Related article: Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 16:20:29 +0100 From: A.K. Subject: Alain's Diary - 09/14 (adult-youth)----------------------------ALAIN'S DIARY by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2005 written on October 8th, 1990 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Dave-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"ALAIN'S DIARY" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my Nude Little Girls Nn welcomed guest.-----------------------------Part 9 11th of August 1973, SaturdayClaude is already on vacation and today I too will start my vacation. Today he will come down to fetch me to his chalet in the Massif Central. We will be alone, he and I, and I Nude Little Girls Nn guess it will be good. Yes, orgies could also be amusing and exciting, but after all I prefer being alone with the man I'm fucking with...I already prepared my luggage and am now waiting for him to come, with his shabby deux chevaux. We will spend all the week together. I really need to rest a while, to do nothing. And then... with Claude I can have sex every day, and on a bed, and also under the sunlight! On a bed is a lot better than standing down there in the mine, or going amongst the bushes, or I don't know where. You can do things at ease, peacefully, in a Nude Little Girls Nn good way, quietly.If I had to make a list, besides Jacques, who would of course be the top and with a big gap with all the others, the second would be Philippe, then Claude, then all the others. Anyway I feel good with Claude. He is an easy dude, and knows how to have sex. He has a fair body and is not a sissy. And we are friends. I think he is, at present, the only true friend I have. 12th of August '73, SundayMore than a chalet, this is a modest, little mountain house, stone-built, in a lost small village with eleven houses (I counted them) and a small chapel (and without a town hall or a shop). We are the only two people from "outside", all the other inhabitants are highlanders. The house belonged to Claude's grandpa, who was born here. His family doesn't like this house, thus they let it to Claude, who loves this place and usually comes here all alone.The place is really beautiful, from the rear window you can see the entire valley sloping down. On the first floor there is the kitchen and the stable, separated by a wooden staircase leading to the second floor where two rooms are. The smallest is now used as storage, a kind of depot. The other one is the bedroom, with just a wardrobe, two chairs, a side table, a chest of drawers with a mirror, and a tall and wide bed where I and Claude make sex and sleep. The furniture is old and simple, in farmers' style, but Claude cares for it and I like it. In the stable he has built a bog and put a wooden bath-tub.Our program during the day is going out for a good walk in the surroundings, or else to go down the valley with his car to do shopping for our supplies. Here everybody greets you. Claude told the villagers I am his cousin, so that people don't slander, that is they don't understand our true relationship, that I fuck Claude's ass. He never went up there with any other boy; I'm the first one he brought here.I asked him how it happened the first time he had sex with a male, and when he understood he liked males. He told me it was ten years ago, when he was just eighteen, and he already worked down there in the mine. But it didn't happen in the mine. He was playing soccer with our village's team and was already feeling he liked boys and not girls, but couldn't expose himself, as everybody was talking about girls and telling bad things about fags.During a match, he received a big blow with the ball right down there and he tumbled down on the field, almost senseless because of the strong pain, his face purple. He was brought in haste at the hospital for a check and the doctor on duty who visited him was a young assistant, as it was a Sunday. He asked Claude to lie down on the litter, pulled down his shorts with the underpants and touched him there and asked, "It hurts?" and he said, "a little bit, yes" and the other fingers and touches, until Claude gets an hard-on and feels ashamed.The doctor, as if nothing happened, says, "happily, everything seems alright, young man, but we have to check if it still works as it has to." and Nude Little Girls Nn continues to finger and touch... so that he is quite wanking him. Claude is enjoying that a lot but is also ashamed to die, so he says, "I think that if you don't stop... I'll cum..." and the doctor says with a little smile, "Yes, no problem. Why, don't you like it?" So Claude answers, "No, no, I like it very much..."Then the doctor says, "Your reaction shows me Nude Little Girls Nn that you like better a boy than a girl don't you?" Claude is confused and says, "Well... I don't know..." but the doctor says, "I'm a doctor, you can tell me without problems. You never tried it with a man?" and he, "No, not yet." And the doctor, continuing to wank him, says, "But you surely thought about doing it, you would like to try, wouldn't you?" and Claude nods a yes and the doctor Nude Little Girls Nn says, "wouldn't you like to play with mine as I'm playing with yours?"Claude is more and more confused and says, "Maybe." Then the doctor locks the door with the key, goes back to him, opens his trousers and tells, "go on, pull it out." and Claude, still lying on the stretcher, wanks the doctor and feels he likes having that hard thing in his hand. Then the doctor moves placing it near his head and asks, "Now lick it for a while..." and Claude, now totally turned on, doesn't think twice and obeys. The doctor continues to wank him but with the other hand rummages between his butts and pushes a finger in his hole and Claude likes that so much that he is able to cum at once.Then the doctor gives him a small piece of cloth and tells him, "Clean yourself, boy. You have nothing to worry, as you see; your thing works properly." And while he puts back his thing in his trousers, says, "Now you can dress. If you want a check-up, you can come to this address, in my private surgery. If you come around 7 pm, the nurse has already gone back home and we can be alone..." But Claude never went to see that doctor again, because he was too ashamed.Anyway, in that occasion he got the confirmation he liked males and also that he loved having something up his ass. The second one was one of his soccer-mates, once they were the last two to shower and the others were already back home. In the showers they just touched each other and sucked each other. Then his mate in another occasion told him that he wanted to fuck his ass, and they went to the river side, in the bushes, and Claude lost his cherry to his mate, and loved it.As this mate was also a friend of Bernard and they had sex together, he said to Bernard about Claude. Thus Bernard, once brought him in the abandoned blind tunnel, pulled down his trousers and fucked him. That first time Claude was scared to die, fearing they could be caught, so that he didn't even get a hard-on but he enjoyed all the same the fuck. So he let Bernard fuck him again and again and loved that. The fourth one was his sergeant in the army, then I am the fifth one, besides a few one night stands he had...I think that being fatherless and with my family to provide for, I will not be called in the army, and that's a pity, because according to what Thibault and Claude Nude Little Girls Nn told me, there are lots of good occasions to have sex with a man, when you are in the army. Monday August 13th, '73Today, during our walk, we saw a big rock, around three meters tall, in the shape of a huge hard cock, with also the gland on the top. Claude hugged and kissed it and he was so funny that I laughed till I cried. Then, still holding it with his spread arms, he started to move up and down with all his body, rubbing it, and I told him, "stop, Claude, come on!" and he answered, without stopping, "Why? Are you jealous?" and I, "No, but we don't have an umbrella. If it cums, it soaks us to our bones!" and both we laughed like mad men. Then he says, "Come here, let's climb on it, so we can fuck up there." "Are you crazy? If somebody comes in here..." I say and he, "No, almost nobody passes in this spot." "No, no. The 'almost' is way too much, to me. And also, I don't want to cut a bad figure in comparison to that huge thing!" I say, and he, "No way, you can't cut a bad figure - yours is not so big but is way much nicer. And then, it's my luck that yours is not so big! Yours is just the right size for me."Claude is really genial and now, as a joke, instead of saying cock or dick, we say "rock". For instance, one of us says "I really feel like climbing a rock, now!" or something alike. August 14, 1973, ThursdayWe were making love, this afternoon, when somebody knocked at the door downstairs. Claude left the bed and leaned out of the window calling, "Who's there?" It was his brother with a girl. We dressed back, fast as lightning, and went downstairs in a hurry to open the door. The brother is younger than Claude, he must be 26. He asks Claude in a very low voice, "Can't you live us the house for a couple or three hours?" Claude answers, "But in three hours here it is already night..." And his brother, "I know, but the weather is fine. Come on, brother, I can possibly fuck her..."So, with the pretext we had to go down the valley to make provisions, we went out. We did a wide stroll then we went back. Marcel, Claude's brother, and the girl were sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee as if nothing happened. Claude, entering the kitchen asked, "Did you have a good time?" and from Marcel's smile and the girl's blushing we understood that their answer was a good "yes". We chatted a while then the couple left. Then Claude tells me, "We were forced to interrupt something very enjoyable, don't you remember?" and I, "Sure. Come upstairs and we'll start again from where we had to stop..."Later, during supper, Claude says, "you think you'll get married?" and I, "I don't know, but I think not, really. And you?" "I think I have to. You know how it is in our village..." and I, "But your brother, Marcel, knows about you?" And he, "Are you crazy? At home nobody suspects anything, happily. They would kill me, my father the first."Not all the fathers are like that doctor I saw in St. Etienne, or to say better, almost no one. August 16, '73, TuesdayYesterday evening, while we were entering the house with our supplies, a young man with a rucksack arrived and asked, "Sorry, can I have some water, please?" So we brought him in the kitchen. He leaves his rucksack on the floor and Claude gives him a big mug with fresh water and tells him to sit down for a while, 'cause he seems tired. The young man thanks and sits down. He is wearing tight shorts from which stick out a good pair of strong legs and a good bump shows in his fly, so that I ain't able to remove my gaze and also Claude looks at him with eyes that show how much he too is having some little thought.Then Claude asks, "Would you help yourself with some wine or some little food?" and our nice guest, "No, thank you. What's your name?" we tell him and ask his name. "Guy. Are you brothers?" he asks and I, "No, friends" but Claude meanwhile answers, "Cousins" and the boy looks at us thoughtfully and asks, "Well, cousins or friends?" Then Claude explains, "we tell the villagers we are cousins to avoid they think ill of us, you know..." At that Guy Nude Little Girls Nn smiles, "you means they can understand you are boyfriends?"At that I think he is just a tourist and we risk nothing, and possibly he is interested in some fun, therefore I say, "Yeah, you know how they think in these villages, they cannot understand that two men can be so intimate to share a bed and..." I see Claude is somewhat bewildered but says nothing.Guy nods and says, "You are a very nice couple. Are you an open or closed one?" I don't understand what he means and ask him and he explains, "Yes, I mean, in bed do you prefer to be you two alone or do you like also a threesome?" At that I say, "well, to somebody like you, I wouldn't say a no if you want to be the third one." Then I look at Claude and ask him, "what do you feel like?" and Claude nods a yes. Then Guy says, "If you like, I can spend the night here with you... in your bed..."So he stopped with us. After supper we went all three upstairs. Guy comes from Paris. He is an observant gay (his own words) and as soon as he saw us he thought he would have loved trying to do it with us and that asking for some water was just a pretext. He has a quite hairy body, even though not too much, and he is well built, as he does lot of gym. He likes both being a top and a bottom, therefore we both enjoyed his company. For a work he is an advertisement photographer and says he also shots some nudes, male models, who often are game, so that after shooting the pics, he takes them in his bed.I told him I would like having a picture of a totally naked man and he promised me to send me some and asked for my address. He Nude Little Girls Nn said he will send them between two strong cardboards as a mail-parcel, so that nobody can understand what it contains, and I have nothing to worry. He is 35 but seems younger; I thought he was same age with Claude. When we decided it was time to sleep, it was almost dawn, so we slept quite up to noon. Guy woke up the first and started to make love again waking up us with caresses and licks and sucks and no one of us two complained or stopped him, nay! Later we had lunch.Claude asked him if he wanted to stop some more with us, but Guy has to be, before this evening, at the chair-lift hotel, where he has to meet his boyfriend. He didn't really say boyfriend, but "husband" and I felt funny this word... He says that his boyfriend knows he has, but not too often, some little adventure, but he is not jealous. He says it is really great living together. Claude asked him, "but you don't' want to marry?" and Guy, "with a woman? God save! I'm gay and if I marry, it will only be with a male." "But two males cannot marry" I objected. And Guy, "Not in the church or in the town hall, that's true. But if you exchange the rings in front of your friends and live together with your lover, it is right like being married, isn't it? What's the difference?"I never thought to this possibility. I think I would like being able to marry with a man. With Claude? I don't know. With Jacques? At once, if we just were still together! Friday August 17, '73Yesterday Claude saw me writing in this diary and wanted to read it but I said to him no, said I never allowed anyone to read it and he didn't insist. I don't feel like letting others red what I write, it is just for me. Happily he has a good character and didn't feel bad for my no.I think Guy made a hit on Claude, today he didn't talk but of him. Guy gave us his address and told us, if we go to Paris, we have to pay him a visit, as he would like taking our pictures... naked, of course. Claude says he would like going, and also that if he could live in Paris, who knows how many boys he could meet. I asked him: "and would you marry with one?" and him, "why Nude Little Girls Nn not! In Paris is not like in our village, where if you don't marry a girl they look at you with suspect. In there you are free, it is a big town it is the capital city." I then said to him, "it's a pity that in Paris they don't have coal mines..." and he laughed for good. Saturday, the 18th of August, '73For me this is the day before the last. Tomorrow afternoon Claude will bring me back home. He has one more week of vacation.This morning when I woke up, saw he had a nice hard-on, so I started sucking it and he moaned, "Guy..." then opened his eyes and said, "it's great waking up in this way," and I asked him "disappointed I'm not Guy?" and he, "no way, silly boy!" and turned over to do a 69. Then he lied down on his tummy, asking me to take him. The window was open and we had the sunrays on our bodies, and the air was fine and it has been really good. Then he says, "You know I can never get tired doing these things with you?" and I, "Yes, I know. I too will never get tired. It's a pity that now, for a week, we will be apart. And then, that we can do it only down there in the mine. Here it has been really great. If we had a place like this in our village..." he sighs and says, "We have to be content with this little. Anyway, with you I like doing it even down there in the mine. I really like you." August 19th, 1973, SundayAt home again. Claude went back up there. I don't know why, but my home atmosphere makes me depressed. Mum is now always in her bed. Babette, besides her work, has to carry on all the house chores, and is always really tired, I feel so bad for Babette, above all the fact that she, so good at school, had to quit. I understand that the pain for Mum is great, but it is so for us also. She could make an effort, leave her bed, and care at least for the home. But possibly I'm unfair judging her... But even Corinne and Did" became so silent and I feel it is not good for them, in addition to having lost our Dad, seeing Mum in that condition. Only Eric and Etienne, for the moment, seem unworried. I would like Babette to have a week of vacation, but she doesn't want, because she would not be paid if she takes vacation, moreover she doesn't want to leave home. I insisted but she became upset, therefore I stopped talking about that. Thursday, August 23, 1973Today the foreman, when I had just changed my clothes and was about going to take the hoist to go down to the galleries, called me and told me to go to the offices because they need a couple of us to move some furniture, and to show to the secretary of our boss, Madame Rochat. With me has to come also Rillon, who works in the gallery 12, a boy I know just by sight.So we had to change again our clothes, then we went upstairs and presented ourselves to Madame Rochat. She explained us that the boss' son will come to work here, so we have to empty a room and to bring inside the new furniture they are unloading downstairs from a truck. Even if it will be a good drudgery, I'm happy, as at least it is a work at the open air and not in all that coal dust that you feel entering right in your brains. And anyway also working down there is a good drudgery. Rillon is a funny guy, he has a tic and at times he twists his nose as if he is feeling a stench. Moreover, even tough he is young he speaks only in the old, strict dialect.We toiled all the day long, and during the lunch stop, the cleaning personnel cleaned the room we emptied then we brought upstairs the new furniture. But at evening it was not yet all done, so Madame Rochat told us she will notify our foreman that we have to Nude Little Girls Nn go to help also tomorrow. Good, another day under the sun. On the door of the new office for the boss' son they already put a new, shining plate where it is carved "Jean Luc Boisselet". I wonder what he will be like. I saw his father just once, at my Dad's funerals. The boss is a tall man, fair auburn, with a short, trimmed beard, round gold lorgnette, severe face awe inspiring. The boss must be around 50; therefore his son is possibly between 20 and 30 years old. 23 of August '73, ThursdayAlso today I worked for the office of the boss' son, the young master, as Madame Rochat calls him, but we drudged a little less than yesterday. Madame Rochat leads our work as if she was a battle-axe. What guts she has! Put this here, that there, no, more straight, so, good, be careful, careful I said! Ugh! Then we had to bring upstairs big boxes with papers, books, files, then pots with plants to make nicer the room, then paintings for the walls... to sum up, it is like it will be the Republic President who has to work in there! For sure you cannot recognize this room now, compared with the old office - it looks a lot nicer. Shortly before the lunch stop the boss personally came to check if everything was in order, and again, move that, change this... That man is really awe inspiring - he looks at you as if he was gauging you with a meter, weighting you with an assay balance. If he just was able to smile, he could possibly be a handsome man.It was half afternoon when all the work came to an end and Madame Rochat told us, "it's useless for you two to go down to the galleries at this time. I'll take advantage of you to move some files to the archives."So we ended our day out of the galleries. Monday 27 August 1973I'm the happiest man in the world!MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!Life is unbelievable, shit if I'm happy and excited. And I'm not even able to describe how I feel so much I am confused and... I don't know!Since Friday I was again down in the gallery 38 as usual. Then, today, I'm about going down again and the foreman tells me, "Détraz, change your clothes and go once more to see Madame Rochat. She needs you again." And I, "Rillon too is coming?" and he, "no, she asked only for you. She says one is enough and she wants you as you ain't so uncouth like Rillon."So I change again my clothes and go upstairs to the offices. The battle-axe measures me with her eyes and says, "Ah, good, here you are. Mister Boisselet wants to move Nude Little Girls Nn something, go fast to his office. And knock at the door, before going in." Sure I'll knock at the door, I think, I'm not a primitive, but I say, "Which one, the father or the son?" and she, out of patience, "the son, the son! He arrived this morning and doesn't like what I did. Even though his father fully approved what I did." she says with an irritated voice. Then she talks in the intercom, all milk and honey and it is appalling how she changed her voice, and says, "Mister Boisselet, the workman is here." A metallic and unpleasant voice answers, "Good send him to my office." So she makes me a short gesture to go and I go. I knock at the door and hear a faint "come in". I enter the office and close the door and see a young man standing, who looks out from the window, so I just see his back. As soon as I close the door he turns towards me and...I don't know which one of us has the most astounded expression, he or I, and he says, "Alain!" and I, "Jacques!"Yes, it was really him, even if now he wears a jacked and a necktie, it is really him standing in front of me. And then he says, "What are you doing here, Alain?" and I, "I'm a miner, here, I work here. But you, what are you doing in the boss' son office?" he makes a faint smile and says, "The fact is that from now on this is my office. That I'm the boss' son." And I, at first, cannot believe that, so I say, "But on the plate they wrote Jean Luc and not Jacques." He says, "My name is Jean Luc." And I, "so you talked balls to me." And he, "No, at home and my friends call me that way, but it ain't Jacques, but Jac, the beginning of Jean and the end of Luc. I never told you a lie, Alain, never." Then we remained there still, in silence, looking at each other, and I felt my heart drumming so aloud, and my head spinning...Then he says, "I waited for you, that Tuesday, then for several Tuesdays. Why didn't you come again? Were you tired of me?" and I, "no, oh no, no! It is that, the day before that Tuesday we had to meet, my father died here in the mine, a gallery collapse, and so, you understand... and after, I had to stop studying in St. Etienne and had to come here to work, so I couldn't come on Tuesdays." And he, "yes, I heard about the accident. But didn't know your father was involved. I'm really so sorry. I understand you could not come. But why you stopped your studies, you were near getting your BAC. And why you work here, now?" "Of course I had to stop studying and now I work. Who could bring money home, after my dad's death? I was lucky I was hired here, at his place."Then he looks up and down to me and smiles and says with a sweet voice: "I see you still have my key-holder on you." And I say, "of course. But do you still have my coin?" I was sure he didn't have it any more, but he says nothing, loosens his necktie, opens a little his shirt and pulls out a thin golden chain and hanging from it there is my coin. He shows it to me and says, "I never forget to wear it, you see?"Then he approaches me, takes me in his arms and kisses me in my mouth. I feel like melting down, but am embarrassed and tense and he perceives that then says, "Aren't you glad we could meet again, Alain?" and I, on the brim of tears, "damn, yes, sure!" and he, "I too am happy, I did nothing but thinking of you in all these months. So, then, why are you so tense?" and I, "don't you understand? You are the boss and I just a miner." He looks at me then says, with a sweet smile (ah, his smile!), "but we are always just you and me, aren't we?" and I, "but look just only our clothes - you are out of a fashion magazine, and I with patches more than clothes!" and he, "but when naked, what's the difference?" and I, "but we cannot be always naked..."He looks at me, and looks at me, then says, his voice full of emotion, "but I want to be again with you. Even now, if you knew how much I would like to make love with you. Not you?" I blush, I don't know why, than say, "About that, I too would like it a lot. But how can we manage?" and he, "now it's easier than before, don't you see? We both are here. I have now to work both here and in Paris, but each week, I will spend three days here." And I, "and so? We cannot possibly do it here in your office, can we? But what can I do, one of your workers, a miner, at your home? It would be really strange, wouldn't it? And you at my place, not even to talk about. Will we go in the fields in night time? At night I'm tired to die, I need to sleep, and I'm presumed to sleep at home. It is no more like when I was a student, unhappily, don't you understand?"So we discussed. He wants at any cost we start our relationship again. I too would like that so very much, but I know these are just dreams. Then he stops discussing, asks me to sit down and starts asking me lot of questions, about me, my family, my situation. Then, at one point, I say, "tell me what for you called a worker here, what do I have to change or move." And he, "never mind that, now!" and I, "don't you think Madame Rochat could think strange I was here all this time without moving a single piece?" and he, "let me care for her. Even better..." and he buttons back his shirt and put in order his necktie, while calling her at the intercom and says, "Bring to me here the Détraz file, please." And her voice cracks, "the father or son?" and he replies, "The son, the son!"So I ask him, "what do you want to do?" and him, "just an idea. But I need to know something - you really want to be with me again, don't you? Or else, you would not have kept that cheap key holder for so many months on you." And I, "but I always thought of Jacques, never of my boss' son. It seems so difficult, now..." and he, "but we can make it easy." In that moment Madame Rochat knocks at the door and puts a file on Jac's desk, then looks around, sees that everything is at the same place an makes a funny face, then looks at Jac and asks, "some problem, mister Boisselet?" and he says, calmly, "no, Madame Rochat, everything is fine." And she, with a droll voice, "but everything is as before..." and he, "I'll make the changes later. Now I have to talk with my friend Détraz. You can go, thank you." She gapes, shut her mouth, opens it again, closes it once more and she looks like a fish out of the water and she is so funny that I have to make an effort non to burst in laughter, and at last she goes out.He giggles. I say, "Do you think it is wise having told her I'm your friend?" and he, "but you are my friend, aren't you?" "But what can she possibly think - somebody like you friend with one like me?" and he, "don't worry. I met you when you were a student and I was training. She is not presumed to know we met at the freight-yard, is she?" I can't understand and tell him so. He is leafing through my papers. Than he says, "listen, you will stop working down in the galleries and will come to work here in my office, with me. After all you were very close to getting your BAC." And I replied, "But, to do what?" "I need a private secretary a girl or a boy. You'll earn even a higher salary. You will also do extra hours for me, and you can earn twice or even more than now. Don't you like this offer? And so we will also be able to spend time together." And I, "You'll pay me extra hours each time I come in bed with you? A kind of private slut?"His eyes became dark, darker, and I feared he was about to cuff me. Then, with a voice so hard I never heard such one before, he says, "I never offended you so why are you now offending me? I'll pay you for the work you do, nothing more. The other thing... if you feel like, you do it, if not, you don't. Why are you saying so evil things to me? Who do you think I am?" And I replied, troubled and upset, "Possibly because I'm afraid. I have to work, as I have a family on my shoulders. As a miner I earn a low wage, but a sure one. If a day I get tired of you, or you of me, I can find myself on my beam-ends. Let me work as a miner, please. Find another boy to be with, someone at your level. You can have met plenty of them, in these months, I don't know how many, somebody handsome, rich and intelligent as you are." I say, trying not to start crying."After I met you, Alain, I never made love with any other boy or man, because inside me I still hoped to find you again, even if it seemed impossible. Also when I went back to the freight-yard in the hope to meet you again, ever other week, when somebody approached me I always refused, because I hoped to meet you. And when I stopped going there, while driving in St. Etienne near a high school I always hoped to see you going in or coming out... And now, you are telling me you are afraid of me?"I felt the longing for hugging him, taking him tight in my arms, kissing him, having sex with him... and crying. But I remained silent and still, there, in front of him. Then he said, "But I understand what you are saying. Well. So, listen to me - I'll offer you two different tings, one being a better job, and the other being my friendship. The first one is anyway yours. About the second one, when you get tired of my friendship, you have just to ask to be moved to another office, but the job remains yours. I swear." And I replied, "but what, if it is you to get tired of me?" "Nothing changes. I'll ask you to work in another office but you will have your job and your pay, as the other clerks. I don't play games with your life, with your job. You have nothing to risk. I'm not such a person, I'm an honest man. Don't you believe me?" and I, "Yes, I do, even though we still know each other so little." "But I would like we could know each other better and better. So, do you accept?" So I said him, "let me some time to think about it. I like you too much, you know that, and I'm afraid not being able to think logically, but to follow just my wishes."He smiled me and said, "then, now you will go back home to think about my offer. We will meet again tomorrow, here." And he orders to make me the authorization to leave the work and to go back home. I went for a stroll all the day long to be able to be alone and think about his offer. I also missed my lunch.On the one hand I'm so happy having met him again. I would have loved having again sex with him, even there in his office, today. And I'd like a lot being his boyfriend... If he was not the boss' son, wouldn't I have answered him yes at once? Sure! So, what changes? If he wants I and I want him... Moreover, he still has my coin; he put it at his neck, and never pulls it away. And also, he says he never went with other boys, not like I did, on the contrary...But is he really sincere? Having found out he is rich made me feel bad, I thought he was more or less one of my same social level. Rich people, it is said, just want to follow their fancy then at once they lose interest. They seem to change their lovers the same someone changes his sheets on his bed. What if he too is that way? But he treasured my copper coin, framed it in gold and hanged it at his neck as a very precious thing.Tomorrow I've to go back there and give him an answer. If I tell him yes, I'll put myself in his hands. He says I'm free, but that's not true. If I didn't have my family to support, the risk would be only mine, and I would be more than ready to take that risk. Yes, I would be ready to take that risk, sure! And then... I feel he is sincere.I said nothing at home, as I cannot explain everything therefore what advise can they give me? If I just could talk with somebody. But with whom? I cannot go around revealing that the boss' son is gay. Not to Philippe and even less to Claude.I feel its better I hit my bed, now. Who knows that tomorrow morning I'll have more clear thoughts.But...MIRACLES REALLY HAPPEN.Even though I still don't know what to do.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN PART 10-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to read them, the URL is http://andrejkoymasky.com If you want to send me feed-back, or desire to help revising my English translations, so that I can put on-line more of my stories in English please e-mail at andrejandrejkoymasky.com ---------------------------

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