Related article: Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 07:27:07 +0100 From: A.K. Subject: Alain's Diary - 13/14 (adult-youth)----------------------------ALAIN'S DIARY by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2005 written on October 8th, 1990 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Dave-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"ALAIN'S DIARY" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------Part 13 5th of April '74, Thurs.Babette called me at the office, to tell me she had thought with Chris to marry in May. As she wants it's me to accompany her at the altar, she would like Jac to be his best man. I asked Jac who was near me and he accepted at once, moved to have been chosen. Babette is just 17 and Chris 19, but I feel they'll be a splendid couple. Afterwards, Jac told me we can give them, as our wedding present, all the furniture for their bedroom, the living room and the kitchen, with all the appliances. By now I don't ever dispute with Jac - I just said yes. He possibly was waiting for me to raise objections and was astounded I didn't so he said me, "thank you". Isn't that fun?Then, in the afternoon the switchboard passes me a call from Mister Boisselet who greets me by saying "how are you, my dear Détraz?" and Pthc Ranchi I remained so gaping that I manage just to answer, "Fine, thank you. And you?" and he, "not so bad." Then he asks me something about work, thanks me, tells me to say goodbye to Jac and cuts off. Jac, who was near me and understood it was his father, notices my expression and asks me what happened, so I told him. He just smiled and said nothing. April 11th 1974, WednesdayJac went to cut his hair so I take advantage to write a little. It's becoming more and more difficult being able to write in this diary hiding it from him. His father continues to threat me fairly. He always is very formal, but now calls me "my young man" and no more "Détraz". It is a kind of step forward.Jac had a telephone chat with his cousin and says that next Sunday we are invited for lunch at his and his boyfriend Manuel's place. So I can at last meet the author of this small portrait I love so much.I've also heard from Babette, who's making all the preparations for her wedding. I told her about the present Jac and I will give them and she says, "that's too much!" and I said, "no, it is too little, but it's ok that way. You two have to simply choose what you like, without problems of price. But so you can renew the house, paint all the rooms too." And she replied, "Chris and I, we are already painting them." "Good. But, please, we want you to choose good and nice and strong furniture, or else we will be very upset. We will send you a cheque for the payments."Shit, Jac hurried up, he's already coming, and I hear his voice in the corridor. April 15th '74, Sun.Jean Marc and Manuel are a remarkable couple, I like them. Jean Marc is a cheerful and witty guy, with a considerable sense of humor. He is not handsome, but his eyes are really beautiful. I saw all his drawings, mainly nudes of Manuel (what a body, man!) and also oil paintings. He is really skilled. Manuel is a lot more quiet and calm. He plays wonderfully it's a pleasure to listen to his music. Every now and then they held hands, or exchanged some pecks, it was a pleasure to look at them, it's evident they really get on well together, even though, Manuel said, at times they also have lively discussions, but then they immediately make peace. Jean Marc says he would like making my naked portrait, but I feel a little ashamed. We will see. Manuel told me to be careful, because his lover, at times, takes his models to his bed; immediately Jean Marc swore it is not true, they are just slanders, because he would never cheat on Manuel as he is a "sangre caliente" and he fears he would kill him. It was evident they were just jesting.In the afternoon we climbed on top of the Tour Eiffel, all four together. What a view! The weather was perfect and we could see all around as far as the eye could reach. We spent a nice time with them and we intend to meet from time to time, now that Jac and I live in Paris. April 17th 1974, TuesdayToday it's my 19th birthday. Jac planned to throw a big party for me, but he couldn't, because he got a call telling him that his father suddenly felt bad, and he is seriously ill and he was admitted in the emergency hospital, they think it was an infarct. So Jac had to go immediately.Anyway he made me a surprise, today - in fact I am now writing in our new flat. He just had Pthc Ranchi the time to take me here, then I saw him with his car at the airport and he flew to Lyon where the hospital is that his father is in. I wanted to go with him, but he says its better I stay here to carry on the work in the agency office.This flat is just a dream. Everything is so beautiful, and also if we choose everything together, seeing all at its place makes a totally different and more beautiful effect.Yesterday Jac took me at the bank with him, because he wants also my signature on his personal account, so that I can draw money when and how much I need it. This gives me a weird feeling. If I wanted I could steal from him a lot of money. But he knows he can trust me. Even if it was my money I would never squander it, and this even more as it is his money. He becomes upset when I say so, he says that money is also mine, as it is not money of the firm but his personal funds, therefore what belongs to him belongs to me and so that money is also mine. But I cannot yet get used to that. Yes, it is true that, as he says, if it was me to be rich and not him, I would behave with him exactly as he behaves with me. But it is easier to make a gift than to accept it. Even if he says that this is being haughty and haughtiness is a bad thing.Ah, my Jac, how much I love you! Will I ever be able to totally show you how much? April 20, '74, FridayJac is back home. He is worried about his father who still has an extreme reserved prognosis. The day after tomorrow he will fly back to Lyon. He told me that his father asked him if everything is fine with me. He told him yes, and that I would have liked to go to see him, but he asked me to stay in the office. His father asked him to tell me thank you.Before coming back home, Jac popped over to see Babette and Corinne and the others. This pleased me and I thanked him and he said, "You didn't thank me for going to see my father. They also are my family, aren't they?" He is so dear!Today I wanted to make love on our roof garden, but he said it is still too cold. He is possibly right. So we did it in our bathing tub, a big and wide one, sloshing in the warm water, a really sensual thing. Water delays a little orgasm, thus it lasted longer than usual and has been wonderful. Then we dried each other, and went to lie on our bed where we embraced and we cuddled and fondled some more. Then the telephone rang and I was somewhat bothered, but then I feared it was for Jac's father so I answered in hurry.It was Babette. At last they connected her telephone. So we chatted for a while, then Jac with my sister, then also Chris wanted to chat with Jac and with me. To me, Chris said, "Alain, I wanted to thank you for the wedding present. You've been fabulous, you and Jac. I'm longing to meet you two again to say my thanks in person." I said, "for you and Babette it is very little thing. And I fear you two kept too low in the expense, if I know you both." And he, "no, no, on the contrary, I'm afraid we choose even too nice furniture." Then I asked him, "Did you already book for the wedding party? If you Pthc Ranchi need a hand, just tell us; don't stand on ceremony, please." And he, "no, thank you, my family wants to offer the party. My dad is not really rich, but he has no money problems. Ah, by the way, I wanted to tell Jac but I forgot. My parents asked me who's Jac to be the best man for Babette and who made with you such a big present for our wedding. So I told them that Jac is the best family friend for Babette and you. Was I wrong telling so?" and I, "no, I don't think so; it's the best answer you could give. But do they know he's Pthc Ranchi the mine boss' son?" "Yes, of course, as soon as they heard the family name they understood." And I, "and didn't they think weird he is our friend?" and he, "possibly a little, but I told them I know Jac and I'm not at all astounded, as he isn't somebody haughty." "Very good, Chris, you really couldn't explain better than that!" and he says, "Hey, Alain, you know that I really love you and Jac, don't you?" "You never told us, but thank you, we now know. We too love you a lot, Chris, by the way." And he, "yes, I noticed. Well, goodbye, Babette wants to talk some more with you." April 26th '74, FridayJac called me from Babette's home. His father feels better, is out of danger, but the doctors told him he cannot and must not look after the mine and the business. Therefore mister Boisselet decided to split the mine and all his belongings in equal shares between his three sons and retired from business, just keeping for himself an income and the life use of the villa they have near Lyon. Jac is the youngest, his two brothers are both married and the second has already two children. I don't yet know them I just caught a glimpse of the elder, once. Jac doesn't talk often about them, and even though I don't think there are not dissensions, evidently there is not even a big harmony amongst them. I feel that Jac is becoming more affectionate to my family than to his own.The day after tomorrow Jac at last comes back to Paris. First of May 1974, WednesdayOn the 3rd we will go to my village, as they marry on the 4th. We decided to go down with the car. Jac, as the best man, took upon himself to buy the two wedding rings; they are Cartier, in gold of three colors, very beautiful. I have a feeling that Jac and Chris are becoming friends and I'm really glad of that. The two getting married decided to go for their honeymoon to Venice very romantic.Last Sunday Philippe went to see Babette to have my news and then she called me and we chatted on the phone. Even though he could say very little as my little brothers were there roaming up and down and could hear him, he managed to make known to me he has a new boyfriend who is living with him, as his wife already left the home. He says he is a right guy, that he likes him a lot and that he will tell me more on the occasion of the wedding, as my sister invited him. I told him to take also his boyfriend with him and his son.Then I talked with Did", who told me that he likes school and all goes well, then asked me if I am bring him a present. I asked him what he desires and he said he would like some roller-skates. Then he passed me to Corinne, who is in good health and she too loves her school. She told me that she thinks of me always, so I asked her to write me letters. Then she told me about the dress she will wear for the marriage, full of pride for being the bridesmaid.Then asked me if "uncle Jac" was there so Jac talked for a while with everyone and it was a pleasure to Pthc Ranchi see at the end of the telephone chat how much he was glad having talked with all of them. May 5, 1974, SundayChris and Babette left for their honeymoon yesterday evening, after the ceremony and the party. Thus, Jac and I slept in their new double bed. The ceremony has been very beautiful and suggestive and I was moved (but also Jac) and last night I told Jac that I envied them, because we would never be able to have such a beautiful ceremony. Chris was beaming in his striped mouse-gray dress, his bowtie and the patent leather shoes. He looked like something out of a fashion magazine, elegant and slender. Babette wore a white long dress, of tulle, simple but elegant and as she is tall and slender like him, she seemed a fashion model. So very beautiful, both of them! Jac shot pictures and house movies.Just after the ceremony, Jac goes near Chris and says, "Watch that you make her happy." And Chris, "yes, Jac, I will do my very best." Then Jac squeezes his arm and tells him, "and for any problem with the children, don't forget I'm here. Do you promise me?" and Chris, "sure, don't doubt it. The children will miss nothing. We will take care of them you and I, right?" At this point I interjected and said, pretending to feel offended, "hey, and Babette and I?" and Chris says, with a serious expression, "to you and Babette it is a must to care for them. Jac and I choose to care for them. Because we are in love with you and Babette, therefore we love also the children."At the marriage there was also Philippe and... Surprise, surprise, Robert who was holding hands with Philippe's child. I could not believe my eyes, so, as soon as I could talk with them alone, I ask, "but, you two?" and Robert tells me yes, merry as a cricket. Then I ask them how they met: at the freight-yard, there was no doubt. Now Robert is an employee at the revenue office. He has lived with Philippe for about a month and at once Philippe's son and Robert bound together. Robert broke with his family when they understood what was between him and Philippe. Then Robert told me that also in bed they get on well, as he likes being a bottom and Philippe being a top and Philippe is insatiable as he likes. Philippe was delighted.Robert told me also that Yves is now a Lyon actor's boyfriend and he now lives there Pthc Ranchi and he too started performing in theater. It seems that everybody is settling. Then Robert asked me if I was Jac's boyfriend, and at that point I could not deny it, but I was pleased that Philippe didn't tell him, and anyway Robert swore he will keep the secret. He said he was almost certain, from how Jac and I look at each other...Today in the afternoon it was a sight seeing Jac lying on the carpet of the living room with Eric and Etienne jumping over him, riding him, and were doing him all sort of tricks and he let them do anything, peaceful and happy.But last night he was lying with me and we two were putting up all sort of tricks. My god, how sensual is Jac. When we hit the bed, he put on a kind of strip tease so sexy that I felt tanked as if it was the first time I saw him undressing! Then he sat on the bed and made me sit on his lap and took me so. At times he was still and just kissed me, and it was so great feeling him inside me. Then he made me lie on my back and started again to take me and I could feel him slip inside and out while he French kissed me and touched me everywhere... Then, before cumming, he asked me to take him. I loved slipping inside him; he makes me feel how much he wants me, how much he likes me. Then he again took me, than I took him, I don't know how many times, until we were both so hot that we could no more restrain ourselves... We kissed to avoid moaning too load... then we fell asleep in that way, he still inside me, and it was so very wonderful... May 12, '74, SundayToday the newly weds came back home so we can go back to Paris. And for the first time I saw Chris naked, in their room, while I was preparing our luggage and he was changing his clothes there, near me. I liked the naturalness as he undressed, without exhibitionism but also without the slightest shame, continuing to quietly talk with me. Babette really made a good choice, in all meanings.When I told Jac that I saw Chris naked, and that he is handsome and well built, he asked me, "you regret being with me?" and I, "you can talk and talk, as you know very well that nobody can beat you." And he, "that's not so sure. If you find someone who can beat me, what do you do?" "What a question, I'll look at him." I say and he, "just that?" and I, "sure thing, do you doubt it?" "No, my love, absolutely not." We embraced and kissed. How wonderful when his tongue plays with mine... And then, I love feeling him turned on because of me... May 17, 1974, Fri.Jac charged again.Last night, after we made love, he says, "but you really want to make me happy?" and I, "sure thing!" "Then in September you will resume your studies to get your BAC, and then you enter the university." And I replied, "but... and the work?" "I'll find a new secretary, handsomer than you." "Silly man, is not that the problem. It is that so I'll be just a burden to you and not a help." And he, smiling sweetly, "you silly boy! If you didn't have the burden of your family, you would have continued your studies, is it not so? Now the problem doesn't exist any more, Chris and I can provide to our common family, can't we? Why are you so stubborn? Babette and Chris would agree I'm right." And I, "of course, these two are crazy about you! You won both of them, or rather, all six of them, including the twins." And he, "well, it's because I'm smart."We discussed. I asked him for some time to think about that. May 18th '74, SaturdayI feel that at the end I'll do as he wants.In fact, I'm thinking, he never does anything without asking me before my opinion and often he does as I suggest. He gave up his independent life to live "our" life. So, then, why not I? Why I too cannot give up my life to him? After all, till now, I never did so really, totally, to the bottom. It's time, I think. And if I say him yes, I know I'll make him happy.But before I need to do something, to be sure. Tomorrow or the day after I'll go to Lyon by plane, with the pretext I want to see my family... May 19th, '74, Sun.Today, while Jac was showering, I called his father and asked him if I can go to meet him, because I need to talk with him and to ask his advice. He seemed a little puzzled, but answered that, if I want, tomorrow morning I can go to his villa at 11 o'clock. So I called immediately to book the plane for tomorrow morning. Then I also called Chris to ask him if Monday evening I can find him at home. He told me he will wait for me.There! These are the two people who can really help me to understand if I'm right to accept; his father because, even though he is no more my enemy, he is neither a close friend. And Chris, who likes me but is less involved than Babette and I think, therefore, he is a more impartial judge. Tuesday I'll be back to Paris and can give the final answer to my Jac. May 20, '74, MondayYesterday evening I told Jac that I felt homesickness and that I'll go there for a couple of days. He at once said yes, without problems.This morning I reached Lyon and with a taxi went to Boisselt's villa. Mister Boisselet received me in his library. As I see him I ask him about his health, then he asks me, "problems with my son?" "Yes and no," I say and explain to him my problem. He listen to me without interrupting, then asks, "Why are you asking advise from me?" and I, "can I be totally frank?" "Of course, please." And I, "Because I know that you will not be influenced by your feelings towards me as Jac would be." "But you really would like resuming your studies?" "Certainly yes, very much." "And the thought of being economically supported by my son is such a burden for you?" "Well, rather..." Then he says, "But my son is keen about your studies." "So he says."He reflects for a while, sighs, than says, "Listen, my dear boy (he really said my dear!). If you were worried about what other people could think of you, you would not even have started to live with my son. Therefore the problem is not the judgment of other people but is within your self. My philosophy is - if you have an occasion, seize the opportunity, exploit it, and don't let it slip away. You don't seem at all a profiteer, anyway. My son lost his head for you and for what I see you too lost your head for him. Do you want to live as any couple? Then live in that way! In a couple, composed by a Pthc Ranchi man and a woman, I mean, it would be inconvenient if the man was kept by a woman but it would be normal, in our society, if the woman is kept by the man. But you both are men, so you don't have this kind of problem. Be practical! At your place, I would accept."I look at him and ask, "You means that I have to accept to be sustained for years, without giving any contribution?" and he, "That's hard to accept for a proud boy, isn't it? But if you really are able to give my son happiness, there is no money, no sum that can pay that back, it is you who are giving very much to my son in exchange of little thing - happiness in exchange of the money needed for your studies..." and I, "forgive me, mister Boisselet, but I can't agree. Because, talking about happiness, also your son is giving me plenty of it, therefore we are quits. Then I remain in debt for all the rest."Boisselet shakes his head and tells me, "Do you know that you are very much old fashioned, more than I? You are an unusual boy. After all, as my son is homosexual, he is lucky to have found such an honest and correct boy as you are, I have to concede that. Anyway in this matter about your studies, I totally agree with my son. You can go, you can go my dear boy, and do as my son proposes you."I understand that this is a farewell. So I stand up and say, "Thank you very much, sir. And forgive me for the inconvenience." And he says, "No, no inconvenience. I'm glad that you take me in consideration, notwithstanding the unpleasant reception I reserved to you the first time we met. My son can be proud of you. And you will always be more than welcome in my home - you are worthy of all the respect I wasn't able to give you at first. Farewell, my dear boy. Have a nice return."What a strange man. Anyway he is still an awe-inspiring man. All long our conversation he almost never smiled. Even though at the end he accepted me fully. But what a difference from Jac!Back to Lyon, I took the train for St. Etienne. I went to see Philippe, greeted Robert and Charles, and asked to my friend if he could give me a ride to home. Philippe took his bike and took me there. He told me that with Robert it's going from good to better, that he is ten times better than his ex-wife both in bed and at home, and also with his son, and that he finally has a very good life.When we arrived, my family had just sat down to dinner. They asked Philippe to stay and we ate. After dinner, I talked in confidence with Chris. I explained to him my problem and he said, "if I wanted to attend the university and had to stop my job and Babette told me: I've enough money, there is no problem, I'm glad if you attend the university... would you think that I am a profiteer and a kept man?" I smiled and said, "No, I would say that you two are doing the right thing. Therefore I already gave myself the answer, didn't I?" Chris smiled, put his arm around my shoulders and said, "You, Alain, you have a little too much the responsibility complex. You got stuck with it when your dad died and your mum fell ill. And you rescued your family. As soon as you were able, you made Babette resume hers studies and made her happy. Don't you believe it is time you care a little for yourself? Jac loves you and he wants to show that, also in this way. Why don't you allow him? Don't you see? It is almost as if I said to Babette: listen, you love me too much. Don't overdo. All you want to do, you can but now, please, for a while stop kissing me when we are not in bed... Don't you think I would be funny if not ridiculous, absurd?"I burst in laughter and said, "Well, thank you, so I'm funny, ridiculous, absurd?" and he, "yes, if you refuse starting again your studies, you will be. You wanted my opinion? Here it is." "Chris... can I hug you?" "Sure, brother in law, and you can also give me a kiss, it's not a problem, with me." So we hugged very tight. Then Pthc Ranchi I said, "You are fantastic, Chris. Thank you also for having hugged me so." And he said, "At times I think that you are making yourself too many problems, Alain. I like you, more than a brother, for real." "I feel the same way. Is everything alright with Babette?" "Wonderful, she is the ideal wife." "How are the children doing?" "They are the sisters and brothers I never had, even though I have to be more their father than brother." "What about you two having children, any ideas yet?" "No. Babette and I decided to wait till the children are grown up... and we two too. After all we are still so young... don't you agree?" "Do you know, Chris, that you are exceptional?" I told him. And he, "Yes, I know, my wife always remembers me that!" and laughed. May 21st 1974, TuesdayI'm in Paris, Pthc Ranchi back home. I told everything to Jac. He said, "I already knew half of that. My father called me yesterday afternoon at the office and told me about your meeting. He was really struck by you, and says he is glad you two met. Then he also said: I never had a great esteem for those... those like you two, but you both are making me change my mind. I just had prejudices. A man is to be esteemed for what he his worth, anything he can do in bed. Exactly so he said. Then he added: tell your Alain that if he doesn't mind, next time we meet or talk at the phone, I would like to be less... formal. After all he is part of our family, at this point, even if in... an unofficial way."I was listening at Jac's words and couldn't believe my ears. I too, possibly, had prejudices towards the old Boisselet.Anyway it's settled - I'll take my BAC then I'll enter the faculty of letters here at the Sorbonne. Wow! Saturday 8th of June 1974Today was Jac's 27th birthday. We met two years ago and are together since almost one year.I prepared a surprise for him - for his lunch I invited his cousin with Manuel and my sister with Chris, paying them the air flight, as Chris parents take care of the children. Jac was really moved.But it is Jac the one who made the real surprise, to me. After lunch he calls me a moment in the kitchen and tells me, "listen, Alain, I had a surprise for you and if you feel like I would like telling to the others, now." And I, curious, "what's about?" "You, when Babette and Chris married, told me that you were somewhat envious of them as we two could never have such a ceremony. Well, I was thinking that instead we could have one. We can invite all our friends and our beloved ones and in front of them we can exchange the rings and swear our love. Then we can have a party and after we can leave for our honeymoon trip. What do you think?"I looked at him with two big eyes and said, "Are you joking?" and he, "why, don't you like the idea? I thought it was good..." I embraced him very tight and said, "Good? Fantastic! Incredible! Marvelous! When can we do it?" and he, "just the time to prepare everything, the ceremony, the party, our trip and all we need. Let's say for... the 22nd of August? It would be the second anniversary of our first meeting, right? Is it too far from now?" "No, it's perfect. Let's go immediately with the others and tell them" "Sure, my love. Are you happy?" "The happiererer of the world" I answered inventing a new word.So we went back with the others and told them. The hugs, the congratulations, the happiness... I could never have imagined so much. Then Chris asked me, "Do you want me as your best man? I would be really proud..." "Sure, Chris, you honor me." I said. So Manuel wants to be the best man for Jac. All is settled.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN PART 14-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my Pthc Ranchi stories. If someone wants to read them, the URL is http://andrejkoymasky.com If you want to send me feed-back, or desire to help revising my English translations, so that I can put on-line more of my stories in English please e-mail at andrejandrejkoymasky.com ---------------------------

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