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Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.********************************************************************** What's New at TomCup.com?Age Before Beauty by Tom Cup Chapter 7: Added 12/13 Airport Voyeur Part 2 by Adam Bricker: Chapter 2: Added 12/10* The Innocents: Paulo and Beto by Richard Dean Part 4 Chapter 16: Added 12/9 Lion of Bolognia by Tom Cup: Lion's Heart Chapter 8: Added 12/05* KOABoy by Tom Cup Chapter 10: Added 12/04 Words Are Not Necessary by Adam Bricker Chapter 1: Added 12/03* The Confederados by Richard Dean Chapter 2: Added 12/03* Airport Voyeur Part 2 by Adam Bricker: Chapter 1: Added 11/29* The Confederados by Richard Dean: Chapter 1: Added 11/28* Raptors by Richard Dean Chapter 11: Added 11/22 Calvin: Indentity Crisis by Tom Cup Part 2 Chapter 2: Added 11/20* Airport Voyeur by Adam Bricker: Chapter 6: Added 11/20* The Innocents: Paulo and Beto by Richard Dean Chapter 15: Added 11/14 Age Before Beauty by Tom Cup Chapter 6: Added 11/13 Lion of Bolognia by Tom Cup Chapter 7: Added 11/12**TomCup.com now offers an Executive Club membership!** Tom Cup's "Of Our Teenage Years" is scheduled for publication and release in paperback in the Spring of 2004. Check it out at http://www.tomcup.com!**********************************************************************The Paratwa Partnership, Inc. is a publication and marketing agency and is not responsible for the content of the Tom Cup Library, TomCup.com or its affiliate sites, or stories written by Mr. Cup or his associates.**********************************************************************Airport Voyeur By Adam P. Bricker adambricktomcup.comChapter Five -- Love Will Never Let You Be The SamePacked Lolita Pedo Toplist Kisslola and driving back to McAllen airport the boys were sleeping already in the back seat. Last night they really out did themselves. I could sleep on the plane.Fernando and I decided when the wake up call came to ask for a delayed call an hour later and let everyone sleep. We would find breakfast or whatever at the airport.He was riding up front with me. Although he was riding shotgun, he was sitting facing me. He had his left arm behind my back and was rubbing my neck and shoulders. He'd been doing that for the last 15 miles or so. We were listening to the radio. The volume didn't seem to bother the boys. In step with the last few days again we were listening to music that spoke directly to me. Michael Ball, an English actor I hardly knew was singing Love Changes Everything.Love, love changes everything: hands and faces, earth and sky. Love, love changes everything: how you live and how you die. Love can make the summer fly, or a night seem like a lifetime. Yes, love, love changes everything, now I tremble at your name. Nothing in the world will ever be the same.Love, love changes everything: days are longer, words mean more. Love, love changes everything: pain is deeper than before. Love will turn your world around, and that world will last forever. Yes, love, love changes everything, brings you glory, brings you shame. Nothing in the world will ever be the same.Off into the world we go, planning futures, shaping years. Love bursts in and suddenly all our wisdom disappears. Love makes fools of everyone: all the rules we make are broken. Yes, love, love changes everything: live or perish, in its flame. Love will never ever let you be the same. Love will never ever let you be the same. "I'm glad they played that song, Adam. It says some things that you needed to Lolita Pedo Toplist Kisslola hear. You're going off into the world that you once thought you knew, but our love has changed you and everything that you touch from here on is going to be different. You will do more than you ever thought you would, your love will be stronger for everyone and your pain will be deeper than you have experienced before. This is not going to be because you have done anything wrong but because you will love more, you will also understand the pain more."I looked at Fernando and raised my eyebrows. What did this have to do with me, the last couple days and the rest of my life. I agree the essence of the song really seemed to sink deep into me."You'll be okay, Adam. I love you, and my sons love you. When you think you're all alone or need our help you'll know how to reach us and you'll find us. I meant what I said the other day; ask anything you will, questions, money, sex or support and you will receive what we have. We love you."He was gentle and quiet. He kept rubbing my shoulders.I pulled into the rental car return lot."Fernando, this has been the most amazing couple days. I'm glad we're on the same plane but after that you're moving on and so am I. I just want to express my thanks. I pulled him to me and kissed him hard. He was a great kisser. I was getting hard and I didn't care. We broke the kiss slowly and got the kids out of the rear. Philippe went in and found an airport cart. We had the luggage unloaded from the van. I had the receipt from the rental agent. We all loaded the luggage on the cart.Paulo was pushing me out of his way again. Now I realized that what he was doing was shoving his shoulder into my groin and trying to get a rise out of me. I grabbed him by the shoulders and picked him up. I swung him around as high as I could lift him and twirled a couple times before I put him down."Adam, that's what I've been waiting for you to do. Sometimes you're slow, but eventually you catch on."Philippe came up to me and just held my hand while we walked in to the terminal.We all checked in at the Continental Lolita Pedo Toplist Kisslola counter. We got rid of as much luggage as we could and shouldered our briefcases or backpacks. All of us headed for security. I figured after getting through that we'd find a food stand with coffee and breakfast.We ended up at the same food stand I had first met them. The same kid was behind the counter. Fernando went up and ordered for us. He came back and told us Federico would have breakfast ready in a moment.We were sitting at the table I had first seen them sitting at. I said, "This is the same place you were sitting at when I first noticed you.""I know," said Fernando. "Traditions bring with them meaning and depth. This table will always have meaning for you now, as it will for us."Gosh, this guy had depth in almost everything he said. The boys went to the bathroom and about that time Federico brought breakfast. I wasn't waiting for them to start my coffee. After last night I needed the caffeine.Fernando said, "I better go check on the boys. They're taking a long time."I was half way done with my coffee, had finished my juice and cinnamon roll. None of them had returned. I didn't want to leave the table unattended. They always announce about not leaving your luggage unattended. I looked to see where the boys had left their backpacks.Nothing under the table. I don't remember them taking them. Fernando had his shoulder bag on when he went after them. Well, I wasn't guarding any luggage, I might as well go find them and then we'll go to the gate.I opened the door to the restroom. The sinks were on one wall across from the urinals, and down the other end were the toilet stalls. No one at the sinks or urinals. I walked down to the stalls and called for Fernando. No one answered."Philippe, are you in there?"No answer."Paulo?"No answer.I leaned over and looked under the stalls. No one. No feet. I pushed the doors of each one. They must have gone to the gate already.I walked down the concourse, not a big one, to gate four. There were a few people sitting around but not the people I was looking for. I turned around Lolita Pedo Toplist Kisslola and looked back down the concourse. I could see the security screening area from here and there was no sign of them between here and there. I could also see that the restrooms were marked with large hanging signs. I'd just been in there. There weren't any other men's restrooms on this concourse.I turned around to the ticket agent behind me."Excuse me, I was traveling from McAllen to Denver this morning and I was traveling with another gentleman and his two sons. Have they already boarded?""Sir, no one has boarded. The plane is still being cleaned. We'll call you twenty minutes before lift off for boarding. That should be about five minutes," she said."I know when you're boarding. I mean they checked in with me not half an hour ago and they came through security before we had breakfast. Just check you manifest. His name is Senor Fernando Miguel Gabriel Corazon de Dios. He's from Seville Spain."With just a slight exasperation she started punching keys."Sir, I don't have anyone on this flight with a name like that. I also don't have any minors shown on this flight. Most of the people are changing in Houston. You're the only person checked through to Denver on this flight.""No, I just spent three and a half days with this man. He told me that's were he was going and he checked in at the ticket counter with me. I know he and his sons are on this flight.""I'm sorry, sir. I checked the list and there are no other people going on to Denver. I have a number going to Atlanta, Chicago or Cincinnati and then many people on commuters to San Antonio, Waco, Arkansas and Louisiana. No one else is going to Denver. Possibly they're on another airline or flight.""But I just checked in with them. We checked out luggage for there. They are going on to the Grand Canyon. Where else could they be flying from here to get there?""Certainly this is the most logical flight schedule to go from here to Denver, but I don't know who they are sir. They are not on this flight and the flight only has three open seats."I could see that I wasn't getting anywhere. I stood there looking around, turning like a slow carousel. They had to be here somewhere. We'd get this straightened out.They weren't there.I walked back to the security checkpoint. As I started to walk out, the guard said, "Sir, if you go out there you'll have to go back through the security clearing to return.""I know. I'm looking for my traveling companions. Has a man about thirty-five and two young boys, eleven and nine years old come through here?""No one has left the concourse in the last hour. Most people only come through here when the planes land and that hasn't been for about an hour. If I see them I'll tell you."I was turning again. There must be somewhere I hadn't looked. There must be someone with an answer, an idea, a solution. I didn't know where to look. I just stood there.I felt empty. If someone had spoken sternly to me I would have cried again. I didn't know what to do. What could I do to locate them? Back track what we had done. I'd find them if I went back to what we had been doing.I went back to the food stand. Federico was alone behind the counter."Good morning, Federico. My name is Adam Bricker. I was looking for the three people that were with me earlier at that table. Have you seen them?""Mister Bricker, I didn't see anyone with you this morning. If you'd describe them maybe I could tell you if I've seen them this morning.""The man was about thirty to thirty-five, dark hair, 5' 8" tall and 140 pounds. His hair was thick and dark, neatly cut. He had on a pair of black trousers, French-blue dress shirt and a Brooks Brother's navy blue blazer. His has glasses. He had breakfast with me right over there with his two boys.""Sir, I don't remember anyone with you this morning. Certainly no kids. There haven't been any kids in here all morning."The airport public address was announcing the boarding process to Houston of our Continental flight. Where were they?"Thank you Federico. I'll find them somewhere."I went back to the check in counter. People were boarding. Another agent was at the counter."Excuse me, I was traveling with someone on this flight. Have they already boarded? Senor Fernando Miguel Gabriel Corazon de Dios?""Let me check. . . . No they are not on board, in fact they are not listed on this flight at all. Are you sure that they were on this flight?"I was feeling like I was loosing my mind. No one knew Fernando, Philippe or Paulo. I knew I had checked in with them. I had driven the van with all of their luggage. We were having breakfast."Mr. Bricker, everyone else has boarded. Are you going to come on this flight? We're getting ready to close the door."What should I do? How could I leave them after the last few days? How could they leave me after the last few days?I turned around looking at the few people still sitting in the waiting area. Certainly none of them were Fernando, Philippe or Paulo."Sir?" she said; and she was beginning to loose patience with me."Yes, I'm coming," I said. I didn't know what else to do. I didn't know where they were; I didn't even know where to start looking.I walked aboard down the aisle to seat 3B. As expected no one was there. In 3A was a young guy with a paper folded on his chest and he was already sleeping. I sat down. Stowed my briefcase under the forward seat, and collapsed. I was at a loss for what I could do now.My heart was racing. My breathing was shaky."What can I get for you sir, before we take off?""Scotch and water please." It wouldn't improve the situation but maybe it would help me relax. I'd ask the steward or stewardess about Fernando and check when I got to Houston. Maybe they somehow boarded another flight."How could the last four days, from Monday night to Thursday morning, go so well and at the last minute they disappear? How could it go so wrong?When the drink arrived, I swallowed a couple slugs and lay back in the seat. The plane was already taxiing and soon the steady rumble and shake, the couple slugs of Scotch, I joined my seatmate and slept. How could I sleep when Lolita Pedo Toplist Kisslola they had just disappeared? I should be looking for them. I had to find them. I woke up. I wasn't as frantic. I didn't know what I would do to find them but would.I pulled the briefcase out and got a pad of paper and a pen. Just to make use of this time in the plane I started jotting notes about the visit to my client. At least I would have that completed so that I could use my time in Houston looking for Fernando and the boys.I'd finished a couple pages of notes. Both sides and was drafting a letter summarizing the visit and our project goals when the guy in 3A woke up. He needed to use the lavatory so I slid out and let him go forward. Until he came back I just stood in the aisle. You sit on these planes too much. Take advantage of the time you can stand when you get it.He came back, said thank you and sat down. I sat down again.************************************************************************Send comments to: adambricktomcup.comTo support this and other stories by the author, join at http://www.tomcup.com.If you like this story, check out Tom Cup's "Calvin: A Coming of Age Story."Available at Barnes and Nobles Bookstores, Amazon.com, your local independent bookseller, or get a copy from Tom Cup.com.Tom Cup's "Of Our Teenage Years" is scheduled for publication and release in paperback in the Spring of 2004. Check it out at http://www.tomcup.com!

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