Related article: Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 08:03:03 -0400 From: chris james Subject: Adam Conquers Earth, Chapters 3 & 4Dear Reader: this is a story of adult fiction, persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to read this material. The music mentioned for the opening sequence is available at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0rDBncLS6k (Nifty does not support links so you will have to copy and paste to get it.) And so the story within my story begins. All comments welcome. Chris James.drmeta4gmail.com Adam Conquers Earth (M/B)Chapter Three The sun rise over the desert, the strains of a familiar song just as a sliver of light illuminates the dark world of sand and...Adam. Mark stood still in the cockpit of the space car, one leg on the sill and a hand to the face shield of his helmet as he gazed out over the horizon. The camera crew was laid out in the sand to capture that sunrise and the reflections off the spacecraft. They were looking right up at Mark; it would be a wonderful shot, Brian could tell. This is where the theme song would rise into a crescendo, the electronic beat of Deodato's 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' taking over. The modern version of the familiar tune would be dubbed in later at the studio. It had cost Alan a pretty penny to get the rights to this old 1972 hit, but it showed they had class. Brian had laughed at first, and then realized it would make the opening scene as it lit up television screens across America. For now Tina B. held up a large tape player so Mark could get the beat correctly for what lay ahead. The strains of music rose slowly and Mark...it was best to think of him as Adam from here on Brain realized...Yes, Adam stepped down onto the soil of Earth for the first time, and the music flared. Adam took a step and looked up at the rising sun. The camera moved behind him. The spacesuit shimmered in the golden rays and it seemed as if Adam was illuminated from within, a halo surrounding his body. And then the Deodato tune started that familiar hippity hop beat, and so did Adam. The sunrise revealed the boy jumping and twisting in the morning rays, his body moving in time with the beat and his head nodding up and down. The helmet was tugged off and dropped in the sand, revealing Adam for the first time. The boy was wearing an iPod, or what passed for one from his home world of Regalia. The sun continued to rise and the camera followed Adam dancing around his busted space car. Meanwhile the opening credits would roll and finally the name 'Adam Conquers Earth' would appear. Then total silence. Tina B. killed the sound and Adam stood stock still staring out across the vast wasteland, the only sound the wind. The camera caught several rolling tumbleweeds tossed by the prop crew in front of Adam. Then the camera boom swung, the visual image swinging around to show just Adam's face. More wind sounds before Adam cried out in a loud and pleading voice. "McDonalds?" "Cut," Alan yelled, and everyone there broke into applause. "By God, we did it in one take," He screamed looking at his monitor screen. Then everyone had to gather around to watch the replay, it looked stunning. Mark was shrugging off the spacesuit, revealing the board shorts and T-shirt he wore underneath soaked with sweat. "Water," Brian yelled and a guy ran up with several bottles of spring water. Mark gulped down a bit and paused as Brian wiped his face with a clean towel. "That was awesome, kiddo," Brian said. "I just thought it out one step at a time. Pretty cool dancing, huh?" "Boo-ga-loo down Broadway, baby," Brian said, and they both laughed. "Company, out of the sun if you please," Tina B yelled, and everyone walked back to the motel which was only a hundred yards away. Mark had three hours of rest before he had to climb back in that suit. They had ice packs ready since this was going to be a hot shot, Adam lost in the desert. The Legal department had allowed Alan only fifteen minutes to get the shots, after that the hundred degree heat would be considered dangerous for the boy, Brian agreed. Rosie was sitting on the patio with binoculars and she smiled. "I saw a bit of that from here, so many people milling around, it's a wonder Mark can concentrate." "What people?" Mark asked. "Oh, the crew, I didn't pay them any attention." "He's right, Rosie, the actors are trained to ignore us. The only person that he might see out of the corner of an eye is the director," Brian said. "Well goodness, how did it go?" "One take is exceptional," Brian said. "Mark did it like a pro." "Thank you," Mark said with an exaggerated bow. "Just throw money." And they laughed at his antics. "Ok, fifteen minutes, then shower and lay down for a while," Brian commanded. "Yes boss," Mark laughed. "Sorry Rosie, I have to meet with the director...I'll be back later," Brian said, and he strode off. "My, my...such a hurry," Rosie said. "Alan named him as an assistant to the director, that's pretty cool," Mark said. "I'm glad to hear it; Brian deserves the credit for all he's done. So tell me about that opening you just made and what comes next," Rosie said. Alan was hopped up like a Saturday night junkie, thrilled to death that the opening had been captured in one take; it boded well for the future. The rest of the day would be devoted to the desert trek, albeit a short walk in the sand towards a distant highway. And then they would see the car carrying Mr. and Mrs. Vernon. That was the shooting schedule for the day and Alan was way ahead of the curve so far. In production terms that purported to mean a savings, in reality they were on location and the cost remained fixed. Over all it was a strategic meeting, all wrapped in the warm and fuzzy feeling of success. "OK, tomorrow we shoot inside the car and we all know what a pain in the ass that Child Loli becomes. Tina, have we fixed the time for that takeover of the McDonalds?" Alan asked. "Three to four-thirty, that'll give us a half hour setup and an hour to shoot, they go into dinner mode after we're done. Free food the manager promised," Tina replied. "Security? Who's handling that?" "Six off duty uniforms, Vegas police were very kind. They'll be on overtime rates so we can expect co-operation." "Good," Alan said. "So, now we get Adam to take a little walk this afternoon. Brian, how's he feeling?" "Mark is on cloud nine, he feels the success just like you do. I sent him in for a nap after his Aunt leaves; he ought to be ready by the call." "Lord, did you see that dance? That boy sure has a feel for the quality I want, he was magnificent," Alan gushed. "OK, rest up, get hydrated, we resume at eleven." Brian smiled; it was all going according to schedule. Mark needed that sense of stability, they all did. Rick and Vera had been waiting for their moment. So had Steve and Casey, although they were not in the opening shots being done here. It had been Alan's idea to bring them along, forge a sense of teamwork right from the start. They had stood beside Brian and applauded with the crew as Adam finished that little dance. Now it was getting to him, Brian was beginning to see the boy as Adam, even if it was Mark he loved. Production teams seemed to do that as things fell in place, it was a means of focus and right now no one wanted to take their eye off the ball. Brian walked back to the room and found Mark stretched out in his boxers but not asleep. "How was your meeting?" He asked. "Fine, little more than a pep rally...you got them all cranked up, kiddo." "That was the idea, Rosie went back in town, too hot for her here," Mark said. "Can I have a cuddle?" "I need a shower before I lay down with you, sweetie," Brian said. "OK, I'll wash your back." Somehow water always seemed to have a prominent place in their sex life, now was no different. Sex in the shower meant standing up or lying in the bottom of the tub, either way it was fun. Once he had washed Brian's backside, and that meant every nook and cranny, Mark shoved his face in the crack and licked his way into a glorious performance. It wasn't until he had Brian lean on the wall that it became evident he was after something new, even a fourteen year old cock felt prominent as it slid up Brian's ass. But Mark hugged his middle, fingers caressing his chest and nipples until Brian was able to relax. There was something so wonderful about an aggressive boy, but he knew Mark was just trying to please him. The warm breath on his back grew harsher and Mark finally groaned aloud as his orgasm filled Brian's rear, it was all too new for the boy to last very long. "Oh God, I needed that," Mark said, as his statement dissolved into laughter. "You're my first...oops," He groaned again as his softening cock slid out. Brian turned around and took the boy in his arms. "That was lovely, you're lovely...God, I am so lucky." "Hmm, I was just thinking that...let's go lay down," Mark said. Brian enjoyed the cuddle, it was still only eight-thirty, and they had two hours before they needed to get ready. As expected Mark quickly fell asleep, sex and four a.m. calls were enough to knock him out. Brian slid out of bed, called room service for a late breakfast and then picked up the casting book Alan had given him. The list of supporting actors was large; after all they had a neighborhood and a school to populate even if it was only for scenes. The role of principal was an important one; he would be Adam's foil for much of the school business. They had blocked out the first episodes, creating an ongoing storyline. The whole shoot here was the intro, ending at a McDonalds with Adam munching down a burger and smiling at his newly 'captured' parents. Then the pilot would take them into a quiet street scene, your typical suburban California neighborhood as the Vernon's bring their new 'son' home. There's a confrontation with the dog who doesn't know Adam from...well, Adam. Then a television scene where Adam flips through the unfamiliar catalog of real time American television and makes rude comments. Then there's the knock on the door as Steve is introduced, out selling raffle tickets as a school fundraiser. It's the moment Adam realizes that to appear normal he must also go to school. Steve tells him about some of the other students, which includes his crush on Mary Jane, and now that would be changed. There is the scene where Adam and friends board the school bus, and the pilot would end there, leaving the audience in stitches. Brian had thought the final scene one of the best he'd ever read. Then they would get a break, a weekend before they went back to work. Mark had decided they should cut the school bully scene that was to have been the beginning of the first episode; it was too trite, overused. But the character remained on the books; the bully would get his just desserts at some later date. Adam would spend a school day stumbling about, creating chaos in his wake, overpowering the principal. The episode concluded with Adam entering his bedroom after his new 'Mom' turns down the covers and wishes him a good night. He looks around, opens the closet and seems puzzled. Then he smiles, grabs the pillow off the bed and slides under the mattress where he goes to sleep. End of episode. Subtle things had to be addressed; things the viewers would wonder about and could not be left hanging for long. Brian had the list of unresolved issues, Alan expected some answers and soon. How does an alien register for school? Can he write and how much English does he really know? Just how smart is Adam, what grade would he be in? What clothes can he wear? What happens if he gets sick in this foreign environment, and is his anatomy the same as ours? Can he eat just any human food? What are his special powers over the human mind? What are his sleeping habits? What are his bathing habits? What are... The list went on and on, all valid questions...all needing answers before they found themselves standing in a corner with no way out. Mark could ad-lib in any situation if necessary; he was just that kind of actor. But this wasn't just about delivering lines, this was about delivering credibility. Brian began to write out his suggestions and was going through the list as breakfast arrived. The room service guy gave Mark a smiling glance and accepted Brian's signature on the bill. "You guys rock," The young man said, "I'm going to watch every episode." "Thanks, we need all the fans we can get," Brian replied as he shut the door. What about the fan base? Tina had mentioned the producers springing for a website, wouldn't it be clever to put Mark on there right away and have him chat with the fans? Yeah, and they needed a YouTube video Child Loli as well, something to start the groundswell. The image of Adam dancing across the desert was going to become famous; the boy sure knew how to attract attention. He woke Mark up and had the boy eat something. In two hours he would be in that damn suit standing in the broiling sun, he would need the energy. Brian talked about the website idea and Mark got even more excited about making his own YouTube video. It was the 'in' thing for kids his age. "Can I write the script, will Alan let me use some footage, will the producers have to approve what I say? And will...." "Whoa, slow down...I don't have the answers to any of that. But I think any attempt we make to increase the profile of the show will be well received," Brian said. Mark giggled, and then that turned into an outright laugh. "You're starting to sound like one of 'them'...those guys, the suits." "Sorry, that was a little formal wasn't it," Brian chuckled. "Naw, I understand. I'd rather have you on the inside track than anyone else," Mark said. "Did you see any of the audition tapes?" Brian asked. "A few...Oh, the replacement for Mary Jane." "Yeah...any ideas?" Brian asked. "Guess Alan has to jump on that. Um...there was this black girl...uh, Beverly something. Damn, sorry, I can't remember her last name," Mark said. Brian flipped through the production book and came to a list of names at the back. These were the extras for the school scenes. His finger slid Child Loli down the list. "Beverly Cooper...does that sound right?" "Maybe, you have her bio?" Mark asked. "No, Tina has those...you think she has potential?" "Pretty girl, great smile, and she can talk a mile a minute. Imagine her as a foil for Steve? Quiet boy, outrageous girl...I like the opposites effect." Brian smiled. "Always thinking like a director aren't you? I better go warn Alan his job is in jeopardy." "No way, I can't Child Loli act and direct at the same time. I think she Child Loli would do fine," Mark said, and then he smiled. "Just imagine the first time Adam meets her, he's only seen an African-American on television. The reaction ought to be priceless." Brian stared at the boy. "You really are of two minds in all this, aren't you? I mean I can see you slip into the character at the snap of a finger, you even start to think like Adam...how do you do that?" Mark smiled. "When I was ten I had to play the part of Tiny Tim in a revival of the Christmas Carol. I remember the man who played Scrooge scared me; he was so fierce in all our scenes until the very end of the play. Then one evening during rehearsal I was sitting backstage and he came and sat beside me, and he smiled. "He asked if I was afraid of him and I nodded. Then he looked out at the others on stage and nodded. 'When we're out there I'm an actor, right now I'm just an ordinary man. On stage I assume that role like a fine coat of golden silk on display for all to see. Back here I wear a coat of common cloth, just like you.' "'I cannot be anything but Scrooge on the stage in front of an audience; it's that coat I wear as an actor. You have a right to be afraid, for Scrooge is a mean and despicable man. You cannot be anything but afraid of me out there, that's your role as an actor. It is who we are and what we are meant to be.' "And then he smiled. 'But this ordinary man would like to be your friend and sit with you a while until I must again be the Scrooge. Always remember, it's a privilege to wear that golden coat and assume the character's life upon the stage. Think like that and you shall never want for work.' Mark sighed. "He was a wonderful old man and after that we got along so well, but I always remember what he said. We did that show together for about three weeks, and at every performance I was scared of him on stage because he was that nasty old Scrooge in my mind." "When did you find the time to study acting?" Brian asked. Mark shrugged. "Never did, I just watched everyone else and tried to emulate them." "Jesus boy, you are something else," Brian said. "Thank you...what time is it?" Mark asked. "Half an hour to hell, maybe we ought to go find the costumer and get that squared away," Brian said. "Now listen to me, it's hot as a furnace out there, so don't try and be a hero. You saved Alan a lot of time this morning so we could do this in three takes if we need to. I just want you to play it safe, OK?" "Got it, don't fry my brain. Get that Cooper profile from Tina while you're in there, we can look at it later," Mark said. It was a hot walk to the dining room, like stepping out into a furnace. Nevada had some of the driest air in the country and from a human standpoint some of the most dangerous. Alan had a doctor on call for the afternoon and Tina's messenger boys were passing out copious amounts of water. Hydration was the key to survival. Mark looked at the silver suit and wondered just how well it would insulate Adam on a flight through space. He knew it was a prop for the show, a mere costume imitation, but it looked real enough. They had an air conditioned van sitting outside with the doors shut tight; this would be Mark's dressing room. The camera men had left twenty minutes ago to set up, the car was sitting ready for the Vernon's entrance to the scene. Brian came back and gave Mark's shoulder a squeeze. "OK, let's do this," Mark said. Brian and the costumer followed the boy out to the van and the driver took them towards the setup about a quarter mile down the road. At a signal the cops were going to stop traffic both ways for fifteen minutes, long enough to get the shot. The first set up was to be head on as Adam stumbled across the desert towards the highway. It would be a long shot allowing the heat waves to fill the lens and then Adam would look up and see the road. That was the cue for the Vernon's to roll towards him and Adam would stop them. Brian's worry was that the boy had no head protection, having cast the helmet off back at the space car. But the damn thing was hot inside, maybe it would work out. As if for comfort, Tina handed him a stop watch, they had fifteen minutes from the time Mark exited the van and that was all. The camera crew could be seen two hundred yards away, Mark had to walk that far and then eventually climb in the car to reach the cut mark on the scene. From where Brian stood it looked like a long way off. Inside the van Mark donned the vest lined with frozen ice packs and laughed as the cold seemed to pierce the liner, but the ice never touched him. He struggled into the suit and the Velcro was done up the back. The boots came last, the closures were Velcro as well, and then he was ready. Tina was there, radio in hand, and she gave the camera crew a two minute warning. They took a few minutes of empty desert to let the heat waves sink into the opening of the scene, and then it was Mark's turn. One of the camera crew had placed an orange stake in the ground about thirty feet away. As Adam stepped onto the soil the van drove off to get out of the shot and the handlers, including Brian, backed off as well. Adam seemed to jog over to the orange mark and faced the camera. "Ready," Tina said over the radio. "OK...action," Alan radioed back. "Action," Tina yelled and Adam gave a brief nod before starting his walk. The crowd followed along at a safe distance off to one side as Adam walked, then staggered a bit, dragging a foot here and there. For a while it didn't seem like the camera position was getting any closer and then there it was just ahead. "Roll the car," Brian heard over Tina's radio. Adam staggered towards the road and then almost tripped Child Loli over some sage brush, it all looked well staged. The green Buick slowly traversed the distance and Adam looked up, his posture Child Loli changed as he focused on the car. The second camera shot of the approaching car would be made later, now all eyes were on Adam. The camera followed Adam towards the road. The silver suited alien stepped onto the verge of the highway and held up a hand which caused the vehicle to screech to a stop. Adam stumbled over to open the back door, his hand went to the handle and he pulled the door open...and then Mark fell over on the asphalt. "Cut...medic," Alan yelled, and the crew went into action. The van came screaming up and the doctor leaped out. Brian was helpless, only the doctor could touch Mark in case he'd been injured. The boy looked like he had fainted and the doctor confirmed heat as the cause, there were no injuries. Four men picked Mark up and laid him in the van. Brian took the passenger's seat while the doctor stayed in back with Mark and began to remove the space suit. "Jesus, he's soaking wet...did he sweat that much?" The doctor yelled. "No, it's the ice packs, they must have all melted," Brain yelled back. "Does he need to go to the hospital?" "No... He's flush but I think he just needs to lie down and restore his circulation in a cool environment, he wasn't out there long enough to get hurt. Does he have a room?" "One-oh-six," Brian heard Mark say, and then the boy sat up. "Whoa, I passed out." "Heat stroke...or almost," The doctor said. "The lining on that suit isn't porous, it's rubberized inside and that's not good." "Almost there," The driver said as they pulled into the motel parking lot. Brian ran to open the door to their room as the doctor helped Mark out of the back of the van. Brian immediately scooped the boy up in his arms and carried him across the threshold into the cool interior of the room. "So that's how the bride feels," Mark said, and then he laughed. "Seems he feels better," The doctor said. "You lay down young man. I want you to drink lots of water and eat lightly this evening. Your body had a shock and needs time to recover, OK?" "Thanks, Doc," Mark said. "What happened to me?" "You overheated. The body draws back blood from your extremities to keep your organs cooled down, you lost blood in your head and fainted. In severe cases it causes brain damage, you were lucky. That's why we were all standing around; it pays to be careful out here." "Thanks again, Doc...I'll make sure he says down for a few hours," Brian said. "Call me if you need me," The doctor said and he left. "Did we get the shot?" Mark asked. "I don't know...," And then a knock on the door interrupted him. "Is he doing OK?" Alan asked when Brian opened the door. "Come on in," Mark yelled. "Did we get the shot?" "Ever the trooper...yes we got plenty, enough to splice it all together. How are you, Mark...feeling better?" "I mean is it a wrap, do we have to do another take?" Mark asked. Alan came over and kissed the boy on the head. "No, it's all done...you scared me, we were all worried," Alan said. He sat on the bed and took Mark's face in his hands. "I promise you right now. I will never put you in danger like that again...never." "I'm fine Alan...really," Mark said. "Thanks, please tell everyone I'm just fine, OK?" "You're more than fine, God, what an actor. I'll show you the playback later on; will you be there for dinner?" Alan looked over at Brian who nodded. "Doc says a few hours rest and lots of cool, he'll be fine." "What happened, I suppose we need to find out," Alan said. "Doc says the suit did him in, it didn't breathe and all the ice melted way too fast," Brian said. "I think Mark toughed it out that last few minutes and I asked him not to do anything foolish." "I'm sorry, I wanted it to be perfect," Mark said. Alan frowned. "Perfection is not our goal, Mark. I don't want you taking chances, you're too important to this production. From now on if you feel bad or if you see something is going wrong just stop and look at me, the cameras will keep rolling and you can start over again. "I don't care if it happens in one take, that's not your worry, it's mine. You just give us your best performance and I'll do the rest, OK? The greatest actors in film never got it right the first time; some scenes took a dozen takes or more. You just stop counting and focus on your role. You're a fine actor, one of the best I ever worked with, and together we're going to go places." Alan stood up and smiled. "Now you rest up, everyone will want to see you at dinner and they need that reassurance." "Yes, Alan...thanks," Mark said. Brian showed Alan out the door and went to get Mark a bottle of water from the little refrigerator. "Damn, you know I hate water," Mark said. "Your body doesn't," Brian said, "Just drink a little at a time." Mark took a swig and smiled. "I screwed up, didn't I? You think Alan is mad at me?" Brian sat down and took the boy in his arms. "No, I just think he's relieved, just like I am. Alan thinks you're one of the best actors he's ever worked with." Mark smiled. "Yeah, he did say that, didn't he? So you carried me across the threshold, does that mean we're married now?" Brian leaned over and gave Mark a kiss. "I'd marry you in a minute; think they'll change the laws for us?" Mark grinned. "Hardly, we'll just have to stay lovers I guess. "Then lie down lover, I want to kiss you," Brian said. He lay there with Mark in his arms, the both of them dozing in and out. Brian had felt the heat standing out there; it had to have been much worse for Mark in that suit. Thank God that was over. He had to let Mark know there were limits, Alan had said as much. Nothing was more important then Mark's health and wellbeing. If something happened to him the show was down the toilet, the boy had to back off and understand there were limits. All this building him up to be Adam, this super alien boy, had been terribly counterproductive. Mark was beginning to believe his own publicity, the image he had himself created. Maybe he had learned something today, Brian sure hoped so. For underneath that bravado Mark had as Adam there was a talented normal human kid. Brian could love the abilities the boy showed, but he would much rather be in love with the heart and mind he'd come to know. Mark was an exciting person and yet all that did was mask the insecurities. Rosie was all he'd had for years; it was no wonder that he'd made such a strong bid to bring Brian into his life. Loving the boy was easy; he exuded sensuality with every breath. But Brian knew he now had to take on a stronger role, he had to forge the boy's self confidence. For the show would go on and Mark would grow up to be a man, it was Brian's role to make sure he was the best man he could become. Dinner that night was subdued, partially owing to Rosie's presence in the room. Brian had allowed Mark to rest and then called her about the incident. She had said she was coming right over and hung up. He didn't know what to expect but Rosie had seemed calm after looking Mark over. "Now you know why I want you there, Brian...Mark takes risks," Rosie said. "Well I'd spank him but he seems a bit too old for that," Brian said. "He didn't listen when everyone, including me, told him to take it easy in the heat." "I said I was sorry," Mark threw in. Rosie smiled. "That doesn't always work, Mark. Now these people will have to watch you every minute, you're distracting them from their jobs." "He just let it get out of hand, we could have stopped at any time and fixed things," Brian said. "Did Mark tell you about the first cereal commercial he shot? No, I suppose he wouldn't," Rosie said. "Oh Lord," Mark groaned. "Well little Mark got his belt caught on the back of the prop chair and didn't tell anyone to stop the shoot. So in walks the actress portraying the mother and Mark leans up to kiss her and loses his balance. The chair let go and he fell right into the table, props flying everywhere, milk splashing across the set and poor Diana, the actress, she fell flat on her bottom with the table in her lap. It took two hours to reset, it was a wonder they didn't fire him." "I was only ten and the director was too nice to do that," Mark said, giving Brian a knowing look. Oh, that director, Brian thought. "Alan came in here and gave Mark a little talk, and in fact said he was one of the best actors he'd ever worked with...so let's hope this all sinks in, no more risks," Brian said. "No sir," Mark said. Alan was pleased to show them the day's work on a large television monitor and it looked just as Brian knew it would. The mixing would take place once they returned to the studio but even raw it was an incredible scene. The glaring sun, dry desert floor and the shimmering waves of heat rising up...and then Adam appears. His staggered walk implied hours of trudging across the desert, it all felt real as Adam approached the highway. That lifting of his head, the stumble over the sagebrush...and this was where Mark was beginning to feel the heat. Adam stepping onto the asphalt, holding up a hand and the car screeching to a halt, then Adam approached the door, opened it and they all saw Mark fall. Rosie gasped as did many of the others, but Mark sat silently. And as the clip ended Alan stood up, and so did Mark. Alan looked at the boy and then nodded. "I made an ass of myself today," Mark began. "I made a very stupid mistake and I want to apologize to all of you for the way I acted. I should have yelled that the suit was killing me; I should have just stopped and said I can't go on like this...but I didn't. I want this to work just like the rest of you, and today I almost destroyed everything. Child Loli Today I made you feel bad about something we were doing. "Alan has been kind enough to give me his thoughts and direction about what I did wrong, I would like the rest of you to do the same. Whenever you see me doing something stupid I want to know. I don't want this to divide us into responsible adults and stupid kids; we are one company, one cast. I need to know so I can change my ways, Child Loli Thanks." Alan walked over and gave Mark a hug, and it wasn't the last one he received. They were one company, one cast, and Mark had expressed that so well. The moment was over, now they could move on. Tomorrow morning they would shoot the interior car scenes. The car would ride on a trailer under sunshades and with a huge air conditioner feeding the interior. It was a lot of work for a three minute scene. But the viewer would see the scenery passing by as Adam took control of the Vernon couple and directed them towards the nearest McDonalds. Two corporate bigwigs from the restaurant chain would be on hand to talk with the cast and look at the script. Adam's attraction for the hamburger played a big role in their decision to attend; Mark would see they were well entertained. Fame would come on fast, and Brian would be all over it. Mark could not change, could not be seduced by the wealth and power, Brian had to make sure Child Loli of that. No, he was going to stick to that boy like glue. It Child Loli would be time for Rosie to hire an accountant and a staff, the first of the lot ought to be bodyguards. Mark would be driven by security, escorted by security and guarded 24/7 by these same men. Brian knew just who to call, he'd almost been one of them a few years earlier. He would have to let Rosie in on his thoughts. The minute the trade papers picked up on the show and any association with McDonalds it would be all over town, and then the country. They assembled at ten, right after breakfast and the morning production meeting. Mark had spent a quiet night, a little television, a lot of love and then sleep. The day had worn him out and he was out right after Brian tucked him in. There was nothing quite like watching the boy sleep. It was a time of reflection and yearning, could they make this work? Mark's quiet beauty was never more evident then at times like these, Brian stood in awe of what he had started here. And even as he set the alarm for their wake up call, he had to sit on the side of the bed and stare. God, he was such a lucky man. To have this boy and this job, nothing had touched him like this before. And as Brian finished undressing he slid in beside Mark and felt the heat of the boy's body thrill him. No, he would never allow anything to tarnish this child, for Mark had proved his worth tonight when he stood up and owned up to his mistake. It was a very mature thing to do and everyone appreciated it. Only Brian knew what was behind it, Mark was growing up; this had only been the first step. (Yaaay, another chapter is here, right now! Because you...yes you, the readers have been so kind) Adam Conquers Earth (M/B)Chapter Four The ride on the trailer was smooth, thanks to all the heavy equipment that rode along with the car. The cameras, all five of them, were stuck in various places to give different Child Loli views of the same scene. It was a luxury Alan wouldn't have very often, he could chose his shots when they went back to edit. Rick and Vera were getting their first moment on camera, and they looked ready. Adam was sitting in the back seat, the flow of cold air rising up from the floor around him from the AC hoses. This first run was for the early shots of Adam, camera over his shoulder, and another through the car window to his right. The shot of the Vernon's and the windshield was taken from the rear deck of the car where the glass had been removed to facilitate the camera. It was this one that looked forward and caught Adam reaching out to lay hands on the Earth family he had 'captured.' The moment was followed by a close up of Adam's face, eyes closed as he concentrated on bringing these humans under his control. The forward left camera caught the moment the Vernon's went from the happy young couple to Adam's Child Loli mind puppets. The three of them had sat with Alan and discussed the scene several times, the jist being they didn't want it to look like a horror film scene. Adam was not creating zombies here, just altering their minds on his behalf. Alan was sitting on a crate at the back of the trailer looking at monitor screens and staring intently. "Cut," he yelled. "Frank I need a bit more angle on Rick's face to catch that expression." Frank moved back the length of the trailer and shook his head. "Got all I can get unless we take out the front windshield too, that creates air flow problems. Can Rick turn his head a bit, he's not actually driving." "I know that," Alan laughed. "Yeah, we don't need the wind blowing in their faces." Alan got up and yelled out. "Rick look towards the center of the car if you will as Adam touches you; we'll make do with that." And so they did. They broke for lunch and reset the trailer. Now the cameras were up front and on the sides, the one in back moved off. Again the same scene, giving Alan more angles to work with and then it was done. The last shot they made was a front on view of Adam with his head out the window...tongue out in the breeze like a cocker spaniel. The boy hammed it up, it was hysterical. The McDonalds was next, and to facilitate the transition Frank took his camera on a little ride. He took a long slow approach to the McDonalds they'd chosen before the cops shut the access down and people could clutter the street wondering what was happening. The pristine scene looked great and Frank smiled as they pulled into the lot. The whole cast made the scene, along with the cops and several hundred onlookers who were kept at bay. The vans brought the equipment and cast, Adam and the Vernon's arrived by limo. The corporate suits had been there since noon to assure the place sparkled; the manager and his staff had been there since dawn. The crowd of people had no idea who was in the limo or what was going on, the publicity had just begun to trickle out. The first real thirty second commercial was due to hit the network in two weeks, after Triton had presented the final pilot to the sponsors. It was all rushing towards them and they still had three more days of shooting back in town on the neighborhood streets. Adam bounced out of the limo in his silver suit and waved at the crowd before walking in the restaurant. Tina was standing there and she applauded as Adam entered, and so did the twenty people she had chosen to sit around during the scenes. These weren't actors, just lucky customers who had been corralled that afternoon and asked to play the parts. Mark smiled at all the faces sitting at the tables and standing at the counter amidst the camera dollies and cables. He immediately turned into Mr. Showman. "Hi folks...so glad you joined us today," Mark said to those smiling faces. "You're all going to be in a television show, did Tina tell you all about it?" As heads nodded Mark picked up the pace, moving around the room and shaking hands. "My name is Mark Harrison, but for the next hour you must think of me as Adam. Can you do that?" More heads nodding, the people were a little stunned at all the attention. "OK, here's what's going on...." And Mark proceeded to tell the crowd who he was supposed to be and why Adam was here on Earth. Brian took one look and saw they were all captivated by the shear energy of this young boy. The Triton photographer was moving around capturing the reactions and Mark's speech, it was better than anything they could have planned. "So you all be sure to watch next month when 'Adam Conquers Earth' hits the airwaves, are you with me?" And the crowd rose to their feet and applauded; Mark had brought them all together. "Let's make television," Alan yelled, and his assistants moved through the crowd to make sure people took their rightful places. Mark came back towards Brian and he could see the zeal in the boy's eyes, he was pumped for this. "We're going to call the sequel to this 'Adam Conquers the White House,' you running for President?" Brian laughed. Mark laughed with him. "That was fun, did I get carried away?" "No, not at all, you made them a part of all this, it was awesome." "Places, please," Tina yelled. Rick and Vera took their seats as Adam took up his spot at the counter. This was an important scene; it would be the first time Adam speaks a whole sentence. There were two ambient microphones overhead for the background noise and he was wearing a wireless under the suit. The young man behind the counter was the real assistant manager of the place; he knew his lines, as he must have spoken them a hundred times today. Tina had selected him for his big brown eyes and clean face, the guy was just a big boy, barely nineteen. He really didn't have to remember all his lines, they were written on big white cue cards held by an assistant standing over Adam's shoulder. "Camera run," Frank said. And the little two minute scene began in rehearsal mode so the cameras could practice tracking. "Action," Alan yelled. Adam smiled and the young guy smiled back. "Welcome Child Loli to McDonalds, may I take your order?" Adam scanned the pictures across the big overhead board. "Hamburger Meal number one." He said. "That's one Big Mac meal, what would you like to drink with that?" And then Adam began. "Hamburger two...three...four...five...six...seven." "Um...you want those all as meals?" "Fries and Coke," Adam said. "Things go better with Coke." "That's seven meals and seven cokes, would you like to super size that?" "No, I will come back for more if I am still hungry," Adam said. "You have enough here to feed an army," The counter man said. "Be Army Strong," Adam said. "Oh yeah, you eat all this and you will be strong." Several different hands placed the food out on three trays and Adam's eyes got real big. "That will be thirty three seventy-nine," The counter man said. Adam looked down at the food and looked up. "I'll be back," He said in his best Terminator imitation, and then he turned towards the table where the Vernon's sat and walked over. "Thirty three seventy-nine...please," Adam said. "What did you buy, son?" Rick asked. "Hamburgers...enough for an army," Adam said. "That's nice dear, you must be hungry," Vera said. Rick pulled out his wallet and handed over the bills. Adam took the money and went back to the counter. He stuck out his hand and the counter man took the bills, handing Adam back his change. "Would you like some help with that?" The counter man asked. "No, I can eat it all myself," Adam said. "Cut," Alan yelled. "Get what you need Frank?" "Smooth," Frank replied. "Adam, when you take the money from Rick will you turn your body a bit more to the right, the dolly is awfully close to that table." "Done deal," Adam said. "OK, reset," Tina yelled. Props gave Rick his money back, and cleared the counter of the food. The McDonalds employee wiped the stainless counter and dropped the rag back underneath. "You did that real well," Mark said, looking at the guy's name tag for the first time. "I'm glad they chose you, Robbie." "I never acted before, was it OK?" Robbie asked. "Top notch, now we do it for real...you nervous?" "Yes, my knees are shaking," Robbie admitted. "Set up," Frank called out. "OK, places," Tina yelled. Mark smiled at Robbie. "Take a deep breath and let it out slowly." They both did it together and the guy relaxed as Mark became Adam once again. "Action." Adam gave Robbie a wink, and young man smiled. "Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?" The scene ran flawlessly and when Alan yelled cut there was applause from the crowd. Mark walked around the counter and gave Robbie a hug. "Thanks, we did it," Mark said. "That's it?" Robbie asked. "Not quite, we have another scene at the table and then we're done," Mark said. "But tell your friends to watch your big debut as an actor next month, you rock." And then they shook hands. "Set up," Frank yelled and Mark hurried over to his seat at the table. The plastic top was littered with hamburger boxes, French fries and empty soda cups, assorted napkins and straws and finally the make up lady appeared and smeared a bit of red makeup on Adam's mouth at the corners. Props came next and sprinkled crumbs on the front of the space suit. "Places," Tina yelled and the room became silent. "Don't forget to talk people," She added, and the background chatter resumed. "Action," Alan yelled. "Did you get enough to eat, dear?" Vera asked. Adam burped into his fist and then smiled, "The hamburgers were good, thank you." "Would you like some dessert?" Rick asked. "Dessert?" And Adam rubbed his stomach. "There's always room for Jell-o...but can we go home now?" "Cut," Alan finally yelled, "That's it folks." The crowd applauded and Mark stood up, walking around the room shaking hands until he came to the suits. Alan and Brian walked over just in Child Loli time to hear Mark say. "Lots of fun...now can I please have a hamburger?" Mark...playing the kid once again. They all laughed and Mark stepped up to the counter and ordered a Big Mac to go. They waved at the crowd outside as the crew hustled the camera equipment out the side doors. Brian opened the limo doors and the cast piled in, he took the last seat. "Anyone want this hamburger?" Mark asked. "But you ordered it," Vera said. "Brian won't let me eat this stuff, I did it for show," Mark laughed, and gave Brian a wink. "What a schemer," Vera said. "So at least we get to go home now," Rick said. "Yeah," Mark sighed. "Are Child Loli we there yet?" And they all laughed. The flight back was full of happy people, everyone could see the pilot wrapping up in a few days and then the real work would begin. Mapping out the first six episodes had been going on the whole time they were in Nevada. The costumers had done their fittings, the house they would use for the interior scenes was rearranged and the location neighborhood was all ready to go. In using a real neighborhood and it's streets they gained a financial savings by not having to build the darn place on some lot. But each and every real person on the street had to agree and that gave them some issues. Without a great deal of financial burden, the studio took over the careful grooming of the yards and homes, it was hardly a subtle bribe, but it worked. Most of these very real people would be off at work when the scenes were shot, but some would still be there and Alan intended to use them to advantage. A woman walking her dog, a man going to the mail box, even the real mail delivery folks were brought into the scheme. Everything worked to make the neighborhood look real. Brian had already placed a call into his friend Tim Real about the possible security needs and had arranged for him to stop by and talk to Rosie the evening they got back. Convincing her that Mark might need some extra protection once the fans became aware of his existence was fairly easy, meeting Tim would seal the deal. Of course that tied Rosie up so Mark told her he had to spend the evening with Brian to go over the lines for the following day's shoot and she had agreed. The boy was naked within two minutes of walking through the door, and he stared at all the boxes stacked around the walls. "You are moving...you got the condo?" Mark asked. "Yup, the movers will be here Thursday. Then I'll be less than a mile from your place," Brian replied. "We can ride in to work together." "I thought we'd have such different schedules," Mark said. "Not any more. I have meetings, workups and the shoot to attend, you have school, shoots and scripting calls to make...seven in the morning to nine at night for both of us I'm afraid." Mark groaned and fell back on the bed. "This is really happening; I just hope all the fun doesn't go out of it." Brian sat down and stroked Mark's leg. "Sweetie, it will all be hard work, but we're playing in the big time now, the rewards will be greater. Let's just suppose 'Adam' takes off and runs until you're eighteen, what would you like to do then? Because by then you'll pretty much be able to write your own ticket." "I want to do films; do you think there will be parts for me?" Mark asked. Brian chuckled. "Sweetie, by then people will be writing scripts just so you can star in them. 'Adam' will only keep you busy for less than half the year, you can work outside the television industry even now. Let the show get out there and watch the offers come rolling in, everyone will want Mark Harrison's name on their film." Mark smiled. "You always know how to make me happy." "Not always, but I try," Brian said. Mark sat up and slid Brian's shirt off, running his hand over the hairs of his muscular chest. "I wonder when I'm gonna grow some hairs like you?" Mark said. "When Mother Nature says you're ready...I just hope she lets you stay like this a while so I can enjoy every inch of that smooth skin." Mark giggled as he reached for Brian's belt. "Oh yeah...we haven't done that in a while. Let's go shower." And Brain washed Mark with the gentle bar of herbal soap which left his skin tasting like lemons and mint. The boy got all boned up in the shower, but Brian put him off, preferring to take Mark's suggestion...it had been a while. With soft music playing and the lights down low, Brian began at Mark's feet and slowly began to lick the boy's soft fragrant flesh. It had been maybe the second or third time they had come over to Brian's condo when Mark discovered the basket of scented soaps under the counter in the bathroom. A gift from Brian's mother. Then of course they had to smell each and every bar in the collection until Mark's nose came to the herbal bar and he cooed with delight. And now once again Brian was going to lick every inch of the boy until Mark virtually screamed for release, the method really turned him on. He was such a glutton for punishment. But even as Brian licked his way up Mark's body he could sense the changes maturity was bringing. The hairs on the boy's legs were a little coarser, the soft downy fuzz giving way to real hairs as his skin follicles aged. Mark's pubic bush had thickened but as yet his ball sac remained hairless. In all, he was still the very essence of boyish delight. And then just to indulge himself with the pleasure, Brian grabbed Mark's legs and flipped him over. The sight of those soft round globes always gave Brian a thrill. A boy's ass always gave him such distinction, and Brian was a connoisseur. For of all the boys he'd relished none had offered him such delight, Mark's ass was something to be cherished. His tongue lapped up Mark's calf muscles and flowed across the back of his thighs. Mark knew what was coming and spread his legs wide, opening himself up for the assault of Brian's tongue. His cock was already so hard it was uncomfortable to lie on, but as Brian's tongue swept up his inner thigh Mark Child Loli raised his rear end, spreading his butt cheeks for the Child Loli moment he so desired. And only wishing to prolong the boy's desire, Brian's tongue swept right past the offering and his lips sucked on the rounded globes of Mark's ass. "Oh Jeez," Mark groaned, "You are such a tease." "The impatience of youth," Brian chuckled, and he kept on licking. But as his tongue swept up the curve of Mark's spine, between his shoulder blades and onto the base of the boy's neck, their bodies pressed together, and their skins touched. Brian pressed down onto the smooth bed of Mark's body. It was time, and Brian swept his tongue around and under Mark's right ear as he leaned up to smell the boy's hair. Their bodies were in full contact now, Brian's hardness pressed into the crease of Mark's ass like a heat seeking missile and the boy bucked back up into him, wanting the contact, desiring it to be more. "Now, Brian...for God's sake...now," Mark groaned. He was hot...Brian could feel the heat as he pressed down, the gentle contact melting them together as he slid into the boy. And the insistent groans now turned into moans of pleasure from them both. Brian wanted to suckle the skin of that smooth neck, but he dared not leave a mark or even a single blemish anywhere on that precious body. Mark had left plenty of his own marks on places Brian could easily hide, but they were there. Teeth marks on his nipples, suck marks on his thighs and chest, the boy had thoroughly marked his territory. But penetration left no trace on flesh that was more than willing to accept the intrusion, and so they fucked, made love...the words didn't matter anymore. The joining left them both satisfied and only craving the moment when they could do it yet again...and again. Rosie would never know. They would ride one another, seeking every moment of pleasure their lithe young bodies could measure out. It was all they ever wanted, it was what they desired. And now they were so adroit at the moves, so practiced in such a few short months. Brian pushed himself in to the hilt and then rolled, his arms clutching Mark's chest until the boy was on top. Mark sat up and pressed down on Brian's thighs with his hands, taking his weight off as he turned his body. And then he sat astride Brian's lap, the pressure in his gut insistent and thrilling. It was Mark's favorite position...it was where they had begun to learn the dance, and they both moved to the music playing softly in the background. Now Mark could look down into Brian's eyes and not only feel the love but see its effect on the man he cherished. For never in his wildest imaginings could Mark have known how good, how wonderful loving someone like this could be. If he could have expressed the words he would tell Brian a thousand times a day that all he did was in support of this love. And the feeling of elation swept through him, knowing he had always needed the love of a man in his life. His patience had been rewarded a thousand times over. Their gaze never wavered, for Brian was just as besotted with the boy, and as he gave up his gift into Mark, the favor was returned as the boy's groans were quickly followed by strong spurts of youthful seed. Brian could feel the heat on his skin as those drops sprayed his chest and stomach. Yes, it had been too long since love had been this grand.

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