Related article: Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 18:37:35 -0800 (PST) From: Thomas Gaige Subject: The Abandoned Boy - Chapter 41DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between men, teenage boys, and between men and teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then - I hope you enjoy it! The Abandoned Boy Chapter 41-------------------------------------------------------------------------------June flew by in a whirlwind of happy activities. * * *The night after we had the dinner party for Liz and Bren, was the night of Ethan's senior ball. Since neither he, nor Cody who was also a senior, were "out" to anyone but us, and Simon and Rob were still juniors and couldn't attend the ball "stag" so the four of them could all go and be together, neither Ethan nor Cody wanted to Lol Toplist go to the ball.A couple weeks before the ball, I'd noticed Ethan appeared to be moping about a little. One afternoon, while Simon was doing some last minute studying for a final exam, and Ethan didn't have anything to do, and was sitting in the kitchen with me, I asked him what was bothering him. He looked at me for a minute, as if trying to decide whether to confide in me or not.Finally, he said, "Well... everyone's getting ready for the ball, and it seems Lol Toplist like it'll be fun, but... I'm not gonna be there. People are starting to ask why too. I keep saying I have a 'family' committment I can't get out of.""I see. Does Simon know how you feel?" I asked."NO! And please don't Lol Toplist tell him," Ethan said, looking a little worried."If you wanted to go, I'm sure, if you ask Simon, he'll tell you to go! He'd probably even tell you it was OK to bring a date... assuming at this late date you could find a girl who'd go with you!" I said."I'd never bring a date if I did go. I couldn't hurt Simon like Lol Toplist that," Ethan said. "And it wouldn't be any fun to go 'stag' without him either!"He looked sadly at me while I tried to think of something that would help."What part of the ball do you think you'll miss the most?" I asked. "Being with your friends, the dinner, the dancing? What part?"Ethan thought a little, then said, "Well, all of it really, but... well... I think it's just that this was supposed to be a fancy adult-like night out. Kind of like a passage from school dances into going out as an adult.""That's true. That's one of the purposes of it. It's also a celebration of your accomplishments, and also for you and your friends to socialize with each other away from the school for a change," I said."Did you go to your senior ball?" he asked.I smiled and said, "Yeah.""Did you bring a date or go 'stag'?" he asked, eyeing me carefully.I chuckled and said, "I brought a date. Back then, I was still trying to convince myself I was straight! So... I actually had a girlfriend!""You DID????" Ethan cried, incredulously."Yup!.... um... of course... I also had a boyfriend too... sort of..." Lol Toplist I said, trailing off, a little uncertain of whether I should've mentioned it or not."WAIT A MINUTE!" Ethan said, intensely. "You had a girlfriend AND a boyfriend????? Both at the same time????""Uh... yeah," I said, avoiding his inquistorial stare."Explain!" he demanded.I'm not sure I'd ever had 125% of Ethan's undivided attention like I did right then.Smiling, I said, "Well... Obviously I was in the closet. Still am of course to the world in general. Anyway... like I said, I was still in denial over being gay too. Well... I knew I was gay... I just didn't want to be-""Who does!" Ethan interrupted with a somewhat disgusted snort."We'll come back to this topic, but let's finish the one we're in first," I said. "Anyway, in order to 'appear' straight to my friends, and also in an attempt to force myself to be straight, because I was still under the misconception that maybe I could 'turn myself straight' - I had a girlfriend. She was really nice. Unfortunately, she couldn't turn me straight!""Did you really think she might?" Ethan asked."No, not really. I knew full well what my desires were. I just thought I ought to give it a try... just in case!" I said."So..." Ethan began but died out and looked uncertainly at me."What?" I asked."Well..." he said, looking more uncertain and squirming slightly in his chair.I watched him a moment, pretty sure what he wanted to ask, until the his curiosity got the best of him and he blurted out, "Did you do it with her?"I chuckled and said, "Yeah. Like I said, I was trying to figure out if I could be 'straight' at all or not.""You really did? I mean... you went all the way with her?" he asked, clearly surprised."Yes Ethan," I said, smiling."Um... so... uh... were you able to actually ... you know... get off?" he asked, blushing slightly.Grinning, I said, "yeah, I did!""Holy Shit!" Ethan exclaimed, surprised. Then he blurted "Was it as good as with a guy?""I don't know. I think the actual orgasm probably was," I said, thoughtfully. "Thing is, I wasn't at all excited by her body, and she was gorgeous really. All the guys wanted her. But... she didn't do anything for me. So... everything but the actual orgasm wasn't any fun!""How'd you blow your jizz then?" he asked, confused.Smiling, I said, "well, if you rubbed your dick in and out of something long enough, I don't care what it was, you'd cum too!"Ethan grinned and said, "point taken! But... did it take you a long time to get off?""Longer than with a guy!" I said, smiling ruefully."So... you had a boyfriend too? Were you doing him too?" he asked, spreading his knees apart a little. I noticed his crotch was beginning to bulge a little."Well... I wouldn't really call him a boyfriend I guess. We weren't romantic with each other like you and Simon are, or me and Tom are. We were best friends though, And yeah, we had sex all the time!" I said."Holy shit!" Ethan said. "You were doing both of them?""Well, it wasn't like they were both right in the room with me at the same time!" I said, reproachfully.Ethan grinned and said, "I didn't mean it THAT way!""I know," I said, smiling. "Actually, I only ever did it with her once - the night of the senior ball in fact. All the guys were doing it that night - we used to say 'that's why it's called a 'ball'!!!'"Suddenly Ethan looked a little sad again."Sorry," I said. "Didn't mean to depress you again. But, actually - the sex you and Simon are having now, is much better than any of the first time encounters your friends will have at the senior ball!""That's true!" Ethan agreed, smiling a little again. "I still wish me and Si could go though!"I thought a minute, then an idea came to me."You guys could always go out together, as if you're going to the ball!" I said.Ethan furrowed his brow and looked at me and said, "What'a'ya mean?""You could always rent tuxes and a limo and just go out on the town by yourselves!" I said.Ethan looked at me as if I was crazy, but then he began looking thoughtful. As I set the table for supper, a slight smile appeared on his lips. It continued getting bigger as I set out the silverware."You know," he said, smiling broadly finally. "You just gave me a great idea! In fact! You gave me a Fucking Fantastic idea!"Grinning, he jumped up and threw his arms around me, squeezing me in a bear hug."Thanks!" he said, turning his head and kissing me on the jawbone. "I gotta go make plans!"With that, he'd raced out of the kitchen.When I saw him again a while later, he was all grins."You're in a better mood," I said, smiling.As Simon gave me a questioning look, Ethan stood behind him with big eyes, shaking his head no, and making slashing motions across his neck.When Simon spun around to look at him, he abruptly dropped his hand and just smiled. Smiling, I nodded and winked at Ethan."What's going on around here?" Simon demanded, spinning his head back and forth, looking at the two of us accusatively."Nothing," Ethan said, trying to sound nonchalant.Simon looked at him, then back at me, as I busied myself with something."You guys are acting weird!" he said."No more than usual!" I quipped.Ethan and I started laughing. Simon looked annoyed, but, eventually he chuckled a little too. * * *Ethan appeared happier and more excited each day as the days went by after that. Simon knew that something was up, but Ethan wouldn't tell him what it was. All he told Simon, was to keep the evening of the day after our dinner party free. Poor Simon got more and more curious as each day went by, and he watched Ethan getting more and more excited.Finally, the day of the senior ball arrived, and Ethan was nearly beside himself with excitement. Simon was ready to kill him for keeping it all such a secret!"So... what are we doing?" Simon begged that morning, as the four of us and Liz and Bren all sat around the table having brunch."You'll just have to wait and see!" Ethan said, grinning. "Won't be long though, everything will start around 5:00! Umm... does anyone know what the weather forecast is?""You already asked me that earlier!" Tom said. "I told you, it's supposed to be warm, sunny, and beautiful!""Oh yeah! I forgot! Thanks!" Ethan said, grinning.Liz gave her brother a quizzical look. He avoided it, but looked guilty when he glanced at me and saw me watching him. I got the distinct idea he knew what was going on, and hadn't told me!"5:00 is hours away yet!" Simon complained. "Won't you give me even a hint???""Nope!" Ethan said, grinning."Bastard!" Simon muttered under his breath, as he looked disgustedly down at his waffles.We all laughed at Simon's reaction. Eventually, even he had to smile at himself."Well... how am I going to make it another 6 hours? I'll die not knowing!" Simon complained."Well, you're gonna be busy til then, so you won't have time to worry about it!" Ethan said."Busy doing what? What're we doing today?" Simon asked, looking at him."Well... you're working from 12 to 4 aren't you?" Ethan asked."HOLY SHIT!!!!" Simon burst out, his head flying around so he could look at the clock. "I completely forgot! Can you ride me there? I'm gonna be late!"Ethan chuckled and said, "Relax! We've got a few minutes before we have to go.""But I gotta change, and I'm not done eating!" Simon exclaimed, shoving a huge forkful of waffles into his mouth, as we all chuckled.Simon sped through the rest of his breakfast, apologized for eating and running, then leapt up and ran down the hall to put on his work clothes. A couple minutes later, he was ready to leave."Eeth!" Tom called, just before they went out the door. He got up and walked over to Ethan, and gave him a pointed look."Go grab my keys off the dresser Si," Ethan said, before Tom could say anything."Aw c'mon man! I'm gonna be late!" Simon cried, galloping back down the hall.As Liz, Bren and I watched, Ethan and Tom grinned conspiratorially as Ethan pulled his keys, which he'd just sent Simon after, out of his pocket. Tom reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of rolled up money and handed it to Ethan, who quickly shoved it in his pocket."Thanks!" he said, grinning at Tom."I can't find them!" Simon hollered from the bedroom."Never mind! I got 'em!" Ethan called back.Instantly Simon reappeared."C'mon! Before I'm be late!" Simon prodded."OK, OK!" Ethan said, chuckling."Drive careful!" Tom warned as they went out the door."I will!" Ethan called, before the door shut behind them."What the hell was that all about?" I asked Tom as he rejoined us.He blushed slightly and looked a little sheepish as he said, "nothing!""Nothing eh? That was quite the wad of cash you gave him!" I said, looking at him.Tom turned redder, as we studied him."You know what Ethan's got planned for tonight, don't you?" Liz said, smiling knowingly at her brother.Tom turned even redder, as we all continued looking at him."Well... he needed some advice!" Tom said, finally."And a hell of a lot of money!" I added. "So out with it! Where's Ethan taking my boy?"Well... I suppose it's OK if I tell you guys. But you can't tell either of them I told you! Ethan swore me to secrecy!" Tom said. "Anyway, since we're gonna be out most of the day, we won't be seeing the boys again til sometime tomorrow anyway."I turned and looked at Tom questioningly with a raised eyebrow. Tom blushed slightly, and looked a little guilty, then told us Ethan's plans. * * *A few minutes after 4:00 that afternoon, Ethan picked a madly curious Simon up at the mall after his shift got over."Well? It's almost 5:00! Are you finally going to tell me what we're doing tonight???" Simon burst out, as he snapped his seatbelt buckle together, while Ethan gunned the engine and pulled away from the curb.Ethan chuckled and said, "Naaaa, you can hold out. We're on our way there now!""Damn you!" Simon cried exasperated. He turned and glared at Ethan, who wore a shit-eating grin.Out of the corner of his eye, Simon suddenly noticed a duffel bag on the back seat. Turning to look at it better, he saw his own backpack that he used whenever he traveled, sitting next to it, along with a shopping bag, next to that."Um... are we going away overnight or something?" he asked, looking at Ethan, a little surprised. He hadn't thought whatever surprise Ethan had in mind would take more than a few hours at most.Grinning, Ethan said, "OK, I'll give you that much. Yes! We're going someplace overnight!""So Greg and and Tom are in on this too! Where are they taking us?" Simon cried, beginning to fume slightly thinking we'd all conspired with Ethan.Ethan chuckled and said, "Well... Tom knows what I've got planned, but Greg's in the dark about it. And they're not involved at all. I only told Tom, so someone knew where we were in case of an emergency."The head of steam Simon had been working Lol Toplist up, instantly dissipated."So... Greg doesn't know I won't be home tonight?" Simon asked, surprised."Nope! But Tom does, he said he'd tell Greg, and it would be OK," Ethan said."oh," Simon said. "And you packed FOR ME?""Yup!" Ethan said. "Couldn't tell YOU to pack - it would've ruined the surprise!""Oh," Simon said. He paused a moment then said, "Well? Where are we going?""You'll see soon enough," Ethan said, smiling. "Trust me! You're really gonna like it! That's ALL I'm going to tell you though!""I better like it!" Simon grumbled, settling back in his seat and staring out the windshield at the road ahead, realizing Ethan had no intention of telling him anything else.Ethan snickered softly, thoroughly enjoying Simon's frustration and overwhelming curiosity."Asshole!" Simon muttered, turning his head away from Ethan and looking out the passenger window.Ethan snickered again, and turned onto the main highway that lead north, out of town."So how was work?" Ethan asked after a couple of minutes of silence."I'm not speaking to you until you tell me where you're taking me!" Simon snapped, in the way a child would, who hadn't gotten his way.Ethan grinned and said, "OK, be a baby about it if you want to."Simon's scowl grew more severe as he stared out the window.They rode on through the countryside in silence for a while then. About a half hour later, Ethan turned off the highway, and headed down Lol Toplist a country road. The sign at the turn read "Winchester Manor"."Winchester Manor?" Simon thought to himself. "He couldn't be taking me there! That's too nice a place. What else is there near that?"A few minutes later though, Ethan pulled into the parking lot of a huge old mansion, that was shaped like a large capital letter "H" if you looked down at it from up in the air. The sign on the plaque on one of the gate posts announced it was "Winchester Manor"."This is where you're bringing me?" Simon asked, looking at Ethan with both surprise, and confusion."Yeah," Ethan said, smiling at Simon. "I wanted to do something special cause we can't go to the ball. Actually, it was kind of Greg's idea. He thought we could have a fancy night out on the town. But then... I was talking to Cody, and he came up with this idea.""Wow!" Simon said, staring at the mansion, with big eyes."Um... well? Was it a good idea?" Ethan asked. He didn't think Simon looked very impressed."Oh!" Simon said, looking at Ethan and smiling. "I think it's a great idea! But... isn't it kind of expensive?""Well... it's not too bad. Besides, we're splitting the expenses," Ethan said."Wait a minute! I gotta pay half?" Simon asked, incredulously."NO!" Ethan cried, laughing. "Sorry! Um, see, Cody had the same feelings I did over missing the ball, so when we talked, we decided to do something together. He and Rob are staying here with us! We rented a suite!""Really?" Simon asked, more surprised than he was earlier."Yeah," Ethan said. "Does that sound OK?""Yeah!" Simon grinned. "It sounds great! So, it's just the four of us spending the night together?""Yeah," Ethan said.Simon suddenly looked confused."What?" Ethan asked."Well... does this mean you and Cody wanta have an orgy with us?" Simon asked, his dick beginning to tingle a little."Naaaa. We rented a two bedroom suite. They'll have their room, and we'll have our's. We share a living room," Ethan said, grinning."Oh," Simon said, surprised. He'd assumed Ethan and Cody had just rented a room with two beds in it. His penis ceased tingling, and he wondered if maybe it might've been more fun to have an orgy instead."I mean, I can't say we won't have sex together," Ethan said, sensing that Simon seemed a little disappointed. "I mean, there's supposed to be a big four person jacuzzi in the living room. I expect we'll probably all get 'nekid' and check that out!"Realizing he'd disappointed Ethan with his reaction, Simon grinned, and said, "It sounds fantastic Ethan! Really!"Ethan's smile broadened for a moment, then he suddenly looked at Simon, who still looked a little confused, and said "Um... I get that maybe you'd like to check out Rob and Cody and do some stuff with them maybe, but... I was kinda thinking maybe it'd be special for us to have our own fancy room together, just you and me. I wanted it to be a special weekend for us!"Simon's eyes grew large, and he felt a warmth spread through his chest, as he looked into Ethan's eyes and saw a deep loving look flowing from them."Oh!" he said, staring at Ethan with his mouth hanging open a little. His face suddenly felt warm, and his heart began to race a little. Warmth spread through his groin, and his penis suddenly started growing again, only more rapidly this time, as the full impact of what Ethan was telling him hit him.Grinning and blinking a couple times to fight back tears that suddenly threatened to well up in his eyes, he said, "That sounds so Awesome Ethan! I can't wait to get to our room!"Ethan grinned then, as he began to experience some of the same physical feelings Simon was feeling. He leaned toward Simon, and put his arm around his shoulder. He didn't have to pull Simon toward him, because Simon leaned in too. Simon's eyes closed as their lips met and Ethan kissed him tenderly and lovingly. Simon's lips responded, and Ethan's opened slightly. Simon opened his as well, and the two shared a long, passionate kiss, as both their penises throbbed with desire, folded uncomfortably in front of their scrotums, pressed up against the fabric of their clothing.Suddenly, someone rapped hard on the driver's side window, startling the two boys, and causing them to leap apart."You assholes!" Ethan and Simon chorused, when they turned and saw Cody and Rob standing outside the window, laughing at them.Ethan rolled down the window."Sorry we interrupted," Cody said, grinning."We didn't want you to ruin your seats, when you blew your loads in your pants, and it seeped through all over them!" Rob cried, laughing."Har de Har Har!" Simon replied. "The way you two snuck up on us, it was almost shit seeping through our pants!"They all laughed uproariously then."So, when'd you get here?" Ethan asked, when their laughter finally died down."Just a while ago, we're all signed in. We were actually coming out to get the last of our stuff from the car and saw you guys," Cody said."You should see the rooms we got!" Rob cried, obviously excited. "There's a HUGE hot tub in the main room, and huge beds in the bedrooms! Each room has a working fire place too!""He's not excited about it though!" Cody quipped, smirking.Ethan and Simon grinned."So when you're ready to join us, just walk down the sidewalk on the left of the building. We're on the ground floor with our own patio - suite 128 - door'll be open!" Cody said."K, we'll be right there," Ethan said.Simon and Ethan watched then as Rob and Cody, who still had, and probably always would have a very pronounced limp, headed for the walkway down the left side of the building, each carrying a bag."So?" Ethan said, as he withdrew from Simon, and sat back slightly. "Sound like a good plan now?""Oh yeah!" Simon said, grinning."Cool! C'mon, let's get going then. There's more surprises for you yet!" Ethan said."More?" Simon asked incredulously."Yup!" Ethan said, grinning."Like what?" Simon asked, excitedly."You'll just have to wait and see!" Ethan said, smiling devilishly at him."Aw not again!" Simon groaned miserably."All in due time!" Ethan said, thoroughly enjoying teasing Simon. "Now c'mon before we're late!"Curiously Simon jumped out of the car and helped Ethan carry their bags to their suite, which both of them found to be just as exciting as Rob had described it. * * *As Simon and Rob explored the suite, Ethan and Cody went back out to their cars and got the tuxes they'd rented for all four of them out of their trunks and carried them in."What're those?" Rob asked, as Ethan and Cody walked in with them. It was the first time he'd seen them.Simon looked at them and furrowed his brow as well."Dinner wear!" Cody said, smiling. "Not to be confused with plates and dishes though!""What kind of dinner wear?" Rob asked."Fancy dinner wear!" Cody replied."So we gotta get all dressed up?" Rob asked, not sounding thrilled with the idea."Well, this whole thing is supposed to be even better than what our senior ball would've been like..." Cody said."OK," Rob said, realizing Cody sounded a little disappointed. "It just seems like all this is costing you guys an awful lot!""Yeah," Simon agreed."You two just relax and go along with what we have planned, and you'll love it!" Ethan said. "And forget about the cost. This is our special night!"Simon and Rob glanced at each other for a moment then, quickly communicating a Lol Toplist knowing look at one another, that whether they were happy or not about what their boyfriends had planned, they should go along with it, and sound happy about it, because they had gone to a lot of trouble and expense to make it special for all of them."It all sounds fantastic!" Simon said, grinning enthusiastically."Yeah!" Rob agreed. "So when do we get dressed up?""We got about an hour before we have to be in the restaurant, right?" Ethan asked, looking at Cody."Yup!" Cody said."C'mon Si, let's go check out our facilities and get cleaned up, then get changed," Ethan said."OK," Simon said, smiling, as his cock suddenly began to swell again.He knew it only took a few minutes to get dressed, so that must mean Ethan wanted to have some fun first."You too Rob! We gotta get ready too," Cody said, pointing to their room.Rob grinned knowingly Lol Toplist as well."Guess we'll see you in a bit," he said, as his hand automatically reached down and squeezed his crotch."Hey!" Cody said. "Don't you be groping yourself! That's for me to do!"Rob grinned and said, "Well hurry up then!"He turned and strode quickly toward their room, with Cody limping after him as quickly as he could."Meet you out here at 6:00," Cody called, as he shut their door."C'mon," Ethan said, grinning and grabbing Simon's shoulder and pulling him toward their room.Grinning back at him, Simon let Ethan push him into their room. * * *"As I see it," Ethan said, after he'd pushed their door shut. "We have about 45 minutes before we have to start Lol Toplist getting dressed. In that time we need to get showered, and dried.""How about we take a bath together then?" Simon asked, his eyes glistening, as he looked into the bathroom and his eyes fell on the bath tub. Quickly he started taking off his T-shirt.Despite the fact there was a huge hot tub in the main living room between the bedrooms, in addition to a huge walk-in shower big enough for two people, each bedroom's bathroom had its own, smaller hot tub, built for two as well.Ethan grinned and started stripping as well. Within a few minutes, both boys were standing naked, grinning at each other, their hardons throbbing, as they watched the tub filling with water and special water softener with bubbles, compliments of a little bottle left on the edge of the tub by the Manor's staff."OH yeah!" Ethan groaned a few minute's later as he lowered himself into the hot water, and settled down. "Climb on in and snuggle up with me! But be careful, that bubble stuff made the water slippery!""Ewwwww!" Simon grinned. "Cool!"Still grinning, he stepped carefully into the tub. He turned then, so his back was facing Ethan, and started to sit down in front of Ethan, so his back would be spooned up against Ethan. As he bent forward, and began to lower himself down, his ass cheeks opened, and Ethan got a closeup look at his dark pink rosebud."Mmmmmm" Ethan said, reaching up with a soapy hand and running his finger tip over Simon's tight pucker. "What have we here?""OHHH!" Simon cried, surprised, as Ethan's fingertip touched his most private area. He stopped moving, then bent forward a little more, to give Ethan better access to his anus."OOohhhhhh!!!" Simon moaned happily, as Ethan began massaging his hole.Grinning, Ethan massaged both Simon's buttocks with his soapy, slippery hands, concentrating mainly of course on the insides of Simon's cheeks. As he massaged Simon's asshole, the boy stood moaning with pleasure. After a minute, Ethan took a wash cloth full of water and squeezed it over Simon's ass, rinsing the soap off him.Just as Simon thought Ethan was through and he was about to begin sitting down again, Ethan leaned up and forward, and jammed his tongue against Simon's asshole causing the boy to cry out in surprise and ecstasy."Oh Fuckkk!" Simon groaned passionately, as he leaned forward and pressed the top of his head against the wall, and grabbed the safety bars, as Ethan began jamming his tongue in and out of him."MMMMMmmmmmm..." he moaned as waves of pleasure swept over him, as Ethan's tongue slid deep up inside him, then slid back out, then disappeared up inside him again."OH Gooodddd!" Simon groaned, As Ethan began pistoning his tongue in and out of him.After a couple minutes of Simon gasping and groaning in ecstasy, as he tongue fucked him, Ethan noticed that Simon's legs had begun to shake - a clear indicator his orgasm was starting to build.Reluctantly, Ethan withdrew his tongue from Simon's ass, illiciting a disappointed "Ohhh!" from Simon."You're gonna fall if I don't stop!" Ethan said, smiling."Well, how about you fuck me then?" Simon asked, still breathing heavily with desire."OK," Ethan smiled. "Wanta try it under water?""Now that'd be different!" Simon said, grinning."The water's really slippery from the conditioner. We wouldn't even need lube I bet!" Ethan said."So how do we do it?" Simon asked."Spin around and straddle me with your feet," Ethan said.Carefully, So as not to slip and fall, Simon turned around so he was facing Ethan."Mmmmm..." Ethan said, waggling his brows, as Simon stood with his hardon sticking straight out, just a few inches above his head. It was twitching rhythmically with Simon's heartbeat.Simon grinned down at Ethan, who quickly pushed up off the floor of the tub, opened his mouth and pushed it over Simon's throbbing cock."Oohhhh!" Simon groaned, as Ethan gave him a quick suck up and down before spitting his cock out and dropping back into the water."Sorry!" Ethan said. "I'd go longer, but I keep sliding on the tub."That's OK," Simon said. "I really think I should sit down now anyway, before I do fall!""OK, squat down then," Ethan said, smiling, and scootching forward a bit, so that his crotch would be under Simon's ass."OH!" Simon cried, his eyes flying wide open a moment later, as he felt the tip of Ethan's hardon poke him in the ass. "Hold it just a tad forward toward you, and you'll be centered!"Grinning, Ethan, whose hand was in the water, holding his erection pointing upward, pulled it back slightly, Lol Toplist until the tip of his penis felt Simon's puckered sphincter."Hold it right there!" Simon said.Ethan grinned, but then suddenly sucked in his breath, as Simon started to lower his body, and grimmaced slightly and stopped breathing momentarily, as the head of Ethan's cock pressed harder and harder against his tight anus."Mmmmmm..." Simon moaned, closing his eyes and breathing in slowly through his nose, as Ethan's cock suddenly stretched his anus wide open, and slid slowly through his sphincter, up into his rectum."Awwww..." Simon groaned, as he continued lowering himself onto Ethan's lap, taking more and more of his hard rod inside him.Ethan felt as if he was sliding his rigid tool into a soft, heated, slippery sleeve, as Simon lowered himself onto him. He was a little surprised, because for some reason, Simon's ass felt hotter than usual, which caused him to become even more aroused."Mmmmm..." Simon moaned happily, as he finally settled down so that he was sitting completely on Ethan's lap. He could feel the nob-like head of Ethan's manhood nestled deep up inside him, pressing against the walls of his colon. The underside of his own stiff dick was pressed against Ethan's belly."God your ass is hot!" Ethan said, smiling, as Simon's eyes fluttered open."I'm glad you noticed!" Simon chuckled."No! I mean it really feels hotter than usual!" Ethan said. "Almost like you have a fever!""Well, I don't," Simon said. "Must just be because I'm more horny than usual!"Ethan grinnned.Suddenly, Simon started to lift himself up off Ethan's lap, pulling himself off Ethan's penis. He kept going, until, he'd raised up about 6 or 7 inches, and Ethan was almost ready to pop back out of him. Then equally as suddenly, he relaxed and with a groan slid quickly back down Ethan's slippery pole, until he was once again seated fully on Ethan's lap, and felt the head of Ethan's cock deep inside him.As Simon began raising and lowering himself up and down off Ethan's lap, Ethan closed his eyes, and relaxed as pleasure swept through him. Simon's ass felt like it was made for the sole purpose of pleasuring him. His hole was warm, slippery, and soft, yet firm enough to give Ethan the maximum amount of pleasure he knew he'd ever receive.Conversely, Simon too felt as if Ethan's penis was the perfect fit for his body to take inside it too. As he slid up and down Ethan's shaft, the bulbous glans rubbed ever so pleasantly back and forth over Simon's prostate gland, causing him continual waves of pleasure.As Ethan's excitement built, he planted his forearms on the floor of the tub, and began raising and lowering his hips to meet Simon's movements. Simon slowed down and held his position and let Ethan fuck him from below."MMMmmm!!!!" Simon moaned a moment later. "Go faster if you can!"Ethan sped up a bit, causing them both immense pleasure.All too soon, both boys began to feel their orgasms forming. Ethan sped up slightly more, as both of them began breathing more heavily."Oh God Eeth!" he cried out a minute later. "I'm gonna blow!""Me too!" Ethan hissed, speeding up his fucking motion still more."OOOhhh!!!!" Simon cried suddenly, his face twisting with passion, and his sphincter clamping shut tightly around Ethan's penis, which continued sliding in and out of him."Awwwww..." Simon gasped again a second later, clenching Ethan's dick again."AAAAwwwwww!!!!" Ethan cried, pausing for a split second, as he pumped a load of cum deep inside Simon."Mmmmmm...." Simon groaned, adding still more semen to the tub water."Mmmmmmmm!!!!" Ethan groaned in agreement, injecting Simon with more jism.Ethan continued fucking Simon, and both boys' spasms continued for several seconds, until finally, Ethan's orgasm ended, and he lowered his butt completely back down on the tub floor."Mmmmmmmm..." Simon moaned happily, lowering himself back down fully onto Ethan, so he was sitting on his lap, with Ethan's then shrinking member stuffed far up inside him yet."Fuck that was awesome!" Ethan exclaimed, grinning at Simon."Fucking fantastic!" Simon agreed, wrapping his arms around Ethan and hugging him. "I love you Eeth! Thanks for doing all this for me!""I love you too Si!" Ethan said, grinning hugely to himself, and hugging Simon in return.The two rested quietly then for a minute, wrapped in each other's arms, as their labored breathing slowed down finally.Finally, Ethan said, "I think the water's getting cold! Besides, we gotta get cleaned up. You better get off me.""'K," Simon said, grinning.He pulled up off Ethan then, and Ethan's flacid penis slid out of his asshole. When he stood up fully, a funny look crossed his face."Shit!" he cried. "I gotta go. NOW!"Quickly Simon stepped out of the tub, and leaped over to the toilet, and sat down on it. Almost instantly, he felt a mass sliding rapidly down through his colon and rectum. When it reached his asshole, it forced it to open even wider than it had been when Ethan's dick was inside him, causing him to gasp with painful surprise."Awwww!!!" he cried grimmacing, as he filled the toilet with a long, hard, slippery, chunk of shit."Christ! It's like you gave me a cum-enema!" Simon cried, as the air suddenly smelled a little bad."You OK?" Ethan asked, concerned."Yeah," Simon said, as he finished wiping and stood up and looked down into the toilet. "Guess I needed to go, and all your jizz got things going!"He chuckled as he flushed the toilet and sprayed the room with some air freshener that was sitting on a shelf over the toilet."Most places don't leave you this stuff!" he said, happily. "Mmmmm... lavender!""You're funny!" Ethan said, getting up out of the tub and opening the drain. "Ready for a shower now.""Sure thing!" Simon said, grinning.The two stepped across the room then and entered the shower stall together. * * *While Simon and Ethan were having fun in their half of the suite, Rob and Cody were having similar fun in their part of the suite too."You're sure your leg's strong enough now to handle this?" Rob asked Cody, with concern.Rob was lying on his back next to the sink on the bathroom counter, which was rather wide for a bathroom counter. His head was up against the mirror, bent forward, and his legs were up in the air, hanging over Cody's shoulders."Yeah, I'm sure it'll be OK. Besides, this counter's just the right height for my dick to slide up your ass!" Cody said, grinning."OK," Rob said, grinning. "Go for it!"With that, Cody directed his already lubed dick at Rob's asshole, and slowly pushed forward."AAAwwwww!!!" Rob grunted loudly, as Cody pushed forward, and the tip of his cock entered him."You OK?" Cody asked."Oh yeah! Give it too me Stud!" Rob grinned.Cody smiled and said, "Just remember you asked for it!"Then he grinned devilishly and shoved his hips forward, shoving his cock fully, and swiftly, all the way up inside Rob, whose eyes flew wide open as he cried out in surprise, and a little bit of pain."You said to give it to you!" Cody said, looking a little worried. "You OK?""Well Jesus! I thought you'd go a little slower!" Rob said, panting a little."I'm sorry!" Cody said, obviously feeling bad."It's OK man, I'm OK, just a little surprised!" Rob said, smiling wryly."You sure?" Cody asked."Yeah, go ahead and fuck me! Just... take it a little slower to start!" Rob said."OK," Cody said, a little abashedly yet.Slowly Cody began pulling back out of Rob. When he was almost all the way out, he reversed and began entering him again."Mmmmm..." Rob moaned, smiling. "Much nicer!"Cody smiled then too, and continued slowly long-dicking Rob.As Cody fucked Rob, the two stared at each other. At first they were both smiling, but soon, Rob felt his orgasm beginning to build, and his expression became more serious and passionate. Seeing this encouraged Cody's body to respond similarly. He sped up then.A few seconds later, Rob moaned lowly with pleasure as the pressure built within him. His nostrils flaring slightly as he began breathing more heavily, he stared up at Cody with wanton desire.Cody too felt his orgasm getting closer. His knee hurt, but he didn't stop fucking Rob. In fact, he began pulsing his hips back and forth even faster.Within a few seconds, Rob's face contorted, as he tried to hold off his orgasm. Cody was almost ready to blow his load as well."FFfuuuccckk!!!" Rob groaned a moment later, as his asshole squeezed Cody's cock, and he blew a long thick string of semen out his own dick, that flew through the air and landed in a wide streak from his chin, down his neck, and over his clavacle.Cody's face screwed up then and he groaned and emptied himself into Rob's rectum.The two spasmed a few times each, Cody filling Rob's ass with his juice, and Rob spraying his all over himself.When their orgasms finally ended, both boys were sweaty and panting, and Rob was streaked with globs of seminal fluid."Mmmm!!!" Cody said, smacking his lips as he looked down at his happy boyfriend.He leaned forward then and licked a large streak of cum off Rob's chest, and let it roll around on his tongue, savoring the flavor.After a moment he swallowed it and pronounced it "most tasty!" Then, he leaned forward and kissed Rob on the lips. Rob responded by opening his mouth. Cody opened his as well, and as the two kissed, Rob tasted the remnants of his own cum."Damn that was nice!" he said, still panting a little when Cody finally stood up."Sure was!" Cody said, finally pulling back from Rob, extracting his then flacid penis from him."What now?" Rob asked, lowering his legs and reaching for the Kleenex box."Don't bother with that!" Cody said. "It's time to shower. You can just wash it off!""OK," Rob said, grinning.He got up and the two of them got into the shower. * * *"God Damn! Don't we look FINE!" Cody declared a while later as the four boys stood in their shared sitting room, looking each other up and down. They were all dressed in matching black tuxes that Ethan and Cody had picked out and rented for them."We look like we're ready for a night Lol Toplist out casino hopping in Monte Carlo!" Rob said, chuckling."I think we look great!" Ethan said, grinning."You don't think we'll be overdressed, do you?" Simon asked, skeptically."Naaa..." Cody said. "People get really dressed up to come here!""So when do we go eat?" Rob asked."Right now!" Ethan said, looking at his watch. "Otherwise we'll be late!""Let's go then! I'm starved!" Simon said."You're ALWAYS starved!" Ethan quipped."Well," Simon replied. "I am still a growing boy you know!""Lucky for me it's the same body part that keeps growing too!" Ethan said, snickering."Yes, you are pretty lucky!" Simon said, smiling sweetly, as Cody and Rob laughed at their banter."OK," Ethan said, as he reached for the door knob. "Voices down, and we have to act mature now!"As Ethan opened the door, the other three looked at him, then started acting like sophisticated snobs in a very exagerated way, which caused them all to break into hysterical laughter as they proceeded down the hallway toward the lobby and dining room. * * *"C'mon Guys! Seriously, we gotta behave now!" Ethan said, as they approached the lobby.All of them tried their best to compose themselves, but Simon and Rob were still snickering softly, as they walked into the lobby, and turned toward the restaurant."Mitchell party of four for 6:00 please," Cody said to the Maitre d'."How come the reservation's under Cody's name?" Simon whispered to Ethan."His brother made all the arrangements, and must've used their last name," Ethan whispered back."But... that means Nate knows about Cody then?" Simon asked.Ethan's eyes shot open, and he stared at Simon in surprise. He hadn't thought of that."I don't know! We'll have to ask him after we're seated," Ethan said.The maitre d' led the boys through the restaurant, which was a huge old room in the main section of the mansion. The walls were paneled in heavy dark wood. There was a huge fireplace on each end of the room, and despite the warm weather, each had a fire burning cheerfully in it. Simon was very relieved when, after heading straight for a table directly in front of one of the fireplaces, that the maitre d' abruptly turned right and led them instead to a table in a windowed alcove that overlooked the river."Thank God he didn't put us by the fire," he said, tugging at his collar a little, after they'd been seated and the maitre d' had left."I was thinking the same thing," Rob said, smiling."Nate asked for the best seat in the house when he made the reservation," Cody said. "I guess he got it too! Take a look! Everyone else is sitting at tables in the middle of the room!""And, it's nice and cool here too!" Ethan said, looking up at a vent in the ceiling over their table from which the slightest hint of a cool breeze was flowing."It's quite comfortable really," Rob said."So... Cody!" Simon asked, unable to hold back any longer. "You said Nate set all this up for us. Does he know about you now???"Cody blushed and smiled stupidly, and Rob grinned at him, as Ethan and Simon looked curiously at him."Uh... yeah, Nate knows," Cody said, blushing a bit darker. "He kinda walked in on me and Rob in my room one afternoon.""NO!" Simon burst out, causing a loud "SHHHHH" from Ethan."Sorry!" Simon whispered. "What'd you do?"Still red in the face and smiling stupidly, Cody said, "Well, it was really embarrassing! We were right in the middle of ... you know! And the door bursts open, and there's Nate!""Good evening Gentlemen," a deep voice came from overhead, behind Ethan's chair, startling all four of them. "My name is Chester. I'll be your server this evening. Might I offer you a beverage while you peruse our menu?""Hi Chester!" Ethan said, amiably looking up at the waiter. "I suppose under the circumstances a round of beer would be out of the Lol Toplist question.""Hmmm... I suppose so," Chester said, dryly, looking down his nose at Ethan."Could we please have a round of sodas Chester?" Cody, asked."Yes sir, that would be fine," Chester said. "We have Coca Cola, 7-Up, Sunkist, A&W Root Beer, and Schwepp's Ginger Ale. What would you all care for?"The boys each placed their order, and Chester, strode off in the direction of the bar."Nice going Rodman! Don't get him mad at us!" Cody hissed."Sorry!" Ethan said, blushing slightly. "I was just trying to be funny!""I don't think that guy knows what funny is!" Rob Lol Toplist said, smirking."Forget all that!" Simon said. "What happened after Nate walked in on you?"Rob started to snicker. "You should've seen poor Cody's face! He was petrified.""So would you be if your brother walked in on you and found you in a '69' with another guy, shoving dildos up each other's asses to boot!" Cody burst out."Well... ya didn't have to go into that much detail," Rob muttered, blushing, as Simon and Ethan sat staring incredulously at the two of them."You were fucking each other with dildos, while you '69'ed'?" Ethan asked, his mouth still hanging open a bit.Cody and Rob both blushed a little more, but Cody nodded."Damn!" Ethan said."Maybe we could try that too?" Simon asked, reaching for his crotch and pressing on his dick which had begun to stiffen and tent his pants.Ethan grinned and said, "Sure! If you want to!"Cody and Rob both smiled with relief that Ethan and Simon weren't going to make fun of them for their kinkiness.Snickering and leaning in, Rob whispered, "You might wanta try a string of plastic balls too! Lube 'em up, and stuff them up each other one at a time, then when you're about to blow your loads, yank on the cord and rip them out of each other! It's awesome and you won't believe how much cum you blow!""Jesus!" Simon exclaimed, pushing down harder on his now fully erect penis.Ethan seemed to be breathing heavier too, just thinking about it."You really didn't have to tell them that one!" Cody whispered to Rob."Why not?" Rob asked. "If we like it as much as we do, why not share our ideas?""Yeah! Please keep sharing!" Ethan cried, his nostrils flaring, and his hand moving to his lap too.Everyone chuckled.Their sodas arrived then, and Chester asked if they were ready to order their dinners."Oh shit! We haven't even looked at the menus yet. Can you give us another couple minutes please Chester?" Cody asked."Very good sir," Chester said in a monotone voice. He looked annoyed though."Probably thinks we're gonna leave him a lousy tip!" Cody commented, picking up his menu."But what happened with Nate?" Simon asked."Wait'll our order's in," Cody said, opening his menu."Fine!" Simon said, with a hint of frustration in his voice. He too picked up his menu."Holy Shit!" Rob murmured from behind his menu."What's the matter?" Cody asked, quietly.Rob lowered his menu and blushing said, "I don't even know what some of the things on the menu are!""And there's no prices!" Simon said. "How do we know which things not to pick?""Pick anything you want, and don't worry about the price!" Ethan said."But-" Simon started to protest."I said pick what you want!" Ethan said, looking pointedly at him."Fine!" Simon said, resignedly."What ones aren't you sure of?" Cody asked Rob softly."This Lol Toplist one," Rob said, pointing at his menu."That's rabbit, prepared in a German style," Cody said, when he saw Rob pointing at 'Hasen Pfeffer'."And that?" Rob asked, pointing at 'tripe'."Trust me you don't even want to know, much less have it!" Cody said with a snicker."Can I have the Alaskan King Crab Legs?" Simon asked Ethan, smiling hopefully."Sure!" Ethan said. "I told you to have whatever you wanted!""Cool! I love them! Especially drenched with drawn butter!" Simon said, grinning."Don't they have basic steak on here?" Rob asked."Try the 'twin tournedoes of beef in whisky sauce'," Cody said. "It's filet mignon in a really nice flavored sauce!""Cool! That's what I'll have. Why don't they just call it what it is though?" he said.Cody chuckled and went back to perusing his menu.A couple of minutes later, Chester returned and took their orders. Rob ordered the filet mignon. Simon ordered the crab legs. Ethan ordered surf and turf - a prime rib with a lobster tail. And, Cody ordered Beef Wellington. Lol Toplist When Chester asked what they would like for appetizers, Rob and Simon both looked daunted.Cody grinned and glanced at the menu and said, "We'd like the escargot, caviar, liver pate', and duck fois gras please, and four plates.""Very good sir," Chester said, rolling his eyes."What'd you just order?" Rob asked, when he was gone."Just try it when it arrives, and see if you like it," Cody said, smiling."How come you know so much about fancy food?" Rob asked."My parents took Nate and me on a couple of cruises. All you do on a ship is eat! And it's all fancy stuff like this! You'll love it really!" Cody said."OK!" Simon interrupted. "What happened when Nate walked in on you?""You are persistent!" Cody chuckled.Simon gave him an annoyed look, as he continued chuckling."Well... as you might expect, it was VERY embarrassing," Cody said. His smile faded and he added "And, quite frightening too.""I was embarrassed and scared enough for myself," Rob said, as Cody paused. "But, it was really awful Lol Toplist for Cody!""Oh man! You must've been shittin' your pants!" Ethan said.Cody laughed then and said, "I might've been if I'd been wearing pants, and this one here wasn't stuffing a huge dildo up me!"Everyone laughed."Well? What'd Nate do?" Simon asked."Your appetizers sirs," Chester announced, again coming up behind them, and startling Simon again.Simon leaned back in his chair, looking deflated, as the others chuckled.Chester sat a plate in front of each boy, then arranged the four appetizers in the middle of the table."Bon Appetit!" he said somewhat haughtily, before he turned and walked away."Looks good!" Ethan said, as he and Cody exchanged grins.Simon and Rob stared curiously at the plates of food, then exchanged skeptical looks."You'll love it!" Ethan said.He and Cody quickly divied up the food onto the four plates, so everyone got a taste of everything."OK, eat up!" Cody said, handing Rob his plate, as Ethan handed Simon a plate.Cautiously Simon picked up a fork and tried a small bit of the escargot, which had been ground up and enhanced with herbs and bread crumbs, then broiled and painted with melted butter and sprinkled with fresh grated parmagian reggiano cheese and ground black pepper."Mmmm!!!" Simon said, chewing a mouthful."This is good!" he declared, after he'd swallowed it. "What is it?""Yeah! What is it?" Rob asked as well, having just swallowed some too."Snails!" Cody and Ethan said together, not looking up.Simon's and Rob's heads swiveled toward one another and they each made a face. Then Rob grabbed his water glass and took a gulp. Simon followed suit. Seeing the boys' reactions out of the corners of their eyes, Ethan and Cody both chuckled."You liked it before you knew what it was! What's the problem now that you know what it is?" Ethan asked.Simon looked at him and thought a moment, then shrugged and said, "I guess it's just the idea of swallowing a big slug!""It's not a big slug!" Cody said, chuckling. He explained how they were made, and Simon and Rob both appeared a little relieved."OK, so now, these are fish eggs, right?" Rob asked, pointing at the caviar."Yup," Ethan said."You eat it like this," Cody said, and he proceeded to show the others how to mix the caviar with the bit of hard boiled egg, parsely, and onion, making it into a pate' which you then spread on a point of toast. After Cody ate his, savoring the flavor, the others all did what he'd done. Ethan quickly downed his, while Simon and Rob looked at each other dubiously."Well... it can't be worse than snails!" Rob said after a moment, and he stuffed the whole piece of toast in his mouth and began chewing on it."Saltier than I thought it would be," Ethan said, after he swallowed.He scooped up and tasted a few pieces of plain caviar that were sitting on his plate yet, and grinned."Now I know what it reminds me of!" he said, grinning lewdly."Oh my God! Yes!" Simon cried, grinning. "We gotta get more of that!"Everyone laughed."Quite honestly at the price of caviar, I think we'd best stick to each other's love juice!" Cody said. "It's free after all!"They all laughed again."So... c'mon! Before Mr. Stuffed shirt comes back! What'd Nate say?" Simon asked, as he watched Ethan spreading liver pate' on a cracker, and did the same."Well, I was really upset, as you can imagine. I mean the look on his face as he stood staring at us was awful. He was shocked of course, and I expect, rather disgusted," Cody said, he popped some food in his mouth and chewed, then swallowed, while everyone waited."So, I'm laying there with my legs pulled up, and Rob's straddling me in a '69', fucking me with this huge dildo and sucking me off. I've got his cock in my mouth, and another dildo going in and out of him," Cody said. "I really don't know how long Nate was standing there watching either, cause he just walked in without knocking!""Suddenly, I saw the door move a little out of the corner of my eye," Cody continued. "I looked over and Nate's standing there with his mouth wide open, and huge eyes. I thought I was going to die from embarrassment!""I could tell something was wrong when he stopped sucking on me, and shoving the dildo in and out of me," Rob said, picking up the thread. "When I went to look back at Cody, I saw Nate standing there too. He was just like Cody said.""So what happened?" Ethan asked, dying with curiosity now too. "Did he freak?""No!" Cody said, smiling slightly. "I mean I felt like I wanted to die and just sink into the bed and disappear. I guess Nate realized how upset I was-""Well duh - there were tears running down your cheeks!" Rob interrupted.Simon and Ethan paused, and looked at Cody, each realizing how awful he must've felt."Well," Cody said, his face turning pink. "I didn't know how he'd react. I was Lol Toplist scared he'd turn on me, or that he'd tell our parents, or both!""So what happened?" Simon asked."I couldn't believe it!" Cody said, smiling a little, and staring at the flowers and candle in the middle of the table. "It turned out really great! After his initial shock wore off, he must've realized how upset I was. Real quick he said 'Oh God! I'm so sorry for busting in on you! I thought you were alone, and heard you moaning- oh fuck! Um... well, I thought maybe you'd fallen and were hurt, so I just walked in to see. I'm sorry.' We just stared at each other for Lol Toplist a minute. I still didn't know what he thought about it really -""Your salads sirs," Chester announced, again stealthily coming up behind Simon and scaring him."Sheesh I wish he'd stop doing that!" Simon crabbed, after Chester had picked up their empty appetizer plates, served their salads, left a handled serving tray with bowls of various salad dressings, and offered fresh ground pepper to everyone, before finally leaving.Everyone snickered, as Simon glared at them."So... Did Nate say anything else?" Ethan asked, reaching for Lol Toplist the Thousand Island salad dressing."Yeah," Cody said, smiling. "Actually, it was so cool really. I was so surprised too. He must've seen how upset I was, cause after he apologized for walking in on us, and we stared at each other for a minute, he said 'um... by the way, what you guys are doing is OK with me, if that's what you want to do. I mean, it's nothing I'd want to do, but, as long as you're happy, it's OK with me. uh... I'm gonna leave now, and we can talk more about it later. And... I won't tell Mom or Dad, so don't worry about anything.'""Wow!" Simon said. He and Ethan were both staring at Cody, surprised."I know," Cody said, grinning. "Nate's gotta be the coolest brother! Later, after Rob left, he came to talk to me, and told me he'd kind of wondered for a while if maybe I liked guys instead of girls. Guess I didn't take a big enough interest in girls around him! Anyway, he told me if I was gay, it was OK with him, he still loved me and wanted to be brothers!"Cody paused and just grinned happily at Ethan and Simon."That's GREAT man!" Ethan said, as without watching what he was doing, he tried unsuccessfully to stab a cherry tomato."Yeah!" Simon agreed. "You're so lucky to have a brother like that!""I know," Cody said. "I gotta say, I was stunned. I thought for sure he was going to call me a faggot and tell me how revolted he was that we were brothers. Lol Toplist He did the complete opposite though. He even gave me a hug!""Wow!" Ethan said."Actually," Cody said, softly, smiling broadly. "When he hugged me, it was one of the most special times I've ever shared with him. He looked me in the eye, and said, 'No matter what. No matter how you turn out in the end - straight - gay - bi - it doesn't matter to me. You'll always be my brother, and I'll always love you!', then he took me in his arms and hugged me. He held me like that for a few seconds. Then, when he let go, he rubbed his eyes, like he was trying to brush away tears.""I'd give anything to have a brother like that!" Simon said, smiling in a bitter-sweet way at Cody."Yeah," Rob agreed, looking a little sad."That is fantastic!" Ethan said, smiling warmly at Cody."Well," Cody said, looking at Simon and Rob, "I know things have been rough for you two, but really, everything's worked out pretty good for you in the end, hasn't it?""Definitely!" Simon said, smiling."It wouldn't have without Greg and Tom though!" Rob said, thoughtfully."That's so true!" Simon said, his smile fading into a serious look."That's what I mean," Cody said. "You might not have a cool older brother like I do, but you both have Greg and Tom, who've helped things work out for you, one way or the other! So... we do all have someone who cares about us, who doesn't care that we're gay.""True!" Ethan said, smiling. "In the end, we've all lucked out!""To Greg and Tom!" Cody said, picking up his water glass and holding it aloft."And Nate too!" Rob added, hoisting his own glass.Grinning, Ethan and Simon, joined them in the toast, and they all clinked glasses, then took a sip of their water. * * *The rest of the boys' meal passed with happy conversation, as they all thoroughly enjoyed their dinners."Man, I'm stuffed!" Simon declared, leaning back in his chair after he finished off the last bit of his crab legs, his lips shiny from the drawn butter."Me too!" Rob said, pushing back from his plate as well.Chester appeared momentarily and picked up their dishes, as the boys all sat quietly lost in their own thoughts.When the table was cleared, Chester placed a bowl of water with a slice of lemon floating in it in front of each boy."What the hell is this?" Rob asked, staring curiously down at his bowl, after Chester had left.Cody and Ethan grinned at each other."Are we supposed to drink it?" Simon asked, equally as confused."No silly!" Ethan said."They're finger bowls!" Cody told them. "You wash the grease off your fingers - like this."Cody then proceeded to dip the fingers of his right hand into the bowl, and rubbed the lemon between them for a couple of seconds, then he lifted them out and dried them off with his napkin.As he repeated the process for his left hand, Rob said, "Damn! They think of everything, don't they?"He too washed his fingers off."You'd best wipe that butter off your mouth too!" Ethan said, grinning at Simon.Blushing, Simon surreptitiously rubbed some lemon water on his mouth, and quickly dried it off."Better?" he asked, looking at Ethan."I don't know, come here," Ethan said.Simon leaned toward Ethan, expecting him to wipe off a speck of food, but was surprised when Ethan leaned in and bussed him right on the lips.Simon's eyes flew open with surprise, and Rob looked surprised too. Ethan and Cody both chuckled though."I didn't think we were doing that in public!" Simon said."Nobody here knows us," Ethan said, smiling.Simon didn't reply, but smiled uncertainly back at him."Would the gentlemen care for any dessert?" Chester asked, appearing behind Simon, who finally didn't jump with surprise at being snuck up on."Certainly," Cody said, seeing the handful of dessert menus Chester was carrying."Very well, here are your menus," Chester said, and he handed one to each of the boys. "I'll return in a moment to take your orders.""Wow!" Rob said, looking down the list of desserts. "I don't even know what some of these are either!""What are you wondering about?" Rob asked."Doesn't matter, I'm having the 'Death by Chocolate'!" he said, smiling, and snapping his menu shut."I don't know how I'll get it in, but cheesecake sounds great!" Simon said.Ethan and Cody chuckled at them, as they looked through the list of desserts.Chester returned a moment later and took their orders. A few minutes later, he returned with the desserts, and cups of coffee for Ethan, Cody, and Rob. Simon opted for another glass of ice water."Ohhh!" he complained several minutes later, sitting back from an empty dessert plate, and rubbing his belly. "I don't remember when I've ever eaten so much food!""It was yesterday!" Ethan said, chuckling."Asshole!" Simon muttered, glaring at him, as the others snickered."Maybe you should have had the Creme Brullee, or sherbert, like me and Ethan did," Cody said. "It's not as filling as what you guys ordered.""I think you're right!" Rob said, a little uncomfortably.Chester appeared and glanced a little uncertainly around the table, as Ethan and Cody lingered over second cups of coffee. Before anyone acknowledged him, he quietly placed a tray with the check and some mints in the middle of the table."I'll take that for you whenever you're ready," he said, and he withdrew quickly.Ethan reached for the bill picked it up. His eyes shot open wide when he initially looked at it. Simon and Rob both noticed and exchanged Lol Toplist worried glances. As Ethan calculated in his head for a minute, Cody passed out the mints that had been on the tray. Simon's and Rob's eyes both flew wide open then, when Ethan pulled a wad of money from his wallet, and placed two 100 dollar bills, and one 50 dollar bill on the tray and set it down."It cost THAT much?" Simon hissed."SHhhh!" Ethan said, giving him a reproachful look, as Cody smiled benevolently at him.Chester appeared a moment later, and picked up the check, saying he'd return with their change."It's fine as is thank you," Ethan replied.Chester's eyebrows shot up and a surprised smile appeared on his face. It was the first smile the boys had seen him crack."Well, thank you very much sirs," Chester said, smiling broadly at them. "Enjoy the remainder of your evening!""Thanks", "Thanks Chester", "You too", "Take care Chester" they all replied.As Chester walked away smiling, Cody leaned in and snickered, "Guess he seemed so 'stiff' because he thought we'd be bad tippers!""I didn't notice he had a boner!" Rob said, looking at Cody with feigned seriousness.Everyone burst out laughing."I gotta go pee," Simon said."Me too," Rob agreed."Let's all use the men's room," Cody suggested. "We don't know when we'll get near one again afterall.""We don't?" Simon asked, looking confused.Ethan and Cody grinned conspiratorially at one another."What's going on?" Rob asked, suspiciously looking back and forth between them."Yeah!" Simon said, as Cody and Ethan started getting up."You'll just have to wait and see," Ethan said, pushing his chair back in.The boys got up quickly and followed Ethan and Cody toward the door then. As they passed the maitre d's podium, Chester was standing nearby and smiling gaily, he bid them a "Good Evening!" They snickered a moment later when they were outside the restaurant, walking across the lobby toward the rest rooms. * * *"So what are we going to do now?" Simon asked, as they exited the men's room, all feeling a bit relieved. "Are we going back to our room?"His penis began to stiffen a little with anticipation, although he wondered ruefully if he was really up for sex, since he was so full from his dinner."No!" Ethan said. "Not yet. We still have another surprise for you guys!""Really?" Rob asked, surprised."What is it?" Simon asked, equally as surprised."You'll see soon enough!" Ethan said, as Cody grinned at him. He looked at his watch and added "we have about 15 minutes yet, how about a stroll down to the water?""Sounds good," Cody said.Simon and Rob looked at each other and shrugged, then followed Ethan and Cody out the doors that opened onto a large patio, from which a path led down to the river. * * *"It's nice down here!" Simon said, as they w
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