Related article: Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 07:04:17 EDT From: SANIBELBOYSaol.com Subject: a lesson in time part 41This story is (C)Copyright 2007, by TM. All World Wide Rights Reserved. This story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission. A Lesson In Time, Chapter 41 Each minute, each sparse moment, of the time that dad and I were allowed to bond as father and son; was a lesson in time that I would never, ever, dismiss from my mind.Regardless of whether or not it was just listening to his words of wisdom and strength or just in knowing that he wasn't trying to degrade me by having me `worship' his penis; everything seemed to be just as I felt it should feel at this point in my life.I loved the feel of his soft fingers holding the tips of my ears while he gently, with purposeful rhythm, eased his cock back and forth; well beyond what once was my point of reflexive gagging.I feel that hearing him say things like, "even your brother had to start at the bottom before stepping into a better world" brought much comfort to my once confused soul."What you learn here will be of great value to you in your own dealings with the hundreds of slaves that will pass through this place in the decades to come"; also seemed to tell me that all of what I've experienced to date was well worth it."You've amassed a sizeable sum of monies and I can only see you increasing your personal worth a hundred fold", let me know and understand that the choice I made at Windy Hills was the right one and also one which apparently had met with my parents' approval."Soon you will have many decisions and choices to make; to make them alone and without undue stress placed upon you will make you an even stronger male figure regardless of the outcome"; allowed me to ponder that which was still ` unknown'.It was even a wonderful moment when dad pulled my masked face completely up against his flesh; allowing only my bare lips to notice the texture of his pubic hairs as his seed, the seed that also create me, gushed into my throat. The warmth of the liquid seemed to be equally as warm and fluid as was the new bond between the two of us.The only thing breaking this bond was the words coming from John Henry. "Oh, excuse me Masters, I didn't mean to interrupt; but only to bring Master Kevin his mid day meal as ordered Masters".Dad didn't seem to mind, near as much as I did; but I suppose in such a ` male' dominate atmosphere I shouldn't have thought much of the interruption."We're just about finished here anyway", dad said as he kept his wilting cock in my warm mouth hole.There was little to no time between his last word before the warm, salty and acrid taste of dad's piss began flooding my mouth and throat like a broken dam in the aftermath of a disaster."I'll see you soon son", were the only words dad said as he extracted his penis; allowing me a brief few seconds to tongue the slit before he tucked and zipped it away.There wasn't a word spoken between John Henry and my dad, as the two passed one another, smiled and preceded onward. "Now it's time for Master Kevin's lunch" John Henry spoke. "Or should I remember to continue calling you `little boy' until I'm instructed otherwise?"I remained kneeling as I felt John Henry's warm hands glide over the tops of my shoulders. He continued by moving his hands down over my shoulders and ` twinking' my tender nipples. I flinched, but only momentarily, as his hands then proceeded to work their way down my abdomen. It was then that I realized that he must be kneeling or crouching right directly in front of me. His hands reached my groin as one of them began to play with my cock while the other one Lolly Model began to gently squeeze my balls as they remained bound in their steel ring of torture and torment."Mr. Alderton had your personal slave run up to the horse barn in order to get something to Lolly Model complete your lunch `little boy' so I hope you enjoy it as much as Jordan enjoyed preparing it for you. Now open wide".I opened my mouth, not knowing what to expect. I tasted and felt several different things. The most prominent of things I felt were the two fingers of the slave as he had used them to finger a sizeable amount of what seemed to be porridge into my waiting mouth. It was warm and sweet to the taste, and actually tasted pretty good."Mr. Aldridge didn't want the `little boy' to have something to heavy in his stomach this afternoon and find himself of needing to use a public toilet, thus the ground up slave chow. It's been mixed with some nice warm piss and something special from "Trainer". You do remember "Trainer" don't you, little boy?"Obviously, I couldn't actually answer John Henry's question, but we both knew damn well that I would remember just who "Trainer" the horse is.It was probably only my second or third mouthful of the slave porridge before John Henry went into a lengthy few minutes of speaking openly and what appeared to be from his heart."I can remember a couple of Lolly Model years ago when my dad had me sucking a whole town full of male cock and enduring a most treacherous training regime. Hours and hours of videos to soften my thinking, hours and hours of solitude, to contemplate what my dad was converting me into and the anguish of hours of pain under the command of a Hitler like slave trainer. I can almost see, and feel the first time that my old man shoved his dick up my ass; as I lay fastened to a slave trainer frame while all of his friends and employees applauded him as I screamed out for mercy and begged him to stop his madness."Another two fingers of food and more `one sided' conversation from John Henry ensued. I was actually beginning to enjoy my meal, not knowing if it was a true and honest reaction to what I was eating or whether it was just listening to John Henry that helped get me over what I was eating."I remember, to this day, longing for the comfort and warmth of my best friend Paul. I can still feel his sexual freedom when he last came here to visit me. It was my decision to stay on here with Doc and Frank; but in all honesty I only stayed to piss Paul off. Now he's probably got himself another two or three slave boys and has forgotten all about me. Not that I'd ever want to be his slave, but I'd have loved to have him as my boyfriend or life partner. I suppose once I'm free I'll go look him up and see what he's been up to."I could only imagine what the slave was, going through. I could almost feel not only his physical pain during his training but I could sense a small connection with his emotional state of mind as well. I guess, from what I'd seen, heard and now felt myself that I was beginning to get a much better understanding of a slave's life. Not that I was having to much sympathy for him or any other slave, but just the fact of `understanding' life from a slave's viewpoint seemed to lodge some place in my memory banks.John Henry's voice changed, now directed at someone else as he continued feeding me. "Come here and service my slave cock boy" he said. "At least now you don't have to suck my dick with such a large chunk of Lolly Model steel hanging off the end. It's small enough that you can suck on my dick all day long and never fret over chipping one of your pretty teeth."By the sound of the slave's voice replying to what John Henry had said; I could tell that it was Jordan who was about to copulate John Henry's cock with his tongue and spit.John Henry left his fingers in my mouth, while his own cock was getting a blowjob. I felt obligated to suck on his fingers as if they, too, were a cock. I wanted and needed a cock in my mouth and I couldn't understand why I was feeling this way. I wanted and needed to serve as a cum dump for a dick from anybody... I didn't care at this point, I just wanted cock. What ever it was that was taking control Lolly Model of my body and mind was something I couldn't resist nor fight. This moment in time, was the worst or maybe the best, that I'd felt in my entire life. My brain wasn't processing anything but sex and how to give or receive it.John Henry's entire body seemed to tense up and turn rigid as I heard him utter the words that one hears over and over again as he releases his own seed. It was over way to fast for him, I'm sure, but nature has limits all her own."I suppose you'd best unclamp our `little boy's' catheter and drain him before he explodes", John Henry said to Jordan.I hadn't given any thought that I had a full bladder, nor the need to express my bladder simply for health reasons."I just still don't understand why they gave the `little boy' such a large Prince Albert. It's the biggest I've ever seen installed on a slave. Mine's two inches around, but this one must be at least a three incher", Jordan replied."Just shut the fuck up and get your mouth busy swallowing Master Kevin's piss, you dumb fucking slave", shouted John Henry; in what appeared to be a forced sense of domination.I could feel my pee coursing through the catheter as it exited my cock and into Jordan's mouth. I heard John Henry explain that I'd already collected dad 's piss, not to mention my own.John Henry pulled his fingers from my mouth as he said "That's it for lunch except for making sure that your bowl is clean".Moments later, Jordan's mouth wasn't on my catheter and I was cautiously being made to assume the `fours' position, so that I could put my face down into the bowl and lick it clean, like a dog."Don't forget to wipe the `little boys' mouth when he's finished. Don't forget to get him plugged nice and proper like Mr. Latimore wants him to be. AND, don't forget to get him to drink the purple feeding bottle of stuff that Mr. Alderton has put together, just for our `little boy', came the last words from John Henry as he hastily made his way up the stairs; probably to work on becoming a better `ass kisser' now that he'd been promoted to a higher position.With the depth and sincerity of a true friend, Jordan began to massage my back muscles as I finished licking the feed bowl clean. "The one thing I know for sure", Jordan said, "is that your lunch meal has been sprinkled with some sort of muscle relaxor that Mr. Alderton put in it. I 'm sorry about the sauce I had to put in it from "Trainer", but Mr. Alderton promised a severe punishment if I didn't follow his command. And for the piss in it, well that is mine. It was either mine or one of your dad's employee' s pee and I just thought you'd rather know that you were eating mine and not some strange guys pee."I had finished the licking of the feed bowl and now my head and back were horizontal to the floor, while Jordan's hands kept going lower and lower down my back until they were ever so softly making circular motions over my ass globes."You heard what John Henry said about `plugging' your butt, which I must admit that the order to plug you came directly from your daddy. I have to tell you that this plug and tail are even bigger than the one you came down to the house with. I promise to go slow and you just let me know if I'm hurting you in any way.""Okay", I said. "I trust you. I know that you of all the slaves here wouldn' t intentionally hurt me. You can be sure that I'll remember and repay you in like kindness once this is all over with, slave".That said, Jordan eased a sizeable amount of lube into my rectum. The coolness of the lube seemed to bring a bit of relaxation to my ass.Jordan wasted little time in probing the entrance to my guts with the new butt plug. I could tell that he was doing his utmost to be gentle. There were several occasions where he even withdrew the plug before stretching my hole open even a greater distance. I at least remembered the few times I'd been told about breathing and controlling it at times like this. Every time I felt added pressure, I made sure to exhale all the air in my lungs, before inhaling. That one small reminder sure did help me.A few minutes later Jordan said, "one final push and it will be all the way in".I allowed a soft moan and groan to escape my lips as the gargantuan butt plug seated itself into my hole. It almost felt as if my anal muscles were reacting to the invader by actually `sucking' in the plug. Moments later, the spasms and the discomfort were gone and all that I could feel was a warm sense of being full."Now, to just unfurl the tail and we're done with this part", Jordan said. " Master Kevin did much better that I thought he would".I felt the `hair' of the tail as it was now flowing down between my legs and nearly touching the floor. It was softer than the other tail that they made me wear. It appeared to be much thicker and fuller too."We don't have much time Master Kevin. We've still got to get this bottle of goop into you before the rental car gets here to take you and your daddy in to town. I know you're going to hate me for saying this but, Mr. Alderton and your dad want you to have your `feeding cock' in place so that you can suck on bottle dry. Your daddy said that since you apparently haven't suck on to many dicks in your life, yet, that the practice will do you a lot of good."Jordan proceeded to re-position me so that I was kneeling with my back resting against the side of the bed. He manipulated my body in such a way that it wasn't difficult for me to rest the back of Lolly Model my head on the mattress."Well, here goes Master Kevin Sir. I'll go extra slow so I don't get you to gagging and puking", Jordan proclaimed as he, himself, positioned himself on the bed behind my head so that he could guide the latex cock into my mouth and down my outstretched throat.I instantly began sucking the make believe cock the moment the tip of it touched my tongue. My throat muscles began to involuntarily assist Jordan' efforts as he gently guided the full length of it passed my gag reflex point and allowed it to lodge itself within the confines of my throat."Ready?" he asked; as I felt him attach the milk bottle to the exposed end of the dildo.I immediately began a rather vigorous attempt to drain the contents of the bottle. I couldn't taste much of the liquid, but I could easily detect that the liquid was more viscous than just plain water."Time to get going" came the all to familiar voice of Mr. Alderton. "Just one last thing I need to do before leaving".Thankfully, I'd finished the bottle and Jordan was standing next to me, in what I could only hope was the proper slave at rest position."Just so you don't get yourself all worked up by the voices and distractions in the courtroom, your daddy wants me to put these small ear plugs in", Mr. Alderton remarked rather mundanely.It felt as if the ear plugs were made simply of some type of foam material. Each of them went in rather quickly and created no discomfort at all. I was still able to hear, but the sound was drastically reduced unless one was speaking directly into my ears.Hands, apparently belonging to Mr. Alderton, began to stroke the flesh on my body. Once again, when the hands reached my bound testicles my mind was racing with excitement and a wonton desire for sexual relief. It had been a day or two since I'd had a worthwhile orgasm and now more than ever I was reeling in frustration. Hell, I honestly didn't even know what day it was anymore, let alone the hour of the day. All I could do was to follow mom and dad's directions; being kind to all.I didn't, nor could I, hear the click of the chain leash being attached to my collar but once someone began to gently tug on it, I knew it was time to go.Crawling on all fours still had its bad moments and for the life of me, I couldn't see how any decent master could ever turn his slave into a dog like this, but once again I knew that such things were done each and every single day around the world. Slavery had come full circle over the decades of yester year and now our country was rebounding to once again become the biggest and strongest industrial nation on the face of the earth, thanks to dad and all of his life's work to get legalized slavery re-instated in our great, wonderful nation.Once I'd struggled, fell forward, backward and even sideways; I finally felt the warm fresh open air of being out in the country. It truly is a wonderful smell; one that is free of industrial pollution, toxic waste and the foul smell and sounds of the big city.It took no effort at Lolly Model all for four hands to simply pick me up and place me into the vehicle. Instantly, I could detect the fact that I was now kneeling in the back of a large SUV. Thankfully, the vehicle had been equipped with carpet in the cargo area, which was a treat on my knees and to pain sensors.It was more difficult than I had expected; to keep my balance in my current position as the vehicle made it's way up the bumpy lane, as we surged rapidly towards the main road.Thankfully, the minutes went by rather quickly and before I knew it we were coming to a stop; one in which I knew to be the courthouse.They must have made me crawl on asphalt which led to the concrete sidewalk; before I felt the cold air of the interior of the building. I could hear absolutely nothing as they led me, senseless, towards the courtroom.I never heard a word, once inside the courtroom; but I do know that dozens of hands apparently found my naked form a thing of either beauty or just a simple oddity.I'm simply going to stop now; in telling my story and relate to you what I was later told about the courtroom proceedings. All of which I have no doubt actually happened, simply because later on I was afforded my own chance to see for myself what the outcome (s) were. Most, if not all of them, met with my approval, albeit without me even having a say so in the matter at hand.There was one or more points in the two separate trials where I was in one way or another made to suck cock. I don't know the who or the why behind the reason for making me suck cock, but I can tell you, honestly, that I didn't mind in the least. I wanted, desired, and even needed male flesh probing my mouth and throat as each minute passed.Apparently the four mature teenagers were brought before the judge in unison. It took little time for the judge to pass down his decision. "Guilty".All four boys had their clothes cut from their body's right there in the courtroom; in front of their parents and a packed courtroom of towns' people and neighbors.The judge sentenced each of them to ten years of servitude, which could or could not, be served at our family's business. They were to receive the same treatment as any other `adult' slave; meaning such things as shaved of all hair, ringed, collared and branded.However, their permanent slave quarters were NOT to be with or amongst other slaves. Their work, should there be such assigned was NOT to be amongst older, more mature slaves. They were to be allowed visitors, but such visitors were limited to family members only; and at such times as NOT exceeding twice a month on specified days. Furthermore each of the newly enslaved teens were, if asked or ordered, to demonstrate to their parents openly all things that they've learned and to show them the respect due their parents. There were no limits on what the parents could or couldn't demand of their teenage sons while enslaved and kept safe at our center.Remorse for their `sins' against a free man were to be dealt with in a safe and timely manner; one which would be decided by none other than their new master, Master Zeb, upon his arrival to the center.I was told that the judge spared no words, nor did he mince his words when it came to passing sentence on the youthful offenders. He openly used words, yet unheard before, in his court room such as sucking cock, taking dick, toilet training and even worse. Apparently either his knowledge of slave training was more extensive than thought by the towns' people; or else he'd been ` coached' as to words and phrases.After the teens had temporary Lolly Model collars locked in place and chained together; their parents were granted permission to approach the team of four and briefly speak with them. At such time, the judge even prompted the parents to avail themselves of the naked flesh which stood before them.Once the parents were finished speaking with their sons, which included more than a few hands sneaking forward to feel the boys' cocks and balls; the entire court room was then allowed to come forward to `inspect' the teens.If anything, this display by their parents and the towns' residents brought a huge amount of humiliation and shame over the newly enslaved teens; a feeling that they'd for sure revisit more in the days, weeks and months ahead.The boys were led out of the courtroom, through the front doors, only to find themselves the main attraction of all the people waiting outside the court house.I'm almost positive that this moment, this lesson in time, was more beneficial to the residents of the town than anything else. They all knew that slavery was here to stay. They all knew that slaves worked in town amongst them. They all knew that the day would come when someone would come to town and fully immerse them and their families into the new and most proper world Lolly Model of owning or leasing of a slave. I feel confident that on that day, it was the first time that any of them had actually seen a newly enslaved, naked male figure on the steps of the court house. It certainly wouldn't be the last time, that I know for sure.When I think about it all, I'm also positive that many of the towns' people were happy that this day finally arrived. It would allow them all to finally step into the modern, real world of the today and now. It was going to be exciting to see the town transform just as it was going to be in seeing our new slave facility improve and prosper.I feel that during the time I spent kneeling like a dog inside the court room was equally beneficial to all concerned with the proceedings. At least everybody got to see a slave up close and personal, before the trail began; and it also allowed dad to have a greater sense of my never ending love, devotion and respect for him, his work, his life, and his love of all his children.I never got to be part of the trials of Doc or Frank. The federal prosecutor and the attorneys representing the two men came to a plea agreement and each of the men were quickly and quietly taken out of town through the back door of the court house. Word has it that Doc has even left the country, to work in his professional capacity as the doctor at John Henry's fathers place down in Guatemala. As for Frank, well, much akin to Doc; Frank now works aboard some large ocean going vessel used to transport legalized slaves from and to different countries.I suppose that I've just about covered the trial and all of the implications from which the teens and the town will have to understand as fact and truthful.I do remember the eager anticipation of returning home, as my sexual urges were for some strange reason in overdrive. My bladder was full and needed emptying and my stomach was growling in search of a good meal. My balls ached from being manhandled so much and my mouth was sore from having the dildo in place.Every bump in the road brought upon a new dimension to my physical and mental stress on the way back to the house.When my knees felt the soft grass, I knew that I was home. It felt great and I knew that an entirely new beginning was in store for the four teens and all those newly indentured who were to follow them.I was also keenly aware that my life, as it was, had changed dramatically. I was becoming more of a thinking man, willing to accept learning all I could about the slave industry. I was even more proud of what I'd allowed myself to experience, not forgetting the mental and emotional freedom that flowed through my entire body now that I was no longer ashamed of being a gay male.To Be Continued....

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