Related article: Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 14:25:46 -0400 From: sanibelboysaol.com Subject: a lesson in time part 57A Lesson In Time, Chapter 57This and all stories written and posted by the "Sanibelboy" are copyright 2009 TM. All world wide rights to these stories is reserved for the author (s).I want to thank members of my extended family who have helped me get this story out of my head and on to paper... hugs for Marcus and Trey.Again, thanks to those who sent comments; even if one of them was `vile' and `uncalled for'. I guess this story didn't sit to well with him but then I said to myself... `The idiot should write a story of his own'.Now then on with the story!Zeb was enjoying the companionship of Mr. Alderton, Randy, Will and Tyler; as the men all seemed to gel quite well regardless of status or purpose. After observing a small number of slaves cleaning the induction center `meticulously', Zeb `suggested' that they move on to the slave holding barns."Make a mental note, Randy, that from now Illegal Child Models on; every slave who is working here should be wearing leg irons and shackles. Not that any of them could escape, but having them in shackles is an excellent reminder to each of them of their lowly status in America", Zeb said matter of factly. Randy acknowledged the request with a simple nod of his head.Turning his head towards Will, Zeb spoke "Make sure that we add at least another eight slaves to t he lawn and yard detail. I don't ever want to see a single blade of grass in need of attention nor do I want to see a single weed anywhere on the formal lawn areas.""Sure thing Sir", Will responded with`smartness' to his reply.Just as they began to make the short walk to the first slave barn, Randy grabbed Tyler by his cock; as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.Tyler jerked backwards which caused him to nearly loose his balance completely. The others laughed just enough to cause Tyler to blush with embarrassment.Mr. Alderton quickly injected his thought by saying "Randy don't forget that Tyler is not a slave here for your enjoyment and pleasure. He's had a pretty rough start of it already and perhaps we should all just relax our needs and wants, just a wee tad bit.""We sure don't want Tyler to think that everybody that works here is nothing more than a sadistic pervert ya know", Zeb said while he attempted to refrain from displaying an evil grin.As the group approached the first slave barn, the noise emitting from within was a sign that not all was as it should be; and all of the free men took immediate notice of it and gave one another a look of bewilderment, as to the cause.At the locked gate, Zeb and the others noticed that the entire group of slaves was gathered, backs turned towards the gate, laugh ing, hooting and verbalizing with degrading name calling.None of the slaves even heard the heavy metal gate roll open, as the Master and his overseers approached.Grabbing several slaves by their shoulders and twisting them aside, Zeb commanded an explanation of this spectacle, before he even noticed what lay on the floor a scant ten feet ahead.There was an immediate scramble of slave flesh, retreating to their assigned bunks, now standing tall, hands clasped behind their heads, legs spread wide and heads bowed towards their feet.On the floor of the shower area were five slaves covered in warm piss, all trying as they might to wipe their respective faces of the urine.Beginning to fume, anger mounting rapidly, Zeb exclaimed "What the holy fuck is going on in here!".The entire cadre of slaves remained silent."It seems as though the slaves are marking their territory Sir", replied Randy.A nearly silent laughter emitted from the free men, as Zeb came to understand something that he'd nearly forgotten about. "Ah yes. The alpha slaves taking advantage of the lesser slaves"."Seems to me that these boys have selected five who for some reason deserved to be marked as submissive trash", remarked Mr. Alderton."Well, at least we now know which of the slaves in here are the weakest", Will stated just before letting go with a half20hearted giggle."I suppose we could use these five outside on the grounds crew until we sort this whole mess out", Zeb responded.Tyler just stood in utter silence and amazement at the proceedings he'd just witnessed. Mr. Alderton took it upon himself to describe, vaguely, to Tyler what had just taken place."You see Tyler, even slaves have a pecking order; that being from the strongest to the weakest, which also includes the marking of those who are deemed by their fellow slaves to `perhaps' be gay. Apparently these five fall into one or both categories, thus their being `marked' by the Alpha slaves of this barn"."But, but... these men just got pee'd on and by the looks of it some of these guys even had to swallow piss", Tyler said, in a rather puzzling fashion."Well with the slaves now sporting those gigantic dick rings, they can't really piss like a free man anymore. Piss flies out of their cocks and from the bottom hole in the dick and sprays like crazy; so they need to pee in a more conventional way as pertaining to their new lives", spouted Mr. Alderton. "And as for swallowing piss, it is a most common thing for most every personal servant to be able to swallow its Master's piss, so there's no time like early on for slaves to get started in learning to accept such a worthy assignment."Tyl er remained spellbound over what he had just witnessed, unaware that his own cock was beginning to erect."And you don't want to forget that one of the main reasons for slaves to have those big rings is to keep them from fucking each other like a pack of wild animals", Will added. Most all of the free men laughed at Will's comment.Zeb trying to finalize the situation changed the subject matter by adding, "Starting today, I want every slave to be kept busy seven days a week. No down time except for sleeping and eating. Teach them all to move, to march, to piss, to shit as a complete unit. I don't want any slave of mine to do a single thing alone. There has apparently never been any semblance of uniformity around here but that all changes as of now. So find out which slaves haven't pissed yet and get them over here so they can `mark' their fags, then get them feed, shackled and out learning to march as a unit."Will and Randy readily acknowledged Zeb's orders with a certain high degree of gusto, along with a huge grin."Might I suggest", Mr. Alderton interjected, "slaves that do not perform to a certain standard should be summarily disciplined. Perhaps a demerit system might be in order so that at the end of the week, punishments can be meted out in the public forum. It has been shown that public discipline can make a huge difference when it comes to slave training and accepting one's new world. Get the word out in town, or in the local newspapers and you might just find that a sizeable crowd will want to witness such events."Zeb liked the idea so much that he asked Mr. Alderton to notify the local and county newspapers, radio stations and even the television station once Mr. Alderton returned to the hotel. Happily, Mr. Alderton accepted the request."Which ever one of you two is in charge of this group, get busy with what you need to do and the other get down to barn two and get started with them as well. I'm going to look in on our young delinquents and see how they're doing. I don't expect much progress with them either and there's no doubt that all of them will be needing, AND GETTING, plenty of hands on training", Zeb said as he, Mr. Alderton and Tyler turned to leave.There wasn't as much noise coming from the second slave barn, as they passed it but Zeb felt certain that the slaves wouldn't welcome any of the new changes that were about to befall their poor and pathetic existence.Zeb was immediately distracted by seeing Luke riding towards the group, on the golf cart, but what caught his attention even more was the statue like figure of the pony slave standing on the top of the knoll peering down towards him.Since Tyler was behind the others, he took the chance to stuff his dick back inside his pink20shorts, regardless of how long it would be before someone noticed."Hello to all", Luke said in a joyful tone of voice. "How are things going out here? I'll need to fill you in on Master Kevin before lunch, so whenever you're ready to be briefed on his situation let me know.""Thanks Luke", responded Zeb. "We were just about to visit the juvie holding barn, care to join us?""Need you ask?" replied a grinning Luke.A last minute thought crossed Zeb's mind, and he followed it up by sending Tyler up to the knoll to retrieve the young pony slave. Luke, Mr. Alderton and Zeb watched as Tyler scurried up the hill, all eyes on his tight fitting shorts Illegal Child Models which displayed the man's beautiful butt, the muscled back and the strong legs. Truth be known, all of the free men had the desire to deflower Tyler.Entering the juvie holding barn, the men noticed immediately that things didn't seem as they should. Three of the four youths were sitting on their cots while the oldest one was sitting on the floor alongside his cot.Zeb took a quick visual inventory of the surroundings and noticed the discarded butt plug some fifteen feet away from where it was supposed to be; buried inside the older boys ass.All eyes followed Zeb as he retrieved the butt plug and moved closer to the slave who had yanked it out and thrown it against the wall."What happened here?" Zeb questioned the boy. "Did your ass shit your plug out?"The silence was deafening.Zeb looked menacingly at the youths and then turned his attention to the other four boys. "Anybody here want to explain to me what the fuck has been going on?"All of the four remained silent, heads bowed and in proper stance for being in the presence of one's Master.In one swift move, Zeb had the offenders head craned back, and his mouth open. The filthy butt plug was unceremoniously shoved into the slave's mouth, causing the slave to gap and also to gasp for air. Zeb held the plug in place for several minutes, allowing the slave to figure out on his own, just how one breathes when one's mouth is filled with rubber, dirt and ass slime."Luke you mind helping me out just a bit here?" , Zeb inquired. "Let's get the horse over here in the middle so we can `mount' this miserable excuse of a boy on to it", Zeb said sounding quite irritated.Luke pulled the horse to the spot that Zeb was indicating and the two men quickly had the boi bound to the `fucking horse'."Seems to me that since your ass can't keep the first plug in place we'd better get you an even larger one", Zeb said as he slowly unlocked and opened the implement cabinet. "Yes, I do beli eve this one should do nicely".As Zeb turned towards the bound slave, his eyes caught sight of Tyler leading the `pony slave' towards the barn by the slave's dick. He half smiled, not wanting to loose his mental hold on all of the four, now terrified, boys."As you bitch boys know by now... if one of you even so much as fucks up the slightest all of you in some way will reap the wrath of discipline. In this case, since it appears to be your first Illegal Child Models time I feel it only right that each of you three should take this implement and impale your fellow slave", Zeb said with clear authority.The three youthful slave boys had no idea what lay ahead for them but they knew better than speak; just obey.Zeb hadn't selected another plug but a rather substantial dildo, which by all accounts could and probably would have made even a fully mature male slave cry out in agony."All you get for lube is your own personal spit", Zeb said as he glared into the eyes of the offender. "You will each take turns in teaching your fellow slave that responsibility, respect and obedience is the only thing you boys should be concerning yourselves with. The right or wrong of things as you once knew them is no longer an option for any of you. Sheer obedience, quickly carried out, in silence is all that is now or will Illegal Child Models ever be asked of you. Failure to comply will result in situations much worse than what is now ahead of you. You all shall cause the offending slave much pain and suffering as is permitted. You will all learn from this experience. You will all feel the pain and torment of the one receiving the discipline and training."The location of the `fucking horse' made it possible for all three boys to remain shackled to their respective cots, while they followed orders. Zeb handed the dildo to the youngest of the three and watched with eager anticipation for the punishment session to begin. Zeb knew from reading the files of these boys that the youngest was always the one who was the `follower' and the one who seemed to bare the brunt of the other boys wild behavior.The appearance, in the barn, of Tyler and the pony slave instantly put things on hold for just a brief moment. Everyone turned to see the two enter the barn and the three shackled slaves seemed to have a look of `shock' on their faces. The pony slave seemed to be relishing in the spectacle which lay ten feet in front of him.Luke, Mr. Alderton and Tyler all took notice of the facial expressions but Zeb remained focused on the task ahead. Zeb did, however, make a perfunctory remark to Tyler as to how he was handling the pony slave. Tyler made no indication in recognizing the statement of fact."Hurry the fuck up and get going here!" Zeb yelled at the young man. "You all have much more pressing things to do today than pussy foot around trying to wiggle out of fucking your friend here!"The eighteen year old bound slave screamed as if he was being skinned alive, as the dildo was forced inside of him. Smiles came across the faces of all the free men except for Tyler; who remained spellbound, thinking of how a human being could torture another in such a manner. Little did he know, but he would discover the ease of and the want of doing such things in the near future."Don't go so slow" barked Luke. "Fuck him with that thing like you mean it. Fuck him like you fucked countless others who weren't ready, willing and able. Fuck him like your life depends on it, because it does".Thankfully the straps holding the slave to the `fuck horse' kept him nearly immobile; otherwise he'd have flopped off and on to the floor.Acting as if he had lost patience Luke shoved the younger teen slave out of the way shouting "THIS IS THE WAY YOU FUCK A DICKHEAD SLAVE LIKE HIM!" In one swift, violent and fluid move, Luke had all twelve inches of the fat dildo inside of the errant slave. The slave's screams had turned into manic sobs and whimpers after just a few short seconds."Kneel, you fucking whore", Luke commanded the youngest slave. "You'll kneel there and observe the other two fag slaves as they feed this worthless piece of=2 0shit longer and bigger toys."Luke went over to the implement cabinet and removed two more dildos. Each of them was longer and thicker than the first. He moved over to the kneeling slave and had the slave kiss each of the dildos, apparently in an attempt at causing a small amount of humiliation.The second slave was pulled over behind the bound slave and ordered to remove the dildo and begin using the new one on his friend. There wasn't much hesitation at all, and the used dildo was handed to Luke, who in turn handed it to the kneeling slave and said, "Lick it clean, all of it. Lick it like you're in love with it unless you want some of the same treatment your friend here is getting."By now, all of the slaves' bodies were covered in sweat and that was noticed by Luke and Zeb. Sweat caused by fear, shame, humiliation and the unknown was a good thing. These slaves hadn't yet discovered that they were in their first class of `Lessons in Time 101', with many years ahead in which to complete the course.Zeb turned his attention to Tyler, who was still `beaming' with a small amount of self-pride and said, "Nice to see that there is a small part of you that is learning something here on your first full day. I'm sure that you'll experience a hell of a lot more before the day is over"."Luke, if you don't mind, and I know you don't, would be so kind as to take control of this situation for me. As a matter of fact, Luke, you're just the person who should be put in charge of this teeny-boppers. Treat them as if they were your own boys; you know, fairly and with discipline offered out of love", Zeb stated just as a huge smile put creases in his facial expression.Zeb walked over to the teenager receiving the ass reaming and leaned down and spoke ever so quietly, so no others could hear him say, "How's it feel having your young brother standing there watching you get your just rewards? Bet you never thought I'd connect the dots did ya? You and your pals won't be raping him any more, now will ya? It looks to me as if you're the one getting the worst of things currently. Who knows, some day soon maybe I'll have him squat over your slave face and leave a nice big pile of his shit for you to snack on".The once whimpering and defiant bound slave fell totally silent, as tears of shame (perhaps) began to flow freely. Every one of the free men couldn't begin to comprehend what Zeb had said to the teen slave.Zeb continued to carry his authoritive look on his face as he now moved over to the pony slave and whispered in his ear, "I just told your brother that I know about the Illegal Child Models whole `family' situation. I don't think you'll ever have to worry about him or his=2 0buddies there forcing you to do anything just because you're homosexual."The pony slave broke into open tears and weep without abandon. Tyler seemed confused over this whole situation of Zeb whispering into slaves' ears, but resigned himself to accepting all that he'd just witnessed."Let's leave Luke to work his magic on his new brood", said Zeb, indicating that he, Mr. Alderton, Tyler and the pony slave exit the barn."It sure is turning out to be a beautiful day", Mr. Alderton said, trying to remove everyone's thinking from what they'd just witnessed."Yes and I don't know about the rest of you but I'm getting might damn hungry. What say we all go down to the main house and see what slave Coffee has managed to conjure up for us to eat", Zeb said with a smile.Zeb and Mr. Alderton led the way back to the house, with Tyler and the pony slave bringing up the rear; Tyler still in command of the slave."Do I sense a connection starting to form between you and the pony slave?" asked Mr. Alderton."Can't say that I can answer that one", Zeb answered calmly. "I just know a bit more about Illegal Child Models him that anybody else and I sort of can understand him better than most.""Zeb, I feel as if Illegal Child Models I need to discuss something with you", Mr. Alderton said in a subdued voice.=C 2For the remainder of their walk back to the house, Mr. Alderton told Zeb everything about himself buying the hotel in town and what plans he had for it as well. Zeb seemed very pleased, even though he knew that his dad was going to blow his stack when Mr. Alderton tendered his resignation.Zeb was feeling obligated, somewhat, to tell Mr. Alderton everything that he'd already set in motion but since they were nearing the main house, Zeb put it on hold.The pony slave was in awe of the swimming pool and the surrounding landscape. He'd never before been this close to the main house and he for sure had not lived in such splendor."Tyler, why don't you run in and tell the cook that he can serve us lunch out here, instead of Illegal Child Models in the main dining room", Zeb said with a smile.Tyler released the pony boy's dick, and headed up the few steps to the kitchen. Mr. Alderton and Zeb took a seat underneath the umbrella covered table as the pony boy remained motionless, staring at the pristine water in the pool."So what's the deal with the pony boy", question Alderton."Can't rightly say just yet", replied Zeb."BOY", shouted Zeb, "Get over here."The pony boy ran immediately and presented himself in the rest position to his Master."So boy, your given name is Camden?""Yes Ma ster", came the reply."That's a nice name, but did you ever have a nickname?" came the next question."Yes Master, everyone just called me Cam, Master"."Well then, we'll call you Cam also", Zeb said with a smile; noticing a faint smile coming from the pony slave."Thank you Master", Cam replied."When was the last time you ate something other than slave food Cam?""Master, I can't remember Master. I've been here for six months I think and slave food is all that I have been given, Master".Just then Coffee and John Henry came out of the kitchen followed by Tyler. All three of them were carrying trays of food, dishes, drink.John Henry was surprised to see Cam addressing the Master and only hoped that Cam had not, nor would not, mention anything to Master about certain `indiscretions' which were taken against Cam."Fix yourself something to eat and drink Cam" commanded Master Zeb.Cam wasted no time in making himself a plate filled with real food. Alderton and Zeb smiled at each other as they both watched the skinny slave make a mountain of food on the plate. "Take your time and eat slowly. No one is going to steal your food boy", Alderton said to Cam.All Cam could do, at that moment, was to smile; which was apparently permitted just this once.0A Cookie retreated back into the house, while John Henry took up a position behind his Master; there for the needs of his Master, should any arise.The three free men made small talk amongst themselves while they ate, saying nothing in front of John Henry that might possibly make its way back to Mr. Latimore.Young Cam was eager to show his appreciation for the human food, that he ate it all very slowly and completely. He needed to demonstrate some semblance of manners, even though he was kept always wanting more of what had become his main stay of slave chow.John Henry seemed confused at what he'd been watching. He didn't understand why the pony slave was now called by his worldly nickname nor did he comprehend the `why' as to the pony slave eating close to his Master. John Henry resigned himself to remain quiet and attempt to absorb anything and everything which would help make him a better person."That was a good meal", announced Mr. Alderton. "With all of these slaves around the place, it would seem that a man of my stature could quite easily get serviced after such a meal."Cam raised his head slightly, wondering if he was going to have to suck this man's cock; but before his thought process went into overdrive his Master commanded John Henry to kneel down in front of the visitor and present his open mouth.Cam was internally satisfied that he wa sn't called Illegal Child Models upon to perform the oral sex on the visitor and was equally happy that one of his `former' tormentors was made to suck the cock snot out of such a huge penis.With a primeval groan, Mr. Alderton unloaded rope after rope of his desert into John Henry's mouth, which brought a pleasing grin to his own face.Zeb remained silent as John Henry licked Alderton's piss slit to remove any remaining traces of sperm, as he said to Cam "You can use thirty minutes of my time and go for a swim if you'd like."Not only was Cam surprised at such an offer, but equally so was Tyler."Master, this slave can't swim, Master", the now saddened slave replied."Nonsense!" barked Zeb. "Everybody should know how to swim"."Master... but"..."We'll not have any further remarks from you young man", Zeb said with a grin, "Now shuck those nasty boots and jump in."As Cam was unlacing the boots, Mr. Alderton pushed John Henry away, and the slave fell backwards on to his butt."Clean up these things and get them into the kitchen and help Coffee with the dishes", Zeb commanded of John Henry, who was now a wee tad bit more than just confused."Master, yes Master", John Henry said in a polite submissive tone of voice.Cam stood next to the pool as the three free men watched with eager anticipation. Cam positioned himself so that he could run his right foot through the water and did so without looking back. Moments later Cam was splashing in the pool, flailing his arms and shouting "HELP ME".Tyler was quick to jump in the pool and `rescue' the boy.Neither Tyler nor the others could contain their laughter, as poor Cam clung fiercely to Tyler's massive chest.Tyler moved Cam over to the edge of the pool and told him to grab the sides, while he removed his own shoes, pink tank top and shorts."Seems a good fit", Alderton said. "A pony slave and an intern. Both fucking clueless as to what is ahead in their own world.""Quite right", answered Zeb."Thanks Sir", Cam said with a smile.Before Tyler could respond Cam blurted out... "Hey you have hair everywhere".Tyler could only think to say, "Yes, because I'm not a slave like you and the others"."But I heard the overseers and Master Kevin's father say that everybody here is to remain hairless except for Master Zeb and the overseers", Cam replied."Not to worry little man, I'm what you can an `intern'. I'm new to the slave industry and I'm just starting my education", Tyler calmly stated, as if his answer would put an end to this line of questioning."You are a beautiful man Sir. But don't you think you'd look even prettier without hair. Then you can get a nice tan everywhere and look like a prince", Cam said smiling as he also began to stroke the wet hair in Tyler's armpit."Well Sir, you could always ask Master Zeb or Master Kevin if you could go around here naked ya know. Or as Master Zeb calls it... `Properly dressed'." "Not really boy. Your Master has bought me wonderful clothes to wear here and I must follow his rules, just like you and the other slaves. It wouldn't look good if a free man was allowed to walk naked amongst the slaves", Tyler said rather firmly.Cam's hand quickly, yet softly went below the Illegal Child Models water and began to twirl Tyler's pubic hair around his little fingers. Tyler began to erect instantly.Tyler didn't bother to remove Cam's hand away from his groin. Tyler's cock began to respond almost immediately."Let's see if we can get you over your fear of water boy", Tyler said as he pulled the boy into the middle of the shallow end.Cam's hand immediately joined his other hand, clinging desperately to Tyler's masculine frame.Both Zeb and Mr. Alderton watched in amazement as to how Tyler was beginning to gain the confidence of the frightened young slave."There might be a glimmer of hope for both of them, don't you think", questioned Zeb.Mister Alderton didn't reply, but remained stoic.Zeb noticed, quite easily, that Mr. Alderton's cock had once again risen to the sight of two naked males."It's a shame that your sister isn't here yet", Alderton finally said, breaking the silence between the two men. Zeb turned to look Alderton in the eyes as Alderton continued."You do know, don't you, that your father and mother had me teach her how to please a man properly", Alderton said questioning."Well they told me that you had a large part in some of her training, but they didn't spell it out for me. I suppose I should have known that you of all people would have shown her the ways of `proper man sex', " Zeb said quietly."Oh yes indeed, I did", Alderton's reply came back. "I hope you're not upset with me for what I did with and to her.""Heck no", Zeb said. "With all of the shit she put us through at home, it probably did her a world of good. I hope she has calmed down a lot since the last time I saw her.""From what I hear, she is doing very well in her training program", Mr. Alderton said in his best and sincer est tone of voice. "I hear tell that she can suck a man's dick better than most slaves can now. She even takes to tending to a woman's needs every now and then too.""Yuk", came the response from Zeb. "I know that female slaves make out with one another but I never thought about a female slave and a free woman getting it on like that.""Well, let's you and me not think much about it just yet", Mr. Alderton answered.Both men turned their attention back towards the pool as Tyler was leading Cam towards the deeper end. "It's good to see a slave smile with meaning these days", Zeb proudly stated.Once again Alderton remained quiet but focused on the activity in the pool.The kitchen door opened up and John Henry came forward with a tray upon which was a glass pitcher of iced tea and some home made cookies."Master, excuse this slave Master, but the cook thought Master and Mr. Alderton would appreciate something cool", John Henry said with every ounce of servitude he could muster up."Thank Coffee for me boy", Zeb said as he indicated to John Henry to disappear back in to the kitchen. John Henry left with a look of sadness on his face."You know Zeb that you still have about eighteen untitled slaves working in town. You need to seriously think just how you're going to regain control over them and also how you're going to profit from leaving them where they are", Mr. Alderton said as he took a small bite of the fresh baked oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie."I've got some ideas but I can't finalize them until after the bbq tomorrow night. Oh by the way, I sure hope you can make it. I might just need to pull you aside and conference with you some so I don't go making a fool of myself", a smiling Zeb said. "All I know right now is that this place is a mess and I need to get it running smoothly real quick. I need to get the right people in the right places and I need to get all of the slaves quick stepping to orders without any of them hesitating. Seems to me those fuckers who wasted a good fortune out here didn't help out the `Indentured Industry' one fucking ounce.""Seems that way to me too", Alderton confirmed."My father was right in getting me down here to run this place. I can't begin to tell you just how much money, how much profit, has already gone by the wayside. It wouldn't surprise me that my parents are expecting me to pull off a miracle around here.""How so? Don't you feel up to the challenge?" questioned Alderton."Oh fuck yeah", Zeb replied. "I'm more than just up for the challenge."It was the openi ng that Zeb had hoped for. He quietly gave Mr. Alderton a brief overview of his plans and also how he'd already put many of them in motion; including the sale of Shaun and how he'd already re-arranged the banking to include sending the money from the sale of Shaun directly to his father to offset the principle of the so called `loan'. Further more, Zeb explained rather briefly just what importance Tyler's first few weeks here were to entail."Holy Cow", Mr. Alderton said in a voice that could be heard by the Illegal Child Models two males in the swimming pool. "You sure have done your homework young man. You don't suppose when you tell your parents of your intentions that they'll get all pissy about it."Zeb half laughed as he kept watching the two in the pool... "They'll be no more upset with me, than they will be with you. Dad is going to lose you as his right hand man back home and my parents are going to lose even more; more than they counted on this early in the scheme of things"."We can both discuss details about all of our plans more tomorrow if that's okay with you", Zeb calmly said. "Right now I've got much to do and I'm pretty sure that after your busy morning that you have things to do back in town.""Sad but true, young Master. Oh how true", Alderton said as he rose up and began to walk t owards the gate in the fence.. "My, won't ya look at that."Zeb turned to where Mr. Alderton was pointing.Unashamed, Cam and Tyler were holding each other's dick as they continued to glide through the water; Tyler's eyes glued to those of Cam while his feet shuffled along the bottom of the pool."Swimming lesson 101" Mr. Alderton said"More like, `A lesson in time', Zeb responded. To Be Continued... Please keep in mind that this story is fictional, although some areas of it are gleaned from my personal life here on the ranch.

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