Related article: Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 21:41:39 -0500 From: adzthemanmail.com Subject: Aaron Down and Dirty in Emmerdale Part ThreeAs usual, thanks for all the comments/feedback. Adzthemanmail.com to send all feedback to. :) Thanks.AARON/CARL Waking up and yawning, Aaron felt like he hadn't slept much at all. When, infact, last night he had the best nights sleep he'd had in years. He was in bed before 10 O' Clock. 10! He looked at his alarm clock and it read 8.45am. He hadn't got work today so he was just going to be dossing around the house. He got up, yawned and stretched and walked out his room and into the bathroom for his morning piss. He got back, opened his phone and saw he had 2 messages.The first was from Adam. "I'm missing you. Can't believe the folks have sent me to Ireland to see the grandparents- Can't wait to fuck U again. A. X". Aaron smiled at that text. Bless him. He got the text last night to say that both Adam and Hollie had been sent to visit the grandparents for a couple of weeks because they had suffered the loss of a close friend and needed family to support them.The second was from his mum Chastity which didn't impress him. At all. "HEY HUNNI. WE R HOME. HOPE U R OK. GOT U A PRESENT. CUM GET IT L8A. LUV MUM. XXX". He deleted it. But of course, presents! He'd totally be popping around there, if only for like 5 minutes to see his mum and tell him how much he hates her. And get his present!Taking off his pjaymas he had a long shower before heading downstairs where it was unusually quiet. Paddy had left a note. "Hey A, Gone to see Rhona's parents for the day. Be back later. Money for Russian Toplist takeout. Paddy". Aaron shrugged, went over the fridge and picked out the carton of eggs. He well fancied a nice egg sandiwch smothered in tomato ketchup!By 10.00am he was fucking bored senseless. He'd eaten his sandwich, washed AND dried up, and even hoovered a little bit and now he was sat in front of the telly watching the Jeremy Kyle show. As if his own life wasn't complicated enough! He left the house after an hour because quite frankly he couldn't bare sitting indoors on a hot day like this. He was going to go in the woolpack when he decided that his mother would probably be at home so he walked over there to get his present.He knocked on the door and Carl answered it. He was wearing a white, unbuttoned shirt and a pair of black boxer shorts. He'd clearly just woken up or something."Hey" Aaron said "Is my mum in?""No" Carl said, taking in Aaron's apperance. "It's 11, shouldn't you like be at work or Russian Toplist killing dogs or whatever evil thing you get up?"Aaron laughed sarcastically. "Go die"."Charming" Carl rolled his eyes "Your mum has popped to see Katie, I have no idea what time she will be back and quite frankly I don't care! Your mother is a fucking nightmare to go on holiday with, do you know that?".Aaron blinked. "No I don't know that. But she's a fucking woman- there all fucking nightmares".Carl laughed. "You can wait for her if you want" he shrugged "But she could be hours, you know what women are like when they are together"."Nightmares!" they both said in unison and laughed."Well I only popped around to see if you had a good holiday" Aaron lied "But clearly it wasn't so good".Carl shrugged. "It was fine for me. I spent most of the time in the pub!" he laughed to himself "Your mum, on the otherhand, kept complaining of everything from sunburn to having no money to how her frigging hair was changing color!" Aaron joined in the laughter. "There's a little present somewhere for you, it's not much, just a tracksuit or something. Fake, obviously, because it's your mum, come in and I'll go dig it out".So Aaron walked into the flat that Chastity shared with Carl King and sat in the living room. The telly was on a music channel playing some hip hop song that Aaron had heard of before but couldn't place the artist."Beer in the fridge. Help yourself!" Carl shouted so Aaron did. Why not? Why not indeed. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he wandered back into living room. He switched the channel over to BBC Two where he watched a repeat of some unfunny comedy programme. Carl arrived back a few moments later, chucked the tracksuit onto the sofa next to Aaron and sat on the sofa opposite him."Any plans for tonight then?" Carl asked Aaron as he turned his face around from watching the comedy.Aaron shrugged. "Not really. I take each day as it comes, you know".Carl watched Aaron for a few moments, then stood up. "Fuck this, I'm going back to bed". He looked at Aaron on the sofa who turned off the telly. He was about to get up and leave the house when Carl walked out of the door.Turning back around to face Aaron, Carl shocked Aaron when he said "So, Aaron, do you fancy joining me?"-Slamming the bedroom door, Carl pushed Aaron up against the bedroom wall and began forcibly sucking his neck. Aaron groaned for a moment in pure elation but then realisation hit him and he pushed Carl away from him. Stunned, he said "Why am I doing this? Why are you doing this?".Carl just smiled. "You followed me up here, you could have left. You obviously want this just as much I do.. ". He sighed for a moment before adding "Go, if you want, I'll still get some later. But aern't you curious Aaron? Curious to have my cock inside you?""But your fucking my mum!" Aaron said, louder then he perhaps intended "It's just.. weird".Carl shrugged. "I love your mum to bits, but sometimes a lad's just gotta have another lad". He moved closer to Aaron again, putting his arms against the wall so he had Aaron locked in. "I'm going to kiss you now. If you pull away, then we're forget this ever happened. If you kiss me back, then we're going to go over to that bed and I'm going to fuck you into that mattress". So Carl kissed Aaron delicatly on the lips and wasn't at all surprised when Aaron carried on the kiss. Carl made the first tounge movement, slowly releasing it into Aaron's open and waiting mouth.Aaron had no idea why he was doing this. Carl fucking King was engaged to his mother and it was just so bizarre. But thier was just something about Carl, something about his badboy persona that made him both intrigued and incredibly aroused.Carl continued kissing Aaron as he led to him to bed where he proceeded to undo Aaron's zip up jacket, letting it drop to the floor. He put his hands up Aaron's tight t-shirt and felt his body. "Nice, I appreciate a guy who works out". Aaron barely grunted a response as Carl kissed him again and Aaron could feel his tounge exploring every part of his mouth. Carl pushed Aaron onto the bed and let his already unbuttoned shirt fall gracefully onto the floor next to Aaron's jacket. He grinned when Aaron pulled him onto the bed and straddled him before running a finger up Carl's hairy chest. Carl felt his own cock stiffening as Aaron removed the finger and replaced it with his tounge which made his chest feel wet and all sorts of fucking amazing. Aaron's tounge travelled slowly down from Carl's upper chest right down to the top of Carl's boxer shorts.Aaron slowly pulled down Carl's boxers to reveal a fat, erect cock which slapped against Carls chest. He looked up at Carl who was smiling, appreciatively, at him. He threw the boxers over his head and took Carl's cock into his hand. He began stroking it slowly much to a naked Carl's pleasure who began wriggling and moaning slightly. Carl grabbed Aarons hand and ceased the wanking before standing up on the bed and telling Aaron to "lay down". Aaron did as he was told because he was both excited and nervous at what sexy Carl had planned for him next. Carl removed Aarons trackie bottoms and was pleasently delighted to see that Aaron had arrived wearing no boxer shorts. He disposed of the trackie bottoms quickly and thought for a moment. "Get on all fours". Carl demanded of Aaron, and Aaron Russian Toplist did so faster then even he could imagine. Holding himself up with his hands, Aaron smiled slightly. He couldn't believe he was about to have sex with Carl King!Carl took the sight of Aaron's 18 year old arse in and licked his lips. It was hairy, but not as hairy as his own perfect arse, and looked to be quite tight. Kneeling down next to Aaron on the king size bed, he spat into Aaron's arse, lubing it up nice and proper before prodding his middle finger gently into Aaron's arse which earnt Carl an appreciative groan. He then moved his face closer to Aaron's arse and slowly stuck his tounge into it.Aaron let out a loud, gentle, content sigh because Carl was rimming him and he'd never been rimmed before. He'd rimmed Jackson a couple of times but he'd always been to prude to return the favor. As Carl's brilliant tounge continued to tease his arse, Aaron felt even more amazing when Carl began wanking at his now very erect cock which was pointing downwards. Lolling his eyes to the back of head, Aaron let out a loud gasp as Carls tounge hit the spot and he nearly came on the spot. He could feel a drop of precum hitting Carls hand, but he didn't seem to notice. "Yes, fuck Carl, carry on doing that". Aaron groaned as Carl hit his arse as way of reponse. Aaron was grinning now because Carl's tounge knew what it was doing and he was fucking love this. Fucking loving Carl taking control and fucking loving having Carl's tounge do it's business in his arse. "Now I'm gonna fuck you into next week".Carl teased Aaron by slowly rubbing his cock against Aaron's waiting arse. He then slowly pushed his cock into Aaron's tight but not virgin arse and smiled with glee as Aaron let out a loud groan and a "fuck fuck yeah". Carl loved it when Aaron began pushing himself against Carls cock, whilst he stood on the side of the bed,holding his bollocks. He, himself, thrusted hard into Aarons arse making himself moan against the process as his cock felt so good, so right, against Aarons arse. He pulled out of Aaron and sat on the bed, wanking himself slowly and Aaron looked confused, if only for a second, then he realised that Carl wanted him to sit on it. "Gonna ride ya know, fuck you so hard".Aaron carefully lowered himself onto Carls stiff 9 inch cock and Carl thrust into him. He wasn't expecting it, but my God, he loved it. He began jumping up and down onto Carls dick, whilst Carl rocked his own body hard into Aaron's creating a fantastic Russian Toplist sexual experience. Aarons cock was still hard despite the trauma his arse was going through, and he gladly accepted Carls sweaty hand around it because as Carl wanked him slowly, he literally fault he might be in heaven right now. "You love it, slut, you love my big cock" Carl growled as he continued to ram hard into Aarons arse. His own thighs were rubbing against Carl's own sweaty but amazingly fit thighs.Carl pushed Aaron onto his side, and Aaron rose his leg in the air knowing what was coming next. On his own side, Carl thrust his cock into Aarons arse whilst Aaron took care of his cock. They were both groaning loudly now as they appeared to be closer to coming. Aaron's own cock felt like it might explode at any minute. Aaron leaned around and looked at Carl in the face, which still looked rugged and handsome but was also cute as his face was scawled up showing he was working hard at pleasing Aaron. Aaron lent in for a kiss, and Carl was surprised at himself when he returned the kiss, passionatly, whilst still fucking Aarons arse roughly. Carl could tell Aaron was nearing the end as he grabbed onto the quilt cover and was moaning louder then ever whilst saying "fuck fuck fuck yes oh God that's so good, oh Carl yes".Aaron let out a loud groan as Carl continued to ravish his arse and he shot out a brilliant load of cum which hit him on the chest and also hit Carl face. Carl sighed and pulled out of Aaron who had know let o 2nd helping of cum which had landed on his chest again. Carl grabbed Aaron and kissed him roughly on the lips before Aaron leant down and took Carls took into his mouth. Carl thrusted four times before he let out a loud moan and pulled Aarons head further onto his cock before it exploded. Aaron stopped sucking Carl and swalloed his load of cum, but Carl wasn't finished yet and he shot a 2nd load onto Aarons hand and then a 3rd load onto his chest.They both lay spent on the bed, Aarons head resting onto Carls bicep. "That was brilliant" Carl stated matter of factly before adding "We are so doing that again".Aaron had a surprise for Carl. "Of course. But Carl" he said as he looked Carl in the eye "Next time it happens, I'm in charge. I'll take you by surprise and I'll be fucking you".Carl just smiled and said "I look forward to it Mr Livesey". Then he kissed Aaron on the lips and they both fell into a deep sleep...

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