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Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.************************************************************************ What's New at TomCup.com?Airport Voyeur Part 2 by Adam Bricker: Chapter 1: Added 11/29* The Confederados by Richard Dean: Chapter 1: Added 11/28* Raptors by Richard Dean Chapter 11: Added 11/22 Calvin: Indentity Crisis by Tom Cup Part 2 Chapter 2: Added 11/20* Airport Voyeur by Adam Bricker: Chapter 6: Added 11/20* The Innocents: Paulo and Beto by Richard Dean Chapter 15: Added 11/14 Age Before Beauty by Tom Cup Chapter 6: Added 11/13 Lion of Bolognia by Tom Cup Chapter 7: Added 11/12* Lion of Bolognia Chapter 6: Added 11/10* The Innocents: Paulo and Beto Chapter 14: Added 11/05 Airport Voyeur by Adam Bricker: Chapter 5: Preteen Glamour Models Toplist Added 11/04* Lion of Bolognia Chapter 5: Added 11/03* Lion of Bolognia Chapter 4: Added 11/02* Short Story: Tricked and Treated: Added 10/31*TomCup.com now offers an Executive Club membership! Check it out at http://www.tomcup.com!************************************************************************Airport Voyeur By Adam P. Bricker adambricktomcup.comChapter 4 -- Love The Little ChildrenWith a lap full of wet boy, I was certainly going to have to change for dinner. Not much chance of pondering law suits with Paulo sitting on my lap."How was you day? Are you done here? When do you leave tomorrow? Preteen Glamour Models Toplist We're going to the Grand Canyon. Have you been to the Grand Canyon, before?""Slow down, pip squeak! Yes, I'm done for this trip. I'm on an 11:20 flight in the morning for Denver. And yes, I've been to the Grand Canyon, before. It was three years ago.""How was your day?" I said, while I pulled Philippe down onto chair and pulled it over next to us."Well, Philippe drowned me in the pool. We had hamburgers and fries for lunch and then I had ice cream they called a `Banana Divide.' It had chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with marshmallow topping, pineapple topping and chocolate, but they didn't put the chocolate syrup on the chocolate ice cream.""You mean you had a Banana Split, pip squeak.""Yeah, that's what I said."No use correcting him. He really didn't care."Where's your father? Has he come back already?"Philippe said, "No, he has not returned yet, but he should be here very soon. Where are we going for dinner?""I have some ideas, but did you have anything in mind?" I said."Can we get American Hot Dogs?" piped up the squirming Paulo in my lap."I'm sure there must be Hot Dogs around here somewhere. Why Hot Dogs?""Because we're in America, Adam." He gave me that look that said, "Isn't that obvious. You must be an adult.""Okay, I had something else in mind, but we can do both," I said."What did you want to do?" asked Philippe."I think I'll save that idea until later. Maybe after the hot dogs we will see if there is time.""Now, how about you taking these wet suits off, getting a shower and getting some dry clothes that you can wear out to dinner." I picked pip squeak up and held him high in the air. Then putting him down on the floor, I pulled his wet suit down and off. Swatted his behind and sent him off to the showers.With Philippe, the more mature one, I grabbed him around his waist and pulled him to me and held him tightly. I was already wet, what did it matter now?"Think we should take a shower, whistle britches?""What is whistle britches?" he asked."It's a name my grandfather used to call me. I don't know what it means, but it always was special when he called me that, and I thought it was better for you than `pip squeak' or `fancy pants.'""Yeah, I guess you're right. I think I like it when you call me that. Thanks, Adam"Picking up my eleven-year-old and holding him like little baby in my arms I took him into the bedroom and threw him on the bed. He bounced and rolled onto the floor.I started unbuttoning my shirt, Philippe shrugged him swim trunks off and kicked them at me. I grabbed them and threw them back. I then finished unzipping and getting out of my clothes. Both of us naked I grabbed him again and went into the bathroom.The shower was already running and steam was billowing over the door. I opened the door and we both squeezed in with Paulo. It was tight, but we were getting used to this closeness. At least I was getting used to it. They were pretty comfortable with it already.My cock was hanging parallel to the floor, but this wasn't a time to stop and deal with that. They weren't concerned with my dick's condition and I wanted to have a great night with this for our last night together. That would come later.I quickly got Paulo soaped and rinsed since he was the first one in here, and put him out to get dried off. Then took the Sauve shampoo and started at Philippe's gorgeous head of hair and lathered up those thick locks. Soaped under his arms and kind of lingered there for a little while and then down his back to his lovely tush. I slid my hands into his crack and then placed the other one in front and lathered his penis and balls. His cock was slightly stiff but I didn't want to excite him more now. We'd save that for later tonight. Finally I knelt down and gently washed his feet, being sure to get between each toe.With the flexible shower spray I then hosed him down from head to foot and gave him a great big kiss. Pulled him to me and bear hugged for a couple minutes then pushed him out to get dried and dressed.To end this group shower I soaped and rinsed and decided I need to jack off or I wouldn't be any good with anyone tonight. Cum was dripping down the wall as I left the shower stall to get dried and dressed myself.Sitting on the edge of the bed after getting my briefs on, I sort of stopped in mid-stream and thought "What a great couple days this has been. These guys love me. Even if it had only been sexually, this has been the best experience of my life. Tomorrow, it ends."It was hard to move on to dressing the rest of the way. If I moved on this would end. How I wanted to stay like this forever. I wanted to stop time, never grow old and never let go of these three guys.`Adam, wake up this is reality and life goes on! Get dressed and have a good night, but then move on. You're a man and you have to take control of this situation. You have responsibilities.' My mind was trying to bring me back to reality, but my heart said stay where you are."Adam, father's home and he said he's ready when you are," said Philippe."Okay, whistle britches," I said as I grabbed my shirt and stood up. Time to move on, life stops for no one. We piled Preteen Glamour Models Toplist in to the fifteen-passenger van. This time Fernando road up front. I'd gotten directions for a hot dog stand from the front desk and we found it without too much trouble. I only had to double back once.We sat out side on picnic tables. The boys each had three hot dogs, potato fries, and a soft drink (Coke -- its America remember). Fernando and I had two hot dogs each and really just picked at some of the fries the boys had."Okay, if you two can clean up this table I have a surprise for you guys," I said with a mischievous glint in my voice."What is it?""Not until the dishes are done and we're in the van," I said.Trash from the hot dogs, drinks and fries made it to the trash receptacle quickly. Maybe I could be a parent I was learning how to get boys to do what I wanted. (Did I really believe that line?)"Okay, coming back to the hotel this afternoon, I passed a place called WhirlyBall. I thought you'd like it.""What's WhirlyBall?" they both asked. Fernando was just going to sit back and watch this activity. I could see it in his demeanor. I'd only seen WhirlyBall in three cities, Ypsilanti and Detroit Michigan and Cleveland Ohio. This should be an experience they would never forget."Well, its only two blocks from here and I'll let you find out when we get there." I tormented them.I didn't take long. We pulled in and they were out of the van in a flash. There was a big neon sign up on the building. You could see a person depicted in a bumper car with a Jai-Alai scoop. I took them all inside and to the counter."We'd like to play. Is there a court available?" I asked the counter girl."Yes, I've got two courts available right now. Are all four of you going to play?" she asked.I looked at Paulo, and realized that he might be too small to maneuver the bumper cars."We'll run two cars and the boys will sit in the cars with the two of us adults." I said. Thank god, the boys didn't know enough about this to be disappointed yet. I thought they'd have fun just being here and sharing space in the cars.We were assigned court number 4. I gave the girl my driver's license as security and herded the boys and Fernando to court 4. Two kids, not the ones I brought in navigated two WhirlyBugs (bumper cars) over to our end of the court.WhirlyBall is team sport or can be played one on one. It's set up like a basketball court with a basket high on both sides. You get onto the court in your WhirlyBug (bumper car). Those are the electric-ceiling powered cars like at amusement parks where you just drive into everyone because it's fun. Then they give you a Jai-Alai scoop and a whiffle ball. The object of the game was to get the whiffle ball into the basket at the other end of the court, while being deterred by the person or opposing team.Fernando got in one car and I in the other. There was a lot of room on the seat. Plenty of room for a boy with each of us. Philippe came with me and Paulo went with his father. I let Fernando have the ball to start. I knew the game and none of them did. I figured I had an advantage.Fernando was trying to get a handle on the steering mechanism and I drove our car into his. He dropped the ball as I expected. Then the issue is to scoop the ball up and get to the other basket. I'd given the scoop to Philippe, Preteen Glamour Models Toplist and I tried to maneuver us so that he could get next to the ball, which was rolling along the floor. That's one of the safety things you have to watch out for, obviously! You don't want anyone falling out during play.Philippe hung out of the car a little to get the ball and I turned us toward our goal. I tried to make the car go fast with the peddle on the floor but I don't think this pedal was really functional, more like emotional decoration.Philippe got the ball, we chugged down the court and got close enough to try and throw the ball up to the net. One point for our side. Pass the ball over to Paulo and Fernando and charge their chariot as fast as this little WhirlyBug could go.We continued on like this for at least a half hour. We were beginning to get excited, but the absurdity of it was also making us giddy. The court time was 45 minutes and I was concerned that if the boys got to laughing anymore they would fall out and get hurt by one of the WhirlyBugs.I finally called time when Fernando and Paulo were up by 2 points. Philippe had enjoyed it enough that the loss didn't upset him. We both pulled our WhirlyBugs over to the entrance and hefted the boys out and then climbed out ourselves. Getting back on solid land was like getting out of a motorboat. The land almost deemed to move below you. I swayed into Fernando and he held me until I could get my land legs back under me. I could have just collapsed into his arms there, but the WhirlyBall staff was around. Not the right time for that."Time to go back to the motel," I said."That was great, Adam. Thanks," said Philippe."Yeah, that was superb! Adam, can we do that again sometime?" queried Paulo."I'd love to do that with you again. This is only the fourth location for this game that I know of in the entire United States. We were really luck that they had one here. Any time we're together and they have one I'd love to go with all of you.""Adam that was a fantastic idea. Thank you. It is an experience the boys and I will remember always," said Fernando. There was almost a haunting melancholy in his voice."Let's see if we can find an ice cream stand on the way back," I said."Yeah," the little ones said in unison.We piled into the big neon blue bus and started back. We found ice cream. Paulo had another Banana Divide (you know a Banana Split). But we all enjoyed teasing him about it. Philippe had a flavor called Bazooka Bubblegum, Fernando had pistachio and I had the double chocolate.I'm not sure of all the innuendos you might get from the flavors, but I saw the kids just having fun with their choices, Fernando's was almost elegant and conservative and mine was downright sexual. I love chocolate, as dark as you can get it, and bitter to semi-sweet. I eat milk chocolate only as a last resort. But I'll take chocolate anytime I can get it.Sitting there with ice cream, I decided it was time to start talking about the end."Fernando, what time is your plane tomorrow? And when do you need to be at the airport?""We have an 11:20 flight in the morning changing in Houston to Denver Colorado. There doesn't seem to be any airline that covers the entire trip from here to there so we're on Continental and then on United from Houston to Denver.""The abundant God up above loves me," I said.Fernando gave me the weirdest look. He didn't see the connection between his answer and my comment. I couldn't believe the heavenly intervention."I'm on the same two flights. That wasn't my travel itinerary when I arrived, but a client called two days ago and my schedule was changed to Golden Colorado for the three days following tomorrow's travel. Tonight is not the end of our time together. We're on the plane together all day tomorrow." I laid my hand on his arm. It was as much as I felt comfortable doing in the ice cream parlor, but he looked in my eye and held my gaze."Great, Adam," said Philippe."Brilliant, man," was Paulo's comment."Father, can I sit with Adam on the plane?" asked Philippe."First, you have to ask Adam, and then we have to see if the airline has available seats together. But if that works out, yes, you can sit with him," said Fernando."Why can't I sit with Adam?" whined Paulo."Paulo, no one said you could not, we will merely have to check out the details with the airline." Fernando paused. "Of course, it depends on how Adam feels about it.""You can all sit with me, if we can get seats together. I don't care if you have to sit on my lap, but I don't think the airline would allow that at your ages." Of course, I would enjoy myself if they did.Finally, we piled the troupe back in the van and returned to the motel. Fernando left wake up calls for us and we went up the elevator to our room. The elevator muzac was going again. It was the end of an old one by Glenn Yarborough "Music speaks louder than words, it the only thing the whole world listens to, when you sing, people understand." That certainly seemed to be what had been happening to me in the last few days. Music was in sync with what was happening for me.As we left the elevator it started one of my favorite songs by Air Supply, The One that You Love.Now the night has gone Now the night has gone away Doesn't seem that long We hardly had two words to say Hold me in your arms for just another day I promise this one will go Preteen Glamour Models Toplist Preteen Glamour Models Toplist slow Oh, we have the right you know We have the right you knowDon't say the morning's come Don't say the morning's come so soon Must we end this way When so much here is hard to loseLove is everywhere I know it is Such moments as this are too few Oh, it's all up to you It's all up to youChorus: Here I am, the one that you love Asking for another day Understand, the one that you love Loves you in so many waysTell me we can stay Tell me we can stay, oh please They are the words to stay The only words I can believe Hold me in your arms for just another day I promise this one will go slow Oh, we have the right you know We have the right you knowI was happy. I was at peace. I had a weekend assignment, which I generally avoid. I was booked for all of next week, but for right now I was with the people that meant the most to me in the world. I'd only known them for two days, but they were each special to me. I'd never felt this loved and cared for. They didn't ask what I would do for them, they just barged into my life and gave their love."Boys, get your stuff packed tonight so that we can get moving in the morning," said Fernando. Without an argument they both went to their room and started. They weren't real quiet but they were brothers."I better go supervise so that it all will be accepted but airline and pass through security," said Fernando. "How about if we come join you in your room in about 45 minutes?""That would be great," I said.Going back to the bedroom, I picked up the briefcase and papers that I thought I'd use to get some work done earlier, before the boys came back to the room dripping on the floor and sitting on me.In reverse mode to arriving, I pulled the suitcase out and pulled the shirt, underwear and socks from out of drawers. I packed them leaving room for me to get final clothes out for the morning. I'd put my toiletries kit in after getting a shower in the morning.I plopped down on the bed and clicked the remote for the television. I didn't find anything interesting but it had radio integrated so I moved to a local Hispanic station with mariachi music. I enjoy the local culture and this was very uplifting. I brought the volume down to just above background and sat Preteen Glamour Models Toplist there listening.I was a pretty luck guy. After struggling in high school, I'd finally found a subject in college that Preteen Glamour Models Toplist I liked; accounting. Getting my degree and a placement with a local firm I'd worked my ass of and finally passed my CPA exam. I spent six years with the public accounting firm and found myself a position with one of the clients.After five years with the new company I joined a small to medium specialty consulting firm and got to use my accounting, planning skills and general business insight. I traveled comfortably and had a respected reputation that was growing each year. I'd kept myself busy for the last fifteen years thinking that I was acting responsibly.Here I was at peace for the first time in my life and it had nothing to do with all of these accomplishments or being responsible. What was tomorrow going to bring? Paulo came running into the room and jumped up on the bed, bouncing up and down on the bed. I grabbed him and pulled him down to me. I snuggled him into my arms. He smelled of bananas, pineapple topping and chlorine. What a delightful mixture!"Paulo, why do you love me?" I asked him."Because my father said he loves you, so I love you too. My father knows who needs love and how to love them. I just do what he tells me. Isn't that what you do with your father?""Paulo, I'm so glad that you understand that. Not all fathers are as loving as yours. Always love your father, he's very special." I whispered in his ear."Oh, yeah he's great," he said as if everyone knew that."It's late, are we going to go to bed?" he continued."Yeah, I guess, but aren't you and I in bed already, pip squeak?""Of course, but aren't we going to get out of these clothes? I like sleeping next to you when you're naked.""Well, then let's take these clothes off," I said.He pushed himself up on his arms and then sat on my stomach. He began with the shirt buttons at the top, undid the buttons on each sleeve and then tried to pull my shirt off, but the two of us were onto of the fabric behind my back. I sat up a little and pulled the shirt off, then leaned over and pulled Paulo's tee-shirt off over his head. I caressed his back and then his chest.He leaned into me and kissed me. Not long but very confidently.He reached down to my trousers and undid the belt, then the buckle, the button and finally pulled the zipper down. I did the same to him, and then picked him up so I could pull them down. He had his briefs on, and I pulled them down with the shorts. He tried pulling my trousers down but I helped a little by lifting my butt so that they would slide off.He came back up all naked and started caressing me through my briefs. The tent that was there was lifting the elastic and there was a throbbing in my cock that made me think this would happen fast."Paulo, let's take it slower. I'm enjoying that but how about letting it take longer. I don't want to cum this fast. This may be our last night together and I want to spend the whole night with you. We've got time.""Good, because Philippe and father wanted to have fun also," he said lightly.Philippe and Fernando slid in quietly. They came and joined on the bed. They were already naked. This time Philippe and Paulo were on both sides of me and Fernando was behind Philippe. With his longer arms, he just reached over his son and caressed me.Philippe moved down and started licking me through the briefs I still had on. I was now the only one with any clothes on. But the feeling if Philippe breathing, licking and kissing me through those briefs was so sensuous and exhilarating, I was getting flushed.Fernando had started kissing me and then went to sucking on my nipples. Even while he was sucking those erect nipples he was rubbing behind my ear with one hand. Paulo was just rubbing his hand up and down my chest, through the hair there and being very gentle.Philippe lifted up a bit and grabbed the elastic on the underwear and started to pull down. I lifted my butt to allow the briefs to come off while not interrupting the other two. He came back and started licking my cock. I don't know how to describe the combination of these three ministering to me. I wasn't tense or rushed. This was peaceful; complete, it was the culmination of all of our time together. It was gentle, loving and yet playful.Philippe continued up and down my dick and started Preteen Glamour Models Toplist feeling around by ass. I'd never have expected how exciting it can be to have someone rubbing their finger around the sensitive hole down there while sucking on you. Philippe continued both on my dick and rubbing my ass hole and I could feel things beginning to climax.I guess I might have felt I should tell him, but he was occupied and Fernando had a lip lock on me at the time. I started to feel the build up and knew I would come in his mouth. He didn't leave my dick, he took my cum at least five bursts that I remember. He then licked it clean until it started to shrink down again.Philippe moved up next to me. He picked Paulo up and placed him on my stomach. Philippe next to me took over kissing me and Fernando just stroked the bottom of Paulo and the sides of my chest. Philippe shared with me some of my own cum. I shared some of my saliva. But holding him close to me was making my heart beat faster.Here I was covered with a nine-year-old boy that loved me because his father told him to. This eleven-year-old had just given me pleasure and wanted to continue loving me in the most intimate ways possible. Fernando was on the other side caring for all of us, protecting us and giving his sons to me.I think in the last two days I had gotten a very large glimpse of living in heaven with God. How could our mother/father God show us how we were loved, but through the pleasures that were around and that we could experience? Somewhere our religious leaders and cultural leaders had gotten these things wrong. God loved us and this was how we knew.************************************************************************ Send comments to: adambricktomcup.comTo support this and other stories by the author, join at http://www.tomcup.com.If you like this story, check out Tom Cup's "Calvin: A Coming of Age Story."Available at Barnes and Nobles Bookstores, Amazon.com, your local independent bookseller, or get a signed copy from Tom Cup.com.

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