Related article: Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 07:23:31 -0700 From: Clone Buggs Subject: Across the Alley part 2Across the Alley Part II A day or two went by, and I hadn't seen or heard the boys from across the alley. I was sitting at my computer working on a piece for my syndicated column that's published in several places in the gay press both here in the US as well as Great Britain. I write a love lorn column and although it doesn't pay all my bills, it pays enough that I can live comfortably if I sell a few pieces I write on the side. My career as a writer, has taken 42 years to get me where I've wanted to be. Which is living from my writing income, and not having to punch somebody else's clock for a living. I haven't worked at a real job for almost a year now. I admit sitting in front of a computer screen answering letters about various problems gay couples are experiencing is time consuming, and often boring, but hey, I can do it in the nude if I feel like it. Which is what I felt like at that moment. I was sitting there nude typing away, when I heard my name shouted from the alley. I got up and looked out the window and saw Dale's head peering over my seven foot fence. I opened the door, and walked out into the yard, my soft dick swinging to and fro. "Hey man," Dale was grinning. "What's up?" "You busy?" "Not too...What did you have in mind?" "Open the gate and let us in." "Oh hi John, I didn't know you were there." "Hi Dave," his voice sounded strained. I opened the gate, and Very Young Nn Girls glanced both ways down the alley checking for prying eyes. John was on his hands and knees, and Dale was standing on his rump. holding onto the cinder block fence. He jumped off his brother, and John stood up in one fluid smooth motion. "Can we come in," John asked, brushing his hands over his dusty knees. "Sure." They came through the gate, and as they passed me, each reached and fondled my cock as they walked by. I started to grow. The boys were both wearing shorts and running shoes with white socks halfway up their calves. Neither had a shirt on and their tight young bodies were glistening with a thin sheen of sweat. Their little brown nubs looked good enough to suck all day. In the yard, after I'd locked the gate, they both stripped off their shorts and showed me their growing cocks. It looked like my writing was finished for the day. In the den, I started to save my work on my computer, and go through the shutdown process, while I told the boys to help themselves to beers and to get one for me as well. By the time they had returned to the den, The computer was just shutting itself off, and I joined them on the couch. "To what do I owe this surprise visit?" I put my arms around both boy's shoulders and pulled them to my body. Their warm sweaty skin felt wonderful against mine. The three of us were all standing stiff already. "What do you think?" John said under his breath then took a swallow of beer. "We wanted a beer, and knew you'd have one for us. He chuckled. "Anytime you need a beer boys, you're welcome to come knock on my door." I let my arms drop lower, and reaching around each of their waists, I took their stiff cocks in my hands, and stroked them lightly. The both sighed, and let my hands play with them while they drank their beer. After a bit, John set his bottle on the table, and slipped off the couch onto his knees facing my stiffness. His tongue came out and licked the length of my shaft. I shivered slightly from the feel of his cold beery tongue on my hot flesh. Dale and I watched him for a moment, and then Dale followed his brother's lead. I took Dale's bottle, and set it next to John's, and after a swallow, added mine to the line, and leaned back onto the couch, letting the boy's tongues work their magic on my cock. They had me trapped between their lips, both riding the spit slime up and down my shaft, working their tongues on my sensitive flesh. I was really enjoying the attention their mouths were giving me, and sighed, laying my head back on the couch and closing my eyes. I was lost in the sensations of their sucking, and drifted off on a cloud of ecstasy. After a while, they moved lower and began to suck and lick my ball sack. My full nuts loved the attention, and I felt an involuntary shiver run through my spine. Gradually, the boys each hooked an arm under my knees, and raised my legs up to my chest, all the while sucking my big nuts, and pulling on my hairy nut sack with their teeth and lips. In my new position, my butt hole was exposed to their probing tongues, and they took turns rimming my hole, until it was sloppy wet with their saliva. I was in heaven, as getting rimmed was an all time favorite of mine. The two continued for a few minutes, before John raised his head, and spoke. "We want to fuck you Dave." His voice was thick with desire. "Of course," I sighed, putting a hand on his head. "Both at the same time," Dale chimed in, smiling at me. "You mean one in Very Young Nn Girls my butt and one in my mouth?" The both shook their heads. "Both in your butt," John looked into my eyes. "At the same time." "Whoa. . .that's not possible." I'd heard of it before, but had never seen it done or even seen porn where it had been accomplished. "Yeah it is," Dale said. "We've done it before." "Well, if you know how, I'm game to try. I've heard of it but never seen it." "It's not that hard," Dale said, and the two boys began to rearrange themselves facing each other on the floor bringing their cocks as close together as they could manage. I watched them and got the idea of how we'd manage this sexual feat. "I'd better get some lube," I muttered as I saw the the size of the two cocks my butt hole was expected to accommodate. I pulled open a drawer in the end table and pulled out a tube of KY. I squeezed a gob into my butt hole, and then a large dollop into Very Young Nn Girls my hand. I began to massage it onto the boy's straining dicks. When I had them lubed, I stood over them, and lowered myself to my knees. I could feel their two cocks probing into my ass crack, searching for the tight opening. We maneuvered for a few moments, then I felt one of the cocks find a purchase in my hole, and I started to sit down on it. It slipped into me easily on the slick of KY. The second snub nosed dick, began to punish my already stretched hole, but couldn't make an entrance. "Use you finger," Dale muttered in concentration, and I felt a digit begin probing around my cock filled sphincter. Suddenly, I felt a stab of pain, and John forced his finger into my hole next to what I assumed was Dale's cock. He left it in me, but didn't move it around for a bit, until my pain stiffened body relaxed. He began pulling my muscle stretching it with his finger. I must have been expanding, because after a few moments, he inserted another finger into me. "That's it, stretch that fucker open." Dale began to push his cock at the opening. My mind reeled. I felt the fingers stretch my muscle wide, and then slip the opening around Dale's cock head. I suddenly had two cocks in my asshole at the same time. Dale pushed in deeper next to his brother, and I gasped for breath. I'd never been this filled with cock before. My personal best was an eleven incher I'd met several years before on a trip to New York. We'd spent the night in my hotel room, and I'd hardly been able to sit still during my meetings with editors the next morning my butt was so sore. Fortunately, being gay themselves, they understood when I explained about talking an eleven inch meatbat up my chute. They all asked for his number. But what the boys where doing to me felt much larger. Not as long mind you, but they both had a healthy girth to their dicks, and I felt like I had something the size of two wrists in my butt. In the position, I couldn't imagine how we'd get any fucking done, and decided it would just be the experience of having these two beautiful boy's cocks in me at once. After we had settled into a kind of comfort, The boys locked their arms around my body, and leaned sideways until we all fell over on the carpet. It put them in a position to be able to move their hips. The first strokes were slow and gentle, letting me get used to their double sized friction on the tender walls of my chute. After they had done this for a few moments, they both picked up speed a little. The amazing sensations their two cocks punching into me imparted, caused me to groan with pleasure. They kept this up for a bit, and then a subtle change began to take place as they got out of sync with each other's thrusting. As one cock was punching into me, the other was pulling out. I felt like I was being fucked back and forth. I loved the sensations, and didn't want them to end for a long time. Somehow I sensed the boys were not too far off the peak, and I began begging them to stop and calm down for a few minutes, too make it last longer. "No way man," Dale gasped. "I gotta blow my wad in yer butt." He was thrusting more rapidly now, and John was moaning in my ear, and fucking me like a jackhammer. Well, the expected happened, and he stiffened against me, and I could feel his body trembling in climax as he shot his spunk into me. "Oh shit!" He humped my butt once, and shot another gout of cum into me. "Fuck!" His rigid body suddenly relaxed, and I knew he was finished. I expected him to pull his spent dick out of me, and was preparing for the loss his cock had contributed. But it didn't happen. Dale continued to hump and fuck, and soon was groaning and gasping as he emptied his balls into me as well. My dick was so hard, it looked like I had a cock ring on it, which I didn't. I needed to cum too, but hadn't gotten there yet, being too enthralled with what the boys had been doing to me. After Dale finished, Very Young Nn Girls I reached between his and my bodies, and took my raging cock in hand. Dale leaned over and kissed me on the ear then murmured Very Young Nn Girls for me not to jerk off, because they weren't finished with me yet. Being teenagers, they seemingly hadn't lost any tumescence, and both boys remained hard in my ass. They rested for a few minutes, with only the occasional hump to let me know that it would continue when their stamina returned. I lay there, and felt John kissing my neck. I put a hand behind his head, and brought his face to mine and kissed him on the mouth, our tongues mixing and exploring. Dale raised his upper torso up on an elbow and watched us kissing for a few moments before he leaned over and began licking and kissing the two of us where our lips met. John and I broke the kiss, and included Dale in our tongue play, licking and tonguing each other's faces and lips. This went on for several minutes, and gradually the two boys began to hump their cocks into me again. This time, it was for me they said together, and began to ask me how it felt. I tried to direct them in my fulfillment, but was soon beyond words. The two fucked me like I've never been fucked before, and for longer than I've ever been fucked before. I shot my first load of cum after about five minutes of the core grinding fuck, and didn't seem to come down from the high of the climax. they both plowed my trench for all they were worth, and my stiff cock drooled cum, and throbbed like nothing I'd ever experienced before. After another few minutes I shot another gob of cum between Dale and my body, but still the boys didn't stop. I was gasping for breath and from pleasure, as I drooled more and more transparent cock snot from the tip of my dick. I was cum dry, but still my dick would not go soft. The boys seemed so intent on fucking me they appeared oblivious to what was happening to me or my body. I took as much as I could, and my mind began to go in and out of brief pleasure blackouts. I was trembling and shaking somewhat violently, and almost delirious with sexual heat. I felt vaguely that they boys were reaching another passionate peak, and after a few more strokes as deep as they could manage, I felt them both tense and spray their second loads into me at the same time. Their chorus of groans and mutterings signaled that they were also in the same state of mind or lack there of as I was. When it was finally over, I felt like an animal, taken and used by two stud stallions with raging cocks meant for pleasuring themselves and others completely. We laid there in a heap of arms and legs torsos and gradually shrinking cocks, and our breathing slowed, and our chests stopped heaving from passion, and I think we all must have slept for a while. I awoke feeling John disentangling himself from my arms. I looked up at his lithe young body and he whispered he needed to pee. I whispered the directions to the toilet, and he left the room, his golden body dancing like a Greek stature come to life. Dale turned over, and I put my hand on his chest, and he opened his eyes. I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed me back, for a long moment, and when I broke the kiss, he closed his eyes with a grin that spread from ear to ear, and stretched like a self satisfied cat. "How was that mister D?" He put his hands on my chest and tweaked my nipples. "Just short of miraculous," I put my hand on his hard stomach, and rubbed him warmly. "Where did you two learn such a thing?" "Dad taught us." "What?" "When out mom split with the asshole from her job, dad was pretty hurt. He was working hard to support the family, but she wanted more than he could give her. "He was devastated when she left with her boss, and felt like killing himself. He told John and me that he wasn't interested in living anymore. It was us who decided to help him work through the pain of her going. We were afraid to leave him alone at night. Very Young Nn Girls He was working long hours, and when he did get home at night, he'd always get drunk and pass out. We took turns sleeping with him in his bed so he wouldn't wake up at night and do something rash. "One night several weeks after we started taking turns sleeping with him, it was my turn to do it. John and I put him to bed drunk again but not quite as drunk as usual. I got into bed with him and John went back to our room. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up with dad spooning himself into my back. I could feel he had a hard on. I laid there for a long time thinking about it. I think he was sound asleep, snoring softly in my ear. "John and I had experimented with sucking each other off, and I got the idea that dad needed relief, and decided to do him while he was asleep. I slipped down and opened the fly of his pajamas, and pulled his cock out. I licked it a little and then took him into my mouth. He moaned in his sleep, and humped into my mouth. He muttered something in his sleep, and I started to suck him a little harder. "He started humping me a little bit, and after awhile, he groaned and put his hands on my head, and began to fuck my mouth. It wasn't long before he blew his load, which I swallowed. He turned over, and went back to sleep. "I told John about it the next morning, and when it was bed time that night, we noticed that dad hadn't drunk nearly as much as he had been. He was actually able to talk as we helped him to bed. "The next morning we all sat around the table and talked about it. At first dad was embarrassed at what he'd done, but we told him we'd been doing it to each other for a while, and we liked it. "We discussed where we could go with it, because he said he'd never marry again, or have a girlfriend, because he didn't, couldn't trust women after what my mom had done to him and us. It was John who suggested we try fucking, saying that we could take turns letting him fuck us, so he wouldn't get blue balls. He didn't think much of the idea at first, but after a few more blow jobs at night, he seemed to come around to trying it. "We just progressed from there, until he asked us to start fucking him as well, and eventually we started having threesomes. He stopped drinking all together, except for a beer now and then, and we've been expanding our sex ever since. "We did the double fuck for the first time a few days ago just before we met you. My dad had seen it done Very Young Nn Girls in a straight porno film when he was in the Navy, and wanted to try it." "Have you told him about me?" "Not yet." He lowered his eyes, and looked away from me for a moment. "He's kinda jealous. You know?" You think he'd get mad?" "I don't know." He looked back at me and I could see he was sad about something. "What's the matter Dale?" I put my arm around him again and he laid his head on my chest. "I. . .uh. . .John an me have been talking since we met you. . ." His heart was pounding against my chest, and I could clearly feel it thumping. "Don't be afraid to tell me Dale. Is it that you want to break off with me?" The words came out of my mouth with a slight tremor in my voice. My ears started to buzz. "Oh no Dave!" He reared back and looked up into my eyes. "We want just the opposite. We want you to be part of our family. To meet dad, and be friends too." John came back into the den at that moment. "Tell him John." Dale reached for my hand, and John sat down on the floor and crossed both his arms over my legs. His chin rested on his elbows just above my flaccid prick. His beautiful eyes looking soulfully at mine. "Do you think you'd like to be part of our family?" His voice sounded small like a little boys, afraid of the answer he was going to hear. "I'd love it, boys, but it looks to me like this is something we need to bring your dad in on. . .don't you think?" The boys both stood, and pulled on their shorts again. "We'll tell him tonight when he gets home." With that, they both kissed me on the cheeks and bolted for the door and the back gate. A moment later, they were gone back across the alley.End

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