Related article: Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 01:58:10 -0700 From: Greg Young Subject: Air Force Memories 18Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If Homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is a story of the 1950's, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society, as sex was fairly safe between males at that time. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken today with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.For obvious reasons the names have been changed, and also the chronology has been shortened in order to tighten the story up.I wish to dedicate this to Garth Wells, my mentor, without him this story would never have been written. He is a great writer himself and has given me encouragement and help all through this, my first attempt at writing. I also want to acknowledge Pete Brown and Bill Smith whose stories have given me so much pleasure.I also need to add my thanks to all those who have written and encouraged me.I hope that you will find the following worthwhile. Air Force Memories 18While I had never considered myself as being voyeuristic here I was being a first class voyeur as I watched the humiliating degradation of Nick Ford, his body hair had all been shaved, and his low hanging balls were swollen and an ugly purplish-red from the kicks they had taken, his cock was still swinging freely and long. He was being punished for his actions in going around nude all the time, bending over to show his twinkling asshole and being in the habit of sitting next to someone and stroking their upper thigh and when they began to get aroused would laugh and leave and then stroke someone's back and do the same thing. He had become a first class cock tease, and to add insult to injury he was extremely good looking and had a well defined muscular body.As I sat there Tony came out of the shower room and asked why I did not join them, I told him that under the circumstances I thought it best not to participate in the bringing down of Ford. He understood and walking into the shower room whispered to a nice looking blond and the two came back over to me. Tony said "Stand up, we will take care of you". As I stood he pulled my shorts off and took my rigid cock into his warm mouth, the blond knelt behind me and pulling my ass cheeks apart began to rim me as if there were no tomorrow. With the two of them working on me it did not Pedo Preteen Nude Models take long until I shot my pent up sperm into Tony's mouth and down his throat. He milked me dry and standing gave me a deep kiss, the blond who had been rimming me, also kissed me and from the two I could taste my own seed and ass juices. Telling me not to go away as act two was about to begin the returned to the shower room and to Nick lying on the floor.Kestitus stood defiantly over the quivering Nick, sweating and belly full from the loads of semen he had been forced to swallow from the men in the showers. This was more than Nick had ever dreamed of in his worst nightmare, but he knew there was going to be a lot more coming from the men around him, and as he lay flat on his back he was able to take in the fact they were more than ready again by the erect cocks he could see. More than ready to give him another load or two of hot man juice. His stomach rose and fell as he tried to gather Pedo Preteen Nude Models himself, but this only made his belly ripple as the cum gurgled in his stomach. His lips were coated with a thick and very sticky splattering of cum. Licking his lips he tried to get rid get rid of some of it, but as Pedo Preteen Nude Models he did this he heard comments to the effect "Look at he, he has really got a taste for cum.". "There is a lot more where that came from for you to enjoy: one called out and another said "Hold it, you are going to keep all that fine stuff on your face until we say, got that" as pulled back his leg and Nick received another kick to his balls.Kestitus, Tony and Strasser walked over to one of the showerheads and talked, deciding where the next phase was going to take place. In less time than it took Nick to get on all fours it was decided and they called for him to be dragged to the showerheads. He was made to crawl into position and then he was bound to the showerheads by his hands, making him stand against the wall. When he was securely tied up to the showerheads everyone took their turn at using the rest of the ropes to whip his ass and back. Kestitus was in the thick of it working out all of his pent up aggression, which had fueled his anger for so long against Nick Kestitus was going to be the first one to burst the cherry of Nick's ass, as some of the men kicked Nick's legs apart Kestitus just rammed his cock head on into Nick's asshole. Nick's howls must have been heard throughout the compound and base, but only by a few as most of the men in the compound were in the shower room. Kestitus pushed every inch of his good sized cock into Nick right up to the pubes, and used that ass like a rabid beast, he was taking out all his aggression on that ass as it was now payback for all of Nick's teasing and taunting and not giving out. Having so much pent up hate he was only able to last about 15 minutes until he shot his second load of the night, this time Pedo Preteen Nude Models up Nick's ass. He had given Nick a hard pounding; teeth gritting fuck, and let out a guttural groan as he blasted his cum into Nick.The next man was quick to follow, and having Kestitus cum dripping out of Nick's ass made his entry all the more easy. Again there was a line of men wanting to fuck Nick, and they had arranged themselves so that each one had either the same size or slightly larger cock than the one before. Each man used Nick's ass to work out their aggression, using and abusing him for hours, having already shot once into his mouth, now on their second time at bat they had more control and could last a lot longer, much to the agony of Nick's sweat slick body that and spasmed with each hard pounding thrust. The larger the cock the heavier the spasms. Finally the leaders started for a second time on his very sloppy and dripping ass and as the first one pressed into his ass Nick convulsed and starting babbling as his brain overloaded, leaving him a heaving hulk who had lost control. These last men had two things Nick dreaded large cocks and a lot of staying power. Nick was about out of it as these last men started on his ass. Kestitus was a muscular man who took pride in his appearance and worked out. He walked up to Nick and with little effort sank every inch of his cock into the hot sticky depths of the ass in front of him. Most of it was not too painful until he reached the last three inches and the ass got tight, the base of his cock was thick and he slammed every remaining inch into the ass, making Nick gasp in pain. The muscles of Nick's sphincter acted as a cock ring trapping the blood in Kestitus cock and making it grow even thicker. He rode that ass until he worked up some good friction sliding in and out; Nick was wasted and knew more was to come. After twenty minutes Kestitus shot his cum into the anal canal filling it with yet again a hot sticky load. As he withdrew from the ass Strasser was quick Pedo Preteen Nude Models to push his cock in the moist ass which was still partially open. His cock was almost as thick and long as Kestitus, but the veins were more prominent, and as the cock moved in and out the feeling sent Nick into bliss and he was falling into the joys head first over the feeling one gets from being on the receiving side of man to man sex.Strasser inside Nick's ass was turning him inside out in more ways than one; he was turning Nick into the pleasure of taking a hard pounding cock in his ass and the realization that he wanted more. Strasser worked like a well-oiled machine until he roared and filled the ass with even more hot cum. The others seeing Nick becoming weak laughed as Tony walked up and watched all that new cum seeping out and coating the thighs of the man before him, then he heaved his hips and sank every inch of his cock into the sodden ass. He would have liked to last for a long time but the feeling was too good and he was soon shooting his load up Nick.Nick's helpless body Pedo Preteen Nude Models hung limp from the shower heads as Tony pulled out and wiped himself on the ass in front of him, leaving a mess of cum lines on the ass. Nick felt empty, as he wondered what would happen next.Nick's wasted and abused body was cut down and he crumpled onto the concrete floor. They had really done their work on him, he felt his ass would never be the same again, but knew that more was to come. He tried to prop himself up against the wall, as he knew that he to show some kind of energy and power even if he was just bluffing. His legs would not support him and he could only raise his head and shoulders.The men who had gotten into his ass first wanted more and they were going to get it as they had a lot of aggression and anger to take out on him, but it was late and Kestitus called a halt, saying they would begin again in the morning after breakfast. The men quickly showered and left, leaving only Nick, Kestitus, Tony and Strasser behind, these three showered and then lifting Nick up cleaned him up and gave him an enema to clean out the cum up his ass, the water and cum flowed into the drain and out into the night, as Nick was half carried up to his new home. While he had been in the shower room his belongings had been moved into the barracks where Kestitus lived and he was now going to be under the control of Kestitus, but did not know it at this time.I left the showers and climbed the steps and went to my barracks, it was early morning and I tried to be quiet as not to wake Dick and Pedo Preteen Nude Models Joe, but as I entered Dick called out for me to come and see him. I walked down the barracks and was surprised to see that they had put their beds together in the middle of the room and had tied them so they had one nice bed. Dick and Joe were both naked and were entwined in each other's arms. Seeing my hardon Dick inquired if I would like to be the meat in their sandwich, that Joe would fuck me while Dick and I would blow each other. After the scenes I had witnessed I was more than ready to blow and readily agreed. Joe got up and Dick and I arranged ourselves so that each other's cocks were in front of the others mouth. We had to work it so that Dicks cast was on top. When we were set, Joe got behind me and lifting my upper leg plowed his cock up my ass, it was a bit painful but with my mouth on Dick's cock there was not much to say. We sucked/fucked for about half an hour and then we all came about the same time. As our cocks softened and slid from the various orifices they had been in we rearranged ourselves so we all were lying the same way. They asked what had gone on in the showers and I briefly told them. They said I should go back in the morning, that as long as one officer was there things probably would not get out of hand, and they were afraid if either of them went it would give official sanction to what was going on, but with me it was just as an observer. While I was repelled with what I had witnessed, I also was fascinated by the action and the turning of Nick Ford from a straight, miserable cocktease into a man who was enjoying all the forms of man to man sex, so I agreed to go back. I went back to my bed and fell asleep, only wakening when Joe came up and shook me telling I had best go eat and get to the showers. Another day had begun, what would it bring? Nick was brought into the showers, and from somewhere they had found a narrow table which was placed in the middle of the shower room. Nick was made to bend over it so that his head and his ass stuck out over the edges, and his arms and legs were tied to the legs of the table, it was narrow enough, so they could reach under and play with his tits. He was now ready for any defilement's the men wanted to inflict on him. The men this time split into two groups, one at his head, the other at his ass, he was going to get it from both ends simultaneously and he tried to prepare himself for what was to happen.The first man in front of him shoved his cock into his mouth and down his throat making him begin to gag, but his time the men would really be able to use all their ability to get into his throat. The first man moved his cock back into his throat just as the one in back was shoving his cock up Nick' ass. Nick was brought back to the pleasure pain state once again, as the man at his throat shot his load straight down into his stomach. His ass took over twenty cocks and he found himself after the first few that he was pushing his ass back to get as much of the cock in his ass as he could. The men in front poured load after load of hot cum into his stomach and he was beginning to love every minute of it.It was time for lunch so they left Nick tied up to contemplate why he was there and for his mind to race back and forth over what may yet happen to him when the men returned refreshed and full of vigor.The men from the morning session took up where they had left off and started to give Nick another hard fuck lesson in respect at both ends. They fucked in and out of his ass as if it were the only ass to fuck on earth, leaving him whimpering and moaning as cock after cock was sunk into him at both ends and those fucking him reached under and pulled and twisted his tits. The men used his loose and well-fucked ass and very relaxed throat. Everyone wanted a piece of him. The floor at either end had cum which had dripped from his mouth and ass. His ass was so full of man cum that each time one pulled out the juices followed the cock out, I believe that some of them had even pissed up his ass from the color of the liquid flowing down his thighs. The first thrust of each new man soaked his cock with the cum already in the ass as he began his fuck of the toy.Men came and went during the afternoon, so they could have different turns at Nick. He was beyond being simply fucked; he was becoming a shuddering mass of flesh taking everything that was thrown at him. It did not matter if it was his mouth or ass, both had been fucked raw, his face was caked with cum as he welcomed more and more to try and fill him up. It was hard for him to swallow as he had taken so many loads of cum and piss. Man after man tried again and again to shoot more of their hot sticky cum down his throat as he whimpered for more.His ass had been fucked and fucked until each man who walked away from him had what looked like cream on his cock and balls from the cum seeping out of Nick's ass. Once again the lines wanting in on Nick's ass and mouth were getting longer and longer, each and every man seemed to give it to him harder and faster than the man before to accommodate all the men waiting. Nick's body was a mass of steady undulations as he was pounded from both ends and his nipples twisted, pulled and tortured by the men fucking him. Nick was taking it like a pro as more and more men came in stuffed their cocks in his willing holes, and he took every drop of their hot and sticky cum. He wanted more and more, he had clearly been turned and there was never a clearer case of an arrogant, egotistical bastard being turned into a very willing and demanding man who wanted cocks in his mouth and ass.Nick was eagerly begging from more and getting it, as he had now become an insatiable monster for mansex, and all were more than willing to give him what he wanted. He took on all as they came and filled his ass with more loads of cum and drank all they could pour into his mouth. He had taken all the men at least twice and some even more he was wiped out by sex.Kestitus told the men they had one more hour with Nick then it was over that he would be taken to his new home and that he, Kestitus, would see that he was taken care of and that he would learn to adapt, enjoy and be content with his new life, that if any wanted to use Nick it would have to be cleared with him first.The men finally finished with Nick, and showered and left. Nick was untied from the table and helped to the showerheads to be gently washed and cleansed by Kestitus, Tony and Stasser. I was impressed with the gentle way they handled the abused man and tried to make things easier for him. Kestitus and Tony helped him to his bed as Strasser left to get some medicine from the dispensary to help him. Nick had only a few bruises showing, but his balls were still swollen and an angry red, his nipples were puffy and red, and his asslips were wide open. Strasser assured me that Nick would be ready for work on Monday after a good nights rest and all day Sunday to recuperate, that he had some ointments which should help and all would be well. I told him I hoped so for if this got out there could be hell to pay for all of us. I was assured that none of the men would say anything and since the officers were disinterested parties the only one who could say anything was Nick and if he did it would turn out even worse for him. With this reassurance I got my shower materials and took a long hot shower to try and wash what I had witnessed from my mind. I hoped that what had happened would break the tension, which was threatening to tear the compound apart, and now we would return to what was a so-called normal life for us.Comments: afgreghotmail.com

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