Related article: Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 14:09:11 EST From: SANIBELBOYSaol.com Subject: a lesson in time part 22This story is (C)Copyright 2006, 14 Year Old Russian Models by TM. All World Wide Rights Reserved. This story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission. A Lesson In Time, Chapter Twenty Two I watched as Nathan began moving first to my right and then to my left; setting up addition cameras. One by one, the little red lights began to flash, alerting me that I was now being recorded. My eyes rolled around just a little and I even noticed the same blinking red light directly above the bed."If you don't mind me suggesting, but it would be better if you draped his cock first; just for the fact that the viewer doesn't yet know he's been smoothed", Nathan said apparently to Doc."Quite right, point well taken" Doc said, as he reached beside himself and produced a small green cloth and draped it over my cock and balls; fishing my dick through the small hole in the middle."So tell me Kevin, why have you chosen to work in the area of slave indenturement?" Doc asked in a very professional voice."Because of my family and their personal connections with the industry. The industry also provides a proven income and has many benefits as well." I replied."And you are here as an intern for your father's company and have a desire to experience a smattering of what a slave goes through on a daily basis. It's also a prelude to your senior year of college, correct?""Yes, that too is correct".I began to feel the same infibulating experience as I had yesterday; as Doc squeezed a syringe full of lubrication down into the urinary canal of my cock.Doc began to massage my dick as he squeezed it, pushing the lube even further down the shaft."So tell me Kevin" Nathan began, "what is 14 Year Old Russian Models the first thing either in school or out here in the real world that you've learned about being a slave?""That's an easy question to answer. A slave has no rights and he doesn't have any control over himself or his needs or desires.""And that is the reason you are going to loose control over your own body as we speak", Doc responded."I feel that it is one of the better ways to actually understand slavery and have agreed to help make this video depicting that which we've spoken of."I could feel the tip of the catheter begin to probe my piss slit, as I tried to relax and allow it to pass through. I could tell, by the instant discomfort, that it was the same large size as yesterday. There was a brief second where I yelped, as it broke through the harder tissues at my piss slit, but the actual insertion wasn't difficult until it came time to break through the sphincter muscle of my bladder. I still needed to pee badly, and just wanted this over with."Now we're almost done Kevin. Just another couple of inches and then the final push and you'll be free of anymore urges to urinate", Doc said in a normal fashion.I couldn't see everything Doc was doing, but I knew that it was almost over with when I saw him connect the tube, allowing it to fall between my outstretched legs and over the end of the bed. Moments later, I could feel the rush of urine flowing through the tube, allowing me to relax. Then, unlike yesterday, I watched as Doc connected a much larger syringe to the catheter."This particular catheter needs a much larger amount of saline to keep the balloon inside your bladder in place. It might feel strange at first but like others, you'll get used to it being there" Doc once again spoke in his professional voice."Now Kevin", Nathan said, "What is the one thing that helps a slave begin to realize that his days of freedom and having the same rights and privileges as free men are over?""There are several things, but the most dramatic difference is when he is stripped of his worldly clothes and shaved clean.""And what else might there be in the new slaves capacity to survive in his new world Kevin?" asked Doc."Again, there are many things which a new slave must learn immediately to avoid punishment.""Would you care to elaborate on some of them Kevin?" Nathan asked.I remained silent, for what seemed the longest time; thinking of how I would respond to the question. All I could think of at the moment was the sensation of having 14 Year Old Russian Models a desire to piss. I knew that it must just be a mental thing, but regardless, I felt the urge. I good sense and feel my body reacting to the latex tube, as it convulsed against it."Take your time Kevin, we've plenty of that. Just make sure that you are positive with your responses", Doc said.My hands and arms were lifted off of the bed and attached to leather cuffs dangling from nylon rope attached to the ceiling. Then my ankles were summarily attached in like fashion. I heard the faint whir of an electric motor and then my limbs were lifted farther off the bed and much wider than my torso.As I answered the question posed to me; John Henry and the Housemaster were busy applying an ample amount of shaving cream to my body. I noticed Doc gently cutting the cloth away from my dick as John Henry brushed the cream rather quickly over my pubic region.I continued to answer a few menial questions, while the Housemaster used what looked like an old fashion cut throat razor to shave me. I knew that this part was mostly for `show', since I had already shaved earlier. The Housemaster leaned next to my face, and whispered into my ear, "a straight razor does a much better job that those cheap imitations."As each area was shaved, John Henry used a soft, dampened and warm cloth to wipe away any residue. It really seemed more sensual than the last time I was shaved. My cock reacted, slight as it may have been, to the razor gliding down the shaft which the Housemaster was holding in one hand. The area surrounding my ass even seemed to feel different, as the razor slowly and methodically curved and swerved to rid my skin of what might have been any renegade hair or stubble."Kevin, would you agree that you feel less of a man, now that you haven't the hair of a free man?" I was asked, and I answered truthfully that not only did it feel weird but it also left me with a degree of improbability that one might expect to re-grow it. My response led right into the next question."Kevin would you say, would you agree, that since you've been here, that you' ve seen and learned a significant amount about the 14 Year Old Russian Models differences between slaves?"I answered with a simple, `yes'."But you do recognize the difference between those slaves who are allowed hair and those that aren't? You have learned the difference between a common lease slave, pony slave, hard labor slave and a pussyboy slave, haven't you? You certainly can't unequivocally state that all slaves are devoid of hair. So why don't you, for the viewers sake, clarify your statement... say... explain to them, if you would, the meaning of remaining in a smooth state and wearing pink articles of clothing as compared to a common lease slave." Doc sternly asked.Yet again, my thought process was interrupted by Nathan, trying to add his comments and suggestions. "If I might; I think the audience would like to know first off, if Kevin has a sexual preference towards females or males, thus allowing the audience to conclude in their own minds the response that Kevin is going to give. Sometimes a man might answer such a question one way, in a manner that might give the audience the wrong impression of the slave."Nathan's comments threw me for a loop. I didn't know what to think, except that perhaps he was hoping that I'd come out openly and admit that I was in fact gay.While I lay there, uncomfortable as I was, I still tried to gather up the right words to use in my response. I could feel a coldness beginning to seep into my ass, and realized that it was a liberal amount of lubrication being squeezed in."Here Kevin, swallow this pill. It might help reduce the amount of nausea that you have in your stomach", Doc said sympathetically.I opened my mouth and Doc placed the large pill on my tongue, but I had a difficult time trying to swallow it."Here, let me get you something to help you swallow the pill", came more words from Doc.Moments later Doc was holding what looked like a large baby bottle up to my lips. It had the largest nipple I'd ever seen. I noticed John Henry coming forward to hold the bottle and saw a pleasant look on his face. It made me feel at ease, as I opened my mouth and began sucking on the rubber nipple. It took only one big dose of the contents in the bottle to realize that I was drinking warm piss, probably my own.It didn't upset me that I was swallowing piss, probably for the fact that not a word was said aloud for the camera to capture... until.Doc put his hand over that of John Henry and pulled the nipple from my mouth saying, "Tell the viewer what it is that you are drinking."I gave the only answer possible, "urine"."And knowing that urine is not harmful in certain doses, you don't think that a slave would have objections to drinking it?""No", I replied; "Urine in small doses isn't harmful and it further signifies a slave's acceptance into his new and exciting life."John Henry once again placed the bottle to my lips and I sucked more fluid. I could hear Doc and Nathan talking, but I couldn't hear what exactly it was that they were saying."This is just a standard injection we administer to all new slaves Kevin. It is like, how'd you say, an inoculation against certain diseases and things like that", Doc said as he swabbed alcohol on one of my butt cheeks. "It's just another thing that you need to experience and I'm sure that you'll appreciate the thoughtfulness of our caring procedures here. I've added a small percentage of a medicine that should help you relax a little more as well."I could do nothing more than trust Doc at this point. It's not as if I could slide off the bed and leave the `studio'.When I had completely drained the bottle, Nathan once again posed the questions to me, that I hadn't responded to earlier, and I answered them.Yes, I admitted that I was gay; which somehow made me feel so much better; as if I had just freed myself from so many years of hiding the fact. And I began to expound on the differences in the slaves, leaning (as asked to do) towards the role of a pussyboy slave.Every once in awhile, I'd glance over to see John Henry standing alongside of me, with both of his hands properly placed behind his head. His smile, his look of acceptance and to some degree, his look of confidence towered above all else.I was beginning to feel a bit lightheaded, almost as if I'd been drinking again; but attributed these feelings to the lateness of the day and the fact that I was getting tired."So tell us and the viewer, Kevin, if you'd like to continue on this exploration for another day or two." Doc asked with a serious tone in his voice.I thought for a minute or two, having difficulty correlating words which to put into a sentence, when I overheard Doc say something to somebody which sounded a lot like, `ring Shaun and have him come down right now."My eyes began to roll around, my vision becoming a little blurred; but I was still able to focus my attention on John Henry.I hadn't responded to the last question yet and Shaun was now standing next to Doc, panting as if out of breath. I heard Doc explaining to Shaun what had transpired and to what point we were at, in making this video. All Shaun could say was `awesome'."If it will influence the future of our countries slave industry... yes I'll agree to two days of training." The words seemed to have escaped my mouth before my brain could react."Very good reply Kevin", said Doc. "Now then, for the next two days you will be under the direct control of Shaun, Nathan and John Henry. You must do whatever they tell you to do, when they tell you to do it. If your internship is to be successful, as you've stated you desire, then the only way is to immerse yourself into the life of a slave. I'm sure that your company will appreciate the sacrifice you are making and I know for certain that the viewers will also. Make no bones about it, it will be tougher than you probably thought, but it is worth your while to experience such. Your future success within the industry might just depend on what you learn here the rest of the week. I will notify your immediate supervisor that you will be indisposed for two days so they won't be alarmed if they don't hear from you."I continued to lay there, not knowing if I was expected to respond to Doc's comments. My bladder was once again full, which told me that Doc had clamped off the drain tube in my dick. I really needed to pee."I need to pee badly" came the words from my mouth; but instead of unclamping my catheter, I got a firm, but not hard slap across my face from Shaun."A slave only speaks when asked a question boy", Shaun 14 Year Old Russian Models barked; "So remember that for the time we're together and you might just avoid another such slap. And for the next few days, don't forget your manners either!"The next thing I know, my hips are being raised up and something soft was pushed underneath them; followed by another cushion placed under my neck, allowing my head to fall backwards; but remaining off of the rubber sheet."The less editing I have to do, the more video we'll have", exclaimed Nathan, "so let's make sure that whatever happens, whatever we do, that it comes out all natural looking or at least the best we can make 14 Year Old Russian Models it.""I'm sure that with Shaun's expertise in slave indoctrinations, we won't have too much waste", commented Doc."Well I'm not going to get in the middle of the right or wrong side to be standing on, nor am I wanting to `stage' a scene. With all of the cameras you have, I'm sure that a little effort on your part will reward you handsomely, just like it has in the past", bellowed Shaun. "Just don't forget that Kevin is only doing this for two days and then it's back to normal around here."There seemed to be a moment of silence as the men absorbed Shaun's words and then came, "Let's get this show on the road", barked Shaun.Something didn't seem right. Well more than just a something; as I began thinking that Shaun might decide to take some course of action against me, for his own earlier thrashing. John Henry had moved back away from me and was out of sight momentarily. With my head tilted back, it was nearly impossible to see down towards my waist and beyond."Lucky for you" Shaun said in a hushed voice, "if this was all for real, you' d lose all of your hair". At that moment I heard a snap and the familiar sound of barber clippers. From the nap of my neck, towards my forehead, Shaun buzzed my hair; leaving me with about a half inch atop my head. I grit my teeth and growled behind my clinched jaws, which seemed to bring a smile to Shaun' s face."Can't have a pussyslave going around with a mop of hair, now can we", he said once the clippers had been turned off."You do know what this is, don't you?" Shaun questioned, as he held up a rather large pink chain collar. "Don't want the other slaves to think you got some kind of privilege or exemptions around here, do we."Shaun slid it behind my head and brought the two ends together just under my adam's apple. He then placed a small padlock thru the two ends to keep it secured. The chain must have been made out of plastic or some other light weight material because it didn't seem all that heavy.My eyelids continued to feel heavy and my limbs felt like when they `fall asleep', with that numb but tingly feeling."These rings should actually be replaced with proper sized ones and lord knows what else this pussyslave needs", Shaun once again spouted."Well, by the looks of his ass, it appears that it hasn't seem much action over the last twenty one years", Doc said, just as he plowed a finger hard up into me. I could feel him trying to locate and then subsequently find my prostate. I knew what he was trying to do and I went along with the program; as my sexual libido started to kick in.After a few minutes of Doc twisting and turning one finger, he stuck in a second one; which really affected my need for sex. I heard Nathan saying something to whomever, but there didn't seem to be any response from any of the others.Moments after my ass was free, the clamp on my catheter was released; sending a second wave of piss gushing out and into a waiting container."It's getting late", Doc announced. "Perhaps we should conclude tonight's activities and resume in the morning. I'm sure that Kevin could use a good nights rest by now".Again, there was a prolonged silence, until Shaun said, "We haven't used these in ages. Since it's only two days, I don't see the harm in applying them now".I didn't know what he was talking about; but I did feel it and eventually I did see it. The hard, heavy and cold of steel bracelets being attached to my wrists and ankles told me all I needed to know.The ropes that had held me firm were lowered and my limbs made contact with the bed again. John Henry was quick to remove the ropes and leather cuffs, as the Housemaster pulled the two cushions out from under me."I guess I should be getting him up to my workspace, where he can get some rest", Shaun said with his face now displaying something just short of evil.John Henry pulled me upright and helped me to get off of the bed, but no sooner had I started to get my balance back; comes a hard swat on my butt. "New pussyslaves never stand unless given permission", the Housemaster yelled, as John Henry started to ease me down to my knees. I took offense to the Housemaster raising his hand to me; but I knew if I'd reacted it would have only made matters worse. I would wait until the conclusion of this two day event and then I would exact some form of retribution. This little exercise is supposed to exclude him or the housekeeper from commanding any part of this `experiment'."Get the room cleaned up and then join us up in the barn", Shaun said to John Henry. I detected a look of sadness on the slave's face upon hearing his directive.Nathan quickly began turning off the cameras, except for one. The one camera, he detached from the tripod and hefted it up to his shoulder, aiming the lens right at me. Shaun snapped a long leash on to my collar and started to move. The next thing I know, I'm falling forward onto the floor, and everyone seemed to think it was funny."No, NO, NO!" Shaun yelled. "All new pussyslaves have to learn to crawl before they can walk, or didn't you learn that already."I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees and slowly gathered up my wits; trying to understand the need to make me crawl; when suddenly Doc spoke."Aren't we forgetting something?" He asked.I wanted to raise my head and look, but was now becoming a bit more fearful of what was actually happening to me.The instant that I thought Shaun was going to start moving forward, never happened. Instead I felt something pushing against my ass.Without uttering a word, Doc eased a sizeable butt plug up my ass. I gasped several times, trying to will myself to relax and accept it.Just when I felt something brush against my inner thighs, Shaun spoke, saying "It looks nice with a tail, don't ya think. He'll get to feel more horse hair than just what's dangling out of his ass before he's done."I had a difficult time adjusting to the stairs, and Shaun was in no mood to have any patience with me either. My whole body began to crumble beneath me, and I didn't understand why. I even tried to look underneath myself, but the only thing I saw was the 14 Year Old Russian Models clamped off catheter, the steel cuffs wrapped around my ankles and the long horse hair tail dangling from the base of the plug. My muscles were quickly turning to mush, and I didn't know why or how such a thing was possible. It wasn't long after I'd missed a couple of steps, that I fell forward hitting my head against the lip of one of the steps which sent my 14 Year Old Russian Models universe into darkness.My head ached, my eyes 14 Year Old Russian Models burned, still blurry from the night before but I was alive and breathing. Every muscle in my body throbbed with an enormous amount of pain. The scratchy feeling against my body, as I lay flat, alerted me to the fact that I was lying upon straw.Had it not been for the solitary light bulb dangling overhead, my world would still have been in darkness.I tried to stretch my arms first, but found that their movement was somehow restricted. I forced my hands to remain open as my fingers touched the hardened surface of steel.Although my vision was obstructed, I knew that my fingers had wrapped themselves around steel bars. I forced my legs and feet to move, and they too found themselves to be remanded within the confines of even more steel bars. I moved my right hand and arm above my head, towards the light and once more found myself feeling the harshness, the foreboding presence of steel.I tried, albeit in vain, to recall the events of the previous night. A hundred questions raced through my head, all without answers.My left hand moved down to my cock; smooth, soft, supple, still there: but now, I had a hose coming out my piss slit. My balls too, were smooth and firm; drawn up against the root of my dick but the straw beneath them was damp and pliable.My right hand searched my torso, what for, I don't know. The absence of that little trail of hair beneath my belly button was missing, along with the smattering of hair between my nipples. The realization that steel had lanced my tits was something that I wasn't able to comprehend.The hand traced itself over the top of my head, feeling the bristles of what used to be a full healthy head of hair; reduced to something akin to a buzz job.I tried to push myself, beyond the pain, to sit up; finding that it was impossible. The steel bars above, prevented me from doing so.There was a faint sound beyond the steel bars, which almost sounded human. It reminded me of a man snoring during his sleep.My butt hurt, as if I'd been stung by several bees and my ass felt weird too. It wasn't until my hand sought out my ass that I discovered that it seemed impacted with something foreign.For several minutes, I once more tried to understand my world as it was; but more often than not, I began to think that my mind was trapped in another man 's body, or was my body trapped in another man's mind.I did everything I could to try and remember how I got here and especially how I ended up like this. I couldn't even remember yesterday, let alone who or what I was.Somebody had even put metal cuffs on my hands and feet and there was something strange wrapped around my neck.My eyes began to clear, but my head and body still throbbed with excruciating pain. I could at least make small movements inside the confines of my surroundings, so I eased myself over to a point whereby I was laying on my side, facing towards the sound.A blinding bolt of light lit up this new world, as my eyes blinked and adjusted. I couldn't make out the figure standing on the other side of the steel bars, but by the voice I knew it was a man."Morning slave" the voice thundered, rattling every bone and fiber in my body. Was this man talking to me!A sudden jolt of pain struck my upper right arm as my mouth spewed forth the sounds of a wailing animal."The correct thing for a slave to say, when greeted by a free man is ... " Good Morning Sir! And say it like you mean it""Good Morning Sir" I muttered best I could."Much better, but you still need to improve, slave" came yet another sentence from this stranger. "I'm sure you have questions, but they don't need answers. All will come to you in good time. You're going to have a busy couple of days and I don't want any trouble out of you, unless you want to feel the pain again from the slave prod. Now you'll be getting up and cleaned shortly but first I think you should eat and have something to quench the thirst."I began rubbing my eyes, blinking them like a flashing road sign and slowly more of my vision started to return.The sound of metal against metal echoed in my head, as this steel barrier was somehow opened and I was pulled out; left to lay on the floor just beneath the man, as even more light showered down from above.

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