Related article: Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 06:38:29 EDT From: INSILVA92aol.com Subject: The Acolyte part 2This is a homosexual fantasy, if it is illegal for you to read it please exit now. Because it is a fantasy the sex will be unsafe. Don't try this at home!The Master went to the Slave's head and removed the blindfold, after blinking for a few times the Slave smiled sexily up at his Master, his eyes filled with lust. The Master took a long drink of water and bent forwards placing his lips on the Slave's opening mouth. He released a steady stream of water into to it which the Slave swallowed greedily. As he lifted up the Slave whispered "More please Master." The Master repeated his actions another twice. " Enough?" he asked. "Yes Master, Thank you." The Boy had also had a drink, he was trembling with excitement thinking of what was to come. Remembering everything his Master had told and shown him, he carefully pulled on a pair of white latex gloves. Scooping up a large dollop of lube he rubbed it around the Slave's twitching hole. Making sure his right hand was well coated he placed his index finger on the Slave's pucker, as Nn Top Child Model Sites he applied pressure the Slave's hole opened and his finger slid in effortlessly. A low groan escaped the Slave's lips. The Boy soon had three digits in and, as he steadily fucked the Slave with them, he moved them around stretching the accommodating hole, causing the Slave to moan a little louder. His moaning was muffled when the Master took firm hold of his shaven head and placed his big fat 9 inch cock on his lips. The Slave opened wide and the Master slid his cock in. When the big knob reached the top of his throat the Slave started to swallow, and the monster prick began to enter his throat; the Master could feel his ample foreskin being pushed back from his big flared knob, he loved the tightness of the Slave's throat around his prick. Soon his big ball sac was resting on the Slaves brow, and his throbbing prick was deep in the Slave's throat. As the Slave swallowed and sucked, masturbating the prick with his throat muscles, the Master threw back his head and sighed contentedly. Then he leant forwards and began to squeeze and pinch the Slave's pink nipples till they stood swollen and proud. The Slave's groans were audible even though his mouth and throat were stuffed full with thick, dark-brown cock. The Boy began to leak precum, he had all four fingers and thumb in the Slave' s welcoming hole, his knuckles hard against the sphincter. As he watched the Slave sighed deeply, relaxed, and the Boy's hand disappeared into the hole as if it was eating it. Then the sphincter tightened back around his wrist. The Boy trembled as he pushed another inch of his arm into the Slave, then he stopped as instructed, and carefully made a fist. As the Slave began to move backwards and forwards on his wrist and arm, about an inch or an inch and a half, the Boy felt his fist get warmer and warmer, absorbing the Slave's body heat. It was like holding his fist in a bucket of hot water, his stiff 7 inches glistened with his free running precum. He felt so in control, so masterful, so sexual, he was fully aroused and he knew he was close to cumming. The Master eased his throbbing prick from the Slave's throat and mouth, he was very close, but had other plans for his spunk. Now the Slave's moans and groans could be heard more clearly, as he writhed around, fucking himself on the Boy's fist. The Master moved around and worked harder on the proud nipples as the Slave stared at him with lustful, half closed eyes. His cock was stiff as the proverbial poker, his foreskin had peeled right back, revealing his bright pink knob. His precum was trickling from his piss slit and pooling at the base of his cock, before trickling onto the table. He loved to have his body abused by his Master and most of all he loved to be fisted, the pain was almost indescribable, it was a constant pain, but very different to normal pain as it gave him pleasure too. And it sent more waves of pleasure coursing through his writhing body every time he pushed down, rubbing his prostate across the Boy's clenched fist. The Boy's fist was smaller than his Master's and he felt he had some measure of control, normally the Master's arm fucked him, but this time he was fucking the arm. He was close to cumming, and when, as instructed, the Boy slowly unclenched his fist and gently fondled the Slave' s prostate he almost came immediately, his sphincter Nn Top Child Model Sites tightening around the Boy 's wrist, and his sweaty body tensing. Feeling the renewed pressure around his wrist the Boy shuddered "OH SHIT!" he cried out as his spunk shot everywhere from his twitching, untouched cock. It landed on the Slave, on the Boy himself, and on the floor, then the Master knelt in front of him and took the still shooting knob into his mouth to suck the bone dry. His ejaculation had caused him to grope the Slave's prostate a little harder, just enough to send him over the edge. Feeling as if his whole body was one gigantic cock the Slave arched off the table, his body rigid. "I'M CUMMING" he screamed, as jet after jet of hot boy cum erupted from his 6 inch cock. The first two jets went over his head, and into his hair, and onto his face, so strong was his ejaculation. The Boy watched in amazement as the Slave kept shooting, seven, eight, nine strong jets of hot spunk, covering his body from head to groin, he winced slightly as the Master's tongue rubbed over his sensitive knob. The Master stood and whispered in his ear, he began to withdraw his fist as he leant forward to tongue up what boycum he could. When he got to the knuckles he took the Slave's still hard cock in his mouth and was rewarded with one final blast as he twisted his knuckles out of the ravaged hole. He squeezed the Slave's cock and sucked and swallowed the last remaining drops of boyjuice, then continued to tongue the Slave's now trembling body clean. The Slave's cock stayed hard. As he removed his fingers from the spasming, red lipped hole the Master held onto the Slave's legs, and, without ceremony, pushed his hard, thick 9 inches into the Slave, not stopping until his pendulous balls slapped against the Slave's lily-white ass cheeks. XXXEnd of part two. This story is dedicated to Mikey. Without his research/input I couldn't have written it. Thanks Mikey.Any constructive criticism, or friendly comments to Paul at _INSILVA92aol.com_ (mailto:INSILVA92aol.com)

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