Related article: Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 17:20:59 +0000 From: Jacob Latson Subject: Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 9Disclaimer:This story will describe the life of John Miller from his time as a divorced man who has been devastated by the divorce and turned it into a new life of wealth. This story will include descriptions of male sex, including M/M, M/T, M/b, T/b and b/b. If stories involving sex between consenting males of all ages, including mainly gay sex, offends you, go back to the Archives and pick a different story for your reading pleasure.There has been minimal research for this story therefore, names, places, and events are mostly fictitious and similarities to real life are coincidental.Some companies and organizations mentioned actually exist, but references to the activities, policies, programs and procedures are fictitious. This story will include references to the United States government, the FBI, CIA and other agencies. Any references are purely fictional, and only used to develop the plot and characters.Bill worked his magic again! Thanks, Bill!!Agony & EcstasyChapter 9A New Life and New ChallengesRumors spread throughout the NAO building about a new management consultant who had been appointed by the two elderly stockholders. Everyone was excited about the new appointment except three Department Heads.William Tennant, Security Chief for S&JI, Ltd. was in a private meeting with Glen Young, Personnel Director and Jacob Coleman, Financial Manager, and the three men were livid!"We need to get this new asshole under our thumbs!" Glen said emphatically. "Those two old bitches are out to fuck us out of what we deserve!""I was sure that I could convince them to appoint me as the new CEO, but those old bags are senile and need a bullet in the head!" Jacob added. "All of our plans could go out the window if we don't get control of this new fuckhead. I don't believe the story that he's a management consultant! He's going to be the new President and CEO, and you need to get some dirt on him so we can control him," he said to William Tennant."I hear that he's headed to the Bahamas," William said. "I'll send some special men to wire the Presidential Mansion there. Philippe won't work with us, so we'll have to work around that fucking nigger!""James Stanton loved fucking little boys and we can only hope that this new guy can be tempted to drill a girl or boy so we can record it," Jacob said. "When we have control of him, the moves will happen and we can retire as millionaires!"John was having lunch in the cafeteria with Helen Baxter while the three men were plotting against him. His mind was still reeling with the financial information, and he looked around the beautiful restaurant that Helen seemed to take for granted. The food and service would rival any five star restaurants in the entire world, and the furnishings were awesome!"I took the liberty of scheduling an appointment with Henri's Tailor Shop," Helen said to John. She was impressed with the handsome man and wondered if he was married. It was obvious that John Miller was in excellent shape, and Helen wanted to learn as much as she could about her new boss."Who's Henri?" John asked."He's the best tailor in the State of Michigan," Helen answered. "Henri will measure you for your new wardrobe, and by the time you come back, you'll have the clothes that you need for your new job.""I guess that showing up dressed like this was a mistake," John admitted. "I still can't believe that this is happening, all from changing a flat tire."Helen wanted to hear how John Miller had met Betty Anderson and Martha Jenkins, so John gave her a condensed version of the flat tire and what he had been doing for the ladies."I'm surprised that one of them didn't pull out a gun on you," Helen said in a matter of fact manner. "The entire Stanton family loves guns and has them everywhere."John laughed and said that he was shocked when he first heard that his aunts carried guns when they went out of their home, but now he liked the idea. Then he asked what would happen when he went to the Bahamas."You'll get to meet Philippe for the first time and meet the rest of the management staff of the international operations," Helen replied. "I'm going to make a suggestion to you, and I hope that you don't take offense. DON'T TRUST ANYONE! There're some people in this organization that have their own ideas on how to run our company, and James Stanton, for some reason, didn't get rid of them. Be suspicious of everyone until you make up your own mind about their priorities.""Can't I trust you?" John asked. "Aunt Betty and Aunt Martha told me that I could trust you, and I value their opinions.""Trust no one until you see how their decisions affect our company, including me!" Helen replied."I've noticed that no one here calls James Stanton anything but Mr. Stanton," John said. "My two aunts always call him Jimmy, but everyone else is very formal.""James allowed me to call him by his first name, but never `Jim'" Helen replied. "Everyone else was instructed to call him `Mr. Stanton'.""Well I don't like that type of formality, so please call me John.""I'd like to do that, but I'd suggest that we continue the formalities until you get settled in." Helen replied. "Philippe has been the `Acting President' ever since James died, and I trust him to continue making important decisions until you take over. Lo Bbs He'll introduce you to the Board of Directors for S&JI, Ltd. and then to the Board of Directors of WWI. He told me that you should go to Switzerland for some bank business and then you can decide when to return here. James loved to hunt and fish, and his travel assistant had trips booked for the next 12 months. Tom Mason was the travel assistant for James, but unfortunately, Tom was killed along with James during the African Safari.""How did that happen?" John asked. "A while ago, my friend, Jim Taylor showed me a newspaper article that I vaguely remember skimming over.""James and Tom were in Zimbabwe to hunt for antelope and elephants," Helen began. "The outfitter was very experienced but things went wrong. We never got all of the details, but the official findings said that a wounded bull elephant charged and trampled both James and Tom. James was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the jungle area of our reception enclosure. Tom's family insisted on a regular burial. It was a very sad time for all of us and the organization has been waiting for a new President and CEO to take over.""Thomas Kendrick said that he would handle my tax issues with the IRS and State of Michigan, but he also advised me to buy some property and cars that James Stanton owned," John said openly. "He said it would cost $2 million!""If Thomas advised you to buy, you can bet that you'll be getting something extremely valuable for your money," Helen replied. "James Stanton never owned any junk!""For someone who was struggling to make the payments on my home, it's hard to part with that much money," John admitted. "For the first time in my life, I'll be free from debt, and I still feel like this is a dream and I'll wake up and find out that I'm still broke!"Helen laughed and told John that this was not a dream. "Just so that you know, James Stanton became a citizen of the Bahamas," Helen said. "He renounced his U.S. citizenship to avoid paying income taxes on his large income from the international operations. Very few people know that fact. Even his two aunts don't know, and I'm asking you to keep that information a secret. I didn't even put that information in the document that I prepared for you to read.""It's more like a book than a document!" John teased. "It'll take me a month to read it all!""I apologize for the size of the file, but I wanted to give you an idea of how important the North American Operations are to the future of our company," Helen replied. "I tried to be diplomatic when I described the different NAO managers and their responsibilities, but some of the managers will put pressure on you to make some big changes. Just take your time before making your decisions that will affect our outlet stores and employees."After lunch, John walked out to his Silverado pickup truck and looked back at the beautiful building that was now his domain. He had held back his emotions during the long meetings inside the building, but reality hit him hard. He leaned against the door of the truck and let his emotions run free. Tears flowed down his face and he hoped that no one would see. He got inside the truck and sobbed openly about the drastic changes in his life. He would be able to pay off the debts from the divorce and do something significant for Johnny, Kirsty and Little John. He finally settled down and drove to the tailor shop to meet Henri.Henri Gottleib was thrilled to meet the new executive from the Sea & Jungle Imports, Ltd., and had two assistants ready to measure and order an entire wardrobe for John. He congratulated John on his new job and started recommending everything from underwear, shoes and shirts that were appropriate for an executive to wear for informal events all the way to tuxedos for very formal events. John had never owned an Armani suit, but he listened to the recommendations of the expert tailor and agreed to everything that was suggested. Henri was excited about the huge sale for his exclusive store and had his workers fit John with a beautiful Armani suit of dark blue. Henri was used to fitting men with obese bodies, but this man was in perfect shape and only minor alterations were necessary. Henri was very diplomatic in asking John, "Which side do you dress?" John knew that Henri was asking him where his manhood would create a bulge so that the tailor could add fabric to that area. John volunteered that he might be carrying a firearm and was surprised when Henri brought out a shoulder holster for the tailor to use in fitting the suit coats. Before John left the shop, he was carrying the most beautiful silk suit that he had ever seen in his entire life, along with shirts, ties, socks, shoes and a topcoat.John was still overwhelmed by the cost of $75,000 for his new clothes, but headed for the bank to deposit his huge paycheck of $20 million dollars. He had taken the advice Lo Bbs of Thomas Kendrick in opening a new account at the Bank of Detroit, and met with the Bank Manager, William Gould in his private office."Welcome to the Bank of Detroit," Bill Gould said when he greeted John. "Mr. Kendrick said that you might be visiting us today, and I assure you that we'll take care of all of your banking needs. Please sit down and we can discuss your plans."John handed the check for his first year of employment with S&JI, Ltd. and saw a big smile on Bill's face. He took the check back to endorse it and then told the bank manager what he wanted to do with the deposit."I know that the IRS will swoop down on us real fast when they see this deposit," John said. "Mr. Kendrick will handle any tax issues, and he'll also give you the information about my two home mortgages, the credit card account numbers, and the loan for my furnace. I want all of those debts paid in full and I also want to open a joint account with my son. Can we do that?""We can do that and even more!" Bill replied. He couldn't wait to call the bank president to tell him about the huge deposit and knew the president would be equally thrilled. He listened to John's desires and promised to handle everything quickly.John thought about Margaret, and knew that the bitch would try to get money from him or his son. He explained his concerns to Bill and was relieved that his account balance would remain private. He filled out an application for an American Express card and asked that the bills would be paid immediately out of his combination of checking and savings accounts. He accepted the signature card for the new joint account with his son and thanked Bill before heading back to the NAO Headquarters."Good afternoon, Mr. Miller," the guard at the gate said when John drove up. "Please go to the employee parking area and park your truck in parking spot #1."John was surprised that the guard recognized him from the morning visit, but correctly guessed that Helen had spread the word about his new position as a "management consultant". When he drove into the employee parking lot he was surprised to see a sign on the closest spot to the front door of the building that said, "Reserved for John Miller".He parked the truck and walked into the lobby and up to the security checkpoint. He was going to walk through the metal detector, but the guard recognized him and motioned for him to bypass the detector and go to Lo Bbs the reception desk."Good afternoon, Mr. Miller," Regina Henderson said warmly. "Mr. Kendrick is waiting for you in the South American Conference Room. Would you like me to escort you upstairs?""Thank you, Regina," John said politely. "I'd like you to call me John, unless you want me to call you, Ms. Henderson.""That will take me some time to get used to," Regina laughed. "Mr. Stanton never let anyone call him by his first name, but I'm honored that you said that. Of course, if anyone else is around I'll show respect and call you Mr. Miller."John looked at the jungle and still couldn't believe that this was his new place of employment. He had visited several Chrysler buildings and had never seen any building that could match the lobby of the NAO Headquarters. The dingy plant and his cluttered work cubicle at the Chrysler Parts Plant were now in the past, and he was thrilled. He took the glass elevator up to the 12th floor; using the access card that Regina had given him. The 12th floor had restricted access, and only executives with the access cards could enter. When he walked out of the elevator he saw a black man with gray hair sweeping the hallway. He saw the man's name on his badge and uniform and walked up and introduced himself."Hi, Howard, my name is John Miller," John said while offering his hand to the black man. "Could you please show me where the men's room is?""Mr. Miller, I'm pleased to meet you," Howard replied. He was surprised that the new executive would even acknowledge him because of his low position with the company."Please call me John," John said. "These halls look beautiful!""I'm sorry sir, but Mr. Briggs would fire me if he ever heard me call anyone by their first name. I'm just a lowly janitor here, and most people don't even know my name.""Who's Mr. Briggs?" John asked."Mr. Briggs is the Maintenance Manager and my boss's boss," Howard replied.John could tell that Howard was nervous, so he decided to let the man continue his work. He noticed that Howard's uniform was sparkling clean and perfectly pressed, and he was impressed with the man and his work. After he used the men's room, John complimented Howard on the cleanliness of the toilet area. The black man beamed with pride and acted humble, but John could tell that Howard was pleased with his comments.When John walked into the South American Conference Room he was surprised to see the chairs filled with a group of white men. The only woman in the room was Helen and he greeted her warmly."Gentlemen, let me introduce our new management consultant, Mr. John Miller," Helen said professionally. John shook hands with all of the men, but knew that he wouldn't remember most of their names. He had scanned through the information that Helen had prepared for him and knew that the file contained organization charts with photographs that would be helpful in memorizing the names and positions that the men held."Mr. Miller will be here this afternoon but will be leaving for the Bahamas early tomorrow morning," Helen said. "He'll be using the President's Office and conference room, but please don't bother him until he gets settled in."John quickly noticed that three of the men didn't seem happy with him using the President's Office. He sensed some hostility, and was on full alert to capture the body language that the men displayed.The meeting only lasted about 20 minutes before Helen closed the meeting. She led John out of the conference room and down the hallway to an office door made of solid teakwood.When John got inside, he stopped in his tracks! The office was huge and the walls were covered with trophy animals. The largest aquarium that he had ever seen was filled with exotic tropical fish. The aquarium was eight feet tall and over 15 feet long! Persian rugs decorated the hardwood floor and the huge desk was made out of a type of wood that he couldn't identify."HOLY CRAP!" John exclaimed when he looked around his new office. The guest chairs were all leather, but John couldn't determine what type. All that he knew was that this office looked like it was built for a king!"Mr. Stanton had very expensive tastes," Helen said. "He shot all of the animals and personally selected the furnishings. The only other place in the entire world that has these designs of leather furniture is in the Middle East where the royal families like to impress their visitors. If any of the furnishings are not to your liking, we can quickly replace them!"John was awestruck, and walked around the room, looking at the trophy mounts and the original oil paintings."That one was painted by Vincent Van Gogh, "Helen said. "The next one is by Jackson Pollock, the next by Pablo Picasso, this one is by Salvadore Dali, and my favorite is this Andy Warhoul creation. These paintings are technically owned by World Wide Investments, but you can have any of them for your home.""Jesus!" John exclaimed. "These paintings are all originals? They must be worth a fortune!""Yes, they're all originals and insured for $500 million dollars," Helen replied. "This Ming Dynasty vase is worth over $5 million dollars. Everything in this room is priceless, and museums around the world would kill to have even half of what James Stanton and his father collected. His home in Bloomfield Hills is full of original oil paintings that his father and grandfather collected a long time ago. Of course, that's your home now!""I have a home that I love," John admitted. "I'm still overwhelmed by all of this, and can't believe that I'm not dreaming.""James had just purchased a huge home in Bloomfield Hills that he was going to move into," Helen said. "Both homes are yours now, and you can use them or sell them. James did a lot of entertaining when he was here in Michigan, and his home was perfect for the large parties. I suggest that you get settled before you make any decisions about selling anything.""I couldn't afford the trash cans for a home in Bloomfield Hills!" John admitted. "I built most of my current home on Long Lake, and I love it. I could use some new furniture and some appliances, but I have great neighbors and a great place to fish. It may sound stupid to you, but my dog is buried there, and I don't want to leave Barney.""Betty and Martha told me about your divorce and what Margaret did to your home and dog," Helen said. "I'm appalled by what happened to your dog and home and can only offer my condolences. I can tell that it still bothers you, so let's change the subject. Thomas left a bunch of papers for you to sign, and I'll go over them with you in case you have any objections."John choked back his emotions from thinking about Barney, and agreed to look at the official documents. He sat in the leather chair behind the cocobolo desk and smiled. He looked around at his new domain and felt dizzy that it was all his!"I've looked at all of the documents and I think Lo Bbs that Thomas has done a fantastic job!" Helen said. "On a temporary basis, Thomas will be your legal representative if you sign this document. He can then transfer ownership of a farm, several cars and ownership of some businesses and property in the Czech Republic. James kept these assets in his own name while WWI owns all of the outlet stores and many hunting and fishing camps around the world, along with both homes in Bloomfield Hills. If you sign all of these documents, your bank account will take a hit of about $1.5 million, but the property and vehicles are worth about five times that amount.""I won't own anything made by the Chrysler Corporation!" John said emphatically. He looked at the list of vehicles and was shocked! The first car was a 1953 Corvette! He knew that only 200 were built and that car collectors would give anything to own one of the first sports cars built in the U.S. He listened to Helen describe each vehicle before he signed the purchase agreements and applications for new titles."A beautiful bright red Ferrari Testarossa," Helen said when she handed the document to John for his signature. "James loved fast cars and has others in every city around the world where we have Lo Bbs stores, along with some very valuable homes or apartments.""This registration is for a 1957 Bel Aire two door hardtop," Helen said. "It's one of my favorites that James often drove to work."Before John was finished signing the documents, he realized that he now owned 30 of the most collectible cars ever built!"Your two aunts have some of your cars stored in their barn, and the rest are either in the garage of your new home or at the farm house that you just bought," Helen said. "We have a fleet of company cars that you can use, or you can drive a vehicle that you own. It's all up to you!""I can't wait to see all Lo Bbs of these cars!" John admitted. "Just one of them is worth more than my entire home and property!""Mr. Kendrick will take care of the paperwork while you're in the Bahamas," Helen said. "William Tennant, Security Chief for S&JI, Ltd. wants to talk to you before you leave today.""Can I trust him?" John asked."That's for you to decide," Helen said professionally. "Remember my advice. Trust no one until you get to know them and their priorities."John had a bad feeling about some of the men who held important responsibilities with his new company, but he decided to take Helen's advice and wait before forming an opinion.When William Tennant arrived at his office, John welcomed the man inside and offered the man some coffee. William refused, and seemed uncomfortable."I have a cell phone for you to carry at all times," William Tennant said. "I also have this laptop computer so you can record any personal information that you don't want to put on the computer here in your office. I've assigned four of my security officers to accompany you to Nassau and wherever else you decide to go. The four men will make sure that you're safe at all times."Something about William Tennant didn't seem right to John. He accepted the cell phone and computer and said, "I don't like cell phones. It seems that everyone uses them when they're driving, and I'm sure that cell phones cause a lot of accidents.""One of my men will drive you wherever you need to go," William said. "My job is to make sure that you're safe at all times, so please get used to having a bodyguard with you at all times."John didn't like the sound of having the men invade his privacy. He knew that he could refuse the protection, but decided to be very guarded around the security officers until he knew them.When John was ready to leave for home, Helen gave him a note that his two aunts were expecting him for supper. He wanted to talk to his aunts in private, but knew that the four security officers would insist that they guard him at all times. He met the four men at the lobby and only remembered their first names. He wasn't impressed with the four men who looked like they were rejects from the nearest mall security details. All four of the men were wearing uniforms that bulged out from their overweight bodies, and John wondered if the buttons on the shirts would pop open at any second. One of the men insisted that he ride with John in the pickup truck, while the other three men followed behind in a Cadillac Escalade."I'm going to have supper with my two aunts," John said to Carl. "Here's some money so you guys can grab a bite to eat while I'm visiting.""One of us needs to be with you every second," Carl said emphatically."I'm going to visit with my aunts alone!" John replied sternly. "I'm going to have a private discussion with them, and I don't care what William Tennant told you!"Carl was obviously pissed, but insisted that John take the cell phone with him during his visit with the two elderly ladies.John pulled into the driveway of the farmhouse and got out of his truck. He tossed the cell phone to Carl and listened to the demands of the security officer that he take the phone with him, "in case of emergency"."I think that you need to understand that I make the decisions about my personal safety," John said. "You keep the phone warm while I enjoy some fantastic food from my two aunts. I don't expect to be ready to leave for at least three hours, so go get something to eat or just sit here and wait for me!"William Tennant was still in his office when he got the call from Carl Hammond. He was livid Lo Bbs that John had refused the protection of his security officers and had left the cell phone in the truck."GODDAMMIT!" William screamed. "I ordered you to stay with him every second! I don't care what you have to do to make him keep that phone with him, even if you have to shove it up his ass! Do what I told you, or start looking for another job!"Carl Hammond knocked on the door to the farmhouse, and was met by Martha Jenkins, Betty Anderson and John Miller. He swallowed hard and said that John had a phone call from William Tennant, Chief of Security. He handed the phone to John and hoped that his boss could convince John to keep the phone with him. He knew that the other security agents had a recorder running to capture any conversation, but he had orders not to divulge that information to the new "management consultant".John was suspicious of the cell phone, but decided to play dumb when he talked to the Chief of Security. "I'm just visiting my two aunts to have supper," John said. "I appreciate your concern for my safety, but I'm very comfortable here in their home. The security officers can wait outside or go get something to eat. It looks like they're used to eating large meals."William Tennant was pissed! He argued with John, but couldn't convince the new addition to S&JI that the men had to stay with him at all times. He was even more pissed when John said that he wouldn't carry the cell phone during the visit."He's going to be a problem!" William said to Glen Young, Personnel Director and Jacob Coleman, Financial Manager. "He refused to carry the phone, and we don't have the equipment to eavesdrop on their conversation inside the house.""Those two old bitches are fucking everything up!" Glen said."We still have the Bahamas to trap him!" Jacob said. "All we need is for him to drop his weenie in one of the girls or boys down there, and we'll have him by the balls, just like we had James Stanton. We have to be patient. We need those Swiss bank account numbers and access codes!""The move to Chicago will make us a fortune," Glen said. "When we have him by the balls, he'll agree to the five new stores, and we can all retire."John was relieved when Carl Hammond left the farmhouse. He asked his two aunts if they wanted a cocktail before supper, and they both quickly agreed. John smiled, and realized that his two aunts liked having an excuse to visit the parlor and share in his special recipe for Manhattans. While he was mixing the crystal pitcher of Manhattans, Betty came in with a cigar box."Jimmy left this with us, and told us not to show it to anyone," Betty said. "We looked inside, and all we saw is this little record and a collection of keys. Do you know what this is?"John took the CD and explained that it must be a computer disc. He recognized the access cards that looked similar to the one that he used at the NAO Headquarters, but realized that the markings were different. He correctly guessed that the cards could be used to get into some restricted areas."Those security officers don't impress me in the least," John admitted to his two aunts. "I don't like to be critical of anyone, but I can't believe that any of the four men could fight their way out of a wet paper bag! I'd rather have a kid standing guard over me than those obese jerks!""Then get rid of them!" Betty said. "Jimmy listened to Glen and Jacob and cut back on the pay for people to make more profits. That's one of the reasons that we chose you to take over the store. Find the shitheads and can them!"John almost choked on his drink when he heard Aunt Betty using vulgarity. He coughed and then started laughing."When are you going to stop cursing?" Martha asked her sister. "Ladies don't use that kind of language!""I apologize," Betty said. "I'll get some more ice from the kitchen.""My sister loses control," Martha apologized. "I have a favor to ask of you. Now that you're in charge of the store, I'm concerned that you might find something illegal that our nephew was doing. Please don't tell Betty if you uncover anything bad about Jimmy. It would break her heart.""I'll do anything that you ask," John replied. "I still can't thank you enough for rescuing me from a financial disaster.""You're the savior of our family business," Martha said. "We talked to Thomas today, and I'm going upstairs to get one of our Berettas for you to carry to protect yourself. Thomas said that he'd register it in your name, and he told us that you have a license to carry a weapon. Betty and I want you to be safe!"While Martha was gone, Betty returned to the parlor and apologized for using profanity. "I want you to do me a favor," she said to John. "My sister and I suspected that Jimmy was gay and had men and boys around him for sex. If you find out anything that was illegal, please don't tell Betty. It would break her heart to hear that Jimmy did anything illegal."John now understood why the two ladies had been reluctant to mention who Jimmy was when he first met them. They both suspected that their nephew had a dark past and wanted to protect each other from hearing the truth. He wondered what he was getting himself into with his new responsibilities."I'll keep everything private," John promised. "Every family has some secrets, including my own. I sure don't want to upset anyone if I find anything illegal.""Thanks, John," Betty said while giving John a hug and kiss on the cheek. "I knew that I could trust you!""Are we getting hugs and kisses?" Martha said when she returned with the Beretta. She handed the shoulder holster to John and then handed him the weapon along with three clips of ammunition.John hugged Martha and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He looked at the weapon and felt guilty about accepting it, but he knew that his two aunts had a complete arsenal upstairs."We both hope that you never have to use that gun," Betty began, "But if you do, shoot them right between the eyes!"John laughed and decided to change the subject. He told his aunts that he would have to call Jim Taylor to formally quit working at the paint store, and had agreed to keep his new job a secret from his family and friends until the time was right. He had broken one of the rules that he set for his aunts by getting $10,000 in cash from his new bank account in $100 bills. For the first time in his life, he felt rich, but he was determined that he would never forget where he came from or the people in need at the homeless shelters.When the fried chicken supper was finished, John felt bloated from the volume of food that he had consumed. "I might have to call Henri to let out my new clothes!" John teased. "You always stuff me with the best food in the world!""We hope that you saved a little room for dessert," Betty said. "Martha made a cherry pie and I made a pecan pie for you to taste. What you don't eat tonight, we'll send home with Hunter, our lawn boy. He's a wonderful boy, and he loves our cooking!""Hunter will weigh 300 pounds in no time!" John teased."He's a skinny kid that needs to put on some weight," Betty said. "He's only 15, but we trust him to mow our lawn for us. He only wanted to charge us $10, but we pay him $50. The lawn service that Jimmy hired for us was charging us $75 a week, and we'd rather pay a handsome young boy who needs the money.""Hunter is a lucky boy to find a job like this one," John said. "Please don't flash a lot of money around him. He might say something to the wrong people and they might try to rob you. Home invasions are happening every day to wonderful people like you Lo Bbs two.""We keep the security system armed all of the time," Betty said. "We both know that we're vulnerable, and we take care of each other."John sampled both types of pie before declaring that both types were fantastic. He left his two aunts for the trip to his home, and wasn't pleased when Carl Hammond insisted on riding with him.When the two vehicles reached John's home on the lake, he invited the four men inside. He had decided to be hospitable, but didn't trust any of the men enough to tell them about the gun that he had hidden under his jacket or the computer disc and set of keys. He wanted to open the computer disc, but decided not to use his home computer or the new laptop. He showed the four men the spare bedroom and the guest bedroom, and told them that they could either stay in his home or return to their own homes. All four men said that they would stay in John's home and retrieved duffle bags from the Escalade.John took the gun and disc into his bedroom and closed the door to get ready for bed. He hid the gun and disc under his mattress, and went to sleep.The next morning, John was up early and made a large pot of coffee. He was in the kitchen when the four men woke up and staggered into the room. John wondered why S&JI would hire these four men to provide security for his new company."The limo's here!" Carl Hammond announced. "We'll leave the Cadillac here for someone to pick up. Do you have your cell phone and computer?" he asked John."Right here," John replied. "He had packed some casual clothes along with his new suit for the trip to Nassau, and wondered what his first business trip would involve. He had his passport and was ready to leave, but he quickly called Mike Smith, his neighbor. He asked Mike to watch his home for him, and wished that he had spoken to Mike in person. He didn't trust the security officers, and wished that he had called the alarm company to start up their service. He left his home and was impressed with the stretch limousine waiting in his driveway."S&J owns Executive Transportation," Carl said to John. "There are limos and rental cars in every city where we have a store, and several private planes for your use."John wondered what else his new company owned. Every minute it seemed like something exotic was being revealed, and he was in awe. When they arrived at Detroit Metro Airport, the limo drove to a private hangar. John knew nothing about private jets, but he was going to get a quick lesson very fast."This is one of the five Gulf Stream 5 jets that S&JI owns," Carl said to John. "For short trips we use one of the 20 Lear Jets, and for long flights out of the country, you have the use of three Boeing 737's. We always travel in style!"John looked at Carl and wondered if the man even knew what "traveling in style" really meant. Lo Bbs Carl looked and acted like white trash from a trailer park, but John held back his personal feelings. The outside of the expensive plane was decorated with murals of tropical fish and jungle animals, and John had never seen a more beautiful plane in his entire life!"Welcome aboard Mr. Miller!" said a handsome man in uniform when John walked up the steps to board the plane. "I'm your pilot today, and my name is Jarvis Hayes. My co- pilot is Brent Jackson, and we're pleased to take you to Nassau!""This plane is beautiful!" John exclaimed when he saw the interior of the plane. Instead of cramped seats, the interior looked like a spacious living room and was complete with recliner chairs, couches and even a wet bar. Everything was immaculate, and all of the furnishings were covered in white leather."Once we Lo Bbs get airborne, we'll offer you some coffee or tea and breakfast," Brent Jackson said after introducing himself. "Our flight to Nassau should take less than five hours, depending on the winds and clearance at the airport. We hope that you enjoy your flight and please let us know what types of food you like so we can be prepared for future flights."John was impressed with the two pilots and relaxed in the white leather recliner. He was wearing casual clothes and a light jacket that hid the Beretta and holster on his left side. He prayed that he would never have to use the weapon, but it gave him a feeling of security having it with him. He had known that he would be flying in a private airplane, and risked that he would not be subjected to airport security that would find his weapon.The flight was beautiful and John took the opportunity to visit the cockpit to talk to the two pilots and hear the explanation of the colored navigation equipment. Every inch of the interior was built for comfort, and even included a spacious bathroom with a shower stall.When the plane landed Lo Bbs at the Nassau Airport, a white stretch limo was waiting at the hangar. John and the four security men got into the beautiful limo for the short trip to the gate of an estate with Lo Bbs a sign that said "Villa Capri". An impeccably dressed guard in a sparkling white uniform stopped them at the gate and then let the limo drive inside. John looked out of the window and saw a tropical paradise with beautiful palm trees and a multitude of flowering shrubs. He opened the window and drank in the fragrance of the flowers and the unmistakable aroma of the ocean breeze.The limo pulled up in front of a huge white mansion that was surrounded by flowering shrubs. John saw a distinguished black man waiting for them, and guessed that the man was Philippe Ducharme."Mr. Miller, welcome to the Bahamas!" Philippe said very professionally. "I'm Philippe Ducharme, and I'll be your host while you're visiting us. This is the home that Mr. Stanton used when he visited us and we hope that you will feel at home here.""Please call me John," John said while shaking the hand of the dignified black man. He realized that the man had slipped him a folded piece of paper during the handshake, and decided that he needed to act as if nothing had happened. He wondered what was in his hand, but quickly slipped the note into his pocket before saying "These men have been assigned to stay with me.""Welcome to all of you," Philippe said. "We'll take your luggage to your rooms, and maybe you want to freshen up before we meet for cocktails in the banyan tree house."John was shocked to see four handsome young boys wearing only the briefest shorts in the world, rushing to get the luggage out of the limo. Four beautiful dark-skinned girls were waiting to lead him and his security men to their rooms. He was shocked to see that all of the girls wore only a sarong around their waists, with their beautiful, firm breasts fully exposed! When the girls walked, the sarongs opened up, and it was obvious that the girls weren't wearing any underwear! The thin shorts on the four boys were baggy and barely covered their genitals. John got a clear view of the pubic areas of the handsome boys and saw only a few pubic hairs! All of the children had beautiful smiles of perfect white teeth! His dick twitched, and he wanted to suck the erect nipples on the young girls and suck the boys dry!"Jesus, do all of the children dress like this?" John asked."This is a tropical island, and most of the time the children are nude," Philippe said. "I told them that they had to wear clothes today, but they always have their own ideas of what is the proper dress for visitors. I can have them change their clothing if you object.""They're all beautiful!" John said. "Let them dress the way that they like. The flowers are nothing compared to their beauty!"Carl Hammond and the other security officers were thrilled by John's reaction to the nearly naked youths. They hoped that John would grab one of the girls or boys and fuck their brains out so they Lo Bbs could record the event for their boss. William Tennant, Security Chief for S&JI, Ltd. would be thrilled if that happened!John followed the first beautiful girl and asked her what her name was. "Leoni" was the reply. He followed the beautiful girl and loved seeing her long black hair that just barely touched the firm globes of her ass cheeks that were barely covered with the white sarong. He discretely rearranged his erect cock in his Dockers, and hoped that no one had noticed the large bulge."This is your room," Leoni said to John. "Please let me know if I can do anything to make your visit more enjoyable. My brother, Tiki will bring in your luggage, and he's available if you need anything personal that I can't provide."John couldn't decide if he wanted to suck Leoni's nipples or rip the shorts from Tiki to suck the handsome boy dry. Not only was this island a tropical paradise, but the children would tempt the Pope!Tiki put John's luggage on the huge king-sized bed and opened it to put everything away. John looked at the firm ass cheeks of Lo Bbs the boy and wanted to eat the boy's ass and then fuck it! He controlled his emotions and decided to use the bathroom and read the note that Philippe had slipped into his hand. When he was alone in the spacious bathroom, he opened the note and read:"If someone gave you a cell phone or something else that you are supposed to keep with you at all times, please leave it in your room and meet me alone outside your room. Please don't touch any of the children. I need to speak to you in private."John relieved his bladder and wondered again what he was getting into. He washed his hands and quickly left the room before his security guards became aware that he had gone."Come with me quickly!" Philippe said while leading John away from the huge mansion. "I hope that you read my note and left everything in your room."John nodded and followed Philippe to a stand of coconut palms where he was hidden from view from the mansion."We don't have much time," Philippe said. "What did they give you?""A cell phone and a laptop computer," John whispered. "I left both in my room. What's going on?""I have to trust you, or my life's in danger," Philippe whispered. "I suspect that someone in our company feels threatened by your new appointment, and the phone and computer are bugged! Yesterday, four men came here with large metal cases, and I suspect that your room is bugged! Everything that you say or do might be recorded! If I'm right, your security officers will be scrambling to find you and make you carry the phone. Unfortunately, Mr. Stanton didn't know that people in his company were plotting against him, and James succumbed to the temptation of our beautiful children and fucked several of them. Your room has been guarded since yesterday, and I wasn't able to get my security people inside to find any listening devices or video cameras. If I'm right about my suspicions, one of your security guards will find us and insist that you carry that phone while we talk."John was shocked! Philippe seemed paranoid, but John remembered what Helen had said about not trusting anyone!"Mr. Miller, you forgot your phone!" Carl Hammond said while handing John the cell phone. "You need to carry this phone at all times in case there's an emergency call!""Thanks, Carl," John said while accepting Lo Bbs the cell phone. "Philippe was just showing me parts of this beautiful island, and I'm really impressed.""Any of those girls or boys are available to warm your bed tonight," Carl whispered to John. "Do you want to pick one now, or should I ask all of them to be ready in case you want a special treat of all of them?""I always sleep alone," John said to Carl. "Those children Lo Bbs are beautiful, but they're too young for my taste!"Carl was pissed, but he tried unsuccessfully to hide his emotions. He had hoped that John would grab one of the children and fuck their brains out so he could record the carnal encounter, but he tried to act professional."Leave Philippe and me alone so we can talk business," John said. "I'll meet you later in the tree house so we can have a drink together."Carl left, and still hoped that John Miller would choose a boy or girl for sexual pleasure during the afternoon. He went back to the room that he shared with the other security officers and listened to the microphone in the cell phone.John looked at Philippe and nodded. He now understood what Helen had said about trusting no one, and quickly realized that Philippe had saved him from making a very serious mistake."Let's take a walk to the beach," Philippe said to John. "The view is spectacular!"John followed Philippe and listened to his host describe the island, the mansion, and the island inhabitants. They walked and talked about innocent things, knowing that every word was being recorded."Let's visit my office," Philippe said. "It's nothing compared to yours in Detroit or your office here, but I have a beautiful view of the ocean and the harbor. I hope that you have time to go fishing with me and catch some grouper and snapper. I have a chef who will cook the fish and give you a taste of the hospitality of the Bahamas."When they arrived at Philippe's office, John was impressed. The office would rival his own in the NAO Headquarters, complete with mounted fish and a large aquarium. He saw Philippe open a wall safe, and wasn't surprised when his guest took his cell phone, put it inside the safe, and then turned to him."We don't have a lot of time before one of those shitheads interrupts us," Philippe said when he closed the wall safe. "James Stanton was one of the richest men in the world, but he had his weak points. He loved young boys like I do, and he was being blackmailed by someone in our company. James put Ryan Carter in charge of new loans from World Wide Investments, and I never agreed with that appointment. I suspect that many of James' decisions about our company were the result of blackmail. Ryan won't talk to me about the large loans that he's trying to give to several holding companies in the U.S., but I suspect that the loans will make some people very wealthy. Ryan will try to pressure you to bless those loans after your appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Sea & Jungle Imports, Ltd., World Wide Investments Ltd., and Sea & Jungle Imports Worldwide, Ltd.""What can I do?" John asked. "It sounds like I just walked into a hornet's nest! Maybe I'm the wrong man for this job!""You're the right man if you are VERY cautious," Philippe replied. "Here's what I suggest that you do."John listened to what Philippe said, and decided to trust this handsome black man with his future. Aunts Betty and Martha had told him that he could trust Helen and Philippe, and he decided to listen to their advice. Philippe's plans were simple. He would attend the emergency meetings of the Board of Directors for the corporations and then slip away for a flight to Switzerland with Philippe. His decision to trust Philippe would prove to be a very good one.Stay tuned!!! Feedback is appreciated to Jacob_latsonhotmail.com

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