Related article: Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 21:04:38 +0000 From: Jacob Latson Subject: Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 17Disclaimer:This story will describe the life of John Miller from his time as a man devastated by divorce who turns it into a new life of wealth. This story will include descriptions of male sex, including M/M, M/T, M/b, T/b and b/b. If stories involving sex between consenting males of all ages, including mainly gay sex, offends you, go back to the Archives and pick a different story for your reading pleasure. Don't expect constant descriptions of erotic sex in this story. I always want to develop a plot and characters before the hot action starts.There has been minimal research for this story therefore, names, places, and events are mostly fictitious and similarities to real life are coincidental.Some companies and organizations mentioned actually exist, but references to the activities, policies, programs and procedures are fictitious. This story will include references to the United States government, the FBI, CIA and other agencies. Any references are purely fictional, and only used to develop the plot and characters.Happy times arrive! Thanks, Bill for your editing.This is another one of my favorite chapters!!Agony & Ecstasy Chapter 17 EcstasyJohn was released from the hospital to go home, but he insisted on going to Jamie's room. He was constantly praying for the recovery of his young friend, but the news wasn't good. He walked into the waiting room for the CCU (Critical Care Unit) and overheard what Tom was saying into his cell phone."I don't give a shit about your interest payments!" Tom yelled. "My son's in critical condition in the hospital, and you can shove your threats up your ass! All that I care about right now is my son's life!"Tom closed his cell phone and paced the floor of the waiting room for the next opportunity to see Jamie. When he saw John Miller come into the room, he ran to his friend and sobbed on John's shoulder."I never thanked you for saving Jamie's life!" Tom sobbed. Judy Jeffries joined her husband in thanking John."How's he doing?" John asked. He was afraid to hear the truth, praying that he would hear something positive."His brain's bruised and they can't tell us anything," Tom choked out. "He's still in a coma, and they're talking about bringing in a brain surgeon from Boston."John knew that Tom's financial condition was terrible, and he was going to help his friend cope with the tragedy of having Jamie in critical condition."I'm embarrassed to admit that I canceled our health care coverage," Tom said softly. "It was stupid of me, but I'll sell my kidneys to take care of my son. We were just getting close to Jamie and Hunter when this happened, and now we might lose the most important thing in our lives!""We have to think positively," John said. "There are things that we can do to get through this together, and I'll do anything that I can to help you.""You've already done that by pulling Jamie out of the lake," Tom said. "I can never repay you for what you did yesterday!"Mike Mahon came into the waiting room and told John that he had the papers so John could leave the hospital. "My phone's been burning up," Mike said to John. "Everyone's praying for you and Jamie right now."John, Tom and Judy walked into the CCU and looked at Jamie's lifeless body. The normally vibrant young teen's face was gray, with a multitude of tubes and wires connected to his body. John leaned over and kissed Jamie's forehead and had to leave the room before he would break down."I got you a new cell phone," Mike said. "You have a new phone number, and I've only given out the number to Helen, Bobby and Johnny. Your old phone was trashed when you dove into the lake.""Thanks, Mike," John said. "I need to stop at the cashier's office before we leave here, and then I'm going to call Philippe."John talked to the cashier and asked to pay the hospital bill for Jamie Jeffries."I want him to get the best care possible," John said to the cashier. "I'll cover all of the expenses, including any specialists that Dr. Washington needs to take care of my young friend. Please don't tell anyone that I'm paying the bills. All that you have to do is call my account manager at the Bank of Detroit, and the money will be transferred to the hospital. Here's the business card for my account manager."Nathaniel Carpenter was surprised that a stranger would agree to pay the mounting hospital bills for Jamie Jeffries, but agreed to follow John Miller's instructions. He promised to contact Dr. Washington to let the attending physician know that all expenses for the care of Jamie Jeffries were being covered.John called Tim Cater and explained to his friend that their hunting trip to New Zealand would have to be delayed because of the injuries to Jamie. Tim was very understanding, and hoped the boy would recover so they could still go on the trip.Mike drove John to the NAO Headquarters where everyone wanted to praise John and hear about Jamie's condition. John went into his office and reviewed all of the memos and emails that were waiting for him. He ignored his ringing telephone and knew that Helen would screen his calls to avoid talking to the media. The grapevine in the building was buzzing with news about John and Jamie, and everyone was relieved that John was back at work.Margaret Miller looked at the newspaper article about her ex-husband and was livid! "That fucking bastard's a hero and getting his name and picture plastered all over the news! I know that brat, Jamie, and he's a delinquent! Two worthless pieces of shit and they get famous for doing nothing!""Clean up your language or move out!" David Williamson demanded. He hated the sister of his wife and was pissed that she was now living with them after getting out of jail. His outburst created a family crisis, with his wife, Liz, demanding that he apologize to Margaret."This is my house, and I'm not going to let her cuss like that Nude Underage Models in front of me and Davie!" David argued back. "Get a job and go live somewhere else!"Margaret and Liz screamed obscenities at David until he stormed out of the house with his son, Davie, following behind him. David had reached his limit with his wife and her two sisters, and finally made the decision to hire a lawyer and file for divorce. He remembered the name of John Miller's lawyer from the many times that Margaret had lost control of her emotions and blamed her criminal background on Bobby Goldman.John went to the hospital at least two times a day to check on Jamie's progress. It was after lunch on Tuesday when John was talking to Tom and Judy about the brain surgeon who had arrived from Boston."Dr. Mendelson arrived yesterday and he's been running tests on Jamie," Tom told John. "He's supposed to come and talk to us any minute now.""Someone paid the hospital bill and even promised to pay for the specialists," Judy said. "We don't know who paid the bill, but it's a miracle, and we're very thankful.""Maybe the person wants to remain anonymous," John said. "Has there been any improvement in Jamie's condition?""None at all," Tom replied. "All we can do is pray and trust the specialists.""What about your business problems?" John asked."They mean nothing to me right now," Tom admitted. "I Nude Underage Models turned off my cell phone and we'll just let the banks take everything. Our entire world is in that room right now, and we'll find a way to start over."Their discussion was interrupted when Dr. Mendelson walked in and asked to talk to Tom and Judy. Tom insisted that John be included, and prayed for some hope for his son."His brain is swollen and some blood has formed between his frontal lobe and his skull," Dr. Mendelson began. "We can drill two holes in his skull to evacuate the blood, and that should relieve some of the pressure on his brain functions. Any time that you operate on the skull, there's always the risk of hemorrhage. Weighing all the benefits and risks, I recommend that we perform the operation this afternoon.""If the surgery's successful, what can we expect?" Tom asked."The pressure on his brain will drop off drastically, and he might regain consciousness," Dr. Mendelson replied. "Remaining positive, he'll wake up but might have paralysis and blindness until the swelling is gone.""What if the surgery doesn't work?" Judy asked."A brain hemorrhage will cause permanent brain damage," Dr. Mendelson answered. "The brain damage will end his ability to maintain his heart functions and breathing. He'll be on life support until you make the decision to let him go."John, Tom and Judy all broke down crying. The thought of losing Jamie was too much to bear."I assume that you've treated cases like Jamie's," John said when he composed himself. "What's the probability of success?""My specialty is closed head injuries, and I've been successful with over 60 percent of my patients with a condition like Jamie's," Dr. Mendelson said. "This hospital has all of the equipment that I'll need, and if he suffers a hemorrhage, we'll open his skull and use a laser to try and seal it off. I know this is a shock to you, so I'll let you have some time to make your decision.""Honey, what do you think?" Tom asked Judy."I don't want to lose him, but I don't want to see him like he is right now," Judy replied. "John what do you think?"John thought about his own son and struggled to reply to Judy's question. He weighed the risks against the benefits, and took a deep breath before saying, "I love Jamie like he was my own son, and I'd trust Dr. Mendelson to operate.""I agree with John," Tom said. "It's all up to you, Honey."Judy paused before agreeing with John and her husband that they should authorize the surgery to save Jamie's life.John went to the nurses' station and asked to have Dr. Mendelson paged. He decided to let Tom and Judy have some private time, and went down to the cafeteria to get cups of coffee for him and his two friends."Dr. Mendelson already had a surgical suite reserved," Tom said when John came back with the cups of coffee. "He said the surgery would only take about an hour if everything goes right.""Would you mind if I said a prayer for Jamie?" John asked.Tom and Judy wanted to say their own prayers for their son, and the three adults went to the chapel. When they were kneeling, John said his prayer."Dear God, we're on our knees in respect for You and Your healing grace," John began. "We ask you to guide the hands of Dr. Mendelson so Jamie can be healed and return to us in health and happiness. Please embrace our Jamie and shine your light down on him and us in our time of need. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior who died for us so we could have eternal life. Amen."Tom and Judy were overwhelmed by the sincerity of John's prayer, and thanked him for putting their desires into words for them. They added their own prayers and then returned to the waiting room.Helen Baxter and Mike Mahon came into the waiting room and joined in the vigil. It was two hours after the scheduled surgery time, and everyone was feeling anxious. When three hours had passed, everyone dreaded the appearance of Dr. Mendelson. They knew that a long surgery could only mean failure!Dr. Harold Mendelson finished the surgery and headed Nude Underage Models for the waiting room where the anxious family was waiting. He never had the opportunity to tell Tom and Judy Jeffries that an emergency case came into the Emergency Unit, and he was pressed into operating on a young girl who had been hit by a car. Unfortunately, the girl died on the operating table, and he was devastated.When Tom saw Dr. Mendelson walking down the hall, he jumped up and yelled, "Here he comes!" He could see the strain on the doctor's face, and feared the worst for his son."I apologize for taking so long to talk to you," Dr. Mendelson began. "I was asked to perform an emergency surgery on a young girl who was Nude Underage Models hit by a car, and her surgery was urgent. I have some good news for you about Jamie."Everyone could see that the doctor was upset, but thought that it was about Jamie's surgery."We drilled three holes in Jamie's skull and found a small blood vessel that had ruptured," Dr. Mendelson said. "We were able to use the laser to seal off the vessel, and we evacuated the blood and irrigated the area between his brain and skull. The surgery was a complete success, and I'm cautiously optimistic that he'll make a full recovery."Everyone celebrated the good news and thanked the doctor for his expertise. Tears of joy flowed freely, and everyone was relieved and wanted to hear what they could expect in the next days. Dr. Mendelson repeated his prognosis that Jamie's brain function would improve, and he believed that Jamie could regain consciousness within the next 48 hours.Their discussion was interrupted when Dr. Mendelson was paged to report to the Emergency Room. Before the doctor left, John asked, "Dr. Mendelson, is the girl going to be okay?""I'm sorry to report that she expired on the operating table," Dr. Mendelson said with tears in his eyes. "I did my best, but sometimes my best isn't good enough! Please excuse me so I can answer the page."Everyone felt remorse for the death of the girl, and thanked God for sparing Jamie's life. They knew that Nude Underage Models Jamie was sedated, and Tom decided to stay at the hospital while everyone else could leave to get something to eat and shower before returning to the hospital.Helen asked John to call her if there was any change in Jamie's condition, and she left to go to her home and hug her own son. Seeing the grief of Jamie's parents caused her to reflect on her own parenting record, and she was determined to spend more quality time with Wesley.John barely ate his supper at the restaurant, and went home to shower and change clothes before returning to the hospital. He had made some important phone calls, and hoped that the future would bring good news about Jamie.Tom thanked John for spending time with him, and they watched the clock in anticipation of the five minutes that they could go into the CCU to see Jamie. At the beginning of each hour, they spent the five minutes with Jamie, and always said positive things in the hope that Jamie would hear them.When they were back in the waiting room, Tom said, "Poor Hunter's going crazy because he isn't allowed to see Jamie. He's too young for visiting the CCU, and his parents are struggling to find a way to comfort him.""I'm proud of you and Judy for what you're doing for Jamie," John said. "I can remember times when you acted like you didn't want Jamie around, but now I can see that he's the center of your worlds. He'll need your time and affection more than ever when he comes out of the coma.""Judy and I fucked up by putting our careers above Jamie's happiness, but that all changed when we realized that he's growing up," Tom said. "We suspected that he was gay, but it was still a shock when he told us. Hunter's parents caught them nude and having sex, and that brought everything into the open. We love Jamie and Hunter, and we'll do everything we can to support them. This is a gut check for me, and my business can go in the ditch as long as I have Jamie and Judy."Judy returned to the hospital and Tom went home to take a nap and shower. It was Wednesday afternoon when a wonderful event Nude Underage Models happened. John and Tom were in the CCU for their five-minute visit when Tom saw Jamie's eyes flicker open."He's awake!" Tom exclaimed.John didn't wait and ran out of the room to get Judy. She rushed into the room and saw Jamie struggling to talk. The nurse manning the digital equipment immediately paged Dr. Washington and Dr. Mendelson, and continued recording the information that showed that Jamie was awake.The two doctors rushed into the room and immediately took control."Jamie, I'm Dr. Mendelson and you have a breathing tube in your throat that won't let you speak," Dr. Mendelson said calmly. He was elated that the boy was awake, and tried to remain calm to talk to Jamie. He knew that the boy might go back into the coma, but the vital signs were positive, and he said to Dr. Washington, "I think we should remove the respirator and see if he can breathe on his own."The tube was removed, but not before Dr. Mendelson told Jamie that he wouldn't be able to speak because his throat was swollen. He was thrilled when Jamie nodded his head that he understood."Your parents are here with John Miller," Dr. Washington said to Jamie. "You probably can't see right now or move your body, but just relax and we'll let your parents talk to you. You had a severe head injury, and we hope that your vision and muscle control will return within 48 hours."Jamie was disoriented, but could hear his parents and John talking to him. He wanted to ask where he was and why his head hurt so badly, but he couldn't speak and he couldn't feel any part of his body other than his head. He was terrified, and thought that he was dead."I'm here and so's your mother," Tom said to his son. "You had a bad accident on the Jet Ski and hit the dock and the swim float. You drowned, but John found you at the bottom of the lake and saved your life!"Jamie was confused. He couldn't remember anything and thought he was dreaming. He wanted to wake up from the dream and talk, but he was frustrated and tears flowed down his face.The two doctors were elated that their patient was awake, and ordered fluids to soothe Jamie's throat in the hope that he could talk."Jamie, you need to rest now," Dr. Mendelson said. "We're going to give you a mild sedative so you can sleep and when you wake up again we'll explain what you can expect in the next few days. Please know that you're going to recover and live a long and happy life!"John, Tom and Judy waited until Jamie was asleep before they let their emotions out. They hugged and cried tears of joy at having Jamie conscious, and wanted to call their families and friends to spread the wonderful news.The two doctors were thrilled with Jamie's progress and moved him into a private room in the Extended Care Unit. When Jamie was settled into his new room, Dr. Mendelson reminded Tom, Judy and John what to expect when Jamie woke up again."He'll be disoriented and scared when he realizes that he can't see or move his body," Dr. Mendelson said. "He might not be able to speak, so you'll have to ask him to blink his eyes once for `yes' and twice for `no' when you ask him questions. Memory loss is very common with head injuries, so be very gentle with him. He's already made fast progress by waking up and breathing on his own.""This is a miracle!" Tom exclaimed. "Our son's back, and now we'll shower him with love and affection! God answered our prayers!""We have to call Hunter and give him the wonderful news," Judy said. "I wish that we could get him in here to be with Jamie, but the hospital has strict rules about young visitors."It was Thursday morning when Jamie woke up again. John had dozed off in the visitor's chair and woke up to see Jamie moving his head back and forth."It's me, John Miller, and I'm here with you," John said to Jamie. "I know that you can't Nude Underage Models see or talk, so just listen and relax." John told Jamie about the Jet Ski accident and explained that he was in the hospital. He was shocked when Jamie mouthed a few words, asking, "Where's Hunter?"The boy's voice was raspy and weak, but John clearly understood that Jamie wanted to see his young lover. He ran out of the room and found Tom and Judy coming back from the cafeteria."HE'S AWAKE!" John said excitedly. "He actually talked!"Tom and Judy rushed into the room and kissed their son and tried to calm him down. They showered him with love and affection and promised that they would find a way to bring Hunter to the hospital. John walked back into the room and heard the raspy voice of his young friend say, "I'm hungry." It was a wonderful sign that Jamie was making progress.The medical team was excited about the rapid recovery of the young boy, and everyone celebrated when Jamie moved his fingers and had feeling in his toes and feet. Dr. Mendelson had to return to Boston, but he assured Tom and Judy that Jamie was making excellent progress and that he expected the boy to make a complete and full recovery.By Thursday evening, Jamie could see shadows of people and was able to move his arms and legs. His voice was getting stronger, and he started complaining about the hospital food and begged for a burger and fries from MacDonald's!Tom and Judy Jeffries celebrated the return to health of their son, and showered Jamie with attention. Tom had turned his cell phone back on and scrolled through a long list of missed calls. The nurses were giving Jamie a sponge bath, so the adults left to give the boy some privacy."I might as well get this over with," Tom said to John. "Chase Bank and Citicorp have left a ton of messages, and I know what they're gonna say. I'm wiped out and they're going to call in my loans. Judy and I've talked, and we'll move in with her parents and try to start over. We have Jamie back, and that's all that's important to us!""You might be surprised how things could work out," John said while hugging his friend. "Start with the most recent voicemails and work your way back to the first one."Tom decided to take John's advice, and opened the most recent message from the Chase Bank."Mr. Jeffries, your loan with us has been assigned to World Wide Investments of Nassau, Bahamas," the voice said. "Please contact their representative, Mr. Philippe Ducharme for the details of your new loan, and thank you for doing business with us!" Tom wrote down the phone number for Philippe Ducharme, and was confused. He had never heard of World Wide Investments, and told John about his confusion.John just smiled and knew that Philippe had made things happen very quickly. He didn't say anything to Tom until after his friend listened to the message from Citicorp."I don't understand," Tom said. "Both of my loans have been purchased by World Wide Investments in the Bahamas! I can only imagine that they'll crank up the interest rate and foreclose on me. I was paying 15% with Chase and 16% with Citicorp, but both banks were changing the rate to 20% because of my problems with the concrete contractor.""Why don't you call the new bank and see what they say," John suggested.Tom was still confused, but dialed the number for Philippe Ducharme. "Good afternoon, Mr. Ducharme's office," a female voice said."This is Thomas Jeffries, and I'd like to speak to Mr. Ducharme," Tom said professionally."Mr. Ducharme's in a meeting right now, but he asked me to interrupt if you called," the voice said. "Please hold while I contact him."Tom waited and still feared the worst. He would lose his home, cars, cottage and his investment properties, but he would still have his son and wife. He paced back and forth in the hospital hallway and dreaded what the banker would say to him."Mr. Jeffries, this is Philippe Ducharme," Philippe said. "I'm excited about the opportunity to work with you on your new mall project.""I don't understand how you're involved," Tom began. "My loans were with the Chase Bank and Citicorp, but I received voicemail messages that World Wide Investments just bought my two loans. Can you tell me how that happened, and about the details of my new loan?""Have you ever heard of the Sea & Jungle Imports Company?" Philippe asked."Of course I have!" Tom replied. "I bought some of the furniture in my home and cottage from the store in Bloomfield Hills. What does that have to do with my new loan?""The Sea & Jungle Imports, Limited has operations around the world, and the financial branch of our company is World Wide Investments, Limited. Our headquarters for WWI is here in Nassau, and our President and Chief Executive Officer has taken a personal interest in your new mall project. Your two loans with the other banks totaled 400 million dollars and we combined them into a new loan for 600 million U.S. dollars with an interest rate of 8%. The liens on your personal property have been relieved and we can transfer any sum of money that you need to move the project forward."Tom was shocked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing about the new loan and repeated what Philippe had said to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Judy was listening to Tom's side of the phone conversation, and had tears of joy flowing down her face. It would be another miracle if Tom could salvage the mall project without them losing their home, cottage and investment properties!"I know that this is a shock, but our CEO believes that your project will be successful," Philippe said. "He's backing your loan personally, but WWI will handle the financial details.""Who is this CEO?" Tom asked incredulously."He'll be talking to you very soon," Philippe said. "He told me about your son's injuries and Nude Underage Models has been in constant contact with me about the wonderful progress that Jamie's making. I'll work with your accountant to handle all of the details, so trust me to take care of the financial aspects of your project. I also understand that you'll be contacted by a new concrete contractor who can expedite the structural work to remove the most important roadblock to getting your project rolling."Tom thanked Philippe profusely, and ended the call in bewilderment! Who was this mysterious CEO? Securing a new concrete contractor would break the project loose, and he had Nude Underage Models to sit down to compose himself while he dreamed of seeing his project return to life."Tom, you look like you're going to pass out!" Judy said to her husband. "Did I hear you correctly? A new loan at 8%? A new concrete contractor? Tell me what's going on!""I honestly don't know, but it sounds like we have another miracle for our family!" Tom said. "Mr. Ducharme said that this mysterious CEO would contact us soon, and I'm dying to know who he is! He's saving our financial lives!""Maybe this is the right time to come clean," John said while handing his business cards to both Judy and Tom."HOLY FUCK!" Tom screamed when he read the business card. "IT'S YOU!" He jumped up and hugged John and demanded to know how John had landed this fantastic job. "When you said that you'd try to help us, I never dreamed that you could actually do it! Congratulations, and thanks a ton for coming to our rescue! I'll bet that you're the one who's paying Jamie's hospital bills too!"John hugged Tom and Judy and told them about how he Nude Underage Models landed his new job. He explained that he was happy to help them, especially after seeing how the happy couple was focused on Jamie's happiness. When everyone calmed down, John asked, "Have you ever heard of Genovesi Concrete?""Of course!" Tom began. "Genovesi Concrete is the largest contractor in the country, but they refused to quote on my project.""Mario Genovesi's a friend of mine, and I asked him to do me a favor," John replied. "Mario agreed to work with you and will even give you a discount on his services. Here's his personal cell phone number. He's expecting your call."The celebration was interrupted when the nurse came out to say that Jamie was clean and wanted some visitors. The three adults walked into the room and were thrilled to see Jamie sitting up in the bed!"Mom! Dad! John!" Jamie squealed. "I CAN SEE YOU!"Tears flowed when the adults recognized the dramatic improvement in Jamie's condition. The excited boy lifted his arms and moved his feet and legs to show that his motor skills had returned."This is the best day of my life!" Tom exclaimed. He hugged and kissed his son, and watched Jamie showing off his new motor skills."I'll let you have some family time," John said. "I'll be back later this evening.""Please don't go!" Jamie pleaded. "I'm going crazy here! I'd give anything for a Big Mac and fries right now!"John laughed and promised to return soon. He had a surprise for the happy boy, and left the hospital. It was about two hours later when John returned to the hospital room. Jamie was very agitated at being confined to the hospital bed, and Tom and Judy were trying to calm him down."Tom and Judy, can you step outside for a few minutes?" John asked."I want them to stay!" Jamie insisted. "I'm gonna go postal if I don't have someone to talk to, and I'm starving! That shit that they gave me to eat was ice cold, and it sucked!""I think I have something that should pick up your spirits," John teased. He motioned for Tom and Judy to leave the room, and they quickly realized that John had broken some hospital rules with his wonderful surprise. "I'll be back later to check on you.""JOHN, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!" Jamie pleaded with tears flowing down his face."I'll keep you company!" a familiar voice said."HUNTER!" Jamie screamed.Hunter Harwood ran to the side of the bed and kissed Nude Underage Models and hugged Jamie. The two boys sobbed and hugged and kissed, not believing that they were actually together again!"How did you pull this off?" Tom asked John. "The nurses refused to even consider letting Hunter in here because this is a restricted wing of the hospital!""Someone might have made a significant donation to the Pediatric Care Branch of this hospital, and Dr. Washington decided that the donor could break a few rules," John laughed. He walked into the room and loved seeing the two young lovers acting like happy boys. He left the MacDonald's bags on the table and closed the door to give the boys some privacy."Mike Mahon's here and he'll drive Hunter home after the boys have some quality time together," John began. "I'm going to be out of the country for about three weeks, but please keep me posted on Jamie's progress by cell phone.""Where are you going?" Tom asked."I delayed a hunting trip to New Zealand because of Jamie's injuries, but I can see that he's gonna be fine now," John said. "One of the perks of my new job is traveling around the world on hunting and fishing trips with important customers. When things calm down for your family, I'd love to have you visit my home in Nassau for some tropical sun and fantastic fishing."Tom and Judy were amazed about John's new job, and couldn't wait for Jamie to get out of the hospital so they could vacation together. With the mall project back on track, Tom would be very busy, but he promised that he would take time off to vacation with Judy and his son. Three weeks later, John traveled to Nassau with Tim Cater and Mike Mahon. His bodyguards, Derek Kaufman, Lindsey Smith, Lou Williams and Ross Johnson, were excited about visiting the Bahamas for more intimacy after the successful hunt in New Zealand. John and Tim had been very successful in bagging Tahr, Red Deer, wild goats, Sika deer, Rusa deer, Sambar deer, chamois, whitetail deer, and jet black "Captain Cooker" wild pigs. Their trophies would be mounted and then shipped into the United States.When they arrived at the Nassau airport, Philippe welcomed them and promised an evening party with "special entertainment". John was excited about seeing Maki again, and couldn't wait to eat the boy's ass and fuck him!Mike was thrilled to be in the Bahamas! It had been wintertime in New Zealand, and he hated the cold weather, constant snow, and difficult treks up the mountain ranges. It was the first part of his new job that he hated, but he tried to hide his true feelings from John. He shared in the excitement of the two hunters when they shot the trophy animals, but he longed for a hot shower and Nude Underage Models the warmth of a roaring fire.John knew that Mike wasn't enjoying the cold weather and decided to let Mike stay in Michigan when he went on another hunt in a cold climate. He talked to Mike about his plans, and Mike agreed to make all of the arrangements for travel, but might not go on every trip with John.Mike showered and put on shorts and a T-shirt before the cocktail party started. His dick was demanding his attention after three weeks in a tent where he had no chance to jerk off. He had Nude Underage Models experienced two wet dreams during the trip, and was anxious to shove his cock inside a boy or a girl or both!Tim Cater was excited about the party and hoped that it would include another erotic sex show. He put on casual clothes and loved the tropical climate and the warmth of the sun. He gazed at the palm trees and colorful birds and thought John Miller was certainly a lucky man for owning the huge villa surrounded by the tropical forest.John took a quick shower and then sat down with Philippe to talk business. He was pleased that the private investigator, Taylor Coleman, had uncovered more information about the six loans."All six properties are going to be owned by people working for you," Philippe said. "They tried to hide their ownership by including family members or friends on the loan applications, but when they were forced to provide the additional collateral, they refinanced their own homes. We'll have liens on homes, cottages, and investment properties of many people, but the ones of interest are Jacob Coleman, William Tennant, Glen Young, Ryan Carter, Ben Shaw, Brice Phelps, George Wallace, Walter Kramer, David Briggs, and a name that I don't recognize, Merle Gardner. The face value of the six loans totals over a billion dollars.""Jesus, you just named my entire staff at the NAO Headquarters!" John exclaimed. "I already fired William Tennant when I found out that his security people bugged my phone and office. I thank you for opening my eyes to what's going on in our company. Merle Gardner was the store manager in Houston that I fired after he treated me like shit when I pretended to be a customer. Before we start the party, let's call Ryan Carter so I can sign the loan documents. I want this to be a perfect trap for the shitheads!"Philippe marveled at John Miller's intuition. John was setting a perfect trap for the dishonest people, and he wondered when John would spring the trap.Ryan Carter was over-the-top thrilled when John Miller called him, and he quickly gathered the loan documents and raced to the villa. He brought a bank manager with him to "notarize" the documents and raced back to his office. He called his friends in Detroit and told them the wonderful news that their loans were approved, and quickly scheduled closing meetings for the next two days. Everything was working perfectly, and they would all be millionaires!When the cocktail party started after the seafood supper, everyone was excited. The tiki torches were lit and the steel band started playing their unique music. Nude Underage Models Young boys and girls were running around with drinks and Cuban cigars for everyone, and the villa grounds echoed with the heavy beat of the steel band music.The first entertainer on the stage was a beautiful Latin girl with long black hair, startling dark eyes and a perfect body that was wrapped in a shimmering red sequined gown that was slit all the way up to her waist. She had a beautiful voice and captivated everyone with her provocative gyrations. The long slit of her expensive dress left no doubt that she wasn't wearing any underwear."She's 16, and I'm hooking her up with a talent agent in New York," Philippe said. "Not only is she beautiful and talented, she can deep throat better than anyone I know!"Mike nearly choked on his drink when he looked at Yadira and wondered if she could swallow all of his pulsing cock. The evening gown that she was wearing clearly showed the points of her erect nipples and perfect breasts, and he lusted after the girl. When she left the stage, he asked Philippe if he would introduce him to the girl and was pleased with Philippe's reply that Yadira wanted to meet the handsome blonde man.Tim wasted no time in grabbing Leoni when she brought him a fresh drink. He kissed the cute girl on the lips and opened her sarong and fondled her pussy. The girl was wet and willing and Tim didn't care who watched when he released his throbbing cock and lifted Leoni up. His hard cock slid into her pussy, and the cute girl bounced up and down while Tim sucked her cone shaped nipples.Mike couldn't believe what he was witnessing at the party. All four of John's bodyguards had young boys on their laps or between their legs. Derek Kaufman's head was thrown back in the bamboo chair while the black head of a 13-year old boy bobbed up and down on his cock. Lindsey had a boy impaled on his black cock and was passionately kissing the boy while the boy lifted and dropped his small body. Lou Williams had his hand inside the shorts of a teen boy and Ross Johnson was trying to decide which of the two boys on his lap should be the first to be fucked.Mike's attention was distracted when Yadira walked up to him wearing only a white sarong. Her long black hair cascaded over her shoulders and concealed her naked breasts from his view."Mr. Mike, can I sit with you?" Yadira asked. She sat down on Mike's lap and wasn't surprised when he brushed her long hair away from her budding breasts. "I hear that you have a huge cock. Can I suck it for you?"Mike couldn't decide if he should carry Yadira to his room and fuck her brains out, or stay to watch the young teens on the stage. The pace of the entertainment was picking up, and boys were sucking the cocks of other boys, and two girls were on a table in the 69 position. The decision was made for him when Yadira opened his pants and dropped to her knees. She licked around the head of Mike's circumcised cock to savor the flavor of his precum and then dove down until all 10 inches disappeared down her throat."I told you that she's talented!" Philippe said to John.Maki and Tiki were vying for John's attention, and he pulled both of the cute boys onto his lap and started kissing them. He went for Tiki's nipple and heard the boy squeal with joy. The action on the stage ended with the youngsters climaxing, and John was ready to take the two boys to his room.Philippe led a boy and girl to his mansion for a night of intense sex, and was pleased that all of his guests were accompanied by teens for the night.John didn't waste any time when he got inside his bedroom. He tossed Tiki on the bed and dove for the boy's hard cock. He inhaled the tender meat and savored the unique flavor of Tiki's precum. He left Tiki's cock to vacuum in the boy's scrotum and rolled the twin orbs around in his mouth before returning to the head of the uncircumcised cock. His efforts were quickly rewarded with several spurts of sweet boy cum. He swished the special sauce around in his mouth and gently finished the boy off before swallowing the precious liquid. When he sensed that Tiki needed some time to recover, John went down on Maki's dripping cock. Maki had a small patch of black curly pubic hair and John took all of the boy's meat down until his nose was nestled in the small patch. He bobbed up and down on Maki's throbbing meat and felt the boy's cock pulsing with the first shot of hot cum. He gulped down the thick liquid and kept swallowing until Maki had shot six ropes of cum down his throat.The two boys loved having their cocks sucked, and wanted to return the favor. They teamed up to undress John and began taking turns sucking the large cock. They loved giving blowjobs and used several tricks to stimulate John to his first orgasm in over three weeks. The boys took turns capturing the ropes of cum and gulped them down until John collapsed back on the bed. The boys weren't done, and they kissed and pushed the remaining cum out of the long shaft before kissing to share the thick juice.John was pleasantly surprised when his cock didn't go soft, and he grabbed Tiki and turned the boy around so he could lick the boy's ass. He swirled his tongue around and inside Tiki's tight hole until the boy was ready to be fucked.Maki wanted to help, and quickly coated John's cock with lubricant and watched the man drill his young friend. John loved burying his throbbing cock in the young black boy, and drilled Tiki for over 15 minutes before he flooded the boy's ass with his hot fluid. He waited until his cock softened and slipped out of the boy's hole and watched Maki sucking Tiki's anus to draw out the thick liquid. Watching a boy felch another boy was a special turn-on for John, and he wished that his dick would harden so he could fuck Maki. Instead, John watched Tiki drill his young friend, and could tell that the boys had fucked frequently. The two young black bodies were fluid motion with their grunts and groans adding to the eroticism.Before the morning sun entered the room, John had fucked both boys twice and had his own hole filled with boy cum.All of the men slept in late, and gradually arrived at the dining room for a late breakfast buffet. The teens were all excited about their nighttime adventures with the male visitors, and served their partners breakfast and fussed over them."I have a surprise for you," Philippe said to John. "The Sea & Jungle IV's in port and we have time to go aboard and even take a short cruise around the islands if you're interested."John was excited to see the luxury yacht, and quickly agreed to take a short cruise. It would be his first time aboard the IV and he couldn't wait to see it. From what he had heard, the yacht was 240 feet long and was the most luxurious yacht in the world.Words couldn't describe the beauty of the IV. Philippe had been aboard many times, but it was still an exciting event to see the priceless furnishings. He took everyone on a tour of the ship, starting with the master stateroom. Original oil paintings were everywhere, and the bedroom area looked like it was inside a jungle setting. Animal skins were used to upholster the furniture in the lounge area, with mink covered pillows, an ermine bedspread, and chinchilla bathrobes hanging on the door to the bathroom area. The huge bed was made of bamboo, with African Nude Underage Models shields on the walls for decorations. Two stuffed Bengal tigers stood at each side of the foot of the bed, and Zebra skins highlighted the thick-carpeted floor.Everyone was shocked at the tasteful way that the mounted animals had been positioned to decorate without overpowering the room. The bathroom was huge with a Jacuzzi, shower room large enough for six people and four separate sink areas. The sinks were black onyx and had solid gold fixtures, with the floor made of glistening white and gray marble. The outdoor balcony wrapped around the side of the yacht, and could easily handle at least 20 special guests."This stateroom is called the Jungle Room and the main guest bedroom is across the hall and is decorated in ocean colors with mounted fish," Philippe said. "Naturally, the other room is called the Sea Room."After seeing James Stanton's mansion in Bloomfield Hills, John wasn't surprised to see that the IV was exquisitely decorated. He couldn't imagine how much it cost to build and decorate the luxury yacht, but he was convinced that the IV would be a perfect place to make the formal announcement of his new job. The main dining room could comfortably seat over 200 people and the theatre could hold an even larger audience. The IV had four levels of luxury staterooms for guests, two separate restaurants, four cocktail bars, exercise facilities, a massage area, an indoor game room filled with pool tables, table tennis tables and video games, an outdoor game area with shuffleboard courts, card tables, bingo area, and Karaoke stage, with the top level featuring a tennis court and large swimming pool. There was even a bowling alley with four lanes for entertaining the travelers, along with a basketball court.John's guests couldn't believe that they were on board the most beautiful yacht that they Nude Underage Models had ever dreamed of seeing. Every item on the IV was the best that money could buy, including solid gold dinnerware, Waterford crystal glassware, Royal Staffordshire china and gold and silver serving dishes."If I had your job, I'd move to Nassau and spend my entire life living in your villa and traveling around the world on this yacht!" Derek Kaufman said to John. My wife won't believe it when I tell her about your wealth!""Material things can be replaced, but family and friends can't," John said. "Mike and I were inside James Stanton's mansion in Bloomfield Hills, and it's filled with similar priceless items. The Stanton family built a company based on providing the best of everything to the wealthy people around the world, and I'm still in shock that I control all of this.""You don't control it, you own it!" Philippe said."I'm working with Christina to develop an incentive program for our associates so they can take cruises on this boat," John said. "With the huge profits of our company, we need to take care of our associates and give back to the communities where we do business."Mike pulled John aside and said, "I still can't believe that you hired me and that I'm here on this yacht with you! You're probably the richest man in the world, and you still act the same way you did when I first met you! Are you sure that you want me around?"John hugged Mike and said, "I've always loved you and I can't imagine a better person to help me clean up my company. I want you to promise me something. If I start acting like a snob, I want you to stop me in my tracks! Let's grab a drink and go out on the balcony so we can talk in private. I want to tell you what's bothering me about my staff in Michigan."John told Mike about his suspicions that some of his managers were trying to scam the company out of millions of dollars with the proposed move of the NAO Headquarters to Chicago and the five new stores. He also said that he suspected that some people were using the company to deal in illegal drugs and others were destroying the morale of the associates."I'm going to wait for the right time to kick ass," John said. "When I drop the hammer, my life and yours will be in danger. You might want to consider that and pull out to be safe.""If you're in danger, I want to be there to help protect you," Mike promised. "Seeing what you own, I know that shitheads will try to take it away. I'm not leaving unless you fire me!"John hugged the handsome young man, and promised to keep the bodyguards close from now on. The future would prove that they were both in serious danger.Stay tuned!!! Feedback is appreciated to Jacob_latsonhotmail.com

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