Related article: Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 18:53:53 -0700 (PDT) From: Tague Micheals Subject: A Gaggle Of BoysI tended to hang out for a few hours, or sometimes a few evenings and sometimes an entire Saturday or Sunday, every week at my best friend Stan's place. We'd been friends since he was fourteen and I was nineteen. Introduced through an older brother, I'd been somewhat enchanted with Stan since we first met. Slender, slightly wavy blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a somewhat pale Nordic skin coloring, Stan had a straightforward attitude. He tended to tell people what he thought and did so in no uncertain terms. He was funny, sarcastic, honest, and loyal. He and I hit off from the very beginning, although at no time was it ever a sexual relationship although I had been totally attracted to him from the moment I first laid eyes on him. Stan is as straight as they come although he is totally tolerant of my sexual orientation even though he didn't become aware of it for a good ten years or more after this story took place.Ours was a very symbiotic friendship; Stan and I were opposites in many ways. I grew up with my family in a small town; Stan, the youngest of three siblings, had been raised by his grandparents since birth. He never graduated high school, electing to leave his inner city school a few months into the 10th grade after being robbed at knife point. My interests tended toward the intellectual whereas Stan's were mechanical, I was more of a white collar and he was blue. I was very articulate, Stan sometimes had difficulty expressing his thoughts and because I often helped him find the words he was looking for earned the nickname Mr. Dictionary. Stan was incredible when it came to making up nicknames for people we knew, some of the nicknames totally hilarious. In fact, other mutual friends seemed rather honored when he bestowed a nickname on them.We had both gotten married and subsequently divorced in our twenties. During his marriage Stan ended up taking custody of his sister's son Kriss, the boy's mother being a drug addict and not able, or perhaps willing, to take care of her son. It pissed Stan off and since he and his nephew got along great, it was no surprise when Kriss told his mother to go fuck herself and moved in with Stan. Hell, the kid spent a majority of his time there anyhow.Stan was also an excellent mechanic, having learned at the feet of his grandfather and uncle in their neighborhood shop back in the sixties when cars were much easier to work on. Needless to say when I had a mechanical problem, which was more frequent that I liked, I always went to Stan first. Although twisting wrenches was more of a hobby than his primary profession, Stan's heart and serenity lay in working on cars, and his abilities verged on mystical.Whenever I went to Stan's house it seemed as though there were always a handful of boys, Kriss's friends, hanging out which had been an occurrence long before Kriss lived there full time. It was a safe place for boys; it was like a boy's club. There were no mother's or other women nagging at them to close the door, wipe your feet, don't eat in the living room, watch your language and all of the other admonishments that come when adult females inhabit an area. Don't get me wrong because the boys didn't run wild or do anything and everything that they wanted. There were rules and Stan was a strict disciplinarian in many respects. It was just more relaxed, an easy place to hang out for any male, boy or man.Kriss and I had gotten along better than he and Stan in many ways. I wasn't the primary male in his life or the Alpha male of the household. Kriss had known me all of his young life and he, as well as Stan, had often turned to me to resolve a conflict between them and also when there were things he didn't feel comfortable talking to "his dad" about. And of course there was the fact, totally unknown to Kriss or his friends, that I loved and adored boys and as such was more tolerant of their overall behaviors than many adults. Pedo Boy Because I was a regular at the house I knew most if not all of the boys that hung around and had very good relationship with all of them. In their eyes, I was cool.On more than one occasion I had been at the house waiting before Stan to get home from work or whatever other project he was working on. I generally kibitzed with whoever was there and while the discussions could get pretty interesting, as the boys started to mature the topic often became sexual in nature. At the time that this story took place most of the boys were 13 years old, Kriss being one of the oldest of the boy pack, but there were a couple of 12 year olds as well.Like all boys they loved to rough house and since I enjoyed wrestling with them, and what boy lover wouldn't, the visit often included king of the mountain or just plain old "let's mob Seth," which was my name. Sometimes it happened outside and other times in the house, which wasn't allowed. At times like that, when Stan wasn't there and a rule got broken I never ratted the boys out so they knew they could trust me and that included Kriss.That also included sexual play, although up until this story, sexual play was generally bantering about a boy's sexual attributes or activities and by the time this story happened I'd seen plenty of the boy's naked butts and at least one or two hairless butt holes. Like most boys in the company of other boys they had no reservations about mooning each other and since I was one of the boys my presence didn't inhibit them in the least.Sleep over's at Stan's were often a weekend occurrence. If I happened to show up on a weekend Pedo Boy morning it was rare not to see anywhere from one to five or more boys other than Kriss racked out in the living room. I'd seen all of them at one time or another splayed out in their underwear still sound asleep. I'd seen them cuddled up with one another in sleep and I'd seen plenty of rock hard boy cocks barely concealed under briefs as they slept. In fact sometimes when a boy got up to pee he didn't bother to hide the tent in his underwear and when they got up and stayed up they generally didn't bother getting dressed immediately, often wandering around, eating, or even watching morning cartoons in their underwear, often without shirts on. The boys seemed to be totally unselfconscious about their bodies and Stan didn't seem to care one way or another. It was a house of, and for, guys. And I loved being there.So it was that I showed up at Stan's early one Saturday morning and let myself in. I could see that the bathroom door was closed so plopped down in an easy chair to wait, letting my eyes adjust to the dim light, said dimness caused by the closed curtains. As usual there were boys laid out asleep and I saw that they'd moved the coffee and end tables out of the way in order to make room. As my eyes adjusted I counted six of them and true to form they were practically naked.Kriss, who had commandeered the sofa, had been lying on his side with a blanket pulled up to his hip with about five inches of white cotton brief exposed. On the floor the other boys were scattered sort of helter-skelter in various stages of cover. I noticed that toward the end of the small room two of the boys were sleeping close, the one completely uncovered had one had his arm draped over the other's stomach and that boy was covered to his belly with a sleeping bag, although one bare leg was completely exposed up to his thigh.A rustling drew my attention back to the sofa where Kriss had rolled onto his back with his arm thrown across his eyes. The movement caused the blanket to get pushed off and I could easily see that the thirteen year old had a raging piss hard on. In addition, his boner had pulled the front of his briefs so that it opened the leg hole and I could see a part of his wrinkled sac sticking out. Kriss was definitely growing up.It was difficult for me to take my eyes off of Kriss, my mind creating images of what his boyhood charms might look like. I glanced at the other boys, all dead to the world, and saw lots of flat boy belly's and chests, at least one brief covered bubble butt of a boy who'd thrown off his covers, and least one more uncovered but clothed boner.Back at the end of room I watched as the boy with the hand on his belly rolled over onto his belly. His movement caused the boy next to him to roll away from him. The other boy continued to roll and in the process brought one leg up and draped it across his friends' leg. All of the movement caused the sleeping bag to fall off of the boy exposing his bare little butt. Sweet Jesus, the kid was totally naked which caused me to wonder just what the boys had been up to the night before and also made me wonder if it had been just those two or all of them.I got up slowly and made my way over to where they continued to lay, careful not to disturb any of them. Standing at the feet of naked boy I could clearly see his balls, completely hairless, as they rested in a puddle on the sleeping bag between his thighs. I squatted down to get a better look. Had his leg been brought up any higher I would have been able to see the puckered muscle of Pedo Boy his hole. How he was lying created one of the views of a boy that I loved the most. I found it provocative and sexy as all hell and I wanted to drop down and lick the boy's hairless sperm makers then spread his cheeks and bury my tongue up his hole until the cows came home.I heard the shower shut off in the bathroom so gently covered the boy. I wasn't sure just how Stan would have reacted had he seen the boy like that. I also wasn't sure if the other boys knew that he was naked and wanted to spare the boy any embarrassment. I went back to the chair and waited, continuing to cast my eyes over the boy buffet. Stan came out of the bathroom in his underwear, said good morning and continued down the hall, my own greeting following him. My eyes went back to the room and I watched Kriss's lithe young body go stiff as he stretched out, arms out in front of him. As he relaxed both hands went to his crotch to squeeze and push at his rock hard cock and gently tug at his balls, something I was sure most males did when they awoke in such a condition. I certainly did."Shit I gotta piss like a race horse," he said to me then yawned."I see that," I responded and the boy smiled at me, then stood up and stretched again, his groin not more than two feet from my face. He walked passed me toward the bathroom, not bothering to hide the fact that his cock was straining against his underwear. I watched him pass, once again wondering just what he looked like under there then admiring his tender butt as he walked away. Kriss looked to be well enough endowed for a boy his age and looked like he might take after his uncle. I'd only seen Stan naked once and had been thoroughly impressed with the then seventeen year olds body. His cock had been completely flaccid but still looked to be a good seven and a half thick inches long. Kriss also took after his uncle in the looks department. Sandy blond hair, baby blue eyes and a slender but nicely defined body, the similarities were strong enough that people often thought that he was actually Stan's son.Stan finally came out of the bedroom and went straight to the kitchen to put on coffee. His nephew came out of the bathroom shortly after and went over the where the covered but naked boy was sleeping and gently shook him then leaned down and whispered something to the kid. Kriss then pulled a t-shirt from the pile of clothes strewn about the floor, tugged it on and headed toward the kitchen. The boy he woke up propped himself up and looked toward where I was sitting and I saw that it was Toshi, Kriss's Japanese friend."Hey Seth," he said then yawned as I heyed him back. He fumbled around under the sleeping bag then rolled onto his back, pulled his knees closer to his chest and went through the obvious motions of putting his underwear on. Done he tossed the covering off then stood up and headed to the bathroom, the front of his underwear covering another obvious boner. I checked his ass out as he walked away, remembering what it looked like before he'd covered it. I practically licked my lips.So, I thought to myself, at the very least Kriss knew his friend had slept naked, and now his friend probably figured that I knew it and it appeared that neither one of them cared that I knew. I was then very curious as to what might have taken place the night before and of course the vision in my mind was of a houseful of naked teen and preteen boys sucking and fucking and doing all manner of nasty things to each other. Fuck would I have loved to be a fly on the wall the night before. Better yet I would have loved to be a participant in whatever boy play they might have engaged in and it certainly looked to me like something had gone on.Stan came in, handed me a cup of coffee and sat down on the sofa, his own cup in his hands. We talked briefly about the local university basketball team then the day's events, which were to head out to a wrecking yard and pick up a door to replace a banged up door on a car he was working on for a friend. As we talked Toshi came out of the bathroom and headed toward the kitchen, I assumed to get a bowl and then join Kriss at the table for cereal.Stan and I blathered on then got up to refill our cups when the phone rang. Stan answered it and while I could only hear his side of the conversation it was clear that there was a problem. The call ended with Stan saying that he'd be there in about three hours."What's up Uncle Stan?" Kriss asked as soon as Stan hung up the phone."My dad," he said looking at me, "he's had a heart attack and they've got him in ICU. He's okay but he's not out of the woods and they're gonna keep him a few days. I gotta get down there." The look on my friend's face wasn't shock but there was concern. Stan and his dad didn't get along real well. His father had left Stan to be raised by Stan's mother's parents shortly after Stan had been born. His mother had been killed in a freak accident and his father hadn't felt that he was capable of raising the other two kids as well as a newborn baby. To make matters worse his father hadn't lived all that far away, an hour at most, but regardless, regular visits were infrequent. Stan always felt that as he got older his father could have taken the boy to live with him and his brother and sister but that didn't happen. As an adult his relationship with his father had improved but Stan still harbored a fair amount of resentment against the old man."Can you take care of Kriss for a few days Seth?" I looked at Kriss who nodded his head."Sure no problem Stan, whatever you need," I told him. Stan all but ran toward his bedroom."Do I have to go to your house Seth or can we stay here?" Kriss asked. When I asked if it would make a difference he shrugged his shoulders. "Well, the guys were going to spend the night." I looked toward the living room where two of the boys had gotten up. One of them stretched his arms up to the ceiling and when he dropped them one hand went to his crotch and scratched his balls as he headed toward the bathroom. A variety of things were running through my head but my attention was brought back to the table by Kriss asking, "Well, can we stay here?" I looked back at the cute young boy, all smooth faced, his thick and slightly long blond hair still rumpled from sleep, and nodded my head."Yeah, I'm okay with that Kriss," I said. The cute boy smiled and responded with a Pedo Boy drawn out "yes", under his breath. I poured another cup of coffee and while I was in the kitchen Nathan came in to get a bowl and spoon for breakfast. A cute little dark haired boy, Nate was probably the youngest of the group, or at least the smallest. When he went back into the dining room I admired his narrow little butt, the twin orbs held in check by white cotton brief's. Boxers were still a good ten years away from being vogue and when they did become popular I certainly began to miss the days of tightie whities.Stan came out with a small gym bag in his hand, went straight over to Kriss and gave him a hug, told him to behave, clasped my hand and said thanks he'd call me later and went out the door. I sat back down at the table where the other three boys were eating and chattering about what they were going to do for the day. Kriss informed them that they could stay the night again and both boys seemed excited about that, not happy or glad, but excited. Something was in the air, I could feel it, so I vowed to pay attention to how the day unfolded.By eleven that morning most of the boys had gone to their respective homes to meet whatever obligations or expectations their families had of them. Prior to that there had been plenty of whispering amongst them which only reinforced my suspicions that they were up to something. I needed to go back to my house at some point to make sure my dog was fed and to get a change of clothes, most notably underwear for the next day. The clothes part changed almost as soon as Kriss and his friend Augie saw my place.I'd moved from my apartment in the suburbs into a house not quite but almost in the country. I'd made the move four months before and this was the first time that Kriss had seen it. There were no houses within a hundred yards of mine, which sat on almost an acre of land. The house was a 4 bedroom ranch, a style that had gained in popularity after WW II. Built in the 50's it had a large covered brick patio whose egress was sliding glass doors off of the family room dining room area, fairly de rigueur at the time. Equally fashionable at the time, and a supposed sign of being well off, was the small oval swimming pool that was connected to the patio via a brick walkway.The huge backyard was completely enclosed by a nine foot tall solid wood fence which served well to keep Hoagie, my German Shepard, confined but with plenty of room to run. A large kennel abutted the back of the attached 2 garage at the kitchen end of the house, the kennel and garage sharing a wall. Huge old oak trees stood as sentinels; one in the corner beyond the kennel and another one sat in the corner at the opposite side of yard and another bedside the house opposite so between the three of them they created a great deal of shade for house as well as the kennel. Kriss about flipped when he saw the house and double flipped when he saw the back yard and the pool. Augie, one of Kriss' best friends, was equally excited. As I came back from letting hoagie out of the kennel Kriss and Augie were talking rather animatedly and as I came closer Kriss asked,"Fuck, Seth, can we stay here tonight?" I pondered the possibility of a gaggle of teen and preteen boys running, playing and swimming naked in the hot weather, cocks a flying and hopefully at least one of them copping a boner. "Please Seth, it would so cool.""Yeah, I guess it would be okay. How many of Pedo Boy you rascals are we talking about?" Again, the boys put their heads together then Kriss told me seven or eight. As I pondered all those naked boys I was also pondering how I could encourage them to be naked. Somewhat caught up in my own thoughts I barely heard Kriss say to Augie,"We don't have to tell them.""Tell who what?" I asked. Kriss tried to play it off as nothing but I wasn't willing to let it go that easily. I didn't want to be gamed."Well," the cute young thing said, "we were thinking about not telling everybody that you had a pool so when they saw it and wanted to swim they'd have to only wear underwear.""Or swim naked," Augie added with a laugh. I raised an eyebrow."You don't care if there's a bunch of naked boys running around do you Seth?" Kriss asked. "You've seen most of em naked before and anyway, we're all guys." That was true but that had been when they were younger and before or after baths or when they played the typical boys game of "pantsing" one another."So you want to play a joke on your friends?" Both boys nodded their heads vigorously. I agreed to play along with them but said that they needed to make sure the boys brought their own towels, suggesting to their friends that they would need them for after their morning showers. Kriss nodded his head in agreement.So it was that the boys all gathered at Stan's for the ride out to my house. As I had in the past, I was glad for what I was driving. I'd gotten my hands on a '65 Chevy panel van, the kind with no side windows in the back. It had stock paint, tires and rims with the small white hubcaps with a Chevy logo on it. The windows had been tinted so it was hard to see inside, even through the windshield, and it was the interior that made the van.Deep shag carpet covered the entire floor and two inches of extra padding in the back, including the wheel wells, made sitting comfortable. The walls and ceiling were insulated and paneled in rich walnut, the ceiling covered with an American flag, that theme carried through to the rear window curtains and the jockey box top. Light in the back was provided by a pair of wall sconces. The stock bench seat had been replaced by a set of Dodge high back buckets that were separated by a hand build console. Like a stock console found in cars the section between the seats was a large jockey box whose lid was heavily padded so a third person could Pedo Boy sit "up front". In front of that was a more shallow recession for change, pack of smokes, a lighter or other odds and ends that might be needed on short notice. Just in front of that the console angled sharply upward toward the dash and it was there that the sound system was mounted. With a 100 watt amplifier/equalizer hooked to it and speakers mounted in the front and back doors and another pair on each wall, I could pretty well crank up the tunes if I needed to. A cigarette lighter had been mounted in there as well as another box like rectangular storage box that could hold up to four cassettes.The boys filled the thing with sleeping bags; bags of junk food and clothes and off we went. I put an Eagles tape in and the boys all sang along with it, their sweet and still high voices ringing through the van all the way to my place. In between tracks I could hear a certain amount of whispering back and figured they were still up to something.I parked in the driveway and we all tromped into the house through the front door headed toward the family room at the back of the house. The boys all sort of just dropped their stuff off to the side of the large but mostly empty room. When I opened the curtains to expose the back yard, the patio, and of course the Pedo Boy pool they all went ballistic and of course I was bombarded with requests to go swimming. How could I refuse? I suggested however that they put their soda in the fridge on the patio and put their other food up out of the way while I fired up the grill for the hotdogs I'd gotten for dinner. Before the words were out of my mouth all 8 boys were peeling their clothes off and leaving them where they stood. At no time did a single one of them complain or comment about not having a swim suit. I pretended not to watch while they stripped to their briefs and headed out the door.I followed the collection of boy butts, watching the slender but admirable globes of young flesh that was contained inside the white cotton fabric, in some cases, barely contained and Kriss was one of those. From the front none of them appeared particularly endowed probably because their underwear had been stretched out from the days' wearing. No matter because I got plenty of shots of flat boy bellies and chests and a few of the latter were nicely developed for boys in their early teens. In less than a minute the melodic sounds happy playing boys filled the air.I sat in a pool chair while the grill heated up and simply watched them play. Whenever one of them got out of the pool they had to hold on to their water soaked underwear to avoid them from falling off. There was plenty of boy butt crack to eyeball and with the fronts of their briefs being tugged down even more expanse of lower belly as it melted into the classic V of a pubic bone.Things heated up when Nate had come toward where I was sitting and as he passed by, Kriss jerked the boy's Pedo Boy underwear down to his knees giving me a clear shot at his now naked boyhood. As I said, Nate was probably one of the youngest boys and the smallest in terms of stature. What he'd been hiding in his pants wasn't. His cock was one of those that seemed somewhat flat at the base, like an inner tube without air, but swelled and widened as it got closer to the head. He had a nice little patch of black moss going on at the base and his hairless balls hung nicely, one lower than the other, between smooth and equally hairless thighs. I hoped to hell that I'd see him hard before the night was over, maybe even before dinner, and was looking forward to watching the fleshy tube would grew in his excitement."You fucker," Nate said without anger as he pulled his briefs back into place then continued to where he was going and plopped down in a chair next to me. "I'll get him for that," he said to me with a smile. Jerome was next to lose his underwear after being double teamed by Kriss and Augie. They were all in the pool and Kriss grabbed the stocky dark haired boy from behind while his partner in crime went under the water and managed to get the boy's briefs off despite all the squirming Jerome did to prevent it. Once off, the underwear was tossed out of the pool to land with a resounding splat on the bricks at my feet.Having been let go Jerome got out of the pool and walked calmly over to where I was sitting, his well developed boy stuff bouncing as he moved. One of the 12 year old boys, it didn't appear that Jerome had any hair yet but that hadn't stopped the overall growth of all that made him a boy, in fact I was surprised that he didn't have hair. His cock, despite the coolness of the pool, looked to be around 4 to 5 inches long, give or take, and his large balls hung fairly low. He rolled his dark brown Pedo Boy eyes at me just before he bent down and picked his clothing up. He began to wring the water out as he turned to face his antagonists and gave me an unclad look at his narrow butt. He had a nice one but I suppose that most boys' butts are nice. I watched him bend over and lift a leg to put it through the hole and got a nice glimpse of the underside of his balls. Once the other foot was in and the wet briefs back in place he did a little squat that, along with his hand, helped get his stuff situated.It appeared that Kriss and Augie were going to be the instigators in the stripping for they double teamed Mikey next. Like a lot of Pedo Boy boys with the name Mike, he'd gotten the nickname because of the incredibly popular Life cereal commercial on TV. Unlike most boys his age, Mikey was a well developed compact hunk of boy. His entire body was well defined, the front of his torso envied by many I was sure. His pecs almost bulged, his abs a very clear 6 pack and the V of his lower belly seemed like it was carved. A fierce competitor in gymnastics wrestling and swimming from a young age the boy had an incredibly sweet disposition.Kriss and Augie caught him at the edge of the lawn and tackled him and it took both of them but they managed to get his soaked briefs off and tossed them toward where I was sitting. They backed away but weren't fast enough and Mikey managed to get his fingers into the waistband of Kriss' briefs and between Mikey holding tight and Kriss pulling the underwear ripped as Kriss wiggled out of them, got up and danced away. The boy was moving backwards so I got a full view of his cock as it bounced in the air from his protracted hip shaking. As I had suspected, Kriss was nicely hung.I'd already seen everything but his cock and seeing it then, his tight and nicely defined torso, his six and a half inch cock made the boy just about perfect. He walked toward me about the same time that Mikey got up and did the same and showed me yet another almost perfect boy body and side by side it looked like a feast to me.Mikey's cock wasn't as big as Kriss but his body was just shy of being perfect. The incredibly defined development of his chest and belly continued on down to his groin. The creases of his hips and pelvis were sharp and straight while just to the inside of those the outer ridges of his abdominal muscles were outlined creating another V inside of a V that extended up to his rib cage. His cock looked to be about five and half or so inches long and where Kriss' cock was of a moderate thickness Mikey's appeared thicker. Both boys had a nice little patch of fuzz growing at the base of their favorite body part, Kriss' a sandy brown and muscle boys' a light black. Both boys sported well developed balls, both sets hanging beautifully between their legs. As they closed in toward me Kriss threw his arm over Mikey's shoulder and both boys laughed and Mickey gave Kriss back his underwear. Kriss looked at them and tossed them to the ground."Can't wear these anymore," he said then looked at me and added, "You don't care if I go naked do you Seth?" It was more of a statement than a question. I shook my head and said not at all. Something passed through Kriss' eyes Pedo Boy as I said that and I would find out later what it was that he was thinking. As Mikey picked up his underwear and put them on I saw that for the most part his nicely hung balls seemed mostly hairless except for the very top where the bag fell away from the base of his cock. I tried to imagine what he look like hard, not knowing that before the night was out I would find out in spades.As Kriss walked away to dive into the pool I all but stared as his Pedo Boy ass and man oh man was it an ass to die for. I envisioned myself burying my face between those delightful orbs and rimming his sweet boy hole until he screamed for mercy. Before he turned and left I'd noticed that his balls, a nice pair of sperm makers, were also mostly hairless. Mikey went back to the pool and dove in just before Toshi's underwear came flying out of the water and landed close to where I was sitting. I was beginning to think that Kriss was purposely trying to either embarrass the boys by having them come to where I was to get their underwear or giving me a glimpse at what each one of them looked like fully naked. Either way I didn't care what the motivation was.As Toshi headed toward me I saw that the boy was uncut, his foreskin creating it's nipple over the end of his dick, about five inches or so long. I was a little surprised that he too had a small bit of pitch black hair sprouting at his cock. His balls looked dropped and swung slightly as he walked whereas his cock sort of bobbed. I would find out later in life that Toshi was fairly well hung for a young Asian boy."Well," he said as he approached me, "You've already seen my naked ass you might as well see the rest." So, he did know that I'd seen it. He didn't seem particularly bothered by that fact either. In the pool Mikey had teamed up with Kriss to get Augie out of his underwear and then Jake, the last of boy's to be stripped naked. An adorably cute twelve year old Jake was, I thought, the youngest of the group. Before Augie made it to the steps to walk over and get his briefs, Jake's underwear landed a few inches from them. When Augie cleared the water I was almost stunned. Kriss' best friend was packing.It was all I could do not to stare as he walked toward me, at least seven and a half inches maybe eight, swinging in the breeze as he walked. I was just a smidgen under eight inches long and Augie appeared to be able to match me. The boy didn't have a great deal of hair at the base of his dick so I suppose that probably helped make it appear larger. No, on second thought, it was larger and its size made Augie's balls seemed small in comparison. Augie's was a cock that seemed to jut out from his flat pubic bone about a half inch before gravity took over, its fat head hanging a good three inches below his hairless bag. The size of Augie's cock only seemed to reinforce the smallness of Jake's cock which appeared to be about four and a half inches long, the younger boy following a few feet behind the older boy. It seemed too that Jake was all but staring at Augie's ass. When Augie bent over to retrieve his underwear Jake almost seemed to smile.Augie snagged his shorts and turned back toward the pool where Kriss was still naked. "Fuck it," he said Pedo Boy and tossed his underwear close to where Kriss' were lying then headed back toward the pool. Jake grabbed his, gave me a somewhat sardonic smile and tugged the wet clothing back on then he too said "fuck it" and took them off."You don't mind do you Seth?" I shook my head. Then Kriss sort of half hollered at me from 20 feet away."You gonna get naked and join us Seth?" I shook my head and got a couple of "come on" from a few others."I have to cook the hot dogs. I don't want to splatter hot grease on bare flesh," I responded."Don't want to cook your own wiener huh Seth?" Toshi said with a laugh."You got it." I retorted. With that I got out of my chair and headed to the kitchen to retrieve the hot dogs and get them on the grill. When I came back out two more boys had joined the ersatz nudist club and had discarded their wet underwear and after getting the dogs on I turned to admire Mikey as he moved hither and yon around the pool. When he turned to see me watching him the muscled young teen smiled then turned and headed back toward the water. I noted that his butt was as well muscled as the rest of his young body, the globes seeming to be quite firm. He stopped and bent down as if Pedo Boy he'd stepped on something and the sight of his balls hanging there between his legs made my dick twitch. Not for the first time I wondered if I was Pedo Boy going to be able to play with any of them or at least watch as they played with each other, assuming that they were going to. I went into the kitchen to get the condiments as well as to adjust my rising cock from the boys' prying eyes. Hauling the various bottles out to the picnic table I noticed that all of the boys were now naked and Kriss Augie and Mikey were off to one side sort of huddled up with their heads together. Toshi was sitting closest to where I was at so I asked the cute young Asian boy if he'd help me bring the rest of the stuff out to the table.My eyes took all of him in as he stood facing me and I doubt that he missed my glance at his crotch. Having dried in the heat, his balls hung loosely between his slightly brown thighs and his cock was probably at its full softened extension as well, the very tip of the head poked out through his foreskin. When my eyes met his the boy smiled and as I turned and headed into the house with him right behind me he said,"You like looking at naked boys don't you Seth?" He said it softly, no one but me could have heard him. I turned and we all but ran into each other. I'd heard what he said but pretended not to and when I backed away from practically holding him and asked what he's said. He gave that kind of smile that people use then they know that you're trying to bluff them. "You heard me," was all he said.In the kitchen I dug out some paper plates and plastic knives and Toshi went on. "Did it bother you seeing my naked butt this morning?" I shook my head and said I'd seen plenty of butt in gym class when I was a teen. "Did you wonder why I was naked?" I shrugged my shoulders."That's none of my business Toshi." The boy didn't bat an eyelash."We all jacked off together last night; after Stan went to bed. I was too tired to put my underwear back on." I nodded my head and told him that they wouldn't be the first or the last group of boys to have a circle jerk. Toshi laughed; a light melodic sound that preteen and even early teenage boys have."Even Jerome squirted but it was only a drop. Did you ever do that when you were a boy?" I smiled, nodded my head, although I was a little surprised at the added personal information about another of the boy pack."Sure, of course I did; when I was your age." I wondered where the conversation was headed and being honest with him I felt might "grease the skids", as it were, toward encouraging the boys to play their boy sex games in front of me."Maybe you could do it with us tonight," he said. I raised an eyebrow at him. "It would be fun. You know you want to," he said with another smile and before I could say anything he added, "I bet you make a ton of sperm." I found myself nodding me head without thinking then Toshi turned and headed back outside with the things I'd handed him. He looked over his shoulder at me and said, "Think about it." I watched his cute little ass as he walked away from me wondering what it would be like to bury my face between those brown globes and then his cock.Getting caught in the middle of a teenage boy eating frenzy was an incredible experience. I had no sooner gotten the hot dogs off the grill and was surrounded by naked boy flesh. I got bumped by cocks, more than a few times I had one pressed into my arm or my back as a boy did a boarding house reach to get something that had caught his eye. I got bumped from the side once and turned my head and was face to face with Kriss' boy meat. If either one of us had moved more than three inches I would have had my lips pushed against his sweet cock. And none of them seemed at concerned about it in the least.By that time the boys were totally dry so cocks and smooth sacs of sperm makers both were at their full extension without the benefit of extra blood. Pubic hair was dry and fluffed up providing a nice contrast, as well as drawing attention to, all that made them boys. As they sat in chairs, smooth bags of cream machines rested on benches or chairs. I wonder how much sperm they could collectively produce in one coming. As I looked around I noticed, for the first time, that a regular member of the boy pack was missing."Where's Tyler," I asked to no one in general, and no one in general seemed to have the answer. Kriss popped up and said,"I forgot to tell you, he's gonna get dropped off a little later. He's at a funeral for something." I nodded my head but something bothered me about that."Are you guys planning on getting dressed before that happens." I waited and finally got shrugs of shoulders, shaking of heads and a couple of outright "no's". Toshi offered an explanation."Tyler's older brother Skylar usually does the driving since he got his license a couple months ago. He's seen us naked before. Don't worry." I wondered briefly why parents gave siblings names Pedo Boy that matched in some why, especially rhymes. Then I wondered if the older brother was a cute as Tyler.Every pack of boy's has a Tyler in it, a boy who means well but seems to get caught doing things he probably shouldn't have been doing. Nothing real law breaking you understand, but if something presented itself as a challenge, especially one that most other kids would pass on, Tyler would likely be the first to try it. If he was dared to do something he seemed to know instinctively what the risks were and whether or not he could do it and come out either unscathed or with what degree of scathed he might experience. Tyler's past scathings had been broken bones, fractured skull, which hadn't seemed to knock any sense into the boy, and a big chip between his two front Pedo Boy teeth. He had blond hair, worn like Brian Wilson in the mid to late 60's, the bang dropping over his baby blues but not quite covering them. It effectively covered the scar on his right temple, said scar left over from the nine stitches at the hairline.With a smooth baby face, crystal white teeth and perfectly kissable lips, Tyler was practically beautiful and in fact got gently teased about it from time to time. His eyes tended to give him away quite a bit. Large, blue, and framed with great lashes and brows, they always seemed to have a mischievous twinkle. It was like his eyes were saying, "I know what's going to happen next and boy will you be surprised." He could well be the life of any party.The boys, being boys, continued to eat until everything was gone and were still hungry. They relaxed back while two of them helped get the mess and when I was done I walked out to join them, finally taking my t-shirt off."Anyone wanna go swimming?" Kriss asked."Ah ah," I said wagging my finger, "you know what mom says about swimming after you eat, ya gotta wait for an hour or you'll get cramps and drown." I was only joking of course; that old wives tale had been debunked a hundred times."Well what are we gonna do, sit around and jack off for an hour?" Augie asked. Toshi's eyes lit up and his mouth split into a grin as one of his hands slipped down to his crotch and squeezed."Well that's fine Augie" the Asian boy said "but Seth has to get naked too." I shook my head. Even though I was dying to be naked with them, I didn't want to seem real eager."You have to Seth, it's only fair," Mikey said from behind me. I shook my head again adding a "naaaw." I got up, my plan being to at least get into swim trunks. Before I knew what hit me Mikey grabbed me from behind, wrapping his arms around me chest while Augie and Nate went for my legs."Careful, don't hurt him," Kriss said as more boys swarmed me and got me down on the grass and on my back. Toshi had somehow straddled my neck with his cock and balls barely an inch from my chin. My arms were being held down and I felt someone's genitals resting in the palm of my hand. I felt my cutoff's being unsnapped as I put up half hearted struggle. I felt someone's balls on my shin, the boy sitting on that leg to immobilize it. I felt three hands working to get my jeans and underwear down and when they finally cleared my stuff I heard Augie say,"Fuck dude nice stuff," and given the amount of other mumbled words he wasn't the only one who thought so. Toshi apparently wanted to see too and as he turned his hairless balls actually hit against chin, his cock all but draped across my lips. The boy then turned his head and body back facing forward and looked down at me. He moved his butt slightly which allowed the head of his cock to rest against my lips and actually nodded his head at me. I opened my lips and he put the tip into my mouth. Reluctantly I began to turn my head away from it and he mouthed the word "later" to me. I nodded my head which of course rubbed against his stuff and it was obvious that the kid was getting hard. At the same time someone cupped my nuts and a voice said,"He shaves, feel how smooth they are.""Shit I bet he creams like a mother fucker," I heard Kriss say. I felt my clothing being slid down to my feet which caused various boys to move so as not to block progress and I felt the cock in my hand stiffening up."I bet you want that one up your ass don't ya Toshi," I heard Kriss comment and the boy in question, still looking at me, winked an eye, his cock growing as it rapidly inflated. Someone else took hold of my limp dick and squeezed."Fuck you guys are gonna give me woody," I said and someone else commented that was the general idea.As quickly as it had started, it was over and as Toshi moved to get off of me he drug his hardening cock across my face. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked around. All of the boys were watching me, with smiles on their faces, wondering what I was going to do most likely. Toshi was half way hard and growing, Nate was almost fully stiffened as was Jake. The other four had a hand at their crotches playing with their balls or their dicks.While I'd had some experiences with male bodies it had still been somewhat limited. As I looked around I was sort of amazed at the differences particularly in size versus age. Take Jerome for instance, who was one of the younger boys yet was probably number or 3 or 4 in cock size yet didn't have a single hair below his scalp. Then there was Augie who was older, the largest in cock size among the boys by at least two inches, yet his hair patch wasn't thick or large at all. His balls didn't seem any larger than Toshi's either. And then there was Pedo Boy Nate and Jerome who were the same age as Jake yet their boyhood charms seemed fairly different in terms of size and hair growth. Yep, it was interesting as all get out and I was hoping I'd get the chance to do more hands on research."So Seth, now that you're one of us,"... Kriss said, letting the statement trail off into nowhere."By which you mean you want me to jack off with you." I said rather than asked."At the very least," Kriss retorted. I could see that Kriss' cock was also on the rise which wasn't surprising considering the amount of fondling the boy was giving it."Yeah," Toshi added. "Do it with us." I got a couple more encouraging comments."Okay, you guys win. But fuck, you can't say anything to anyone about it. I don't want to go to jail over it." All of the boys agreed as I kicked my clothes all the way off. "We gonna do this right here?""No reason not to," Kriss said as he dropped to knees then sat back on his heels. The rest of the boys followed suit, some of the kneeling, a couple lying on their backs, everyone with their legs spread. I put my hand to my stuff; thumb and index finger grasping the base of my dick while the other three fingers wrapped around my balls and gently squeezed. I was the softest cock in the group and wanted to get fully hard as quick as possible and watching the boys as they went about loving themselves helped.Augie had a full hand grip on his overly large shaft and was slowly jacking off. Like Kriss, the boy was on his knees and toes and, like Kriss, his balls rose and fell with each stroke. Most of the younger boys used a thumb and either two or three fingers. Toshi had gripped high on his cock so that when he stroked his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock two of his fingers exerted pressure on the sensitive underside. Kriss' left hand was between his balls and his inner thigh, sometimes pushing against his soft hairless bag and other times kneading the flesh of his inner thigh. Mikey also used a full handed grip on his thick flesh while his right hand cupped and tugged on his balls. Nate used a thumb and three fingers and I couldn't help but notice that his fully hardened cock was now fairly uniform from base to tip as it stretched out another half inch or more."Fuck Seth, your dick is pretty big, I think it's bigger than Augie's," Jerome commented as he used the finger technique on his cock which had to be six inches. I was slightly amazed that a boy who was as bald as a cue ball could have a cock and balls that were as developed as his were."Let's see Seth," Augie said, letting go of his dick and knee walking over to where I was still lying on the grass, his big dick bobbing in the air as it stood proud and firm in front of his flat belly. I got to my knees and faced him and as we got closer to each other the rest of the boys gathered round to watch. I was full on hard as our cocks touched, man and boy kneeling face to face with hips thrust forward in a millennium old ritual."It looks pretty even," Kriss said then reached out and wrapped a hand around both thick flesh sticks. It had been quite some time since anyone but me had grabbed hold of my cock, especially a boy. I reveled in the warmth of his hand as Kriss looked and groped. "I think Seth is a little thicker and a little bit longer." It wouldn't do but other boys had to reach in and feel for themselves. I wouldn't swear to it but I think I actually got a little bit harder.As Augie and I back away from each other the Pedo Boy boys moved but not very far when Toshi called out, "circle jerk." There were a few "yeah's" and "alright's" and in a moment we were arranged shoulder to shoulder in a loose circle and I had Jerome on one side of me while Toshi was on the other. It had been a good thirteen or fourteen years since I'd shared that experience with a group of my friends and like every other male in that situation I looked around to see the other players as they loved themselves. It was a pretty straight forward jerk until Kriss said,"Jack your neighbor on the right." As we each reached for another's cock it necessitated moving our left arms out of the way and a logical place seemed to be across the shoulder of the person on your left. Toshi took hold of my dick and began stroking it, looking up at me and smiling. When I wrapped my fingers around Jerome's stiff cock the boy sighed slightly. Everyone seemed just as eager to jack their friend as themselves and everyone seems to enjoy watching the others. After a good minute Kriss called out to jack the person on the left so hands let go to take hold of a new dick. I enjoyed watching myself stroke Toshi's cock, sliding his foreskin back and forth over the red tinged head. Toshi's right hand started on my shoulder but slid down my back and onto my butt where it rubbed slightly and trailed a finger up my crack. Of all the boys there the Japanese boy seemed to really enjoy what he was doing. I mean, they all did but I felt that Toshi was more into it. I remembered back to Kriss' comment about Toshi wanting my cock in his ass so I wondered for a moment if the Asian cutie was the fuck boy of the group.Jerome had hold of my cock and was maintaining a medium paced stroked when his breathing started to go faster. I figured that the preteen was about ready to squirt when he stated that he was going to cum. Mikey was Jerome's' stroker so asked the boy if he wanted to do it himself or keep on."Go ahead Mikey, keep jacking me off, just hold it a little tighter," Jerome instructed. Mikey did as he was asked, Jerome's breathing came faster and as it did his action on my cock slowed and stopped. Jerome said "oh yeah," groaned and looked down in time to see a droplet of white ooze out the tip of his cock. Mikey kept on stroking and it looked like another small amount of cum seeped out then Jerome was done. All of the boys watched Jerome get off and as soon as he was finished concentrated on their own bodies as well as the task at hand, so to speak."Go a little faster Seth," Toshi said to me so I picked my speed and gripped my fingers a little tighter. I could feel the rim of his cock head under his foreskin and concentrated mostly on that. Jerome had gotten back to servicing me as well. "Almost Seth," Toshi told me, "I'm almost..." then he grunted. We all watched as a large droplet of sperm oozed out from under the opening of his foreskin and dropped onto the grass. That was followed by a second oozing that slid down over my fingers before dripping off onto the grass."I'm ready to blow," Augie said but took over from Kriss. Augie stroked himself somewhat furiously at first, his other hand cupping and tugging on his nuts. Then he slowed down, mumbled something under his breath before a stream of white shot a good foot out of his piss slit and landed in the middle of our circle. Four more squirts of sperm followed the first one, each squirt going a little less far. He finally moved into oozing mode that produced another three offerings that dribbled down over his fingers.Jake reached his peak as Augie's waned and Nate was right behind him. Nothing came out of Jake but from the sounds of it, his orgasm wasn't any less than anyone else's. That was not true of Nate. Nate's chubby cock erupted almost as much as Augie's had although the preteen's cum came out in droplets that sort of twirled in the air a little before falling to the grass. I wasn't the only one who'd had that experience because Mikey commented on it, asking why cum did that sometimes. He looked at me and I shrugged. I had no idea."Looks like just you and me Seth," Kriss said with a smile. We both took over on our own cocks, concentrating on the task while the rest of the boys just looked on. It was fun watching Kriss, the cute young teen's face a mix of expressions as his body went through the various feelings and stages of sexual arousal. Watching a young teen jack off is a hell of a lot of fun, watching a cute one like Kriss made it even better."Getting close," he panted and began the constriction and relaxing of my groin muscles in an attempt to squirt close to the same time that the boy did. Kriss's other hand was gripping the inside of his thigh, his balls moving back and forth across the back of his hand. I was busy cupping my nuts and watching him."Oh fuck," Kriss mumbled, slowed his stroke down and started cumming. He didn't really squirt out but sort of. I mean, when he came, his sperm came out in five or six jets of large amounts of cum that pretty much fell straight to the grass, unlike Augie's which had flown out. Still, the boy made a fair amount of product. I managed to cum just as Kriss was slowing to an ooze.I'd always been sort of a shooter and since I was Kriss' age I'd made a fair amount of liquid. I cupped my nuts, told them I was gonna cum then got plenty of ooh's and ahh's as my dick blasted out a good seven jets of fresh squeezed nectar. I hadn't cum for almost a week so the first two squirts went at least 18 inches out onto the lawn and after that it shot less and less until I was down to large globs of sperm that oozed out of my slit and down over my fingers then fell to the lawn."Fucking A Jesus Christ," Augie exclaimed as the last of my cum slipped out, "That's a hell of a lot of jizz. That would leak out of Toshi's ass for a week." That was the second or maybe third comment referring to Toshi getting fucked so I seriously wondered if the boys were going to fuck him before the night was out. Hell I was wondering if I would be able to fuck the cute Asian boy. That thought was interrupted by a voice yelling through the gate at the side of the house."Hey, you guys in there," we all heard Tyler ask. Kriss got up and headed toward the gate while I grabbed my cutoff's and underwear and tugged them back into place."Don't be a pussy Seth," Augie said with a big grin. "Tyler's a member of the club, besides, he's gonna bug the shit out of you to let him see your dick." Augie scratched at his balls as he talked, his cock still half way hard."Wow you fuckers started without me," the adorably cute boy said as he came through the gate and saw naked boy pack. As soon as he cleared the opened gate another person came in behind him and I saw Skylar for the first time. I assumed it was Skylar since the boy looked a lot like Tyler but while the younger verged on beautiful, as I said, Skylar was an absolute Adonis.

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