Related article: Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 05:52:53 -0500 From: Herb Cat Subject: A Generous SoulCopyright 2006 Herb Cat. Do not reproduce or distribute this story without the author's permission.Please note: this story depicts oral, anal, sado-masochistic and group sex between males. If any of these offend you or are illegal to publish in your jurisdiction, or you are under the age of 18, read no further.The characters, locations and incidents in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.As an author, I welcome feedback on my writing. Please send any comments about this story, positive or negative, to Herb_Catmailcity.com. Thank you.-----A Generous SoulA lotta people figure Hal for a mean son-of-a-bitch. After all, he looks tough in his leather gear and the way he talks about his four slaves, that they're just four piles of jackal shit, it makes you think he's a real misanthrope. But, hell, I'm his next door neighbor -- he calls me his Mate -- and I know for a fact that Hal, despite his seemingly sadistic demeanor, is the most generous soul I know.Like the other day I was sitting with him in his living room drinking Pedo Files his beer. I had my feet up on one of his naked slaves, georgieboi, who was crouched in front of me like a fuckin ottoman. Hal was telling me how the Bible says, "Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required." He told me how fortunate he is, that he has all the things he needs, and so he wants to share what he has with others. He is amazed at how selfish some people can be. Then he noticed that georgieboi was starting to sag a little under my boots so he kicked his ass, and georgieboi got back into position. "Sorry about that, Mate. Hate to see you uncomfortable."Just then the doorbell rang, and little timmy ran to open the door. It was Frank from around the corner. "Hey, Frank, come on in and join us for a beer. I'll call another footstool in here.""No thanks, Hal. I won't interrupt." Frank looked kind of stressed out, all het up like. "I just came over to borrow something, if you don't mind.""Sure, Frank, mi casa su casa. What do you need?"Frank glanced at the two naked slaves in the room and said, "I need an ass something bad.""Hell, no problem." Then he dismissed little timmy and shouted for toni to get his naked ass in here. Now that's just what I mean. Hal could have lent any one of his slave asses to Frank, and I'm sure Frank would have been content, but he gave him toni who everyone knows has the most talented fuckhole of the bunch!Frank went off with the loaner, and Hal continued our conversation. "Frank looked desperate, didn't he? He's probably going to fuck that thing long and hard all afternoon. But nothing to worry about. He always returns my stuff in good condition. You know what Jesus said in the sermon on the mount, Mate?""No, Hal, you tell me.""He said, `Give to the one who asks you and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.'""Good advice. I'll try to remember that.""Say, I see you finished your drink." Hal then yelled out to the kitchen, "blackie, what the fuck are you doing? My Mate here needs another beer." blackie came skipping in with two fresh beers for us, then bent over so Hal could whack his poor ass. blackie stood beside his Master waiting for orders. "Hey, Mate, you need a fuck or anything?"I glanced at blackie's bubble butt and his big dark sausage, and thought about it. "No, not right now. But thanks for the offer, Hal. Maybe I'll take a rain check.""You got it, Mate, any time. Mi casa su casa." He dismissed blackie, who probably had chores to finish in the kitchen.I noticed a bandaid on georgieboi's arm. Hal explained, "Yeah, I donated blood this morning. I go down to the clinic every week and donate a pint of my slaveblood. It's so important. Otherwise, they'd be buying more blood off of crack addicts and like that. They know my four slaves are healthy. They can trust me to give them good clean stuff." I wondered to myself if the loss of blood was the reason georgieboi began to droop earlier. I decided to take one foot off his backside.Hal went on, "I also filled out four organ donor cards at the clinic. Told them that if any poor bastard comes in and needs a cock transplant, I got four right here that ain't being used. Someone may as well get some use out of them." I noticed georgieboi closing his eyes. Then I thought about the lucky hunk who might get blackie's sausage some day. "So far, they haven't called. You know, they gotta match blood types and all, but I bet eventually they'll need one. You know in the city there are gunfights and knife attacks. Some guy's gonna end up getting his pecker shot off or mangled or something. It'll make me feel damn happy to know I could give a guy back his fucker. A man without a fucker ain't worth jackal shit. The Good Book tells us to take care of those in need." You see what I mean, Hal just doesn't have a selfish bone in his body. How many guys you know who'd give up a cock if he's asked?Hal has a particular interest in the clinic, and in transplants, because he was a doctor himself. Had a lucrative career in plastic surgery. Nose jobs and tummy tucks for wealthy clients. He took great pride in his work. Never left a visible scar. He invested his money wisely, made a killing, and retired at a young age, with enough funds to meet all his needs, as he said, which included maintaining his stable of four slaves.little timmy is the newest. About a year and a half ago, Hal was at his favorite BDSM store picking up some whips and clamps and asking about any new merchandise. The proprietor told him about a friend who was working on an electric device similar to, but less expensive than, the TENS. But it was not being marketed yet because it had never been tested on human subjects. Hal offered to test the item in the name of research. So a few days later, with raymond strapped to a cross, Hal experimented with the new device. First he applied current to raymond's ankles and got an amusing reaction, an uncontrollable jump. Hal tried other appendages and eventually stuck one probe up raymond's ass and clipped the other to the balls. When the current was applied, the reaction was not as amusing. Hal shut it off quickly, but raymond's balls had already been singed. He couldn't sit for a week, and never got full control of his bladder function. Unfortunately, raymond was damaged goods and Hal had to dispose of him. It was too bad, because raymond was well trained, valuable property. But Hal was still happy to help a friend of a friend in the advance of technology. He said he was glad no one had paid good money for this implement before it was perfected. At least no harm had been done. Yep, Hal is generous to a fault. Pedo Files That's when he got little timmy, and under Hal's training, this one will soon be as valuable as raymond.One night I met a guy at the bar named Ronny and we got to talking. He learned I lived next door to Hal. It seems last year, Hal had hired him and his buddy Harold to paint the waiting room at the clinic. "Hal donated all the paint. He hired us for the weekend when the clinic was closed, but he told us not to rush, that it was important to do the job properly. The first morning, he showed up and verified that we had everything we needed. He gave us his cell number in case we ran out of anything. Then before he left us for the day, he whistled and these four guys came in. Hell, the four of them were buck naked!""His slaves," I said."Yeah, that's what we learned later. Anyway, Hal told us to use them anyway we needed to help get the job done. Then he left. Well, I tell you we didn't know what the fuck to make of it. Harold wondered if they were there to spy on us. But we soon discovered they were very useful. We had them moving ladders, putting dropcloths on furniture, stuff like that. We told blackie to keep a coffeepot going. When we broke for lunch, little timmy ordered pizza and when it came, he got the door. I think it must have been a place they ordered from a lot cause the delivery boy didn't bat an eye when this naked guy paid him. By then blackie had crouched down on his hands and knees like a fuckin table and little timmy set the pizza box down on blackie's back. georgieboi brought us cold beers from the ice chest and then the four of them just waited while we ate. There we were sitting in our paint clothes, staring down at blackie's big black buttocks. My face was just inches from little timmy's dick. Harold kept looking at georgieboi and toni. Finally he couldn't control it any longer and began rubbing his crotch. I did the same and as soon as the pizza was gone, we both slipped off our coveralls. I'm sure Harold was planning on wanking just like I was. But we didn't get the chance. As soon as we kicked off our pants and stood back up, we each had someone's mouth on our dick. Damn, they were great cocksuckers. While little timmy and georgieboi sucked, toni knelt down beside blackie and they both stuck their asses up and waited. As soon as our cocks were fully primed, we pulled out of the mouths and drove into the waiting assholes. I guess I was lucky, cause I got toni's ass first. We fucked away, then traded and fucked again. By then, little timmy and georgieboi had laid down on a couple of dropcloth covered tables. We pulled out of the two doggies and got to work on the two tables. toni and blackie helped by holding the ankles of little timmy and georgieboi. I mean these guys were trained to please. We each had a chance to fuck all four of them that afternoon."Ronny went on, "Harold and I were spent, so we decided to sack out on couches for a while. You know, those four naked bastards picked up rollers and started painting, doing our fuckin work for us. `Hey, boys,' I said, `not too fast. We're getting paid by the day here.' So they worked real slow, real carefully. After resting, Harold and I picked up brushes and began working again. Harold seemed to be over his concern about spies. He thought we could use a little entertainment while we worked. For the next hour or so, as we painted, Harold called out orders to the four slaves, which they dutifully obeyed like robots. `georgieboi, wank your dick.' `toni, stick your finger up your ass.' `little timmy, rim blackie's asshole.' `Hell, this is better than a fuckin puppet show,' he said."'Yeah,' I told him, `like one of those call-in cam sites on the internet. `Cept this one is free.' I started calling out orders too. `georgieboi, suck on toni's toes, while he bites little timmy's tits.' It was the damnedest fun. I think it actually helped us work better. We made blackie wank until he was ready to cum, then we made him stick it in toni's asshole. After he came, we made little timmy felch it out of the hole."We asked them if they knew was snowballing was. Of course they did. georgieboi and toni 69ed until they both had a mouthful of cum. Then they passed it back and forth, mouth to mouth, until it had grown to the size of a large cherry. We ordered toni to swallow it."Meanwhile, blackie was playing with little timmy's ass, sticking one, two fingers in. Then the idea hit me. I took the paint brush in my hand and shoved the handle up little timmy's ass. We told blackie and toni to grab his shoulders and knees and hold him over the paint can. They adeptly got paint on the brush, even wiped it off on the rim of the can, then picked him up and painted the wall with him. Not the greatest paint job in the world, but watching it for five minutes had us both in stitches.Apparently, Ronny and Harold got the rooms all painted in a single weekend. The rooms were bright and colorful on Monday morning when the clinic reopened, and all the ladders and paint equipment had been cleared out. Hal gave them their pay plus a fat bonus. He said he hoped the four piles of jackal shit hadn't gotten in their way. Ronny assured him that they were most helpful. He agreed with Harold that Hal is an extremely generous soul. Of course, I have to concur.A couple months ago, I had to visit my brother in Montana. While I was gone, Hal sent blackie over each day to water my houseplants, collect my mail, play with my dog, and pick up his shit. The dog was happy to see me when I got back, but I think even he appreciated the dutiful attention he got from one of Hal's slaves.Later I was visiting Hal and I told him how I found his philanthropy a real inspiration. In fact, because of his example, I'd decided I wanted to do more for my fellow man. I volunteered to join an environmental group that was cleaning up the river that Saturday. "Hell, that's great! Good for you, Mate. I'm touched that you think I had inspired you to do this. Say, tell you what. I'd like to help you out on Saturday if that's OK. Like the Good Book says, `Freely ye have received, freely Pedo Files give.' When you get ready to leave, toot your horn. OK?""Well, uh, sure, Hal. That would be great." See what I mean? Always ready to go the second mile. On Saturday, I rose early, ate breakfast, showered, dressed and was in my car by 6:30. I tooted like he asked, and waited for him to send one of his slaves out. Maybe he'd even give me two for the day. But when the door opened, instead of a slave, Hal himself came out to my car."OK, let's go," he said as he climbed in."Really, but I thought. I mean I figured.""What?""Never mind, I'm just surprised to see you, Hal. Surprised but pleased.""Hey, Mate, I told you I'd give you a hand today. The Good Book says when you make a promise, you better not break your it. I'm a man of my word." He certainly is. Hal was willing to give up a day of luxury to go and wallow in the muck down by the river. What a guy!I explained that we'd been assigned a section on the western shore starting at the old bridge and running downriver to where another group was working. I parked by the side of the bridge and we got right to work, hauling out tires, mattresses, box springs, a small refrigerator, bike parts, and other assorted garbage and dragged it up to the side of the road where a truck passed by each hour or so and collected the debris."I can't believe it," Hal said. "I just don't see how anyone could abuse part of God's creation this way. They act like they was given this here river for their personal toilet bowl. I wish I knew where one of these guys lived. I'd send georgieboi and the others there to shit in his living room. See how he feels about getting crapped on. How can they be so insensitive? This here's the good Lord's temple and these guys are just desecrating it, just like old king Ahab. Sorry, I guess I sound like the preacher, don't I, Mate?""You'd make a great preacher, Hal. You do seem to know a lot about the Bible.""Yeah, I try to let it guide my life, Mate. My favorite chapter is Psalm 112. When we get back, remind me to read it to you.""Sure thing, Hal. I'd like that."Hal and I made small talk as we worked. Discussed the Dodgers. The weather. The new governor. He asked about my beagle, and I told him what joy he is to have around. Worships the ground I walk on. I asked him if he ever thought of having a dog."Nah, those four jackal shit slaves are enough trouble. You'd never guess how much fuckin work they are to take care of. I got my hands full feeding them, making sure they get their shots, training them, disciplining them, keeping them busy, fucking their four asses every single fuckin day, making sure they stay out of mischief. Mate, it's a fulltime job being a slaveowner!""How come they never wear clothes?"Hal looked at me like I had two heads. "You don't go putting pretty duds on that mutt of yours, do you, Mate? I mean wouldn't that look plain stupid?" I had to admit he had a kind of logic there. Pedo Files Hal usually found the discussion of his slaves tiresome so he changed the subject: "So, tell me, how was your trip to Montana?""It was great seeing my brother again. There was a big festival going on over at Rock Creek Lodge. I had some of their Rocky Mountain Oysters."Hal looked up from the exhaust pipe he was pulling on. "What the hell is that?""You never heard of Rocky Mountain Oysters? They're bull testicles. Really quite tasty.""No shit. How do you prepare them?""Well, they dip `em in flour and a mixture of spices and deep fry them. Then they serve `em with some hot sauce. Hmm, hmm. You gotta try `em some time."Just then, Hal let out a horrendous shriek. "Oh, Shit!!!!""Hal, what happened?""I guess there are water moccasins in this river. I just got bit," he said, crawling up the bank.I know water mocassins rarely bite but apparently Hal had reached down and grabbed it like it was another tailpipe. He was probably distracted by my Montana story."Oh, Hal. That's terrible. What do we do?" I was starting to panic, but Hal's medical training took over. He showed me how to rip his sleeve, use the cloth to put a temporary bandage on and then get him back to the car. We sped off, but by the time we got to the hospital, Hal was losing consciousness. The ER staff took over. He was given an IV with Pedo Files antivenin. I waited nervously. After a couple hours, the doctor assured me Hal was going to pull through, but he'd have to be admitted to the hospital for a few days. He needed to rest. Before I left, I went in to see him."Mate, you saved my life!""Hey, Hal, I only did what any friend would do.""No, I'll always be grateful to you. Listen, I really hate to ask this, you've done so much already, but I need your help.""Sure, Hal, anything you want. You name it.""Doc says I'm going to have to be here a while. I need you to keep an eye on my jackal shit slaves while I'm gone. First thing, you got to explain to them what happened and how I'll be back in a few days. Second, and I really hate to ask this, Mate. ...""Come on, Hal, ask me.""Well, my slaves each got to get fucked at least once a day. Else they get ornery. I know it's a lot to ask, but you'd really be doing me a big favor, Mate.""You got it, Hal. No problem.""You're a real friend, Mate. Whatever you want, it's yours. You saved my life. I'd give you my left nut, you know that."I drove home, checked on my dog, and then went next door. little timmy opened the door. He looked real worried. I went in and gathered the four of them. "OK, look, your Master's in the hospital. He was bitten by a snake and it was pretty bad. We almost lost him." All four were whimpering as I spoke. "But he's going to make it now. He just needs plenty of rest. He asked me to watch you guys for him `til he gets home, and I intend to do just as he asked. OK? Now, blackie, we'll start with you. Lay down on the couch and spread those legs." As toni and georgieboi held his legs back, I proceeded to pound his horny black ass. The first fuck accomplished, I went about giving them orders to clean the house, do the laundry, tend the grounds. After an hour or so, my pecker was sufficiently refreshed to do toni. And so the day continued, until all four slaves had had their fuck for the day.For the next few days, my routine was roughly like this. I got up and dressed, and then go next door where toni had my breakfast waiting. The other three were already busy vacuuming and mopping the floors. After breakfast, I'd Pedo Files fuck toni and send blackie and little timmy next door to clean my house, do my laundry, and take care of my dog. I'd then go in the bathroom with georgieboi who'd prepare my toothbrush, run my bath, wipe my ass, stuff like that. He'd kneel by the tub when I bathed and wash my privates, then dry me off and get in bed with me for his fuck. After a leisurely morning, -- leisurely for me, -- toni had my lunch ready. Then he and georgieboi went next door to mow my lawn, and work in my garden, and sent blackie and little timmy back home. I gave them their assignments and then headed off to the hospital to spend visiting hours with Hal, who gave me a long list of chores for each slave. He thanked me profusely for all my help, and hoped they weren't giving me too hard a time. He instructed me to whip their asses for any small infraction. Back at his house, I'd find my supper waiting for me. I'd have one of them fetch my dog for me, then I'd give them their new assignments from their Master and settle in for an evening, prop my feet up on one of Hal's slave footstools, watch some porn and pet the dog, while one of the slaves massaged my cock. Then I'd fuck little timmy and blackie before calling it a day. If they got me excited enough I was sometimes able to give one or more of them a second fuck, so they tried their damnedest to keep my hormones going. Around eleven, I went back home.One evening, I happened to notice Hal's Bible beside my chair. I recalled how he wanted to read me his favorite chapter when we got back from the river, but of course, then he got bitten. Somehow, I remembered it was Psalm 112. I knew nothing about the Bible, so I just opened it to the middle Pedo Files and fuck, there were the Psalms! I located 112 and started reading. I figured it might give me some insight into Hal's nature."Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely." Well, I'll be fucked, that's Hal all right. His favorite saying is "Mi casa su casa." Hal told me Jesus taught if someone asks you for your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. Fuck, I think if I Pedo Files asked him to give me georgieboi to keep, he'd probably throw in toni as well! I read some more: "He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor." Yep, that's Hal. The next line says, "his horn will be lifted high in honor." Hell, if "horn" means what I think it means, Hal's is lifted high often enough. LOL.Hal eventually came home and again expressed his gratitude to me for taking care of his stuff in his absence. I assured him it was no problem, although I had discovered that keeping four slaves busy was indeed a fulltime occupation. Hal insisted I had done him a huge favor. He kept maintaining I had saved his life after the snakebite. For the next few weeks, he sent blackie over to pick up dogshit, do my laundry, offer his asshole, whatever I might need from him. blackie acted like he could never do enough to fully repay my kindness to his Master.Another week passed and then I got a knock on my door just before noon. I figured it was blackie again, but when I opened the door it was Hal himself. He was carrying a hot casserole. "I brought you a special lunch, Mate. Something I thought you'd really enjoy!""Hal, you didn't have to do that.""Hey, Mate. You saved my life. It's the least we could do." I took note of the "we" in that sentence, because Hal never grouped himself with his slaves in the same pronoun, but I didn't think much of it.I got a plate from the kitchen, grabbed some beers from the fridge, and sat down at my dining room table. Hal lifted the cover off the casserole and the most delicious aroma filled the room. I glanced inside and examined the contents with a ladle. "No, you didn't!" Hal smiled. There swimming in a wonderful dark sauce were four lovely round meaty spheres. "Rocky Mountain Oysters!""Nothing's too good for you, Mate.""What did you do? Find a mail order place online that carried them?""Just go ahead and eat them. Let me know how they taste, Mate."I spooned them on my plate and cut into the first one. They weren't as large as the ones my brother served me, but when I tasted the first one, it was delicious. I asked Hal to share them with me, but he insisted I eat them all myself, so I did. They were truly out of this world."Hal, those were delicious!!""You really liked them?""They were the absolute best. Better than any I had up in Montana.""Shit, we're so glad you liked them, Mate." Again the "we." Hal whistled and my front door opened. In walked his four slaves with somewhat concerned expressions on their faces. "Don't worry, boys, he said he liked them." The slaves broke into big smiles and high fived each other. They even started dancing around the table in jubilation. That's when I noticed something peculiar. Their scrotums were hanging a little funny. All four were off balance, drooping to the right. I asked blackie to come over so I could examine him more closely. Sure enough, his left nut had been surgically removed, although the suture line was invisible. I checked out the other three and every one of them was the same. Hal had said he'd give up his left nut for me. Actually he gave up four of his nuts for me. I was so touched."Hal, you really outdid yourself this time.""Nothing's too good for my Mate, ain't Pedo Files that right, boys?" They all grinned and nodded. "You saved my life, Mate. Oh, and when you're ready for another helping some time, Mate, there's four more where those came from." Again, the slaves nodded. "After all, they're certainly doing me no good where they are.""I'll take a rain check, Hal.""Fair enough, just give me a couple days notice."Now, do you see what I mean? Hal is the most generous guy I know.

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