Related article: From: nogarderix.netcom.com(*** ) Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories Subject: A GREAT BLOWJOB Date: 24 Feb 1996 22:11:53 GMT Organization: Netcom Lines: 371 Message-ID: NNTP-Posting-Host: ix-dc6-21.ix.netcom.com X-NETCOM-Date: Sat Feb 24 2:11:53 PM PST 1996 The day started off innocently enough. I had stayed at home to do some work on my computer away from the hussle and bussle of the office. I slept in a little later than normal since I would not have to put up with the commute. My wife had already taken the kids up to school and had gone to work herself. So, the house was all mine. I got dressed in my usual work at home outfit of jeans and casual shirt, quite a contrast for the usual 3 piece suit. I was thinking to myself with all this quiet I should be able to get a couple of days work done and I could take a day off to fish. Pedo Tgp Was I wrong! I had been pounding away for a couple of hours really proud of what I was accomplishing. Then I spotted him. My computer is in my den on the second floor. From the window next to it I can see all activity on my. Walking down the street was the most beautiful hunk of man/boy I have seen in a long time. He was about 5'9" with broad shoulders narrow waist blond hair combed back. He seemed to be in late teens early twenties. he was wearing tightest jeans I have ever seen and his shirt was opened reveling the broad chest. Although I have not had a gay affair since my teens, lately I have been noticing other guys more and more and usually spent most of my quarters on visits to my local bookstore on the gay movies. After seeing this hunk walking down my street delivering handbills, I just had to have him. My mind started to reel. What am I crazy, I can't afford an affair. What would the neighbors think if someone saw him and me? he is five houses away. How am I going to get him inside? What if he is completely straight. He looks like he could probably wipe me out with one swing. He is two doors away, now. I decide to try...nothing ventured nothing...plus he probably gets advances from other guys all the time. As he is walking up my driveway I run downstairs. I meet him at the door just as he is putting the handbill into the screen. I open the door and it just comes out "Excuse me young man, do you have a few minutes?" I say. He looks me up and down like "what is this? I have work to do." When he gets to my crotch, he just sort of smiles. He has obviously spotted my swollen cock though my jeans. He says "Sure, I only have these few left and then I am done anyway. He steps inside and I direct him into the living room. With the anticipation, I do not even close the door. As I step into the living room with him I am so excited I almost feel like cumming in my pants. As he is standing in the middle of the living room, I walk over to him, as we stand in front of each other neither of us speaks a word, but I have the feeling he knows what I want. He reaches for my head and pulls into towards his very gently, very lovingly. Our mouths meet and his tongue washes my mouth, I return the favor. In the meantime Pedo Tgp my hands are rooming over his magnificent body. I carress his broad chest, then move my hands down his body, to his narrow ass, then to his crotch. I find he is growing. I cannot wait any longer, we break the kiss and I move my head down his body. I stop and give his nipples a tongue bath as the stiffen under my tongue. I continue down until I am on my knees in front of him. He is just standing still, waiting for my next move. I am so excited, my cock is in pain from straining to get out of my pants. I unfasten his jeans and unzip them to get at what I am desirous of. I am pleased to find he is not wearing any underwear, as his cock springs from his jeans. His cock, like him is very beautiful. It is semi-erect, as my hands fondles it. I am not believing what I am doing, but I can't stop. I move my mouth towards his cock, and gently begin to lick it as though it was an ice cream cone. I put my mouth over as I twirled my tongue around its head. He moans as he continue to grow in my mouth. I take my mouth off of to take a closer look at it. The cock is now fully erect. It is about 7" long, slightly longer than Pedo Tgp my own. It looks to be around 3" round and is standing straight out from his body with a slight curve upwards towards the end. Hanging below his cock I see then touch his balls. They feel they are slightly smaller than golf balls and are hanging very loose. I cannot wait any longer as my mouth engulfs the cock again. This time I start sucking for all I am worth, still swirling my tongue around its head. In the meantime, the man/boy (I just realized that I did not even know his name) starting shoving in and out of my mouth. Each time putting more and more of his cock into my mouth, until I have all 7 inches in my mouth. How I did this without gagging I do not know. after a few minutes, I felt him stiffen. I moved my head back to just cover the head of the cock, continuing the tongue action. He moans deeply as the first spurt of cum hits the back of my mouth. He kept on spurting for what seemed to be forever, it was all I could do to keep swallowing it. Suddenly, his cock pops out of Pedo Tgp my mouth as he collapses onto the couch. He is breathing very heaving and loudly. I wipe my lips and look over at him. He is still seeping cum from the tip. I go over to the couch and gently lick the residue from the tip and then collapse along side of him. My own cock is straining at my pants and I unfasten them to give it some relief. As my cock springs from my opened pants my unknown stranger moves his hand towards it. I tell him "You give it one touch and I will cum all over your hand." with a slight warning tone in my voice. He responded "That would not be very fair, is there someplace we can go and be more comfortable so I can return the same pleasure I just received." I suggested my bedroom upstairs. He pulled up his pants, stood up weakly, stretched out his hand to me and pulled me up. We went up to my bedroom. As soon as we entered, he pulled me towards him, and kissed me. We separated and looked at each other. He made the first move and started to unbutton my shirt. I followed his action by unbuttoning the remaining part of his shirt. When the shirts were removed we took turns kissing each other's nipples until they were erect. Both of our pants were still unfastened, each of pulled down the other's jeans stopping and giving little kisses to our cocks as we went past. We stepped out of the jeans and he had me sit on the bed as he rolled down my socks. As he came back up, again he stopped in front of my cock and took into his mouth, briefly. When he stood, I just gazed at his magnificent body in awe. I had him sit down and repeated the procedure of removing his socks. I stood there thinking, here I am in my bedroom naked with a absolute naked hunk of a guy sitting on Pedo Tgp my bed and I don't know what to do next. He motioned for me to lie down on the bed. He positioned himself between my legs and started licking my crotch. He started below my balls and gently moved upwards. He stopped at my balls and took each one in his mouth and swirled his tongue around them. I thought I would go crazy, my cock felt so big I just knew I was not going to last long. As his tongue met the base of my cock, it jumped in anticipation and so help me kept getting bigger. He ran his tongue up and down each side very gently. Then he put my cock into his mouth. He tongued the head as he engulfed my cock. I would not say I am overly well hung, but at 6 1/2" I am no small fry either. This guy certainly knew what he was doing as he took my entire cock into his mouth in one fell swoop. As I said, I knew I had been excited too long and did not think I would last long. On his second or third trip back up my cock I felt the tension building as my balls contracted and I felt my cumm juices start to flow though my body. As he reached the top, I exploded. I pumped what seemed to be gallons of my jism into his mouth. How he was able to contain it all I do not know. I kept on spurting for what seemed like ten minutes. When I was done, he went back to work with his tongue on the tip of my cock. That was too much, I yelled to stop it, that I could not stand anymore. He removed his mouth from my cock, giving it a gentle kiss before moving up on the bed. As he laid down next to me, he pulled me towards him and kissed me deeply. I could still taste the remains of my cum as I tongued him back. We laid there together in each others arms for a few minutes. He looked up and asked "Was that your first time." motioning his head towards thepicture of my wife and kids on the night stand. I explained I had gay affairs when I was a teenagers, but had been straight since except recently I started to be attracted to guys and when I saw him walking down the street I just had to go for it. I asked him if he was gay. He answered that no he wasn't truly gay. That like me he started his sexual experience with some fellow boys and found sex to be very enjoyable. He stated he has had many affairs with girls, and to him it did not really make a difference...sex was great either way. He then introduced himself and told me he was 20 years old and studying at the local university. He told me we delivered the handbills as a way to get money, and found out that it also offered great side benefits. I asked him what and he told me sex. He said he gets advances at least ten times a day, although he will usually only follow up on one, because the loving will go on and on. He noted our age differences and said that although he could go on I might not be able to recover to do it again, so he was going to go and deliver the rest of the handbills as I relaxed. When he was finished he would come back. If I felt I was up to going another Pedo Tgp round, answer the door, if not he would understand. He gave me his name and number and told me to give him a ring sometime. I told him that even if I could not recover, I would not mind pleasing him again. He explained he felt there should always be equal pleasure between two people and he would come back. He gently kissed me and got up from the bed. He got dressed, kissed me again and left. As I laid there resting, I wondered if he would return? Till next time................... As soon as he left, I felt the wave of sleep come over me. I tried to fight it but alas I went out. I was awaken a few minutes later as my new lover was licking and sucking my cock back up to it full glory. He wasalready naked and had his own cock at full mast. He noticed I had awaken and commented that he thought he would see if we could go another round. He said as he removed his mouth from my now hard cock, that while he was finishing his deliveries he thought I might be able to recover to go another round. As he was standing there, I still could not believe I made love to this glorious hunk, least of all that he did the same to me, and now he wants some more. I pulled him to me and engulfed that beautiful cock again My saliva loosened my dried cum as I swallowed it down my throat. I felt him grow to full length in my mouth. He maneuvered himself so that he was laying on top of me with his head at my crouch. As I continued sucking his cock he started licking my pubic area. He lifted my legs aside and starting just below my balls licked his way back to my ass hole. Once there he started sticking his tongue in and out my ass. I could not believe the sensations after thoroughly washing out my ass hole he slowly tongued his way back up to the tip of my cock. In the meantime I am still sucking on his cock as best as I could as he started slowly moving his cock back and forth in my mouth I was still pretty excited and did not think I would last long. I just hoped I was pleasing him as much as he was pleasing me. Just about the time I was feeling I was about to cum. I feel a finger probing my ass hole He removed his mouth from my cock and went down and started to tongue me again, but only a few seconds, then back to my cock. The cumming sensations had subsided a bit until I felt his finger at my ass again. In it went and out my cum came. He moved his finger in and out the entire time I was cumming. I thought one good deed deserves another so I moved my mouth to his ass hole and gave it a tongue bath. I moved back to his cock and as I started to take it back into my mouth I suck a finger up his ass It took him a little bit longer but pretty soon I felt him stiffen and received his first globs of cum in my mouth. Just as when he came before there seemed to be gallons of this stuff, but somehow I was able to swallow all of it. He collapsed on top of me, swung around so we were both in the same direction. We kissed for the longest time, each other tongues playing with the others. When we broke the kiss, he fell back on his elbows, looked over to me and said "You know for someone who doesn't suck cock, you do give a fantastic blow job." I stumbled a thanks and commented that I had not had that great of sex in a long long time. I mentioned I would not mind trying again in a few minutes. He said he wouldn't mind either but, looking over towards the clock, he had to meet his girlfriend in about 15 minutes, so he would have to be going. I could not believe it, it was 2:15. we had been at it for four hours. I said "I would like to get together again. Do you know when you would be back in the neighborhood? He said "I really do not. I have been doing this for eight months and I don't think I have been on the same street twice." I got up and went to the dresser, I took a business card from my wallet and gave it to him. I said "Give me a call and maybe we can meet at a convenient place. He looked at the card and remarked "I see you are a CPA. I am studying that at school maybe we can give each other some tutoring." Since he had been getting dressed as we were talking he came over gave me a kiss and said "Goodbye for now Tom." I replied "Goodbye, Roger." With Roger gone I got dressed went back to my den to continue the work I was doing four hours ago. It was of course foolish to think I could get any more work done, all I could think of was Roger. I do not know if we will ever get together again, but I know I will never forget him. Till later................. 

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