Related article: Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 01:16:58 -0700 (PDT) From: Julian Subject: A Dream comes True chapter 4 Transgender teenThis is a story about an 18 yr old sissy boy. Who can't stop having lovely dreams and fantasizing about being dressed as a young girl. He finishes up trying to find a Mummy that will help his dreams become reality. I hope you like it as much as I have writing it.Remember you're meant to be 18 or older to be reading on this site. If you have any sissy fantasies or personal experiences like I do or any other comments I would love to hear from you at julian.nz69gmail.com BEFORE I GO ON. In the last Chapter I said about Mummy milking me using a `12 inch sq. satin scarf' Well it was meant to be `20 inch sq satin scarf'. But the size of Willy is right, yes only 6 inches, I'm learning to live with it being small.I want to thank those who have written, for your kind words. They are all SO VERY much appreciated. Michael thank you also for the lovely photos of Pretty boys. Julian.***************************Chapter 4.At long last Friday arrived. Again I must of shown some signs of anxiousness at work. As the remarks kept coming about, "Meredith must be going to have some fun over the weekend." As I also had an overnight bag with me. Well being Friday it was easy to get off work a little earlier. About 4 o'clock I could wait no longer, so tidied my desk, rang Mummy to say I'm on my way. Then took off towards the tube station. This time the train seemed to go faster, didn't stop as long at each station either. Or was it that I knew what girly pampering lay ahead for me.No sooner was I in the door, when I dropped my bag. Wrapping my arms around Mummy for a lovely big warm hug. Telling her how much I've missed being here as her little daughter and all those pretty clothes. Asking also how Shelly is, saying I've told my Princess about her."Well I think someone is waiting to see you also darling. Then we'll have to find some pretty clothes for Jessica. Would you like that sweetheart?""Oh yes, please Mummy." I said with much enthusiasm.Picking up my bag, taking hold of Mummy's hand in the other. Then to see sitting comfortably on the sideboard before us. Wearing a new blue satin evening gown, a hint of white lace showing from under the Free Underage Sex Videos hem of the skirt. A sweet white chiffon shawl, wrapped softly over her shoulders and tucked back under her arms, was Shelly. With bag in one hand, Mummy's hand in the other. I didn't know what to do, as I looked to Mummy for help."Just leave your bag here for now darling or shell we pick Shelly up later?" I got asked with a smile."Think I leave my bag here." I said giggling, dropping the bag and taking Shelly into my arms. Telling her how lovely she looks while kissing her at the same time. With Shelly now sitting comfortably in my left arm, I took Mummy's again as we headed of up stairs to her bedroom.Mummy was again beautifully dressed. Wearing a maroon silk pleated skirt to sit a good three inches below the knee. A lovely Ivory silk blouse with long puff sleeves. The two inch cuffs were buttoned tightly with small mother of pearl buttons. By the image visible through the blouse, Mummy's petticoat would of been the same maroon colour. A beautiful patterned maroon, off white and coral coloured, fine Italian satin scarf. Tied loosely around her neck, matched her outfit beautifully. Her makeup and hair looked as stunningly done as on my earlier visit. The gentle smell if her perfume was so intoxicating to a Sissy boy like myself.I was ecstatic to see lying, waiting, invitingly over the bed a plain white satin bra, petticoat and a pair of romper panties. All in beautiful fine white satin with lavish lace around the hem and bodice of the petticoat. The rompers had a good 2 inches of rich lace around each leg opening. To also be finished off with a pronounced, beautiful pale blue satin bow just above the lace to the side of each leg. An excited smile came to my face, once I got closer. To see embroider proudly just above the lace on the left leg the word `Sissies' in a bright blue. I knew they could only be for me. Knowing that, I couldn't stop myself from picking them up, to hold closely to my face. Planting little kisses on them at the same time, to feel the delicate beauty on my face.This time I had no hesitation in letting Mummy completely undress me. Despite the fact that my little Lily was standing proudly."Mummy I've renamed Willy now, to Lily. It's more girly isn't it.""Yes that is a much better name for your clitty darling. Do you know what a clitty is Jessica?""No not really Mummy." I said shyly, but thinking. Is it something I should know."Mummy will explain these things to you later. But now we'll Free Underage Sex Videos get you dressed, then have dinner."After spraying a little `Goddess' body spray and being dusted lavishly in sweet perfumed Talcum powder. It was now time to be put into a new training bra, romper panties and petticoat.I stood shivering with sissy eagerness, while Mummy let the petticoat cascade gently down over my bra and romper clad body. My fingers tread gingerly over the beautiful garment with devotion. At the same time, Mummy happily flutter around touching, making sure the petticoat was sitting comfortably. Or was she just enjoying seeing the pleasure I was getting out of being dressed in such elegantly feminine underclothes."Does Jessica love her very own pretty lingerie?" I was asked with a beautiful big smile."Oh! Mummy, you mean these are just all for me?" I said with overwhelming joy in my voice.With great delight I wrapped my arms around Mummy. Thanking her so much for buying me such wonderful dainty things. I turned my head upwards pouting my lips, indicating I'd love to kiss her like daughter to her mother. Mummy put her hands lightly either side of my face, her lips came softly to meet mine. Before telling me, I'm such a little darling. Mummy is going to love dressing Jessica as her little girl."I love being your little girl, I keep thinking I'm in a beautiful dreamworld. Wearing such delicate girly clothes." I said, still wrapping my arms around Mummy's waist."Would Jessica like to wear a little makeup?"I could only nod my head with much enthusiasm. Releasing my hold of Mummy's waist at the same time.I sat staring unbelievably at the pretty girl in the mirror. Wearing such scrumptiously delicate white satin lingerie. With my face made up, looking so much that of a pretty girl. My head turned quickly towards Mummy. As I noticed in the mirror behind me, Mummy holding a Mustard colour dress. In no time I was off the stool, my hands shaking excitingly over my satin embraced body. Putting my hands out to touch this lovely dress which I knew would soon be adorning my sissy body."Would you like to wear this School girls dress Jessica." as it got held teasingly in front of me."Oh Yes, please, is it a real school girls dress, Mummy?" I responded with eagerness, my hand quivering in anticipation of wearing a school girls dress.Mummy held up the skirt, in no time there I was feeding my head under. Directing each arm into its appropriate short sleeve opening. As Mummy let it fall free, to slither its way down over my satin clad body. Shivers went through every part of my whole excited being. Sitting it neatly over my shoulders, before turning me around to do up each button. From the waist up to the neck, followed by tying the two inch sash into a big bow at the back. This Mustard coloured cotton dress, was now to be finished off. Using a narrow oblong red silk scarf under the collar, then tied in a lovely floppy bow. Any thoughts of being an eighteen year old boy were quickly evaporating. Unless you put SISSY before it.Admiring myself again in the mirror, I couldn't help thinking. Yes I do look every bit a School girl. My hands still seem to love touching, just to make sure it is what I'm looking at. I turned to Mummy telling her, "I really do look like a schoolgirl don't I?""Yes darling you do and it is a real school girls dress." She informed me."What school is it, I've never seen it before?""It's a special private school for girls down by Guildford, Sweetheart." I was told. "Now would you like to wear a matching hair ribbon or this lovely satin head scarf?" Mummy asked.By the smile I saw looking at me, I think Mummy knew what I'd say."Can I wear the head scarf, Please Mummy?" I asked with enthusiasm."I thought this is what you would want." As she put this beautiful light tan satin scarf, with a soft floral pattern. Which took up about two thirds of it over my head. I felt so pretty watching Mummy tying it in a dainty knot under my chin.It may of looked a little out of place in the house. But I didn't care, I just loved wearing a pretty head scarf. That soft satin feel over your head, being tied under your chin. It's all so girlish to me.All but ready to pick up Shelly again and head down stairs. I stopped in my tracks, as waiting to be stepped into, were a pair of pink fluffy slip-on slippers. I sat back on the ottoman, while Mummy slipped them over my knee high lacy topped white socks. They fitted me perfectly, I'm loving being a girl more and more now. Standing back to feel the warm comfort on my little tootsies."This is part of your school uniform Jessica." Mummy said holding something.As I looked there in her hand, she held a soft drawstring purse that matched my dress. holding it open for me, Mummy said, "Get your handkerchief darling and put it in your purse." As I did, I noticed sitting in there a tube of lipstick."Yes all girls keep their lipstick with them all the time. You never know when you need to freshen up." I was told as Mummy drew the strings apart, closing the purse before placing it over my left wrist.With another look in the mirror, completely dressed in head scarf and purse. I couldn't help thinking, yes I am a girl. Taking hold of the skirt between thumbs and forefingers, then twilling side to side admiring the way the skirt swished out. Little Lily was also showing signs of enjoyment, as she brushed against my pretty satin rompers."You are going to be such a vain little girl, I can tell already sweetheart." Mummy said watching me. "Now pick up Shelly and come downstairs."Once dinner was finished and all the dishes stacked in the dishwasher. Mummy took me into the lounge telling me she has a few things she wants to talk to me about. I must say hearing that scared me a bit, is she upset with what I'd written on some of the photos on the CD. I couldn't think of anything else, but no it couldn't be as she seen what I had written in the scrap books. As I got told to sit Shelly down on the armchair opposite us. Before putting her down I gave her a big hug and kiss telling her how pretty she is. Then went back to Mummy, to sit beside her.Taking my hand in hers, stroking it sweetly with her other. The first thing to come into my mind was. I'm about to be told she didn't appreciate a lot of my remarks she had read on the CD. So I decided to get in first and apologise for what I'd written. Looking her straight in the eye I said. "Mummy I'm sorry about the remarks I wrote on the a lot of the photos and things on the CD. But I never meant them to be seen by anybody else. Specially a Lady like yourself, Mummy. Please I'll do anything you want, because I really loved being here with you dressed up and being treated as your daughter." I could feel tears coming to my eyes as I spoke."Oh Jessica my darling, you haven't said anything naughty. I haven't even looked at your CD yet. I've only had time to scan your scrapbooks to a file. Plus I've added a few remarks of my own, which I'm sure you'll enjoy. So if you have written your deep down thoughts that is wonderful. Didn't I tell you never to be shy or embarrassed about having these lovely sissy aspirations?" As I got pulled closer to her with a little kiss to my scarf covered head."No, what I have to tell you, is about writing to you all those weeks ago now. I want you to listen me out, then say what you want and think." as she squeezed my hand lovingly.Without going into great detail. It wasn't Mummy who first saw my advert. But her nephew Daniel, who at this moment is down in Perth, Australia visiting his parents and two younger brothers, celebrating his 20th birthday. As Mummy said, "You see Daniel is just like you, he is very effeminate, a proper sissy-boy. Loves wearing girls clothes and being as feminine as possible. When he saw your advert, he thought it would be wonderful to have a sister or cousin like himself. Also he knows how I love having sissies about the place. Well he talked me into writing, so now here we are, Jessica with her Mummy." With that Mummy just paused, looking to see my reaction. There was none, as I wanted more.After lifting my hand to her lips for a little kiss, and sweet smile. Mummy continued, "Daniel or should I say Denise knows all about you. As he was still here when we first started communicating. Since he left just over two weeks ago, I've sent him email's telling him what a real sweet darling you are." I blushed profusely hearing her say that about me. "Yes that's right, because that's what you are. From the first photos you sent me, to greeting you at the door last Tuesday morning. It just stood out and you have wonderful manners to go with it." I didn't know where to look, or what to say. As Mummy hugged me closely saying,"Be proud sweetheart, not shy.""Thank you so much for saying that Mummy." was all I could think to Free Underage Sex Videos say, as I let my head rest lovingly on her breast."Denise will be home again in a couple of weeks. Yes she lives here with me as my niece and she's dying to meet you. She says, she can't wait to help dress you up as the pretty girl, you're craving to be. By the way Denise is also bisexual, so you will have a lot of fun times together." All this time my face stayed a bright shade of red. Then hearing the last remark just made me blush deeper and giggle."Yes you would enjoy that wouldn't you, young miss?" with a little slap on my hand.I just nodded my head with a big smile."I trust, you do want to keep coming to visit Mummy and be dressed up as Jessica?""Oh! Yes please I do Mummy, I really do, so very much. You have no idea how much I love being dressed as a girl, being your daughter. Since the other day, I've thought of nothing else but all these girly things." I said with girlish enthusiasm in my voice. I knew Lily was standing throbbing under my panties. But I didn't care and knew Mummy possible knew it anyway.I was left alone while Mummy went to retrieve a book from the sideboard. Plus a photo sitting on top, that I had admired the other day. Sitting back beside me, I was handed the photo Free Underage Sex Videos of this beautiful girl in an equally radiant, shimmering Teal silk evening gown. Over her shoulders sat a lighter shade of Teal silk stole. Her blonde hair was long and flowing with a gentle wave through it. I was to find out this was actually a wig, Denise's hair was much shorter and fair. I looked, then turning to Mummy saying, "No it can't be, Mummy she is simply gorgeous." I couldn't take my eyes away, I wanted to just kiss her there in then. So I did one sweet kiss over the glass framed photo. Looking up to Mummy smiling, I said, "I couldn't stop myself.""Well promise there'll be no more kissing of photos?" I got asked with a beaming smile."You're a hard lady, Mummy." I said smiling with a giggle.Well I can see why I had to promise no more kissing. This book was in fact a photo album, all of Daniel and Denise. Seems he's been cross dressing since he was about 15. And with his younger brothers not understanding him. He found it hard to dress up at home, so that is when he started going to his Aunty's. At that stage his Uncle's also, they both understood his need, so staying all weekend dressing up. These photos start from his beginning, some wearing a blouse and makeup, but still male. Then completely dressed in the most gorgeous orange silky girls party dress. Short white socks with wide lace around there tops. Black slip-on girls shoes, and matching bow in her short fair hair.You can see the happiness of the moment, beaming out at you. All these photos changing from a good looking, handsome boy into a stunningly beautiful girl. There were also a few with his mother and father and they looked so proud of their Daughter, Denise. Arriving at the last page, Denise was lying up against the pillows in bed. Wearing the most stunning full length Ice Green satin nighty, with short sleeves. In turn they were finished off with a good three inches of matching lace.Just seeing her lying there, she looked so invitingly at the camera. One dainty hand holding back the skirt from just below the knee. So one foot displaying painted toenails was peeping out, teasingly from under the nighty. Making me begin to drool. Oh how I would love to be kissing, sucking at that foot, right now. Not wanting to close the album, I just looked up to Mummy."Denise is so beautiful Mummy, I wish there were more of her.""Don't worry my sweetness there is a CD full of Daniel and Denise. Even some other Sissies, whom I am sure you will also love to meet. But that is all for tonight. You'll have to wait till Denise is home before you see the rest."I just cuddled up to Mummy, feeling so very much a real sissy, her little girl. As she in turn held me close."Is so wonderful being a girl isn't it Mummy? I'm so pleased Denise talked you into writing to me." my hands now playing with my lovely school girls dress."Now Jessica, what do you say about meeting Denise, would you like that?"I'm sure she knew the answer to that question, even without asking me."Oh Mummy I can't wait to meet her. It's going to be such fun having a sister, or should I say cousin to dress up and being girls together. I realize why you didn't want to tell me earlier. I really didn't know there were so many other sissy boys like myself. That's why I thought I was weird or something. Does Denise like playing with dolls also?" I asked."Yes, you wait and see how much she loves her dolls. Tomorrow when you meet Ashley, he's such a little sissy. He's about the same size as you. He is just so gorgeous and adorable. A proper little cream puff, just like you are sweetheart. I'm curtain you and he will get along wonderfully. Now young Lady, I think it is time to get you ready for bed. Would Jessica like a glass of chocolate milk first?"I didn't have my watch on, but still knew it was far to early for going to bed. I just looked questioningly to Mummy."Yes I would love a glass of milk, thank you. But it can't be bedtime yet, can it Mummy." I asked in astonishment."Yes for this little one it is. You are going to have a big inspiring day tomorrow. So a good nights sleep will hold you steadfast to all that will be around you." I was told with a radiant smile and squeeze of my cheek.Disappointed as I was, knowing I'll be taking off this lovely school girls uniform and head scarf. Oh yes, my beautiful lingerie and makeup as well, I didn't want to upset Mummy. In the mean time she had gone and returned with my glass of chocolate milk. Also in hand, my bib, which she put on me first. At least I like chocolate milk."Now come along darling, you pick up Shelly, while I take your bag upstairs." I was told once I'd finished my drink and my bib removed."Guess whose bed Jessica will be sleeping in tonight?" Mummy asked cheerfully, as we headed towards the stairway.Just the way she asked, I had an idea it would properly be Denise's. Well that is what I was hoping to hear.Before telling me whose bed I'll be sleeping in, we headed straight toward her bedroom. Oh my god, my heart sunk. I'm to be sleeping in Mummy's bed, with her. No I can't, I just couldn't do that. Once I had my scarf removed, then taken out of my school uniform. A short cape over my lingerie covered shoulders. Then into her en-suite, while I had my makeup removed. Then nice smelling night cream massaged into my face. Finally I had a beautiful full length off-white soft satin and lace negligee put on me. Oh, did I feel so desirable, as I admired the image in the mirror."I thought you would love wearing this sweetheart." As Mummy put her hands on my lace covered shoulders, lightly caressing at the same time. Quickly relief came when Mummy said, "Now lets get Shelly shell we, then off to your bed we go."Guiding me towards her door, ones heart rate resumed its normal beat. I'm not sleeping with Mummy. On opening the next door into another bedroom. I just stood open mouthed, in ore. This is a room adorned for a Princess. Smaller than Mummy's room, but everything about it, is so adorably girlishly feminine. Even to the delicate fragrance drifting from within. The first thing to take my notice was the double bed, centred in the room. Only a couple of inches from the wall, it's white headboard sat against a soft pink satin drape, in turn overlay by a sheer organza. Descending down from a half round festooned canopy of soft pink satin. Either side of the canopy at the head, bold white lace curtains hung. To Free Underage Sex Videos be tied lovingly back by the deepest of pink satin bows, there ends falling a good six inches below.The bed itself looked so invitingly soft and comfortable. Covered by an off white duvet trimmed at the foot with matching scalloped decorative lace. Another lovely doll, wearing a pretty red silk nightdress with matching bonnet, sat happily between the two pillows. My squealing of elation continued, as I realized I'll be sleeping between luxurious pink satin sheets with matching pillows covers. How else could a sissy like me desire to sleep, but between sumptuous satin. No, I don't really mind going to bed this early on a Friday night now. Would you?Holding Mummy's hand firmly, I continued looking around in sheer delight. From the festooned terylene curtained windows, the same rich velvet drapes as in Mummy's room. The white with gold trimmings on the vanity unit, a soft padded stool beside it. The chest of draws, and wardrobe doors, also white with gold trimmings. The latter also inlaid with full length mirrors. My mind went wild thinking of all the beautiful lingerie, dresses etc. that lay or hung within. Hidden at this point from my view.Apart from the doll sitting happily on the bed. There was a cuddly teddy, wearing a full length white satin nightgown. A few little bows across the bodice. A full lace skirt hanging from just below the bodice. I was to be informed it was actually wearing a babies christening gown. It looked so sweet sitting to the side with a couple of other smaller dolls. Plus other cuddly animals, that sissies and girls love to have.Apart from another wall mirror, there was a large painting of a couple of ballet dancers looking so graceful together. Plus other smaller photos hanging in a small group."I think some little girl is looking forward to her night in this room. Isn't she?" Mummy asked."Oh yes, so very much Mummy. This is a real sissy girls bedroom, isn't it. " I said with elation in my voice, still clinging to her hand with Shelly held just as firmly in my other arm."Before Mummy gets you ready for bed, you better run of and clean your teeth and do wees. Don't you think?"Returning after doing my nightly things, yes, I did remember to sit for wees. Anyway I got back into my bag, taking out a clean shirt I thought I might need. Followed by my pajamas ready for bed. Suddenly my face went scarlet when Mummy asked,"Oh, you want to sleep like a boy, do you Jessica? Here was I thinking you would cherish the moment wearing something, you have dreamt of wearing. Like every girl loves to wear to bed. Oh well if it's to be plain boy's pajamas, that will save us finding a gorgeous nighty for you. To think how you also drooled over Denise's pretty nighty. So we'll get your pretty underwear off, then you can put those on." Mummy said pointing to my pajamas. Showing no interest in putting me into them."No Mummy please! I just didn't think when I packed these. I'm so used to doing that when I go away for a weekend or something. I really would love to wear a pretty nighty, pleeeassse Mummy?" I begged.I knew my face was still red, as I hassled to put the pajamas back where they came from. Also making sure Mummy didn't try taking my pretties off of me. Again I pleaded to her, "Please, I do so much want to wear a lovely girls nighty. Just like Denise does, Mummy.""Oh very well then, we'll see what I can find that might satisfy. Whose it going to be for, my little Jessica or just a boy called Meredith." I got asked with a beaming smile from Mummy.Smiling broadly back I said. "Both Jessica and Sissy Meredith would love to wear a beautiful nighty."I stood watching as Mummy lay delicate satin, silk nighties even a couple of very girly pajamas on the bed before me. Picking up each in turn, holding it closely to me, not knowing which one. I could only ask, "Mummy please, would you tell me what to wear." Instead of what lay before me Mummy took this most adorable three quart length lemon silk with chiffon over lay nighty from the wardrobe, holding it in front of me. As I touched it, I knew this is the one. "Oh yes I would love to wear this one Mummy." I said, still holding it close. It had very short sleeves again overlay with the chiffon. Its V neckline was not to deep. As well around the hem the chiffon was nicely ruffled, in turn helping hold the skirt out a little. Hence looking so extremely pretty.In no time I had been stripped of my lovely petticoat, panties and bra. Then into a little pair of panties, Mummy said they are so little sissies don't leave dribble marks on their pretty nighties. I stood admiring this sweet nighty on Jessica. Swishing from side to side, doing a complete twill to see the skirt swish out in the breeze. Holding the hem out daintily between my thumbs and forefingers. I really felt so much the bedtime girl of my dreams."Tear yourself away from that mirror you vain little sissy and come to me."I turned walking so very daintily towards the bed where Mummy sat waiting. I felt so much the way I had dreamed of being, when Mummy took me in her loving arms to tell me."Jessica you are going to be such a truly pretty girl. The lemon really helps show out your angelic features. I can see Free Underage Sex Videos you are going to love being dressed in so many delightful outfits, Mummy has in mind. But for Free Underage Sex Videos now a good nights sleep, I think is in order." after a lovely kiss on my cheek. Hearing Mummy saying all those lovely things, made me blush profusely. But I did like hearing it really. It made me feel, I could be the pretty Sissy girl I have so often fantasized of being.I watched with open mouth, drooling, while Mummy turned back the duvet. Exposing the luxurious pink satin sheets I'll be sleeping between. I couldn't wait to lie my beautiful silk nighty enshrouded body gracefully on the plush bed. To experience the sensation of sleeping between such delightfully sexual fabric. To rest my head peacefully upon the pillows, experiencing the softness all night long on my face. To smell the delightful perfume that seems to radiates from the bed itself.Lying in bed wearing a nighty for the first time. Feeling Oh, so very pretty in this three quart length lemon silk and chiffon nighty. My hands wandering all over, enjoying life more and more. As I realized just how far I have headed into becoming a real feminized sissy-boy. Lily was stand proud as it could, under the panties. Also loving the soft caressing it was receiving. In the knowledge it will be having this pleasure all night long. I was finding it rather hard not to touch Lily. As Mummy had told me to be a good girl, I didn't want to disappoint her.All my girly thoughts were rushing merrily through my head. I started sobbing softy with joy, knowing someone else really understands me. No longer do I have to keep my lovely sissy thoughts hidden in my own little closet. Only to be shared with Princess. No, now I'm able to share all these sissy thoughts with Mummy. "The more you tell Mummy, the more we can enjoy them together." I got told, with a little kiss on the cheek.Before Mummy tucked me into bed, I got another big surprise. As she went to one of Denise's draws, returning holding a pair of pink satin mittens. "Now Jessica I know you said you will be a good girl all night. But the trouble you have had so far and by the looks of it. I don't think you will be able to go all night. Without having little squirts, wouldn't that be true?" she asked smiling knowingly at me."Yes I guess so Mummy, but I will try very hard not to do anything like that.""Well my dear, knowing how a sissies brain thinks one thing, but does another. So to keep things out of harms way. I've got Free Underage Sex Videos a pair of Denise's lovely mittens for you to wear. Yes, Denise used to have a lot of trouble at night also.You see, to be a lovely girl, you must learn to have self-control over your new little clitty. Now give me your hands darling, so Mummy can put them on you nicely."Passively I put my hands out, letting Mummy put each into its mitten. Then realized the palm side was stiffly padded. With my thumb safely in its own compartment, there was no way of turning these mittens around. The ribbons were tied into double bows so they couldn't be undone. "Now don't they look lovely darling, pretty pink satin mittens, just like your sheets. You will have a lovely nights sleep now, believe me."To bring a little happiness to my life again. Mummy took the teddy, or should I say `Cuddles' in his oh, so sweet white satin nighty. "Would Jessica like to have Cuddles in bed with her tonight?" as she held him just out of arms reach."Oh, yes please Mummy." as I put my mitten enclosed hands out eagerly to be given Cuddles.With Cuddles now safely in my arms, Mummy tucked me in snugly. Then I was offered nice kiss, which I enjoyed getting. Before Mummy left the room turning the light out as she went.I lay kissing and talking to Cuddles as I do Princess. Telling him how happy and girlish I'm feeling. In Denise's bed and surrounded with everything a sissy like me could wish for. With all these charming thoughts in my head. Cuddles tucked safely in one arm, while the other hand caressed the best it could over my pretty nighty covered body. I drifted into a peaceful nights sleep. Never had I slept so peacefully, many sweet dreams I had. Dressed in the most frilliest of girly things. Dancing and playing around happily with other Sissies. Which now seemed so much more real, than they used to be. Just wishing to be a properly dressed up sissy, in these girls frilly silks. Smelling and looking so pretty wearing my makeup.I awoke in the morning by something touching my hair, then the side of my face. Putting my hand up to see what it was, I realized it to be a hand. Opening my eyes slightly, there sat Mummy on the side of the bed, smiling down at me."Good morning sleepyhead, did my little girl have a lovely sleep?""Good morning Mummy. Yes I did, thank you, I had some beautiful dreams. I hope you did also, Mummy." I said still half asleep, not wanting to be taken away from my dream world."I thought you must of, as you looked so angelic lying there with Cuddles still tucked into you. That I didn't know whether to wake you or just let you sleep all day. But my darling wouldn't want to miss going shopping would she?" she asked, letting her hand gently stroke over my face again.I then realized I hadn't moved all night. As Cuddles was still were I had him while talking."How is your little clitty, Lily under there, has she been good all night?""Yes Mummy I didn't even touch her once." I said with elation in my voice.As I lay smiling happily up to Mummy. She let her hand wander excitingly over my duvet covered body. In turn awakening Lily from her sleep, my eyes closed, I took a deep breath with the arousal feeling below."What is it sweetheart, is Lily playing up under there?" as the hand now rested right over my ever awakening clitty."Yes it's getting all excited, like it does every morning." But the lovely thoughts in my head right now. Were hoping for something else."Let Mummy have a look under there shall we." Without any resistance from me, Mummy's hand went under the covers. Caressing lightly over my now intensely pulsating Lily. I could only look pleadingly to Mummy in hope she didn't pull away."Oh Mummy that feels so delightfully beautiful." My eyes now closed, just enjoying the delicate moment of Mummy's warm gentle hand.I felt the coolness of the morning air, as the duvet got pushed aside."I see someone is all aroused through being in a pretty nighty all night. Wasn't that better to sleep in, rather than those pajamas?" Her hand now caressing so lovingly over my clitty. Then looking at me asking. "Does Jessica have a lovely kiss for Mummy?"Opening my eyes smiling and nodding my head. "Yes I do Mummy." raising myself a little to meet her lips, as they came close to mine. Only this time we didn't have lovely lipstick to share."Now lift your bottom Free Underage Sex Videos up a little, so Free Underage Sex Videos Mummy can take your panties off for you."I raised my bottom the best I could, while Mummy gentle relieved me of my panties she asked."Would Jessica like to smell and kiss her lovely warm panties?" Instead of putting them to the side, they came to rest over my face. Without any embarrassment or hesitation. I took them in my mitten enclosed hands, the best I could. Smelling and kissing them like my life depended upon it. In turn making Lily jiggle even more so."Isn't that beautiful darling, all sissies love kissing their warm smelly panties. Just as much as they love wearing them. Now lift your head a little while Mummy fixes the pillows under your head."Lifting myself up a little while Mummy proceeded to place another pillow behind my head."Would you like your mittens taken off also sweetheart?""Yes please Mummy." I quickly put my hands out, ready to be relieved of the pretty, but uncomfortable mittens.With my head now in a raised position, I watched as Mummy pulled up the nighty. Taking a beautiful red, white and golden patterned, large soft satin head scarf from the night stand beside her. Playing it feather like across my face, letting it just rest there. I couldn't hold back from putting my free hand up. To just touch its beauty, at the same time kissing it so lovingly."Put your hand down at your sides sweetheart like a good girl."Obediently as I did, the cool liquid feeling of this exquisitely fine satin scarf. Began to seductively caress its way slowly down my upper body. Teasing under my chin, my neck, feathering its way lightly over each exposed arm. My eyes closed so as to just savour the touch. Occasionally opening my eyes looking, smiling to Mummy, as she in turn kept smiling to me.I lay there so submissively, cuddles still in my left arm. The other lying out to give Mummy free access to any part of this sissies body. With one hand she gently pushed my nighty up, exposing two erect, responsive nipples. Oh my God!!! The delicate caressing as this most beautiful soft scarf, ever so gently worked its way lovingly over each. In turn sending shivers of lustful pleasure through my whole being. My heart was beating so strongly I'm sure she could see it trying to push its way out. My eyes were now closed, as I lay cherishing this moment. All my thoughts were away in a real Sissy dream world, enjoying luxurious pleasure.It was like slow motion, feeling the hand floating this large sensual satin fabric delicately downacross my stomach. Over to fondle down my very sensitive sides. Instead of giggling and wiggling as I would normally do. I could only whimper softly in the electrifying pleasure. Every part of my being was now, so sexually aroused. Lily standing, rock hard, throbbing like never before, begging for attention. My eyes open or closed, I don't really know, everything was just a haze. Yet I sensed Lily was dribbling her early juices. I could feel Mummy's fingertip wiping the spillage from my gland head. I wonder if Mummy was licking it up. As it wasn't fed to me or even wiped on my body. My mind. No! every part of me, was away in girly heaven. As I savoured the seductive, unbelievably touching of a delicately fine satin scarf."Does Jessica want Mummy to milk her little clitty for her with the lovely satin scarf?"Oh, what a question to ask. I was in a spiritual trance given via this graceful scarf. But I said. "Oh Please Mummy yes I really do, please milk my clitty."Leaning over me, Mummy's lips made gentle contact with mine for a couple of little kisses. My whole body was so tensed, so very alive. As I watched Mummy take the scarf ever so sweetly in her hand. To firstly caress it once again, all over my highly emotionally aroused body.Taking a deep breath, I sighed Free Underage Sex Videos appreciating the heavenly touching of this beautiful satin scarf. Being slithered with love and care over my whole genital area. My thighs, my little cream basket tingling by the delicate touch. I could only whimper with the trill. As this delicate fabric came lightly around my throbbing clitty. Mummy slowly began stroking along the length of my hot pulsating shaft. In turn I was feeling the ends flittering gently between my thighs. Oh my God!! that felt so divine, holding Cuddles in one arm, caressing so softly over my nighty covered upper body with the other hand. I was in sissy heaven again. My fingertips tweaking both of my still erect vulnerable nipples.Watching the glitter of the satin scarf sliding ever so lovingly and tenderly over my clitty. Touching like a feather between my thighs. The tingles that the soft silken fabric was sending through every nerve of my body. In no time it had me crying out to Mummy."Please Mummy, I'm about to Squirt, Please stop a while." My pleading had no success, as Mummy continued the milking of my clit.Talking sweetly to me about sissy and girly things. The lovely shops we'll be visiting this morning. All the pretty feminine lingerie I'll see and want to touch. Knowing you are also wearing such beautiful things as well. About meeting another sissy-boy like myself. Telling me how gorgeous I'm going Free Underage Sex Videos to be dressed in little girls dresses like in the video.Listening to Mummy's sweet words, the sensation of the satin scarf, caressing so gently Free Underage Sex Videos on my clitty. The gentle touching between my thighs. As this large feather like scarf slithered ever so lovingly over my Lily. Stroking my throbbing clitty with one hand. The other took some of the scarf, to caress just as sweetly over my cherry basket. I knew I could take no more. God if this is a little bit of Sissy Pleasure that lies ahead for me. I want more, much more.My eyes closed, head pushing deep into the lovely satin covered pillow. My breathing became deep with long soft moans of sweet pleasure. In no time it became far to much for any sissy to bear. "Mummy I can't stop it!!" I cried out, my whole body seemed to become ridged. She had stimulated me to a point where I was squealing, squirming like a little piglet. Jerking and squealing, I squired my sissy cream with great gusto. I could feel my hot juice landing even over my chin. Oh how I wished I could of opened my mouth to take it straight in. Finally completely spent, exhausted, I just lay weak all over. Lily Free Underage Sex Videos soon deflated, once Mummy had milked the last morsels from her.Fortunately Mummy had pushed my nighty way up out of harms way. The lovely satin scarf lying beside me, also out of harms way. Her hand was ready to receive my offerings. Which in turn got fed back to my eagerly waiting tongue. Once I'd returned from the beautiful clouds of Sissy heaven. I thanked Mummy for the lovely way she milks my Lily using the scarfs. Before asking, if I could hold the scarf in my hands. I did so lovingly just as I do my dolls. Cuddled in my arms stroking and kissing it. Enjoying the delicate softness in my hands, against my face."Now wasn't that better sweetheart having Mummy milking you. Rather than what you would of done, had you not worn your lovely mittens?""Yes it is Mummy, will you always milk me like that from now on, please?" I asked in hope."We'll see darling, We'll see." was her only response.Following another lovely bathing by Mummy. Sweet smelling talcum powered dusted lavishly over my body. Another delightful surprise awaited me. Firstly my bra was fastened comfortable in place. Then Mummy stood before me holding a sweet white satin suspender belt. The look of great delight on my face, the eagerness my body movements expressed. The though of now wearing lovely nylon stocking. Yes I am going to enjoy my new feminine life. I watched as Mummy rolled up each stocking, like a donut. At the same time telling me how to be very careful putting them on, so not to put ladders in them.I sat attentively on the edge of the vanity stool watching, while each stocking got rolled gently up each leg then fastened to the hanging suspender fasteners. Mission accomplished, I stood admiring my now well shaped legs. Something I hadn't noticed before now. The slight pull between the stockings and suspender belt was also something to behold. Sending those desirable feelings through ones whole body.But now came another surprise, which I don't know whether I liked it or not. It was in the form of a `gaff'. Mummy said it is to help keep girls like me safe, from showing any embarrassing little Lily while out shopping. I could only take her word for it, as I've never been out shopping with Mummy before. Now with this little thing Free Underage Sex Videos on, tucking Lily out of harms way. It was on with the rest of my pretty underwear.This time a pretty pair of Lilac satin panties with a circle of little red rosebuds at the waist. Each leg openings, again trimmed with two inch of off white lace. In place of a petticoat, Mummy let slid gently over my raised inviting arms. An equally beautiful white satin camisole. Across its bodice four rows of narrow pintuck pleats. Where the shoulder straps attached, lovely little bows. The hem was finished off with an inch of white lace. Girls are so very lucky being able to wear such elegantly feminine underwear all the time.Disappointment followed, as my shirt and trousers now covered the splendour beneath. At least I knew how pretty I looked and felt under this male outerwear. Together with the now electric sensation of the silky caress of my stockings. In turn creating a slight erotic pull of my suspender as I walked. I know I'm where I belong, a Sissy in Girly Heaven."Now listen to me my darling. When you're dressed as you are now. We can't call you Jessica can we? So whenever you're dressed in boyish attire, it is to be Meredith. And Meredith is still a Sissy isn't he?" I was asked."Yes he is, but please don't let me be anything other than a Sissy-boy?" I pleaded."No you'll always be a Sissy sweetheart. Now you sit and play with your dolls. While Mummy get dressed, then we'll be away." After a lovely big hug and sweet kiss, I was left alone to enjoy my dolls, Shelly and Chrissy.Soon after Mummy returned looking and smelling so stunningly elegant as always."Let Mummy do your hair Meredith darling." as she went towards the vanity, I followed quickly behind. As she combed then brushed to the style she wanted. Which I must say looked really so pretty, I loved it. But wished I could be wearing a lovely bow as well."Now Meredith, I don't want you to get your hair cut again. Mummy will look after it for you. It will look so much nicer a little longer, is that understood dear?""Yes Mummy, I was going to have it trimmed again next week. So I won't now.""No that's a good Sissy, Mummy know how to look after it for you. Now lets put this pretty scarf around your neck." as she held up a longish Salmon colour satin scarf. Putting it under my shirt and tying neatly and puffy like a cravat.The image I saw looking back at me, I loved. Smiling to Mummy I told her. "I look just the way I feel, a real Pretty Sissy." With my jacket on and a little white silk handkerchief in my pocket, we were now off. For me to discover and to cherish, the wonderful world of the most exquisitely feminine lingerie.= = = = = = = = = = = = = =To be continued soon.

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