Pthc Bbs That there isn't any reason for physical contact between us. Especially at your inquisitive age.""But that doesn't make sense!" He blurted out passionately. "I wanted to know that you jack off! I wanted to touch you!"I smirked. "I know," I said calmly, "but at some point in time, some adult somewhere decided against a minor's consent to be real, probably because of so many minors who have this happen against there will. There is logic to this, Luke. There are adults out there who take advantage of situations like this."That, he understood. He said, "But I know you're not taking advantage of me.""Unfortunately, you couldn't convince anyone else that that is true." My son let that sink in. "You could never convince anyone that you wanted this." It was a tough decision to express all of this, but it had to be done.He didn't like the obvious results of what could happen. "Then no one will ever know," He said, calmy defiant. "No one."I nodded, because I felt the same way. "You hungry?" I asked.He looked at me oddly because I'd abruptly changed the subject. "Yeah, I guess." He helped put our sandwiches on the plates and took them over to the table. When he set them down, he turned back to me with a queer expression on his face. "Dad, I really, really love you." I think he was fighting society's demons. "I know what I'm doing." He wasn't hesitant in his thoughts. "So I guess I'm just like you." He calmed down from our conversation and smiled. "I just wanna know things, and who better to trust then you? Can't anyone honestly believe that?""I do," I stated firmly. I grabbed a bag of doritos, the salad bowl and put them down on the table. "I love you back, Lucas. I'm sorry we had to have this talk, but I needed us both to realize the consequences. I think we do." He nodded, and we sat to eat. Later that evening, I wanted to lighten the mood. I could tell that Lucas was troubled by our conversation. He wasn't troubled about Pthc Bbs what we were sharing, I knew. He was troubled about not being able to be believed that he wanted all of this. He wasn't liking that what he wanted mattered. It was Pthc Bbs the epitomy of every teenagers' nightmares. As a parent, I wrestled myself on this issue, because there were times when minors didn't think about action and consequence. There were times that minors didn't know what they were doing, found out later why, and learned.But Lucas was in the here and now. He was responsible. He always has been. Something I couldn't say about my two younger children."I think I'm ready to try another one of the movies," I said humorously. I was in the recliner and he was pouring his attention into his PSP. His focus on the game in his hands was much like myself when I tossed darts out of frustration."I don't think so," He said gruffly. "I'd rather get off this planet and be anywhere else out there where what I feel matters.""What do you feel?"He tossed the gadget Pthc Bbs in his hands on the cushion beside him and strided over to me, kneeling between my legs. "I want to like what's happening," He stated calmly and evenly. "I want to like that I know how you cum. I want to like that I know you get horny and like to jack off." He focused his attention on my cock. His mood soothed, and he fell into me.I pulled him up my torso and into a hug. "I had to let you know the risks," I whispered in his ear. I felt him nod against the side of my face. "I don't like them any more then you do." As I spoke, he slowly brought his face before mine, our noses touching. "You're loving this, son, seeing me in all my glory, seeing my privacy, feeling it."He pressed his lips to mine, silencing me. It was a satin feeling caressing my private world. We delicately pressed our lips together for a few seconds before he backed off. Lucas shook his head slowly. "There's so much you can show me, and society says you shouldn't." His voice was calm, but regretful.I was at a loss for words because he was right. We were all instilled with the images of those who took advantage of these situations and made them horrible experiences. It was Pthc Bbs the only view any of us have about it. I decided to change that.I pulled my son into another kiss. We stared into each others eyes. His mood did lighten, and he pressed harder into me. When the kiss broke, we were breathless. And hard.I felt my cock against the crack of his ass and didn't want that. I raised him up until our cocks touched together in my lap before letting him rest his weight on my upper legs.Lucas started laughing, putting the palm of a hand over his eyes. I didn't know why he was laughing, and just because of that I began laughing too. "Ah!" He sighed, looking down between us. "How'd that happen without me knowing?"I bursted out with a laugh again. "They can sneak up on you.""Yeah," he agreed. "Does a guy ever know why?""I think it's when a guy falls into intimacy," I told him. "It can happen so often.""Dad, does intimacy mean being in love?" He asked.To that, I wanted to believe no. "Intimacy has many levels, Luke. I don't know how to explain it. It's one of those things in your life where you make of it...how you want to believe."Together, skin to skin, I was in awe of our contact without being sexual. Up until this point, I didn't consider anything we'd done to be sexual. It wasn't, really. It was like being horny, but doing it together. Yes, we were touching, but not with intercourse.Wanting him to get over the talk I had to have with him yet keep in mind of it, I put my face to his chest, planting a kiss over his heart, wanting to let him know that I willing to risk the consequences. He warmed to that. I pleaded to the stars that he'd reach for my cock willingly, wanting to, like he did before our earlier conversation. And he did. He took me in his right hand and squeezed my shaft before stroking it.Resting back on the recliner, I watched him play with my cock. We were back on track to what was developing between us. Lucas enjoyed exploring my adult body, and he was responsible enough to be allowed to do it. He told me earlier that he had nothing to compare himself to. But he did, and he was comparing his life to his father's."I hear a lot about blow jobs," He said matter of factly. I tensed at this, considering I was just thinking that none of this was about sex. I waited, wanting to hear his thoughts. "Do you know what it's like? Getting one?" He aske me.There was no intention of my evading the subject. "Well yeah," I stammered, grinning. "It's...""It's what?" He asked with a smile."How did you hear about blow jobs?" I had to ask out of curiosity."Don't be stupid, dad," He laughed. "There's a lot of talk about everything we hear. I mean between me and my friends." I nodded, trying to remember from my past how I learned about this. Lucas was being up front here, giving me a clue to things he was learning by word of mouth.Friends. Those people during your teenage years who go through exactly the same thing you do. You talk about as much as you can Pthc Bbs without giving anything away about yourself. Well, if you're a slut, you give more away then necessary. I wanted to change the subject about blow jobs. And fast."What all do you and your friends talk about?" I asked.He shrugged. "We like being around the older people at school. They say a lot," He grinned secretively.I had to let him have that one. As a parent, I had to understand that I couldn't shield him from anything when it came to what he learned from his friends, at school; in general, away from me and his mother.Lucas leaned down, his face closer to my cock. His eyes were intense at what he was studying. I assumed he was looking at the veins in my shaft, or the shape of my helmet. I really didn't know. He just seemed content at what he was paying attention to.It was pleasant for me to have the attention. I didn't get this often enough. It was inviting, especially from my son, who wanted to learn where he came from. "Do you feel like cumming?" He asked.I chortled. "Son, if I'm hard, I feel like cumming!"He was happy with my response. I'm sure it made him feel like he could relate to me. I opened my legs for him, watching as he dropped his legs between mine, knees hitting the floor. I was beginning to love his attention to my privacy as he jacked me off. I knew he was fascinated with how I ejaculated.As he stroked me, he kept his face close to my cock. His tongue licked his lips. It made me wonder if he wanted to try oral, but it wasn't for me to decide. As these things happened, I had thoughts, wonders. What would I think if he wanted to suck my cock? That would certainly be going into the realm of mutual sexuality. It was tough to know when to draw the line. We were sharing so much.Then he licked the tip of my cock. I had a knee jerk reaction and my eyes bore into him, asking silently, 'what are you doing?' But I didn't stop him. He continued, licking my helmet as he stroked me. At this point, perhaps he was being daring to our prior conversation. I didn't know. But then again, I was a man. How does a man stop himself from what he knows will feel good? Lucas slipped the head of my cock in his mouth and I felt the warmth.I closed my eyes and allowed myself to enjoy it, disregarding all other things. I didn't ask my son to do this, he ventured forth on his own. Talk about not having any control of when you're about to explode! I was there! New experiences, a loved one present and helping.My hips jerked and I warned him, "Back off, Luke, I'm gonna cum!"He jumped back, even from stroking me, and I started cumming, streaming sperm like a river, then spurting. Lucas watched as I did all this hands free. He seemed impressed and longing for what he was seeing. My orgasm lasted perhaps a little over two minutes before it ebbed. When it did, my son came closer and held my cock as it softened."I love watching that," he said, again licking his lips.Curiously, I stated, "You sucked me, Luke."He nodded. "I had to.""Why?""Because I could."This let me know that he regarded our previous conversation with respectfulness. He was aware of what we were sharing, and could live with it just between the two of us. It let me know he would cherish everything between us without anyone else knowing and ruining it. Perhaps he did what he did to prove it.Perhaps things like this were actually good, and meant to happen with the right frame of mind. I didn't ask my son to put my cock in his mouth, he just did it.I looked at his still erect penis as mine was softening. An urge overcame me to act in kind. I pulled him up to a standing position before me and was about to put my mouth on his cock when he grabbed my shoulders, stopping me. I looked up into his eyes."Dad, I don't have any control when I shoot," he said. "If you do this, I might not be able to get out of your mouth in time when I cum."I heard in his voice the yearning of wanting to feel a blow job, but he knew himself and was saying so. I looked at his cock, and believed him. "Well," I responded, "if you can, let me know. If it doesn't happen, well..." I chuckled, "I get to taste your sperm."At saying this, I wondered if I'd gag as I slurped his cock into my mouth. His body immediately responded, not used to the warm sensation. I wasn't either, never having a cock in my mouth. But I decided I couldn't let him do what he did without returning the favor. We were both exploring our...whatever part of us it was that we were letting each other see."Oh man," Lucas breathed. It sounded like a warning that I could have backed away from, but I didn't. My mouth and tongue accepted his sperm, and I tasted it and swallowed it as it shot into me. His body jerked uncontrollably. "Dad!"I swallowed my son's sperm as it hit the back of my throat, and wondered, wow. I was okay with this. My creating him came back to me, somehow. "Dad!" Lucas was breathing and trying to break away but I held his hips firmly until he was spent before I let go with my mouth.When I stood, he stared at me in shock. "Why'd you do that?" He asked. "You swallowed my sperm!"Bewildered, I collapsed in the recliner, my breathing irregular. "I know," I replied. "I wanted to."His acceptance of this showed in his face, yet also that it was something foreign to him. "Someone can do that?"" He asked. "Swallow sperm?"This humored me. Though he didn't realize it, there was much he didn't know about male semen. There was much I could teach him if he gave the attention to learn. And I just learned something as well. Sperm has a taste of the earth, is what came to mind as I licked the upper plate of my mouth. His ejaculation remained tastefully to my senses. Perhaps I was experiencing tasting myself, and thought to take a taste of my own sperm in the future. That was something I'd never done.I had no answer to my son's last question. We were both spent, and I let it be at that. I wanted him to think about what can be between any two people. I wanted to be relaxed.Moving over to the couch, I lay down and met my son's eyes. "Let's check out another movie. Hopefully I picked out at least one good one for a change."He grinned skeptically, but nodded. He rushed to put a dvd into the player, but it wasn't a rush about wanting to see the movie, it was a rush for him to crawl into my arms...

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