Related article: Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 17:36:29 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: "Adventures In Nature" 22The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"Adventures In Nature" 22 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"Sorry guys," Jeremy said solemnly. Then in a turnabout of attitude, "Did I miss much?"Already in progress, Aidan moved over to allow Jeremy to sink down into the sofa. "A little," he replied.As if it never happened, things were back to normal, Aidan filling Jeremy in on what he missed."Mission accomplished?" Max asked as Matty sunk his ass into the other sofa."Yup. All it took was a little understanding, a little reason and a nice strong hug!""Probably makes you glad you only have one, huh?""Oh no," Matty reassures Max, "we plan on adopting another one, whenever that is. What about you?""Funny thing is, when Berk was working on the bikes I really enjoyed seeing him interact with Aidan and Philip. I'd say there's a good chance there's a couple of boys in our future." When Matty went for the bowl of popcorn, Max warned, "I wouldn't if I were you.""Oh. Lost it's freshness?""I don't think from off the floor would constitute fresh!"%Tom's cock was staying pretty much alert but soon enough Ethan lost interest, hearing some snoring. "C'mon," he aroused Tom's attention, shaking both shoulders, "time for some shuteye.""Kev? Is he alright?""Kev's fine," Ethan answered. "At least as far as we know.""Oh. So then you didn't get the call?" It was then Tom realized Ethan had woken him up. "I'm sorry. I guess I ruined it for you.""We can either take a quick dip or.. how about a few minutes in the hot tub?"Leading Tom inside, Ethan held his hand like a kid, weaving through the kitchen and a family room where a fireplace chimney shot up to the roof. "Careful," Ethan cautioned him when Tom's attention was on the ceiling and not the path. The nude couple then ventured through a wooden door, a plate glass window centered in the middle. "Voila!" Ethan shouted, turning on a light switch. He already saw Tom amazed, saying, "Like it?"As Ethan dropped his hand, Tom walked over to not the hot tub, but a conglomeration of exercise equipment. "You use all this Young Nymphet Pussy stuff?"After revving up the hot tub, Ethan came over and stood in front of Tom, his hands pointing to his own bod, saying, "Does it look like it?"Making a comparison, Tom asks, "So, what does a muscle guy like you see in a fat guy like me?"Stepping forwards, Ethan's tight abs made contact with Tom's beefy stomach, showing him `what' he saw in Tom. After Ethan ravished Tom's lips, his hand led him off to the bubbling water.%"Quiet in here," Chad commented, walking in the front door.Matty replied, "Max walked Diego and Seth home. The other three are conked out on the sofa.""I can't imagine them not having a good time?""We had one small problem, but I worked it out," Matty said in a whispered tone.Coming in the back door, there was a slight screech. "Oh hi Chad. Want some ice cream?" Max asked as he reached in the freezer."No thanks. I'm really exhausted. I'm going to collect our son and head on home."Tossing the ice cream back, Max followed them out to the livingroom."C'mon sport," Chad said, his shoulder diving in to Jeremy's midsection. "Da-a-a-ad?" He came alive enough to recognize his dad before slipping off to dreamland."Got him?" Matty asked, watching Chad expertly toss Jeremy over his shoulder as if a fireman rescuing his victim."Need a hand?" Max asked out of Young Nymphet Pussy courteousness."Get your own to practice on," Matty snapped back with a smile attached.Looking at the clock on the wall Max wondered where the heck Barry and Steve were and thought about Berk walking through the door soon. No sooner than Young Nymphet Pussy thinking it, the back door screeched."You still up?"Obviously, Max asks, "How did your meeting with Sal and the others go?""Very well. We start up business tomorrow.""Already?" Max exclaimed, again taking the ice Young Nymphet Pussy cream out."Everything's set," Berk told him.Noticing a feeling of proudness about him, Max knew there was more to tell. "And?""And guess who the part owner is?""Part owner? You?" Max found unrealistic considering they didn't have those kind of resources. His head motioning up and down, a smile on his face told Max he had guessed right. "How does that go?""Sal doesn't have any family and no really close friends. It's strange how he put it, but he figured the first person who came along where he had a gut feeling was going to be right to manage the business, would become his business partner."It still didn't register with Max. "So let me get this straight. He's going to right off sign you on as a partner like you half-own the business?""If I was following him, that's the way it's going to be. And now," he scooted up to Max, butting his front up to his back, encircling his waist with his arms, "I can afford to lavish you with all those things couples like to outfit their spouses with. How about we start with a place of our own?""i've got all I need hugging me right now!"Berk chuckled, taking the hand holding the spoon Max dished out the ice cream with. As if his, he lifted a clump of vanilla to his mouth. Before he could get it down, Max spun around in his arms to claim his share."Tasty," Max said of their cold kiss."Hungry for more?""I'm hungry for more of some creme to go with it!" Max relayed, his hand dropping between them. "Hmm... and it seems you're almost ready to dish it out!""Ahem! What's happening guys? Kids behave themselves?" Barry interrupted."They were good," Max replied as the broke their hold on each other. "But did you and Steve?""Oh that," Barry giggled, looking down at his hairy stomach, his shirt split apart at the buttonholes. "It got a little stuffy in the car on the way home."Steve, picking up the spoon sticking out of the ice cream carton remarks, "Yeah, right after we parked up on the ridge by the environmental center!""Smoocher's Lane," Max added. The two exchanged glances.Berk and Barry, not from the region knew something secret passed between the two."Somebody want to fill us in?" Barry asked."Yeah well," Max tried getting out of an explanation, "it's not like real important."Steve agreed, saying, "It's like it happened a long time ago so...""I'd like to hear it," Berk said rather insistently.Allowing the water to escape into a glass, pouring from the fridge decanter, Barry prodded them on too, "Especially if it involves one of you two?""Well actually," Steve replied rather sheepishly, "we were both there when it happened."Berk was sort of still revved up but his interest was piqued also when it was told it involved Max, as well as Steve, whatever it was."Let's hear it," Barry made them deal out the facts."I was a senior in high school, a millenium or two ago," Steve started out with a joke which produced a few giggles instead of heartily laughter."Yeah, we know you're an old man Steve," Max said, adding the fact, "I was a freshman.""If you weren't such a wisecrack that night it might have saved us from getting into trouble with the cop!"Barry and Berk exchanged glances, Barry mouthing, "Cop?"Facing off with each other, Steve argued, "He wouldn't have gotten riled up if you hadn't called his partner a faggot!""What's wrong with the truth? Everybody knows Miguel Sanchez was gay. He slept with half of the campus dudes!""Miguel Sanchez? Any relationship to...""Riley's uncle," Steve answered Barry, but went right back to, "Of course we all knew but you didn't have to like embarrass the guy in front of his partner.""He wasn't embarrassed, Steve. His partner knew he was gay."While Steve and Max battled it out, Barry and Berk half-listened, talking over the kinship of Miguel and Riley. In conclusion they wondered whatever happened to the uncle.Yawning, Berk broke up the stand off, "I'm tired. I think I'll turn in.""Not without my ice cream topping!" Young Nymphet Pussy Max threatened as he turned and followed Max off to their homenest at the back of the dwelling. "Goodnight guys.""We'll finish up our little chat tomorrow," Steve yelled back."So what's all the fuss about?" Barry asked as they headed for their own bed chambers."Nothing much other than when Max was in his senior year, he and his boyfriend at the time, were pulled over for speeding by Miguel Sanchez.""Don't tell me," Barry said as he immediately stripped off his shirt. "Miguel tried some get even tactics?"Steve smiled as he undid the last two buttons of his shirt and peeled it back, pulling his arms out last. "Hardly. Max's boyfriend took care of that."The brew was starting to boil which made Barry even more curious. All stripped down, the two flopped on the bed, Steve turning over to face Barry. Immediately his hand went to Barry's chest, rubbing over his nips, his hand planing the coarse, hairy pecs."So you going to keep me in suspense?""His name happened to be Steve."At first Barry thought Steve was pulling some kind of joke."Steve Palmer. He kind of had this reputation of defying anybody he didn't care for. Like poor Mr. Grant, the science teacher. Steve would give him a hell of a time every class session. Wound up getting kicked out, but almost literally terrorized the guy into making sure he walked out of the building with at least another teacher." After a slight giggle escaped his lips, Steve continued, "Yeah, there wasn't many who liked Mr. Grant anyway.""And so?" Barry asked, sending Steve back on track."Oh yeah, so Miguel," he swerved back into the right lane as his hand slid down Barry's bod. "Yeah well, as Max put it, Steve knew about the incident up on Smoocher's Lane, so used it against Miguel, slandering him, accusing him of stopping them because Max had called him a faggot in front of his partner.""Revenge, eh?"Steve said, "Right. But it wasn't the case. Max knew he was doing forty-five in a thirty-five mile per hour zone. But before Max knew it, Steve was up and out of the car, door slamming before he could rescue the situation. He said he was scared shit when Steve walked up behind Miguel and stole his gun out of his holster!""No shit?" Barry said getting a bit excited over the events unfolding."Max tried telling Steve to give the gun back, but Steve kept badgering Miguel. Well to make a long story short, Miguel wound up in the woods, his ass over a log, Steve with his pants down and pumping his fat cock into Miguel's ass.""Um, for curiosity's sake, Steve, how did you know he had a fat cock?"He had to think a second on it, but then revealed, "I know I never mentioned this but at one time I was on the football team and...""Football? With your `toothpick' bod? You would have been flattened in a second by a tackle!""Thanks," he responded to Barry. "But getting back to my story, Max took off and Miguel wound up dropping Steve off home.""He didn't press charges?"Making a play on words Steve says, "Why, when Miguel got a charge in the woods!""But he stole Miguel's gun!""Only to get him into the woods. Max followed them til Steve spotted a place where he could properly take care of Miguel's ass. He stayed for awhile. Says Miguel didn't even do anything after stripping off his uniform, at gun point. But heck, Steve Palmer was a little mean but he would never go to any extent to plug a guy full of lead."Barry summised, "So I suppose Miguel was so overtaken by Steve pumping his ass full of hot creme it erased all charged of misconduct?""Oh, much more. For the rest of the school year, as Max informs me, Young Nymphet Pussy Steve spent a lot more time with Miguel in the woods. After he graduated high school, he went away to college and `strangely' Miguel quit the force and moved out of town."He kind of left Barry hanging, waiting for him to ask, "So what happened? They shack up together?"Smiling, Steve replied, "You're so smart you know?""Max ever hear from them?" The next thought came to Young Nymphet Pussy Barry's mind."He's gotten a couple of letters. They live in San Francisco. Miguel joined the police department and they're very happy.""What does Steve do for a living? Pilfer from little old ladies?""Actually," Steve fills him in, "he's a very successful businessman. Seems he's head of his own company and has a high profit margin due to his aggressive nature.""Hmm... I wonder how he goes about sealing his business deals?"Getting kinky, Steve suggests, "Well let's pretend you're Steve Palmer and I'm his latest acquisition!"Barry just relaxed as Steve sealed the deal, tonguing his lover's cock before tickling the head with the back of his throat.%"I thought this would keep you awake, but apparently....""I'm sorry Ethan. I guess I'm just too stressed over Kev," Tom said as they lounged in the hot tub."It's okay. Tough keeping a cock hard in hot water anyway," Ethan joked. "C'mon. Let's get you to bed."Ethan assisted Tom in a quickie shower, the two drying off."I thought we came in this way?" He asked when Ethan turned the knob of the opposite door."Secret passageway. Easier to seduce my prey and lead them off to the bedroom!""Oh my," Tom said, looking upon the kingsized water bed."Be careful how you get in. You don't want to get swept away," Ethan casually warned him.As Tom sat on the edge and put his feet up, he rolled right to the middle. Ethan was a little ahead. They bodies clashed in the middle, Tom faced down as Ethan lay half on top of him."Hmmm.... I can almost stick it in!""At this point I'd go for almost anything," Tom replied."You're not serious?"For the past several evenings they've enjoyed some hot guy-to-guy sex, it's always been Ethan doing the sucking, licking, rimming, covering almost every area of Tom's hairy bod, especially his favorite place, Ethan sucking on Tom's pronounced nips. With his cock lying in Tom's ass crevice, he found himself strangely aroused. He found himself slowly moving his hips, his cock sliding up and down the hairy canal, Tom's hairy ass massaging his tube. However, thinking back to how many times he's pleasured Tom with his tongue and lips, he became erotically inclined to settle for some hot mouth-massaging. Slipping down, he stuck his tongue out, painting a trail of saliva right down to the small of Tom's back. He thought Tom was nodding off when he heard him sigh."Feels good," Tom sort of said, half his face muffled by the pillow."More to come!" Ethan replied, followed by licking the hairy mounds. Fresh out of the shower, Tom's ass-hair wasn't as crispy as usual, but rather sweated. Still, it drew no complaints from Ethan as his tongue sunk deeper into Tom's ass, his hands as tools to pry open his ass cheeks."Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Tom sighed deeply when Ethan's tongue penetrated the deep hole.Reaching underneath his bod, Ethan found a rather large surprise. "Hey. C'mon. Do me?"He might have been exhausted but not too tired to follow through with Ethan's request. Of course Ethan had to help him maneuver his way to Ethan's ass, Ethan's hand guiding Tom's cock to his asschute entrance while Tom worried about gaining equillibrium."I don't know. I don't think I go for this water bed stuff," Tom complained. But soon he was willing to cope after his cock sank into Ethan's ass.%"Here goes," Tony shouted out."Whevenever you're ready," Jack responded.After dinner and four beers, Tony wasn't feeling any remorse holding his cock like a shower head and pissing out the recycled beer. A little different set up from last time, Jack lay in the tub as Tony stood over him, his feet positioned at the sides of Jack's knees. It didn't even gross Tony out when Jack opened his mouth up to catch some of the piss. Laughing, Tony made it his target to piss in Jack's mouth as if in the toliet bowl."Oh shit!" Tony called out. "You really like this stuff, don't you?"No way Jack could answer, trying to gulp as much as possible down.Tony watched his fountain slow to a trickle, his stream of piss running out, sprinkling Jack's chest, then stomach, a straight line down to the twenty-seven year old's pubes."That just about does it," Tony said as he went to force the last few drops out."Hold it, Tony!""Ohhhhh," He sighed when Jack cupped his lips around Tony's pisser and sucked the last few drops out. But it didn't stop there, Jack getting to his knees, hands to Tony's torso and his tongue now cleaning the sides of Tony's cock. Worked up into a full blown erection, Tony took Jack's head, forcing himself more and more into Jack's mouth. The agile way he cupped his lips made Tony feel awesome."Hey, why don't you lay back and relax while I finish working your cock over?" Jack questioned, looking up at him as he knelt on the tub floor."Um, sure," Tony replied. "I'll just wait in the bedroom while you shower off.""You don't have to do that. Just lay down right here!"With tongue in cheek, Tony thought about it, dead set against Jack's idea. However that little birdie, named Matt, spoke in his ear, daring him to try something new. "Yeah okay. What the hell." He took a gulp as he sat down, lay down, feeling the remnant of his own piss, same consistency as water, but knowing it was from within his body, leftovers from Jack's golden shower."Okay with this?" Jack asks."Fine," Tony replied even though he was having second thoughts."You're really gonna love this," Jack assured him.Tony joked, "Or else I'm going to barf all over both of us!""Just let me know if you do. I'll get out of the way!""Thanks," Tony replied. However as he got himself situated he wasn't so adverse to the idea, especially when Jack's tongue began lapping at his pecs."Okay?" Jack stopped to ask."I'll let you know when it's not okay!"Taking his time, Jack licked every square inch of Tony's pecs, feeling the swimmer's stubble on his tongue. He didn't want to stop to admit it, but it felt hot to the touch. Traveling down his beefy abs, he spent quite a bit of time on Tony's navel, fucking the deep bellyhole with his tongue, chewing around the rim. "Okay?" he asked after the first bite of his teeth, stretching the outer rim of Tony's navel."Feels nice," Tony responded, once again closing his eyes, admitting to himself Jack's teething turned him on.Once again Jack stopped, Tony opening his eyes. This time Jack didn't say anything, leaving it to Tony."What?" Tony quizzed him."Say Tony, would you mind if I pissed on you instead of using the toilet?"Again the little birdie was back. "Well...I...""Never mind. I should be thankful you pissed on me. I mean it turned me on a lot feeling your hot piss on my bod."As Jack stepped one foot out, Tony cautioned, "Um, wait a minute there.""Yes?" Jack asked, freezing in place."I suppose I wouldn't know whether I like it or not unless I try it, huh?""I think you could find it cool," Jack replied, stepping back in the tub, his cock in both hands ready to let loose. "Keep your mouth closed though. If you're not used to drinking piss you won't like it. Tastes kind of the sour side for the first time til you get used to it." Explaining more than he needed, Jack rambled on, "Besides, you drank beer before you pissed.""So?""It makes your piss sort of... seasoned. Has a different quality to the flavor."Tony showed a sour face not really sure now if he wanted to go on with any of this. But too late as Jack couldn't hold it any longer. As the stream of yellow splashed on his stomach, it came to Tony about the fact Jack caught his piss in his mouth, so the piss he was getting pissed on was recycled piss. Strange thing though, as if in a bath tub filled with hot water, Jack's bladder juice seemed to make him feel relaxed.When he let out the first sigh, Jack said, "Nice, huh?"Not saying a word, Tony let his eyes close, leaving it up to his senses, the hot stream making contact with his chest, stomach and pubes surprise him. "Um, watch it?" he said, opening his eyes when Jack got too close to his neckline."Sorry," Jack said.However it was over soon enough, like himself the last trickles dripping on his wet cock and balls. He didn't think it repulsive but rather smiled when Jack squeezed the last few drops from his own cock and licked his fingers off."Finger-lickin' good, huh?" Tony joked as he tried unsuccessfully to cup his hands behind his head and relax with his elbows outstretched."Good to the last drop!" Jack kidded back. "If we get showered off quick, I'll show you some of my exercise equipment?"Before Tony could answer, the tub shower was raining down on him, Jack helping him to stand. One thing stood in his mind though. He still had to urge to do some heavy fucking!%Copyright 2008 T. Chase McPheeThis story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.

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