Related article: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 08:00:21 -0700 From: Jay roberts Subject: "Accounting Boy's Debt, Part One" by Jay Roberts"Accounting Boy's Debt, Part One" by Jay Roberts Gay Adult Friends ++If you are good in maths, that's great! Now hear this: this story has nothing to do with that. If you are under 18, please do the math and leave, Nn Legal Models leave this sorry site to older folks like me. Does that add up for you?Three years ago I formed an accounting firm with a new idea. It was called, "The Tax Team." I, Wes North, was senior partner, all the other six guys were junior partners. Profits were shared with double the amount for me and the rest equally among the rest. We were a great success. We were all making money.What I had created is a service with interchangeable parts. The advantage was that no one junior partner could go off on his own and go into business, taking his client with him. All clients were served by all of our guys.The latest young numbers genius was hired while his CPA license was still wet, along with his ears. He was highly touted by Wesley Adams, my old professor. I'll never forget the first interview. The kid may have been smart, but he was guileless and unsophisticated about the world of business. He came for the interview in neatly pressed denim jeans. He probably thought that wearing his best jeans was dressing for an interview. He did have a white shirt, and his blue jacket with the Yale Insignia, the one he wore with the glee club.But the boy himself triumphed over those college duds. He was just under six feet in height. He wore his curly hair on the short side, I told him to let it grow out a bit. His body was perfection, narrow waist and flat stomach. You could see that in the way his pants were loose in the belly area.All that was the frame for his face. He had big round eyes, the kind that could convince you of anything. They were awninged by thick arched, shiny brows. "Let the barber thin them a bit. It will give you a kinder, more honest look."Oh those bit dark eyes, that ski jump nose, and the mouth, wide with a curly, puffy rose bud center.His boyish face was saved from inconsequentiality by his heavy beard stubble. The kind that needed shaving twice a day.Then the voice! Deep, rumble but could go up an octave with he was enthusiastic. This boy, Perry Manfred was a charmer. He was hired.We all kept close tabs on new hires. I am not embarrassed to say that we kept secret surveys of his computer and his telephone calls were recorded. This was standard for new hires, although they didn't know about it until the trial period was over. Some were angry; some embarrassed, especially the Nn Legal Models two who were gay, George Morris and Chuck Harrison.During Perry's shake Nn Legal Models out cruise, we found out that the boy had lots of girl friends, too many to my bi-sexual leanings. They cost money. The money thing was interesting. He banked at our bank. The bank had an overdraft arrangement with all of us. Perry was heavily over drawn. Why? One of the boys found out, gambling, horses and sports. Perry bet heavily, and stupidly, trying vainly to get solvent again. Now you know whom he bet with? Those shady, tough bookies. They had to protect their reputation, killing a non-paying client was not unknown.As far as his work was concerned, he was doing good. Clients filled out evaluations that were raves. I wanted Perry to stay with the firm. That was my professional assessment, but also, I had a crush on him. I knew it wouldn't go anywhere, but it was nice just seeing him around and having occasional one-on-one meetings with him.Now me. I'm about six years older than Perry. with my six foot four frame, tower I over him. I'm a real blond and lean and sleek and hairless of body. If Perry were into guys, I would make a play for him.My secretary told me, this morning, as she brought the usual morning coffee, "That new guy, Perry, asked if I could let him know when you have fifteen minutes for him. I hope he's not quitting; we need all the eye candy available. Not that you, boss aren't eye candy too.""Sorry no raise this quarter, honey. Nn Legal Models But tell him to stop by about five o'clock this evening."Her eyebrows rose. I think she thought that I had some nefarious schemes in mind. (I did.)The shadows were lengthening (how poetic) when I snapped on the lamp on my desk. There was a knock on my office door. I called out for the person to come in. Nn Legal Models Of course it was Perry. I was a little taken aback at his appearance. His clothes were rumpled, as if slept in, and he could use a second shave of the day. His new slightly longer curly hair was uncombed and some curls lay on his forehead. Yeah, but he sure looked hot."Thanks for seeing me, Boss. I won't take too much time, but I want to level with you about the trouble I am in.""Girls, money, health? Tell me?He sat down on the love seat and I pulled up an easy chair."To make it short, I owe the mob. I gamble and I am over my head.""How bad is your debt?""About one hundred thousand."I whistled.He sat frowning and working his mouth in anxiety. He looked like a little boy who was in the principal's office. (I wonder if I should spank him, on his bare ass. Oh shit. Control yourself.)I moved my chair closer and patted his strong forearm, decorated with glossy black hair. "Call me Wes when we are alone. Perry, your problem is no unsolvable. I real problem would be if you had cancer.""Thanks for those words, but er er Wes, That's a fuckin' lot of money.""Well look at it this way. You will be earning more than that this year and likely more the following year." "Yeah, but they won't allow me to stretch it out. I have to pay the whole debt within the next five days."I was quiet for Nn Legal Models a moment. "I have a suggestion. Suppose I hand you a briefcase with the money in it.""You'd do that?""Yes, but there are stipulations. First you must swear never to bet on anything again. If you do, I will take you to court to get the money back. Of course, you will lose this job.""How can I pay back that much?""We'll dock your pay, say fifteen thousand a year, until fifty thousand is recovered.""What about the other fifty K.""Yes, what about it. You will owe it, but we won't press you."He was quiet of moment. Perry was no dope. He suspected that I had an ulterior motive. Yeah, if you don't pay the rent, I'll take the farm. Then his eyes began to tear from the knowledge that he might be able to get out of this fix. He fixed me with his round eyes (so cute) his eyebrows rose in an expression of boyish sincerity. "Boss, er Wes. I am so grateful. I'll do anything to show my gratitude.""Anything?" I said and waggled my eyebrows like Groucho Marx."He stared at me, realization of what the debt relief entailed. He was sophisticated in the ways of the world, straight 8 of course. He knew from office gossip that I swung both ways. You could see the conflicting emotions playing across his face. Finally he blushed bright red and spoke hesitatingly. "You're suggesting something, s-s-s-sexual?""Exactly. The balls in your court, near your balls." And then switching to an old TV lead in, "Mr. Phelps, if you decide to take this case..., be at my duplex this evening for dinner at eight thirty. That's curtain time in the theatre and there in my place as well." I spoke with emphasis, "Plan on this and one follow up visit to complete the deal." I thought to myself, that at $50,000 a night, Perry will become to highest paid call boy in the world.I handed him a card with my address.I ordered dinner from the Four Seasons Restaurant,, that was nearby. They know me and sent all the dishes and cloths up. I told the waiter to leave everything and that I'd have my mail return them in the morning.I left the supper decisions to my friend, the headwaiter and knew it would be fine. Now the only problem was that the food wouldn't go to waste if Perry my boi for the night didn't show up. Oh I was nasty but hysterical at getting a chance at that doll, a chance I never thought would materialize.The downstairs desk rang. "There's a Mr. Perry Manfred down here. May he come up."?I gave permission, giggling like a loon.Soon the doorknocker knocked. I answered. There was Perry, looking showered and refreshed, wearing work out clothes, sweat pants and shirt. I hoped I'd give him a workout. I also hoped that they were worn over his naked body. Yes, he was cleaner, but there was an edge of fear in his innocent eyes. Was he wondering if he was going to be ravished? Would his disgust of gay sex show and the money would be withdrawn? He knew that he was facing a difficult time."Come in fella. Dinner is in covered dishes. I bet you're hungry. I know I am." And I grinned. Nn Legal Models "Cocktail?"To my surprise he said yes. "Martini?"I made up a shaker. We had two and then walked into the dinning area. I felt those drinks. Martini's always put me away fast. I decided to go easy on the wine. But I noticed as the meal progressed, that Perry had at least three glasses. He seemed loose, but not drunk. The kid had lots of fraternity practice.When dinner was over, I steered him into my study, put on some soft music and sat down on the couch. I patted a place next to me. "Sit down and let's get acquainted."Poor Perry was actually shaking as he joined me on the couch. "How does this play out? I've never done anything like this before." Then he laughed. "I sound like the local whore. Do you want me to get undressed? The last said in a very small voice."I put my hand on his shoulder. It was thick and muscular. "Don't bother. I'll undress you when I am ready. Just leave everything to me. I'll do the action, the lovemaking. You just receive. You can stop me at any time, but remember the consequences of that.Poor boy, the look on his face was like he was on death row, or maybe sitting in a dental chair, waiting for the extraction. I stifled any pity I might have felt, I was on a projectile of seduction. Already my cock was pulsing with need. I reached down and pulled the bow of the cord of his sweat pants. He jumped as he felt my hand there. In a moment he was sweating, I mean really sweating. It seemed to jump out of his pores.With the waist loose I was able to pull the pants down quickly. He began intoning, out of fear, his Catholic boy prayers. I couldn't make out the words. When the pants came down, I let out a moan of appreciation. He heard it in his state and opened his eyes in surprise. What I uncovered was so sexy, my eyes spun. He was wearing tiny briefs, dark blue with white horizontal, there was a French manufacturer's name on the band. So my boy buys expensive underwear. I have to reappraise my opinion. Maybe a girl gave them to him.His belly, above the low cut briefs was slightly fuzzy with black hair, especially around his cute navel. I lifted his seat shirt. His chest was mostly hairless, except a puff of hair around each nipple. How cute. The thing about his strong black body hair is that it contrasted with his baby soft skin. The effect was yummy.He was making noises, little fear noises. You have to imagine it. I pulled his under shorts down. I know he was clean from the shower, but a faint manly smell still greeting my nose. His penis lay nestled in the indentation in his balls. He was uncut, the cover fully over the head.I lifted his cock reverently. He gulped, but I detected that his scared affect was diminishing. My touching him must remind him of his own routines. I slightly passed my loose fist over the shaft. It thickened and his pink cock head peeked out to see what was going on.I felt his body relaxing. His mind told him that the feelings were familiar and he might as well enjoy it.I intensified my handling of the warm, smooth, fragrant organ and passed my thumb over the piss slit. It must be a very sensitive spot for he softly let out a small sigh. Nice. I was on the right track.I lifted the prick up and cupped it in my hand and began a slow, barely touching wank. Perry must have made the decision that this was gay sex lite and he wasn't being violated. It was okay with me, let him have a pleasant release. That would seal he fate.I firmed up my grip on his cock and began a faster shagging. He was breathing deeper and a darling flush crept along his smooth neck and onto his cheeks. I found I was breathing with him. I pressed on, his cock was stiffer and the head was completely out of the covering. He was beginning to react in his trunk. There was an almost imperceptible lift of his hips.Then suddenly he opened his slitted eyes, and cleared his throat several times, then spoke. "Wes, this is good, but I can't finish this way, so you might as well stop."I had to smile. The dope thought he was in charge, that I was giving him a good feel. The important thing was that I get him off, that I be the agent of his cuming. I stroked his cheek possessively to regain control. "What do you need to cum?"He hated to come out and say it, but he was in need. "Oral.""Okay Perry. Get ready. I'm good at this."I felt his body stiffen in anticipation. I moved down and gave some heavy wet licked to the head. "Oh shit, that's too good," he said.I thought, 'wait 'til you feel this.' And swooped the whole seven inches into my hot mouth and big smooth tongue. I whirled my tongue around the upper shaft. His eyes rolled up and he began sighing in rhythm, very satisfying. I liked my sex partners to be vocal. Good sex cries mean a good orgasm.Suddenly I felt we had crossed to a new relationship. Perry put his hand on my hair and played with it as I continued. That was a real victory for me. To reward him I opened my jaws wider and allowed his young cock to slide down into my throat. I knew he had never felt anything like that. He began crowing in pleasure. I could taste his pre cum honey oozing. He was on his way to losing himself in a prodigious cum.I began using my swallowing muscles, caressing his cock like a velvet glove. Now he was hissing and mewling in utter abandon. I bet if a stopped suddenly, he would sock me in the jaw. I began moving my head up and down in time with my deep throating.I felt his cock get longer and stiffer and the head grew bigger. I let his cock move out of my throat into my mouth and I began a fast pulsing licking. He let out a cute "Whoa, that's it. I there!"He sure was, his cock pulsed heavily several time. I swallowed rapidly and was rewarded with the best tasting cum I had ever encountered. He must live a clean life.The force of his cum left him dazed. I left him on the couch and returned to my chair and lit a cigarette. When he seemed to be coming to, I asked how he felt about the experience."Wes, I have to rethink my prejudice against man to man sex. That was the best blow job I ever had. I am up for it anytime you wish."Ah hah, he already thought he would satisfy the debt by "allowing" me access to his prick anytime. Oh no boy, there is much more to come for my $100,000. I was sitting on the chair, I was naked from the waist down. He could easily see that my cock was up and shaking. He was a fair fellow and he pointed at my cock. "I guess I should offer to toss you off. I guess that would be the right thing to do, but I have never touched another man's penis."Quoting an old advertising line, I said, "Try it, you'll like it."He shrugged, expressing the 'in for a penny' idea. He came over and perched on the arm of my chair and tentatively reached for my dick. As soon as he got his hand around it I encouraged him. Every one likes approval. "Move your hand over it. I won't take long to get off." He sort of averted his eyes and continued. I know I was a rigid as hell, but all his clever moves did not get me to shoot. I have excellent control and I used all I had right now. His hand was warm and the hair on the back was gorgeous.Finally, he asked, "I guess I am not doing it right.""No you're okay, but I need you to kiss it."He recoiled and took his hand away. "No way am I going put my mouth on a guy's penis.""Do you lap cunt?"He frown at my crudity. "A penis is sweet compared to a cunt. You know that don't you. Now slide down and plant a few kisses.""Shit, what have I got myself into?""The operative word is "myself". You're gambled and you lost. Pay the piper."In a moment came the beautiful resolution. He kissed the head. I know he must have gotten some of my honey. Suddenly, he put the whole thing in his mouth and began sucking vigorously. "Mikey liies it," I thought, but he was too enthusiastic. I put my hand under his chin and pulled him away."Boy, you seem to like doing that.""I can't believe it. I do like it. It fits so nice in my mouth, like it is something I've been missing all these years. May I continuie?""Oh yeah," I groaned, "But slow and gentle wins the race."He listened to me and in about one dozen loving sucks I screamed out my orgasm. He swallowed it all, and when he sat back he even licked his lips and grinned. "Okay Boss, I learned something new. Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to the second appointment." Then his face clouded again. "I hope you are not thinking of anything backdoor. I get nauseated just thinking about that.""Let's not cross bridges now. I haven't decided yet about our next meeting." (Of course, that was a lie, but in sex and war, lies are okay.I walked him to the door after he pulled on his sweats. I almost kissed him goodbye, but restrained myself. The following week, at the office, everything seemed fine. He got his briefcase and he returned from his appointment with the potential killers with a smile."Good work Perry. See you tonight."He lost the smile and looked worried. End part one. Was Perry really not straight and didn't know it? I t was strange the way his first experience giving head was natural for him. Was Wes corrupting him or just opening doors for him,? Can Perry be fucked?

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